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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Yoichi

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    Final Fantasy 3 (Famicom): The Walkthrough- a FAQ for beginners
    By Yoichi a.k.a. Brian McGuire
    Did I make a mistake (You're not perfect either)? Was there something I missed?
    Did I give some REALLY bad advice? Got something to say? Insults? Praises?
    Marriage proposals? Death threats? Send all comments and verbal abuse my way at
    Copyright 2000.  As long as this document remains completely unchanged, go ahead
    and post it where ever you want.  If you want to alter it, then get my permission
    before putting it up.
    ***This was created with the Courier New font at a font size of 10***
    Table of Contents:
    Section 0: The Walkthrough- FF3 in 25 Steps (Since I know it can be annoying to
               scroll down some ten pages to even get to the first part of the
               walkthrough, I'm just gonna put that in there first.  If this your
               first time playing though, you should skip down and look over the other
               sections before playing.)
       Chapter 1: 4 Boys Fall Into a Cave
           1) Ur Cave, Ur, Kasus, Sasson Castle
           2) Cave of the Seal, Princess Sara, Jinn, Kazus, Cid, Canaan
           3) Road to the Summit, Desh
       Chapter 2: Warriors of the Sea
           4) Tozas, Dr. Schleco, Hidden Road, Vikings, Nepto's Shrine, Big Rat
           5) Argas Castle, Tokkle, Ancient's Village, Tower Of Owen, Gishal
       Chapter 3: Dwarves, Fire, Treasure, Death and Flight
           6) Dwarf Cave, Underwater Lake, Guzco
           7) Fire Cave, Salamandr, Dwarves' loot, Tokkle
           8) Hyne's Castle, Death, Living Forest, Argas Castle, Canaan, Cid
       Chapter 4: Brave New World
           9) Waterworld, Shipwreck, Elia, Sea Cave, Kraken
          10) Rupture of the Earth, Amur, Amur Sewers, Shoes
          11) Goldor's Mansion, Goldor, Leiprit, Dastar, Salonia
       Chapter 5: The Kingdom, the Prince, Dorga and More
          12) The towns of Salonia, Prince Allus, Dragon Tower, Gaurdia, Treasure
          13) Dorga, Dorga's House, Magic Circle Cave
          14) Temple of Time, Lute
          15) Undersea Cave
          16) Salonia Catacombs, Odin
       Chapter 6: From Unne to Bahamut
          17) Unne, Ancient Ruins, Airship invincible
          18) Fargabaad, Shinobi, Fargabaad Cave, Cave of Darkness, Hekaton, Titan
          19) Dorga's Cave, Dorga, Unne, Keys
          20) Floating Continent, Lake Dol, Leviathan
          21) Cave Bahamut, Bahamut
       Chapter 7: Quest's End
          22) Ancient's Labyrinth
          23) Forbidden Land Eureka, the best Weapons/Magic, Amon, Kinoichi, Scylla,
              General, Guardian, Ninja, Sage
          24) Sylx Tower, Zande
          25) Dark World, Cerebus, Echidna, 2-Headed Dragon, Ahriman, Cloud of
    Section 1: Pre-FAQ FAQ (Talks about stuff going on in the document.)
    Section 2: What Do All These Words Mean? (I'll talk about those words you see at
               the menu after you hit the 'Start' button in a time of non-battle.)
    Section 3: Status Screen (The secrets behind Strength, Agility, Spirit, Hit%,
               MDEF, and more are revealed.)
    Section 4: Classes (Or jobs.  Whatever you want to call it, it's a dissection of
               the possible types of warriors you can have over the course of the game.)
    Section 5: Hints and Tricks (some pointers on how to make your epic adventure to
               restore hope in the world a little bit easier)
    Section 6: Weapons That Do Stuff/Items and Their Functions (By far the longest
               title of a section.  It talks about the special capabilities which
               are present in a certian item or weapon.)
    Section 7: Let's Talk Magic (If you really wish to fill up your wizards' spells
               collection which give you the best results, look here.)
    Section 8: FF3 Potpourri (Just random clips of interesting things about FF3.)
    Section 9: Credits (What, did you think I could do it alone? Well, I probably
               could have, but here's a list of those who have helped make better
     	     this FAQ.)
    Section 0: The Walkthrough- FF3 in 25 steps
                         Chapter 1: 4 Boys Fall Into a Cave...
    Chapter One will see the Light Warriors accidentally realizing their destiny,
    Lifting a curse of an evil dude of fire, Receiving (and destroying) an airship.
    You're party will climb to the top of a mountain to find an amnesiac warrior
    only to jump all the way down afterwards.
           1) Ur Cave enemies: Goblin, Eyefang, Carbuncle, BlueWisp, Werewolf
           It seems evil has reared its ugly head upon the world, again.  So who
    do they summon the services of, the strongest and most skilled legions of men
    and women across the land?  Nah.  You get to guide four amberdextrious, orphan
    (so you get to name them) identical twin (okay, technically they're quadruplets)
    boys on their way to victory over the ultimate evil.  Anywho, it seems these
    four children seemed to be walking along minding their own business when they
    suddenly dropped into a cave.  After recollecting their thoughts, they got up,
    and started examining the setting.  It is now that they are confronted by a few
    GOBLINS.  Their wussiness is great and they are easily dispatched.  But they can
    do respectable damage if they chose to pile up on the same warrior.  You can
    pile up on the same goblin if you wish- after you kill the target, somebody
    assigned to fight it will move on to another enemy, unlike previous FF
           After defeating them, be sure to collect the first two chests you come
    to, a POTION and LEATHER SHIELD lie within them.  As you walk along the path,
    one of the character is your party mentions the suspicious-looking rock.  Push
    it by facing it and pushing 'A.' The path will open.  Get the LEATHER SHIELD in
    the chest just to your right.  Now go to the doorway you see.  Take the very
    first left path you come to a chest holding a SOUTHWIND.  Go back and take the
    right path to come to a chest with a POTION.  Go back and go straight up to get
    a POTION in a chest.  Take a right from there and some trusting soul will
    suggest drinking from it.  Do so to return to prefect health.  The chest above
    the spring holds a SOUTHWIND.  If you go left for a while, you'll notice a
    door.  Don't enter it yet.  Instead, build up your characters till you reach
    level 4, 5 would be even better.
           Whenever you think you're ready, go through that door mentioned in the
    previous paragraph.  Proceed toward the WIND CRYSTAL.  While doing so, you'll
    be attacked by the one who guards the crystal.
    BOSS: LandTrtl.   Difficulty level: 1.5   Recommended level: 4-5
    HP: 120           Weakness: Ice
    Don't use any items unless you really have to.  Save your ice stuff. Just keep
    attacking it.  If somebody gets weak (kneels when HP goes less than 1/4 max),
    move 'em to the back row by pushing the Right key and selecting.  Eventually,
    it will fall.
           After completing the task, you are to speak to the Crystal.  Yer not
    allowed to proceed any further on this journey until doing so.  Speak to it,
    and it will grant you its powers, the jobs FIGHTER, MONK, WHITE WIZARD, BLACK
    WIZARD, and RED WIZARD.  Watch the scene and walk your way to the star that
    lies just above the Crystal.  It'll warp ya out of the joint.
    	Now it's time to ditch the ONION KID distinction and change jobs.  One
    must unequip all if one wishes to change from one job to another.  At this
    point in of the game, I'd recommend a FIGHTER, MONK, WHITE WIZ, and RED WIZ in
    that order.  Now re-equip everything and head back into the cave you just came
    out (you may want to get a couple stalves for a white wizard the town).
           After entering, go down the path.  Walk through that suspiciously long
    inlet you see through a false wall (plenty are the false walls in this game).
    You'll find yourself in a room with two chests, 1000 GIL each.  Get out the
    same way you came in and through the doorway you see.  Walk along this path
    collecting the various treasure you find (COPPER RING, 2 LONG SWORDS, NUNCHUCK,
    and SLEEP SPELL).  Give the swords to your fighter (both of them) and the ring
    to a mage.  Don't give the nunchuck to a monk, yet.  Now retrace your steps out
    of this cave.
    UR   Inn  Free
    WEAPONS:     COST:    ATTACK:   HIT%
    Knife         20        6       85%
    Dagger        60        8       85%
    LongSword    100       10       80%
    Staff         40        3       50%
    Nunchuck      60       12       70%
    ARMOR:         COST:   DEF:  EVAD%:  MDEF:
    Cloth Outfit    50      1     0%      1
    Leather Outfit  95      2     1%      2
    Leather Helmet  15      1     1%      1
    Leather Shield  40      3     3%      3
    Copper Ring     80      1     2%      1
    ITEM:        COST:
    Potion       150
    Eyedrop       40
    Antidote      80
    MAGIC:       COST:       EFFECT:                BUY?
    W  Pure      100         Cures poison status    Yes
    	After getting out of the cave, you no doubt see a town south of you.
    It's probably a good idea to make your way towards it.  First, go into the door
    marked INN and plop into a bed- it's free here.  When your stay is over, walk
    out.  You'll notice your HP/MP are completely restored.  Pretty good for ten
    seconds' sleep, isn't it?  Anyways, now go by the inn (you should buy the PURE
    SPELL from the magic shop for a white/red wiz at some point soon.  Walk right
    at the second row of flowers through the trees to find 3 POTIONS down the well.
    Get out of there and and head right and upward through a path in between trees.
    At the edge of the patch of grass you'll find a POTION.  Now head by that older
    guy in the grass.  Follow that path, which contains enemies like Killer Bees,
    into the house.  Search the pots to find a couple of ANTIDOTES.  Next, pull the
    torch, just as that guy advises, to find treasures like a LONGSWORD, 2 LEATHER
    OUTFITS, DAGGER, and CURE SPELL (give to white wiz, if you don't have one, red
    wiz).  Leave the house and go to the trail of grass below it to find a POTION
    at the edge.  I would stick around this area for a while to build up experience
    and skills, until level 6, 7 if you're patient.
    	After staying at the inn at Ur (it's free in case you've forgotten) and
    buying some items from the item shop held within the wall of the inn.  When you
    buy items, or anything for that matter, buying four saves you roughly 10
    percent.  Buying ten saves you about 40 percent.  Get four POTIONS, ANTIDOES,
    and 10 EYEDROPS.  Now make your way to the armor shop.  Buy the best stuff you
    can, like leather vests for whoever doesn't have one, rings and what not. Sell
    all extraneous equipment (this means the shields and clothes).  Get to the
    weapon shop and get some a NUNCHUCK for a monk (NOW equip them in both hands),
    and two staves for the white wiz.  Sell your crap and move on to the other town
    (you may want to stop in the elder's house here, it's where you live I
           Now that you're ready for the next part of the game, go south to the
    nearby town of KAZUS.  Talk to that dude by the fire, and you'll find that
    this place is having some problem with ghosts.  Everybody here was turned to a
    ghost because of a curse put upon the town by some jerk named JINN.  Go to the
    inn, and head over to the ghost who's just standing still.  That would be Cid,
    the skilled airship mechanic.  After speaking to him, you'll be enlightened of
    an AIRSHIP hidden in the DESERT just west of Kazus.  Leave the town, but before
    doing that, go to the unmarked building you see close to the magic shop.  That
    row of grass (the row without any stones), leads to some pretty interesting
    stuff if you head leftward (ZUES' RAGE and MITHRILL HELMET to be exact) into
    the trees.  Now you may leave.
           When you find yourself outside the town, head west to that patch of
    desert Cid was talking about.  Walk straight to the airship's steering wheel
    and face it.  Press 'A' and you get to fly around the area (it's not to big as
    you can see).  Go northwest of Kazus to find SASOON CASTLE.  Enter the castle
    at once.
    Important new stuff in Sasoon Castle:
    WEAPON:         COST:      ATTACK:   HIT%:
    Wooden Arrow     (2)         6        90%
    Holy Arrow       (5)        13        85% <--- Holy elemental
    Bow              (50)        5        90%
    W.Slayer Sword   1000       15        80% <--- Holy elemental
           It seems Jinn's curse has victimized this place as well.  Head up a
    couple screens upon your entry until you fond yourself in a room with those two
    chests holding 1000 GIL each (they're not hard to reach).  Now go up the stairs
    and through the other doorway too find a LEATHER SHIELD and ICE SPELL waiting
    for you in chests.  From there, you can go to the throne room, where you can
    discover the location of Jinn (SEALED CAVE to the north).  You'll also find out
    that PRINCESS SARA is the keeper of a MITHRILL RING. Sara was supposedly
    captured by Jinn, and the king wants you to track her down.  The ring Sara
    holds can capture Jinn when he is weak enough.
          From the throne room, go down a few screens so you can get to the
    castle's towers (NOTE: in the castle's towers, enemies such as DARKEYE and
    ZOMBIE will attack).  In the right tower, you'll find 20 HOLY ARROWS 40 WOODEN
    AROWS, A POTION and a BOW in chests.  The red and black wizards can make use of
    some bows and arrows, equip them if you want to.  Head back down stairs as far as
    you can go, but before that you should take a snooze in the bed that's at the top
    floor.  After you go down, head to the left tower.  As you make your way up the
    left tower, you'll encounter upon treasure such as 20 HOLY ARROWS, and 20
    WOODEN ARROWS. At the top of the left tower, there is a chest containing a
    WSLAYER SWORD. This is a holy elemental sword that only red mages can equip.
    When you first  stick your head in the chest and take sword, a Griffin appears.
    Not hard at all, just go at it with you best attacks (NOT your SOUTHWINDs), and
    it'll die in a hurry (100HP?).  It's probably a good idea to bash the undead
    monsters of this tower to build up because you've a sword specialized for
    keeping the undead at bay, and your white wizard's Cure spell hurts the undead.
    Leave whenever you want to, and get back to Ur to stay at the Inn.  Now it's
    time to do that cave...
           2) Cave of the seal enemies: Skeleton, Mummy, Shadow, Lurawai, CurseCoin
           Recommended Level: 7-8
           Recommended Party: Fighter/Monk/White Wizard/Red Wizard (Black Wizard?)
           As you can see, undead enemies make up the great majority, so it's
    definitely a good idea to bring a white wizard (Cure) and red wizard (WSlayer)
    along for the ride (but then again, black wiz can use the Holy Arrows).  Potions
    also hurt undead monsters, but don't use them for that purpose.  Walk down the
    path-it's pretty straightforward.  The first chest you can possibly come to has
    a POTION.  The second one has a CURE SPELL, which should be given to the red wizard.
    Now walk your way to the second floor.  The chest within your field of vision has
    500 GIL in it.  That skull in the top right will reveal a doorway when pushed.  That
    passage leads to the princess.  That ring mentioned in previous paragraphs is in her
    safe possession.  It is decided that she will follow your party around as you make
    your way through the rest of the cave.
           In the lower right corner, there lies a treasure chest holding a
    SOUTHWIND within.  Go back upward and continue following the path as usual.
    The other chest in this place contains an EYEDROP.  As you make your way down
    the path, you'll see Jinn.  Heal up before the battle then come fourth...
    BOSS: Jinn       Difficulty level: 3
    HP: 450-500      Weakness: Ice       Strong against: Fire (heals him)
    The fighter and monk should FIGHT.  The white wiz should use a SOUTHWIND in the
    first round of fighting, then have him cast CURE on whoever he hurts in all
    other rounds.  The red and black wizard should cast ICE, which is good for 40-
    80 Damage to Jinn each time it's used.  This really is an easy fight.
           When you've finished him off, you are transported to Sasoon Castle and
    Jinn, safely stored within a mithrill ring, is tossed into the castle's
    basement pond.  Walk around the castle a little bit, and you will see the curse
    has been lifted, and the Princess will follow you no more.  Make your way to
    the throne room and speak to the King.  He is grateful for what you have just
    accomplished.  So grateful that he wishes to help you on your journey over
    evil, so he gives you a CANOE.  Just as all of us FF1 vets will remember, this
    thing allows you to transport yourself across shallow lakes and rivers.  You
    can't get your airship back without it.
    KAZUS  Inn: Free
    WEAPONS:         COST:    ATTACK:   HIT%
    Mithril Wand     400        5        60%
    Mithril Knife    500       10        85%
    Mithril Sword    500       17        85%
    ARMOR:           COST:   DEF:   EAVD%   MDEF
    Mithril Armor    350      3       3       3
    Mithril Shield   180      5       7       5
    Mithril Helmet   130      2       4       2
    Mithril Gloves   120      1       5       1
    Mithril Ring     120      2       7       2
    ITEM:            COST:
    Potion           150
    Antidote          80
    Eyedrop           40
    MAGIC:     COST: EFFECT:                                                    BUY?
    B Sleep    100   Makes target so tired they fall asleep and very vulnerable  No
    B Fire     100   A mild blast of heat hits enemy/s for wimpy fire damage    Yes
    B Ice      100   A sorta cool rush of cold stuff goes to hit the target      No
           But anywho, the curse of Jinn is no more.  Now would be a pretty good
    time to check up on our friends in Kazus, who were victimized by the curse.
    All shops are now open for business.  As you walk into town, Cid (the airship
    dude, remember? Found in future Final Fantasies?) will confront you
    immediately.  He is going to follow you around for he needs to be in CANNAN.
    That's on the southern part of the continent.  Just one problem: a big-ass
    boulder keeps you from proceeding any further.  If you talked to Cid a few
    times, you'll get the  knowledge of a man named TACA, the town's blacksmith.
    But before you talk to him, stay at the inn, which is of no charge once again.
    In the pub portion of the inn, there's a kid who tells you to search one of the
    walls in the mine.  The far upper part of the town contains the mine, you can't
    miss it.  Walk through the mine- it has a very basic path (NOTE: Some fairly
    tough undead monsters such as Shadow lurk within).  Go to the very top of the
    mine, and search that spot three steps from the left.  This reveals a passage
    leading to two chests holding MITHRILL SWORDS.  Equip them on a fighter and head
           Now the time comes to visit Taca.  His house has the shortest distance
    to the mine (you know, that thing you just came out of) and is unmarked.  Go in
    and speak to the one who dwells within.  This will cause him to install some sort
    of battering ram on to your airship so you can make clear the path.  Leave the
    town, stay at the inn if you want to.  Get on the airship and ram into the boulder
    that is an inconvenience to you.  The boulder will be gone, so will your airship
    (doh...).  But the sacrifice was worth it for you can now proceed to the next
    part of the game.  Walk southward and you'll come to a town, CAANAN.
    CAANAN   Inn 40
    WEAPON:          COST:  ATTACK:  HIT%:
    Iron Arrow        (5)     17      85%
    GreatBow Bow     (600)     8      85%
    (Mithril Wand)
    (Mithril Knife)
    (Mithril Sword)
    ----------------     -----------------
    ARMOR:               ITEM:      COST:
    ----------------     -----------------
    (Mithril Armor)      Potion     150
    (Mithril Shield)     Antidote   80
    (Mithril Helmet)     Eyedrop    40
    (Mithril Gloves)
    (Mithril Ring)
    MAGIC:    COST:  EFFECT:                                                    BUY?
    W  Cure   100    Restores several HP to one warrior; some to all warriors   No
    B  Bolt   700    Shocks enemy/s for a little bit of lightning damage        Yes
    B  Venom  700    Gives poison status to an enemy                            No
    B  Blind  700    Deals blind status to cut the victim/s Hit % by something  No
           Just when you head a couple steps into this place, Cid will follow you
    no more.  He's got personal matters to attend to.  Journey through this place a
    bit.  You'll notice that the shops suck.  You should already have this stuff.
    The only thing that even comes close to wanting your business is the BOLT
    SPELL.  Somebody in this place said there was a magician who came strollin'
    through and dropped a magic potion or something.  Head over to the magic shop
    and go up, over to the ladder and into the water.  Just follow this path until
    you can't (NOTE: every time you step through a waterfall, you'll lose 1 HP).
    You should find yourself on an island that's two-square units (it's small).
    Search the part you can't walk on, and you'll get an ELIXIR.  Now follow the
    path out of the river and back onto land.  You don't have to do this next part,
    but I'd do it.  I think it's fun collecting treasure.  Anywho, go into Cid's
    house which is in the top left corner of the town.  Go up to Cid's sick Granny
    and give her the Elixir (push 'B' while facing her and pick Elixir from the
    menu).  The medicine will immediately heal Cid's Granny of whatever sickness she
    might have had.  Talk to Cid when you've given her the Elixir and he'll tell
    you to pull the candle.  Do that and follow the path normally to a room
    with several treasure chests.  These chest hold 20 IRON ARROWS, BLIND SPELL,
    small ladder in the bottom right corner of the room and walk right through the
    false wall.  20 IRON ARROWS, 2 SOFT POTIONS, and a FENIX DOWN await you within
    treasure chests.  Now get back up into town.  I'd recommend selling the weapons
    and Blind spell to one of the shops before exiting the town.  Head to the
    southern portion to lead you to the nest part of the game.
           3) Road to the Summit enemies: Rustbird, FireFly, DiveEagle, Ruku
           Recommended level: 8-10
           Recommended party: Fighter/Monk/White Wizard/Red Wizard (Black Wizard?)
    Important thing found on the Road to the Summit:
    MAGIC:   COST:   EFFECT:                                                BUY?
    W  Aero  700     Hit's target/s for a little bit of wind damage         No
          Upon your entrance to the Summit, you will no doubt notice that big ol'
    creature flying to the mountain.  Stay tuned.  The enemies here are noticeably
    tougher than before.  The chest in the lower right corner holds a SOFT POTION.
    Be sure not to miss the AERO SPELL (for the white wiz), which exists in the
    upper right area of this place.  The chest close to the path out of here
    contains another SOFT POTION.  Now head up to that path you see that leads
    upward.  This will bring you to a higher point on the mountain.  Walk up to get
    even further up the mountain... Oh wait here comes that dragon again.  Darn.
    We were doing so well, too.  The dragon probably thinks that your party were
    intruders or food or something.  He'll bring you up to his nest.  Your party
    comfortably fits in the nest and you have ample room to walk around.  This is
    one big nest.  When you're there, you can't help but notice that flame burning
    in the top left part of the nest.  Go check it out- nothing else to do.  When
    you do, a dude will pop out.  This dude is DESH.  Desh is a warrior who has a
    purpose to serve- he just forgot what that purpose is.  Some of the townspeople
    in Canaan probably said some stuff about him.  Soon after you are introduced,
    you'll be interrupted and a boss fight will ensue.
    BOSS: Bahamut     Difficulty level: Yes.
    HP: Yes.          Weakness: Uhhh...       Strong against:
    	Meet Bahamut.  Looks imposing, doesn't he?  Desh suggests running away
    like a scared person.  Good idea.  His HP is in the five-figure range.  If you
    DO happen to somehow beat this guy (by some random act of God or cheating),
    the same thing happens as when you run.  So do that.  It could take a few
    tries, but you will pull it off.  When you do that, Desh will give you a copy
    of the MINI SPELL for it would only be going to waste while in his possession.
    Be sure you don't throw the thing away; you can't proceed to the next part of
    the game without it.  He'll then follow your party around in hope of
    discovering just what the hell his purpose might be.  You all then jump down.
                          Chapter Two: Warriors of the Sea
    Your party somehow survives the monumental leap from the Summit.  You'll soon
    get to see even more of the world on which you're currently present.  You can
    visit a vacant castle, a town in turmoil, a town of the wise and learned.
    There seems to be a disturbance in the seas, a whirlpool which nobody can seem
    to get past.  After climbing a Tower, and eliminating the disturbance, more of
    the world still be revealed to the Warriors of Light.  But first, it's to a
    town of the tiny and seabound vikings who are stranded because of an angry
    creature of the sea.
           Man, what a fall.  Okay, you're in some new territory now.  Walk into
    the small forest next to you, and you'll find a recovery spring there. Use it
    if you wish (before you recover, change your RedWiz to a Black Wiz).  Talk to
    Desh a few times, and I think he'll tell you of an important town with a
    maximum height so small, only midgets can get in.  Get out of the recovery
    spring and head to the southern portion of the large forest in which you find
    yourself.  Give the Mini spell to somebody who can cast it, and then shrink
    everybody.  You can shrink your entire party at once by pressing right once to
    select everybody (in case you haven't already figured it).  But all must be
    small.  Even if one warrior is of normal size, your access to the town will be
    denied (this goes for all other instances for which a change in status in
    needed).  The town is in the northwest part of the far southern portion of the
    large forest south of the spring.  If that explanation confused you, just go to
    the far southern part of the forest, and walk all over while MINIed.  You'll
    eventually find yourself in the next town.
    TOZAS   Inn  80
    ITEM1:    COST:
    Potion    150
    Antidote  80
    Eyedrop   40
    ITEM2:    COST:
    MidgBread 200
    (Fire)    (Bolt)
    (Blind)   (Venom)
    (Ice)     (Sleep)
    	TOZAS.  This place is tiny.  If you talked to Desh upon your entry, he
    suggests moving all warriors to the back row because your attack and defensive
    power will be reduced to 1, no matter what you're equipping.  Good idea for the
    only way to fight battles is with magic.  If you spoke to some of the locals,
    you'd become aware of DR. SCHLECO, who seems to be ill to the point of no
    return.  His house is in the top left corner of the town.  But before heading
    there, it may be a good idea to buy some MIDGET BREAD (5-7) from the store that
    sells them.  They allow you to get a better glimpse of the world as long as
    you're on the world map yourself.  Now, to the house of the sick doctor.  When
    you enter this dude's house, go upward down the path.  On your way there,
    examine the shelves for such interesting treasure as CURE2 SPELL, BURNING STAFF,
    CLOTH, MITHRILL RING, and POTION.  Now speak to the sick one in the bed.  He
    will ask for an ANTIDOTE.  Give him one, and he'll show you a path which will
    lead you to the next part of the game.
           You should definitely have a white mage in your party at this point
    because he can equip that burning staff, which gives you unlimited uses of a
    weaker version of FIRE.  Follow the newly made path provided by Dr. Schleco and
    enter the doorway you'll come upon.  The chests there contain a MITHRILL WAND
    and MITHRILL RING.  Enter the stairway there to reach the HIDDEN ROAD.  The
    enemies here aren't particularly tough (Darkface, Leprechaun).  You can run if
    you so want, but you should definitely fight most of these battles with your
    magic.  The fighters and monks should DEFEND in hopes of dodging an attack
    (what else are they gonna do? FIGHT?).  This place is a mere two rooms with
    nothing else that can possibly be of any interest to anybody.
           After you clear that place (you can unshrink yourself now), head north
    to that cave you see.  It's the VIKING BASE, and it's your next stop.
    VIKING BASE   Inn  40
    ITEM:       COST:
    Potion      150
    Antidote    80
    Eyedrop     40
    (Fire)  (Bolt)
    (Ice)   (Venom)
    (Sleep) (Blind)
           Don't even think about touching that ship in the water.  The people
    here are discouraged because an enraged monster of monumental strength has
    kept  the vikes' from trading with others thus shooting the economy in the
    kidneys.  These people will reward you greatly if you subdue the creature.
    But anyways, in the first room of the base, the chest through the false wall
    has 300 GIL.  The next room (it's not a real room at all but I think you get
    the picture) has three chests through a false wall. You'll have to do some
    fancy maneuvering within the walls, but it's worth it for the important level
    3 black magic spells ICE2, FIRE2 and BOLT2.  Now to get ready for the next
    part of the game.  Have at least two black or red mages in your party. Change
    jobs and divide up the magic among your mages equally. Make sure both/all
    mages have at least one level one attack spell and one level three attack
    spell.  You may have to visit the magic dealer in the inn to meet your needs.
    After you've done all that leave this place at once.
           But are those vikings really sad because there's a monster in their way,
    or are they just really bad at making profits?  Let's see if they're telling
    the truth, or if they're just masking their problem so you wouldn't notice.
    Save your game.  Save it again.  Now that you've made sure you've saved it,
    let's take this boat for a ride and see the world.  Sounds fun doesn't it?  Off
    we go... Uh oh... here's NEPTO (see BAHAMUT).  Well let's just do out best
    against this dude now that we're here and we can't seem to run away.  Oh, we
    can barely touch the dude (thankfully we saved the game, right?).  If some
    mighty warrior were to come along and conquer the beast, do you know what the
    reward is? YOU GET TO FIGHT HIM AGAIN. Yay! Fun times 4ever!
           Anyways, as soon as you're finished acting like an immature five-year
    old, let's advance to the next part of your epic quest.  Head northward from
    the base and follow the path.  You'll eventually come to a temple.  Enter it.
    This is the Shrine of Nepto.
           4) Nepto's Shrine enemies: Lilliput, Puti, PoisonBat, WereRat
           Recommended level: 10-11
           Recommended party: (Red Wizard/Red Wizard/White Wizard/Black Wizard)
    Important stuff found in Nepto's Shrine:
    WEAPON:        COST:    ATTACK     HIT%
    Serpent Sword  1500       25        80% <--- Bolt elemental
    ARMOR:           COST:   DEF  EVAD%  MDEF
    Caprace Armor    1250    4      4     4
    Caprace Helmet   (225)   3      5     3
           You don't have to have the party listed above, in case you're too lazy
    to change jobs (and I can understand), but it'll make life much easier if you
    did.  But there ain't nothing wrong with running. I like to have two red wizes,
    a black wiz and a white wiz.  The heavy fighters should be red wizes.  I picked
    red wizards over black ones because you'll probably gain a level sometime in
    this place, and the black wizard's HP progression sucks. The monsters here will
    mostly hit you with magic, so that's something to think about.  On the first
    floor, follow the path straightforward until you find a couple of holes.  Take
    the left one to find chests holding CAPRACE ARMOR and CAPRRACE HELMET.  Leave
    that little room the same way you came in, and head down the right hole instead
    of the left.  A SERPENT SWORD awaits in a chest as you walk the path.  Keep
    walking your way through this floor.  At the end you'll find a boss...
    BOSS: Big Rat     Difficulty level: 4
    HP: 450-500       Weakness: None     Strong against: Level 1 and 2 magic
    If you've got three warriors who can each use one of those level three spells
    you found in the Viking Base, you've got it made.  If you were lazy and didn't
    change jobs, well, use those Oddball items you've been keeping all this time.
    There is no better time to make use of them; this is what they've been waiting
    for.  Use the strongest magic (not Aero) and those items.  The white wiz should
    use a SOUTHWIND or something for the first round, then heal whoever the Big Rat
    hurts.  The rat can do impressive damage, so watch out.  Keep your HP up and
    before you know it, you'll be on your way to victory.
           When you've defeated that rodent, pick up NEPTO'S EYE and head on out
    of this place the same way you got here.  When you make it out, you should
    really put the eye back in its place (what else are you gonna do with it?).
    Face the empty socket and hit B.  Select the eye from the menu, and the task
    will have been accomplished.  Nepto is thankful for what you have done, and
    rewards you by giving you the WATER FANG.  Now he'll be in a peaceful state and
    be a hassle no more.  Unshrink and change the jobs back to what they were
    before.  Now you may take the ship for a ride.  Stop at the Viking base if you
    need to recharge.
           The Vikings are ecstatic now that Nepto is no longer in an irritable
    state.  They reward you by allowing you to keep the ship that is clearly within
    walking distance from where you are currently standing.  Well, now that you've
    got a ship, you might want to explore the world a little bit.  Go a little
    north and a little west of Nepto's Shrine to find the vacant ARGAS CASTLE.
    Enter and go two screens up and pull the torch farthest to the right when you
    reach that room.  Follow the path it reveals, but do not yet go into the
    doorway.  Instead, go right as far as you can then down through a false wall.
    This leads to three treasure chests containing 1000 GIL apiece.  Now head back
    to that door you had previously ignored.  Enter and you'll come upon six chests
    totaling over 10,000 GIL.  Next, head back to that room with the four torches.
    Go up a screen to find yourself in the Throne Room.  As you walk across the
    room, the first door you'll come to leads to a recovery spring.  To the right
    of the table is a pillar.  Go just above it and head straight down through the
    center.  This secret passage has two chests, SOUTHWIND, and BOMBSHARD.  Head in
    between the chests and walk right through yet another false wall.  This will
    lead to a PARALYZER.  Now exit this castle at once for you've got no business
    to be here at this time.
    Important stuff found in Tokkle:
    WEAPON:          COST:   ATTACK:  HIT%
    3-Part Nunchuck   3000     25      70%
    Freezing Staff    3500      8      50% <--- Ice elemental
    (GreatBow Bow)
    ARMOR:           COST:   DEF:  EVAD%  MDEF
    Kenpo Outfit      2000    6     8      6
           Now, get on your ship and go south and a little east from Argas to the
    village of TOKKLE.  Something really funky seems to be going down at the
    current moment.  The building have been damaged and the townspeople are scared
    stupid.  The area furthest up and to the left in this place has a LAMIA SCALE
    hidden.  From there, go to the unmarked house just to the right.  This is the
    Elder's house.  Go through the fireplace to find a 3-PART NUNCHUCK in the pot
    furthest to the right. The two chests hold a KENPO VEST and a FENIX DOWN.  Now
    leave that house and head to the lower left corner of the town.  The trail of
    grass that leads into some trees gets you a GOD'S WINE when the proper spot is
    examined.  Get out of that area and head to that suspicious-looking patch of
    grass left of that above unmarked building to get a GREATBOW BOW.  Go back down
    and get to the rightmost part of the town.  A patch of grass here holds a
    FREEZING STAFF.  The next town's pretty cool.
    ANCIENT'S VILLAGE   Inn  120
    WEAPON:          COST:   ATTACK:  HIT%
    Killer Bow       2000      15      85%
    Bolt Arrow         30      30      85% <--- Bolt elemental
    Ice Arrow          30      30      85% <--- Ice elemental
    Fire Arrow         30      30      85% <--- Fire elemental
    Burning Staff    3500       8      50% <--- Fire elemental
    (Serpent Sword)
    (Freezing Staff)  (W.Slayer Sword)
    ARMOR:           COST:   DEF:  EVAD%: MDEF:
    FlameMail Armor  2500     5     6      5 <--- Fire elemental; Strong v. Ice
    Headband Hat     1200     4     6      4
    Wizard Outfit    2000     9     7      9
    (Carapace Armor)
    (Kenpo Outfit)
    ITEM:       COST:     ITEM:       COST:
    -----------------     -----------------
    Potion       150      EchoHerb    100
    HiPotion    1200      LuckMalet   100
    Soft         800      Antidote     80
    MaidKiss     100      Eyedrop      40
    MAGIC:     COST:   EFFECT:                                        BUY?
    W  Sight    100    Magic MidgBread; shows more of the over world  Yes
    W  Cure2   1500    Gives you way more HP than its level ancestor  Yes
    W  Exit    1500    Escape from virtually any dungeon or town      Yes
    W  Wash    1500    Much like eyedrop, this cures blind status     Yes
           Now leave Tokkle and walk west across that desert that besieges
    you.  This will take you to the ANCIENT'S VILLAGE if you walk westward
    enough.  Lotta good stuff here.  Make sure your fighter has two Serpent
    Swords and you have two WSlayers for a red wizard.  Magic spells EXIT
    and SIGHT are both good buys.  So is WASH, but not yet at this point
    in the game.  The armor shop is where it's at.  If you could only get
    one or two items from the armor shop, get two Wizard Outfits.  This will
    make the defense of you wizards, well, much higher than you're used to
    seeing as far as magicians is concerned (at least that's how I had felt).
    And, at last, some new items!
           It's probably a good idea to walk around the continent once to make
    your party stronger.  If you're good, level 11 will be fine.  For must of
    us, however, level 12 would be more like it.  Whenever you're ready, head
    back to your ship and sail back to the peninsula Argas Castle can be found.
    Get off and walk west from the castle. As soon as mountains keep you from
    further traveling west, turn north and head in that direction.  As soon as
    you find a pass in the mountains, follow it westward.  Eventually, you'll
    reach the GURGAN VALLEY.  Enter it.  Walk left then down, and take the stairs.
    You may speak to the Gurgans if you wish.  They'll give you some interesting
    views of the future (Desh says some stuff about 'em).  The Gurgan down the
    stairs will give you the important TOAD SPELL and he reminds us that destiny
    awaits for Desh.  Head back to your ship and sail to the next part of the game.
    THE TOWER OF OWEN lies northeast of the Gurgan Valley.  Go there.
           5) Tower of Owen enemies: Lilliput, Pugman, Farjalug, Putimage,
                                     BloodBat, Ohishuki
           Recommended party: Fighter/Monk/White Wiz/Black Wiz --> Red Wiz
           Recommended level: 11-12
    	Time for the tower.  Be sure to have plenty of antidotes and eyedrops
    before you enter; a few echoherbs and maidkisses wouldn't hurt either.  Enter
    the tower and make your way to the center of that structure that takes up much
    way too much space.  "But only a frog could get through there!" I believe is
    mentioned by somebody within the vicinity.  That's right.  Cast Toad on
    yourself, enter that space in the middle, and you'll somehow end up at the next
    part of the tower.  Un-Toad yourself at once and make your way up the tower.
    The path is not exactly rocket science- it's pretty easy to follow.  On the
    second floor, get the chest in the lower right corner to find a MAIDKISS.  The
    chest on the fourth floor has a TRYVING SWORD, which is once again for the red
    wizard only.  On the fifth floor, talk to Desh to figure out what to do next
    (pull the gear eight steps from the left to open a wall).  The chest on this
    floor contains a MAIDKISS.  On floor seven, the two chests to your right hold a
    BOMBSHARD and an ECHOHERB.  FLAMEMAIL is waiting to be taken from the upper
    left chest on the ninth floor.  The middle chest on this same floor has a
    SALAMAND SWORD.  The chest on your way to the doorway contains a ZEUS'RAGE.
    MEDUSA waits for your arrival on floor 10.
    BOSS: Medusa      Difficulty level: 3
    HP: 900           Weakness: None       Strong against: Black magic
    This is one of many bosses who will be especially strong against black magic.
    Basically, just keep hittin' her- she's a real wuss.  The only thing you'll
    have to look out for is her ability to turn somebody to stone (it's gradual and
    usually ineffective, though).  Just keep hacking' away and she'll be finished
    before you know it.
    	When you're victorious, a short scene will ensue.  His words of wisdom
    direct you to the Dwarf Cave.  He then goes to a battle the fire and preventing
    any further uncertainty.  You'll be warped out of there.  That whirlpool that
    you no doubt noticed is now gone.  Get on your ship and head northward through
    the newly created path. Turn east and follow the coastline south until you see
    a town lying up against some mountains.
    GISHAL   Inn  120
    ITEM1:     COST:
    Carrot     150
    ITEM2:     COST:
    Magic Key  100
    MAGIC:     COST:   EFFECT:                                                BUY?
    W  Toad     700    Turns target/s to/from that disgusting creature         No
    W  Size     700    Similar to the Toad spell, kills enemy in battle        No
    B  Ice3    3000    A snowy thing pelts the target for alright ice damage   Yes
    B  Shade   3000    Makes an enemy shadow bound and thus paralyzed          No
    B  Break   3000    Gradually turns an enemy to stone                       NO!!
    W  Libra   3000    Makes known the target's HP and MP totals               No
    W  Confu   3000    Confuses the victim so much they don't know who to hit  No
    W  Mute    3000    Opens up a can of Shut Up so the victim can't use magic ??
    This would be GISHAL, a farming community.  There really isn't much to talk
    about as far as this place is concerned.  The magic shop's only important spell
    is ICE3, which should be last black magic spell you'll probably consider buying
    for a REALLY LONG time.  A magic key store exists in this town.  I'd buy 10 of
    them (you can go back to Argas if you want and collect that treasure now if you
    want, but that stuff's not to useful now).  The house near that big carrot patch
    has a couple of CARROTS hidden within pots.  The bottom right edge of this town
    has two MAGIC KEYS hidden in the grass.  I do not believe reaching the island in
    the middle of this place is feasible.  Get out and get to the cave Desh spoke of
                  Chapter 3: Dwarves, Fire, Treasure, Death and Flight
    Here, the Light Warriors can experience a greater coming of age as they reclaim
    the Fire Crystal.  But before that, you are to find the one who has the Dwarves'
    valuable treasure.  You will also help out a floundering village, save an
    ungrateful tree, and speak to Cid, the master mechanic who will give your party
    the gift of flight.
           Sail back toward the Tower of Owen.  Pass it by and keep sailing west.
    You'll soon reach a crescent-shaped island.  Enter the southern cave; the other
    one is one of fire, and it's of no interest to you now.
    DWARF CAVE   Inn  80
    WEAPON:            COST:   ATTACK:  HIT%:
    Salamandr Sword    3000      32      80%  <--- Fire elemental
    Tonfa Nunchuck      500      20      80%
    Shining Staff      3500       8      50%  <--- Lightning elemental
    (Serpent Sword)
    (WSlayer Sword)
    (3-Part Nunchuck)
    ARMOR:             COST:
    Ice Armor          2400
    Ice Helmet         1200
    Ice Shield         1800
    (Kenpo Outfit)
    (Wizard Outfit)
    ITEM:       COST:     ITEM:       COST:
    -----------------     -----------------
    Potion       150      EchoHerb    100
    HiPotion    1200      LuckMalet   100
    Soft         800      Antidote     80
    MaidKiss     100      Eyedrop      40
           This is the DWARVES CAVE.  Walk along this place and speak to the ones
    who dwell within.  You'll hear that a character called GUZCO has stolen the
    dwarves' treasure.  What they want back the most is their prized HORN.  You have
    been selected to find and kill Guzco, and at least get the horn back to where it
    belongs.  You will not be able to touch the horn that remains for a magic
    barrier keeps you at bay.  As you can see, most of the stuff you can buy here is
    pretty good, but I wouldn't buy too much now.
           When you feel ready, head to the left doorway of the main room of this
    place.  Walk up to the lake, turn the party into frogs, step in the water, and
    de-frog the party.  This is the UNDERGOUND LAKE.
           6) Underground Lake enemies: Bomb, Manticore, RuinWaze, Boulder,
                                        Sea Devil, Merman
              Recommended level: 12-13
              Recommended party: Fighter/Monk/White Wiz/Black Wiz --> Red Wiz
           This place could prove to be pretty tough; Bombs can take away upwards
    of 500 HP per explosion and Boulders can petrify you upon attack.  Many of the
    enemies are weak against lighting.  The first chest you come to will hold a
    SOFT POTION.  Walk through the false wall (it's kind of obvious) to proceed.
    The next room is very small.  The first chest on B2F contains a ZUES'RAGE.  So
    does the second one.  The third and fourth chests each contain a SOFT POTION.
    The two chests on B3F each contain 300 GIL.  Keep walkin', and before you know
    it, you'll encounter the enemy.  Heal up and prepare to fight Guzco.
    BOSS: Guzco     Difficulty level: 5
    HP: 1500        Weakness: Nil     Strong against: Black magic
    Be sure your fighter has FLAMEMAIL equipped, because Guzco can launch ice magic
    at you.  This is a considerably tougher boss than Medusa, but just as long as
    you have fighting warriors alive, taking away 1500 shouldn't be too much to
           After the fight, pick up the horn Guzco was guarding.  As you walk away,
    a white segment will follow you around.  Suspicious?  Get out of the lake and
    get back to the that platform the horns should be standing.  You'll be allowed
    go onto the platform to put the thing back.  Face the logical spot of the
    missing horn, press 'B' and select the horn from the inventory.  A startling
    revelation unfolds as Guzco (that segment) has been following you in your
    shadows.  Guzco will go on to steal BOTH horns and run a few feet north to the
    FIRE CAVE.  Guzco has apparently unleashed the awesome power of fire or
    something, which is not something the world wants to see (duh).  You must once
    again save the dwarves' (and the rest of the world, for that matter).
           Go to the inn, buy some stuff.  Make sure you buy one of every piece of
    ICE paraphernalia in the armor shop.  This is the only time in the entire game
    This is the only time I ever recommend dropping some money on a shield.  It
    would definitely be a good idea to build up a couple of levels before embarking
    upon yer next mission.
           7) Flame Cave enemies: Crocotta, Balloon, Red Mallow, Adamanti,
           Recommended levels: 14-15
           Recommended party: Fighter/Monk/White Wiz/Black Wiz --> Red Wiz
           Make sure your fighter has equipped all that Ice protection before
    heading into this cave.  That chest you can see from the entrance is accessed
    by going down and to the right contains a SOUTHWIND.  This is the only chest in
    the floor.  The second floor is a tad mazey, so it's a bit tough to explain, so
    bear with me.  Take the first intersection down to receive an ICEBLADE SWORD in
    a chest.  Go back up and take the next intersection left, then down the next
    intersection, which leads to a HIPOTION.  Go up as far as you can to lead you
    to another HIPOTION.  Then go down and proceed to level B3F.  If you go
    straight up then left, you can get a POTION in the chest.  If you went straight
    up, you could get a HIPOTION from a chest.  Now push that rock that sticks out
    like a sore thumb.  Doing so will reveal a passage that leads to the final
    portion of this place.  The next room is very small; through that door lies the
    FIRE CRYSTAL.  Heal up and head to the  that door.  Proceed in its direction,
    and Guzco, err, SALAMANDR will attack.
    BOSS: Salamandr     Difficulty level: 7.5
    HP: 2000+           Weakness: Ice??       Strong against: Black magic
    You would think that such a creature of infernal heat would be easily
    dispatched with a black wizard's ice magic? Well, no, not even close.  Sure,
    Ice3 may dish out respectable damage on some occasions.  Usually, it's
    frighteningly weak, and often completely ineffective.  Salamandr has a bitchin'
    FLAME attack which can wipe out your entire party in two rounds.  Keep
    everybody alive for as long as you can by casting some Cure spell on the entire
    party each time.  Chances are that everybody in your party will die except your
    fighter, who is covered head to toe with that ice stuff I hope you got at the
    Dwarves' cave. That Flame attack does only like 50 DMG, and regular attacks
    will always do 1 DMG (to your properly equipped fighter).  If your fighter is
    the only one left, just keep hackin' away.  You may want to use that GOD'SWINE
    on him at the beginning of the battle, but I wouldn't.  If his HP drops below
    100, use a HIPOTION.  Victory will be yours.
           When you're through with that ordeal, speak to the Fire Crystal.  It
    will offer you its power: the jobs HUNTER, KNIGHT, THIEF and SCHOLAR.  That
    star in the back lets you leave (Duh). Step on it (what else are you gonna do
    with it?).
    Important treasure found in the Dwarves' Cave:
    WEAPON:     COST:    ATTACK:   HIT%
    Ice Book   (1650)      32       70% <--- Ice elemental
    Fire Book  (1650)      32       70% <--- Fire elemental
    Light Book (1650)      32       70% <--- Bolt elemental
    (Killer Bow)
    ARMOR:            COST:  DEF:   EVAD%   MDEF:
    Knight Armor     (3750)   12      9      12
    Hero Shield       3500    10     10      12
    Gauntlet Glove   (1250)    2      8       2
    Scholar Outfit    5500    15     12      15
    Scholar Hat       7500     5     10       5
           You should bring the news of your victory back to the dwarves.  Go a
    few feet south to their cave.  Five steps into the joint, you'll be interrupted
    by some dude who appears out of thin air.  This news he brings is not
    uplifting- that ransacked village TOKKLE is in greater pearl than ever before.
    He also talks about HYNE and the scholar's special ability.  He'll then depart
    in a way similar to his choice of entrance.  Well, that was unexpected.
    Proceed regularly trough the cave, and you'll find that the mood is noticeably
    more lively by talking to some of the locals.  One of them gives you a MAGIC
    KEY.  Speak to the dwarf standing still and he'll allow you to get some
    fabulous treasure.  Follow him.  The bottom of that big ol' ladder lies a
    revivification spring.  You may want to use it. ;-)  But now, on to the good
    HERO SHIELD, CARROT and 2 FENIX DOWNS populate the treasure chests. Phew!
    	So you now have those new jobs.  You should definitely change you fighter
    to a KNIGHT as soon as you get enough space in your inventory.  The thief
    doesn't have much of a use yet, but stay tuned.  A rookie scholar will do as
    much damage as your rookie knight, maybe more.  But his use fades quickly.  Same
    thing for hunters, but their usefulness falls at a much slower rate.
    	Make sure you're at least at level 15 before proceeding to the next part
    of the game.  Remember that guy who told you that bad stuff happening to Tokkle?
    Well, he's not bluffing.  He expects your party to come to the rescue.  So does
    everybody else.  It's probably a good idea to help them out.  Get on your ship
    and head to Tokkle.  In case you forget where it's at, go east until you reach
    the Tower of Owen, and go south through that pass and you'll be right there.
    Head in, but make sure your party is at full or nearly full HP/MP before doing
    so.  Before you can walk three steps into the town, some bad guys will surround
    you, capture you and imprison you within depths of HYNE CASTLE.
    	8) Hyne's Castle enemies: Lamia, Pharaoh, Lemwraith, Daemon
    	Recommended level: 15-16
    	Recommended party: Knight/Monk/White Wiz/Black Wiz
    Important stuff found in Hyne's Floating Castle:
    WEAPON:         COST:    ATTACK:  HIT%
    King Sword     (2500)     80       50%
    Rune Bow       (1500)     25       90%
    (Holy Arrows)
           Talk to the others around you and you'll realize that the evil KING HYNE
    has taken control, and none can end his reign of terror except the Light
    Warriors.  One of your cellmates will give you a LUCKMALLET once spoken to.  I
    don't suggest going over to the cell next to you for the one who dwells there
    is a Daemon.  Cast MINI on yourself and enter that small hole in the upper left
    corner of you jail cell.  Return to normal size at once.
    	A good idea for this place is to be very conservative with your black
    magic for a reason you'll discover later.  It's probably a good time to tell ya
    that this place is a real pain.  You'll be GLAREd to the point of no return.
    It might not be a bad idea to run away from some of these battles for they can
    get really friggin' annoying.  Now for the walkthrough.  The chest at the
    bottom right section contains 20 HOLY ARROWS.  The lower left part of the room
    has a false wall that leads to a FENIX DOWN and the doorway to the next floor.
    The next floor has three doors upon entry.  The left one has two chests holding
    100 GIL and 30 GIL.  Ignore the left door.  The middle room's treasure holds
    over 6000 GIL.  The right door has two chests holding a FENIX DOWN and a
    ZEUS'RAGE.  Now get out of that room and get around that big-ass room in the
    center to go through door at the center on the other side.  Get the chest you
    see to your upper right to find a KING'S SWORD.  Proceed by passing leftward
    through a false wall on the leftmost portion of the room.  Now get the FENIX
    DOWN from the chest on the right side of the room.  Floor 5F has a RUNE BOW in
    the upper right part of the room.  Go through the door you passed up to find
    the enemy...
    BOSS: Death     Difficulty level: 8
    HP: 1500+       Weakness: Varies     Strong against: Varies, Weapon attacks
    In some translations, Hyne referred to as Death.  That's what I've always
    preferred calling him Death even though it's not right.  This fight can prove to
    be easy, but I think we can all agree that it's, well, annoying.  I would
    definitely change your monk to a SCHOLAR so you can SCAN and see through Hyne's
    WALLCHANGE.  For the first round, a knight or monk or hunter should defend if
    you got 'em.  Scholar should SCAN every time because Hyne supposedly changes
    his weakness every three rounds of fighting, but I've had instances when it was
    two rounds of combat between a change.  You wizards should do something small
    like give a potion or something.  After you discover his weakness, exploit it.
    Hope to God he'll be weak against Cold so you can douse him with Ice3 and
    Antarctics.  A white wiz should heal whoever is hit with his level 3 black
    magic (Ice2, Fire2, Bolt2).
           When you're done with him, some important-looking dudes from Argas
    will come through the door and give you props for a job well done, followed by
    the shipment of you to the LIVING FOREST.  Walk up a bit and the fairies will
    speak to you then give you the WIND FANG.  The forest, represented by the
    ELDEST TREE, will then thank you by saying they need to rest for the next
    millenium and no visitors shall be allowed.  Even access for the Light
    Warriors will most surely be denied.  You're Welcome.
    Important stuff found in Argas Castle:
    WEAPON:         COST:   ATTACK:  HIT%
    Medusa Arrow    (50)     20      100% <--- Turns victim to stone in most cases
    (Ice Arrow)   (Bolt Arrow)
    (Fire Arrow)  (Killer Bow)
    (Flame Book)  (Ice Book)
    (Light Book)
           Now that you saved the Kingdom of Argas, it's a good time to just invite
    yourself to their castle and barge on in.  Your ship is in the same place you
    left it- just north of Tokkle.  To get there, just keep following the eastern
    coast till you run into Tokkle.  Get into your ship and head back to Argas
    Castle (north and a bit east of Tokkle in case you forgot).  Enter the castle
    and go straight up until you reach the Throne Room.  Speak to the King to
    receive the TIME GEAR.  He'll also tell you of Cid's existence and all.  The
    soldiers sitting around the table don't really have anything interesting to say.
    You were here to loot the place, but you haven't yet discovered all the
    treasure.  Get to the small room with the torches and pull the fourth one.
    Keep walking just like you did before, but this time, walk all the way up the
    stairs.  Follow the path right to eventually reach a locked green door.  This
    can be open by facing the door, pressing 'B' and selecting a magic key from
    your inventory, or by putting a thief in the lead (hit select) to take
    advantage one his abilities (lockpicking!).  In this room, you'll find 20 ICE
    Now leave this room and head left to get to the other room.  (NOTE: The stuff
    you find here is valuable.  Some items, like the arrows, you will want to keep.
    Other items, such as the books, merely take up space.  Leave to sell unwanted
    material at the nearby Viking Base.)  Get the door open somehow and speak to
    the white wizard.  This'll get you 2 ELIXIRS.  Now go right in front of that
    small space which separates you from the treasures you see, face down and press
    'A.'  This leads you to such interesting treasure as 20 BOLT ARROWS, 20 MEDUSA
    ARROWS, and a KILLER BOW.  Now get to Canaan.
           Canaan is not far away, it's a bit east of the Viking Base.  Barge into
    Cid's house which is in the top left corner of the town.  Get into Cid's face
    and show him the Time Gear by pressing 'B' and selecting Time Gear from the
    inventory.  He'll go outside for a few seconds to mess with your ship.  When he
    returns, you'll find out that your ship can now fly! Hell Yeah!  It can travel
    across all terrain (except mountains, of course) free from any enemy
    interference (for now at least).  Its landing capabilities are limited to deep
    waters, though.  I would go to the Ancient's Village (westernmost town?) to buy
    10 more Bolt Arrows, a FlameMail (assuming you don't still have one) and 99
    POTIONS.  You are now ready to ditch this pop stand at once.
                             Chapter 4: Brave New World
    The four discover a world of water and someone who can see the special powers
    welled up within you.  After you reclaim another Crystal, the over world
    suddenly becomes visible for some reason.  Now, you're to find some Old Men,
    the enemy of gold, and two new towns before the fourth chapter is finished.
           Keep flying in any one direction until you get off the Floating
    Continent.  As soon as you get off the continent, you'll be surrounded by water
    as far as the eye can see and then some.  You are supposed to find a shipwreck
    beside a very small island.  (Sight spell or MidgBreads anyone?)  You basically
    head east a long way and a bit south and you'll find your destination (I could
    be wrong, however).  Check the map periodically to check your progress.
           When you do find the shipwreck, land in the water and walk into the
    wrecked ship.  Walk regularly through the first couple levels.  While walking
    the trail, get the ZEUS'RAGE and BLOOD SWORD from the chests.  I don't recommend
    equipping the Blood Sword.  It has a lower attack power than the Iceblade, but
    it drains HP from the enemy.  Only problem is that it's too inconsistent to
    really be worth holding on to IMO.  Approach the girl in the bed, hit 'B' and
    select Antidote from your inventory.  This cures her of her ailments (duh).
    When she's healed, she sees the power vested within the Light Warriors and says
    she can be of help.  It agreed that she will follow your party around (her
    name's Elia in case ya didn't know).  You have no further business being in this
    defunct ship, so make your way outta here.
    WEAPON:         COST:  ATTACK:  HIT%:
    Blood Sword     16500    35       80% <--- Drains HP from the non-undead
           From there, go south a long ways and a little bit east (Sight magic and
    Midget Bread anyone?).  You should come upon an island with plenty of
    mountains, a temple and a cave.  Land your ship in the water at the southern
    part of the island so you can walk to the shrine.  Go ahead on in.
           First head right to restore HP/MP.  Now, I would definitely change the
    white wizard to a HUNTER a this point in time.  Equip the hunter with a Killer
    Bow and Bolt Arrows.  Go back leftward and take the upward path this time.
    Examine the shard of Crystal, and Elia will advise gettin' to the SEA CAVE, so
    do that.  Leave the shrine and make your way due north and you'll be at the Sea
    Cave in no time.
           9) Sea Cave enemies: Twinhead, VenomToad, Roper, Cocktrice, Agaria
           Recommended level: 16-17
           Recommended party: Knight/Monk/Hunter/Black Wiz or Red Wiz
           The first thing you should know about this place is that there is
    absolutely no treasure whatsoever in this place.  I really recommend taking a
    hunter along because each time he uses a bolt arrow, it's like a cast of the
    Bolt spell.  A black wizard isn't all that useful, but this place is easy
    enough so you might as well just leave him in there- this will probably be his
    final chance to do anything.  Anywho, follow the path.  When you come to the
    door, Elia will start praying thus breaking the seal which would have prevented
    you from entering earlier.  The first three rooms are very straightforward.  On
    floor B3F, take the lower path.  The next room is very basic as well, and
    through the door is the WATER CRYSTAL which is guarded by KRAKEN.  Elia returns
    the shard in an excited haste, and when she does, Kraken floats an arrow her
    way.  Now the Warriors of Light must toil through another boss before they can
    proceed any further.
    BOSS: Kraken              Difficulty Level: 1.5
    HP: No more than 2000     Weakness: Bolt or Ice     Strong against: Nil, really
    Nope, that difficulty level is no misprint, you won't even have to heal up
    beforehand.  Heck, even black magic does respectable damage (Ice3 in
    particular).  Keep on hackin' away.  Ya know, I'd have a saved state right
    before I walked in that door, and I'd go in and fight her like four times more
    than I normally do just because I felt cheated.  The only reason the level of
    difficulty is a 1.5 and not a 1 is because she may knock one of your warriors
    with a critical hit for alright damage, but still nothing to get to scared
    over.  She also has moderately strong level three magic, but you'll probably
    kill this overgrown octopus before that happens.  If somebody gets weak (won't
    happen), have the hunter cast Cure2 on them.  She'll be dead in no time.
           After you've struggled through that ordeal (yeah, right), Elia will
    help excrete the powers of the Water Crystal, which are the jobs: GEOMANCER,
    never to be seen by us again.
           At the current moment, geomancers, dragoons, m.knights, conjurers and
    bards are all bad selections for you can't get proper supplies for them now.
    If you have a scholar or red wiz, ditch them immediately.  You'll probably want
    to do the same with your black wiz- they're simply not as useful as they once
    were, and their usefulness will, for the most part, decline as the game
    progresses.  Make your monk a KARATEKA and change the black wiz to a THIEF.
           But back to the game and the story and what not.  Upon unleashing the
    power of the Water Crystal, your party was knocked out cold by an earthquake.
    The quake was of such powerful force and magnitude that the rest of the world
    has somehow been revealed.  Your party has been knocked out for three days,
    and when they finally arise from their slumber, you'll find that some residents
    from the town AMUR found them and brought them in for shelter.  Speak to the
    people in both levels of the inn (and the rest of the town for that matter),
    and you'll find that some evil doer by the name of GOLDOR has chained up your
    ship nice and tight.  Don't leave the premises of the town yet- all paths will
    eventually take you to one of two destinations: GOLDOR'S MANSION (south), and
    the STATUES OF THE QUEST (north); both lead to death.
    AMUR     Inn: 200
    WEAPONS:          COST:   ATTACK   HIT%
    Battle Axe        5500      45     60%
    M.Star Axe        8000      50     70%
    M.Gouche Knife    7000      30    100%
    Boomerang         9000      35     70%
    Kaiser Claw       7000      36    100%
    ARMOR:            COST:   DEF   EVAD%   MDEF
    Viking Helmet     3000     7     10       7
    Viking Armor      4000    10      8       7
    Hero Shield       3500    10     10      12
    Thief Gloves      2500     3      9       4 <--Strength +5
    DarkSuit Outfit   3800     8     70       5 <--Agility +5
    DarkHood Helmet   2000     5      8       5 <--Strength +5
    Blackbelt Outfit  3000    11     10       5 <--Agility +5
    Chakra Helmet     2000     9     10       6 <--Strength and Vitality +5
    -----------------    -----------------
    ITEM:       COST:    ITEM:       COST:
    -----------------    -----------------
    HiPotion     1200    LuckMalet     100
    Soft          300    Antidote       80
    MaidKiss      100    Eyedrop        40
    EchoHerb      100    Carrot        150
           Any who, leave the inn and change to the jobs listed above, but don't
    buy anything yet.  Go right, ignoring the shops, to cross the bridge to the
    next island.  Enter the unmarked house and go up to JIRU, who will explain
    the situation.  Then a short scene involving some OLD MEN will ensue.  Jiru
    will take you outside to unlock the watergate allowing you to venture into the
    town's waterways.  This is to allow you to enter the AMUR SEWERS, but it's
    time to get some cool stuff hidden in grass of various locations.  Enter
    the water, and first go to the island just above you to get four CARROTS.
    Go back into the water and go left at the first opportunity.  Go up that
    small waterfall and get to that bigger island covered with grass.  The
    upper right corner has a DARKSUIT and two spaces at the upper left area
    contain a DARKHOOD and THIEF GLOVES, which is all you will need as far as
    armor is concerned for your thief.  Next go back down that waterfall and
    head back to where you entered the waters.  Get back onto land, head into
    shops, buy necessary equipment.  This would mean 2 BOOMERANGS for a thief
    (who goes in the back row), and a CHARKA HELMET, and a BLACKBELT OUTFIT
    for your karateka (you could get him a KAISER KNUCLE or two, but I
    wouldn't recommend it because he fights well with fists and you'll soon
    get two stronger claws).  Now go back into the water and make your way to
    the lower right corner of the town into that stone structure you see.
           10) Amur Sewers' enemies: DrkFoot, GiganToad, TwinLiger, Storoper
           Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/Hunter/Thief
           Recommended level: 18-19
    Important stuff in the Sewers:
    WEAPON:         COST:   ATTACK:  HIT%
    Catclaw Claw    (7000)    42      100%
    Thor Hammer     (7000)    30       70%
    Oriaicon Knife  (6000)    45      100% <--- Drain HP from the non-undead
    (M.Gauche Knife)
    ARMOR:      COST:   DEF:  EVAD%:  MDEF:
    Power Ring  (1250)   4     11       4  <--- Strength +5
           The first floor isn't hard to figure out.  Head leftward on to B2F.
    Collect the CATCLAW CLAW from the chest and move on to B3F and you'll come
    upon those four Old Men who think they are legendary heroes or something.
    They seem to be losing to some strong force... such as Goblins.  You will
    have to face eight of them.  It will be a hard fight (note the sarcasm),
    but you can do it.  After struggling through that great force of evil,
    those dudes will admit their mediocrity and then they'll start running
    around like a bunch of idiots.  Proceed to B4F.  Go left, stop at the
    bridge, and head down till you can no longer.  Go right through the false
    wall to lead you to an M.GAUCHE KNIFE and THOR HAMMER.  Exit the room the
    same way you came in and go straight left until you find yourself in
    another small treasure room.  The chests in this small room has an
    ORIAICON KNIFE and POWER RING.  Give the ring to the karateka so that
    character finally has something to put on his hands.  Be sure you keep
    this ring; it's valuable for a VERY long time, don't sell it until you
    can get CRYSTAL stuff.  Leave this room the same way you got in.  Then
    head up, then left and follow the path till you reach a doorway.  Go in
    it.  Here you'll find DELIA, keeper of the FLOATING SHOES.  She'll
    toss you a pair.  Then the four Old Men come storming in to remind you
    of their phoniness (How were they able to get by Storopers if they were
    having trouble with Goblins?).  Turns out they're a little bit better
    than mediocre after all.  Delia will toss you the real deal and now
    you can get to Goldor's Mansion.  One of the Old Men uses Exit magic
    (actually, it was just an Otterhead)  and you're warped out of the joint.
           Go to the inn, rest up, buy some (10-20) HIPOTIONS, and sell the
    stuff you know you won't use.  Now leave the town and go south.  If you
    go east of the mountains, you'll see a CHOCOBO FOREST.  In here, you can
    find a place to put a FAT CHOCOBO when you use a CARROT.  Stick your
    equipment for mages here.  If you want to make your life a little easier,
    you can catch a roaming chocobo and you get to ride to the mansion free
    from enemy attack.   Go south WEST of those mountains and across the
    desert and head north to come to the mansion of Goldor.
           11) Goldor's Mansion enemies: Nitemare, GoldKnight, GoldBear, GoldEagle
           Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/Hunter/Thief
           Recommended levels: 18-19
    Important stuff found in Goldor's Mansion:
    WEAPON:      COST:   ATTACK   HIT%
    Shiny Sword  (2500)     5      20%
    Dragon Claw  (9000)    48     100% <--- Fire/Bolt elemental
           If you insist on having a black wizard in your party, here's where you
    will really begin to realize his futility.  Enemies who have 'gold' somewhere
    in their names usually have high magic defense (hence, no attack magician in
    the recommended party).  Enter the mansion and go straight upward to the next
    floor ignoring all those rooms.  Walk up, left, down and right to make your way
    around that big-ass structure.  When you get around, 12 chests will meet the eye.
    11 SHINY SWORDS and a DRAGON CLAW (NOW equip both claws) are within the chests.
    All of us who have played FF2 can remember the weakest sword in the game,
    the Blood Sword.  It had an attack power of zero (0).  But if you had two
    warriors remotely skilled in swords, the Emperor (last boss) became the easiest
    last boss in the history of Nintendo. The special virtue of the Blood Sword is
    that's the Emperor's weakness. The game gives you two of them.  The Shiny sword
    can't cut butter too much better, and I strongly doubt these things have a special
    use of any kind (there are eleven of them. 11!).  If anybody out there knows its
    special use (if it even has one), could ya mail me? I'd really appreciate it.  But
    they DO sell for 2500 Gil a pop.  Pretty good.  But now back to FF3.
           After you collect the treasure, I'd recommend walking out and all the
    way back to Amur to stay at the inn and to sell your crap (like Shiny Swords).
    This is strictly for level-building purposes, so you don't have to do it.
    Go back to the first floor of the mansion.  There are four rooms here, but
    the only room that you should care about is the upper left room.  Open the
    door somehow and walk through the false wall in the upper left corner.  The
    next room is very small.  The following room is kinda mazey, but simply
    walking along the bottom row through several false walls will make life
    a bit easier.  Keep following the path, and after a while, you'll come to
    a room.  Heal up and proceed to face...
    BOSS: Goldor     Difficulty level: 6
    HP: 2300         Weakness: None        (VERY) Strong against: Magic
    Goldor's kinda tough.  You may recall somebody mentioning something
    about him having perfect magic defense.  This is half the reason to lose
    your black wizard when you did.  He has a relatively weak regular attack
    which won't do any more than 200 DMG.  He has level 3 elemental magic (like
    Ice2), and a nasty Ice3 that will take away like 500 HP, 800 to a karateka who
    makes use of the BuildUp command.  But, one attack after he's been BuiltUp
    will get Goldor about halfway dead, so the karateka should do that.  Everyone
    else should fight, but if someone gets weak, the hunter or white wiz
    should Cure2 them.  The only thing to fear here is that he might go after
    the same warrior every time.  If he does that, he'll probably die.  Hopefully,
    he won't go after your karateka after he's been BuiltUp, cuz he's the majority
    of your offense.
           After you have proven yourself better than him, he'll break the
    gold crystal as a final act of dignity or something.  This is okay, for
    the Gold Crystal is not as important as one may think.  When he dies he
    will leave behind the KEY to your ship.  Go up to it, examine it, and
    the lock which once restricted your ship to a very small area will
    somehow evaporate.  Now leave this place somehow, get back to Amur,
    stay in the inn, buy 30-40 more HiPotions (and a couple of Otterheads
    maybe).  Now leave Amur, step in your ship, press 'A' and fly outta here.
           Okay, this next part is pretty tough to explain, but I'll do the
    best I can.  Head to the southern tip of the continent Amur is on. and head
    east until you reach the floating continent.  Go due south when you find it
    and you'll eventually stumble upon the town of LEPRIT.
    LEPRIT     Inn 200
    MAGIC:     COST:   EFFECTs:
    C  Choco   100     B: Stumbled; The stupid bird trips thus having no effect
                       W: Escape; Makes party get away from the battle
                       S: Chocobo Kick; A pesky birds kicks around a monster
    C  Shiva   700     B: Icy Glare; Hits an enemy with a cold frosty blast
                       W: HypnoBeam; Makes all enemies sleepy and easy targets
                       S: Diamond Dust; Hits all enemies for exceptional ice damage
    C  Ramuh   1500    B: God's Thunder; Shocks one enemy with a jolt of lightning
                       W: Mindblast; Puts all enemies into a catatonic stupor
                       S: Heaven's Rage; Impressive lightning damage on all enemies
    C  Ifrit   3000    B: Flames of Fury; A powerful fireball falls on an enemy
                       W: Recovery; The Light Warriors all regain a few HP
                       S: HellFire; Flames of the depths of Hell burn all enemies
    C  Titan   5000    W: Punch; Earth elemental hits one enemy hard
                       B: Kick; Hits enemy harder
                       S: Earthquake; Rocks all enemies for awesome Earth damage
    HiPoiton  1200    Antidote     80
    Soft       300    Otterhead  2000
    EchoHerb   100    Carrot      150
    Eyedrop     40    MidgBread   200
           This is a conjurer-oriented town.  Go up and to the left a bit till you
    see a small forest with some suspicious-looking grass.  When you see a row of
    three patches of grass, go left to find a TURTLSHEL and ELIXIR.  Now go right
    to that forest, and you'll see some more suspicious-looking grass.  Make
    yourself even with the pond you see and walk into the trees to get a FENIX DOWN
    at the end.  Now get out of the forest and now, we must do some business with
    the town's shopkeepers.  Strip your thief of everything and change his job to a
    CONJURER.  You should still have some stuff left over from your mages,
    don't get your shorts in a knot if you sold that stuff. Get your new
    conjurer a FEATHER, which is good for one LONG-ass time, CHOCOBO, SHIVA,
    and RAMUH espers (Yeah, that's what I'll call 'em in this game), IFRIT too
    if you're in a buying mood, and come back and by TITAN when you get the MP
    for it. All of the magic spells here are good buys.  Sell your thief gear
    and leave this place hoping that you saved some money for the next town.
           Head back to your ship and levitate.  Just east of those mountains
    you see lies the kingdom of SALONIA.  Don't fly too close to the castle
    for you will most certainly be shot down if you test 'em.  Go a but east
    of Salonia and turn south to come to DASTAR, a bard and geomancer community.
    DASTAR     Inn 320
    WEAPONS:       COST:   ATTACK:   HIT%:
    Giyman Bell    4500     25       80%
    Mandora Harp   8000     40       70%
    ARMOR:         COST:   DEF:   EVAD%   MDEF:
    Gaia Outfit    4200    16     12       8
    Bard Outfit    5500    15     18       7
    Feather Hat    8000     7     10       8 <---Agility +5
    Rune Ring      5000     5     10       6
           There are two EARTHDRUMs hidden within Dastar's upper grass.  I would
    change your hunter to a GEOMANCER.  You may have noticed his use dissipating at
    Goldor's Mansion, and that slide is just going to continue.  If you do,
    you'll have no means of magical healing except Ifrit's crappy Recovery thing.
    Now you will need even more HIPOTION.  You should also get him some snappy
    swag from the armor shop.
           Head back over to Salonia, but go just to the southern edge of the
    kingdom.  Land your ship in the water and walk over to the marshy area to
    break in these new jobs, and to gain more exp and gold.  Get at least to level
    21, head back to Amur, buy 50 HIPOTIONs , then fly back to Salonia.  Fly right
    in front of the castle with your tongue hanging out spewing some obnoxious
    utterance of mockery.  They will shoot you down.
                Chapter 5: The Kingdom, the Prince, Dorga and More
    It seems the Light Warriors are stranded in a distinguished kingdom during
    a civil war.  Whateva.  You'll have to find the banished prince and a
    possessed king.  After eliminating an evil-enduced bird summon, another new
    door of possibilities opens up for your guys.  You'll need to see Dorga,
    a wise dude of magic, and he'll explain why the world is in disorder.  You
    will also probably wish to do a few side quests for some good stuff.
           Well, you seemed to have come to this place at the wrong time.
    Right away, turn around back to the world map.  It's time to see what
    this well-developed kingdom has to offer.  First get to NORTHWEST SALONIA.
    (NOTE: Most of the shops will be closed until you've killed Phoenix)
    ITEM:       COST:    ITEM:       COST:
    -----------------    -----------------
    HiPotion     1200    LuckMalet     100
    Soft          300    Antidote       80
    MaidKiss      100    Eyedrop        40
    EchoHerb      100    Carrot        150
    (Fire2)   (Cure2)
    (Ice2)    (Exit)
    (Bolt2)   (Wash)
           Not much for you to do in this part of town.  The magic shop and
    library are closed now.  The inn is open for business.  Now leave this
    place and go due south to SOUTHWEST SALONIA.
    ARMOR:             COST:    DEF:    EVAD%:   MDEF:  MEVD:
    WhiteRobe Outfit    7000     20      12       14      2 <--- Sprit +5
    BlackRobe Outfit    7000     20      12       14      2 <--- Intelligence +5
    (Rune Ring)       (Gaia Outfit)
    (Scholar Outfit)  (Scholar Hat)
           Southwest Salon's where it's at.  Enter and go straight up.
    Talk to that guy you see just across that bridge.  He'll tell you to
    go into the bar.  Do what he says- it's a trap, but a pathetic one
    so you've nothing to worry about.  Some dudes seem to be making life
    kinda difficult for some kid.  Go to save him from future torture.
    Some GoldKnights will confront you.  Kick their asses.  The kid's
    gonna follow you around.  Prince Allus (the kid you just saved) was
    banished from the castle for some reason.   Leave the pub and cross
    the bridge left and head into the water.  Go down to the unmarked
    house you see, and get down to the lower left corner of the town.
    Talk to the man to receive a WIND JAVELIN.  Head back on up, go into
    the water and make your way due east to that guy an the island.
    He'll give you a DRAGON ARMOR when spoken to.  It should also be
    noted that there's a free Fat Chocobo for you in lower right house
    here.  In that room, go through the left indentation to find several
    CARROTS within chests.  Now leave the town.
           Head east, but not to the southeast portion of the kingdom,
    but to NORTHEAST SALONIA instead.
    WEAPON1:           COST:     ATTACK:  HIT%
    Wind Javelin       10000       50      80% <--- Wind elemental
    Thunder Javelin     8000       35      80% <--- Bolt/Wind elemental
    WEAPON2:       COST:   ATTACK:  HIT%:
    Golem Staff   13500     16       70% <--- Earth elemental/Strength +5/Randomly
    Rune Staff    18000     20       80%                               casts Break
    Flame Wand     3000     12       70% <--- Fire elemental/Strengthens fire magic
    Ice Wand       3000     12       70% <--- Ice elemental/Strengthens ice magic
    Light Wand     3000     12       70% <--- Bolt elemental/Strengthens bolt magic
    (Shinning Staff)  (Burning Staff)
    (Freezing Staff)
    ITEMS:   COST:    ITEMS:    COST:
    HiPoiton  1200    Antidote     80
    Soft       300    Otterhead  2000
    EchoHerb   100    Carrot      150
    Eyedrop     40    MidgBread   200
    (Break)  (Libra)
    (Ice3)   (Confu)
    (Shade)  (Mute)
    MAGIC2:   COST:   EFFECT:                                    BUY?
    B  Bolt3   5000   An okay blast of lightning will hit stuff  No
    B  Kill    5000   Obliterates all enemies on the screen      Yes
    B  Erase   5000   Eliminates an enemy's special defenses     No
    W  Cure3   5000   Imagine Cure2, only better                 Yes
    W  Life    5000   Revives a swoon soul to minimal strength   Yes
    W  Safe    5000   Improves a warrior's armor by something    No
    Buy a Wind Javelin and leave this place and go due south to SOUTHEAST
           In Southeast Salonia, one of the locals will tell you about
    GAURDIA, the one that only dragoons can defeat.  That's food for
    thought.  There's really nothing worth spending time worrying or
    typing about in this part of town except that DRAGON TOWER in the
    middle.  You'll have to do some maneuvering to reach it.  Enter the
    door when you reach it. (NOTE: You don't have to do this, but if
    you want some dragoons...)
           12) Dragon Tower enemies: Catoblapas, Needler, Sandworm,
                                     M.Helcan, Sorcerer
           Recommended level: 21-22
           Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/Geomancer/Conjurer
    Important stuff found in the Dragon Tower:
    (Thunder Javelin)
    (Wind Javelin)
    ARMOR:          COST:   DEF:  EVAD%:  MDEF:
    Dragon Armor   (4000)   15      10%    15
    Dragon Helmet  (4000)    7      10%     7
           The explanation may be confusing because most of it is
    about traveling through false walls.  This part is made up of
    four parts.  Enter the tower and go right to the indention
    through a false wall.  Follow this path until you can walk
    through the right indentation of the of the lower right part.
    Then go up the false wall in the middle of that part.  Follow
    that path the path until you reach the right indention of the
    top right part.  Walk left through that wall and continue walking
    to go through the fake wall of the left indention.  That way will
    eventually bring you to the doorway you have to go through.  Keep
    going up the stairs until you reach the top.  There are two roads
    to talk through- let's do the top first.  You'll find a bounty
    of treasure waiting for you: a FENIX DOWN, 2 DRAGON ARMORS, THUNDER
    JAVELIN and 2 DRAGON HELMETS.  The lower path has 2 THUNDER JAVELINS,
    both paths.  Now get out of here somehow.  I suggest using an
           The game was trying to tell you something by giving you all
    that dragon (should be DRAGOON, they missed an 'O' but anyways...)
    equipment.  Change everybody's job to DRAGOON.  Chances are,  you'll
    have to use that Fat chocobo in Southwest Salonia.  Everybody's HP
    should be at least 850 before continuing to the next part.  If needed,
    go back to the Dragon Tower and fight enemies.  The area outside of
    Salonia is not exactly prime-level building ground (I've once walked
    around for nearly 2 and a half minutes trying to run into a fight).
           But as soon as you've done that, head into SALONIA CASTLE,
    which is obviously in the northern edge of the center of the kingdom.
    Making sure your HP is full, proceed upward until you are stopped.
    The King apparently gives the guards the permission to let your party
    and Prince Allus to enter the castle.  He'll even give you guys a
    room.  Hmmm... Awfully generous from somebody who recently banished his
    own son from the premises of the castle for absolutely no reason
    whatsoever (suspicious?).  Nobody can get to sleep, so your HP will
    not refill.  After a little while, the King of Salonia will come
    stormin' in with some character of evil called GIGAMESH (Gilgamesh
    is future FFgames?).  Gigamesh controls the King and the King stabs
    his son with something.  Soon after the king snaps out of it and
    shakes all evil influence.  Now Gigamesh is pissed.  He's a pushover
    in future FF games (FF5 in particular), and he's is no different in
    FF3.  He can't fight the Light Warriors himself so he calls on a boss...
    BOSS: Gaurdia     Difficulty level: 9         Weakness: Aero/Wind
    HP: 5000          Recommended level: 22-23
    Man, talk about tough.  You should be fine if your party is at level
    22, 23 would be more like it though.  Make your all dragoon party JUMP
    each time.  If you're lucky, you'll get somebody to land square on his head
    for over 1000 DMG.  But chances are, you'll have more misses than orgasmic
    blasts of power.  Your success will not depend on picking the correct
    commands at the correct times; it'll depend on when your party decides
    to Jump (a precursor to several future boss battles including the last one).
    His mighty BOLT attack will do a good 400 HP of damage to every
    warrior, so if somebody gets hit three times, they're done for. But you're
    entire party can evade his Bolt attack if he waits to attack.  But
    if you're party waits a while before they decide to jump, they'll be hit.
    Eventually, he WILL fall.  Jumps, if they hit, can do anywhere between
    100-1200.  You'll usually get it around 600 if you're at level 22.
           Just after the fight, the King dies.  I guess the elimination of evil
    took too much out of him.  Prince Allus laments for a short time before
    assuming the position his father just vacated.  Gigamesh seems to have
    scampered away or something.  You are now free to roam around as much as
    you want.
    (NOTE: You should probably return back to the jobs you had when
    you first arrived.  This will involve spending some time with the Fat
    Chocobo in Southwest Salonia. You're going to want to keep some of your
    dragoon items, however)
    Imprint Stuff found in Salonia Castle:
    WEAPON:      COST:    ATTACK:  HIT%:
    Earth Bell    (2750)    30       80% <--- Earth elemental?/Randomly stuns enemy
    (M.Gauche Knife)  (Thor Hammer)    (Golem Staff)
    (Freezing Staff)  (Medusa Arrows)
    ARMOR:       COST:
    Rusted Armor (250)  This can't be equipped
    (Scholar Hat)
    (Viking Armor)   (Viking Helmet)
    (Dragon Helmet)  (Gaia Outfit)
           If you go around to talk to some of the people, you'll discover
    the fact that there's a whole bunch of treasure scattered throughout the
    castle.  In the room of the Gaurdia fight, there exists a false wall on
    the right wall between those two stools you see.  Follow the path by walking
    right and down where a dozen chests are ripe for the pickin' (remember two
    words while looting- Fat Chocobo) : 2 HIPOTIONS, SCHOLAR HAT, GOLEM STAFF, THOR
    Next go down those stairs.  Go to the rightmost part of the platform you see
    and walk across the invisible bridge to encounter upon the treasures of EARTH
    ARMOR.  After you're done in here, retrace your steps back to the room in which
    you fought Gaurdia and leave it downward.  Head to the lower left room and get
    to the spot just to the left of the table and examine it by pressing 'A.'  Go
    straight through the path provided and down the stairs.  Then go left through
    a false wall, up, right, and left through another false wall to another
    staircase.  Follow the path provided to find two FENIX DOWNs.  See that
    important-looking dude leftward across the wall? Stay tuned.  Now retrace your
    steps out of the treasure area.  The bottom right room outside the room
    in which you fought Gaurdia has some scholars.  Speak to then, and they'll
    whip up an airship and return (gotta love somebody who can just construct
    an airship in a few seconds flat).  You may now leave this place for good.
           You may have noticed that the karateka character has been a less
    than stupendous force of defense.  That's why I suggested keeping the dragoon
    equipment (1 Wind Javelin and 1 Thunder Javelin and some armor).  You will
    probably want to periodically switch jobs from karateka to dragoon and back.
    The plan I used, up to the Bahamut fight, the job of choice was mostly
    karateka. But from the minute I was finished with that cave to the time you can
    get ninjas, it was the dragoon that was the dominant class.  Basically, the
    rule is make him a karateka, and if you fell he is taking to much damage,
    change him to a dragoon.  So just pretend the recommended party reads Karateka-
    Dragoon whenever another dungeon is forthcoming.  For the Temple of Time and
    Undersea Cave, it'll be all Karateka though to save inventory space.
           Now it's time to move on.  Make your way back to Amur and fly due west.
    You'll eventually reach the continent various people have mentioned.  If you
    tried to fly through the pass in the mountains before, your access was most
    certainly denied.  Fly around this continent until you find a pass in the
    mountains.  This is why your ship is so fast- so it can turn aside the powerful
    winds of this continent.  Fly through the path until you find a house.  You
    will be attacked by some fairly though monsters for this part of the game, but
    you should make it just fine.  Land your airship in the grass (this one can be
    set down on land) and walk into DORGA'S HOUSE (did you see that town in the
    middle of the mountains? That's DORGA'S VILLAGE. You can buy most of
    all the magic in the game here.  It can be reached by going east of the
    continent so you can see the town, then going slightly north of it, submerging
    underwater and following the highlighted path).
    DORGA'S HOUSE  Inn  Free
    ITEM:       COST:    ITEM:       COST:
    -----------------    -----------------
    HiPotion     1200    LuckMalet     100
    Soft          300    Antidote       80
    MaidKiss      100    Eyedrop        40
    EchoHerb      100    Carrot        150
    MAGIC:    COST:  EFFECT:                                               BUY?
    B  Fire3  10000  A Flame's gonna come and start hittin' stuff          No
    B  Bio    10000  A kinda strong venomous attack                        No
    B  Warp   10000  Warps you to the previous level of a dungeon          ??
    W  Aero2  10000  Much like black magic; a disappointing wind attack    No
    W  Soft   10000  A spell just like the potion with the same name       Yes
    W  Haste  10000  Makes your WEAPON lighter (not weaker) to raise Hit%  YES!
           Walk in and you will be confronted by MOOGLES upon your entry.  Dorga
    will come to see what's up.  After a quick examination, he realizes your
    importance, and he tells the moogles to shoo.  Dorga is very wise.  He'll
    give you the 411: All this chaos and pandemonium has been caused by the one
    called ZANDE.  It is then agreed that he will follow your party around
    through the MAGIC CIRCLE CAVE.  Just go straight through this place.
    Refresh yourself at the Recovery Pots stored right there.  Go to the spot to the
    left of his bookshelf and examine the spot while looking up to gain a HIPOTION.
    Now yank that candle and walk to the end of the path provided.  It seems that
    this entire cave has a ceiling height of 12 inches at its highest point.  You'll
    have to be MINIed, and your should turn one of your heavy fighters into a THIEF.
    Don't worry about giving him any equipment.
           13) Magic Circle Cave enemies:  MageFlyer, DkKinght, DevilHorse, BullMan,
           Recommended party: (Anything with a thief is fine.)
           Recommended levels: 22-23
           Use the thief's ESCAPE ability in each battle to experience minimal
    damage for the battles are not worth fighting.  Much like the Sea Cave, there
    is no treasure at all with the depths of this cave.  The first floor is
    straightforward.  On B2F go right and through the door.  For B3F you must go
    left, then down and through the door you see.  Now walk to the transporter.
    Well, it seems the end for Dorga's life is not far.  He must be transported to
    the depths of some other cave to locate the EUREKA KEY.  His final words of
    wisdom to you is get the LUTE to awake the second member of the triad of
    mystery, UNNE.  Before he goes, he also somehow gives your ship the ability to
    plunge underwater (who-hoo!).  The cave will promptly collapse upon use of the
    transporter.  Dorga warps you out just in time.
    (NOTE: Some people would say to do the UNDERSEA CAVE section first.  You are
    probably going to be ending up doing them both, but I'll put this first because
    Dorga just mentioned it.)
           Before you forget, let's get that LUTE.  It'll require several MAGIC
    KEYS or a THIEF.  I recommend the former.  Change your thief back to the heavy
    fighter he once was.  You should definitely have an OTTERHEAD if you are using
    the recommended party or some other party without an Exit caster. (I hope I
    don't need to tell you to unMINI yourself.)  The Lute is in the TEMPLE OF TIME.
    Fly your way through the pass in the mountains and go east to the Salonia
    continent.  At the southern tip of the continent, there exists a couple of
    horns.  Plunge your airship into the water by pressing 'A' over some deep water
    area, in this case, it's the space between the horns.  Enter the building you
    see and you're there.
           14) Temple of Time enemies: Dirai, KingLizard, SeaKing, MagicChimera,
                                       Behemoth, Dragon
           Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/Geomancer/Conjurer
           Recommended level: 22 or higher
    Imprint stuff found in the Temple of Time:
    WEAPON:          COST:    ATTACK:  HIT%
    Defender Sword    16500     95       80% <--- Vitality +5
    (Orialcon Knife)
    ARMOR:           COST:   DEF:   EVAD%   MDEF
    Diamond Shield   18000   13      14%      15 *All Diamond swag is strong v. Bolt
    Diamond Helmet   20000    8      12%       9
    Diamond Armor    33000   18      10%      10
    Diamond Ring     10000    6      12%       6
    Diamond Gloves   15000    6      10%       5
           Over the course of the next three sections or so, you'll be spending the
    majority of the time in unorthodox settings.  That means the geomancer is
    really going to be of good use.  Well, walk down then left until you come to a
    door.  Open it for a DIAMOND HELMET in a chest.  Give it to your knight (that
    Ice Helmet is getting pretty old).  The locked door just to the right of that
    contains a chest with a DIAMOND RING held within.  Leave that room and head
    straightforward to the doorway.  The chest in the upper right corner of the
    small room you now find yourself in has a DEFENDER SWORD.  Then go to the door
    to lead you to B2F.  Head due right and open the door that leads to a chest
    with a DIAMOND ARMOR.  Now leave that room and walk into the water.  The top
    left room's treasure is of ORIALCON KNIFE and DIAMOND GLOVES.  The top right
    room has the doorway to B3F.  On this floor, head downward along the path.  The
    bottom left room holds a DIAMOND SHIELD.  The bottom right room on B3F contains
    the LUTE you'll need to wake up Unne.  Now leave this place (Otterhead anyone?)
           After leaving the temple, head to some town and sell all loose equipment
    (the Diamond Shield is good, but it's probably better to just hold two
    weapons), stay at some inn, and restock the potion supply.  Now you don't have
    to do this next part, but I strongly advise it because you'll find tons of
    really cool treasure, and it's also arguably the best level-building area of
    the game.  Fly around until you find the continent Amur is on.  Go a little bit
    east of it, and fly south.  There will be a triangular island that has to be
    good for something.  Go a couple paces south and a couple paces east and
    submerge.  There will be a cave with the original title of UNDERSEA CAVE.  Go
    ahead and enter it.
           15) Undersea Cave enemies: SeaWitch, Dosema, KillerSnail, Olg-Hai,
                                      Aegil, Kelipe
           Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/Geomancer/Conjurer
           Recommended level: 22 or higher
    Important stuff found in the Undersea Cave:
    WEAPONS:         COST:   ATTACK:   HIT%:
    Tomahawk Axe     20000     60       80%
    Triton Hammer    20000     85       80%
    Ancient Sword    16500      5       80% <--- Holy elemental; Often stuns enemy
    Lamia Harp      (10750)     0       80% <--- Often confuses enemy
    AirKnife Knife   (5000)    60      100% <--- Wind elemental
    Blood Javelin   (10000)    70       80% <--- Wind elemental/Drains HP from non-undead
    (Defender Sword)
    ARMOR:           COST:   DEF:   EVAD%   MDEF
    Reflect Armor    (17500) 20      12%      20
    Aegis Shield     (14000) 16      16%      16
    (Diamond Shield) (Diamond Helmet)
    (Diamond Armor)  (Diamond Ring)
    (Diamond Gloves)
           If you ever run out of room in your inventory, I'd advise walking out of
    here, flying northwest back to Amur to sell the stuff you don't plan on using at
    all,  staying at the inn and restocking your supplies.  Proceed through the
    first floor regularly heading leftward for the most part.  The chest just to
    your left upon your entrance to B2F contains a DIAMOND SHIELD.  Now go straight
    right to eventually come to a chest that holds a DEFENDER SWORD.  Now make your
    way to the lower left corner of the pillar to find a TOMAHAWK AXE.  Now go to
    the doorway you see just to the right of you to head to B3F.  Go down the first
    bridge, then go left at your first chance.  The four chests that sit there hold
    you can to find treasure such as FENIX DOWN, ELIXIR, and DIAMOND GLOVES.  Next
    proceed left through that false wall you can see.  All four chests you can see
    are guarded by fairly strong enemies.  The one that holds a BLOOD JAVELIN (top
    left) also holds a Peryton.  The bottom right chest holds a TRITON HAMMER will
    lead to a fight with an Eater.  An AEGIS SHIELD awaits in the top right chest,
    but so does a ZombieDragon.  A DeathClaw (divides when hit with most weapons if
    still has HP left, heh) protects you from the REFLECT ARMOR in the bottom left
           Now make your way back to the entrance to the floor, but take the path
    leading downward instead of the one that goes rightward.  Walk the path, and
    the first chest you come to has an ANCIENT SWORD (keep for a little while- very
    low attack power but often paralyzes enemies).  Now head downwards to find four
    more treasures bound within chests: DIAMOND HELMET, DIAMOND SHIELD, GOD'S WIME,
    and some other item that I am not sure of (you can forgive me, can't cha?).  It
    is definitely a good idea to build levels until you reach 29 at least, if
    you're not there already.  The enemies here pack a fairly good punch, but it's
    nothing to wet your pants over.  You don't have to, but it should not really
    take you that long.  This IS, after all, prime level-building ground.
           Now find some town, and sell the stuff you don't plan using at all
    through the game (sell Aegis; I used it in the next part- there's one in a
    chest).  Stay at an inn restock (find a Fat Chocobo, if you wish, and put your
    karateka material there.  This next part's all dragoon with a Wind and a Blood
    Javelin).  Also, if you like white wizards but haven't been using them, you
    should go to Dorga's Magic Shop talked mentioned when Dorga's House was talked
    about and you should pick up CURE3 and HASTE.  Make your way to Southeast
    Salonia and sink into the water just south of that town.  Enter the opening to
           16) Salonia Catacombs enemies: Fura, BossTroll, Cyclops, Valar, Kenkos
           Recommended Party: Knight/Dragoon/Geomancer/Conjurer
           Recommended level: 29-30
    Important stuff found in the Catacombs:
    WEAPONS:            ARMOR:
    -----------         ------
    (Giyaman Bell)      (Gaia Outfit)  (Reflect Armor)
    (Golem Staff)       (Aegis Shield)
           There's nothing tricky about the first couple rooms.  When you get to a
    room that meets you with a really big intersection, go right and follow the
    path.  Head left in the indentation to come to a chest that holds a GOLEM STAFF.
    Leave the indentation, and continue following the path until you find chests of
    AEGIS SHIELD and GAIA OUTFIT.  Now go back to the entrance and head to the left
    intersection.  Follow this path, and enter the rightward indentation to pick up
    a REFLECT ARMOR from the chest.  Return from the indention and continue walking
    the path up then right. A GUIYMAN BELL greets you in the chest you see.  Now go
    back around and enter the door just to the right.  The next two rooms are
    simple, regular things.  See that imposing figure of existence right in front of
    your face (looks familiar)? (If you like white magic, change your geomancer to a
    white wizard and give him an Elixir.  I don't recommend doing that, however)
    Talk to it.
    BOSS: Odin                                Difficulty level: 6.5
    HP: (Probably less than) 7000             Strong/Weak Against: Nothing
    This is the first FF game that really involves Odin.  As you may expect, he's
    got that signature move that involves slashing the target(s) for hefty damage
    (ATOM EDGE- 400-1000+ to who ever it hits).  He can also chose hit one of your
    guys with a really strong physical attack which will, uh, kill him. A dragoon
    should jump with hopes of avoiding Atom Edge.  The geomancer should give a God's
    Wine to a knight with doubled-up Defender Swords.  The white wizard should haste
    the knight, and then cast Cure3 every time because you never know when he'll
    whip out his Atom Edge.  The conjurer should just call Titan every time.  It's
    really not that hard of a fight. Chances are, you'll be able to withstand that
    Atom Edge.  When you beat him, he'll deem the Light Warriors worthy and you'll
    get a copy of the ODIN ESPER.
    MAGIC (Odin):
    C  White:  Barrier; Casts Wall on your party
       Black:  SwordCut; Hits one enemy like a crazy person
       Summon: Atom Edge; Slashes all enemies to kill them unless he gets scared
                          Chapter 6: From Unne to Bahamut
    Dorga's Dream World counterpart, Unne will be of great help now.  You'll get
    a Fang to blow up stuff and one helluvan airship.  You'll see mystic knights,
    a cave of darkness elemental, three new jobs, and you'll visit two potent
    monsters who were dispatched by Noah.
           Leave, recover, sell, stock up, the usual.  If you chose to have a white
    wizard during the Odin fight, might as well keep him that way. If he's a
    geomancer, you should just leave him that way one, even though he will not as
    useful as he used to be.  But whatever party you chose to have, it's time to
    make use of that Lute that's been sitting in your inventory for a little while
    now.  On the continent Salonia is where you'll find Unne patrolling the Dream
    World or something.  Near the southern edge of the continent (the horns) is
    where she currently rests.  The cave that holds her can be reached from the
    east or the west.  Land your ship and walk on into the cave.  Walk through the
    cave, and go up to the one in bed.  Walk rightward through the false wall just
    to the left of her bed, get to the bed and face Unne, press 'B' and select Lute
    from your inventory (it's not as  complicated as I made it sound ;-).  After
    the Lute is done making noise, Unne will rise from her slumber and get the
    blood moving again.  When you next have control, speak to her, and she'll speak
    of a rockin' airship.  Make your way out, and you will be given the WIND FANG.
    She suggests going to the ANCIENT RUINS which lies to the north.  It is decided
    that she's gonna follow your crew around.
           Head to the Ancient Ruins, but not quite yet.  You told you can shatter
    some statues with dem fangs (commonly referred to as the Statues of the Quest).
    Let's do that.  Get into your ship and fly west then north to an area north
    west of Amur.  Land your ship on some grass, and walk (yeah, ya haveta walk)
    through the first three rows of statues that would have given you death had you
    walked through them at an earlier time.  But don't go through the fourth one-
    it's still gonna kill you.  There, now those three fangs you once had are no
    longer your responsibility to hold (in other words, you'll have an extra three
    spaces in your inventory).
           Okay, now for the ruins.  From there, get to Salonia kingdom (it's not
    that hard), head west to the nearby mountains and scan them over.  You'll no
    doubt notice a river that makes its way through the mountains.  Fly over the
    river going west, north, east, north, west and north (really, it's not that
    hard).  Land your ship and get into the cave.
           17) Ancient Ruins enemies: ZombieDragon, Pyralis, Azreal, Eater,
                                      Sirenos, Garb, Haniel, Balfrey
           Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/Geomancer/Conjurer
           Recommended level: 30-31
    	Walk the path which leads basically rightward to the Adamantie.  Let Unne
    send the inconvenience to the Cleft of the Dimensions.  Head down the newly
    created path and go to the first door you come to for a REFLECT ARMOR.  The next
    door on the path has places to blow some money (make sure you stay at the inn,
    though).  If you don't have an Ancient Sword, I advise getting one.  The next
    door you'll come to that doesn't lead to a place that sells stuff will get you
    to B2F.
    RUINS     Inn 200
    Rune Bell     5500     40      100%
    Eleven Claw  (9000)    37      100%
    (Blood Sword)      (Defender Sword)
    (Tomahawk Axe)     (Triton Hammer)
    (Ancient Sword)
    (Diamond Shield) (Diamond Helmet)
    (Diamond Armor)  (Diamond Ring)
    (Diamond Gloves)
    HiPotion   1200   Eyedrop    40
    Soft        300   Antidote   80
    MaidKiss    100   Carrot    150
    EchoHerb    100
           On B2F, life is going to get a little bit tougher.  Splitting enemies
    such as Haniels and Balfrey lurk here.  Most of them (the green ones) will split
    when hit with the weapons you have, assuming their HP does not run out.  When
    they do divide, the new one will have the exact same as its predecessor.  So if
    a mage was to attack one of these things (with 2000 HP) with his knife of
    wussiness (for 100HP), the divided enemy will have 1900 HP, just like its
    originator.  This is a really good way to get gold, but these enemies give off
    terrible EXP and they hit pretty hard.  It's also pretty time consuming, so I'd
    keep the splitting to a minimum.  An enemy can't divide when asleep (Shiva
    effect) or while paralyzed (Ramuh effect, Ancient Sword), so a skilled
    conjurer's a plus.
           But on with the walkthrough.  Go down, right, and down the next path
    which leads to a CHAKRA HELMET within a chest.  The door in the lower left
    corner has a chest with a BLACKBELT OUTFIT inside.  Now head back to the path
    and continue upward.  Then go left at the second intersection you come to.  The
    chest behind this door conceals a RUNE BELL inside a treasure chest.  Leave
    that room at once and continue going right through the door you will find next.
    ELVEN CLAW hides within the chest, but your karateka, if you've got one, will
    do more damage with no weapon equipped.  Leave that room and go up at the next
    intersection you see and then right and go through the door.  The next floor is
    straightforward.  On B5F, you'll probably notice that life will get distinctly
    tougher still (like it did for me).  But you'll make through, just keep at it.
    Just make  your way straightforward through this place- nothing special.  A
    transporter on B8F is on the other side of a long bridge. Step on it to lead
    you to your new airship, the INVINSIBLE.
    WEAPON:           COST:    ATTACK:  HIT%
    GreatAxe Axe      14000      85      80%
    Inferno Book      16500      65      80% <--- Fire elemental
    Blizzard Book     16500      65      80% <--- Ice elemental
    Illumina Book     16500      65      80% <--- Bolt elemental
    Loki Harp         40000      60     100%
    Yoichi Arrow        200      70     100%
    (Defender Sword)
    (Rune Bell)
    (Diamond Shield)   (Diamond Gloves)
    (Diamond Armor)    (WhiteRobe Outfit)
    (Diamond Helmet)   (BlackRobe Outfit)
    (Diamond Ring)     (Gaia Outfit)
    ---------------    ---------------
    ITEMS:    COST:    ITEMS:    COST:
    ---------------    ---------------
    HiPotion   1200    Antidote     80
    Soft        300    Otterhead  2000
    EchoHerb    100    Carrot      150
    Eyedrop      40    MidgBread   200
    MAGIC:     COST:   EFFECT:                                                BUY?
    B  Quake   20000   A somewhat strong erthal spell that just doesn't cut it  No
    B  Brak2   20000   Turns one enemy to stone with a VERY high success rate  Yes
    B  Drain   20000   Takes a target's HP and adds it to the caster's HP       ??
    W  Cure4   20000   Recovers a non-wounded warrior to 100% full strength    YES
    W  Heal    20000   Recovers any status aliment                              No
    W  Wall    20000   Protect a warrior from some magic attacks with a wall    No
           Man, is this thing's the shi...bomb.  It's got a free bed to recover,
    a Fat Chocobo area and vending machines which will do business with you.
    This thing can even jump over small inconveniences such as thin strips of
    mountains which have kept you from previously reaching certain areas. The only
    complaint one could have about this ship is that it flies at a disgustingly
    slow pace.  Anyways, Unne will say Adios to your party.  But before ditching
    your party, she will explain pretty much what was just said but 5 seconds ago.
           But now it's time to continue your journey.  Head east and south a little
    bit until you reach the continent of Salonia again.  If you would have bothered
    to speak to the people within Salonia, you would have gotten wind of a town for
    paladins (or as they're called in this game, M.KNIGHTs).  When at the Kingdom
    of Salonia (you will probably want to buy a copy of Cure2 from the town and
    give it to your geomancer), go southwest into the break in the mountains.
    Follow the very basic path, which involves jumping, to the next town.
    FARGABAAD   Inn  640
    WEAPON:         COST:  ATTACK:  HIT%
    Asura Sword     20000    65     100% <--- Darkness elemental
    Yoichi Bow      42000    50     100%
    (Yoichi Arrow)
    Kotesu Sword   (10500)  125      90% <--- Darkness elemental/Found in F. Cave
    Kiku Sword     (11000)  105     100% <--- Darkness elemental/Won after Shinobi
    ARMOR:        COST:   DEF:   EVAD%:  MDEF:
    Demon Armor   25000   17      15%     17
    Demon Shield  12500   12      14%     12
    ITEM:       COST:
    HiPoiton     1200
    Carrot        150
    MidgBread     200
    (Fire2)   (Cure2)
    (Ice2)    (Exit)
    (Bolt2)   (Wash)
           FARGABAAD- the mkinght town.  The first thing you should do is to go
    above the weapon and armor shops that greet you upon your arrival.  There
    is a forest to the right; some of the trees extend pretty far left.  Get to
    the spot to the left of the space between the two trees.  Walk right into the
    trees and follow the path, and you'll eventually come to the Fargabaad Falls.
    Walk up to the man you'll find in this room and speak to him.  After doing so,
    you get to fight Shinobi, an annoying ninjawuss you'll encounter upon many a
    time later in the game.  A KIKU SWORD will be yours when you win.  Now leave
    the Falls, but don't go right back into the trees.  Instead, follow the path of
    water downward onto the island.  2 HIPOTIONS, DEMON ARMOR, and DEMON SHIELD lie
    in the grass on the island.  Now it's time to bid your geomancer a fond
    farewell.  Strip him bare, change his job to an M.KNIGHT, sell your geomancer
    stuff, and equip that DEMON wear.
    (Please note that the mknight, also known as PALADIN in some translated
    versions, is equipped with Demon armor and his weapon of choice is the Dark
    Sword.  The   mknight seems to take on a dark form/element.   This is
    interesting because in the game just following this in the series, FF4, the
    game's protagonist, Cecil, begins as a Dark Knight.  He equips gothic
    paraphernalia like the Black Sword and Darkness Armor.  He was a warrior of the
    element of Darkness.  But over the course of the game, as I'm sure you all know,
    Cecil undergoes a radical conversion to a Paladin, who was, in that game, a
    character of Holy elemental.  New and improved Cecil could now equip mainly
    holier things such as the Legend Sword and Crystal Mail.  The mknight/paladin
    job are opposites in the two consecutive games.  Even this game's mknight looks
    much like Dark Knight Cecil. What gives? I guess mknight is just another word
    for dark knight or something.)
           But enough about that.  Do you see that cave at the top of the town?
    Well, it's got come cool stuff in there.  It's also got splitting enemies
    (DeathClaw, Haniel, Balfrey, Sirenos, Garb).  The beauty of the mknight is
    that his dark swords will not cause these enemies to split when attacked.  His
    weapons are the only ones that with that attribute.  There is plenty of great
    treasure in this cave (THOR HAMMER, DEMON ARMOR, KOTETSU SWORD, and ASURA
    SWORD).  I recommend going into the cave and getting this stuff, because
    chances are, you'll need it. I had too much trouble walking around the false
    walls, mapping out the steps and remembering the treasure (and I'm really
    sorry), so it's up to you to figure it out.
           When you're finished with that town, leave it and take your airship for
    a ride.  Head north around the mountains and westward, and you'll be near Amur
    again (I think).  On the north side of the continent Amur is on, there is a big
    set of mountains with a whole lotta holes.  Enter the indentation which is on
    the west side of the mountains.  Jump your way through the maze.  I think you
    can do it- it's not exactly quantum physics.  Hopefully, those pesky airbound
    enemies will leave you alone.  If not, the airship's cannon blast will help you
    out (as if you need it).  Eventually, after all that hopping around, you'll
    find yourself at the CAVE OF DARKNESS.
           18) Cave of Darkness enemies: Haniel, DeathClaw, Sirenos, Garb, Balfrey,
                                         Chronos, Varasago, Hellhorse
           Recommended level: 31-32
           Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/MKnight/Conjurer --> MKnight
    Important stuff found in the Cave of Darkness:
    (Kotesu Sword)  (Kiku Sword)
    ARMOR:           COST:   DEF:  EVAD%:  MDEF:
    Genji Armor    (20000)    24    20%     24
    Genji Helmet   (16000)    10    15%     10
    Genji Shield   (19000)    20    20%     20
    Genji Glove    (15000)     9    15%      9
    	This place is no picnic.  Many are the people who have complained about
    the difficulty of this place.  Every enemy splits after you attack it assuming
    it still has HP or is conscious except for Hellhorses.  Nobody should have a
    shield.  These enemies will just hit right through Aegis as if it's not there.
    The knight should have swords of Defender and Ancient in hopes of paralyzing
    and thus preventing the enemy from splitting (doubled up defenders just won't
    do the trick).  I also found the karateka's BuildUp attribute to often produce
    disappointing results (you may want to Defend until your conjurer casts a
    spell).  Because of that, I've had my karateka die at times.  You may want to
    exit and switch him to a dragoon if you find he's taking too much damage.   The
    conjurer has a certain amount of usefulness to him.  The Shiva (Hynobeam) and
    Ramuh (Mindblast) calls might put enemies into a hypnotized daze effective
    enough to keep them from dividing.  Black magic may actually be kind of useful,
    but I definitely don't recommend having a black wizard unless you've had one all
    this time.  Same thing goes for a white wizard.  The problem with magic,
    especially callers, is that it runs out.  When it does, this leaves them nothing
    to do besides running (makes you defenseless), moving from back row to front row
    (useless), and attacking with their mighty mighty staves.  So after the conjurer
    runs out of magic, take that mknight equipment I hope you got in Fargabaad and
    put it to use.  Another point to mention is that at first the mknight's defense
    will be less than respectable.  It's just something you're going to have to live
    with until you get treasure.  Buy 99 HiPotions and an Otterhead from the
    Invincible before entering the cave.  Don't forget that mknights can use the
    same magic the hunter can.  Now let's get in there and kill 'em all!! (warning:
    my explanations can be a bit confusing, so I put more letter in all caps to make
    it easier for you to find your place if you get lost)
           Enter the cave.  Talk to the wounded mknight if you want to.  He'll tell
    you just how hard this place can be, heh.  Go right through the false wall that
    will eventually lead to a LAMIA SCALEd chest if you want it.  Head down the
    main path which will eventually lead rightward through a false wall.  You'll
    also encounter another wounded mknight along the way.  Speak to him.  The chest
    right there along the path holds a KOTESU SWORD.  Go through the door and head
    right through a false wall.  Then go up, right then down through a door.  Walk
    straight through B2F and you'll be lead to a chest with a PARALYZER within.
    Return to the path you were originally traveling up through a false wall until
    you can't anymore.  Now travel left through a false wall containing a
    LILITHKISS in a chest.  Now go right through the obvious false wall that will
    lead you down.  Now go down till you can't, then left till you can't, then up so
    you can find go through a door (By now, you should either get the idea or be
    completely confused:)
           On B3F, follow the path until you find a leftward indentation with an
    obvious false wall.  Walk through it, and you find THREE PASSAGES.  The top one
    will lead you to GENJI GLOVES (eventually) whereas the other two lead to one
    another.  Now leave this room the same way you got here and get back on to the
    main path on which you'd been traveling and enter the pass on the other side.
    You should see FOUR PASSAGES.  The FIRST and THIRD passages both lead to the
    FOURTH one (so ignore them).  The SECOND PASSAGE will take you to B4F.  Just
    like before, some passages meet you upon your entry.  Only one is worth caring
    about: the LOWER RIGHT one.  Next proceed regularly through B5F.  The first two
    passages you'll come to will, once again, waste your time.  The third pass will
    eventually lead you a KIKU SWORD (ditch your conjurer, or other mage, and make
    him your second mknight NOW if you haven't already). Now, head right through an
    obvious false wall.  Now go down and leftward around the walls.  Soon you'll be
    met with more passages.  Take the SECOND PASSAGE if you wish not to waste time.
           Walk through B6F like any other floor.  Head rightward and you'll come
    to several passages, again.  Only one of them are of any importance, again
    (THE TOP ONE).  Follow the path to soon reach B7F.  Head right through the
    false wall to lead you to a GENJI HELMET (Genji... Yeah!).  Now return to the
    original path and you will be met by, SURPRISE, more passages (ACK! Take THE
    LEFT ONE!).  You'll promptly come to a room with a choice of four different
    passages.  The UPPER ONE is the only one which is of any significance.  Head
    right then up and you'll soon come to B8F (more Hellhorses here, thank God).
    Head down through the pass you see to bring you to GENJI ARMOR.  Now go back up
    and left all the way across the bridge and INTO THE WATER.  Ignore the first
    false wall you can see heading right across the water instead.  Keep going
    right, and you'll be met by three more passages.  The one on the RIGHT's the
    only one worth typing about.  This is the last passage dilemma you'll come to in
    this cave (yes!).  Head down through that right passage, then left when you
    can, then upward when the path leads you that   way.  Heal up, (Man, I hope you
    have an Otterhead or a cast of a level 3 spell and Exit) and examine the EARTH
    FANG.  This guy will attack.
    Boss: Hekaton     Difficulty level: 2.5
    HP: 6400          Weakness: Earth?        Strong against: Nothing
    If you made it through the cave okay and can heal up to a decent HP level, you
    are going to pound this guy so far into the ground you'll laugh obnoxiously.
    If you had a conjurer all this time and still have a Titan call left, his Kick
    effect could deal upwards of 2000 HP.  But I just charged at him with a the
    party KN/KA/MK/MK.  This guy will probably fall after one round, but it might
    take ya two if your guys decide to hit him a bit easier.  Don't BuildUp with
    the Karateka.  You won't need it, and if he attacks him critically, he can get
    hit for 3000+ HP.  This guy's a wuss, but he does hit pretty hard doing at
    least 1000 HP each hit (usually more like 2000 though).  You won't need to use
    Haste or a God's Wine.  You shouldn't spend time healing either.  Just keep
    Fighting, and you'll be victorious and the fourth and final elemental fang will
    be yours.  Get out of here after you're done with him.  I don't think you'll be
    able walk out, nor will any sane person ever WANT to go just walk through this
    again, heh.
           Now get back on to your airship. It's time to make use of that fang you
    have just earned.  Jump your way through the maze and you'll eventually be
    really close to the Statues of the Quest (should be a bit west when you leave
    the mountains.  Get out and walk in that final statue barrier to smash
    it.  Fly through the path which goes east, which will involve jumping and
    annoying air enemies.  Soon you'll come upon a temple.  Stop and land the ship
    right in front of it (stay in the bed if you haven't already- that's always a
    given).  If you're lazy, don't reconvert your second mknight back to a
    conjurer- you're about to make him something better.  Head into the temple
    (it's called the ANCIENTS' LABRYNTH, by the way) and go straight up and through
    the door.  Walk two steps up, and this boss will try to get cha.
    BOSS: Titan     Difficulty level: 3
    HP: 7500        Weakness: Earth?       Strong against: Nothing
    Hmmm... seems you've been confronted by Hekaton's cousin or something.
    Whatever the case, it is clear wussiness runs in the family.  This guy has a
    higher body defense than Hekaton, so this fight should be longer.  He can cast
    FLARE, which is good for 1000+ damage to a single warrior.  But his magic will
    not be strong enough to kill one warrior with one cast if he's got something
    equipped.  Now it should take at least eight casts of the spell to kill off
    your entire party at this point if you don't ever heal.  Now if it takes you
    more than eight rounds of fighting to beat this guy, then you're pretty sad.
    If somebody dies, so what.  The fight will last two or three rounds tops if you
    have a good party.  I would not Haste up anybody at all here, either.
           After you beat him, go up and speak to the EARTH CRYSTAL.  It will grant
    you its power: the jobs of WARLOCK, SHAMAN, and SUMMONER.  Change whoever
    was/is a conjurer before to a SUMMONER.  Before doing so, you'll probably want
    to take a look at the BAHAMUT section first.  Well, about these jobs.  The
    warlock, an  improved black wizard, still falls brhind in the usefulness category.
    His magic is obviously stronger than his predecessor, but it's still nothing worth
    caring about.  The shaman is the same thing, only instead of black magic, white
    magic's his schtick.  You'll probably find the shaman to be more useful for a
    longer period of time than the summoner, but not for now.
           Remember being told to get your butt over to Dorga's House?  Well, if ya
    don't, I'm here to tellin' ya.  Head away from the labyrinth and then west to
    the continent Salonia can be found.  Get back to the Ancient Ruins and get
    back into your speedy ride.  Then head back to Amur and go due west to Dorga's
    house (hey, that's how I remember its location).  Travel through the path in
    the mountains fighting off the enemies you have encountered upon numerous
    occasions.  Land the ship in the grass and save your game.  Enter la casa de
    Dorga and you'll be shipped to DORGA'A CAVE.
           19) Dorga's Cave enemies: Cyclops, Peryton, Nemesis, Humbaba, Ogre
           Recommended level: 32-33
           Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/MKnight/Summoner
           Once in the cave, take the path that leads leftward.  The top path leads
    you nowhere.  Then go down.  The first path here will also waste your time.
    Keep following the path, then head into the door.  Go left and get the chest
    for 20000 GIL.  Keep following the path ignoring the door you'll come to in
    favor of a treasure chest holding 20000 GIL.  Now go through the door and into
    the doorway to take you to B2F.  Go up as far as you can then head left to a
    room of 3 BARRIERs within chests.  Leave that room and go rightward till you get
    to a door.  This is an entrance to a small room with a doorway and a chest
    bearing a BARRIER.  Go down and take the stairs to B3F.  Follow the path down
    then right till you get to a door.  Heal up and get on in.  You'll find Dorga
    and Unne, but now you'll have to eliminate the evil from their systems.
    BOSS: Dorga     Difficulty level: 5
    HP: 4500        Weakness: None       Strong against: Nothing really
    Dorga's not is too difficult.  Chances are, he'll bust out a QUAKE spell for
    respectable damage.  He has a pretty high body defense rating.  Your karateka
    should BuildUp, the heavy fighters should obviously just attack regularly, and
    you conjurer should give a God's Wine to the karateka.  He can also BRAK2 and
    DRAIN which can yield devastating results.  If a warrior gets turned to stone,
    have a mage give 'em a Soft Potion.  This isn't a terribly hard fight if you
    are at level 33 or something.  After you're done with him, Unne will attack
    leaving you no time at all to recover.
    BOSS: Unne     Difficulty level: 3
    HP: 4800       Weakness: Nothing     Strong against: Nothing
    Unne will probably start off by casting WWIND on a warrior thus reducing his HP
    to single digits.  Don't worry about it.  Because after that, she'll cast WALL
    on herself, which is also of no concern to you unless you have a warlock (you
    don't have one, do you?).  Her body defense is considerably lower than that of
    Dorga's, so this fight will be shorter.  She also has a moderately strong cold
    elemental attack which you won't see unless you're really unlucky.  Just have
    everybody go all out with offence (no God's Wine or BuildUp!).  She'll be gone
    in one or two rounds tops.
           After both fights, talk to both bodies.  They will inform you of the
    next part of your journey.  They'll also give you the SYLX and EUREKA KEYs
    before fading into oblivion (never shall I say die!).  When you've got the
    keys, leave this place somehow.
           Instead of making use of the keys, it's time to do a couple of
    sidequests.  These adventures are but sidequests, so you don't have to do them,
    but it would be most advantageous to you if you did do them.  Get into your
    ship, zoom your way through the path in the mountains fending off the various
    enemies that will attack without a problem.  Get to Dorga's Magic Shop which is
    that town in the mountains on that same continent.  Submerge into the water just
    east and north of the town and follow the highlighted path provided for you.
    Get above the water, land your ship and enter the town.  Buy all the Cure
    spells, Haste, Wash, Life, Soft, all the call espers, and the other spells that
    are worth buying, those being the most essential.  Give those to the mknight.
    Now make sure you do the same for your summoner, or whoever else you may have
    in the bottom two positions in your party.  Trust me, you'll be using them
    later.  As soon as you're confident you've bought all the magic you need (which
    includes very little black magic), leave the town, go into the water, follow
    the trail eastward and get above ground.
           Make your way back to the Invincible (I wanna say you go east) and get
    back to the Floating Continent (here's how I remember to get there, though
    there might be a better way: Go to the Horns of Salonia, a bit west and then go
    due south).  Go north and a bit east of where you'll first end up, and you'll
    be near the Gurgan Valley.  The Lake right there is where you want to be.  Fly
    over to the southern part of the lake and jump over that little piece of
    mountain.  Land on that piece of dry land, and get out of the ship.  Take your
    canoe and trip over that swimming thing that makes an obvious presence to you.
    This will take you to the lower depths of LAKE DOL.
           20) Lake Dol enemies: Planktae, SeaLion, Orosogo
           Recommended level: 33-34
           Recommended party: Knight/Dragoon/MKnight/Summoner
           (NOTE: Just so you know, you should have gotten a WHITEROBE OUTFIT for
           your summoner if you haven't already, for later purposes).
    Important stuff in Lake Dol:
    WEAPON:          ARMOR:
    -------          ------
    (Thor Hammer)    (Aegis Shield)  (Reflect Armor)
           The enemies here hit kinda hard, so if defense is your thing, you'll
    probably want to put a shield onto your knight and/or mknight.  If you chose
    to include a dragoon among your ranks, make sure he's got Javelins of Thunder
    and Blood.  When you fall into the lake, walk the path normally.  The first
    four chests you see hold 3 HIPOTIONs and an ELIXIR.  Keep walking, and go
    through the door to B2F.  Follow the path and go upward to find the interesting
    Then head downward and go to the doorway leading to B3F.  The bottom left path
    has chests carrying IMP'S YAWN, and LILITHKISS.  The upper right path leads you
    to BLACKHOLE, THOR HAMMER (man, how many of these things are they gonna give
    you?), REFLECT ARMOR and DARKSCENT.  The top right also leads you to the next
    floor.  Walk the path as usual and you'll find a boss at the end.
    BOSS: Leviathan              Difficulty level: 7.5
    HP: 6800 (probably less)     Weakness: Thunder     Strong against: Nothing
    Leviathan has that BIG WAVE thing you may have seen in some other games like
    FF4 and FF5.  As you may expect, it has devastating results.  Two may wipe out
    your party.  The dragoon will jump and hopefully be missing that Big Wave
    attack, and if he's skilled enough, he'll take away upwards of around 2000 HP
    thanks to that Thunder Javelin.  You may want to change your summoner to a
    shaman for Hasting and healing purposes, but I don't think that's necessary.
    I just had my conjurer give my mknight a God's Wine and then he summoned Ramuh.
    Chances are that he won't give you two Big Waves consecutively, so you should
    be pretty well off, although party members could die if the fight lasts three
    rounds or more.  He has good body defense, be he's strong against nothing in
    particular.  Chances are, it'll only take two (don't forget to ditch those
    MAGIC (Leviathan):
    C  White:  Stony Glare; Petrifies an enemy
       Black:  Tempest; A big wave douses all enemies for good water damage
       Summon: Tsunami; Potent water-elemental fun for all enemies
           Get back onto your airship and fly your way over to the southwest
    portion of the Floating Continent.  There, you should find a cave which can be
    easily accessed by jumping over some mountains.  Now enter CAVE BAHAMUT (Hmmm...
    I wonder who we'll find at the end of this place).
           21) Cave Bahamut enemies: Pterosaur, GtBoros, Ligers, QLamia, Grenade
           Recommended level: 35-36
           Recommended party: Knight/Karateka/MKnight/Summoner (Shaman??)
    Important stuff in Cave Bahamut:
    (Golem Staff)  (Kotesu Sword)
           You may just want to change your summoner to a SHAMMAN now because you
    may be doing that for the boss, and I'd advise you keeping him that way for the
    rest of the game.  Just be careful not to let him use any level six or seven
    magic (Odin and Leviathan).  Anywho, walk the first floor normally.  The first
    chests you come to hold GOD'S RAGE and EARTHDRUM.  Continue right then up to
    find the treasure FENIX DOWN, and NORTHWIND.  Go back down and follow the path
    to the doorway.  On B2F, follow the path leftward.  The first chest you'll come
    to holds a GOLEM STAFF.  As you continue walking the path, GOD'S WINE, LAMIA
    SCALE, CHOCORAGE, TURTLESHELL will meet you from treasure chests.  In the room
    before the fight, ELIXIR, FENIX DOWN, DARKSCENT and KOTESU SWORD will be in the
    chests.  Stop several steps before you get to the end and heal up.  Now I'd
    switch your conjurer to a SHAMMAN.  If he's left with no more level 6 and 7
    magic, give him an elixir.  Walk right a couple more steps.  Some commotion
    will occur.  I wonder what it can be?
    BOSS: Bahamut     Difficulty level: 9.5
    HP: 7800          Weakness: Nada        Strong Against: Most things...
    To those who have skipped to this section with a conjurer, this is for you.
    Remember how you beat this dude in other FF adventures?  Casting WALL on your
    party members in hope that his MEGAFLARE deal would bounce off and douse him
    for substantial damage?  He's got MegaFlare here, too.  Your conjurer can
    conjure ODIN and you might just get its white effect thus giving everybody a
    Wall.  By doing this, it's possible to easily dispatch Bahamut at level 33
    (NOTE: some spells that hit the wall bounce back).  But I don't advise it
    because the enemies may be a bit tough and if you do not get Odin's white effect
    when conjured, you're probably screwed.  And if you set up your defenses
    (Barrier items can also be of good use) in the first round and Bahamut chooses
    to MegaFlare you in the third round, your walls *may* gone by then.  Plus, I
    think you'll find it's so much more fun to just use your weapons to beat the
    Hell out of him. ;->
    But if you've gotten those extra jobs, here's what I recommend doing (you COULD
    re-change your fourth position character back to a conjurer and try that
    conjurer thing explained above or use the BARRIERS in the first round, but...).
    The knight and mknight should Fight, the karateka should BuildUp, and the
    shaman/summoner should cast Haste or use a God's Wine on the karateka.  Just
    hope and pray that Bahamut chooses not to MegaFlare in the first round,
    otherwise it's curtains for him (the karateka may not die, but his day will
    truly be ruined).  The next round, assuming Bahamut didn't MegaFlare you the
    first time around (which he won't), the three heavy fighters should Fight, and
    you should Haste up the knight.  Now it is during the second or third round in
    which Bahamut will most likely first unleash MegaFlare.  It's in the second
    round, probably.  If it does not happened the second time around, Haste up your
    mknight.  If it doesn't happen in the third round, something's wrong and you'll
    have his esper on a silver platter.  The round after he MegaFlares you, have the
    mknight cast Cure2 on all and have the shaman cast Cure4 on all.  You'll be
    doing this because he might whip out MegaFlare within another round or two, and
    you're trying to get your guys strong enough to stand up to another MegaFlare.
    You should win in the second or third round- a Hasted and BuiltUp karateka
    really does a number on him.  Attack magic really doesn't produce worthwhile
    results.  He barely feels spells casted by a black wizard or warlock.  The
    difficulty level is, after all, a 9.5 for a reason.  Your success will probably
    be determined by how long your guys wait to attack or heal.  At level 38,
    however, the battle should be no trouble at all.
    MAGIC (Bahamut):
    C  White:  Aura; Unlike in FF2, this Aura is useful- it Hastes the party
       Black:  Rend; Just as it sounds- ravenously kill an enemy
       Summon: MegaFlare; Hurts all enemies really badly
           After beating him, he'll deem your party worthy you'll get to call him
    in battle.  You'll have to retrace your steps and walk all the way out of the
    cave in order to progress to the next part of the game.  Before progressing,
    I'd  recommend just hanging around the first floor of the cave to help break in
    your shaman and to build up your experience levels to at least level 39, 40
    would be even better.  This cave is pretty good level-building ground and your
    ship's just outside the cave which means easy recovery.
                                Chapter 7: Quest's End
    Yep.  It's time.  Between now and your triumph over evil, you'll cross plenty
    of interesting moments.  A series of potent weapons and nasty enemies await you.
    Do your final preparations in the Invinsible before attempting to claw your way
    through the levels ahead.  Unlock the doors to Sylx and Eureka to get even
    stronger.  Get thrown into the Dark World and let DarkCloud kick your ass. You
    will revived and sent to reclaim the Dark Crystals which will save the Warriors
    of Darkness.  Then the final battle is your next concern.  With help from the
    four recently rescued Dark Warriors, you'll conquer the ultimate evil and
    restore the virtue of hope to the world.  What will come about for the Light
    Warriors?  All will be revealed in the end.
           Ayyit.  So you're coming down the game's home stretch.  You're going to
    be spending the remainder of the game at the area by the ANCIENT'S LABYRINTH.
    So you should scamper on over there.  But before doing so, you're going to need
    to make sure you've done a couple things.  First of all, you should definitely
    get all those worthwhile spells if you haven't already.  You also should do some
    final shopping for potions.  You should have 99 HiPtotions and 99 Softs.  Now,
    take the Invinsible and get away from the Floating Continent.  Sell all potions
    that aren't HIPOTIONS, SOFTS, FENIX DOWNS, or ELIXIRS.  You have spells to cure
    all other ailments (Wash, Pure, Soft, Life, maybe Heal- inventory space is
    imperative.  You're gonna have to carry around some Fenix Downs and Softs in
    case your shaman receives one of those aliments.  Scoot over to the Ancient's
    Labyrinth (insert directions here).  Land the airship right in front of the
    temple.  Buy any equipment you think you'll need (make sure you have one of
    either outfit- WHITEROBE or BLACKROBE and an extra DIAMOND RING).  Now use a
    carrot and call the Fat Chocobo.  Take everything you think you won't need
    and sell it.  If it's a borderline call, you should probably sell it (NOTE:
    even though your second position character will predominately be a dragoon
    for a while- still take along something the karateka can use as armor
    (BLACKBELT OUTFIT) because you'll probably want to change to him a certain
    times like level-ups, so I hope you still have that Power Ring). After you've
    sold all your stuff and you have money spilling out of your pockets, stay in
    the bed to recover.  Now depart.  This might just be the last time you'll
    use the Invinsible in the entire game.  Save your game and get on into the
    temple already.
           22) Ancient's Labyrinth enemies: GtDaemon, UnneCln, DorgaCln, Thanatos,
                                            BoneDragon, KBehemoth
           Recommended level: 39-40
           Recommended party: Knight/Dragoon/MKnight/Shaman
    Important stuff found in Ancient's Labyrinth:
    WEAPON:         COST:    ATTACK:   HIT%
    Break Sword     (15000)    120      80% <--- Randomly casts Break
    Ultimate Wand   (10000)     20      80% <--- All elemental; Randomly casts Break
    HellClaw Claw   (20000)     60     100% <--- Darkness/Poison elemental
    Holy Javelin    (22500)    100      80% <--- Holy/Wind elemental
    (GreatAxe Axe)
    ARMOR:          COST    DEF    EVAD%   MDEF
    Crystal Shield  50000   20      20%     20 <--- Strength, Agility, Vitality +5
    Crystal Armor   65000   28      20%     28
    Crystal Gloves  50000   10      15%     10
    Crystal Helmet  50000   12      15%     12
    Protect Ring   (15000)   7      15%      7 <--- Vitality +5
    	Enemies will attack you in groups of no more than two.  That's why we've
    canned the summoner in favor of a shaman.  This is nothing a few heavy fighters
    can't handle.  Thamatos can cast Brak2, but it has a relatively low success
    rate.  When you run into BoneDragons, your dragoon should just Defend and let
    the other three take care of 'em (Draining Attack + Undead Monster = HP Drained
    from you).  Most of the enemies won't be to much of a problem.  GtDaemons can
    summon a DorgaCln or an UnneCln (I forget which one).  So hurry up and kill them
    before they can.  This place is a cake walk compared to what you may be up
           Take either path upward and go right to find a chest consisting of an
    ELIXIR.  Then go leftward and through the door to move on.  Head upwards to
    find two chests: DARKSCENT and CRYSTAL SHIELD.  Get back to the main path and
    follow it upward to find a chest encasing a CRYSTAL ARMOR (Mmmm... Crystal- you
    know that a Final Fantasy game is beginning to wind down when you start getting
    Crystal Armor).  Go back on to the main path and eventually you'll find a chest
    to the right with a DARKSCENT.  Keep walking the main path all the way up
    ignoring the first rightward path you come to.  If you head to the right after
    that, you'll find CRYSTAL GLOVES in a chest.  Then get back to the rightward
    path you had previously ignored.  Take it to proceed to the next screen.  Go
    right and down the intersection.  The first turn leftward will get you to a
    chest that keeps a CRYSTAL HELMET safe for you to take.  The first turn
    rightward leads to a chest that holds a GREATAXE AXE.  Then go down to find a
    FENIX DOWN, BREAK SWORD, and ULTIMATE WAND.  Go back up and continue following
    the path.  On the next screen, a chest that is first visible to you holds a
    FENIX DOWN.  The one in the upper right corner contains a PROTECT RING.  Now
    go back down and to that rightward intersection you see.  Follow this path
    and head into the door to which you will be brought.  The left chest has a
    HOLY JAVELIN within.  Its right counterpart has a HELLCLAW CLAW (a claw of
    poison/darkness elemental- HellClaw + Elven Claw = effective against a select
    few, but I have no idea what that select few consists of) inside.  The above
    door leads to the outer world.
    Now you are faced with a choice.  You can do one of three things.
    1) The first of the three involves you walking back to the Invincible, and
    selling the stuff you don't plan on using (GREATAXE and HELLCLAW mainly).
    This will free up a couple of precious spots in your inventory, it'll get you
    more gold, and it'll get you more experience.  You can also restock and rest.
    The rule of thumb is that if you had a sizable amount of trouble making your
    way through the Labyrinth, then you should do this.  You, eventually, will
    have to get to one of the other two choices.
    2) The second choice is the one accepted by most, and involves your party
    going straight to the FORBIDDEN LAND EUREKA to collect the game's best stuff.
    All the enemies will be kinda tough (well, more annoying than tough), you'll
    probably have to come here again because you won't have enough Gil, and
    you will spend more time building levels if you pick this choice instead of
    the third one.  But, with all that being said, you're obviously supposed to
    do Eureka first then Sylx, and I'll be sure to point that out.  You don't
    even have to do the second choice (or the first one for that matter) at all
    during the entire game.  But, unless you wish to make the journey much more
    difficult, you will eventually get to that.
    3) You're probably going to hate the third choice, but I love it.  It's not
    the best choice; some will consider it the most bone-stoopid advisory they've
    ever seen from a FAQ, and you're obviously not supposed to do this, but then
    again, it's okay to do things a little but out of whack sometimes (not to
    mention fun).  Choice number three will see you going to the end of
    the SYLX TOWER, all 14 rooms or however many you'll have to do.  When you
    get to, as I like to call it, "the room," you must turn around and walk your
    tired tail all the way back to the first room.  You will then proceed to
    slice your way through the Forbidden Land Eureka, waltz your way through
    the Sylx Tower a second time and then moving on to 'the room.'  The first
    time going through will be Hell.  You'll probably be completely killed off
    a couple times.  Your trip back to the first room will be much easier.
    Your stint in the Forbidden Land Eureka will be a breeze.  As will your
    final trip through the tower (you know, when you enter 'the door').  By
    doing choice number three, you'll have much more money, you'll have
    absolutely no trouble with any of the bosses, and you'll definitely never
    have to come here again to buy anything, you'll probably never have to
    build any more levels for the rest of the game.  This choice is only for
    the daring (or those who don't mind using the save state feature on our
    emulators, heh).*
    (NOTE: The third choice does not actually lead to more exp than choice two.
    That is something you may have thought when reading the paragraph).
    But, because you're probably going to do the Eureka part first, I'm just
    gonna explain that part before the Sylx Tower part.  If you chose to do
    Sylx first, just skip down a bit to that part, kay?  So go straight up upon
    your entry through the door.  Go straight up again and get right up to
    the barrier.  Select Eureka Key from your inventory and you'll be allowed
    to proceed.  Do so.
           23) Forbidden Land Eureka enemies: Sleipnir, Abai, Haokah, Acheron,
                                              Oceanos, Ninja
           Recommended party: Knight/Dragoon/MKnight/Shaman
           Recommended level: 41+
           (NOTE: This will be explained as if you're doing this before Sylx)
    Important stuff found in Eureka:
    Shuriken    65500   200    100% <--- Throw once for optimum damage
    FullMoon   (31000)  160     90%
    Masmune    (32500)  160     90% <--- Darkness elemental; Agility, Vitality +5
    Excalibur  (32500)  160     80% <--- Holy elemental?; Strength +5
    Ragnarok   (32750)  180    100% <--- Holy/Darkness elemental; Strength,
                                         Agility, Vitality +5
    Eldest     (32500)   30     90% <--- Bolt, Ice, & Fire magic stronger/Spirit,
                                         Intellect +5
    ARMOR:             COST:  DEF:  EVAD%  MDEF:
    Ribbon Hairpiece    (5)    9     10%     9  <--- Strong against all elements/
                                                     Prevents all status aliments
                                                     except death
           Welcome to the Forbidden Land Eureka.  Supposedly, this place holds
    weapons of such awesome strength, far greater for any human to handle.  So
    they've been safely sealed up in this place and not a single person could
    ever be allowed to enter (hence the name).  But you're here.  You should
    also be aware that some pretty powerful bosses guard these four weapons of
    might.  But anyways, the monsters here aren't terribly scary.  Sleipnirs
    hit pretty hard and they can turn you to a frog with ease.  Abais are simply
    annoying.  Hoakahs have a strong thunder attack, but yield great experience
    when defeated.  Ninjas are the toughest enemy out of the bunch, and you will
    run into only ninjas in the last couple parts of Eureka.  It should also be
    noted that you can't warp out of Eureka- you'll have to walk all the way back
    to the spot you entered.
           Walk down and take the first intersection right to encounter upon
    chests holding NORTHWIND and ELIXIR.  Then basically go down, left, up, and
    right to get more treasure (BOMB R.ARM, GOD'S RAGE).  Head back over to the
    middle and down into the doorway you see.  When on B2F, go down then right
    when you reach the first intersection.  Enter the room and get the items in
    the chests: NORTHWIND, FENIX DOWN, and GOD'S RAGE.  The room's left
    counterpart has a BOMB R.ARM.  There's a chest hidden within a wall in the
    left side of the room (you can see it).  Walk up three steps from the
    bottom right corner of the wall of that encasement, then go left.  Walk
    in the wall to find a RIBBON HAIRPIECE.  The ribbon is just like the ribbon
    in other FF games- fairly low body defense but a very high 'other' defense.
    It is guarded by a pesky ninja.  Ninjas have a notable weakness against brakish
    magic.  If you have a warlock, you can cast Brak2 and turn his body into little
    pieces of ninja kibble.  The best way to dispose of this ninja is to just put
    your shaman in the front row while holding a couple of Golem stalves.  Let him
    whack away and he'll eventually stone the ninja to death, especially if your
    knight gets something to happen with his Break Blade.  Give it to your shaman
    (told you that Feather hat was gonna be good for a while, and you'll be using it
    again pretty soon).  Get out of that room and go down into the room a bit below
    you.  It leads to a chest in which a SHURIKEN is present.  Go back up and follow
    the path and you'll eventually be let out of the room.
           On B3F, follow the path as usual, immediately to the left is an
    ELIXIRed chest.  Go back onto the path and keep following it.  You'll come
    to another SHURIKEN within a chest.  Get the FENIX DOWN in the last chest
    on the path.  Go into the doorway to proceed to B4F.  Walk along the path
    normally until you find some suspicious-looking object placed on the floor.
    Heal up, examine it, and you'll be confronted by some mean-lookin dude.
    NOTE: If you done the Sylx Tower first, here's where the game's gonna
    start to get really fun ;->
    BOSS: Amon/NeoDeath     Difficulty level: 6
    HP: 8000                Weakness: Varies     Strong against: Varies
    I guess it seems that Hynne's buddy has been assigned to guard the first
    untouchable weapon.  He has WALLCHANGE like Hynne, but he lacks the absurdly
    high body defense that made Hynne unique.  He'll change his weakness every
    two or three rounds, but you probably shouldn't worry about that because you
    have abandoned attack magic all together, right? Just Haste your knight or
    mknight, jump with the dragoon and then when he unleashes his impressive
    FLAME attack, have the shaman keep Cure4ing the party, and you'll beat this
    guy.  Hope he WallChanges every couple rounds so you don't get Flamed more
    than once.
           When you've eliminated Amon (I like NeoDeath better), you'll receive
    the FULLMOON BOOMERANG for your mknight.  To give your party more defense,
    put your mknight in the back row and give him FullMoon and a Crystal Shield
    for a really high absorb, but a diminished offense.  You should try that for
    a bit, but if you're not impressed, move him back up and give him his most
    powerful weapons.  As far as the game's concerned, follow the path regularly
    and go through the door to B5F.  Head down the bridge you see.  First go left
    when the path divides to get a FENIX DOWN from a chest.  Then go straight
    right till you see the second forbidden weapon.  Heal up and examine it,
    and its defender will come at cha.
    BOSS: KUNOICHI     Difficulty level: 7.5
    HP: 9600           Weakness: Nothing       Strong against: The usual
    Don't be fooled by that sissy pink out fit- this ninja has a high
    defensive rating and can really hit.  Kunoichi will lead off with a
    MINDBLAST.  Mages are much more likely to be paralyzed from MindBlast
    than heavy fighters.  Hopefully your dragoon will jump before MindBlast
    is cast.  Just fight this boss as usual.  His/Her physical attacks are good
    for 1500+ damage.  If three or four party members get stunned, you're in
    some trouble.  But if it's effective on just one warrior, then this fight
    will be pretty easy.  You'll get the dark sword MASMUNE for your struggles.
           With those two weapons, your mknight can become a walking temple of
    destruction.  Head leftward back to the middle and go down the ladder you
    see.  Get the FENIX DOWN from the chest you see and go in to the door which
    will get you to B6F.  On this new floor, make your way right, then down at
    the path.  Go up to the weapon, heal up your guys, examine the weapon, and
    then you'll fight...
    BOSS: General     Difficulty level: 5
    HP: 12000         Weakness: None       Strong against: The usual
    This guy's got a nasty physical attack, good for 2000+ damage, and the
    ability to cast Flare.  But this guy's not gonna paralyze anybody in your
    party.  Haste up your knight, then heal whoever this guy hurts.  He'll
    only hurt one warrior at a time, so the fight won't be terribly hard.
    He can kill if he hits somebody and follows it up with a Flare spell
    before the shaman chooses to act. EXCALUBUR will be yours when you
    win the fight (Excalubr's a SWORD, in case you didn't know).
           Equip the sword on your knight, go back up, then head leftward
    until you find a broken bridge heading leading down.  Walk across it
    going down.  When you can no longer go down, turn right.  When your
    rightward travel ceases, go down.  Then right, and up the bridge which
    will lead you to the next part of the game.  Go up the ladder and turn
    left.  Now you'll be confronted by...
    BOSS: Scylla     Difficulty level: 5
    HP: 10000        Weakness: None        Strong against: Wimpy stuff
    I've only seen Scylla use a physical attack and cast Flare in battle.
    She has a tendency to concentrate on the same party member (or so I
    think).  Just fight this battle exactly like you've fought the others.
    She doesn't have a terribly high defense rating, so she'll be dead in
    two or three rounds of fighting.
           When you've dispatched Scylla, you'll get an ELDEST STAFF as a
    reward.  You'll also get the game's best jobs, NINJA and SAGE.  The
    great virtues of these jobs have already been previously mentioned-
    the ninja class can equip almost all weapons and armor, and your sage
    class can use every magic.  You can switch jobs now, if you want, but
    you're probably a bit too curious to find out what's with that weapon
    sitting there to your right.  Heal up and examine the weapon.  I think
    you know the drill.
    BOSS: Gaurdian    Difficulty level: 8      Strong against: The usual
    HP: 14000         Weakness: None (see a pattern?)
    Chances are, he'll lead you off with a strong QUAKE spell.  He'll then
    hopefully cast WALL on himself thus wasting a turn.  If he quake's your
    party and then attacks then without healing, chances are they'll die.
    He has pretty good defense, so you'll need three rounds if you haven't
    walked through Sylx yet (if you have walked through Sylx, you can defeat
    him in one round if all the cards fall right:-).  A RAGNAROK SWORD is
    yours as a reward for your troubles.
           Now you've seen everything that the Forbidden Land Eureka has to
    offer except what's though that door.  So enter it.  Those little patches
    of water are recovery springs.  Walk up some more and you'll see some
    human salesmen (I though this place is supposed to be to good for humans,
    hence the 'FORBIDDEN' in the title.  Those guys will sell you level 8
    magic.  The four chests in the room hold 2 FENIX DOWNS and 2 ELIXIRS.
    Now, it's time ta use dem jobs!!  Room in your inventory is probably not
    great- so sell your crap.  Here's a list of the stuff you should keep:
    -Four 'strong' heavy-fighting weapons (the ones you just got) and shurikens
    -Three or four weapons for mages: 2 Golem Staves (if it's just one, don't
    worry), an Ultimate Wand, and an Eldest Staff
    -As far as armor for heavy fighters is concerned, just keep the Crystal
    stuff.  If you haven't yet been through Sylx, you only now have one set of
    Crystal armor.  If that's the case, just keep your best armor (Genji)
    and sell it when you return later.
    -The armor for mages, err, sages is simpler.  2 Outfits (White/Black Robe,
    whateva), 2 rings (Protect and Diamond). and two hats (Ribbon and Feather)
    -The most important potions: HiPotions, Softs, Fenix Downs and Elixirs
    Sell everything else.  NOW, let's play with these new jobs.  In case you
    haven't figured it out long time ago, you'll be going back to the more
    traditional party, two heavy fighters and two magicians.  Turn your knight
    and dragoon/karateka into NINJAS.  Transform your bottom two characters,
    mknight and shaman most likely, into SAGES.
           Now divide your remaining equipment so you can have the most balanced
    attack/defense numbers.  I usually like to give my top sage the Ragnarok and
    Masmune, and the bottom one a Crystal Shield and FullMoon.  But sometimes,
    I'm in an aggressive attacking mood, and I'd change the weapons to
    Ragnarok/FullMoon and Excalibur/Masmune.  If you've only got three weapons
    for mages, give one the Eldest Staff and the other one weapons that pretrify
    (if you have a second Golem Staff, you should obviously give it to the sage
    with just one weapon).  If you've only one set of Crystal Armor, give one
    ninja the body armor, and the other ninja the helmet and gloves.  If you're
    using the FullMoon/CrysShield ninja in the back row, give all the other Crystal
    paraphernalia to the other ninja.  Give the sages the outfits on their body
    (duh).  Give one sage the Ribbon, and the other the Feather.  Give the Ribboned
    sage the Diamond Ring, and give the unRibboned sage the Protect Ring.
    MAGIC(1)  COST    DESCRIPTION                                             BUY?
    B  Flare  60000   A somewhat powerful nonelemental(?) shock on one enemy  NO!
    B  Death  60000   Kills any non-boss, non-undead target, guaranteed       Yes
    B  Meteo  60000   A robust rainfall of meteors bombards all enemies       No
    W  WWind  60000   A wind-elemental spell that causes near-death state     NO!!
    W  Life2  60000   Revives a wounded warrior to full strength              ??
    W  Holy   60000   Think of it as an 'evil remover' for one target         No
    MAGIC(2)  COST    DESCRIPTION                                             BUY?
    S  Odin   45000   Slices through weaker foes but gets scared easily       No
    S  Levia  55000   A powerful water-elemental Tsunami rocks all monsters   No
    S  Baham  65000   Interesting fun for all enemies                         YES!!
    (Crystal Shield)  (Crystal Armor)
    (Crystal Gloves)  (Crystal Helmet)
           Now for the magic part.  The magic here, for the most part, is actually
    not worth it.  The only spell you should DEFINATELY buy is a second Bahamut
    esper for the Sage who doesn't have it.  The only reason I'd buy any of the
    other spells is to keep the game interesting.  You could buy another copy of
    Odin if you wanted to.  He'll slash through all the wimpy enemies you throw at
    him.  But bring on three or four Shinobis and he'll probably be crying to his
    mommy unless you're at some high level.  You could buy another Leviathan
    esper if you so chose.  But what's really the point of Leviathan?  To hurl
    massive water damage at several enemies at once.  There aren't any important
    enemies from here on out who have a weakness of water.  But Levia does great
    damage to all the enemies on the screen, right?  Yeah, but isn't that why you
    have Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit, and Titan?  Calling Leviathan for something Ifrit can
    probably take care of will just mean one less use of Cure4.  One of his espers
    is plenty.
           The other dealer's magic, the level 8 magic, the 'best' magic, is not to
    much to write home about either.  Like I said before, the only real reason to
    get one of these spells is for some variety.  For each spell you buy, chances
    are, you're cheating yourself out of a shuriken.  Death, the best out of the 6,
    will work 100% of the time provided the target is not undead or a boss, no
    questions asked.  I really really like this spell because this is one of the few
    games out there that has rockin' auto-kill spells.  In most games, the instant
    death spells are barely worth mentioning.  WWind, the worst out of the six, also
    has a disgustingly high effectiveness rate.  Only problem is, unless you want to
    leave your shaman in there for whatever reason, is that Death works great too.
    Why would you have a spell that simply weakens when you could have one that
    completely finishes the job?  Don't get me started with Flare.  This is just
    common sense: Wouldn't an attack called 'MegaFlare' be much better than one
    simply called 'Flare' at the same level?  Holy is even weaker.  Holy can't hurt
    the upcoming bosses 'at all.'  At least Flare dents their foundation.  The
    reason holy is lower on the scale of suckiness is because it really kicks
    the crap out of undead enemies.  Flare, being nonelemental, can't really do
    substantial damage to any specific kind of monster thereby making it virtually
    worthless.  Meteo is a good spell.  It mercilessly pelts its target/s for
    substantial earth damage.  Only problem is that Bahamut is a step or two better,
    and creatures of the earth element are simply of no concern to you at this
    point in the game.  Besides, you've got Titan.  Life2 is a good spell as well.
    If you think it's worth it, then buy all means pay the price and buy Life2.  I
    never take it, though.  It will cause you to afford one shuriken less than if
    you didn't buy it, and really Life2=Fenix Down or Life magic + Cure4, which is
    not exactly tedious stuff.
           You may be saying, 'Hey, I don't see no item shop,' well, go middle of
    the room and straight up as far as you can go.  You should find yourself in a
    small indentation.  Face up, press 'A' and a secret path will be revealed to
    you.  Follow the path and you'll find another human vender (forbidden?).  Don't
    buy anything here except shurikens.  If you have already done Sylx, then go
    ahead and buy as many as you can (first 10, then 4, then 1 will get you the most
    items, but I think you should have figured that out by now).  If you haven't yet
    explored the depths of Sylx, pretend you've never even heard of that 'secret'
    item shop. Instead, come back here after you've done Sylx so you can get more
    shurikens.  If you haven't yet done Sylx, you'll only have like 15-20 shurikens
    after buying them all.  If you have been to Sylx, you'll have at least 30
    shurikens in your pocket, probably more like 35.
           After you've gotten your new jobs, it's always been a tradition of mine
    to beat up on ninjas on the last floor of Eureka until everybody's skill level
    reaches 2.  But whatever the case, it's time to move on.  Just retrace your
    steps on out of this place.
           24) Sylx Tower enemies: Bulk, DorgaCln, UnneCln, FlameDevil, QumQum,
                                   Gormoree, Plantial, D.General, Shinobi, Thor,
                                   Grashara, Y.Dragon, G.Dragon
           Recommended party: Ninja/Ninja/Sage/Sage
           Recommended level: 46-47
           (NOTE: This is going to be explained as if this is done before Eureka)
    Important stuff you can get in Sylx Tower:
    WEAPON:       COST:  ATTACK:  HIT%:
    Eldest Staff (32500)   30      90% <--- Bolt, Ice, & Fire magic stronger/Spirit,
                                            Intellect +5
    Onion Sword  (32750)  200     100% <--- Strength, Agility, Vitality +5
    ARMOR:         COST:    DEF:  EVAD%  MDEF:
    Onion Shield  (32750)    48    48%    48
    Onion Helmet  (32750)    48    48%    48 <--- Same special protection as Ribbon
    Onion Armor   (32750)    48    48%    48
    Onion Gloves  (32750)    32    32%    32 <--- Strength, Agility, Vitality +5
    (Crystal Armor)   (Crystal Gloves)
    (Crystal Shield)  (Crystal Helmet)
           Wow, see those recommended levels up there?  See that party? And you
    think you're ready at 42?  With your little KN/DR/MK/SA party?  Well, you are
    a brave warrior, I'll give you that.  The first couple rooms or so are actually
    not terribly taxing.  But then you'll begin to bump into blockheads like QumQums
    and FlameDevils.  QumQums have powerful spells like Brak2 and Death, not to
    mention elemental magic (Bolt3, Ice3, Fire3) that's always stronger that yours
    ever will be.  FlameDevils are trouble- if four attack you from behind, you're
    screwed.  Plantials hit hard and can also turn you to stone.  Grasharas are
    annoying idiot giants who pack a pretty powerful punch.  Shinobis are even more
    annoying with their high body defense and their tendency to surprise your party.
    But then there are those Dragons, in the last couple floors, who dispense ONION
    EQUIPMENT, the most powerful stuff in the game.  They're rare, they usually
    drop Elixirs when beaten.  If you save a state at the beginning of a fight with
    a dragon, you can defeat it different ways to try to get new equipment.  Onion
    paraphernalia is however, only for OnionKids.  But on with the walkthrough.
    	Sylx Tower.  Go up and head right at the intersection.  Ignoring the
    obvious false wall, do down to reach two chests with BARRIER and WHITESCENT.
    Next go back to the false wall you previously ignored to come to be near the
    treasure CHOCORAGE and EARTHDRUM.  Next go upward and a bit left to find an
    enchested LILITHKISS at the top of the screen.  Go through the door if you
    want. You'll only find insignificant treasure like CHOCORAGE.  Go down to
    get a WHITESCENT from the chest.  A chest right and down has a BARRIER.  Now
    retrace your steps around and get to the door in the center of the room.
    When you get to the door, face it, press 'B' and select Sylx Key from your
    inventory (I hope I didn't need ta tell ya that).  Go on in and proceed to 2F.
    	Go left upon your entry.  Staying left, then going down, left and up
    to a chest which holds an ELIXIR.  Then go down and right through the false
    wall.  The chest just above you has a FENIX DOWN.  Now go down and then left
    continuing down the path.  Go all the way left to find a chest with an ELIXIR
    in it.  Now go into the door you just passed up which will take you to 3F.  Go
    up then right through the obvious false wall.  Then go up through the next
    false wall which will bring you to a path going rightward.  Go into the
    doorway after collecting the ELIXIR just above it.  On 4F, go upward, then
    right when you can then down.  Follow the path as usual collecting the FENIX
    DOWN and ELDEST STAFF on your path.  You're obviously not supposed to do the
    Sylx Tower before Eureka.  You're gonna fight a boss in Eureka to get the
    'first' Eldest Staff, but that boss also guards something else.  Anyways,
    back to important matters.  Follow the path as usual and into the doorway
    bringing you to 3F.
           Pick up the contents within the chest you see right above you for a
    FENIX DOWN.  Continue following this path upward and through a couple false
    walls rightward.  The door to the next part of the game is on the top center
    wall, but be sure to collect those two ELIXIRS in the chests in the room's
    upper corners.  5F is kinda mazey; no treasure.  First go up.  Then head left,
    then down till you can't.  Next it's right, down at the first intersection, and
    leftward.  This will take you up and rightward to the door.  6F, the 'Dragon
    Floor," as I like t call it is your current location.  Get away from the
    doorway and to the upper right portion of the room to find a chest holding
    a CRYSTAL ARMOR.  Head downward then left ignoring the door you'll see.  This
    will get you to a FENIX DOWN within a chest.  Now go back down and rightward
    to find a doorway.  Go in.  7F is a small room with heavy CRYSTAL stuff
    scattered about the room: a SHIELD, GLOVES, HELMET of Crystal await you as
    does a FENIX DOWN (you see why I said not to buy the Crystal stuff?).  You'll
    find some Dragons here as well, but they ARE pretty rare.  There is door here.
    This will get you to 'the room.'  If you happened to enter a room in which five
    monumental evil-lookin' statues lurk and there's no music, get out.  Get out
    NOW.  You know that if the game gives you such hints, something big's through
    that door.  If you go far enough into the room, you'll never be allowed out.
    From 7F, walk back.  Yep.  WALK ALL THE WAY back to the first floor.  Yeah, I
    know, it sounds tedious, but the trip back is much more pleasant.  Now, go (back)
    to Eureka to spend this massive wad of money that's been gathering in your
    pockets for a long time now.
           Now just build up your guys until you reach level 49 if you're good, but
    level 50 for the rest of us.  Basically, just walk around Eureka or Sylx for a
    little while- it shouldn't take very long.  Floors 3-4 of Eureka probably yield
    the most exp, especially Haokahs, Acherons and Oceanos.  If you can afford it,
    buy some more shuriken.  You may want to go outside to save your game one last
    time if you've got it in you.  Eventually, you're gonna have to enter 'the
    room.'  Do NOT proceed through 'the room' until you're at least at level 49 and
    have at least 30 shurikens.  Whenever you achieve those numbers, get to the top
    of Sylx Tower and walk into 'the room', with max HP of course.
           Make your way up to the center of the mirror.  Warning: After ones sees
    their own reflection in this mirror, their fate will be sealed and they will
    not be allowed out until you beat the game.  Walk up to it, and some puny
    secretary-messenger guy of evil will start giving you crap.  You have to take
    it for your party is paralyzed, and it seems that the souls of the Demons have
    been revitalized by your presence.  Dorga, with a minimal evil presence within
    him, sees the Light Warriors are in need of help.  So he quickly gathers five
    supreme souls of good, pretty much ones who have followed you around (Princess
    Sara, Cid, Desh, Allus, Old Dude from Amur).  The five take positions by each
    one of the statues of evil.  Next, you're gonna be shipped to NEVER-NEVER LAND,
    ER, the DARK WORLD.  Walk straight up and speak to that ugly dude standing
    right there.  This is ZANDE, the 'ultimate evil' Dorga and Unne spoke of.
    You guessed it, you're gonna have to fight him.
    (NOTE: Shuriken #s are only amount I hope you have)
    BOSS: Zande     Difficulty level: 8.5  Shuriken count at battle's start: 34
    HP: 20000+      Weakness: Nothing      Strong against: The usual
    This is going to be a pretty hard fight.  He'll lead off by casting LIBRA on
    one of your party members.  The next round he'll use METEO or QUAKE.  On the
    third series, he'll do Libra again, the fourth time around will see him make
    the use the spell he didn't the first time.  This may kill a member or two.
    This is basically what he'll do for the entire fight with the occasional
    physical attack thrown into the mix.  The strategy I always use to beat him
    is to have one ninja throw shurikens, and the other one just to attack him
    with the Ragnarok and Masmune.  The shuriken-throwing ninja should throw no
    more that four (4) shurikens (You go to the ITEM command in battle and switch
    weapons- remember that after you throw a shuriken, it's gone forever, an you'll
    have to go back into the ITEM command and select two more shurikens then
    FIGHT).  On the first round, have one of the sages cast Haste on the ninja
    who has the swords.  I don't like casting Haste on somebody throwing shurikens
    simply because the damage caused and number of hits by shuriken is simply too
    fickle.  Sometimes I've noticed a DECLINE in number of hits after he's been
    Hasted.  It just works much better when used on somebody with swords.  The
    other sage should summon Bahaumt.  For the second round, do the exact same
    thing except the sage who casted Haste will instead call Bahamut.  I don't
    like using Cure4 before my party loses HP because the spell could go to
    waste.  When you summon Bahamut, you're guaranteed it won't go to waste.
    If you don't have this philosophy, then you may want to have a sage or two
    use Cure4 on the party now.  When Zande hurts your party with a powerful
    spell on round two, have the sages cast Cure4 on the party every time after
    that.  The ninja who threw the shurikens should Pick up the Excalibur and
    FullMoon and attack Zane.  Because of your sages' Cure4ing of the party, they
    will be likely have enough HP to survive another powerful spell when it next
    comes.  Zande shouldn't survive to cast a third powerful spell.
           After you're through with Zande, he'll remind you of the REAL true evil.
    You'll be thrust into another boss battle before you know it.
    BOSS: DarkCloud     Difficulty level: Infinity
    HP: HA!             Weakness: HA!   Strong against: Yes.
    This fight is bogus.  You can't win, so don't try.  Let her FLAREWAVE you
    until you are finished.  There's just nothing anybody can do to reduce HP.
           After Cloud lays the biggest fattest smackdown ever on your party,
    The five Souls called upon by Dorga will help Dorga and Unne give the
    Warriors of Light Vitality.  You're party will be at 100% HP and MP.  It's
    now time to enter a world of darkness and to return Hope to the World.
         25: Dark World enemies: Jormugnund, Kage, Garm, Q.Scylla, DbleDrgn
         Recommended party: Ninja/Ninja/Sage/Sage
         Recommended level: 50+
    Important stuff found in the Dark World:
    (Ribbon Hairpiece)
           Now, you are to fight five additional bosses with no particular
    weaknesses.  The bosses Guard the DARK CRYSTALS which encapsulate the four
    DARK WARRIORS or something, the Dark World's equivalent to your party,
    the Light Warriors.  You must keep the world form completely falling into
    the VOID for the rest of eternity, a world in which only evil thrives.
    You are given a choice of five paths upon your entry.  You can't go
    straight up at the outset to fight the last boss, you'll need the help
    from the Dark Warriors.  Now let's get this trial on.
           Oh, it should also be noted that the wussiness and the annoyance
    factor of the enemies is surprisingly high for a final area.  That's right-
    absolutely none of the above enemies will give you a great deal of trouble.
    Garms can cast Drain on a warrior, but the spell could end up backfiring
    and hurting the Garm!  Q.Scyllas can hit pretty hard, but it's nothing to
    get all crazy over.  Same goes for DbleDragons in the center room.  In case
    you haven't found out earlier, you can't run from the battles.  In addition,
    there are chests in each one of the four rooms before the Crystal Rooms
    containing RIBBON HAIRPIECEs.  They are all guarded by ZandeClns, who are
    best killed off by casting Death or Brak2 while your ninjas just defend.  I
    don't go out of my way for any of them except the one for my unRibboned sage.
    First, let's fight the 'warm-up' boss.  Head to the upper left path
    into that into that doorway.  Go up and you'll be greeted by three paths.
    Take the left one.  Then head leftward then downward then left through that
    path then up (I made it confusing on purpose:).  This is the Ribbon I always
    take.  After that, it's right, up, right, up, left, up to find the DARK WIND
    CRYSTAL.  Heal up before entering, walk into the room a bit to find...
    BOSS: Cerebus          Shuriken count at the start of the battle: 30
    HP: 25000 (lower?)     Difficulty level: 4
    Cerebus is just going to hit you with a rather insignificant THUNDER attack.
    Just keep pounding away at him with the four legendary weapons and Bahamut.
    His defense is not terribly high at all.  Count his HP as you come at him.
    If your party's HP dips below the halfway point, have the sages Cure4 the
    party until Cerebus is gone.  Not hard.  Examine the Crystal, save the Dark
    Warrior trapped within, listen to his story and leave the room.  Heal up
    and leave this chamber, it's much easier to get out than it was to get in.
    Get back to the area in which you started, and then head down to the lower
    left quarter.
           First go all the way left.  Next, go down as far as you can through
    some false walls.  Go right to find another chest.  After you beat the clone,
    go back left and upward then right to the path.  The piece of wall two spaces
    right of that chest is a false wall.  Walk down when you get there and into
    the door.  This will get you to the DARK WATER CRYSTAL.  Heal up, and march
    on in to meet your next foe.
    BOSS: Echidna         Shuriken count at the start of battle: 30
    HP: 30000 (less?)     Difficulty level: 9
    Basically, use the exact same strategy you used to fight Zande.  This
    dude may METEO you at the first round though.  Cure4 your party like
    crazy.  Chances are, he'll give you a break and attack you physically
    in the second round.  If he attacks you physically in the third round,
    count your blessings, because he'll probably launch a QUAKE down your
    throat.  For some reason, I've always had at least one party member die
    at this dude, but I've never been completely annihilated.
           After you've dispatched Ech, examine the Crystal and another Dark
    Warrior will pop out and give you info.  Leave the room, head through
    that false column, then go all the way up.  Eventually, go right then out
    of this section.  Next, we shall go over to the top right room.  Enter
    it and go up upon your entry.  Make a right turn through the obvious
    false wall.  Go up a bit and then right which will take you through yet
    another false wall.  Keep following the path, and before you know it,
    you will find yourself in the room holding the DARK FIRE CRYSTAL.  Go
    the usual.  You'll be fighting...
    BOSS: 2-Headed Dragon    Shuriken count at the battle's beginning: 26
    HP: 25000+               Difficulty level: 7
    Some people go on about how hard this fight can be.  This dude can't Quake
    or Meteo you like other bosses, he'll just attack you normally.  Mr.
    2 Head hits hard.  VERY hard.  It's pretty much a guarantee that his attacks
    will take away at least 2000 HP, no matter what.  I've seen him do more
    than 9000.  But the way around this is to put all four warriors in the back
    row.  One ninja will have the FullMoon and a Shuriken every time.  A
    sage should cast Haste on him.  The other one should summon Bahamut.  The
    other ninja should throw two shurikens every time.  Chances are very slim
    that 2-Headed Dragon will kill a warrior with one hit, your HP totals
    should be high enough to withstand that (4G-4.5G).  One the sage who used
    Haste should Cure4 whoever the Dragon attacked.  The other one should just
    call Bahamut every time.  You WILL kill him eventually.
           When you kill that dragon, examine the crystal to retrieve another
    dark counterpart.  Retrace your steps out of here through false walls and
    everything.  It's time to recover that final Crystal.  Get to the bottom
    right quadrant.  Walk straightforward through the path which is a bit mazey.
    When you get to the room's center area go right and into the room.  You
    should probably be at least at level 52 before fighting this next boss.
    HEAL UP.  Proceed and take a look at the Crystal.  This thing will attack.
    BOSS: Arhiman     Shuriken count at battle's beginning: 20
    HP: 35000         Difficulty level: 10
    Arhiman is a prick.  He doesn't look all that imposing with that sissy
    yellow color and that wimpy smile.  Don't lets looks deceive you.  If
    he launches METEO followed by a QUAKE, you're screwed no matter what
    unless you're at like level 55 or something.  Think of this fight as
    another Zande battle minus the Libra breaks.  His spells include the
    super-powerful METEO and QUAKE, and the moderately powerful FLAME,
    THUNDER, and BLIZZARD (thank God this dude doesn't call Bahamut).  The
    only rest you'll get is if he casts Brak2 and misses.  I've never been
    turned to stone, but he won't usually even use the spell.  In the first
    round of fighting, go with 2 shurikens for each ninja and 2 Bahamuts for
    the sages.  If you have less than 20 shurikens, give him one ninja
    Ragnarok and Masmune and haste him up.  You cannot afford to waste any
    turns.  If Ahriman leads off with something other than Quake or Meteo,
    have one sage Cure4 the party and the other call Bahamut.  As soon as
    he unleashes one of those super-powerful spells, then have both sages
    Cure4 the hell out of your party.  Chances are you won't use more than
    six shurikens, eight tops, because one of your ninjas are bound to be
    killed off.  If one of your party members loses all his HP, just keep
    fighting, because by the time a party member dies, you should be within
    striking distance of finishing him off.  If one ninja dies but both
    sages are alive, have one sage summon Bahamut and the other one Cure4
    the party.  If you've just got one ninja and one sage, the ninja should
    shuriken and the sage should Cure4.  If you have just one warrior left
    standing, this ugly eye should be near death, so just attack with what
    you can.  This fight is a real character builder.  Try to finish with
    14 shurikens.  Count down his HP from 35G.  If you don't feel you'll be
    able to survive without going below 14, than toss more shuriken.  This
    fight is arguably tougher than the final boss.  Good luck.
           If your endeavor with Ahriman is successful, revive your guys and
    recover your HP, speak to the DARK EARTH CRYSTAL and save your fourth and
    final homey of darkness.  Now retrace your steps to the room in which you
    came and head straight up to the center door.  I think you know what task
    lies in your near future.
          This place is complicated, more so than it looks.  Upon entrance, go
    UP 3,  RIGHT 4,  UP 3,  RIGHT 2,  UP 8,  LEFT 5,  UP 3,  RIGHT 1, UP 3, and
    LEFT 3 and into the door (man, I hope that's right :-).  Walk straight up
    the cryptic chamber of darkness (I think you know what's next, heh).  HEAL
    UP YOUR GUYS.  Give the sages elixirs.  At the end of the path lies your
    next foe.  It's time to eradicate all evil at the source.
    BOSS: CLOUD OF DARKNESS (never shall I say DarkCloud!)
    Attack: FlareWave, the same thing you saw earlier (1000-2000 HP per warrior)
    HP: 45000
    Shuriken count: 14 (I've always considered this to be the magic #)
    Recommended level: 52+ (one of the toughest final battles in the FF series).
    FYI: You'd probably think such a force of evil would have sort of a
    weakness against sacred powers, right? No, Holy's good for about 50 HP per
    use.  Flare's good for about 1500, in case you cared.  Only three attacks
    really do what I consider respectable damage against Cloud of Darkness:
    Dual Onion Swords, Dual Shurikens, Bahamut Summon.  It IS possible to win
    the fight with no shuriken, but let's not try that.
    Battle Plan if you have about 14 shurikens:
    The ninjas should each throw 2 shurikens and both sages should summon Bahamut.
    The ninjas should be strong enough to dish out AT LEAST 5000 HP of damage
    after each toss, probably more like 7000 would happen most of the time.
    Your sages should be skilled enough to call Bahamut out for at least 2500
    HP of damage, probably more like 3000 would actually happen.  This strategy
    should dish out at least 17000 DMG.  This strategy also guarantees you that
    no turns will be wasted.  But this will lead to heavy damage to your party.
    Three FlareWaves will kill your party if you don't heal (assuming you did
    those HP gaining tricks I told you of before, your HP should be right at
    4500 and a little less for the fourth position).  Now if both sages cast
    Cure4 each time, this would regain a bit more than 900 HP gained per round.
    This means that your guys would lose about 700 per round.  If a 1500 Flare
    Wave attack hit a warrior with 4500 HP to start, and then lose 700 HP each
    round after that, they would be able to survive five rounds of fighting, six
    if they're lucky.  If both ninjas chucked stars, you'd get 10000+ HP off from
    Cloud of Darkness.  If this trend would continue, she'll be gone in four rounds
    at the most.
    Here are some numbers:
             CoD          You
             45000        4500
    round 1 -17000       -1500
             28000        3000
    round 2 -10000       -1500
                         + 900
             18000        2400
    round 3 -10000       -1500
                         + 900
              8000        1800
    round 4  -10000      -1500 <---Even if CoD went first, you'd be well off
                         + 900
             -2000        1200 <---Your shurikens will run out here probably
    round 5 -10000       -1500
                         + 900
            -12000         600
            -10000       -1500
                         + 900
    round 6 -22000          0 <---You could last up to six rounds which could allow
                                  to do 67000 damage, probably more.  By the time
                                  you'll come here, you'll be dancing on her grave.
    But for the most part, this is a worst case scenario.  In all likeliness, your
    ninjas should do more than 5000, 5500, if anything 6000.  And your sages will
    probably add more like 1000 HP for all warriors.  If this happens, she'd
    probably go down after the first ninja in round four, leaving your party
    members a cool 1000 HP if Cloud of Darkness FlareWaved you and neither sage
    decided to heal up.  With my level 50 party, I've used this exact strategy
    some thirty or fourty times and I've been killed off only once.
           But if you don't have about 14 shurikens, but considerably less, here's
    an alternate strategy.  The ninjas should attack with shurikens until they run
    out, and then equipping the forbidden weapons, but always attacking.  The
    sages, with max MP of course, should cast Cure4 on ONE party member in every
    round, including the first.  No Hasteing or Bahamut summoning.  They should then
    Cure4 the other two at the next round  This fight will be considerably longer,
    and notably harder.  You should eventually take her down.  I've beaten it using
    this strategy at level 50 without any shurikens.  But it's always better to have
    a good amount of (14) shurikens.
           After you take away the final HP, the game will pause for a couple
    seconds (for some reason, I've love that short moment of tension) and then
    Cloud of Darkness will slowly crumble into nothingness.  Enjoy the ending
    which will come up next- you've earned it.
    There.  Wasn't that fun?  I hoped you enjoyed playing Final Fantasy 3 as much
    as I did.  And I hope you found this FAQ/Walkthrough helpful.  Now try it at a
    lower level or something.
    Section 1:
    Pre-FAQ FAQ.
    Here are some questions some guy could ask me about this document
    Q: Hey, where's Terra?
    A: (Reaches back and deals a fresh one) That's FF6, you idiot.  This is FF3,
    for Famicom, the REAL FF3.  If you bothered to read the first line of this
    document, you'd know that.
    Q: What's with the CAPS? You know it's rude to shout and stuff.
    A: That's for emphasis.  It's for things like treasure, the first time you
    come across a name, or other times of needed emphasis.  Caps are also a good
    landmark to look for if you get lost in the text (example: if you lost your
    place in the text and you know you found a WHITESCENT in a chest a minute
    ago, it's easy to find WHITESCENT in the text because it sticks out more).
    Q: HELLLLP! The text got all screwed up when I went to talk to the Princess!!
    (Oh yeah, I'm using a rom)
    A: You need NeoDemiforces FF3 patch, which is an IPS patch.  Excpet no cheap
    imitations.  You'll also need an IPS patching system, which is useful for
    things other than video games- SMARTIPS is my favorite one.
    (Oh yeah, the great majority of us are also using roms)
    Q: Why did the text go all funky?
    A: Lazy translationists.
    Q: How do I use all those charts and stats you've got up there?
    A: There really isn't a simple way to explain this, but then again, the
    stats boxes/charts are pretty self-explanatory.  Under the COST column, it
    will reveal how much value an item has.  If an item is in (parentheses), the
    item can never be bought, so this instead indicates the price a dealer will
    pay for one of these items.  For weapons, ATTACK is how strong how weapon is
    and HIT% how often the weapon can hit an enemy.  I don't think an equip chart
    is really necessary.  All the classes have a weapon type they can equip (dark
    swords for mknights, axes/hammers for vikings, javelins for dragoons,  stalves
    for white wizards and so on).  This is mentioned in the jobs section of this FAQ.
    For armor, DEF is its strength- the higher the DEF, the less an enemy's physical
    attack will hurt you.  EVAD% tells you how much more likely a physical attack
    will not hurt you at all.  MDEF is its effectiveness against- GASP!- magic
    attacks.  For the most part, MDEF and DEF numbers for a piece of defensive
    equipment are similar. As far equipping armor is concerned, heavy fighters
    (except monks/karatekas) can wear the best body armor, helmets and gloves
    provided.  Magicians and other non-plain fighting classes can put on outfits,
    hats and rings.  Bards and geomancers have their own special outfits.
    For magic tables, it's simple.  The first letter of a row indicates what kind of
    magic the spell (W-white, B-black, C-call, S-summon) would be.  The second part
    is the name of the spell and the third column is its cost.  The message under
    EFFECT will tell you what the spell actually does in some 50 characters or less.
    The final column tells you if it's worth buying.  The ratings range from a
    screaming YES!! to an emphatic NO!!.  There is some more info about magic in
    that section of this FAQ.
    Q: I went into a secret room and I can't get back.  What can I do?
    A: Nothing, you're screwed.
    Q: Noooooo!!  Are you serious?
    A: Of course not.  The way to get back form a secret room that involves a
    secret passage is simple.  Just go back to the space right next to the
    piece of wall that was moved, look upward and press 'A' and go on in.
    Q: Hey what's this- BlackWiz--->RedWiz?
    A: That means as soon as your black wizard has used half of his magic or
    is about to going a level in a dungeon of sorts, Change his job to a RedWiz
    for more effective attack power, defense and HP progression.
    Q: Now what's with GREATAXE AXE? Lol!
    A: That's just me copying the name of the weapon directly from the game.
    I know that GREAT AXE was the intention, but I still just like to poke
    fun at the translation:-)  I do the same for most monsters, just copy
    them as I see them.
    Q: I can't seem to get the secret treasure laying around in the grass
    in some towns.  What should I do?
    A: Well, do the best you can, but don't get too caught up in it.  You do
    not NEED any of the stuff you find on the grounds of towns, but it sure
    is helpful.
    Q: What's with this 'recommended party' stuff?  Don't people usually like
    black and white mages?
    A: Okay, my philosophy is a 'get them before they get you' philosophy.
    That's why I don't care all that much for white or black magicians.  You'll
    see that explanation in the jobs section.
    Q: But what's with this 'recommended party' stuff?
    A: It's the party I found to work best for me in that particular situation.
    You may have different ideas, however.  Just like if you usually have a
    white mage in your party at all times and that's best for you, then have
    a white mage in there the entire time.
    Q: Your explanations for some stuff is confusing.  Please help?
    A: Sorry if some of the explanations are confusing, but if you get to
    puzzled, find a landmark word (in caps preferably) you remember seeing very
    recently.  Head to that point of the walkthrough and try reading more
    carefully.  This why it's good to have Sight magic or MidgBreads.
    Q: Why do you sometimes say 'east' but it's usually 'right?'
    A: The cardinal directions are only applied to the outer world.  That's just
    how I decided to do it.
    Q: Hey, I was able to do most of the things on your guide a level or two
    earlier.  Could you explain this fiasco?
    A: This is supposed to be a guide for beginners, for those new to the RPG
    genre.  It's definitely possible to do most of the stuff earlier, but if
    this is your second or third RPG or something, you're better off doing stuff
    at the recommended level.
    Q: Why are your HP totals for some bosses are off?
    A: Well, the HP count is not to be taken religiously, but it's a close
    estimation.  I fought every boss a few times to try to get an accurate total.
    Q: Why did you chose to divide the chapters the way you did?
    A: I did that because that was a moment of change in the game's 'feel' (well,
    you may not have felt any shift in feel, but that's how I did it).
    Q: What's this I hear about this game being released on another system soon?
    A: This game, along with the two previous Final Fantasies, are supposed to be
    released on a system from Bandai called the WonderSwan Color.  There are to
    be some launch titles, this game being one of them.  It was rumored to be
    coming on in America in spring 2001, then it was pushed to fall 2001.  It
    may never be realized at all in the US.
    Q: Will this guide be good for that game?
    A: Probably, but keep in mind that this is done for the Famicom version.  The
    thing about black magic may be changed completely, ya never know.
    Q: Why this game?
    A: Well, it's a helluva game for starters, but I won't talk about that now.
    This game is really detailed and advanced for being like 10 years old or
    something.  It's also the precursor to some fine future RPGs like FF5 & Tactics.
    Q: Why wasn't it released worldwide?
    A: Well, I'll tell you my theory.  Square was having trouble coming up with
    good, successful games for quite a while, the ggod only pre-FF game I can think
    of is Rad Racer for the NES.  Anywho, Square kept losing money.  When they were
    at nearly bankrupt (that's hard to believe today but it happened), they decided
    to put all their heads together to make one more game.  It was 1987, and that
    game was Final Fantasy (that's where I think the title comes from).  It was a
    massive hit in Japan.  But Square wanted to play it safe with their newly
    generated money, having lost so much of it in the past, so they didn't release it
    around da world.  Square put together two more games, and two more financial
    successes.  The company now had the confidence to maybe release those games
    internationally.  In 1990, FF1 hit the shelves everywhere, and, low and behold,
    it was a hit.  In 1990, however, the people in Japan were speaking about a new,
    16-bit system.  It was Square's belief that in order to stay competitive in the
    market, they too had to jump on the Super Famicom 16-but bandwagon.  In March of
    1991, FF4, Square's 16-bit debut, hit the shelves, and it was another huge hit.
    By this time in America, sales in FF1 had peaked a while ago and all were abuzz
    about 16-bits.  Square figured they had to do something.  Since they had a 16-bit
    project in works and ready to go, Square decided to keep FF2 and FF3 from American
    stores.  On the SNES, FF4EasyType, or FF2 American, was unleashed to the masses
    at about the same time its Japanese counterpart did (7-8 months later).  Both games
    were huge hits, so Square decided to work on a sequel and other things and
    completely forgot about the second and third installments of the series.
    Q: I see.
    A: That's just my theory.  My other theory is just that Square thought FF2&3 were
    maybe just too damn good for us dumb Americans.
    Q: How good's this game?
    A: Uhhhhhhh........ Yes.
    Q: Is it the best ever 8-bit game to be released?
    A: Aww, nah, not likely.
    Q: What's this I hear about a glitch which gives you 99 things?
    A: Well, that's all the time I have fer know.  Seeya.
    Section 2: What do these words mean?
    When you hit the start button out of battle, you'll find a menu.  It's not very
    hard to find out what most of these things do, so descriptions will be brief.
    ITEM: Displays the collection of things you've picked up and still have.  Some
    items, namely potions, can be used outside of battle by selecting it.
    MAGIC: Shows what magic a warrior may have in his spell book.  Any warrior can
    put any spell in his spell book, but only jobs who have the ability are allowed
    to actually use it.
    EQUIP: Put on/take off weapons and armor to your liking, but not everybody can
    equip all weapons and all armor, of course.
    STATUS: In short, it shows you how good a your warrior is.
    ROW: Select this from the menu to move a warrior to the back or front line of
    fighting.  Magicians belong in the back (except for red wizes) and heavy
    fighters should be in the front.  Some weapons (stuff you throw) will do as
    much damage from the back row as the front.  If you don't release your weapon,
    damage from the back row will be cut in half, both offense and defense.
    JOB: The duty you assign to a warrior.
    SAVE: While on the over world map, you can record your progress in case
    something happens.  This is so you can pick up from where you left off without
    having to redo everything.
    CAPACITY POINTS: Tells you by how much you can alter jobs.  The higher the skill
    level, the less capacity points it will take to change back to that job if you
    decide to switch for some reason.  It will cost less capacity points if a magic
    user wants to change to another magic user than if he was to change to a heavy
    fighter.  Same thing for heavy fighters.  It'll cost them more of these if they
    were to change to a magic user rather than another heavy fighter.
    Section 3: Status Screen
    Select this from the start menu and you get to find out the effectiveness of
    that warrior.
    LEVEL: aka exp level, it's one of the main manipulators of stats.  The higher
    the level, the better the stats.
    JOB: The duty you have assigned to a warrior.
    SKILL LEVEL: This stat tells you how great that particular guy is at his current
    job.  The higher the skill level, the more effective the warrior.  Skill level
    is nothing you should worry yourself over too much.  If a taoist has a higher
    skill level, then his terrain ability would be more likely to help than hurt.
    If a thief has a higher skill level, his steal success rate would improve.  If
    a knight has a higher skill level, then his weapon would be a little stronger.
    If a black wizard has a higher skill level, his magic would be stronger.  I
    think you get the gist of it.  It is raised easier when that warrior does his
    specialty (like cheer, steal, buildup, scan, fight for heavy fighters and so
    on).  But his effectiveness is based much more on his exp level and the stuff
    he's equipping.  A skill level eight monk would not do to much more damage on an
    enemy than a skill level one monk, but a skill 34 knight will obviously be more
    effective than a rookie knight (assuming both knights and monks are at the same
    exp levels).  I think that just about explains it.
    EXP: This tells you how much experience a warrior has in the form of points.
    The higher the better
    NEXT LEVEL: This tells you how much more experienced a warrior must be before he
    can receive the bonuses of the next exp level.
    HP: The 'life meter' of a party member.  When it runs out, goes to zero, he
    dies, sort of, he can be brought to life.  It also shows how big his life
    meter can get (max HP).
    MP: This shows you how much magic is left for a warrior.  When that number
    for that respective level reaches zero, the magician can no longer use spells
    from that level.
    STRENGTH: The higher this number is, the more damage he'll be able to squeeze
    out of that weapon per hit.
    AGILITY:  As this number gets higher, enemies will be able to hit the warrior
    with less effectiveness.  I think if this number is high enough, the faster
    he'll do something in battle.  I also think this number effects attack numbers.
    VITALITY: I think this has something to do with HP progression, but I'm not
    completely sure.  Characters with the highest vitality (karateka, viking) seem
    to have better HP progression.  But I've toggled with the vitality figures
    for a difference of 10 points near the end of the game, and the HP progression
    numbers were not varied all that much, but that's what vitality does, I think.
    INTELLIGENCE: The strength of one's black magic.  The higher the number, the
    stronger the magic will be.
    SPIRIT: See previous answer switching 'black' in favor of 'white' instead.
    ATTACK: The multiplier there tells you how many hits your warrior will get on an
    enemy with no agility.  The number on the right indicates how much each of his
    hits are.  The left number is affected by the weight of a weapon- the heavier
    the weapon (axes), the lower this number will be.  If you equip a shield rather
    than an addition weapon, this number will be cut in half.  The second number
    tells you how strong the weapon is in the hands of that warrior at that moment.
    HIT%: This is how good a warrior is at hitting a given target with his current
    weapons.  This will double if he's holding two swords or axes or javelins or
    DEFENSE: The number on the left (multiplier) will tells you how often that
    warrior absorbs a hit (the effectiveness of the enemies' physical attack).  This
    number will double if he's got a shield equipped.  The right number tells how
    well he can take a punch.  The higher the number, the lower the damage per hit
    the warrior will take.
    EVADE %: Much like hit %, it tells you how good that warrior is at dodging.
    MAGIC DEFENSE: As this number grows, the damage caused by an enemies' magic
    attack will be a lesser number.  The default magic defense for any given class
    is zero (0), so you'll need armor to up this stat.
    MAGIC EVADE: This tells you how well a warrior completely resists a magic
    attack.  Good to have against spells like Death or Brak2.
    Section 4: Classes.
    FF3 was the first game (that I know of) was the first to use that jobs system.
    Now I spoke of the jobs a bit in the walkthrough, but this is a more descriptive
    Well, what can I say.  'OnionKid' is not exactly the most flattering name for
    a class.  These kids are just running around without much of a purpose or
    anything else like that. They can FIGHT, DEFEND, RUN, and ITEM, but they do
    none of those things particularly well.  Let's give them something to do.
    1) Jobs of the Wind Crystal
    Fighter, what do you think these guys do?  Cast powerful magic spells?  Of
    course not.  Just as all of us FF1 vets well remember, these guys are pretty
    awesome.  Although they may not be to bright or spiritual, they can hit pretty
    well.  They can equip some really strong armor and most of the swords in the
    game.  They FIGHT, DEFEND, RUN, and ITEM.  They have excellent HP progression
    and can equip shields.  You should definitely have one of these guys.
    Monks never talk and spend all day copying religious books in some secluded
    area.  They wear one-piece robes and always walk with their heads down and hands
    folded.  But not in Final Fantasy, however.  These guys, much like the black
    belt in FF1, practice martial arts.  At first, they are better off holding a
    nunchuck in each hand, but when they reach level 9, they will somehow be able to
    hit harder with their hands and feet than with any weapon.  They have the best
    HP progression out of all the classes you'll first get to chose.  One of the
    virtues of the monk is that he is an inexpensive character because you need not
    buy weapons for him except a nunchuck or two.  They, much like the fighter,
    can't think or pray all that well, but they can hit pretty well.  The monk can
    also FIGHT, DEFEND, RUN and ITEM.  His one drawback, however is that his
    defensive abilities are not like your typical average heavy fighter and thus
    they'll take more damage.
    These guys are good to have, especially at the beginning of the game.  Their
    main function is to protect/heal the party.  He can also use some wind
    elemental magic.  His staff/wand-powered attack sucks as does most of the armor
    he wears.  Their Cure magic hurts undead monsters, and thanks to the cure spell,
    you'll barely need to buy many potions at the beginning of the game.  FIGHT,
    MAGIC, RUN and ITEM are the commands you'll see for these guys in battle.
    They've average HP progression, maybe a little bit below average.  The white
    wizard is good for a while.
    These evil magicians practice, uh, black magic.  They can't hit very well with
    their knives or wands and their HP progression is humiliating.  They can't
    defend themselves all that well either.  They can, however, cause damage to
    several enemies at once with the proper magic.  Black wizards can FIGHT, MAGIC,
    RUN, and ITEM.  This job is nifty when you first make use of them, but they'll
    become less useful as your journey progresses.
    Anybody who has really played FF1 inside and out (like yours truly, heh) knows
    how good the red mage/wizard character was (you may disagree, however).  Their
    role in FF3 is somewhat disappointing compared to the first adventure.  At the
    beginning, they are super useful.  They can fight alright with swords, knives,
    staves, and bow/arrows.  They're armor capabilities are also far superior to
    that of their black and white counterparts, which includes some shields.  They
    can use both beginner types of magic- black and white.  Their HP progression is
    very un-mage-like.  But, as time progresses, their physical attacks just don't
    cut it as their MP would stop growing.  They, and to a certain extent the black
    and white wiz, begin to become rather futile by the time you get around to
    leaving the Floating Continent.  But still not a bad class to have early on.
    They can FIGHT, MAGIC, RUN and ITEM.
    2) Jobs of the Fire Crystal
    Hunters are alright.  Some use them as an alternative to a white wizard for a
    while for he can use all level 1-3 white magic except Aero.  They are quick to
    bust out and attack in battle.  Their elemental arrows are sort of like casting
    its respective spell.  They are a great force of defense for you can give them
    FlameMail or Ice Armor and stick 'em in the back row.  They can FIGHT, MAGIC,
    RUN and ITEM.  They use bows and arrows- all kinds.  They are, however, a
    rather expensive class to supply.  Their usefulness becomes a bit lessened as
    the game goes on.  They won't be able to upgrade from that FlameMail or those
    arrows he'll have for quite a while, and he'll become a third wheel.  They are
    useful for quite a while.
    Oh yeah, knights.  Are they good?  Uh, this is Final Fantasy, of course the best
    party is usually going to have one of these guys.  The instant you can ditch
    that fighter distinction, do it, and never change his job from knight until very
    late in the game.  Now it is agreed by FF1 beginners and experts that the knight
    is the best character (if not the best, then they're #2).  They can't use magic
    in this game, and actually, the knight is just an improved version of the
    fighter.  But this dude can equip most of the best armor and swords in the game.
    Their HP progression is excellent, and they can use shields (duh).  You really
    shouldn't have to buy anything for the knight except potions- most of their
    stuff's in chests.  They still lack the ability to think or pray straight, but
    they sure can hit.  Command in battle them by selecting FIGHT, DEFEND, RUN, or
    Oh man do we all (FF1 vets) have our fair share of horror stories to tell you
    about the thief.  Well, I never thought I'd ever say this, but the thief is
    actually pretty useful.  He can pick locks if he's in the lead so you won't
    have to use any magic keys.  If you give him two Boomerangs and stick him in
    the back row, he becomes a formidable agility machine with alright offense.
    He can steal stuff in battle, but you'll never steal anything interesting.
    The most interesting thing about him in my opinion is that his soul is at the
    robust rating of one.  What are you expecting, some lockpicker with morals?
    He can escape easily from virtually every battle, and he has normal, maybe a
    bit below normal, and he equips knives.  His commands include FIGHT, SEAL,
    ESCAPE, and ITEM.
    This nerdy fella will is well, uh, not completely useless.  A rookie scholar
    will hit you for about as much damage as a rookie knight with the swords he has
    when you can first get these jobs.  And you know what, that's really realistic.
    Who would have known that some ponytailed punk with is books would hurt someone
    about as much as some strong guy in armor with two sharp swords?  This class,
    for the most part, sucks because you can never get a stronger set of books
    for this guy until it's too late.  He is really useful for ONE fight.  The
    scholar can see an enemy's weakness and HP with his abilities.  FIGHT, SCAN,
    PEEP and ITEM are your choices for the scholar.  Oh, they also have sucky HP
    3) Jobs of the Water Crystal
    This is a very original job.  This dude somehow controls the area's terrain
    during battle to hurt one or more enemies.  The terrain function is sort of
    like black magic that won't run out.  But controlling terrain is difficult, as
    you may imagine, and the attack can often backfire thus hurting the geomancer.
    The rule is that the more unusual the setting, the more useful the geomancer
    will be.  Marshes, underwater stages, and air are examples of where he may
    thrive.  It's like casting magic that'll never run out, kind of.  They can take
    the land and control it, but they only have average HP progression.  They aren't
    strong at all; they attack with bells. Yeah, that's right, bells.  FRIGGIN'
    BELLS.  A ring of a bell or two is somehow supposed to produce spectacular
    results as far as hurting enemies are concerned.  Well, the bells realistically
    do minimal damage against the vast majority of all the monsters in the game.
    These guys look pretty cool and they are a useful addition to your party for a
    while.  They can FIGHT, TERRAIN, RUN, ITEM.  The ringing of bells is supposed to
    HURT?  Okay...
    These guys have an entire kingdom dedicated to them, so they have to be at
    least pretty good.  Though defense is really not their thing, they can leap
    so high that they would miss all action from a fight for about a full round
    thus avoiding the enemies' attacks and spells.  When equipped with two javelins,
    they could do impressive damage on the enemy (they can also miss the enemy
    entirely).  Giving these guys shields is pretty useless for this reason.  They
    have bad HP progression for a heavy fighter.  They have good agility and their
    regular attack is respectable.  These guys are alright.  I alternated my
    second position character to/from dragoon/karateka.  When defense was needed,
    I employed the services of the dragoon because he can jump over attacks.
    What can dragoons do in battle? FIGHT, JUMP, DEFEND, ITEM.
    Generally inferior to the other heavy fighters, although not a bad character
    to have in your party.  The first thing that you should know is that these
    guys are tough.  They can take a punch better than any other class we have at
    this point in the game.  You give him an Aegis Shield and enemies will rarely
    be able attack him for more than 10 damage.  And for some reason, my viking
    in the third slot got attacked ALOT more than any of the other three.  These
    guys lack offense.  The carry around heavy axes and hammers causing them to
    simply attack less times.  So that Aegised viking won't hit for too much more
    than 300 damage whereas a knight at the same level would be doing nearly 1000
    when holding two swords.  Another thing you should know is that these guys
    have the best HP progression in the game at this point.  They FIGHT, DEFEND,
    RUN, ITEM.  I could see using them more often of they had some unique command.
    HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU: I was sailing underwater and was attacked from
    behind.  I tried running three times but was unsuccessful.  My caller was
    even bashed to death.  At round four, from the BACK ROW while equipped with
    a Triton Hammer and Tomahawk Axe at exp level 30 and skill level 24, well,
    uh, something happened.  I had him fight a Charbidiyilis or something like
    that.  My viking stepped forward and attack ONCE (ONE TIME) for 9999 damage.  It
    wasn't even a critical hit either.  ONCE.  I don't know which weapon it was.
    You may not believe it, but this surprise blast of orgasmic power did happen.
    A refined monk.  Or put it this way- Knight:Fighter::Karateka:Monk.  These guys
    will hit you with claws until for some reason he will attack more effectively
    without the assistance of fist enhancement.  They have excellent HP progression
    but a sucky defensive system.  At a high skill level, these guys produce the
    best results when Hasted (much like the master in FF1 produced the best results
    when FASTed if he was at level 20 or more).  They can well up all their power
    for a couple rounds, but making use of this command reduces his defense
    dramatically.  In battle, they can FIGHT, BUILDUP, DEFEND and ITEM.  One of the
    main advantages to the monk was that he barely required and money to be an
    effective force of fighting.  Well, you're gonna haveta spend some money on
    these guys when you first get 'em.  Near the end of the game, you may find their
    usefulness tailing off a bit, and that's why I had one of these guys but I
    changed him to a dragoon at times.  There's really not much else to say about
    the karateka job.
    The paladin job is completely worthless when you first obtain it.  But when you
    get to the 'splitting cave,' you're gonna wanna have one of these dudes with
    you.  Their dark swords are powerful, and as mentioned before are the only
    type of weapon to keep an enemy from splitting if they're not stuck or dead.
    Their defensive capabilities are limited when you first use the mknight, but
    they'll eventually be able to have a great armor line up with Genji and what
    not.  They gain skill levels in a hurry, they can use all level 1-3 white magic
    except Aero and their HP progression is great, third best out of the bunch
    only slightly behind the karateka and viking.  For the most part, this class is
    superior to the knight class, but what really makes up for that is your knight
    will have a very high skill level by the time you first get to put these guys
    to good use.  I didn't want to can my knight or karateka, but I really really
    wanted to keep the mknight after that cave. So I just decided to have three
    heavy fighters instead of the traditional two.  Oh, you won't have to pay for
    ANY of the mknight's equipment if you collect all the stuff before you do that
    cave.  They can be commanded with FIGHT, DEFEND, MAGIC and ITEM.
    Think of conjurers as pre-summoners.  They're still trying to master their
    domain. Conjurers are a good class.  Their effects are usually better than that
    of the black wizard and they also have better HP progression than the black
    wizard.  There are only two things the conjurer has working against him.  The
    first is that he lacks MP. The second is that the magic is unpredictable.  If
    your party runs into a fight with two Zombie Dragons at near max HP, you'll just
    want Ifrit to just throw his happy fireball of death at the undead creature for
    optimum damage.  But he'll probably just give you your 50 HP you were missing
    when you first entered the battle.  They can't hit very hard with their
    sissiness rods as you might expect from a magic user.  FIGHT, MAGIC, RUN and
    ITEM with one of these guys in battle.
    Bards rock.  They can do it all- sing, dance, scare enemies away, make your
    guys more effective, charm you off your feet, perform soothing lullabies to
    put enemies to sleep... Aw, who the hell am I kidding.  For many of us, our
    first introduction of the bard in the FF games was Edward/Gilbert (FF4).  He
    remains to be one of the most hated video game characters to this date due to
    his worthlessness.  And you know, they're not that much better here.  They
    fight, err, sing, with harps.  I really don't know how some dude plucking an
    instrument that usually soothes the listener is supposed to hurt a monster.
    The bard is weeeek.  He's one of those sissy choir boys who know or may have
    known before who couldn't do a push-up in their life depended on it.  Hell,
    these guys can't even FIGHT.  They can SING, CHEER, SCARE and ITEM in battle.
    Do you really want somebody so weak they can't fight slowing your party down?
    Scare, uh, well, there's nothing scary about the bard except his alarming
    inability to hurt enemies himself.  Scare? Have you ever in your life been
    intimidated by some choir priss walking the hallways of your school?  Now,
    traditionally with musicians, their music is supposed to be more bearable as
    they sharpen their skills.  So shouldn't this mean that as he gains skill
    levels, he should be doing less and less damage since his music is becoming
    better and more enjoyable?  They're also way to expensive compared to other
    classes.  That's the bad side of the bard, and it's considerably larger than the
    good things I have to say about him.  First, because I mention it everywhere,
    I'll acknowledge the fact that his HP progression is decent (white wizardish),
    suprisingly good for someone who's more destructive with his vocal chords than
    his physical body.  Second of all, these guys are pretty agile and they are
    quick to act in battle.  Third, their cheering actually works.  It effectively
    rouses your party.  No, really, I actually got it to work.  When you first are
    able to use these guys properly, their cheer command will not be too much more
    than a complete waste of a turn.  But at a higher level, he really 'rouses the
    party.'  My fighters' got more than 25% stronger when my skill level 1 exp level
    42 bard cheered my party.  Although I have not yet tried this, you MAY want to
    carry this sissy around the 'splitting cave' so he can pump up your party so
    they can kill the monsters in one hit so they are unable to split.  However, if
    one of these scrawny princes was trying to rouse the crowd at a school's pep
    rallies, I doubt he'd really not do a great job IMHO.
    4) Jobs of the Earth Crystal
    His deeper divulgence into the study of black magic makes his black magic
    obviously stronger than the black wizards.  But they are still only alright.
    The only advantages these guys have over summoners are a better HP progression
    and more MP.  Other than that, they still can't really hurt bad guys with their
    wands of wussiness, and their magic's still just a bit too weak.  These smart
    guys might only be really advantageous at one part of the game: at Sylx Tower
    when your party gets attacked from behind, they can use a fairly reliable Kill
    spell to get your party out of the jam, but other than that, well, unless you
    MUST go with a more traditional party... Use the warlock to FIGHT, MAGIC, RUN
    and ITEM.
    Ultimate healers/protects, basically.  These guys have been profusely praying
    and atoning and what not, and my has it paid off.  Actually, this guy's but an
    improvement of the white wizard that came before him.  His stalves won't really
    hurt monsters too badly, his armor is not the greatest in the world, and his
    HP progression is nothing to write home about.  This is, in all likeliness, the
    most useful of the Earth Crystal jobs.  The shaman can FIGHT, MAGIC, RUN & ITEM.
    Alright, now THIS is how magic should be!  No more of this effect nonsense;
    the summoner is skilled enough to bring out the best (well, usually it's the
    best) of what the creatures have to offer.  Summoning magic is bone-stoopidly
    strong, really I think you'll be surprised.  But, these guys aren't as useful
    as advertised.  Summoning magic is meant to destroy several monsters at once.
    Only problem is that at the end last stages of the game, you won't really bump
    into many monsters who travel in packs of more than four, so at the end I just
    changed him into a shaman.  His rods and armor are just what you would expect
    from a magic user, and his HP progression is one of the other drawback of this
    class and they have less MP than warlocks and shamen, just like black and white
    wizes had more MP than conjurers.  Command them by way of FIGHT, MAGIC, RUN,
    and ITEM.
    5) Jobs found in the Forbidden Land Eureka
    'You get the jobs of ninja who can equip all weapons and armor...' says the
    Scylla who guards a staff and the last two jobs.  The ninja can equip ALMOST
    every weapon and armor in the game.  They're the ideal fighters.  Shurikens
    rock, too!  They're really strong and really fast and they have the best HP
    progression.  Ya gotta have two of these guys when you're approaching the
    game's end.  Good offense with all the weapons the can use and good defense
    with the armor and agility they possess (Crystal Shields are also alright!).
    Really, what else is there to say?  Oh yeah, ninjas can FIGHT, DEFEND, RUN and
    ITEM as far as battles are concerned.
    'You get the jobs...sage who can use every magic spell!'  Scyalla's statement
    to you as you approach looks kind of like the opening sentence in the ninja
    paragraph combined with the quote above.  Sages are the magical equivalent
    to the ninja- they are able to use ALL the game's spells.  It's like having a
    warlock, shaman and summoner wrapped together.  Although I've heard talk about
    their magic being of less strength than warlocks, summoners or shamen or
    something, but I haven't ever noticed a difference.  If their magic IS weaker,
    it's by such an infindecimal amount that it's really hard to notice. Sages have
    no reason not to summon Shiva or Ifrit in every battle (don't use up Cure magic)
    in every turn.  They hit pretty well with staves, rods, or books and they're
    adequate defensively.  But they are by no means warriors of exasperating
    physical strength, and they belong in the back row to FIGHT, MAGIC, RUN, ITEM.
    Very high MP, best HP progression, what more can you ask for?
    6) Job that's Technically not a Job, but I've Gotta Throw it Into the Mix
    FULLY-EQUIPPED ONINO KID (NOTE: The follow is a tad exaggerated)
    Fully-Equipped Onion Kids are psychopathic killing machines.  An FEOK has
    two Onion Swords, Onion Armor, Onion Gloves and an Onion Helmet.  They
    have Adamantie-like armor, they don't NEED no stinkin' shields*, and swords
    so forbidden the only one who dares pick them up is the FEOK.  Just imagine
    that kid who got picked on all throughout his high school days.  This dude
    unleashes the inner power of anger and builds up his body to the point of no
    return.  He exercises too much for his own good, and now he's back for revenge.
    He can eliminate the entire football team who used to have hours of fun at
    his expense with his eyes closed.  If one were to cast Haste on him, not even
    the most intense mental institutions (or any single armed force) could hold him
    down.  He is the single greatest fighter to ever live.  The ninja pales in
    comparison to the FEOK, so forget this drivel I was speaking about the ninja
    being the perfect fighters (okay, maybe a skill level 70 ninja is better than
    one of these guys at skill level 3, but still).  If you happen to come upon
    all that equipment dropped by those dragons in Sylx, well, the game'll be a bit
    easier.  If you do find all that equipment without much trouble, especially
    those swords, you're pretty damn lucky, and I will also really hate you if you
    do happen to accomplish that great stroke of luck (j/k).  I think the moral of
    the story is simple: Don't mess with fully equipped onion kids!!
    *Read about the shields vs. no shields argument in the 'hints and tricks' part.
    Section 5: Hints and Tricks
    Here are some good things to keep in mind when playing FF3:
    -In case you haven't already noticed, I'm big on HP progression.  If you're ever
    level-building and within sniffing distance of the next level (or even if you're
    not purposely level-building) on the outer world, turn your entire party into
    monks or karateka (if you happen to have viking paraphernalia, use it).  They
    have great HP progression.  If you're building up the skills of a black wizard,
    you're not gonna want his crappy HP level-up bonus.  HP bonuses stay with you
    throughout the entire game.  It's easy to turn your party into monks because
    they don't need weapons, and because it's just one or two fights, you won't need
    to buy them any armor.  After you've gained an experience level, change back to
    the jobs you had before and go to an inn to get your MP back.  Don't do this in
    dungeons though.
    -Spend your dough wisely.  Most of the essential weapons and armor are found in
    chests (espically after you get off the Floating Continent).  In the game's
    beginning, most of the important spells (Cure, Ice, Aero, Mini, Toad, Ice2, Fire2,
    Bolt2) are all found or given to you by one of your hommies (That's why I don't
    advise buying Cure even though it's an important spell).  You're gonna want to
    accumulate money throughout about 90% of this game, so just keep that in mind.
    That's a reason why later on in the game, I advised having a bunch of heavy
    fighters because you don't need to buy them ANYTHING except potions.  I don't use
    white wizards that much for this reason- you're going to be carrying around a
    bunch of potions anyways.  One thing to keep in mind is that you should never go
    all out when buying weapons for mages.  Don't spend half your dough on something
    that'll increase your magician's attack power by some seven points or so.
    -Diversify your party.  You should make a party based on what your style happens
    to be.  I have a 'get them before they get you' philosophy, and that's one of
    the reasons I don't care to much for white wizards.  You have to customize your
    party to meet your fighting style.  The recommended party I have listed happens
    to work best for me and I rarely have any regrets ditching my white magician (I
    usually have more for keeping him in there).  You should also never have two
    party members with the same job in your party at once excepts for those few
    oddball situations.  There is a penalty for this- your skill level progresses at
    a rate half as fast if you have two members of the same job.  And although skill
    level is not vital, it's still good to be as skilled as you can be.
    -Over the course of the game, people are gonna follow you around.  Talk to them
    periodically- they sometimes got some good stuff to say.
    -It's a good idea to keep some spare stuff at the Fat Chocobo just in case you
    think you will be changing jobs or something like that.  Don't sell all that
    stuff till the very end.
    -When buying massive amounts of items, buy in bulk.  Buying 4 at once will
    save you some money, and buying 10 at a time will save you even more.
    -Take some time to level-up.  In FF3, you won't need as much time gaining
    experience levels as most other RPGs.  Most exp-building will donw done within
    the first few stages of the game.
    -Oddball items (Zeus' Rage, White Scent, and so on) are not all that useful.  As
    far as I'm concerned, they've only three uses: The Big Rat fight, The King Hynne
    Battle, and something you can give to someone without good regular offense
    (mages, especially white ones).  They're really not important.  If your
    inventory is cluttered with them, get into a fight to use them.  Don't throw
    them out, they're not completely useless.
    -To shield or not to shield, that's the question at hand here.  In FF6, the
    Genji Glove relic is quite a hot commodity because it allows that party member
    hold a weapon in each hand to drastically increase your attack power.  People
    are constantly  asking 'How can I get more Genji Gloves?'  Well, you need not
    any special item to be a two-handed attacker.  Throughout most of the game, two-
    thirds to three-quarters of it I'd say, it's good to utilize this special
    feature.  But in some situations (Road to the Seal, Salonia Catacombs,
    Lake Dol and others), it's best to beef up your defenses with the addition of a
    shield.  But one of the first things you should know is that, with *one*
    exception, shields are never worth buying.  You'll find the best ones in chests.
    Let me lay out a case of two swords vs. shields.  A FEOK with two swords he will
    do great damage, but you'll spend time and money healing him.  Give him a sword
    and a shield, and his offensive abilities are cut by like 75% or something.  But
    just as long as he's got all the good armor with the shield and provided he's not
    being hit by something called FlareWave or Meteo, the FEOK will NEVER be tagged
    for more than 1 HP.  Even Ahriman and Cloud of Darkness would have trouble
    penetrating FEOK's Adamantie-like armor for respectable damage (actually, the most
    damage I've seen one of the shielded dudes take is 172 which isn't repectable at
    all unless you have less than 1000 experence points).  I took one of these guys
    with a shield (FEOK) to fight the last boss alone without healing up (he had 1500
    HP).  His HP was nearly 1100 when he finished her off.  Then again, it was a long
    fight lasting 21 rounds.  You'll get a similar comparison when you use shields on
    non FEOKs, but, obviously, not as drastic.  Enemies will miss considerably more
    often and damage taken is cut by at least 50%.  But of course, you'll sacrifice
    some offense.  You'll hit for about 25-75% less damage.  My advice is this: put two
    weapons in each hand,and carry around your best shield or two in your inventory.
    When you feel like he's gettin' hit too much, give him the shield.
    Section 6: Weapons that do stuff/Items and their functions
    These are your basic common items that can be stumbled upon in FF3.  Most of
    them are probably very familiar to you, but I'm including this stuff anyway.
    Most of these thing can be bought in item shops enclosed within inn buildings
    (the only ones that can't be bought are FenixDowns and Elixirs).  These can be
    used in times of noncombat:
    ITEM:      COST:   FUNCTION:
    Antidote     80    Cures an ill warrior  (like Pure magic)
    Carrot      200    Summons the Fat Chocobo to hold your stuff
    EchoHerb    100    Counteracts an enemy's mute so a warrior may use magic again
    Elixir    (1500)   Brings a living warrior to full HP/MP and restores status
    Eyedrop      40    Cures a warrior's blindness  (like Wash magic)
    FenixDown (1500)   Revives a dead dude, but to minimal strength (Life magic)
    HiPotion   1200    Recovers a bunch of HP (Like Cure1.5?)
    LuckMalet   100    Changes your size  (like Mini magic)
    MaidKiss    100    Helps you lose that horrible frog distinction
    MagicKey    150    Unlocks most of the game's doors
    MidgBread   200    Gives you better view of the over world  (like Sight magic)
    Potion      150    Gives you some HP
    Otterhead  2000    Makes escaping from dungeons easier, like Exit magic
    Soft        300    I'll let you guess what the function of this could be :)
    Now we all remember something we're equipping may have magical use or something
    (Thor Hammer Light Axe, Mage Staff and many other things from FF1; Bolt Javelin,
    Masmune, Yoichi Bow and some other stuff from FF2).  Go to the ITEM menu in
    battle and go all the way left to select the weapon you're equipping.  If you're
    folding one of these weapons, then a spell will ensue.  Now the spell is
    generally a weaker version of the spell.  Use the Eldest Staff in battle to give
    15 HP to all warriors.  Cast Cure on your entire party and they'll regain at
    least 50 HP.
    WEAPON:            CASTS THE SPELL OF...:
    AirKnife Knife     Aero
    Burning Staff      Fire
    Defender Sword     Safe
    Dragon Claw        Aero
    Eldest Staff       Cure
    Elven Claw         Confu
    Freezing Staff     Ice
    Golem Staff        Break
    IceBlade Sword     Ice
    Lightning Staff    Bolt
    Rune Staff         Ice3
    Salamandr Sword    Fire
    Thor Hammer        Bolt2
    Thunder Javelin    Bolt2
    Wind Javelin       Aero
    Oddball items may be disposable and all, but they must be mentioned.  These can
    only be used in battle but they can be used by any warrior.  You can't buy any
    of these; You find 'em in chests or you win 'em in battles.  You use them once
    then they disappear or something.
    ITEM:        CASTS...    SELLBACK PRICE....
    Barrier      Wall        2500
    BlackHole    Exit        2000
    Bombhead     Flare       2500
    BombR.Arm    Fire3        750
    Bombshard    Fire2        500
    ChocoRage    Flare       2500
    DarkScent    Death       2500
    DevilSigh    Kill        1500
    EarthDrum    Quake       1500
    Gods Rage    Bolt3        750
    Gods Wine    Haste       1500
    Imps Yawn    Aero2       1500
    LamiaScal    Conf        1500
    LilithKis    Drain       1500
    MuteCharm    Mute        1000
    NorthWind    Ice3         750
    Paralyzer    Shade       1500
    Pillow       Sleep       1000
    Southwind    Ice2         500
    SplitShel    Erase       1500
    Turtlshel    Safe        1500
    WhiteSent    Holy        2500
    Zues'Rage    Bolt2        500
    Section 7: Let's talk magic
    So you really HAFTA have a completely filled spell book?  Fine.  This section is
    going to talk about what spells you should have game's end, level by level.  The
    spells are going to be rated as far as how great they are compared to the other
    spells of that level (10 is the best and 1 the worst of course).  After the
    rating part, a commentary will ensue.  Now, I'm going to assume that you're
    going to have two sages by the game's end, so I'll have two lists at times.  Now
    let's get this thing on with.  (NOTE: Sage's spells will be listed in order of
    usefulness)  (NOTE: SAGE1 is the 'White' sage, and SAGE2 is the 'Black' sage)
    Level 1 (100 Gil):
    spell       rating         SAGE1: Cure, Pure, Chocobo
    W  Cure       9            SAGE2: Cure, Pure, Sight
    W  Pure       7
    C  Chocobo    6
    W  Sight      6
    B  Sleep      5
    B  Ice        2
    B  Fire       2
    Early black magic will be COMPLETELY obsolete by the end of the game as your
    sages will be able to do more damage with their staves or rods or books no
    matter who they hurt.  Cure, on the other hand, is useful in any dungeon at any
    part of the game.  Pure is worth it too.  Chocobo's Kick is going to be as
    strong as level one magic gets, but it will cheat you out of a use of Cure.
    Sleep is okay too, and you may want to insert it into the second sages' slot
    instead of Sight, but always I prefer Sight.
    Level 2 (700 Gil):
    spell       rating         SAGE1: Shiva, Mini, Blind
    C  Shiva     10            SAGE2: Shiva, Toad, Bolt
    W  Mini       8
    W  Toad       8
    B  Blind      6
    B  Bolt       2
    W  Aero       2
    B  Venom      1
    Once again, black magic will not be of great use.  Get any one of the spells,
    but the only ones you're going to use are Shiva, Mini and Toad.  Shiva's summon
    rocks- hits all enemies for good ice elemental damage without costing you a
    healing spell.  In battle, you'll probably make use of Shiva more than any other
    spell.  Mini and Toad are alright too.  I've been able to turn ZandeCln's ass to
    a filthy, disgusting, horrible frog a couple of times.  Low-leveled Toad and
    Mini are better than the best auto-death spells in most games.  And although
    higher-level auto-death spells are more effective, well, Toad and Mini ain't bad
    for just a mere level two distinction.
    Level 3 (1500 Gil):
    spell       rating       SAGE1: Cure2, Ramuh, Exit
    W  Cure 2     9          SAGE2: Cure2, Ramuh, Wash
    C  Ramuh      8
    W  Exit       7
    W  Wash       6
    B  Fire2      2
    B  Ice2       2
    B  Bolt2      2
    Sure, those level 3 elemental spells were pretty useful when we first found 'em
    in the Viking Base, but my have times changed since then.  The Ramuh summon is
    about, uh, 50 times stronger (a little bit of exaggeration on my part, but I
    think you get the picture) than Bolt2 of the same level.  Cure2 gives you plenty
    of HP, so of course you'll want to have that with you.  Exit and Wash are
    alright, but you really don't need them by the time you can become a sage (you
    can't really warp in Sylx, Eureka or the Dark World and nobody's gonna try to
    blind you).  They're just more useful than all the black magic of this level.
    Level 4 (3000 Gil)
    spell       rating       SAGE1: Ifrit, Mute, Libra
    C  Ifrit     10          SAGE2: Ifrit, Ice3, Shade
    W  Mute       3
    W  Libra      3
    B  Ice3       3
    W  Confu      3
    B  Shade      3
    B  Break      0
    Seriously folks, level 4 magic sucks.  Break is the worst spell in the game
    IMHO- completely obsolete by the end of the game (or when you can first get it
    at Gishal for that matter).  The only one that's really worth having after you
    reach beyond exp level 25 is Ifrit.  You can't shut up anybody you need to.
    Libra works almost all the time, but it's still pretty much a waste of a spell,
    I just wanted to have a spell called 'Libra.'  If you're interested in
    completing you're spell book, might as well throw in Ice3 and Shade because
    you'll probably have pity for black magic.  Shade works awfully well, too, but,
    like Libra, you'll never use it unless you want to waste a turn.  Shiva is much
    stronger than the 'strongest' ice spell, which is just pathetic.
    Level 5 (5000 Gil)
    spell       rating       SAGE1: Cure3, Life, Titan
    W  Cure3      10         SAGE2: Cure3, Life, Kill
    W  Life       10         NINJA: Titan
    C  Titan       9
    B  Kill        8
    W  Safe        5
    B  Bolt3       2
    B  Erase       2
    Where level 4 magic failed, its level 5 counterpart excels.  Cure3 and Life are
    two of the most important spells in the game.  Titan is as strong as anything
    erthal will get.  Kill will provide 3.5 seconds of the sweetest 8-bit FMV ever
    created if it's effective (and it is more often than not, a bit more than 50%).
    Just leave Bolt3, which is once again, inferior to its summon of two levels lower,
    Safe and Erase on the shelf and get whatever you think is best.
    Level 6 (10000 Gil, 45G for Odin)
    spell       rating       SAGE1: Haste, Soft, Odin
    W  Haste     10          SAGE2: Haste, Soft, Bio
    W  Soft       8
    C  Odin       6
    B  Bio        5
    W  Aero2      3
    B  Fire3      3
    B  Warp       3
    Haste rocks, I probably don't need to say that.  Soft is one helluva spell, too.
    Odin is okay, but he won't prove to be effective against enemies you really need
    him to.  Bio is okay, but it's really just there for variety.  You're not going
    to be making frequent use of Bio (you may wish to switch it in favor of Warp).
    Aero2 and Fire3 merely take up space, and you really don't at all need Warp
    because you have Exit (I've heard some people sing praises of the Warp spell,
    but I haven't really been listening).
    Level 7 (20000 Gil, 55G for Leviathan)
    spell       rating       SAGE1: Cure4, Levia, Wall
    W  Cure4     10          SAGE2: Cure4, Brak2, Drain
    B  Brak2      8
    C  Levia      7
    B  Drain      7
    W  Wall       6
    B  Quake      5
    W  Heal       4
    The only spell that's actually of utmost importance is Cure4.  The other ones
    are there merely to make the game interesting.  Leviathan's a rip-off, and you
    probably won't be using it often at all.  Brak2 is a mighty fine spell.  I
    must've used it more than 200 times in my life and it's only missed *once* in my
    memory (and that was when I chose a warlock).  Drain is surprisingly effective,
    but Cure4 is still much better.  Quake is, as usual, a step down from its
    summoning elemental counterpart two levels below.  Heal is not at all needed cuz
    you've already got other recovery spells that WON'T cost you a cast of just
    about the best spell in the game.  That also happens to be the problem with
    magic at the seventh level- they'll cost you a use of Cure4 as well as at least
    Level 8 (60000 Gil, 65G for Bahamut)
    spell       rating       SAGE1: Baham, Death, Life2
    C  Baham      9          SAGE2: Baham, Life2, Meteo
    B  Death      8
    W  Life2      7
    B  Meteo      6
    W  Holy       4
    B  Flare      3
    W  WWind      2
    Much like the magic of level seven, this level has but one imperative spell,
    Bahamut, and one of your guys should already have it.  Death is pretty rockin'
    too and I advise getting one of those.  I don't think any of the other spells
    are worth it, except for possibly Life2.  The black and white magic's only the
    to keep the game a bit more interesting as far as I'm concerned.  Meteo is good,
    but Bahamut is much better.  Holy is just plain weak and Wwind sucks because you
    have Death available to you.  Which is better, 'MegaFlare' or Flare?  Most
    of these spells just keep you from getting more shurikens.
    Now I hope you don't make any stoopid decisions on the topic of magic in FF3.
    Section 8: FF3 Potpourri
    This section is a bunch of facts, some more known than others, about FF3.
    Let's just start with the most obvious one.
    -FF3 was the first to try the heralded job system which provided more than
    enough character interaction (a little too much if you ask me) to satisfy your
    most adventurous desires.
    -FF3 saw the introduction of several new kinds of mainstay warriors (callers,
    vikings, geomancer and more).
    -This is the only game out there (that I know of) in which enemies can make an
    attempt to run away, but to no avail.
    -FF3 was the trigger of many traditions including Crystal Armor, Ragnarok,
    Shiva, Ramuh, Ifrit, Titan, (not that RUBY eater in FF1) and Odin. FF3 also
    introduced a helluva lota other stuff like plenty of weapons and armor, the
    ability to purchase a high quantity of an item at once, many secret passages
    through false walls, the ability to plunge underwater, the ability to control
    multiple airships, as well as several others I just can't think of at the
    -This is also the first game to ever keep your characters from swinging at a
    nonexistent target (as far as FF games are concerned). Damage/healing numbers
    now bounce atop the target rather than in those awkward boxes seen in FF1 and 2.
    The English translation of the FF3 Famicom rom is frustrating.  Though some lazy
    soul decided to start translating, and then stop because it was just too hard or
    something.  Many things of different names appear in FF3.  There are some
    different translations, but here goes.
    Let's start with the jobs.  The left title is how the job is known in the FF3
    translation I was.  The right one is how it is commonly translated, but doesn't
    appear on the walkthrough:
    Onion Kid ---> Onion Knight
    Monk ---> Black Belt
    White Wizard ---> White Mage
    Black Wizard ---> Black Mage
    Red Wizard ---> Red Mage
    Hunter ---> Archer
    Geomancer ---> Elementalist, Taoist
    Karteka ---> Grand Master
    Mystic Knight ---> Paladin
    Conjurer ---> Caller
    Warlock ---> Black Wizard
    Shaman ---> White Wizard
    Okay, now here are some alternative names for bosses I've heard being tossed
    Land Turtle ---> Sand Turtle
    (King) Hynne ---> Death
    Gaurdia ---> Phoenix
    Hekaton ---> Earth Paladin
    Titan ---> Earth Paladin (?)
    Amon ---> Neo Death, Neo Hynne
    Kuniochi ---> Pink Assassin, Pink Ninja
    Scyalla ---> Magic Werewolf (??)
    2-Headed Dragon ---> Yellow Dragon
    Ahriman ---> Plague, One-Eye
    Now for some items, weapons and armor:
    SouthWind ---> Antarctic Wind, Icy Wind
    NorthWind ---> Ice Blast
    God's Wine ---> Baccus Potion
    Fenix Down ---> Life Potion
    Barrier ---> Curtain of Light
    Leather ---> Hide
    Ragnarok ---> Armageddon
    (I'm sure there are several others that I just forgot)
    'Translated' espers:
    Chocobo ---> Escape
    Shiva ---> Icen
    Ramuh ---> Spark
    Ifrit ---> Heat
    Titan ---> Hyper
    Odin ---> Catastrophe
    Leviathan ---> Leviathan (Hey, you got one, Very good! You win a toaster!)
    Bahamut ---> Bahamur
    Alternative names for called monsters' attacks:
    Ramuh Black ---> Staff of Thunder
    Ramuh Summon ---> Justice
    Titan Summon ---> Angry Earth, Ground Stomp
    Odin Black ---> Gungir
    Odin Summon ---> True Edge
    Leviathan Black ---> Wave of Water
    Leviathan Summon ---> Big Wave
    Bahamut Summon ---> Flare Breath
    Ayyt, this is the scary part. This is to talk about magic spells.  Some of these
    spells appear in other FF games with different names in some cases.  The
    leftmost column shows changes between different translated versions of FF3.
    Although most people already know this stuff, it's still good to include.
    (Sorry, but I didn't include the FF7 and 8 info that was given to me)
                                                            (NOT the PSX)
    FF3           FF1        FF2      FF4easy   FF4hard*    FF5     FF6
    Aero/Air                 Aero                           Aero
    Aero2/Air2                                              Aero 2
    Bio                               Virus     Bio                 Bio
    Bolt          LIT        Bolt     Lit 1     Thund 1     Bolt    Bolt
    Bolt2         LIT2                Lit 2     Thund 2     Bolt 2  Bolt 2
    Bolt3         LIT3                Lit 3     Thund 3     Bolt 3  Bolt 3
    Break                             Stone     Break
    Brak2         BRAK       Break                          Break   Break
    Blind         DARK       Blind
    Confu         CONF       Charm    Charm     Confu       Confu   Muddle
    Cure          CURE       Cure     Cure      Heal        Cure    Cure
    Cure2         CUR2                Cure 2    Keal 2      Cure 2  Cure 2
    Cure3         CUR3                Cure 3    Keal 3
    Cure4         CUR4                Cure 4    Keal 4      Cure 3  Cure 3
    Death/Doom    XXXX       Death    Fatal     Death       Death   Doom
    Drain                    Drain    Drain     Drain       Drain   Drain
    Erase         XFER       Dispel             Dispel      Dispel  Dispel
    Exit          EXIT       Exit     Exit      Teleport    Exit    Warp
    Fire          FIRE       Fire     Fire 1    Fire 1      Fire    Fire
    Fire2         FIR2                Fire 2    Fire 2      Fire 2  Fire 2
    Fire3         FIR3                Fire 3    Fire 3      Fire 3  Fire 3
    Flare/Nuke    NUKE       Flare    Nuke      Flare       Flare   Flare
    Haste/Fast    FAST       Haste    Fast      Haste       Fast    Haste
    Heal                     Heal     Esuna     Heal        Esuna   Remedy
    Holy          FADE       Holy     White     Holy        Holy    Pearl
    Ice           ICE        Ice      Ice 1     Blizrd      Ice     Ice
    Ice2          ICE2                Ice 2     Blizrd 2    Ice 2   Ice 2
    Ice3          ICE3                Ice 3     Blizrd 3    Ice 3   Ice 3
    Kill          ZAP!                                              X-Zone
    Libra/Peep                        Peep      Rabur       Libra   Scan
    Life          LIFE       Life     Life      Raise       Raise   Life
    Life2         LIF2                Life 2    Araise      Araise  Life 2
    Meteo                             Meteo     Meteo       Meteo   Meteor
    Mini/Size                Mini     Size      Mini        Mini
    Mute          MUTE       Mute     Mute      Scilence    Quiet?  Mute
    Pure          PURE       Heal                           Antdot  Antdot
    Quake                             Quake     Quake               Quake
    Safe          FOG/2      Safe               Protct      Safe    Safe
    Shade         STOP       Stop     Stop      Stop        Stop    Stop
    Sight                             Sight     Sight
    Sleep         SLEP       Sleep    Sleep     Sleep               Sleep
    Soft          SOFT
    Toad                     Toad     Toad      Toad        FrogSng Imp?
    Wall          WALL       Wall     Wall      Reflct      Reflct  Reflct
    Warp          WARP       XZone    Warp      Dejon
    WWind/Gale                        Weak      Gale        DethClw? WWind
    Venom/Poison                      Venom     Psion       Poison  Poison
    *I've been told that the latest translated version of Japan's FF4 has
    turned 'Keal' into 'Cure,' 'Rasie' into 'Life,' & 'Arise' into 'Life2.'
    A word about the monsters/espers you can call:
    ALL OF THEM are found in almost all of the future FFs as summons (except
    Chocobo) and most of them have the same attack name as they did in FF3
    (examples: Atom Edge, Diamond Dust, Mega Flare).  In FF4 Easy, Ramuh was
    called Indra and Ifrit was Jinn.
    Section 9: Credits
    Well, that's all folks!  Much like a movie or television program, this
    document contains a section at the end to acknowledge contributors.
    This would be a less effective (or nonexistent) document without 'em.
    Thanks needs be awarded to the following people:
    -Thanks to SQUARE for making this awesome game in the first place.  They're
    also the makers of many other cool games (duh).
    -Mad props for SOM2FREAK or NEO DEMIFORCE (or both) for providing an English
    translation that's actually effective.  Puts the original translator to shame.
    (I don't know who is really responsible, so I threw 'em both up there)
    -ALEX JACKSON is better than you at RPGs.  He deserves thanks because he somehow
    figured out (via ROM dumping) everything about the weapons and armor I have shown
    (except cost), as well as some lesser-known stuff 'bout FF3 (an easy way through
    Nepto's shrine, skill level penalty, beating Cloud of Darkness without shurikens).
    Mr. Jackson also helped out with the translation.
    -BRIAN HAUSER or his older brother MIKE, I STILL haven't been told who
    (mayorhino@usa.net), is the maniac who gave me the idea to make my FF3 Potpourri
    part.  He gave me about 90% of the stuff found in that section.  Although
    there were a few holes I had to patch up, he got most of that stuff right (the
    FF1 spells are supposed to in CAPS! QAKE = Quake is false! You got many of the
    famous FF4 Hard spells wrong, too).
    -The Gamefaqs regulars (WhPlague, Bob the Almighty, Eddy Hokkido) who spotted
    some primary errors so I could remove the offensive information.
    -YOU for playing this great game and using this document to help out.
    And that's that.  I sure hope you found this guide interesting and informative.
    It's something on which I worked pretty hard, so I hope you appreciate it.
    Other than that, I really have nothing more to say here.  Well, I'm outta here.
    Have fun kids,  so long.
    ~Yoichi 12.09.2000, 4:03 PM  JMJ

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