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Dragon Warrior 1 Item/Armor/Weapon/Magic FAQ
Written By: Scott Clemmons 
Size in Kb: 
Version: Final

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Items in the Game:

- Herb -              A medicine made of pulverized and mixed mandoragora
                      root and mugwort. Just one herb package will restore
                      20-35 of your health
                      - Costs: 24G -

- Torch -             This lights up the dark and gloomy underground
                      labyrinths. It's made from slender fresh wood and is
                      soaked in pine resin and oil. You can buy it at almost
                      all general stores.
                      - Costs: 8G -

- Magic Key -         Special Keys that open closed doors. Although you can
                      use them on any door, you lose on for each door you
                      have opened.
                      - Costs: 53/83G -

- Dragon Scale -      Legend has it that this feel from a dragon's body a
                      long, long time ago. A light green fossil that fits in
                      the palm of your hand, it has mysterious powers and
                      slightly increases your defense power +2
                      - Costs: 20G -

- Fairy Water -       Magical water taken from a spring by a silver lady
                      on the night of a full moon and purified at the alter
                      of the goddess Aura. It is said that you can travel for
                      some time while warding off those in your way if you
                      sprinkle some of water on your body. However, the power
                      of this water is not effective in caves or against evil
                      monsters with great power
                      - Costs: 38G -

-  Wings -            Another Legend has it that, when lighting strikes and
                      kills a Wyverm, it's wings fall down to earth with
                      their magical flying power still intact. Using these
                      wings will bring you back to Tantegal Castle
                      - Costs: 70G -

- Cursed Belt -       This item is stupid. You equip it, then it won't come
                      off. It doesn't even sell for much. You'll have to have
                      the guy in Brecconary uncurse it for you.
                      - Costs: 0G -

- Cursed Necklace-    You gain this item later in the game from a treasure
                      chest. You'll have to have the man in Brecconary uncurse
                      it for you. Then sell it for a lot of money. Also it's
                      the hardest treasure to find in the game, as it randomly
                      appears in the swamp cave. Don't get your hopes up on
                      getting it. It's in the Grave of Garinham, there's
                      a chest that gives 120 gold, and about 1/12 times it'll
                      give you this item instead. You can sell it for 1250
                      - Costs: 0G -

- Fairy Flute -       Puts the golem in front of Cantlin asleep for a long
                      time. BUT WHEN YOU STAB HIM WITH YOUR SWORD HE
                      DOESN'T FEEL IT! Logic prevails in all cases, my
                      - Costs: 0G -

- Silver Harp -       Used by the hero to gain the Staff of rain. It's hidden
                      in a cave, so you'll have to find it. You can also
                      play this harp and get in random battles at any
                      - Costs: 0G -

- Stones of Sunlight- Need to be combined with another item to form the
                      Rainbow Drop
                      - Costs: 0G

- Staff of Rain-      The other item in the concoction of the Rainbow Drop.
                      You have to combine this item with the Stones of Sunlight
                      to get it.
                      - Costs: 0G -

- Rainbow Drop -      Used to make the rainbow bridge, so you can beat up
                      the Dragonlord, and put a stop to his evil ways! You
                      can't sell this item for some reason
                      - Costs: 0G -

- Erdrick's Tablet -  Found in Erdrick's Cave, it tells you of your journy
                      - Costs: 0G

- Erdrick's Token -   This item proves to people that your the descendent of
                      the great Erdrick.
                      - Costs: 0G

- Ball of Light-      You get this item after you defeat the Dragonlord in the
                      final battle of the game. Restores peace to the whole
                      - Costs: 0G -

- Fighter's Ring -    Increases some stat, no one really quite knows what the
                      hell the thing. It's rumored to make weaker monsters
                      run away from you more often.
                      - Costs 0G -

- Gwaelin's Love -    When you rescue the princess, she gives you this item.
                      It shows where you are. It also tells you when you're
                      going to gain a level, so you don't have to keep
                      running back to the castle all the time
                      - Costs: 0G -

Weapons in the Game:

- Bamboo Pole -     Just a simple length of cut bamboo. It's cheap but not
                    very powerful
                    - Costs: 10G (Power: 2) -

- Club -            A shaved oak bough with an east-to-hold grip. More
                    powerful than a bamboo stick
                    - Costs: 60G (Power: 4) -

- Copper Sword -    A long sword made of copper that will inflict fair bit
                    of damage on the enemy
                    - Costs: 180 G (Power: 10) -

- Hand axe -         An iron axe made especially for fighting. Powerful but
                    difficult to wield.
                    - Costs: 560G (Power: 15) -

- Broad Sword -     A light, strong sword made of steel that's really
                    - Costs: 1500G (Power: 20) -

- Flame Sword -     A sword that costs a lot, and it a tad bit stronger than
                    the broad sword. Don't buy this thing, just wait to get
                    Erdrick's sword instead
                    - Costs: 9800G (Power: 28) -

- Erdrick's Sword - Smack down right here, this sword will kick about
                    anything's ass in the game within a few blows. You
                    basically have to own it to beat the Dragonlord
                    - Costs: 0G (Power: 40) -

Shields in the Game

- Small Shield -   A rectangular shield made from cow and goat hide. Light
                   and easy to handle, it is the most widely used shield in
                   - Costs: 90G (Defense: 4) -

- Large Shield -   Cast from iron, this shield has delicate engraved design
                   on its front. Of course, this durable shield has far more
                   protective power than that of the small shield.
                   - Costs: 800G (Defense: 10) -

- Silver Shield -  The most expensive item in the game, the Silver Shield
                   has about as much defense as the best armor in the game.
                   You should save up the money and purchase this thing
                   before the final fight. The amount of money it costs
                   isn't really that much at the end of the game. It might
                   take you 2 hours max.
                   - Costs: 14800G (Defense: 25) -

Armor in the Game:

- Clothes -         Made of thick cloth, the don't really protect you too much
                    from the enemy. Even so, it's better than nothing and it
                    does lessen the damage inflicted by an enemy a little bit.
                    - Costs: 20G (Defense: 2) -

- Leather Armor -   Sewn together from the fragments of soft leather, it is
                    useful in combat. It's light and easy to move about it,
                    and it gives you more protection then the cloths
                    - Costs: 70G (Defense: 4) -

- Chain Mail -      Made from light metallic thread sewn together. Light and
                    easy to move about in, it will considerably lessen damage
                    that the enemy can inflict on you
                    - Costs: 300G (Defense: 10) -

- Half Plate -      A strong piece of armor made form beaten out iron panels.
                    Although you can't move about so fast, it really
                    protects you from the enemy's blows. (Ohh..blows...)
                    - Costs: 1000G (Defense: 16) -

- Full Plate -      Made from specially fabricated steel, this is really
                    durable armor. It'll protect you from almost all enemy
                    - Costs: 3000G (Defense: 24) -

- Magic Armor -     No different from the Full Plate, other than it allows
                    the wearer to gain 1 HP back per step. Pass this one up
                    if you can and just stick to Erdrick's Armor.
                    - Costs: 7700G (Defense: 24) -

- Erdrick's Armor - Strongest armor in the game by far. You need this to
                    take on the Dragonlord and live. You won't get very
                    far without it. That or gain a billion levels. Also, it
                    allows wearer to gain 2 HP back per step, and walking
                    over those swamps won't hurt you anymore.
                    - Costs:  0G (Defense: 28) -

Magic in the Game:

- Heal -      If you use this spell when you've been wounded in battle, you
              can be cured without having to stay overnight at an Inn. You can
              use this spell whether you're walking about or in battle. For
              each time you chat the spell, you gain 10-15 More HP back.
              - Costs: 4 MP -

- Hurt -      A spell you will use for fighting. When you chant it, little
              balls of fire spurt out of your fingertips. On chant of this
              spell inflicts 2-10 damage on the enemy.
              - Costs: 2 MP -

- Sleep -     Chant this spell if you come across some really disagreeable
              monsters. It will make monsters fall into a deep sleep.
              - Costs: 2 MP -

- Radiant-    This spell will light up caves when you find yourself groping
              around in the dark (OOHH! GROPING! kinky) Brighter than a fiery
              torch, you'll be able to see far ahead.
              - Costs: 3 MP -

- Stopspell - Of the various monsters you'll come across in your travels some
              will attack you with spells. When that happens, chant this spell.
              If the spell is successful, you can block the monster's spell.
              - Costs: 2 MP -

- Outside -   If by chance you lose your way deep down in some dark, gloomy
              labyrinth of if out find that you haven't enough strength to
              get back up to the world above, then this is the spell for you.
              It'll warp you back to the world above in no time at all
              - Costs: 6 MP -

- Return -    When you've traveled too far away from home or you find that
              you just can't return to Tentegal Castle, use this spell to soar
              high in the sky and return.
              - Costs: 8 MP -

- Repel -     This spell will cloak you in a magical cure that protects you
              from monster attacks. However, it won't work in foul smelling
              caves. And just like Fairy Water, you can't use it against
              monsters that are stronger than you.
              - Costs: 2 MP -

- Healmore -  Some of the Dragonlord's henchmen are so strong that they
              inflict more than 30 points of damage in a single attack, in
              which case "Heal" or healing herbs won't work in time. This is
              a more power version of  "heal" and will restore 75-100 HP
              points each time you use it.
              - Costs: 10 -

- Hurtmore -  This is a more powerful version of "Hurt". Legend has it that
              those who chant that spell can summon up lightning and attack
              the enemy with it. When you've chanted the magic spell,
              knife-like lightning is fired form your fingertips and destroys
              almost all enemies.
              - Costs: 5 MP -

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