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The One that started it all 02/18/01 Arek
The First Real RPG Game For The NES 03/09/01 Bobo The Clown
I know a lot of people have problems with this game, but it was a great game. 09/25/08 Calamity
Thou so simple, thou so old, thou so ADDICTING. 09/03/01 Da VideoGuy
Save the Princess, then Save the World 02/27/12 dsaddict
Really simple, yet has sort of an old world charm. And yet it's pretty bad. 05/08/13 electricbugs2
Back to the roots. 03/13/08 Erunion
The game that set the standard... for boredom 04/06/00 Falsiloquos
And so the quest begins... 08/27/14 horror_spooky
Revolutionary? Yes. Bland? Yes. Hard? Hoo-wee! 10/21/08 Indy1988
Who could expect more? 06/21/01 JAndonuts
The addiction that started with the free game that came with Nintendo Power.. 11/01/99 Lone
All in all, it's a bit boring 10/05/09 LunarSonata
Possibly the earliest Nintendo RPG 07/30/01 MI4 REAL
Fortune smiles upon thee, thou hast received anohter mediocre review 12/09/00 Mikester
The one that started it all... and it ain't half bad! 01/11/01 PUhler
Thou Would Enjoy This Game 08/03/18 RyanVG
The catalyst that kindled the US's interest in RPGs. 07/27/01 Saikyo Ki
A classic not to be forgotten. 03/20/00 Scot
The ORIGINAL RPG- to say the least. 01/28/00 Spektre
I really wanted to like this game... 07/06/00 TBranford
Actually fun after all these years... 12/27/01 TuxedoAlex
Little man with a stick 02/21/01 Van Veen
The highlight of the game was finding the flute. Really. 02/06/00 Vegita

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