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Japanese Game Script by x_loto

Version: v5.11 | Updated: 07/10/2010

|  ドラゴンクエスト                                                           |
|  DRAGON QUEST Japanese Game Script and Mini Playing Guide v5.11             |
|  (C) 2006-2010 Jason Kuntz (x_loto)                                         |
|     x_loto@hotmail.com                                                      |
|  Based on the Japanese release of "Dragon Quest"                            |
|     (C) 1986 Enix (Famicom/MSX/MSX2/NEC PC-9801)                            |
|     (C) 1986 Enix, (C) 1991, 1992 Mitsuru Kamiyama (X68000)                 |
|  Also released in North America as "Dragon Warrior"                         |
|     (C) 1986, 1989 Enix, Licenced to Nintendo (NES)                         |
|  Start Date: 03/27/2006                                                     |
|  Latest Submission Date: 07/09/2010                                         |

NOTE: This file uses Japanese (Shift-JIS) encoding. It looks best when viewed 
in Word using a fixed-width Japanese font. If you are unable to use Word, don't 
worry, as the only minor problem in the browser (as long as you enable Shift-
JIS) is with lining up columns in certain tables.


                   |           Table of Contents           |

        1. Foreword/Mission Statement     .   .   .   .   .   .  [1FOR]
        2. Transcription/Translation  .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [2TRA]

              A. INTRODUCTION     .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [AINT]
              B. THE CENTRAL LANDS    .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [BCEN]
                 i. Ladatorm Castle
                ii. Ladatorm
               iii. The Cave of Loto
              C. THE NORTHWEST: GARAI     .   .   .   .   .   .  [CGAR]
              D. THE EASTERN LANDS    .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [DEAS]
                 i. Maira
                ii. The Rain Shrine
              E. THE SOUTHERN ISLAND  .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [ESOU]
                 i. Rimuldar
                ii. The Holy Shrine
              F. BEHIND LOCKED DOORS  .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [FLOC]
                 i. Ladatorm Castle Unlocked
                ii. Ladatorm Unlocked
               iii. Garai Unlocked
                iv. Maira Unlocked
              G. THE RESCUE OF PRINCESS LORA  .   .   .   .   .  [GRES]
                 i. The Marsh Cave
                ii. Ladatorm Castle Revisited
               iii. Ladatorm Revisited

              A. THE SOUTHERN LANDS: MELKIDO  .   .   .   .   .  [AMEL]
              B. THE RAINBOW DROP     .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [BRAI]
                 i. The Rain Shrine Revisited
                ii. The Holy Shrine Revisited
              D. EPILOGUE     .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [DEPI]
                 i. The Cheers of the People
                ii. Ending Proper
               iii. Credits

           ACT 0: OUTSIDE THE PLOT
              A. CURSED!  .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [ACUR]
              B. MAXIMUM LEVEL    .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [BMAX]
              C. BONUS! BACK OF THE BOX   .   .   .   .   .   .  [CBOX]
              D. DUMMIED TEXT     .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [DDUM]

        3. Navigating the Game    .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [3NAV]
           a. Starting Up     .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [3STA]
           b. Basic Command Windows   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [3BAS]
           c. Battle Command Windows  .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [3BAT]
           d. Shopping    .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [3SHO]
        4. Item Lists     .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [4ITE]
           a. Equipment   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [4EQU]
           b. Tools   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [4TOO]
        5. Magic List and Effects     .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [5MAG]
        6. Monster List   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [6MON]
        7. Experience Points Chart    .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [7EXP]
        8. Special Passwords  .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [8PAS]
        9. Version History    .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [9VER]
       10. Credits/Thanks/Legal   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .  [10CR]

                   |      Foreword/Mission Statement       |

It has now been twenty-four years since the world was first introduced to 
"Dragon Quest." It is one of the most popular and persistent RPG series in 
existence, spawning a myriad of sequels, remakes, and spin-offs over the years. 
To me, all this attention is well-founded, as it is also (in my opinion) one of 
the best RPG series for a console system. Although the games after the initial 
trilogy have little to do with each other plotwise, they are extremely 
consistent--same style of monsters, same style of world, same style of 
storytelling. Some would say this makes them boring, but with the application 
of some imagination there is a lot that these games have to offer. The early 
games may not have aged terribly well, but they are still important, and they 
set the stage for a long line of whimsical creatures in memorable worlds.

However, because of Nintendo of America's tight reign on the content of its 
games in the '80s and early '90s, much of what we saw in the U.S. was watered-
down or otherwise altered. For example, have you ever heard of a Puff-puff? 
This mysterious massage technique is well-known to fans of recent "Dragon 
Quest" games, including "Dragon Quest VIII," but you may not know that it 
actually made its debut in the Japanese release of the very first game! (In the 
American release, the woman who offers the Puff-puff says instead that she has 
no tomatoes. For the record, Nintendo, there is a huge difference between a 
Puff-puff and a lack of tomatoes! :-P)

This is where I enter the story. I have had a life-long interest in the 
languages of the Far East, Japanese in particular. The characters used in 
writing Japanese have always fascinated me, but the language itself, with its 
complex honorific grammar system, strange usage of particles, and yes, even 
those beautiful kanji characters, seemed all but impenetrable. But now, finally,
I've decided to buckle down and learn Japanese, using video games as a tool--
and sharing the fruits of my labors with you, O Lucky Readers! Therefore, I am 
providing my translation of the original Japanese version of "Dragon Quest" so 
that you can see along with me where it differs from the American version. (And 
it just seemed like a good idea, since no one else had done it yet!)

But more than just that, I am also asking for your help, O Knowledgeable 
Readers. If you are reading this, and you know Japanese (or at the very least 
you know it better than I do), and you find a mistake, please do not hesitate 
to send me an email so I may correct it, and you will be credited in the next 

As one final note, let me point out that this is not a walkthrough. It is 
simply the script, plus a mini-guide to get you playing in Japanese if you wish.

Just a little trivia:
・The Japanese release used a password system of twenty characters to save 
progress. The battery-packed RAM method was added onto the American release, 
which was published a year after "Dragon Quest III" became the first Japanese 
game in the series to use it.
・As the first game of the series, it introduced many recurring elements. Among 
these are: the Nameless Hero, the "Dragon Quest March," the ubiquitous Slime, 
the Puff-puff, and a peculiar absence of dragons throughout the majority of the 
・Among the elements that didn't see further use: dungeon music that plays in a 
lower key and tempo as you descend to lower levels, and the requirement of 
torches or magic to light the way.

Well, that's enough for this long introduction, O Intrepid Readers. It is my 
sincere hope that you enjoy this guide, and perhaps even find it useful!

                   |       Transcription/Translation       |

In this section, I have transcribed the game text. First, the text is 
reproduced exactly as it appears in the game (there shouldn't be any typos at 
this point, but the possibility remains); then I present my translation of the 
original text into English. This translation is very literal, but it is as 
accurate as possible to the best of my knowledge, though some passages were 
altered to make better-sounding English. To make mistakes easier to spot, I 
have marked passages that I am unsure of with "(?)" although in all probability 
there are also other errors that I don't realize I have made. Also, even after 
two full playthroughs and a text dump, there is still the chance that I haven't 
seen 100% of the game text. If you know of anything that is missing, please let 
me know and I will try to fill in the empty spots sometime in the future.

I have marked the beginning of each "Act," as well as each major and minor 
section, with a distinctive header to aid in browsing. Likewise, I have marked 
each separate event or conversation with "★" to make it stand out. Where the 
player's name appears in the text I have used the name えっくす (Ekkusu)--the 
Japanese pronunciation of the letter "X."

The text in this file is from the Famicom version of the game, but the MSX and 
MSX2 versions *should* be exactly the same throughout. I have tried, as much as 
possible, to arrange the text in the order it would be seen in actual gameplay, 
but for organization's sake some of the ordering may have been changed.

As a supplement to this file for those who actually want to play the game in 
Japanese, I have also made maps of the entire game with the Japanese names of 
items and locations (with translations, of course) available on GameFAQs.com. 
These can also be used with the U.S. version, as only the names will be 
significantly different.

And now, without further ado, I present to you:

                                 Dragon Quest

________--------~~~~~~~~             ACT I             ~~~~~~~~--------________
                          PRINCESS LORA
~~~~~~~~--------________                               ________--------~~~~~~~~

             ----<<<<{{{{((((    INTRODUCTION    ))))}}}}>>>>----

*「おお えっくす!
  ゆうしゃロトの ちをひくものよ!
Oh, X! The Descendant of the Hero Loto! I have been waiting for thine arrival.

*「その むかし ゆうしゃロトが
  カミから ひかりのたまをさずかり
It is said that long ago the Hero Loto was given a Ball of Light from God and 
sealed away monsters.

*「しかし いずこともなくあらわれた
  あくまのけしん りゅうおうが
  そのたまを やみにとざしたのじゃ
But the Dragon King, evil incarnate, appeared from nowhere and shut the Ball in 

*「このちに ふたたびへいわをっ!
Peace on this Earth has been shattered once again!

*「ゆうしゃ えっくすよ!
  りゅうおうをたおし そのてから
Hero X! Please defeat the Dragon King and take back the Ball of Light from his 

*「わしからの おくりものじゃ!
  たからのはこを とるがよい!
These are gifts from me! Take the treasure chests at thy side!

*「そして このへやにいる
  へいしにきけば たびのちしきを
And if you ask the soldiers in this room they will teach you knowledge for your 

*「では また あおう!
  ゆうしゃ えっくすよ!
Well then, let us meet again! Hero X!

           ----<<<<{{{{((((    THE CENTRAL LANDS    ))))}}}}>>>>----

                ----++++****    Ladatorm Castle    ****++++----

★King: Before Leaving the Throne Room
*「たびのしたくが できたなら
  また わしに あいにくるがよい
  まっておるぞ えっくすよ!
If you are prepared for your journey, you should come to meet me again, and I 
shall be waiting, X!

★Guard: Throne Door L (Before Leaving the Throne Room)
*「このおしろをでると となりに
  まちが ある。
When you leave the castle, there is a town nearby.

*「そこで まず ぶきと ぼうぐを
So first of all get your weapon and armor purchases in order.

*「たたかいで きずついたときは
  まちにもどり やどやにとまると
  きずが かいふくするだろう。
When you are injured in battle, the wounds will recover if you return to town 
and stay at the inn.

★Guard: Throne Door R (Before Leaving the Throne Room)
*「たからのはこを ぜんぶとったなら
  そのなかに かぎが はいっていた
If you took all the treasure boxes, there should have been a key inside.

*「かぎは 1どつかうと なくなって
  しまうが そのかぎで とびらを
When you use the key one time it will disappear, but when you open the door 
using the key...

*「おまえのたびが はじまるだろう。
your journey will begin.

★Guard: Throne Room
*「ローラひめのことを ごぞんじか?
Do you know of Princess Lora?
│  どうか ひめを
│  たすけだして ください!
│X! Please rescue the princess!
│*「ひめさまが まものたちに
│  さらわれて はんとしになる…
│It has been nearly half a year since the princess was kidnapped by monsters...
│*「おうさまは なにも
│  おっしゃらないが
│  とても くるしんでいるはず。
│The King says nothing, but he must be very worried.
│  どうか ひめを
│  たすけだして ください!
└X! Please rescue the princess!

★King: Giving a Password
*「おお えっくす!
  よくぞ ぶじで もどってきた。
  わしは とても うれしいぞ。
Oh, X! How good that thou hast returned safely. I am very pleased.

*「そなたが つぎのレベルになるには
  あと __ポイントの
  けいけんが ひつようじゃ。
Thou needest __ experience points to reach the next level.

*「そなたに ふっかつの じゅもんを
Let me teach to thee the Spell of Restoration!


*「これを かきとめておくのだぞ。
Thou shouldst write this down and keep it.

*「では また あおう!
  ゆうしゃ えっくすよ!
Well then, let us meet again! Hero X!

★King: Returning to Game
*「おお えっくす!
  よくぞ もどってきてくれた!
  わしは とても うれしいぞ。
Oh, X! How good that thou hast returned! I am very pleased.

*「そなたが つぎのレベルになるには
  あと __ポイントの
  けいけんが ひつようじゃ。
Thou needest __ experience points to reach the next level.

*「レベルが あがったときは
  わしに あいにくるようにな。
Thou shouldst come to meet with me when thy level has risen.

*「では また あおう!
  ゆうしゃ えっくすよ!
Well then, let us meet again! Hero X!

★King: Returning from Death
*「おお えっくす!
  しんでしまうとは なにごとだ!
Oh, X! You died on us!
[NOTE: Thanks to CygnusZ for helping with this one!]

*「しかたのない やつだな。
  おまえに もう いちど
  きかいを あたえよう!
It can't be helped. Let us give you one more chance!

*「たたかいで キズついたときは
  まちにもどり やどやに とまって
When you are hurt in battle, returning to town and staying at the inn will heal 
your wounds.

*「ふたたび このようなことが
  わしは いのっている!
I am praying that another experience like this does not happen!

*「おまえが つぎのレベルになるには
  あと __ポイントの
  けいけんが ひつようじゃ。
You need __ experience points to reach the next level.

*「では ゆけ! えっくすよ!
So go! X!

★Guard: Throne Door L
*「おかねが たまったら ぶきや
  よろいを たかいものに
Once you save some money, replace your weapons and armor with more expensive 

*「そうすれば もっと つよく
If you do so, you will become much stronger.

★Guard: Throne Door R
*「ひとびとの はなしに みみを
  きっと やくにたつだろう。
Listen to the words of the people. Surely they will be useful.

★Guard: Stairs Top
*「ふっかつのじゅもんが あれば
  それをきいたときの じょうたいで
  よみがえることが できるだろう。
If you have a Spell of Restoration, you can restore things to the conditions at 
the time that you heard it.

★Guard: Stairs Bottom
*「たびをいちど やめたいときは
  おうにあい ふっかつのじゅもんを
When you want to stop your journey for a time, first meet with the King to hear 
the Spell of Restoration.

★Man: Main Hall
*「ここ ラダトームは そのむかし
  らくえん でした。
  それを まものたちが…
In the old days, Ladatorm was a paradise. The monsters changed that....

★Woman: Main Hall/Guard: Posted E of Hall
*「ああ ローラひめは
  いったい どこに…
Ah, where on earth is Princess Lora...

★Guard: Walking E of Hall
*「どうくつに はいるときは
  たいまつを もってゆけよ。
When you enter a cave, take a torch.

★Old Man: Healer
*「おお カミよ!
  ふるい いいつたえの ゆうしゃ
  えっくすに ひかり あれ!
O God! May the light be with the Hero X of the ancient legends!

★Guard: Gate L/R
*「ラダトームの おしろに
Welcome to Ladatorm Castle!

★Merchant: N
*「わたしたちは たびの しょうにん
  です。 おおくのなかまが
  まものたちに ころされました。
We are traveling merchants. Many of our colleagues have been killed by monsters.

★Merchant: S
*「うわさでは まものたちに
  ほろぼされた まちも
According to the rumors, there are even whole towns that have been destroyed by 
the monsters.

★Man: NW Room
*「まものたちと たたかって
  けいけんを つんでください。
Please fight with monsters and build up experience.

*「そうすれば ゆうしゃとしての
  レベルが つぎつぎとあがり
If you do so your level as a hero will rise one by one, and you will become 

★Guard: NE Room
*「とびらを あけるには
  カギが ひつようだ。
You need a key to open the door.

                   ----++++****    Ladatorm    ****++++----

★Man: Entrance
*「ラダトームのまちに ようこそ。
Welcome to the town of Ladatorm.

★Woman: Arms Shop
  なかにすすみ つくえ ごしに
Welcome. Please come inside and talk to the person across the desk.

★Old Man: Near Arms Shop
*「どくのぬまちに きをつけなされ。
  ぬまちを あるくときは
  たいりょくに きをつかうようにな
Be careful in the poison marsh. When you walk through the marsh, pay attention 
to your strength.

★Man: Center
*「このまちの ずっと きたにいき
  うみべを にしにあるくと
  ガライのまちが あるそうです。
If you go all the way north from this town and walk west along the beach, there 
is the town of Garai.

★Merchant: Center
*「どうか まものたちを
  たおして ください。
Please defeat the monsters somehow.

★Soldier: S Central
  まちから とおくに たびにでて
  そして しんだ。
Many heroes have left from this town to journey far away, only to die.

*「ゆうしゃ えっくすよ
  おまえを しなせたくないものだな
Hero X, I do not want you to die.

★Soldier: E Central
*「おまえが ロトの ちをひくもの?
  なにか しょうこが あるのか?
You are the descendant of Loto? Have you any proof?

★Guard: E
*「たたかいで けいけんを つみ
  レベルが あがったときは
  おうさまに あいに いけよ。
When you have gained experience through battle and your level has risen, go 
meet with the King.

★Soldier: NE Corner
*「はしに きをつけろ!
Be careful of bridges!

*「はしをわたって とおくにいくほど
  おそろしい まものたちが
Terrible monsters appear when crossing faraway bridges.

★Man: E, Left Room
*「うわさでは どこかに まほうの
  カギをうってる まちが
Rumor says somewhere there is a town that is selling magic keys.

★Old Man: E, Right Room
*「もし そなたが のろわれたなら
  ここに くるがよい。
If thou art cursed, thou shouldst come here.
[NOTE: Interestingly, here (and apparently every place where the phrase がよい 
appears) the symbol used to end the sentence is the handakuten (゜) by mistake, 
rather than the full-stop (。). It's not easy to notice in-game, however. The 
handakuten is designed to be placed on the line above the kana, so it is drawn 
in the bottom region of the space and still looks basically the same as the 

★Woman: S
*「いーえ わたしは
No, I am not Princess Lora.

★Guard: Inn
*「おうさまに つたえてくれ
  ローラひめの そうさくたいは
Please tell the King that the search party for Princess Lora was annihilated...

*「わたしも もう だめだ…
I too am done for... Cough...

★Man: SE
  うみのむこうに おしろが
A castle can be seen across the sea south of Ladatorm Castle.

*「りゅうおうは そのしろに
  いるとか…。おお こわい…。
They say the Dragon King is in that castle.... Ooh, scary....

★Man: Item Shop
*「そこの へこんだところから
  なかへ すすんでください。
Please go inside through the indentation.

               ----++++****    The Cave of Loto    ****++++----

★Stone Slate
えっくすは せきばんを みつけた。
X discovered a stone slate.

せきばんには こう かかれている。
On the slate this is written.

*「わたしのなは ロト。
  わたしの ちをひきしものよ。
My name is Loto. You are my descendant.

*「ラダトームからみえる まのしまに
  わたるには 3つのものが
To cross over to Demon's Isle, which is visible from Ladatorm, three objects 
were necessary.

*「わたしは それらを あつめ
  まのしまに わたり
  まおうを たおした。
I collected these objects, crossed to the Demon's Isle, and defeated the Devil.

*「そして いま その3つの
  しんぴなるものを 3にんの
  けんじゃに たくす。
And I now entrust these three mysterious objects to three sages.

*「かれらの しそんが それらを
Their descendants will protect these items.

*「ふたたび まのしまに
  あくが よみがえったとき
When once again evil is resurrected on Demon's Isle,

*「それらを あつめ
collect those items and fight.

         ----<<<<{{{{((((    THE NORTHWEST: GARAI    ))))}}}}>>>>----

★Old Man: Item Shop
*「ふるい いいつたえでは いだいな
  ぎんゆう しじん ガライが
  このまちを つくったそうじゃ。
According to the old legends, the great minstrel Garai founded this town.

★Old Man: SW Corner
*「うわさでは ローラひめは
  どこかの どうくつに とじこめ
The rumors say Princess Lora was imprisoned in a cave somewhere.

*「もう たすけだされたのかのお…
Will she be rescued soon.... (?)

★Soldier: Near Arms Shop
*「おれは みやおうだ。
  キムこうを さがしている。
I am Miyaou. I am searching for Lord Kim.
[NOTE: Thanks to CygnusZ for tipping me off on this! This seems to be an 
encounter with one of the game developers. It appears Miyaou is actually 
Hiroshi Miyaoka, who assisted in the scenario development.]

★Woman: Center
  ガライに ようこそ!
Welcome to Garai, the Town of Reminiscence!

★Man: East Side
*「わたしは きいた!
  なんと ひめを さらったまものが
  ひがしのほうに とびさったとか!
I heard! They say the monsters that kidnapped the Princess fled to the east!

           ----<<<<{{{{((((    THE EASTERN LANDS    ))))}}}}>>>>----

                     ----++++****    Maira    ****++++----

★Old Man: SE Corner
*「ここは マイラの むらです。
This is the village of Maira.

★Man: Center
*「みなみのしまは とても こわい
The Southern Island is an awfully dreadful place.

*「じゅうぶんに ちからをつけてから
  いかないと いきて
If you don't gain enough strength before you go, you won't return alive.

★Woman: Center
*「どうか まものたちを
  たおして ください。
Please defeat the monsters somehow.

★Guard: Center
*「ゴーレムは ふえのね が
I hear the Golem doesn't like the sound of the Flute.

★Soldier: Center
*「おれは ゆうていだ。
  キムこうを さがしている。
I am Yuutei. I am searching for Lord Kim.
[NOTE: Thanks again to CygnusZ for this info! It seems that Yuutei refers to 
Yuji Horii, who wrote the scenario for the game.]

★Old Man: NE Corner
*「ふるい いいつたえでは
  ようせいたちは ゴーレムを
  ねむらせた そうじゃ。
In the old legends, they say the fairies made Golem sleep.

★Soldier: Arms Shop
*「ドムドーラの はるかひがしに
  うっているまちが あるらしい。
Far to the east of Domdora is a town that is selling magnificent weapons.

★Woman: Fountain
*「ここは ろてんぶろで
This is a bath.

*「こうようは りゅうまちで
It helps rheumatism.

★Old Man: NW Corner
*「ロトの ちをひく ゆうしゃよ!
  しかし そのぶきでは
  りゅうおうを たおせまいぞ!
Hero descended from Loto! But you cannot defeat the Dragon King with that 

*「また くるがよい!
You should come again!

★Old Man: NW Corner (With Sword of Loto)
*「ついに てにいれたな。
  ゆうしゃ えっくすよ!
At last you have obtained it. Hero X!

★Man: W Area
*「おまえが ロトの ちをひくもの?
  なにか しょうこが あるのか?
You are the descendant of Loto? Have you any proof?

★Guard: SW Corner
*「うわさでは リムルダールに
  カギをうるみせが あるらしい。
According to rumor, there is a shop in Rimuldar that sells keys.

*「みなみの しまに いきましたか?
Have you gone to the Southern Island?
│*「なんと! とても つよい
│  まものたちが いるとききましたが
│What! Although very powerful monsters are there, you made it back!
│*「みなみには リムルダールという
│  まちが あるらしいです。
└In the south there is a town called Rimuldar.

                ----++++****    The Rain Shrine    ****++++----

★Old Man
*「そなたが まことの ゆうしゃか
  どうか ためさせてほしい。
I want to test whether thou art the true hero.

*「このちの どこかに まものたちを
  よびよせる ぎんのたてごとが
I hear that somewhere on this earth there is a Silver Harp that summons 

*「それを もちかえったとき
  そなたを ゆうしゃと みとめ
  あまぐものつえを さずけよう。
When thou hast brought that, I will recognize thee as a hero and grant thee the 
Staff of Clouds.

          ----<<<<{{{{((((    THE SOUTHERN ISLAND    ))))}}}}>>>>----

                   ----++++****    Rimuldar    ****++++----

★Woman: E Side
*「おいで ぼうや。
Hey there, boy. If you want a Puff-puff, it's 50 Gold.

★Man: Center
*「リムルダールのまちに ようこそ!
Welcome to the town of Rimuldar!

★Soldier: Inn
*「いよお えっくす!
Hey X! You're X, aren't you! It's been a long time, hasn't it.

★Soldier: S Side
*「ゆびわは せんしの たしなみだ。
A ring is a warrior's fashion.

★Soldier: S Side (With Warrior's Ring)
  おまえは はずかしいやつだなあ。
Isn't a guy like you embarrassed, wearing rings and such?

★Guard: Near SW Building
*「うわさでは ラダトームのおしろに
  たいようのいしが あるらしい。
  もう てにいれたか?
According to rumor, the Sun Stone is in Ladatorm Castle. Have you obtained it 

★Old Man: Small Island
*「ふるい いいつたえでは ロトは
  このしまの にしのはずれに
The old legends say that Loto attached a rainbow to the western end of this 

*「そして まおうの へやの
  かくされたる いりぐちより
And I hear that he entered the darkness through an entrance that was concealed 
in the Devil's room.

★Man: North Room L
*「おまえが ロトの ちをひくもの?
  なにか しょうこが あるのか?
You are the descendant of Loto? Have you any proof?

★Woman: North Room R
*「あなた だれ?
  でてゆかないと ひとをよぶわよ!
Who are you? If you don't leave I'll call someone!

★Soldier: Arms Shop
*「りゅうおうの うろこは
  はがねのように かたいらしいぜ。
They say the Dragon King's scales are hard as steel.

★Woman: SW Room
*「やがて このまちも
  ああ カミさま……
Soon even this town will be...by the monsters.... Ah, God....

★Soldier: SW Room
*「りゅうおうの からだを
  つらぬける つるぎが このよに
Is there a sword in this world that can pierce the Dragon King's body....

★Man: SW Room
*「みなみに いっては いけません。
  もっともっと つよいまものが
  すんでいる そうです。
You must not go to the south. They say that many, many strong monsters live 

★Old Man: SW Room
*「ここは よげんじょ。
  せいなる ほこらをみつけたか?
This place gives predictions. Have you found the Holy Shrine?
│*「あめと たいようが あわさる
│  ほこらじゃ。
│It is the shrine that unites the Rain and the Sun.
│*「みなみに ゆくがよい。
└You should go south.

★Man: NE Corner
*「ちゅん でーす。
  かのじょを まっています。
I am Chun. I am waiting for my girlfriend.
[NOTE: Chun, of course, is a reference to ChunSoft, which was named after the 
hero of Koichi Nakamura's first game, "Door Door."]

★Woman: SW Corner
*「もう ちゅんさまったら
  おそいわねえ。 ぷんぷん。
If Chun isn't already late meeting me! Grrr.

★Merchant: Key Shop

★Old Man: Inn
*「わたしは よしりーん。
  マイラのおふろから みなみに4つ
  あるき しらべるがよい。
I am Yoshiriin. You should investigate four steps south from the bath in Maira.
[NOTE: Almost every proper name in the game refers to someone involved in its 
creation, so I would be surprised if Yoshiriin were an exception. However, I 
don't know who this could be.]

                ----++++****    The Holy Shrine    ****++++----

★Old Man
*「そなたが ロトのちをひく
  まことの ゆうしゃなら
  しるしが あるはず
If thou art the true hero descended from Loto, thou shouldst have the Mark.

*「おろかものよ! たちされい!
Fool!  Leave!

          ----<<<<{{{{((((    BEHIND LOCKED DOORS    ))))}}}}>>>>----

           ----++++****    Ladatorm Castle Unlocked    ****++++----

★Guard: Treasury
*「まことの ゆうしゃなら
  ぬすみなど せぬはずだ。
If you are a true hero, you shouldn't steal.

★Old Man: Church
*「ゆうしゃのため いのりましょう。
Let us pray for the Hero.

*「ひかりが そなたと ともに
May the light be with thee....

★Soldier: Near Church
*「わたしは ちかしつを
  さがしている。 おしろの
  どこかに あるらしいが…
I am searching for the cellar. They say there is one somewhere in the castle...

★Guard: Before Barrier
*「たいりょくに じしんが
  あるなら はいるがよい。
If you have confidence in your strength, enter.

★Soldier: Behind Barrier
*「ガライのはかは ガライのまちに。
  まちに はいり くらやみのかべを
The Tomb of Garai is in the town of Garai. Enter the town and press on a wall 
of darkness.

★Woman: Near Key Shop
*「あめと たいようが あわさるとき
  にじのはしが できる。
When the Rain and Sun unite, a Rainbow Bridge is formed.

*「ふるい いいつたえ ですわ。
It's an old legend.

★Old Man: Basement
*「わしは まっておった。
  そなたのような わかものが
I have been waiting. For the appearance of a young man like thou...

*「さあ たからのはこを
Come now, take the treasure box.

★Old Man: Basement (After Obtaining Sun Stone)
*「ここには もう ようがないはず。
Thou hast no more business here. Thou shouldst go.

               ----++++****    Ladatorm Unlocked    ****++++----

★Soldier: Inn
*「うわさでは ガライのはかに
  ぎんのたてごとが あるらしい…
According to rumor, there is a Silver Harp in the Tomb of Garai....

                ----++++****    Garai Unlocked    ****++++----

★Old Man: Inside Building
*「うわさでは どこかに
  ゆうしゃ ロトのきていた
  よろいが あるらしい。
According to rumor, somewhere exists the armor that the Hero Loto wore.

★Man: Inside Building
*「はるか みなみに ドムドーラの
  まちが ありました。
  いまも あるのでしょうか……。
Far to the south was the town of Domdora. Is it still there now....

★Woman: Inside Building
*「おとこなんて きらいよ。
I hate the likes of men. *Glare*

★Merchant: Inside Building
*「えーい もってけ! どろぼう!
Hey, hold it! Thief! (?)

★Guards: Inside Building, L/R
*「わたしは いそがしい。
  となりのやつに きいてくれ。
I'm busy. Ask the next guy.

★Old Man: Tomb Entrance
*「たてごとは まものたちを
  ガライのはかに ちかよるな!
The harp summons monsters. Do not approach the Tomb of Garai!

                ----++++****    Maira Unlocked    ****++++----

★Old Man: W Room
*「ふえを てにいれたか?
Have you obtained the Flute?
│*「メルキドのまちに ゆくがよい!
│You should go to the town of Melkido!
│*「よしりーんが もっていたが
│  リムルダールにいくといって
│  むらをでて それっきりかえらぬ。
└Yoshiriin had it, but he left the village saying he was going to Rimuldar, 
and he has not returned. (?)

      ----<<<<{{{{((((    THE RESCUE OF PRINCESS LORA    ))))}}}}>>>>----

                ----++++****    The Marsh Cave    ****++++----

★Princess Lora
ローラ「ああ! たすけだしてくださる
    かたが ほんとうにいたなんて
    まだ しんじられませんわ!
Lora: Ah! I cannot believe that I have truly been rescued!

ローラ「わたしは ラルス16せいの
    むすめ ローラです。
Lora: I am the daughter of Lars XVI, Lora.

ローラ「わたしを おしろまで
Lora: Could you please take me to the castle?
│ローラ「そんな ひどい……。
│Lora: How cruel....
│あなたは ひめを だきかかえた。
│You embraced the princess.
│ローラ「うれしゅうございます。 ぽっ
└Lora: I am happy. *Kiss*

           ----++++****    Ladatorm Castle Revisited    ****++++----

*「おお えっくす! よくぞ
  ひめを たすけだしてくれた。
  こころから れいをいうぞ!
Oh, X! How good that you have rescued the princess. From my heart I thank you!

*「さあ ローラ。
Come, Lora. To my side.

ローラ「まってください。 ローラは
    えっくすさまに おくりものを
Lora: Please wait. It is proper that I give a gift to X. (?)

ローラ「えっくすさまを あいする
    わたしの こころ。 どうか
Lora: It is the love for you in my heart. Please accept it.

[If inventory is full]
ローラ「そして ローラにも
    なにか ひとつ…
Lora: And one thing from you to me as well....

ローラ「えっくすを ローラに
Lora: Please, X.
[NOTE: At this point, Lora takes one of your non-essential items. I have not 
yet seen this occur in the Japanese version, but I have confirmed it in the 
North American release. However, in the Japanese translation it doesn't seem 
apparent which item is being taken, although in the N.A. release the item is 
explicitly stated.]

ローラ「ああ! たとえ はなれて
    いても ローラは いつも
    あなたと ともに あります。
Lora: Ah! Although we are separated, I am always with you.

ローラ「では えっくすさま……
Lora: Well then, X....

*「そなたに ふっかつの じゅもんを
Let me teach to thee the Spell of Restoration!


*「これを かきとめておくのだぞ。
You should write this down and keep it.

*「では また あおう!
  ゆうしゃ えっくすよ!
Well then, let us meet again! Hero X!

★Princess: Speech 1
ローラ「ああ! たとえ はなれて
    いても ローラは いつも
    あなたと ともに あります。
Lora: Ah! Although we are separated, I am always with you.

★Princess: Speech 2
ローラ「えっくすさまを ローラは
    おしたい もうしております。
Lora: I miss you so much.

★Princess: Speech 3
ローラ「えっくすさまは ローラのこと
    を おもってくださいますか?
Lora: Will you please think of me?
│ローラ「そんな ひどい……。
│Lora: How cruel....
│ローラ「うれしゅうございます。 ぽっ
└Lora: I am so happy. *Kiss*

★Guard: Throne Room
*「おお えっくす!
  すばらしき ゆうしゃよ!
Oh X! Wonderful hero!

★Woman: Main Hall
*「ひめを たすけだしてくれて
Thank you for rescuing the princess.

★Guard: Posted Near Hall
*「ああ いとしのローラひめ…
  わたしは えっくすが にくい。
Ah, my lovely Princess Lora.... I despise you, X.

★Using the Princess's Love
ローラひめの こえが きこえる。
Princess Lora's voice is heard.

ローラ「あなたが レベルをあげるには
    あと __ポイント
    けいけんが ひつようです。
Lora: For you to increase in level, you need __ more experience points.

ローラ「わたしのいる おしろは
    [きた/みなみ]に__ [ひがし/にし]に__
    の ほうこう です。
Lora: My castle is in the direction of __ to the [north/south] and __ to the 

ローラ「えっくすさまを ローラは
    おしたい もうしております。
Lora: I miss so much.

              ----++++****    Ladatorm Revisited    ****++++----

★Guard: Inn (After Rescuing the Princess)
*「わたしに さわるのは だれだ?
  もう なにも みえぬ…
  もう なにも きこえぬ…
Who touches me? I can see nothing more... I can hear nothing more...

________--------~~~~~~~~            ACT II             ~~~~~~~~--------________
                        THE DRAGON KING
~~~~~~~~--------________                               ________--------~~~~~~~~

      ----<<<<{{{{((((    THE SOUTHERN LANDS: MELKIDO    ))))}}}}>>>>----

★Guard: Near Entrance
  メルキドに ようこそ!
Welcome to the fortress town, Melkido!

★Man: E Side
*「えーん。 あてが まいごの
  キムこう だす。
Yeah. I'm who you're looking for, the lost child Lord Kim. (?)
[NOTE: Thanks to CygnusZ for helping with this one. It seems that Kimu-kou 
represents another scenario writer for this game, Hajime Kimura. However, this 
person is not listed in the game credits.... Perhaps that's why Yuutei and 
Miyaou were looking for him?]

★Guard: E Side, Near Shops
*「うわさでは ロトのよろいは
  ひとから ひとへ。
Rumor says that Loto's Armor has passed from person to person.

*「ゆきのふ というおとこの てに
It seems it had passed into the hands of a man called Yukinofu.
[NOTE: Considering all the other encounters with developers, and more than a 
passing resemblance in the names, I believe Yukinofu is actually Yukinobu Chida,
the game's producer.]

★Merchant: E Side
*「むかし うちのじいさんが よく
In the old days, my grandfather often said this.

*「ともだちの ゆきのふは
  じぶんのみせの うらの きに
  なにか うめたらしいと…
He said his friend Yukinofu buried something at a tree in the back of his 

★Old Man: SE Corner
*「ふるい いいつたえでは
  ゆうしゃロトのつかった つるぎは
  はがねをも くだいたそうじゃ。
In the old legends, the sword used by the Hero Loto smashed even steel.

★Guard: Near Inn
*「りゅうおうの つめは てつを
  ひきさき そして はく ほのおは
  いわをも とかすという。
It is said that the Dragon King's claws split iron, and the flames he breathes 
melt even stone.

*「えっくすよ それでも ゆくか?
X, will you go even so?
│*「おお! あなたこそ
│  まことの ゆうしゃだ!
│Oh! You surely are a true hero!
│*「それが いい。
│  だれも おまえを おくびょうとは
│  いわないだろう。
└That is good. No one will say you are a coward.

★Woman: Near W Shops
*「こんやの おかずは
  なんに しようかしら……
I wonder what I shall make for a side dish tonight....

★Merchant: W Side, L Shop
  きょうは だいこんが やすいよ!
Welcome! Radishes are cheap today!

★Woman: W Side
*「ねえ わたしの ぽーとぴあと
  あなたの ドラゴンくえすとを
Let's exchange my "Portopia" for your "Dragon Quest."
[NOTE: "The Portopia Serial Murder Case" (Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken) is a 
game released by Enix six months before "Dragon Quest," also written by Yuji 

★Merchant: SW Corner
*「わたしの いえは そのむかし
  ドムドーラのまちで みせやを
In the old days my family ran a shop in the town of Domdora.

*「みせは まちのひがしに あり
  まちが まものたちに おそわれ…
When Grandfather Yukinofu's shop was in the east of the town, the town was 
attacked by monsters... (?)

*「このまちまで にげてきました。
I escaped to this town.

★Old Man: Under Roof
*「そなたが しるしをもとめるなら
  このまちの しんでんにすむ
  ちょうろうを たずねるがよい。
If thou seekest the Mark, thou shouldst ask the elder who resides in the temple 
of this town.

★Old Man: Behind Barrier
*「ゆうしゃのため いのりましょう。
Let us pray for the hero.

*「ひかりが そなたと ともに
May the light be with thee...

  そして さがすがよい。
You should go. And you should search.

*「ラダトームの おしろまで
  きたに70 にしに40の
In the place where Ladatorm Castle is 70 to the north and 40 to the west!

           ----<<<<{{{{((((    THE RAINBOW DROP    ))))}}}}>>>>----

           ----++++****    The Rain Shrine Revisited    ****++++----

★Old Man: With Silver Harp
*「おお えっくす!
  たてごとを もってきたな!
Oh, X! You have brought the harp!

*「わしは まっておった。
  そなたのような わかものが
I have been waiting. For the appearance of a young man like thou...

*「さあ たからのはこを
Come now, take the treasure box.

           ----++++****    The Holy Shrine Revisited    ****++++----

★Old Man: With Mark of Loto
*「ロトの ちをひくものよ。
  いまこそ あめと たいようが
Descendant of Loto. Now is the time that the Rain and Sun will unite!

*「そなたに にじのしずくを
To thee I give the Rainbow Drop!

★Holy Shrine: After Obtaining Rainbow Drop
*「ここには もう ようがないはず。
Thou hast no more business here. Thou shouldst go.

        ----<<<<{{{{((((          DEMON'S ISLE         ))))}}}}>>>>----
     ----<<<<{{{{((((    THE CASTLE OF THE DRAGON KING    ))))}}}}>>>>----

★Using the Rainbow Drop
えっくすは にじのしずくを
てんに かざした。
X held the Rainbow Drop toward the sky.

★Using the Rainbow Drop (Incorrect Location)
しかし、 ここに にじは
But no rainbow appeared here.

★Searching the Dragon King's Throne Room
ぎょくざの うしろから
かぜを かんじる。
You feel a breeze from behind the throne.

★Searching Behind the Throne
なんと かいだんを みつけた。
There you discovered stairs.

★The Dragon King
*「よくきた えっくすよ。
  わしが おうのなかの おう
You've done well to come here, X. I am the Dragon King, King among Kings.

*「わしは まっておった。
  そなたのような わかものが
I have been waiting. For the appearance of a young man like thou...

*「もし わしの みかたになれば
  せかいの はんぶんを
  えっくすに やろう。
If you become my ally, I shall give half of the world to you.

  わしの みかたに なるか?
What say you? Will you become my ally?
│Is that true?
││*「では せかいの はんぶん
││  やみのせかいを あたえよう!
││  そして…
││Then let me give you half of the world, the World of Darkness! And...
││*「そなたに ふっかつの じゅもんを
││  おしえよう!
││Let me teach to thee the Spell of Restoration!
││*「これを かきとめておくのだぞ。
││You should write this down and keep it.
││*「おまえの たびは おわった。
││  さあ ゆっくり やすむがよい!
││  わあっはっはっはっ
││Your journey has ended. Come now, and rest easy! Wahahaha....
││  おもいしるがよい!
└┴Fool! You will realize!

★The Dragon King's True Form
りゅうおうが しょうたいを
The Dragon King revealed his true form!

★The Fall of the Dragon King
りゅうおうを たおした!
You have defeated the Dragon King!

そして ひかりのたまを
りゅうおうのてから とりもどした!
Thus you took back the Ball of Light from the hand of the Dragon King!

あなたが ひかりのたまを かざすと
まばゆいばかりの ひかりが
When you hold the Ball of Light aloft, it overflows with a dazzling light....

このくにに へいわが もどったのだ。
Peace returns to the land.

               ----<<<<{{{{((((    EPILOGUE    ))))}}}}>>>>----

           ----++++****    The Cheers of the People    ****++++----

★Cheer 1
*「ゆうしゃロト ばんざい!
  ゆうしゃえっくす ばんざーい!
Hurrah for the Hero Loto! Hurrah for the Hero X!

★Cheer 2
*「あなたさまの おかげで
  へいわが もどりました!
Thanks to you, peace has returned!

*「おうさまも きっと
The King must surely be delighted as well!

★Guard: Ladatorm Inn
[NOTE: Well, that *is* what he says! ^_^]

★Everyone: Ladatorm Castle
*「さあ はやく おうさまのもとへ!
Come now, quickly, to the foot of the King!

                 ----++++****    Ending Proper    ****++++----

*「おお! えっくす!
  すべては ふるい いいつたえの
  ままで あった!
Oh! X! All the old legends were true!

*「すなわち そなたこそは
  ゆうしゃロトの ちをひくもの!
That is, thou surely art the descendant of the Hero Loto!

*「そなたこそ このせかいを
  おさめるに ふさわしい おかた
Surely thou art the appropriate man to rule this world!

*「わしに かわって
  このくにを おさめてくれるな?
Wilt thou take my place to govern this country?

しかし えっくすは いいました。
But X spoke.

*「いいえ。 わたしの おさめる
  くにが あるなら それは
  わたしじしんで さがしたいのです
No. If there is to be a country that I rule, I want to search for it myself.

Lora: Please wait!

ローラ「その あなたの たびに
Lora: I ask that I may accompany you on your journey.

ローラ「このローラも つれてって
Lora: Will you please take me along also?
│ローラ「そんな ひどい……。
│Lora: How cruel....
│ローラ「うれしゅうございます。 ぽっ
└Lora: I am so happy! *Kiss*

   あらたなたびが はじまる。
X's new journey begins.

                GREAT !!

             TO THE WORLD !

           ON A NEW JOURNEY .

           MAY GOD BE ALWAYS
               WITH YOU !

                    ----++++****    Credits    ****++++----

             DRAGON QUEST

               YUJI HORII

             AKIRA TORIYAMA


              PROGRAMED BY
              KOJI YOSHIDA

             CG DESIGNED BY
             TAKASHI YASUNO


              ASSISTED BY
              RIKA SUZUKI

             KAZUO ENOMOTO

              TAKAYUKI DOI


              DIRECTED BY

              PRODUCED BY
             YUKINOBU CHIDA

         ARMOR PROJECT    1986
         BIRD STUDIO      1986
         KOICHI SUGIYAMA  1986
         CHUN SOFT        1986
               ENIX  1986


                The End

________--------~~~~~~~~             ACT 0             ~~~~~~~~--------________
                       OUTSIDE THE PLOT
~~~~~~~~--------________                               ________--------~~~~~~~~

                ----<<<<{{{{((((    CURSED!    ))))}}}}>>>>----

★Attempting to Enter Ladatorm Castle
Cursed one, be gone!

★King: Dying While Cursed
*「おお えっくすよ!
  しんでしまうとは なにごとだ!
Oh, X! You died on us!

*「しかも のろわれているではないか
Furthermore, you are cursed. Cursed one, be gone! 

★Removing the Curse: Old Man at Ladatorm
*「のろいをといて しんぜよう。
I shall offer to dissolve the curse.

*「さあ ゆくがよい。
There now, go.

             ----<<<<{{{{((((    MAXIMUM LEVEL    ))))}}}}>>>>----

*「そなたは もう じゅうぶんに
  つよい! なぜに まだ
  りゅうおうを たおせぬのか?
Thou art already strong enough! Why canst thou not yet defeat the Dragon King?

★Using the Princess's Love
ローラひめの こえが きこえる。
Princess Lora's voice is heard.

ローラ「あなたのレベルは もう
    さいこうで ございます。
Lora: You are already at the highest level.

        ----<<<<{{{{((((    BONUS! BACK OF THE BOX    ))))}}}}>>>>----

★Title Caption
ドラゴン クエスト

Ultra Large Scale Role Playing Adventure Game

★Main Body
って、広大なアレフガルドを大冒険! あるときは怪物たちと戦い、またあるときは城
Alefgard is ruled by the incarnation of a wicked dragon. You, becoming the 
Descendant of the Legendary Hero Loto, are on a grand adventure in the 
magnificent land of Alefgard! At times you will battle with monsters, speak 
with everyone in the castles and towns, defeat the Demon Dragon, and continue 
your journey. As for the characters, there are over 100, and many monsters that 
possess various characteristic skills. The world of Dragon Quest will probably 
fascinate you suddenly. Come, your journey now has begun.

★Caption: Picture of Opening Scene in Throne Room
The main character is you yourself. When you start the game and enter your name,
the King and the townspeople will call you by that name.

★Caption: Picture of a Battle Against a Ghost Knight
By battling with monsters, you grow, steadily becoming stronger. If you grow, 
you will become able to use 10 (?) spells.

★Caption: Picture of the Hero Speaking to a Resident of Ladatorm Castle
Enter the castles and towns and lend an ear to the words of everyone. Surely it 
will be useful on your journey.
[NOTE: The character name used in the two previous screenshots is こういち--as 
in Koichi Nakamura, the director and lead programmer.]

★Caption: Picture of the Area near Rimuldar
In the magnificent land of Alefgard, there are two castles and six towns and 
villages.... However, you must discover where they are located yourself.

★UPC Box
株式会社 エニックス
Enix Incorporated

             ----<<<<{{{{((((    DUMMIED TEXT    ))))}}}}>>>>----

This extremely small section contains text which might not have been used in 
the game. If you know where it appears, please let me know! It was apparently 
translated for the North American release, since it appears in the text dump 
submitted by Blueberry Buttface, but I have no idea where it could come up.

ここでは はいれない。
You cannot enter here.
[NOTE: This one appears within the block of menu command results, but I can't 
think of anything to make it show up. Attempting to use stairs where there are 
none, using Keys where there is no door, trying to open a door where there is 
no door...I'm stumped.]

________--------~~~~~~~~                               ~~~~~~~~--------________
~~~~~~~~--------________                               ________--------~~~~~~~~

                   |          Navigating the Game          |

This section is provided for those who would like to play this game in Japanese,
but are not familiar with the language.

                   |              Starting Up              |

Starting the game is easy, as the title screen options are in English! :-D 
Simply use the Up/Down Directions to choose START or CONTINUE, and 
use the Left/Right Directions to choose a MESSAGE SPEED of 
SLOW, NORMAL, or FAST. Once you have made your choices, press the 
Start Button.

If you choose to START a new game, you will be confronted with the message 
なまえを いれてください ("Please Enter a Name"). You may enter up to four 
characters, choosing from the forty-six hiragana, as well as the small versions 
of "tsu" (sokuon) and the "Y-row" (sutegana). You can also use the ゛ (nigori 
or dakuten) and ゜ (maru or handakuten) diacritic marks, which each takes up 
its own character rather than combining with kana. You cannot enter a space in 
your name. Two commands are available on the bottom row, もどる ("Back") and 
おわり ("End").

If you choose to CONTINUE a previous game, you are presented with the 
message ふっかつの じゅもんを いれてください ("Please Enter Spell of 
Restoration"); this is the password system for the game. The Spell of 
Restoration consists of twenty hiragana, chosen from the sixty-four choices 
available on this screen. On the bottom row are three commands, もどる ("Back"),
すすむ ("Advance"), and おわり ("End"). If you make a mistake, you will be 
given the message じゅもんを ちがいます ("The Spell Is Wrong"), and you will 
have to correct any errors.

                   |         Basic Command Windows         |

When you press the A Button in walkabout mode, the following windows appear:

 ┌─えっくす─┐  │ はなす   じゅもん │
 │レベル  1│  │ つよさ   どうぐ  │
 │HP  15│  │ かいだん  しらべる │
 │MP   0│  │ とびら   とる   │
 │G    0│  └────────────┘
 │E    0│

Translated, these windows look like this:

           ┌────Command ────┐
 ┌─X   ─┐  │ Speak    Spell   │
 │Level   1│  │ Strength  Tool   │
 │HP  15│  │ Stairs   Examine  │
 │MP   0│  │ Door    Take   │
 │G    0│  └────────────┘
 │E    0│

Of course, the caption of the window on the left is your character's name.

When you select "Speak," another window appears:

 ┌───はなす──┐     ┌───Speak ──┐
 │   きた   │     │   North   │
 │ にし  ひがし│  →  │ West  East │
 │   みなみ  │     │   South   │
 └────────┘     └────────┘

Since your character graphic can only face one direction in the original 
Japanese release, this window allows you to choose a direction in which to 

When you select "Strength," your status window is displayed:

 ┌───つよさ──────┐     ┌───Strength─────┐
 │   レベル:   1 │     │    Level:   1 │
 │   ちから:   5 │     │    Power:   5 │
 │  すばやさ:   5 │     │   Agility:   5 │
 │さいだいHP:  15 │     │Maximum HP:  15 │
 │さいだいMP:   0 │  →  │Maximum MP:   0 │
 │ こうげき力:   5 │     │Attack Power:   5 │
 │  しゅび力:   2 │     │ Def. Power:   2 │
 │  ぶき:    なし │     │ Weapon:    None │
 │ よろい:    なし │     │  Armor:    None │
 │  たて:    なし │     │ Shield:    None │
 └────────────┘     └────────────┘

The other six commands either perform their action immediately ("Stairs," 
"Door," "Examine," "Take") or bring up a list of available choices ("Spell," 
"Tool"). The various items that can appear under these commands are listed in 
sections 4 and 5 of this guide.

There are several messages which can appear when you choose an action. These 

そのほうこうには だれも いない。
There is no one in that direction.

ここには かいだんが ない。
There are no stairs here.

ここには とびらがない!
There is no door here!

カギを もっていない!
You don't have a Key!

えっくすは ____の
じゅもんを となえた!
X casts the spell of ____!

えっくすは まだ じゅもんを
X cannot yet use spells.

MP が たりません。
There is not enough MP.

しかし なにも おきなかった。
But nothing happened.

トヘロスの こうりょくが
The effect of Toheroth was lost.

たいまつは くらいところで
A Torch is to be used in dark places.

えっくすは せいすいを からだに
X sprinkles the Spring Water over his body.

せいすいの こうりょくが
The effect of the Spring Water was lost.

ここでは つばさを つかえない。
You cannot use the Wings here.

えっくすは つばさを おおぞらに
X flung the Wings into the heavens.

えっくすは りゅうのうろこを
X put on the Dragon's Scale.

りゅうのうろこは すでに
You are already wearing the Dragon's Scale.

えっくすは ふえをふいた。
X played the Flute.

つかえるものを まだ
You do not have anything to use yet.

えっくすは せんしのゆびわを
X put on the Warrior's Ring.

えっくすは せんしのゆびわを
X adjusted the Warrior's Ring.

えっくすは ____を
X grasped the ____ tightly.

えっくすは たてごとを かなでた。
X played the Harp.

えっくすは ____を
X put on the ____.

____が あなたの
  からだを しめつける。
  あなたは のろわれてしまった。
The ____ tightens around your body. You have been cursed.

____が あなたの
からだを しめつけている!
The ____ is tightening around your body!

えっくすは じぶんのあしもとを
X searches around his feet.

しかし なにも みつからなかった。
But nothing was found.

たからのはこが ある!
There is a treasure box!

なんと ____を みつけた。
There you discovered ____.

しかし なにかをすてないと
これいじょう もてない。
なにか すてますか?
But unless you throw something away you cannot hold more than this. Will you 
throw something away?

なにを すてますか?
What will you throw away?

____を あきらめた。
You gave up the ____.

____を てにいれた。
You threw away the ____, and obtained the ____.

それを すてるなんて とんでもない!
No way, you can't throw that!

ここでは なにも とれない。
There is nothing to take here.

えっくすは __ゴールドを
X obtained __ Gold.

えっくすは ____を
X discovered ____.

なかは からっぽだった。
It was empty inside.

                   |        Battle Command Windows         |

When you enter into a battle, you will see three windows. On the upper-left is 
your mini-status window, which contains your name and most important stats, and 
has already been covered in the previous section. On the bottom is the text 
window, and in the upper-right is the Battle Command Window. It looks like this:

 ┌────コマンド────┐     ┌────Command ────┐
 │ たたかう  じゅもん │  →  │ Fight    Spell   │
 │ にげる   どうぐ  │     │ Escape   Tool   │
 └────────────┘     └────────────┘

Choosing "Fight" or "Escape" will execute the command immediately, while 
choosing "Spell" or "Tool" will bring up a list of options, as in walkabout 

Here is a list of the text you can see in battle, and what just happened if you 
see it:

★Beginning of Battle
____が あらわれた!
____ appeared!


____は にげだした!
____ runs away!

えっくすが みがまえるより はやく
____は おそいかかってきた
Before X is ready the ____ quickly rushes him.

★Player: Fight
えっくすの こうげき!
X's attack!

かいしんの いちげき!!
A rewarding blow!!

____に __ポイントの
ダメージを あたえた!
Gave __ points of damage to the ____!

ダメージを あたえられない!
Miss! Gave no damage!

____は すばやく
The ____ nimbly parries!

★Player: Escape
えっくすは にげだした!
X runs away!

しかし まわりこまれてしまった!
But the space was blocked!

★Player: Spell
それは たたかいに つかえない!
You cannot use that in battle!

しかし じゅもんは
But the spell is sealed!

しかし じゅもんは きかなかった!
But the spell is not effective!

____を ねむらせた!
Put the ____ to sleep!

____の じゅもんを
Sealed the ____'s spells!

★Player: Tool
えっくすは やくそうを つかった!
X used an Herb!

ゴーレムは しずかに めをとじる…
The Golem peacefully closes its eyes.... Put to sleep!

____は うれしそうだ!
The ____ is delighted!
[NOTE: I had a hard time placing this, but it is the text that appears if you 
use the Silver Harp in battle.]

★Player: Asleep
えっくすは ねむっている……
X is sleeping....

えっくすは めをさました!
X awakens!

★Enemy Attacks
____の こうげき!
____'s attack!

えっくすは __ポイントの
ダメージを うけた!
X takes __ points of damage!

ダメージを うけない!
Miss! You take no damage!

____は ほのおをはいた!
The ____ is breathing flames!

★Enemy Spells
____は ____の
じゅもんを となえた!
The ____ casts the spell of ____!

____は きずが
The ____'s wounds healed!

えっくすは ねむってしまった!
X is put to sleep!

えっくすの じゅもんは
Sealed X's spells!

★Enemy: Asleep
____は ねむっている…
The ____ is sleeping....

____は めをさました
The ____ woke up.

★End of Battle
あなたは しにました
You have died.

____を たおした!
Defeated the ____!

けいけんち __ポイントかくとく
Acquired __ points of Experience.

__ゴールドを てにいれた!
Obtained __ Gold!

★Level Up
えっくすは レベルが あがった!
X's level rose!

じゅもんを 1つ おぼえた!
Learned one spell!

ちからが __ポイントあがった!
Power rose __ points!

すばやさが __ポイントあがった!
Agility rose __ points!

さいだいHPが __ポイントふえた!
Maximum HP increased __ points!

さいだいMPが __ポイントふえた!
Maximum MP increased __ points!

                   |               Shopping                |

To help you navigate the various shops, this section shows what the shopkeeps 
will say. Due to the fact that the order is largely determined by user input, 
each block under each heading may appear in almost any order. I've put the 
welcome message first and one of the possible farewell messages last, but 
beyond that each block is basically its own entity. I apologize for the lack of 
order, but there's nothing I can do about it short of cluttering up the whole 
section with flow charts. ;-)

Keep in mind that はい is "Yes" and いいえ is "No"; using the lists in the 
following sections you can see what is for sale. Good Luck! ;-)

★The Inn
*「たびびとの やどやへ ようこそ。
  ひとばん __ゴールドですが
  おとまりに なりますか?
Welcome to the Traveler's Inn. One evening is __ Gold, but will you be staying?

*「さようなら たびのひと。 あまり
  むりを なさいませぬように。
Good-bye, traveler. Don't overdo it.

*「では おやすみなさいませ。
Then, good night.

*「おはよう ございます。
  ゆうべは よく おやすみ
Good morning. I see you rested well last night.

*「おはよう ございます。
  ゆうべは おたのしみでしたね。
Good morning. I see you enjoyed last night.

*「では また どうぞ。
Well, please come again.

★Spring Water Shop 
*「まものよけの せいすいは
  ひとびん 38ゴールドですが。
How about Spring Water to ward off monsters? One bottle is 38 Gold.

  もう ひとびん
Thank you. Will you buy one more bottle?

*「あなたに かみの ごかごが
May the protection of God be with you.

★Key Shop
*「どんなとびらも あけてしまう
  まほうの かぎは いらんかな?
  ひとつ __ゴールドでどうじゃ?
Don't you need a magic Key that will open any door? How about one for __ Gold?

*「ほれ。 かぎをひとつ わたそう。
  まだ かぎを かうかな?
Wonderful. I'll give you one Key. Will you buy another Key?

*「わるいが これいじょう
  うるわけには いかんな。
It's too bad, but I can't sell any more than this.

*「おまえさまは おかねが
You don't have enough money.

*「では またな
Well, till next time.

★Tool Shop
  ここは どうぐや です。
  どんな ごようでしょうか?
Welcome. This is the Tool Shop. How can I help you?

 ものをかいにきた:I came to buy things.
 ものをうりにきた:I came to sell things.

*「どれを おもとめですか?
What are you looking for?

*「____で ございますね。
  まいど ありがとうございます。
____ it is. I appreciate your business.

*「おかねが たりませんが。
This is not enough money.

*「それいじょう もちものを
You can't hold any more items than that.

*「それいじょう やくそうを
You can't hold any more Herbs than that.

*「ほかに なにか かわれますか?
Will you be buying anything else?

*「どれを おうりですか?
Which will you sell?

*「____で ございますね。
  それなら __ゴールドで
  かいましょう。 いいですか?
____ it is. If so, I will buy it for __ Gold. Is that okay?

*「それを かうわけには
I can't buy that.

*「まだ なにか うってくれますか?
Will you sell something else?

*「もちものが ありません。
You have no items.

のろいで からだから はなれない!
You can't remove it from your body because of the curse!

That's too bad.

*「では またの おこしを
  おまち しております。
Then I will be waiting for your next visit.

★Arms Shop
*「ここは ぶきとよろいの みせだ。
  なにか かうかね?
This is the Weapon and Armor Shop. Will you buy anything?

____ is it.

*「すまないが おかねが
I'm sorry, but this isn't enough money.

*「では いまつかっている
  __ゴールドで ひきとろう。
Then let me take the ____ you're using now for __ Gold.

*「それで いいかね?
Is that okay?

*「ほかに なにか かうかね?
Will you buy something else?

*「なにを かうかね?
What will you buy?

*「そうか ざんねんだな。
That's too bad.

*「どうも ありがとう。
Thank you.

*「また きてくれよな。
Come again.

                   |              Item Lists               |

This section contains the Japanese name and English translation of each item in 
the game, listed in the order they appear in the game's internal memory. The 
names as translated in the North American release are also provided.

                   |               Equipment               |

Japan             Translation       North America
たけざお     Bamboo Pole       Bamboo Pole
こんぼう     Club              Club
どうのつるぎ   Copper Sword      Copper Sword
てつのおの    Iron Axe          Hand Axe
はがねのつるぎ  Steel Sword       Broad Sword
ほのおのつるぎ  Flame Sword       Flame Sword
ロトのつるぎ   Sword of Loto     Erdrick's Sword

Japan             Translation       North America
ぬののふく    Linen Clothes     Clothes
かわのふく    Leather Clothes   Leather Armor
くさりかたびら  Chain Mail        Chain Mail
てつのよろい   Iron Armor        Half Plate
はがねのよろい  Steel Armor       Full Plate
まほうのよろい  Magic Armor       Magic Armor
ロトのよろい   Armor of Loto     Erdrick's Armor

Japan             Translation       North America
かわのたて    Leather Shield    Small Shield
てつのたて    Iron Shield       Large Shield
みかがみのたて  Mirror Shield     Silver Shield
[NOTE: I've done some searching to try and see what the み at the beginning of 
this word could be, and I've come up with everything from "seeing" to 
"honorable" to "body"--even "water." There seems to be no agreement on what 
this word really is, so I'm leaving it like this until I can be sure, or at 
least until I come up with something that is actually a word!]

                   |                 Tools                 |

Japan             Translation       North America
やくそう     Medicinal Herb    Herb
かぎ       Key               Magic Key
たいまつ     Torch             Torch
せいすい     Spring Water      Fairy Water
キメラのつばさ  Chimera Wing      Wings
りゅうのうろこ  Dragon's Scale    Dragon's Scale
ようせいのふえ  Fairy Flute       Fairy Flute
せんしのゆびわ  Warrior's Ring    Fighter's Ring
ロトのしるし   Mark of Loto      Erdrick's Token
おうじょのあい  Princess's Love   Gwaelin's Love
のろいのベルト  Cursed Belt       Cursed Belt
ぎんのたてごと  Silver Harp       Silver Harp
しのくびかざり  Death Necklace    Cursed Necklace
たいようのいし  Sun Stone         Stones of Sunlight
あまぐものつえ  Staff of Clouds   Staff of Rain
にじのしずく   Rainbow Drop      Rainbow Drop

                   |        Magic List and Effects         |

This is a list of all the magic spells in the game, listed in the order they 
appear in the game's internal memory (which in this game is also the order in 
which they are learned). Since the magic spells have nonsense names, my 
"translation" here is simply how I would expect the word to be pronounced if it 
were actually English. Also given is the corresponding spell name from the 
North American version. A translation is provided for spells which give in-game 
text, and a short description is given for all spells. If more than one spell 
uses the same text, I will only list it for the first occurrence.

Japan         Translation   North America
ホイミ    Hoimi         HEAL
Restores a small amount of HP: 4 MP
Learned: LV 3

ギラ     Gira          HURT
____に __ポイントの ダメージ あたえた!
Gave __ points of damage to ____!
Deals a small amount of damage: 2 MP
Learned: LV 4

ラリホー   Ralihoh       SLEEP
____を ねむらせた!
Put ____ to sleep!
Causes Sleep status: 2 MP
Learned: LV 7

レミーラ   Remihra       RADIANT
Lights a cave: 3 MP
Learned: LV 9

マホトーン  Mahotohn      STOPSPELL
____の じゅもんを ふうじこめた!
Sealed the ____'s spells!
Seals spell usage: 2 MP
Learned: LV 10

リレミト   Liremito      OUTSIDE
Transports to the exterior of a cave: 6 MP
Learned: LV 12

ルーラ    Ruhla         RETURN
Transports to Ladatorm Castle: 8 MP
Learned: LV 13

トヘロス   Toheroth      REPEL
Wards off weaker foes: 2 MP
Learned: LV 15

ベホイミ   Behoimi       HEALMORE
Restores a large amount of HP: 10 MP
Learned: LV 17

ベギラマ   Begirama      HURTMORE
Deals a large amount of damage: 5 MP
Learned: LV 19

                   |             Monster List              |

This section gives the Japanese name and English translation of the monsters in 
the game, listed in the order they appear in the game's internal memory. For 
some names written in katakana it is difficult to tell exactly how the game 
designers intended the name to be pronounced, so I have put forth my best guess.
The names as translated in the North American release are also provided.

Japan             Translation       North America
スライム     Slime             Slime
スライムベス   Slime Beth        Red Slime
ドラキー     Drakee            Drakee
ゴースト     Ghost             Ghost
まほうつかい   Magician          Magician
メイジドラキー  Mage Drakee       Magidrakee
おおさそり    Big Scorpion      Scorpion
メーダ      Mehda             Druin
メトロゴースト  Metro Ghost       Poltergeist
ドロル      Droll             Droll
ドラキーマ    Drakeema          Drakeema
がいこつ     Skeleton          Skeleton
まどうし     Mage              Warlock
てつのさそり   Iron Scorpion     Metal Scorpion
リカント     Lycant            Wolf
しりょう     Spirit            Wraith
メタルスライム  Metal Slime       Metal Slime
ヘルゴースト   Hell Ghost        Specter
リカントマムル  Lycant Mammal     Wolflord
メーダロード   Mehda Lord        Druinlord
ドロルメイジ   Droll Mage        Drollmagi
キメラ      Chimera           Wyvern
しのさそり    Death Scorpion    Rogue Scorpion
しりょうのきし  Spirit Knight     Wraith Knight
ゴーレム     Golem             Golem
ゴールドマン   Goldman           Goldman
よろいのきし   Armored Knight    Knight
メイジキメラ   Mage Chimera      Magiwyvern
かげのきし    Shadow Knight     Demon Knight
キラーリカント  Killer Lycant     Werewolf
ドラゴン     Dragon            Green Dragon
スターキメラ   Star Chimera      Starwyvern
だいまどう    Great Mage        Wizard
あくまのきし   Demon Knight      Axe Knight
キースドラゴン  Kith Dragon       Blue Dragon
ストーンマン   Stoneman          Stoneman
しにがみのきし  Deathgod Knight   Armored Knight
ダースドラゴン  Darth Dragon      Red Dragon
りゅうおう    Dragon King       Dragonlord
りゅうおう    Dragon King       Dragonlord [Second Form]

                   |        Experience Points Chart        |

Because it doesn't relate to the game text, I normally wouldn't have included a 
chart of experience points for each level. I decided to add it for the sake of 
people using this as a guide to play the game since the numbers in the Japanese 
version are slightly different from those in the North American release from 
Level 17 onward.

Level     EXP
-----   -----
    1       0
    2       7
    3      23
    4      47
    5     110
    6     220
    7     450
    8     800
    9    1300
   10    2000
   11    2900
   12    4000
   13    5500
   14    7500
   15   10000
   16   13000
   17   17000
   18   21000
   19   25000
   20   29000
   21   33000
   22   37000
   23   41000
   24   45000
   25   49000
   26   53000
   27   57000
   28   61000
   29   65000
   30   65535

                   |           Special Passwords           |

This section concerns the "Spell of Restoration" system of the game. Being a 
game that uses a password save feature means that it is relatively easy to pick 
up the game from any point, and even to play under special circumstances using 
passwords that can be discovered through experimentation. Here are several 
interesting "urawaza," as they are called, that I have come across.

・Starts at full strength, but with no quests completed.
まむずいか かるたとみぐじ
ぞなのへみ まよれ
   Name: はにまる
   Level: 30
   HP/MP: 200/210
   Str/Agi: 129/120
   Gold: 65535
      Weapon: None
      Armor:  None
      Shield: None
   Items: Medicinal Herb--6
   Princess: No

・Starts at the ending, with everything completed.
ぶぶちまこ すぼとるてすた
てめこそつ すろた
   Name: きすまみ
   Level: 30
   HP/MP: 190/181
   Str/Agi: 140/130
   Gold: 65535
      Weapon: Sword of Loto
      Armor:  Armor of Loto
      Shield: Mirror Shield
   Items: Medicinal Herb--2, Key--4, Fairy Flute, Princess's Love, Mark of
      Loto, Rainbow Drop, Warrior's Ring, Torch, Cursed Belt
   Princess: Yes

・Start with absolutely nothing. Gives the lowest Str/Agi growth, presumably 
average HP/MP growth (since it's normally not possible to have the same growth 
rates for all stats at the same time).
おけすちな のへむゆるがご
ぜづびあお けすち
   Name: 0000
   Level: 1
   HP/MP: 15/0
   Str/Agi: 3/3
   Gold: 0
      Weapon: None
      Armor:  None
      Shield: None
   Items: None
   Princess: No

・Has two Sun Stones and two Marks of Loto.
くわたやま くらしのずかな
かはたはら くろま
   Name: にょ2ふ
   Level: 17
   HP/MP: 90/90
   Str/Agi: 72/78
   Gold: 11705
      Weapon: Bamboo Pole
      Armor:  Chain Mail
      Shield: None
   Items: Medicinal Herb--4, Key--2, Torch, Sun Stone, Mark of Loto, Mark of
      Loto, Death Necklace, Torch, Cursed Belt, Sun Stone
   Princess: No

・Has two Death Necklaces.
くわたきよ はらしのずかな
かはたはら いしい
   Name: ねるおふ
   Level: 25
   HP/MP: 157/161
   Str/Agi: 102/100
   Gold: 11676   Equipment:
      Weapon: Bamboo Pole
      Armor:  Chain Mail
      Shield: None
   Items: Medicinal Herb--4, Key--2, Princess's Love, Sun Stone, Death
      Necklace, Torch, Death Necklace, Torch, Cursed Belt, Sun Stone
   Princess: Yes

・Has two Staffs of Clouds.
いのきばば つるたちようし
ゆうりきふ じなみ
   Name: はる6さ
   Level: 26
   HP/MP: 165/154
   Str/Agi: 117/105
   Gold: 38196
      Weapon: None
      Armor:  Steel Armor
      Shield: Leather Shield
   Items: Medicinal Herb--6, Key--1, Staff of Clouds, Torch, Sun Stone, Death
      Necklace, Rainbow Drop, Warrior's Ring, Staff of Clouds, Mark of Loto
   Princess: No

・This is a fairly normal password, except for the password itself, which 
literally reads "It's Yuji Horii and Enix's Dragon Quest!" with slight 
modifications to fit with the available kana. Has two Silver Harps.
ほりいゆう じえにつくすど
らごくえす とだよ
   Name: おっ゜て (I'm not even sure how to pronounce this--"Otte," maybe?)
   Level: 25
   HP/MP: 157/161
   Str/Agi: 102/100
   Gold: 43227
      Weapon: Steel Sword
      Armor:  Leather Clothes
      Shield: None
   Items: Medicinal Herb--1, Key--3, Staff of Clouds, Silver Harp, Silver Harp,
      Torch, Torch, Rainbow Drop, Princess's Love, Death Necklace
   Princess: Yes

・This password also appears to be a complete sentence, but I can't figure it 
all out. It appears to say something about Marukatsu Famicom, a Japanese 
magazine, calling it "the best in the world." Has two Princess's Loves and two 
Silver Harps.
まるかつは やつはりせかい
いちだつた のだよ
   Name: 4きね8
   Level: 20
   HP/MP: 138/118
   Str/Agi: 92/82
   Gold: 64673
      Weapon: Sword of Loto
      Armor:  None
      Shield: Mirror Shield
   Items: Medicinal Herb--2, Key--2, Staff of Clouds, Silver Harp, Dragon
      Scale, Princess's Love, Rainbow Drop, Fairy Flute, Silver Harp,
      Princess's Love
   Princess: Yes

・Heheh.... This password reads, "Marukatsu's an idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Stupid!"
まるかつの ばかやろばかや
ろばかやろ まぬけ
   Name: ちへねは
   Level: 8
   HP/MP: 46/29
   Str/Agi: 20/19
   Gold: 17255
      Weapon: Copper Sword
      Armor:  Leather Clothes
      Shield: None
   Items: Medicinal Herb--3, Key--6, Death Necklace, Death Necklace, Chimera
      Wing, Sun Stone, Princess's Love, Warrior's Ring, Chimera Wing, Dragon
      Scale (unequipped)
   Princess: Yes

・"Dragon King, you aren't dead yet! Don't you understand?! Idiot!"
りゆうおう おまえはもうし
ぬわかつた かばか
   Name: ねすゃ1 (I'm not sure how to say this one either--perhaps
      "Neswa Ichi"?)
   Level: 24
   HP/MP: 170/144
   Str/Agi: 103/88
   Gold: 18287
      Weapon: None
      Armor:  Steel Armor
      Shield: Leather Shield
   Items: Medicinal Herb--4, Key--6, Death Necklace, Torch, Silver Harp, Death
      Necklace, Torch, Spring Water, Spring Water, Fairy Flute
   Princess: No

・This password appears to say something about something "ancient," "leaping," 
and "the sound of water"--I have no idea what it all means, but apparently it's 
a well-known haiku. Has two Fairy Flutes.
ふるいけや かわずとびこむ
みずのおと ばしや
   Name: 4ひえて
   Level: 10
   HP/MP: 51/40
   Str/Agi: 34/31
   Gold: 15143
      Weapon: Club
      Armor:  Chain Mail
      Shield: None
   Items: Medicinal Herb--4, Key--1, Fairy Flute, Mark of Loto, Cursed Belt,
      Spring Water, Silver Harp, Sun Stone, Fairy Flute
   Princess: No

・"People say that Armor Knight and Demon Knight are pleasant." :-/ Has two Sun 
よろいのき しやあくまのき
しはうれし そうだ
   Name: た7えひ
   Level: 26
   HP/MP: 180/151
   Str/Agi: 117/94
   Gold: 33088
      Weapon: Steel Sword
      Armor:  Leather Clothes
      Shield: Mirror Shield
   Items: Medicinal Herb--2, Key--5, Chimera Wing, Sun Stone, Silver Harp,
      Warrior's Ring, Rainbow Drop, Princess's Love, Chimera Wing, Sun Stone
   Princess: Yes

・This is a list of Japanese cities: "Toukyou, Nagoya, Oosaka, Kitakyuushuu." 
Has three Cursed Belts and two Warrior's Rings.
とうきよう なごやおおさか
きたきゆう しゆう
   Name: よまもよ
   Level: 18
   HP/MP: 103/108
   Str/Agi: 76/84
   Gold: 32131
      Weapon: Flame Sword
      Armor:  Armor of Loto
      Shield: Nothing
   Items: Medicinal Herb--1, Key--3, Cursed Belt, Warrior's Ring, Cursed Belt,
      Cursed Belt, Death Necklace, Warrior's Ring, Staff of Clouds, Torch
   Princess: No

・The name of the character in this password is Marukatsu. Yes, that's the same 
name as the magazine appeared in two of the previous passwords! Begins at Level 
1, but with pretty much everything, including all the best equipment.
どべじでわ ごぜむあずるわ
げずりなの がだた
   Name: まるかつ
   Level: 1
   HP/MP: 15/0
   Str/Agi: 4/4
   Gold: 0
      Weapon: Sword of Loto
      Armor:  Armor of Loto
      Shield: Mirror Shield
   Items: Dragon Scale (unequipped), Fairy Flute, Rainbow Drop, Warrior's
      Ring, Mark of Loto, Silver Harp, Sun Stone, Staff of Clouds
   Princess: No

                   |            Version History            |

・Initial release.
Started playing 03/27/2006
Finished game 05/08/2006
Submitted 05/21/2006
"Dragon Quest" maps by x_loto also available at GameFAQs.com!

・Fixed a small error in the Table of Contents.
・Changed the title to "Game Script," rather than "Translation Guide."
・Corrected the grammar of the Japanese slogan at the top. ;-)
・Played the game a second time, transcribing the original kana game text.
・Retranslated EVERYTHING!
・Added Magic List and the in-game credits.
・Reworked all associated maps for increased legibility.
Started playing 02/05/2007
Finished game 02/27/2007
Submitted 02/27/2007

・Altered the layout for the Transcription section, which is now divided into 
・Added a translation of the back of the box of the Japanese Famicom version.
・Changed the item "Spring Water" to "Holy Water."
・Corrected a couple more minor errors.
・Added a little to the "Thanks" section.
・Made one last tweak to some of the maps, adding the floor numbers.
Submitted 03/20/2007

・Broke up the intro a bit, placing pieces into other sections where 
・Added information on Command Windows and some other text which is gameplay-
related rather than plot-related.
・Added the levels in which spells are acquired and translations of some spell 
・Reorganized the "Transcription" section again, subdividing some of the main 
Submitted 05/22/2007

・Devised fancy new section headers, hopefully making the file easier to browse.
・Changed the title to "Game Script and Mini Playing Guide," since this really 
is a little bit more than just the script.
・Changed the search codes in the Table of Contents.
・"Version History" section has grown up quite a bit--moved it to the end.
・Added "Experience Chart" section.
・Proofread and cleaned up translation.
・Made other miscellaneous alterations in some sections.
・Revised maps again (last time, I promise!), adding treasure data, attempting 
to increase legibility, and shrinking larger maps to fit on the screen with 
less scrolling, as well as adding a coordinate system to the "World" map.
Submitted 01/07/2008

・Moved "Command Windows" section to follow the "Transcription."
・Added the new "Special Passwords" section!
・Slight changes to "Castle of the Dragon King" and "World" maps--I think I'm 
*really* done with them now! ;-)
Submitted 01/16/2008

・Changed "Holy Water" back to "Spring Water." I ran a search with both 
readings in conjunction with the words "Dragon Quest," and I got nearly eight 
times as many hits with the latter.
・Also did other itty-bitty teeny-tiny things.
Submitted 01/22/2008 (I really need to try harder to make sure things are done 
before submitting so I don't end up with three updates in the same month 
again! ;-)

・Had an issue with my Final Fantasy maps, so for consistency I relabelled 
these as well...and then revised them again. O_o
・Added some extra release info to the file header.
・Added a kind of flow chart to guide the reader through Yes/No questions in 
the dialogue (let me know how legible it is).
・Added a bit of trivia about the game to the Foreword.
Submitted 08/01/2008

・Changed "Faerie" to "Fairy" (I made the decision that I will not change the 
spelling of terms when the official translation is already equivalent; updated 
the maps one final time to match.
・Removed the kanji transcriptions. (I realized it was less than useful for a 
non-fluent speaker like myself to translate from Japanese *to* Japanese--it was 
redundant and silly, and served little purpose.)
・Changed the format of the Magic List.
・Reordered the Item, Magic, and Monster Lists to match the game's internal 
・Added a section for Shopping and expanded Battle Command Windows to include 
battle text.
・Reformatted the text to include in-game line breaks. This makes it easier to 
compare this file to the game at a glance.
・Filled in some more kanji from the back of the box.
・Cleaned up the "Thanks" section. It was wordy.
Submitted 03/16/2010

・Made some style changes to several sections, including "Transcription" and 
"Starting Up," and added official North American data to the Item/Magic/Monster 
・Identified a piece of text whose usage had been unknown, and moved it to its 
correct location.
Submitted 07/02/2010

・Corrected some really stupid translation and grammatical errors. >_<
Submitted 07/09/2010

Plans for future versions:
・Finishing the back of the box. Just one word left!
・Correcting any obvious translation errors once I play the Super Famicom 
...That's probably all! :-)

                   |         Credits/Thanks/Legal          |

Translation and guide by Jason Kuntz (x_loto).

・Glenn Rosenthall, for JWPce
・Jim Breen, for EDICT
・Jack Halpern, for SKIP lookup
・Quietust, for Nintendulator
・All the makers of FCE Ultra
・Genecyst East Software, for WindHex
・MeteorStrike, for his ROM Hack Analysis FAQ (hosted on IGN.com)
・CygnusZ, for translation help and cluing me in on some development team 
・Andrew Church, for translation help
・Blueberry Buttface, for the text dump of the North American version
・DQShrine.com, oblivion from aoc, and Mikael_Fr, for box images
・Google translate and Yahoo! Babel Fish, for...occasional help, and for making 
me laugh
・GameFAQs.com, for hosting all this mess!
・Enix, for creating this monster! :-D

Translation, guide, and layout (C) 2006-2010 by Jason Kuntz. This translation 
is in no way authorized or otherwise endorsed by the game creators or 
publishers. Use this guide however you like for your own personal use, but 
please do not republish it in an altered form, and please do not take credit 
for it. If you use part of this guide in your own work, please send me an email 
and let me know; my address is at the top. I can't think of any reason I 
wouldn't let you, so just tell me. Seriously people, it took me ten days just 
to get out of Ladatorm Castle! This was hard work for me! I'm exhausted!

An up-to-date version of this file may always be found at GameFAQs.com. And 

                   |                  EOF                  |

...Stop reading now, please. You're embarrassing me.

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