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Reviewed: 07/14/03 | Updated: 07/14/03

Interesting concept... Didn't really work.


This game is pretty good, but I gave a low score because the flaws (as few as they are) are definitely crippling. Now, without further adieu, let's get on with the review.


There's an obvious reason why I gave this a 10: It actually has a storyline, unlike some other NES games. At the beginning of the game, you get to name 4 characters. Their home village is attacked by the Empire, who wish to destroy the Rebels. While trying to flee, they are ambushed and injured. When they wake up, they are being healed at Altea, a Rebel city. They were saved by Hilda, commander of the Rebels. Then the story continues and gets better. The problem here is that you will, most of the time, lose track of the storyline trying to train or getting Gil, but I will get into these problems later.

Graphics: 8/10

They look pretty good. The over world is quite detailed, the in-battle backgrounds looks good. The only thing I don't like is the character sprites. They don't match AT ALL with the portraits on the menu screen. Anyway, just WHO would judge a NES game by it's graphics?

Game play: 3/10

It's a turn-based RPG. You select what all your characters will do, and the faster will do it first. There is a ''weapon mastery'' system: as you gain weapon levels, you will do more hits with one attack, which increases the damage. The HUGE flaws here are the ''leveling up'' and ''Gil gaining'' systems. To level up, you must have a need for the particular stat to increase. For example, if you lose a lot of HP, your HP will increase, if you attack a lot, your strength will increase, etc. Well thought out, huh? Well, first, it's hard to use it the ''honest'' way, because as you lose HP, you only gain MAX hp, so if you had 450/1200, and it increase to 450/1340, you only need MORE healing than you previously did, completely wasting your MP. The system, though, is so abusable it's not even funny. You can attack yourself and still gain HP! There is also a cheap little trick that can get you a weapon/spell level up in each battle!

Speaking of spells, I'll talk about them. Spells are bought, and only the level 1 version of that spell is. You must level it up yourself by using it, when you get 100 mastery points, it goes up to level 2. Sounds cool, huh? Nope, actually, it's long and tedious. Getting a spell to the level 2 should require AT LEAST 20 battles where all you use is that spell. But after that, it becomes just plain ridiculous. The max level is 16, and at level 5 you need to use the spell at least 4 times to gain a level. use a spell 400 times to get it to level 6? No thanks. Oh, and speaking of using. Spells are plain useless. The level 6 version of a spell deals ~160 damage to a single enemy, and not more than 45 when cast on a group. That's ridiculous, because after that many battles your fighters will probably deal over 350 damage with their... Broad Swords? Yep, gaining Gil is so totally broken that you will need to waste a whole day gaining money just to get the latest equipment. I'll explain.

Gained gil seems to be somewhat random, enemies never give a fixed amount of gil, but rather around a fixed amount. That amount is, most of the time, VERY small. You'll end up getting 30 gil with early enemies most of the time. Considering the first weapon costs 400, you'll be spending a lot of time getting gold. Oh, and you face these enemies for the whole chapter 1 and a little of chapter 2. Tell me how hellish it is to get 1800 gold with enemies who give 30 gold... Enemies seem to drop more gold when you defeat them all at once, but the only way to do so is with the pathetically weak spells... Forget it.

Replay Value: 0/10

After you go through the hell of getting gil and training, then beat the game, trust me you'll NEVER want to play it again (except if you like spending hours trying to get gold).

Rent or buy: None

There's no way you can get this game except using a ROM, though I highly discourage that.


+Nice graphics.
+Good storyline.
+High level spells have great animations.


-Leveling up.
-Getting Gil is awfully tedious.
-WAY too many random battles in a dungeon.
-Character sprites.

Final Note (not an average): 3

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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