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Reviewed: 11/04/01 | Updated: 11/04/01

My third favorite in the series...

Okay. I understand why people say they don't like this game. I also understand why people love it. I happen to be in the latter. I've played and beaten every Final Fantasy, including the ones not shipped to the US of A, and this is my third favorite in the series, however, my opinions defy the ones in the popular majority...My least favorite in the series is 9, and I love 8. Read on please...

Why do I like this game? I must admit, my liking of this game wasn't exactly intuitive. Actually, I hated it. I hated the battle system. I'm still not too fond of it... It works like this; you can equip either: a weapon alone (most damage, recommended) a weapon and shield (less damage but more defense, which doesn't makes a rather minute difference) or two weapons (less damage but you gain equal skill points with both weapons..more on that later).

There are several different weapon types, but you're not going to change it. You gain skill points as you use weapon types more often, which takes a VERY long time unless you find a better method...There are no levels. Every character has to earn their gain. There will be periods of incessant fighting if you're dedicated to this game. Magic doesn't work very well, but it's recommended that you have one mage who uses bows (the only weapon that works if you put them in the back row).

That's the negative part. Why does this game earn the given score from my perspective? The story is amazing. You can pretty much assume a revolution took place in the kitchen of Squaresoft when they were making this radical transition from Final Fantasy. Sure, it may be a laborious act to earn the story, but it's worth it. In my opinion, it took 4 more Final Fantasies to better this one (Final Fantasy 6 on the SNES).

The music blew me away. It just goes right past the awful capabilities of the NES' computerized interpretations (the songs are conducted by Nobuo Uematsu and played by a great band then uploaded to a computer to fit the system specified. Unfortunately, this results in a downgrade). The ''fierce'' battle them is excellent. I recommend ''Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite'', a musical composition of some of the best songs in the series, in all their glory and beauty.

The graphics were great for their time, though they're not any different than those from the first. Still, I think they're the best the NES has ever seen (with the exception of FF3 of course) and they, like almost every game they produce, perpetuate the glory of Squaresoft. I can't believe how good this game really is.

~ Excellent story line
~ Excellent music
~ Intuitive controls
~ Defies the weakness of the NES
~ In my opinion, the best game on the NES.
~ The battle system takes a lot of work
~ Superfluous weapons and features you won't use


Graphics: 9.5
- Amazing. The one thing that stops it from getting a 10 is the fact they aren't different than FF.

Music/Sound FX: 10
- This, on the other hand, is a miraculous change. I think it's better than FF3.

Control: 10
- Right on.

Gameplay: 9.6
- I hate to not give it a 10 considering this is the best part about it. But I have to because of the battle system. The story salvages the gameplay.

Innovation: 8.9
- There are some pioneer efforts here, but there's also some of the same. Just not much.

Replay Value: 5
- =(. I have to be honest; you won't be too excited to play this again after knowing what happens to the characters and all. However, you may obliterate the game from memory or play it again for purposes of nostalgia. Remember; this is my perspective and my perspective only. That's what the reviewing section is all about.
Overall: (Not an equation) 9.9
- I love this game. It will always be a classic for me. I just wish I played it sooner than I did. I don't care if you think I'm over-rating it, this is the score I feel it deserves.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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