• Copy Magic & Unlimited Gil

    Requirements: Sight and a white magic user

    Give Sight to a character that can use it along with the spells you want to duplicate. In the Magic menu remove the spells that you want duplicated and use Sight without leaving that menu. Now you should still have the spells in the Magic menu and a copy in the Item menu. For unlimited Gil copy and sell expensive spells.

    Contributed By: mog255.

  • Equipment Element Glitch

    If a player equips a shield in their right hand and a weapon in their left hand, the weapon's elemental property is ignored completely. This is abusable since you can equip weaponry now without fear of accidentally healing foes.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • EXP. Overflow Glitch

    For this glitch, get 99 Potions and put them in the bottom-rightmost slot of the inventory whilst in the field. Enter a battle with an enemy that rewards a Potion for winning. As a result, an overflow occurs in which the first character of the party has their EXP. altered such that the item ID of the item (i.e. 166 for the Potion) becomes part of their EXP. in a weird way. What this means is that the item's ID, raised to the power of four is added to the EXP. In this example, the first character will gain 65536 times the item ID of 166, or 10,878,976 EXP. (Since this is above the max of 9,999,999 EXP., it will be reset to this max later. You'll also be given Level 99 - note that you can only gain one level per battle, however.)

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Inventory Overflow Glitch

    This glitch is a severe glitch in the game that rewrites various memory addresses in the game, making teleportation and starting the ending possible as well as ending every battle, even bosses. It also requires you to have some money; enough can be obtained from the start dungeon, grinding on enemies, and various other means. First open and close the status screen one square north of Ur. Go into the town and play the piano. Then head to the shops and, in this order, buy one Potion, two Eye Drops, two Antidotes, twenty Leather Shields, twenty Daggers, and one Longsword. Next, alter the in-game inventory by arranging them items so that they read Leather Shields, Daggers, Eye Drops, Antidotes, an empty slot, Longsword, and Potion. Equip the second party member with two Leather Shields, thereby making a knife fall into the empty slot of the inventory. Cause a battle in Ur and, in the battle, make the first party member use a knife. Iteratively fill the inventory by taking on and putting off Daggers and Leather Shields. Once filled, cancel the party members' actions, which will cause the knife to return to the inventory. However, because the inventory is completely full, the knife's data is rewritten to the data concerning the first character's job. Cancel commands twice to use the command of the first character, which automatically ends the battle.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Item Data Overflow Glitch

    This glitch will use a type of overflowing technique that rewrites the data for items and modifies it to have other items. (For the sake of simplicity, items are named; any items can be used for this glitch.) First, you must have 99 of an item that can be won from an enemy (i.e. Potions). Then when you beat an enemy that drops a Potion, the data for the gained Potion overflows another part of the game in a mismatched way. You basically end up having now 166 (the Potion's item ID number) of nothing, assuming nothing is below the first the top-left slot in the items menu (in the field). However, if you place an item in the slot below the top-left slot in the field, with the 99 Potions in the top-left slot, and then gain another, the former's item ID is altered by however many Potions you earned. For example, if you have four Leather Helmets below the Potions, and get one Potion, you will end up with four Onion Helmets!

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Jumping Cid.

    In Canaan, after saving Cid's grandma/wife, Cid will jump out of the way revealing a secret storage room. If you keep talking to him after the first jump, he will continue to jump each time you talk to him. Eventually he will jump out of him house into the darkness of the night. Like a ninja.

    Contributed By: tubeyes.

  • Magic Duplication Glitch

    This glitch will allow you to clone your magic spells, and in turn be able to use them to generate large amounts of money. First, you must be able to use Sight. Go into the menu when you can use Sight and remove all of your magic, then use Sight: your magic will suddenly reappear, and it will also be in your inventory, allowing you to sell it for money!

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Max HP Overflow Glitch

    Firstly, your character needs to have 9,999,999 EXP. for this glitch to work properly to give you 9,999 HP on the first character. Put 99 Potions at the bottom-rightmost slot of the inventory, then fight a battle in which you can and do earn two or more additional Potions. The data in the Potions overflows to your EXP. - but that is full, so it further overflows to HP, which is immediately set to 9,999.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Peninsula of Power

    This Peninsula of Power glitch can be accessed after finishing Goldor Manor. From Amur, fly north and you'll find an area looking vaguely like a peninsula. Because of how the enemy encounters in this game are encoded - on a gridular basis, same as FFI and FFII - this one-tile-wide land strip will have monsters fought around Crystal Tower, near the end of the game. You can abuse this glitch for quick leveling and the obtaining of late-game item drops and Gil.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

  • Poison Glitch (JP version)

    Have 4 dragoons or less as your party and have one of them get poisoned. Then have everyone jump. This should make them all stay in the air, out of harm's way, but still taking damage from the poison.

    Contributed By: Dragon.

Easter Eggs

  • Secret Message

    Hold Up-Left + Select + Start and Power On the console. At the black screen, release the Select button to see the hidden message.

    Contributed By: ReyVGM.


  • Free Elixers

    After you defeat the Death Wizard, return to Argas Castle. Switch your white mage to the front of your party and open the locked doors. In one of the doors is another white mage. Talk to him to get elixirs.

    Contributed By: The Gaming Genius.

  • The Secret of Altar Cave

    After you beat the giant turtle, change your party's jobs and enter the cave again after leaving to get more treasure. Inside is your first spell and several good weapons. There are a few spots in the cave that obviously look like dead ends, but are actually fake walls filled with treasure chests.

    Contributed By: The Gaming Genius.

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