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Hints and Tips by LDrelick

Final Fantasy 2 - Hint Sheet by Luke Drelick


1. Thanks
        [a] Who Wrote This?
        [b] Who Offered Insight?
        [c] ATTENTION!!!

2. The Tricks
        [a] Perfect Stat Increasing Trick
        [b] Avoid An Enemy Encounter
        [c] World Map
        [d] Chocobo in FF2
        [e] Getting Lots of Gil
        [f] Getting Holy And The Ogre Axe
        [g] Stocking Up On Magic
        [h] Stocking Up On Weapon Levels
        [i] Secret Spell Shop
        [j] Airship Turbo Boost

3. Boss Help
        [a] Lieutenant
        [b] Adamantaimai
        [c] Borgan
        [d] Red Soul
        [e] Chimera
        [f] Lamia Queen
        [g] Behemoth
        [h] Gorts
        [i] Big Horn
        [j] Great Worm
        [k] Fire Gigas
        [l] Ice Gigas
        [m] Thunder Gigas
        [n] White Dragon
        [o] General
        [p] Green Dragon
        [q] Emperor and Guards
        [r] Cursed Emperor
        [s] Blue Dragon
        [t] King Behemoth
        [u] Red Dragon
        [v] Zombie Borgon
        [w] Tiamat
        [x] Asta Lord
        [y] Beelzebull
        [z] Emperor (Final Boss)

4. Locations
        [a] Altea
        [b] Gatea
        [c] Phin
        [d] Poft
        [e] Palm
        [f] Salmando
        [g] Cave Of The Semite Waterfall
        [h] Bofsk
        [i] Ice Cave
        [j] Kashuon
        [k] Empire's Warship
        [l] Dist
        [m] Dist Caverns
        [n] Arena
        [o] Camp
        [p] Mysidia
        [q] Black Mask Cave
        [r] Mysidian Cave
        [s] Tower of Mysidia
        [t] Whirlwind
        [u] Paramekia Castle
        [v] Jade/Pandemonium Castle

5. Party Members
        [a] Minh
        [b] Josef
        [c] Gordon
        [d] Layla
        [e] Richard
        [f] Lionheart

6. NPC's
        [a] Hilda
        [b] Scott
        [c] Paul
        [d] Cid
        [e] Nellie
        [f] Elena
        [g] Borgan
        [h] Dark Knight
        [i] Emperor

7. Spells
        [a] Fire
        [b] Thunder
        [c] Blizzard
        [d] Keal
        [e] Blink
        [f] Protect
        [g] Shell
        [h] Fear
        [i] Vasna
        [j] Esuna
        [k] Silence
        [l] Barrier
        [m] Wall
        [n] Change
        [o] Holy
        [p] Flare
        [q] Ultima
        [r] Death
        [s] Dispell
        [t] Teleport
        [u] Raise
        [v] Clouder
        [w] Drain
        [x] Fog
        [y] Haste
        [z] Curse
        [aa] Sleep
        [ab] Stun
        [ac] Stop
        [ad] Confu
        [ae] Blind
        [af] Toad
        [ag] Break
        [ah] Degeon
        [ai] Minimal
        [aj] Anti
        [ak] Slow
        [al] Aspell
        [am] Aura
        [an] Berserk


a. This document was written by Luke Drelick as a brief hint sheet for FF2. 
These are some strategies to make your characters into walking deities, and ake 
life through this challenging game much easier.

b. I'd like to give thanks to a number of friends right now, who all made this 
info file possible.

Brian Pacula - Providing lots of help on actually playing through FF2, and wrote 
a great FF2 FAQ. Told me the Gil Grabbing trick.

Demi, Flobbasko, BigWierd - For doing a fantastic job on the FF2 Neo 
translation, which, when released, will give this document a burst in 
popularity. :)

Demi, once again - For putting this document on his page, and informed me of 
what certain spells do.

Tomo1657 - Helping me in select FF2 spots, told me the location of the Arena, 
revealed the Airship Turbo Boost trick to me, and informed me on what certain 
spells do.

Tomas "Toma" Guinan - Telling me about a bunch of spells I forgot to add to this 

Mo - Telling me what the Change spell does.

c. ATTENTION! If you have ANYTHING to add to this document, email me at 
"duky@worldnet.att.net" right away! If you want to use this document on your web 
page, go right ahead, but please email me first to inform me, and don't change 
the content of this document around.


a. Here we go, the ultimate FF2 cheat! This is a way to turn your characters 
into walking gods in about an hour. You can do any variation of this cheat, but 
here's my preference. First and foremost, buy a "Cure" spell for the 3 main 
characters, as the 4th character you get could leave the party at
any time. Second, make sure you have about 500+ gil (it all depends on how 
powerful you are). Now, get into a battle against real weak enemies (Goblins, 
Leg Eaters, Hornets), and start pounding on your own guys. Keep on pelting your 
guys with damage, until they're all in their "low HP" position. Save your game 
after every round, if you're using an emulator, just in case somebody dies. Win 
the battle, and your guys should gain some HP, and possibly Strength points or 
Defense points. Enter another battle, and constantly cast "Cure" magic on your 
guys, who should have low HP. Once all their HP is full, or all their MP is used 
up, win the battle, and you'll gain more MP. I've noticed that the amount your 
Max HP/MP goes up increases when your Max HP/MP gets very high. My Frioniel has 
4000 HP, and every time his HP goes up, it increases 80+ points! Finally, after 
completing these steps, go to an Inn, rest up, then repeat as necessary. It's 
helpful to be at extremely high HP, due to the 
complexities of the game's dungeons. Don't power up that many spells, only Cure, 
Fire, Ice, and Bolt, or whatever spells you use constantly. Weapon points go up 
as you kill enemies, and when they reach 100, the character becomes more adept 
at using his/her weapon, allowing for greater hits. Build up the weapon levels 
while fighting the strongest possible enemies you can at whatever stage you're 

b. If you're playing FF2 through an emulator (which is very likely, due to the 
rarity of the actual cart), you probably know that the number of steps it takes 
to get into an encounter is determined as soon as you enter 
the level. The same holds true with FF1 and 3, but strangely, not with the 
Dragonquest games. In case you're extremely lazy, are using an emulator with a 
save state function, and don't want to get into a battle, do this trick. Walk, 
and after every step, save the game. Keep doing this until you get attacked. 
Load the save game RIGHT before you get attacked. Now, go to the Status Screen 
and cast the Cure spell on one of your party members. Exit the Status Screen, 
save your game again, then continue walking, until you get attacked again. Then, 
repeat. Unfortunately, for this trick to work, one of your characters needs to 
have gotten damaged, with HP lower than the max.

c. Like in FF1, you are able to view the complete world map. When you're on the 
world map screen, hold "B", and press "Select". This will bring up a screen with 
a giant globe in the middle of it. Press a button on the direction pad to rotate 
the globe in that direction, but be wary, as the rotation proceeds extremely 
slowly. The flashing brackets indicate the party's current position, and any 
flashing dots indicate important locales, such as towns, caverns, or castles. 
Note that this trick only works on the world map, and AFTER you've gotten the 
Ship (although you don't need to be on the Ship to see the map).

d. The Chocobo is directly south of the Kashuon Castle. From the Castle, just 
hold "down" on the controller, and you'll get to the Chocobo's forest. Catch it 
(it's TRES fast!), and ride around!

e. Brian Pacula told me a real cool trick to getting lots of gil. First, you'll 
need to be slightly strong, with over 500 HP. Now, head a little ways north of 
Phin. Around here lurk Magicians, and if you're unlucky, Land Turtles. The 
reason why you need lots of HP is in case you run into these asses. Magicians, 
when defeated, sometimes drop spell books. The spells aren't all that useful, so 
sell them for cash. You'll gain a lot of cash this way, and be able to buy 
powerful armor and weapons.

f. In the village of Mysidia, you can buy many types of Magic, both White and 
Black. This includes the powerful Holy spell, sold for a whopping 20,000 gil! 
You're also able to purchase the Ogre Axe, which is an extremely strong axe 
weapon. With this, and Guy with a weapon level of 6, I was doing 700 damage 
every time! Even before you retake Phin, and it's required to travel to Mysidia, 
you can go here and purchase these items. As soon as you get the Ship, just head 
to Mysidia, southwest of Altea, and purchase 
away! Be careful, as the enemies around here are STRONG! If you use the "skip an 
encounter" trick, you'll make it here alright. These items will help you greatly 
as you go to the Cave of Dist, and advance through the game.

g. There is a way to stock up on Magic Levels extremely easily, but it requires 
patience. Get into a battle with some enemies, preferably weaker ones, to begin. 
When the person with the spell you want to use comes up (it has to be one of the 
3 lead characters for this trick to work), cast the spell, target the enemy, and 
all. Press "B" to cancel the last character's move, then recast the spell on the 
enemy. Repeat as necessary. Every time you do this, your Spell Points will 
increase by 1. Do this 100 times, and you'll gain another Spell Level. 
Unfortunately, you can only gain 1 Spell Level per battle, and it takes an awful 
amount of time to do this trick, but it's worth it!

h. There's also a way to stock up on Weapon Levels. It's almost exactly like the 
Magic Level trick. Get into a battle with some enemies, then have the person you 
want to use Fight. Cancel that command, and have him use Fight again. Cancel, 
then Fight, then Cancel, then Fight, etc. for 100 times, and you'll gain another 
Weapon Level. Unfortunately, you can only gain 1 Weapon Level per battle, and it 
takes an awful amount of time to do this trick, but it's worth it!

i. There's a secret spell shop in Jade Caverns, where you can buy the spells of 
Death, Berserk, Haste, and Flare, for a large price. Once you get to the bottom 
of the HUGE waterfall in Jade, when you're wading in the water, walk underneath 
the waterfall. In the middle of it, you'll hit something. Search it, and you'll 
find the shop.

j. If you think Cid's Airship goes too slow, there's a way to give it an extra 
speed boost. Rapidly press the "B" button real fast 40 times. Then, you'll start 
to go really fast. Hold down "B" and you can keep going at this speed. It makes 
trips around the world A LOT easier!


a. The Lieutenant is the first boss you fight, guarding the Mythril in the Cave 
of the Semite Waterfall. To defeat him, you should have a Fire spell up to level 
2, and some guys with a Sword level of 4. Keep attacking him with Fire and your 
weapons, and he'll die soon. Make sure you spend some time building up
HP, so his attacks won't do that much to you.

b. The Adamantaimai guards the Goddess Bell in the Ice Cave. Like it's name 
implies, the Adamantaimai has defense of steel. Physical attacks on it will 
hardly do anything, but 2 hits of a Blizzard spell at level 3 will put this 
beast out of commision.

c. Borgan, an Empire villain, will wreck your day up at the end of the Ice Cave, 
after you get the Goddess Bell. If you've healed your guys after the rough 
battle with the Adamantaimai, you'll be more than poised to finish off Borgan. 
Keep attacking him, and Bye Bye Borgan!

d. At the very top of Kashuon Castle, the Sun Flame is to be found, guarded by a 
meanie, the Red Soul. This guy has the ability to cast a fire spell on the whole 
party, but he's not as immune to attacks as the Adamantaimai was. Since you're 
able to equip yourself with 2 items to use during a battle, equip 2 Hi Potions 
for all your guys, save Gordon. In fact, don't worry about him throughout the 
whole battle. Throw everything you've got at the Red Soul, and when your HP is 
low, use Cure spells and Hi Potions. Ice spells also work real well, obviously.

e. Before you can drop the Hiryuu's Egg into the pool underneath the Dist 
Caverns, you'll need to battle from 1-4 Chimeras. First, if you're using an 
emulator with instant state savings, keep on getting into battle with the 
Chimeras, until a favorable number of them appears. If you do decide to fight 
multiple Chimeras, battle them one at a time, throwing Ice spells and strong 
attacks against them. You'll also want to get the Knight Armor for Frioniel, at 
the bottom of Dist Caverns (take the southwest passage on the first floor, and 
follow the passage through), which will lessen the Chimera's damage by a good 
percent. With high HP, this boss shouldn't give you that much trouble.

f. The fake Hilda is really a Lamia Queen in disguise. This chick is a real ass 
to beat, too. First and foremost, she uses a Confuse spell, and a spell that 
increases it's evade, causing your guys to miss. Secondly, if that wasn't bad 
enough, she attacks you for 300 damage a pop, and then makes your guy 
fall asleep, for 2-3 rounds. I cannot stress having multiple characters with the 
"Esuna" spell at this moment. Whenever a guy is asleep, or confused, cast Esuna 
on him, and cure like mad! Swords and the Fire Bow do a nice amount of damage, 
but unfortunately, the Axe isn't too useful. I'd recommend that you resort to 
spells once the Lamia uses her evade increase spell. Finally, make sure you have 
HP in the 1500 range, and you'll win. Don't be surprised if you suffer a few 
fatalities in this battle, though.

g. After the Lamia Queen, you fight a real simple boss. Unlike in FF4, FF2's 
Behemoth isn't all that powerful. He mainly attacks physically, doing only 200-
300 damage. If you were able to beat the Lamia Queen, and have your characters 
at their maximum HP, you should be able to beat the Behemoth without even 
healing, using only physical attacks. Otherwise, enjoy the cool music that plays 
when you fight this guy.*

h. Gorts is the boss of the occupied Phin Castle. He deals around 400 HP per 
hit, and is smart enough to take one guy on at a time, so be careful. I'm sure 
Layla, after you get her in Phin Castle, is extremely weak, so put her in the 
back row, and have her cast Bolt spells. Make your other guys attack Gorts like 
crazy. After Gorts attacks one guy, get ready to cast Cure in the next round. He 
only has about 2000 HP, so it won't take all that long.

i. The Big Horn, boss of the Black Mask Cave, is laughably easy. I've even seen 
him appear as a regular enemy over by Mysidia at times. If you have full HP when 
you enter this fight, you should not lose. Use your strongest 
weapons/spells/items/etc. on him, and in 3 or 4 rounds, he'll be dead! If you 
ARE extremely weak, remember to heal the wounded characters.

j. The Great Worm is the boss of the Leviathan. He's not too hard to defeat, but 
can deal up to 900 points of damage to one character. First off, be sure 
Frioniel, Maria, and Guy have 2000+ HP. Then, I'd suggest putting Richard, who 
only starts with about 600 HP to begin with, in the back row so he won't get 
damaged. To finish off the job, attack the Great Worm, and when your HP gets to 
around 1000-1200 HP, heal. It shouldn't take too long to beat if you're careful.

k. The Fire Gigas is the first of 3 Gigases in the Tower of Mysidia. He's not 
hard at all. Attack, and use strong Blizzard spells. If you don't have strong 
Blizzard spells, use Holy. His attacks only take about 350 damage on you.

l. Now, the Ice Gigas is a bit harder than the Fire Gigas. His attacks take away 
more HP, and he has more life than the Fire Gigas, but shouldn't pose a threat 
at all. That's because...

m. ...these guys are only softening you up for the mighty Thunder Gigas. The 
Thunder Gigas is only weak against Clouder (which you can get in the Black Mask 
Cave). Attacks don't do that much damage. My suggestion is to equip the Unicorn 
Horn you found on the previous floor on your strongest 
warrior, then use it. This'll cast "Haste" on him. Then, blast away with Clouder 
and Holy. The Thunder Gigas can hit for up to 1500 HP, so be extremely careful. 
He also uses strong Thunder spells on you.

n. Guarding a treasure on the 9th floor of the Tower of Mysidia is the White 
Dragon. You don't even have to bother defeating this boss, but you should, if 
you're strong enough. The White Dragon attacks for around 500-1000 HP, so keep 
your HP levels high, and put Richard in the back row. Use 
Holy, and powerful physical attacks. What makes this battle so hard is that 
you're probably worn out after the gigantic climb and the fight with the 3 
Gigases. Defeating the Dragon, though, will net you both a Black Robe, for 
Maria, and a Wind Flute.*

o. On a high floor in the Whirlwind, you'll find the Diamond Armor and Diamond 
Helm, in a treasure chest guarded by the General. This will be a relatively 
simple fight. Although he can do 1200+ damage in a turn, he only attacks once, 
and won't take more than 3 rounds to beat. Holy seems to work best for this guy. 
You might want to heal your characters, never letting them drop below 1200 HP.

p. At the next-to-last floor in the Whirlwind, you'll come across a treasure 
chest with another Wind Flute in it. Unfortunately, you'll have to battle the 
Green Dragon to get it. The Green Dragon isn't extremely difficult, but you'll 
need to fully cure before attempting to grab the treasure chest the Dragon lurks 
in. Normally, the Green Dragon attacks for about 1000 HP, but after you've worn 
it down, it'll resort to using an attack called "Poison Breath", which will take 
about 200 HP on everybody. When it comes to this point, forget about healing, 
and finish the Dragon off.*

q. Finally, you come face to face with the Emperor. He's a real wuss, but before 
fighting him, you'll need to face off against 2 sets of Horsemen Corpses. 
They're not hard, don't waste magic on them. Once you do that, you'll finally 
face the emperor, 2 Horsemen Corpses, and a Wood Golem. First, attack the Wood 
Golem with Holy. The Wood Golem can put a guy to sleep for a few rounds whenever 
it attacks, so you'll want to deal with it first. Defeat it, and hack up the 
Horsemen, like you did before. All this whole time, the Emperor sits in the 
corner, using Haste on himself, and casting extremely weak thunder magic on the 
party. Once you breech the Emperor's defenses, he'll start to attack, but for 
only about 400 damage. Finish him off with something like 1500 HP worth of 
damage, and you've won!

r. In Paramekia Castle, you'll fight the Cursed Emperor. He lurks in a treasure 
chest which holds the Thunder Spear. Make sure you have your guys up with full 
HP, and use your strongest attacks on him.

s. The Blue Dragon lurks in Jade, where he guards the Cat Claw, a powerful 
dagger. He shouldn't pose much of a threat if you posess a Holy spell and an 
Ultima spell. He'll take around 1200 damage off a party member, and at times 
uses a thunder spell which will take 200 damage off of everybody. Don't worry 
about these, and concentrate on attacking. If you haven't spent the time to 
build him up, put Lionheart in the back row to protect him from attacks, since 
he's probably weaker than your other 3 characters.*

t. Use the EXACT same strategy on the King Behemoth as you did on the Blue 
Dragon. In return for your efforts, you'll grab the Rune Axe.

u. The Red Dragon will probably be the strongest and hardest enemy you'll ever 
fight up to this point in the game. He'll give you 10,000 gil, a Dragon Shield, 
and a Yoichi Bow (Yoichi = pure blood?) if you defeat him. I cannot stress the 
importance of both full HP and MP when you find yourself face to face with this 
dragon. Whenever it attacks, pray it uses Blaze 16 instead of a physical attack. 
Its physical attacks take away up to 2000 damage on a party member. The dragon 
also has a high amount of HP.*

v. The Zombie Borgan, who guards the Genji Helmet, is a joke, compared to the 
rest of the 3 bosses guarding treasure in the Pandemonium Castle. I beat him in 
2 rounds, getting lucky and getting a pre-emptive strike the first round :) Use 
Holy, a Rune Axe, Excalibur, and you'll beat him soon. His spells, like Flare, 
are fairly weak, and shouldn't pose a threat. Has about 3000 HP.

w. Remember Tiamat from the original Final Fantasy? This Tiamat is just as much 
as a pain in the ass as its successor. His attacks, which consist of Blaze, 
Lightning Strike, and Poison Breath will take away anything from 150-300 damage, 
eating your party down a little bit at a time. Don't overlook the fact that this 
guy will take a while to beat, so you should heal when you're low on HP. You'll 
get a Genji Chestguard when you beat it.*

x. Make absolute sure your HP is over 4000, and your MP is at maximum before you 
fight the Asta Lord. It's another extremely challenging boss. Not only does it 
take about 10 minutes to kill, but it has spells like Death, which will usually 
take out one party member. It uses Death sporadically, mainly concentrating on 
Clouder and Drain. These don't do too much damage, but they can wear you down. 
As if all that's not bad enough, his physical attacks will take about around 
3200 damage! You get a Ribbon for your heavy efforts, IF you win...*

y. Guarding the powerful Genji Armor is the Beelzebull. It's not a very hard 
boss, at least compared to the Asta Lord! Use a purely physical strategy, but be 
careful, because it can immobalize you with Stun spells, or Confuse one party 
member. If you don't have enough HP, exit from Pandemonium Castle, rest up, then 
try attacking this fool again...*

z. You're now face to face with the evil Emperor. Using this strategy will 
greatly increase your chances of winning.

Character	Row	HP	MP	Weapon		Magic		Item
Frioniel		1	4000	0	Masamune	None		Bacchus Wine, Elixir
Maria		2	4000	400	Yoichi Bow	Holy 16		Wind Flute, Elixir
Guy		2	4000	400	Rune Axe	Ultima 16	Wind Flute, Elixir
Lionheart	1	4000	0	Excalibur	None		Bacchus Wine, Elixir

Have Frioniel attack with the Masamune, Maria cast Holy from the back row, Guy 
cast Holy from the back row, and have Lionheart attack with the Excalibur. Use 
Bacchus Wines to speed up Frioniel and Lionheart the first round of the battle. 
If any character is low on HP/MP, use their Elixir, and if they're missing an 
Elixir, use their Wind Flute to do minor (about 200) damage with the Whirlwind 
attack. I'd say, as an estimate, he has about 10,000 HP. Good luck, for you'll 
need it!*

*These bosses have the REAL GREAT FF2 Boss Music play while fighting them!


a. It's OBVIOUS where Altea is! You start here :)

b. Gatea town is directly below Phin, and north of Altea. It's at the 
intersection of 2 rivers, one preventing direct passage to Phin.

c. Phin is right north of Gatea town. Unfortunately, there's a river blocking 
direct passage to Phin, so you'll need to cross the bridge west of Gatea town, 
and head down the river coastline, sidetracking until you find a bridge. Now, 
head back to Phin.

d. Once you get the Canoe, head to the lake directly north of Altea. From here, 
sail east, through the mountainous passage, and you'll come to Poft, the Pirate 

e. There are 2 ways to get to Palm. The easiest is to take a ferry in Poft, for 
32 gil. The other way is to head directly north of Palm, following the mountains 
up, then when the mountains split, head east until you come to the mountain that 
looks like a fish, and go down to Palm.

f. Salmando is to the northwest of Palm. From Palm, head directly north. Then 
you'll see a snow field, blocked by mountains. Follow the mountains west, and 
you'll come to a village nested in the mountains. This is Salmando. You can also 
get to Salmando via Cid's Airship.

g. From Salmando, follow the mountains west, until you come to the shoreline. 
Now, you have the choice of going up and down. Head down, and nestle the Canoe 
in the river that appears before you. Take the river straight east until you 
come to a cave over a waterfall. This is, of course, the Cave of the Semite 
Waterfall. You can also get to the cave via Cid's Airship.

h. Bofsk is quite a distance from any town, so it's best to hitch a ride via 
Cid's Airship to here. It's located directly east of Palm village, but you'll 
need to head north to get over the mountains and ocean that block the two 

i. The Ice Cave is directly north of Salmando, nestled in the big Snow Field. 
After you've gotten the Pass in Bofsk and the Ice Boat in the Cave of the Semite 
Waterfall, you can get onto the Snow Field and head to the cave. To get to the 
Snow Field, though, you'll need to enter from the west.  Directly north of the 
river you took to get to the Cave of the Semite Waterfall is a valley through 
the mountains, where you launch the Ice Boat from.

j. No matter where you are, it's a real long trek to Kashuon. It's nestled in 
the middle of a circular group of mountains, far south of Bofsk. Your best bet 
is to take Cid's Airship here, although you'll have a helluva time walking back 
to Altea.

k. The Empire's Warship is FAR north of Altea and Phin. It'll be a very long 
travel to get to the Warship, so purchase 2 Cottages, because you'll need to go 
round-trip. Slightly north of Phin, the strength of the enemies increase 
drastically, and you'll be fighting Land Turtles, Magicians, and more. Just 
continue onward, though, and you'll eventually come to the Warship.

l. Dist is on a small island directly west of Bofsk. Take the Ship you get from 
Layla to this island, and dock. It's in the center of the island, but if you're 
having trouble finding it, remember, you can now use the World Map to find it!

m. Dist Caverns is easy to find. Just head directly north of Dist, in the 
valley. :)

n. The Arena is out of the way. It's to the south of Kashuon. Go into the 
desert, head straight east, and follow the mountains all the way down, until you 
come to the small arena. Dock your Ship over by where the mountains start, as 
you can get to the continent Kashuon's on by heading directly west of Altea.

o. After saving Hilda, her and Gordon will be waiting in a camp, ready to attack 
Phin. The last remaining people in Altea and Batea tell you that the camp is to 
the west of Batea. Cross the bridge to the west of Gatea, and you'll find the 
camp, on the other side of the river.

p. Mysidia is fairly tough to find, as it's not on the map, but you're able to 
go here after you get the Ship. Dock your boat to the southwest of Altea, east 
of the Arena, and beat it to the River. Take the River over to the mountains, 
and then get out. Head down the west side of the mountains, and you should see a 
small village. This is Mysidia, village of the Magicians.

q. The Black Mask Cave is on a small island to the north of the Ice Field.The 
island is one big mountain, with a cave in the middle of it. Keep checking the 
world map to find the location of it.

r. The Mysidian Cave is directly east of Mysidia, in the center of mountains 
shaped in a hollow circle pattern. It's blatantly obvious to where this is if 
you use the world map function.

s. The Tower of Mysidia, and hence, Leviathan, are directly west of Altea, in 
the water, with a circular shaped landmass surrounding it.

t. The Whirlwind is directly northeast of Phin Castle.

u. The Castle of Paramekia is directly north of the Arena. Take your Airship, 
and descend on top of it to get in.

v. Jade is a portal that will take you to Pandemonium Castle, a hideous castle 
said to be linked to Hell itself. It's a portal far east of Mysidia, at the end 
of a peninsula. After beating Jade, you'll finally come face to face with 
Pandemonium Castle, and begin your final search for the Emperor.


a. Minh is Hilda's magician. He is equipped with assorted white magic spells 
when you get him at the beginning of the game, and will prove a valuable ally to 
you while you try and get the Mythril in the Cave of the Semite Waterfall. Later 
on, Hilda sends him on a task to fetch the powerful magic, Ultima, from  the top 
of the Tower of Mysidia. Will he make it back?

b. Josef is a man who the party meets while trying to grab the Mythril. He lives 
in Salmando and knows the way around the Ice Field, so he accompanies you there. 
He hates Paramekia, so he agrees to help you.

c. Gordon is the brother of Hilda's fiancee, Scott, and prince of Kashuon 
Castle. He joins you to help light the Eagle Torch for the party, and cleanse 
the occupied Castle free of all monsters. He starts out with 64 HP, and no 
spells. Put bluntly, he's crap. He'll die after the 2nd fight you get into, and 
he's better off left dead, IMHO.

d. Layla is the captain of the Pirates, and offers to lend you her ship to go to 
Dist. But are her intentions clear? Apparently, not. She immediately attempts to 
rob the party, but when she realizes you're fighting Paramekia, she joins. Leila 
posesses about 350 HP, and a Thunder spell. This'll help you out in your trip 
throughout the seas.

e. Richard is the last surviving Dragoon, swallowed by Leviathan. He joins your 
party when you show him the Crystal Rod you've found in the Mysidian Cave. He's 
fairly strong, equipped with the Wind Sword, but posesses no spells.

f. Lionheart is your permanent fourth character. He is lost in the beginning of 
the game after your defeat against the Black Horsemen.


a. Hilda is the Princess of Phin. Unfortunately, her family was kicked out of 
Phin by the Empire, and her parents were slain, so she escaped. She now heads 
the Resistance movement in Altea, a small town directly south of Phin. After 
reviving youu, Hilda will send you out on your mission to defeat the Emperor, 
and will play an important role in the story.

b. Scott is Hilda's fiancee. He's hidden in Phin, where he's breathing his dying 
breath. Fading away, he gives the party a Ring to show to Hilda, and tells the 
party he won't make it.

c. Paul is the master thief, who steals from the Empire. He always returns 
favors, so after you rescue him in the Cave of the Semite Waterfall, he'll be 
thankful to you, and pay you back much later in the game.

d. Cid is the famous Airship man. He'll allow the party to use his Airship 
service to get them where they need to go in the beginning of the game, and 
later, after the Empire attacks, he bequeaths his Airship upon you.

e. Nellie is Josef's daughter.

f. Elena is the wife of the last surviving Dragoon, Richard. She tells the party 
about the Dragoon race, and the flying dragons. Later on, she'll give Richard 
and the party the Excalibur, a powerful sword.

g. Borgan's the Empire confidant. He's a real jerk, and will lead your party 
into trouble. Luckily, he's a weakling...

h. The Dark Knight is a mysterious recruit to Empire Paramekia, who's past is 
surrounded in mystery. He appears at certain times to mysteriously taunt the 

i. The Emperor is the main villain of the game. He built up Paramekia to crush 
every area in it's way. Some believe he gets his powers from the gates of Hell 


a. Fire is a spell that you'll use a lot on the course of your mission, 
presumably against Ice-based creatures. It sends a small blaze at enemies.

b. Thunder will be another spell you'll use frequently throughout your 
adventure, especially when you get the Ship. It sends a bolt of electricity to 
strike enemies.

c. Blizzard is your third most invaluable spell. It'll cover the enemy in white 

d. Keal is probably the most important spell in the game, bar none. It'll heal 
your party members.

e. Blink nullifies the next few physical attacks from the enemy. 

f. Protes increases the defense of a party member. Not too useful, unless you've 
got low HP.

g. Shell increases your defense against magic. 

h. Fear strikes the enemies with immense fear, increasing their chances of 
running away from you.

i. Vasna heals all the party members, but it's much weaker than the regular 

j. Esuna is an important spell. It cures you of any status ailment inflicted on 

k. Silence will attempt to mute the monsters, so they won't be able to cast 

l. Barrier increases your defense against physical attacks, stronger than Protes 

m. Wall puts a wall up on your party, reflecting magical attacks used against 

n. Change swaps the caster's HP/MP with whomever you use it on.

o. Holy sends a powerful white explosion to scorch the enemy, regardless of 
his/her Element.

p. Flare is a powerful fire ball which is sent at enemies. This spell is found 
atop the Tower of Mysidia, or in a secret shop at the base of the waterfall in 
Jade (see above).

q. Ultima will send a massive green light to scorch all opponents. This is the 
strongest spell in the game, but you can only get it atop the Tower of Mysidia.

r. Death will bring an enemy to an instant death.

s. Dispell removes any power up spells the enemy casts on itself.

t. Teleport allows you to escape from a dungeon, but makees the caster extremely 
weak. When it's level raises, though, it puts less and less of a strain on the 

u. Raise revives a character. VERY important spell.

v. Clouder (sometimes called Aero) sends massive waves of purple clouds to 
damage the enemy. Can be found in the Black Mask cave.

w. Drain drains the HP out of one opponent, and sends it to the caster.

x. Fog is just a stronger version of Mute, and if this gets used against you, 
the effects will stay with you even after the battle's over. 

y. Haste increases the attack power of the person it's cast on. Extremely 
important spell, and essential in the boss battles.

z. Curse weakens the enemy's attack power.

aa. Sleep makes the enemy fall asleep, thus it can't attack until it's damaged.

ab. Stun resembles the Sleep spell, except that the character stays frozen after 

ac. Stop stops the opponent, like Stun.

ad. Confu confuses the enemy, so it attacks itself and other enemies.

ae. Blind lowers a character's hit rate, and if your party member gets attacked 
with it, it gets to wear those funky shades :)

af. Toad turns an enemy to a wussy frog that runs away.

ag. Break turns a character to stone. Reversed with a Gold Needle.

ah. Degeon warps you up 1 floor of the dungeon.

ai. Minimal shrinks a character, bringing attack and defense down dramatically.

aj. Anti takes away MP, but doesn't absorb it, like Aspell.

ak. Slow lowers the number of attacks a character can make with his weapon.

al. Aspell takes away enemy MP, absorbing it.

am. Aura changes the colors of the characters, but I don't know if this has any 
real effect asides from that.

an. Berserk makes an enemy go crazy, only attacking.

*Note that the effectiveness of ALL spells is determined by the level of the 
spell (1-16)!

[END/ (C) 1998 LUKE DRELICK/ http://rpgocean.hypermart.net]

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