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Reviewed: 01/01/02 | Updated: 01/01/02

Not great by FF standards...but that's not really an insult

Not one of the better or more popular Final Fantasy's, but if you look at a top 100 list of all-time games, the top 100 most vistited FAQ pages at Gamefaqs, or the top 100 selling games of all times, you'll realize that that's not really something degrading to say about a game. It's very underrated, and what people don't seem to realize when they say this game has a corny plot is that this game was pretty much the first WITH a plot. RPG's would definitely not be what they are today if FFII would not have come along and gave us characters that are not generic, but have backgrounds, cultures, and histories. WHEW, that was a mouthful.

The graphics and sound in this game are really low grade, but this was in the mid-NES era. They are somewhat nicely rendered, but they still are stuck in traffic 3 blocks down from the ballpark of today's standard. Personally, even though I kind of like the style of graphics that are native to the NES, the graphics and sound tend to annoy me after a couple of hours.

Since the makers of this game spent a lot of time trying to create a beautiful, winding plot, the battle strategy got the short end of the straw. Even though limited memory and experience constrained what a boss battle could be back then, this game was sub-par in the amount and extent of tough fights. Not that I have dazzled you with all the big words and phrases I can think of, let's move on to the plot!

The plot in this game, while sometimes testing what we thought the maximum corny level was, was easily the best I've seen on first generation Nintendo. It featured characters that had some sort of explanation for doing what they were doing, bad guys who actually had a plan, and, my fav, some early sign of what we know now as a ''plot twist''. Some people say this is one of the dumbest plots they've seen, but for God's sake, have they played Saga Frontier? And that game is supposed to be new!

The game is not only the first RPG that actually featured a real plot, but it is one of the best games ever to come out full throttle in 8-bit graphics. If Dragon Quest/Warrior was the ''writor'' of RPG's, then Final Fantasy II was the ''editor''. Since this game never came out in English, no one except us true-blooded RPG's have the slightest clue of what this game was made of. Without this game, you wouldn't have the incredible plot of a game like Star Ocean 2, or Xenogears. Instead, you would have games with 4 random heroes like Final Fantasy I. This game is the most revolutionary and underrated game this side of Bushido Blade. It ain't no FF6, but can you tell me a game that is?

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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