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FAQ/Walkthrough by Clasher

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 03/03/02


All rights reserved to Clasher. Copyright 2001. Any attempts at
plagiarism of ANY kind will be sharply handled.

This is basically a giant FAQ, using questions I made up to cover
all aspects of Dragon Warrior I, the first RPG to really show a
future on the NES. While the game is extremely slow-paced, it is
a lot of fun and worth playing sometimes. Anyway, we aren't
accomplishing anything by sitting here doing nothing, so let's
dive right in!


1.0 - Initial release
1.1 - Added this section (DUH) and an enemy list
1.3 - Updated walkthrough
1.4 - discarded most of the FAQ and shortened the walkthrough


Q: Which message speed should I use?
A: I like to use fast, although most people prefer normal.
Actually, once you get the hang of the game, fast can really
speed up the battles.

Q: Your walkthrough is sometimes explicit, sometimes brief. Why?
A: I try to be fairly detailed at the beginning of the game,
since that's when you have the most trouble, getting used to it.
Later on, since most of what I say would be fairly useless, I
tried to be more brief.

Q: Is there a Remix of the game?
A: Yes, but it was only released in Japan. You know what that


Q: When do I enter battles?
A: Whenever you make a move, the game randomly decides whether
you have an encounter (barring a few exceptions).

Q: Why should I worry about terrain?
A: Some terrains damage you, but mainly, they influence the
likelihood of battles. Here's the terrain types from least
encounters to most: grass, forest, swamp*, barrier**, desert,
brick, hill.

* - 2 damage per step, ** - 20 damage per step. Both are harmless
if you have Erdrick's Armor.

Q: Why should I use an item in battle?
A: An herb, perhaps?

Q: I'm trying to run away from a battle, but it says "(name of
character) started to run away, but was blocked in front". What's
all this about?
A: Well, the game knows that there's some cases where you'll want
to avoid fights to stay alive, for example, the run to Cantlin.
So the game designers had this aspect. Whenever you attempt to
run away, there's a random chance of being blocked in front, and
that means you not only can't get away, the monster gets to make
a move.

Q: It says, "the (name of monster) attacked before (name of
character) was ready." What's going on?
A: This is mainly for realism's sake, and gives you another thing
to worry about. All it means is the monster gets to attack first.
It isn't a big deal unless the monster puts you to sleep.

Q: I cast a spell, it deducted the MP (magic points), but then it
said, "the spell will not work". What is this?
A: Some battle spells (Hurt, Hurtmore, Sleep and Stopspell) have
a random chance of not working, in which case you lose the MP,
you get zip, and the monster then moves. In the beginning of the
game, you don't really have to worry about this, because they
nearly always work. But starting with Warlocks, Sleep starts
failing (and it fails most often against monsters that have Sleep
themselves), and Stopspell starts failing against monsters that
have Hurt/Hurtmore. Hurt/Hurtmore seldom fail, except against a
few monsters such as Wizards.

Q: Why don't the enemy's spells ever fail?
A: All of them always work, except Stopspell (which, ironically,
usually fails). I guess it's to make spells more menacing.

Q: What's with this "excellent move" business?
A: I don't know. I believe it reduces the enemy's defense to 0,
for that attack. That would explain how against Metal Slimes, the
damage done is no higher than against normal Slimes. It basically
means a free kill.

Q: Do monsters have critical hits?
A: Nope!

Q: I'm fighting a Metal Slime, but it keeps saying "the attack
failed and there was no loss of hit points". Explanation?
A: Metal Slimes have a defense of 999. This means you'll be
scoring 1 damage on all non-critical attacks, and sometimes
you'll do no damage whatever. This is basically a damage score of

Q: Does this apply to other enemies?
A: Yes, but it doesn't really happen to you. I noticed when I was
fighting a Magidrakee at level 1 (I was fooling around and trying
to die as fast as possible) some of my attacks failed. You
shouldn't have to worry about it.

Q: The spell of Hurtmore won't do any more damage to a Slime than
it does to a Starwyvern! What the heck is this?
A: I believe attack magic does a random damage regardless of
enemy defense ratings. I also believe the damage attack magic
does goes down when it is used a lot.

Q: What exactly does agility do?
A: Agility determines you base defense power (your defense equals
your armor and shield plus half your agility).

Q: Does each monster really have a defense and agility level?
A: Well yes and no. Yes, you will definitely do less damage to
something later in the game with the same attack factor. But,
when battling monsters in the same area, it seems like your
attacks don't do any more damage to one particular monster. Same
goes for agility. (Obviously, this excludes exceptions such as
the Metal Slime).


Q: What does that mean, exactly?
A: Look at the next question.

Q: Why do I keep getting blocked in front in one battle?
A: After careful thought, I figured out a theory that explains
this. It's a long story. I've never seen this in any other game,
which is good because it's kind of cruel. The likelihood of a bad
result I believe depends on the previous results for the same
thing. This means, say you're put to sleep. You'll have the
highest chance of waking up on the first attempt. Then with each
attempt later, the likelihood gets progressively lower. Or maybe,
it's simply that the likelihood of a bad result is affected by
the result immediately before. While this seems completely
backwards, it seems to fit my findings. It is vital that you
understand this if you want to make good decisions time and time

Q: Does the above apply to monsters too?
A: I believe so. However, remember that many of the things that
you have to chance for, like escaping, are automatically
successful when used by enemies. An odd finding I have is that
missed attacks apply to (jaq drops) both monsters and yourself!!
This means, that if you miss an attack, the monster ahs a higher
than average chance of missing his. If this is true, this would
explain the unusually high proportion of back-to-back misses.

Q: What does the above apply to?
A: Critical hits, missed/failed attacks, escape attempts, waking
attempts, spell success. Everything, basically.

Q: Does the above apply to different things at once? I mean, if I
miss an attack and then get put to sleep, do I have an impaired
chance of waking up?
A: I believe no.

Q: Does the above reply to different times? If I get blocked in
front once, am I more likely to get blocked in front for the
entire rest of the battle, or just the very next move?
A: I believe the former.

Q: Does the above carry over from battle to battle?
A: Research since the previous update has revealed startling
results. Yes, bad results do carry over, but seem to only do so
for the same monster. So, if you miss an attack against a
Werewolf, you will have a greater likelihood of missing further
attacks only against Werewolves. And, it also seems that this
applies to (gasp) monsters!!! Often, you won't fight (name of
monster) for a while, then encounter one, and then encounter
another right afterwards! Weird, huh?

Q: Does the above apply to the effectiveness of things? If I get
a great attack (but non-critical) will I get a great attack my
next move too?
A: I don't think so.

Q: Does the above apply to encounters - if I have a battle, am I
more likely to have another battle right afterwards?
A: I don't think so - if it were so, you'd be having battles
almost every move.


Q: Why do monsters seem to look the same as a previous monster
but differently colored?
A: Well, the game programmers didn't want to have to draw a
Wyvern, a fiercer-looking Magiwyvern and an even more fierce
Starwyvern. Well, the Wyverns are a bad example, because they do
change facing. However, if you look closely you'll notice that
many enemy groups look the same or very similar.

Q: Does the terrain affect the difficulty of monsters?
A: Nope.

Q: Why do the monsters get harder even though I'm not crossing
A: Simple. The game divided the map into twenty or so rectangles,
and every single square is in one of them. The different levels
of the caves also qualify as different areas. And a few areas are
identical though separated. Each area has its own group of
monsters. And it just so happens that bridges are at many of the
area boundaries.

Q: What influences what monsters do?
A: Interestingly, the Sleep monsters seem to look at their spell
as a last resort instead of a deadly weapon, and use it when
they're almost out of HP. I found that monsters have "ranges".
For example, Starwyverns (which I found easiest to study) heal
themselves only after you've done at least 35 damage, and they
get more likely to heal the more damage you do. Also, a monster
never uses something it's already effected - they never use Sleep
or Stopspell when you're already in that state.

Q: I fought two identical monsters, but one died at a certain
amount of damage, but the other didn't when I did the same amount
of damage! What's going on here?
A: Monsters have a maximum HP, all of them. Each individual
monster has an HP from a random number generated at the start of
the fight, between the maximum HP and 4/5 of the maximum HP.

Q: I attacked a monster, he healed himself, I attacked again and
did less damage than I did the first time, but managed to kill
him. What happened?
A: As with your own Heal spell, monsters' Heal spells only
restore some of their HP. So, your second attack was against a
monster that was already damaged.

Q: What's this about breathing fire? And what does it do?
A: Any dragon, plus Starwyverns and the Dragonlord 2, can,
instead of attacking, breathe fire. The amount of damage done is
random, and not influenced by defense, but by the type of


Q: What are the various spells and their MP?
A: Here's a chart for you.

Heal            3             4      Anywhere      Heals 10-16 HP
Hurt            4             2      In battle    Damages 6-12 HP
Sleep           7             2      In battle Makes foe helpless
Radiant         9             3      In caves     Lights up caves
Stopspell      10             2      In battle Blocks foe's magic
Outside        12             6      In caves    Teleport outside
Return         13             8      Outside caves  Teleport home
Repel          15             2      Outside battle Stop battles*
Healmore       17            10      Anywhere     Heals 80-100 HP
Hurtmore       19             5      In battle   Damages 58-65 HP

*Doesn't work in caves and only against monsters weaker than you.

Q: What exactly does "weaker" mean? And what qualifies as a cave?
A: As for the caves, anywhere that isn't in the overworld. As for
the "weaker" thing, the game looks at all the monsters in the
area, and if the majority are weaker than you (strength rating
influences this), there will be no encounters. If not, there will
be encounters, and with all the monsters in the area, including
weaker ones.

Q: How do you calculate monster strength?
A: I believe each has its own strength rating.

Q: What monsters should I use Stopspell on?
A: For starters, use it before making a single attack on a
monster that has the Sleep spell, with the possible exception of
Specters. And seriously consider it for any monster that has
either "more" spell, and also for Wraith Knights.

Q: What monsters have what spells?
A: A list coming up. Note that some monsters have two spells (but
none have three) and will be listed more than once. And of
course, no monsters have non-battle spells - Radiant, Outside,
Return and Repel.

Hurt: Magician, Magidrakee, Poltergeist, Drakeema, Warlock,
Druinlord, Specter, Metal Slime, Wizard*, Armored Knight*,
Dragonlord 1*. 
Heal: Drakeema, Wraith, Druinlord, Wraith Knight, Starwyvern*,
Armored Knight*.
Sleep: Warlock, Specter, Magiwyvern, Axe Knight, Red Dragon.
Stopspell: Wolflord, Drollmagi, Knight, Dragonlord 1.

* - the "more" version of the spell.

Q: Should I use torches once I have Radiant?
A: No, except in Charlock, because then MP is at a premium.
Radiant, though it fades out, lights a much greater area than
torches, and is important for big dungeons.

Q: What if I use a spell where it can't be used?
A: Depends. If you use a spell outside battle that can only be
used in battle or in another place (like Radiant in the
overworld), you'll lose the MP, and it says "but nothing
happened". If you use a non-battle spell in battle, nothing
happens, it'll say, "that cannot be used in battle." And of
course, nothing happens if you use a spell that exceeds your MP

Q: How do I refill MP?
A: It's impossible. The only way is to stay at an inn, unless you
use the cheat (see Secrets section).

Q: Hurtmore is an awesome spell, I can use it to kill monsters in
a second, right?
A: You could, but I don't recommend it. It sometimes almost kills
the monster, but doesn't. Also you can often accomplish the same
effect with only two normal attacks. Lastly, it uses up MP, and a
lot of it.


Q: What does each piece of equipment do to my stats?
A: Chart coming. Weapons will increase your attack power by this
amount, armor and shields will increase your defense power. Also
some of the shops in Cantlin are skipped because they sell
outdated equipment.

NAME               BONUS              WHERE FOUND            COST
Bamboo Pole          2                 Brecconary              10
Club                 4            Brecconary-Garinham          60
Copper Sword        10                  Anywhere              180
Hand Axe            15          Anywhere but Brecconary       560
Broad Sword         20                  Rimuldar             1500
Flame Sword         28                   Cantlin             9800
Erdrick's Sword     40                  Charlock                0
Clothes              2                 Brecconary              20
Leather Armor        4            Brecconary-Garinham          70
Chain Mail          10                Garinham-Kol            300
Half Plate          16          Anywhere but Brecconary      1000
Full Plate          24                Kol-Rimuldar           3000
Magic Armor*        24              Rimuldar-Cantlin         7700
Erdrick's Armor**   28                  Hauksness               0
Small Shield         4           Anywhere but Rimuldar         90
Large Shield        10                   Garinham             800
Silver Shield       25                    Cantlin           14800

* - Heals 1 HP per three steps
** - Heals 1 HP per step and invulnerable to swamp and barrier

Q: Should I skip any of the equipment?
A: Yes. You should skip the Hand Axe, Half Plate, and Magic
Armor. While you might be able to get away with buying things
sequentially in the Remix, you certainly won't in the old version
since you'd simply get bored to death.

Q: The best armor and weapon don't cost anything! Why?
A: Both are found in no shops. They are found in different
locations and are well guarded.

Q: Should I skip the Silver Shield?
A: No. By then in the game you'll be fighting mainly in
Hauksness, and there you'll be gaining experience. Sooner or
later you should buy the Silver Shield.

Q: Where is Erdrick's Armor?
A: In Hauksness, you'll notice on the southeast part a place with
a swamp and a forest at the end of it. Touch that forest, beat an
Axe Knight (very hard), then search and it's yours.

Q: Where is Erdrick's Sword?
A: See the Charlock walkthrough for help on finding it. Just be
sure that you're at least level 15, and have all other equipment
and full herbs, or I simply guarantee you will not make it alive.


Q: What do these tools do?

A: Here's a chart.

NAME                           COST                        EFFECT
Herb                            24                 Heals 25-40 HP
Torch                            8                   Lights caves
Wings                           70                  Teleport home
Dragon Scale                    20                     +2 defense
Fairy Water                     38               Prevents battles
Magic Key                        *                    Opens doors

* - 53 at Rimuldar and 83 at Tantagel.

Q: Where can I get these?
A: Every town except Rimuldar has a tool shop. Herbs, wings,
torches and dragon's scales are for sale just about everywhere
(although wings are only found in Kol). Fairy water is in a shop
in Brecconary that requires a key. Keys are for sale at Tantagel
in Rimuldar, but you need a key to access the shop at Tantagel.

Q: Hey, these are like spells! Why?
A: Yes, they do resemble spells, and are used for those functions
before you get the spell. Wings are exactly like Return and fairy
water is exactly like Repel. Torches are like Radiant but are
less effective.

Q: Should I buy these tools after getting the corresponding
A: No, except at Charlock, because then MP is premium.

Q: Can I get rid of these tools?
A: Yes. You can sell them at any tool shop for half the buying

Q: How many tools can I carry - is there a limit?
A: Yes. You can carry ten total items, so you can potentially
carry ten torches, fairy water bottles, dragon's scales or wings,
but you would never want to and could only hold as many as you
have empty places left. Herbs and keys take up only one slot, but
you can carry only six of them.

Q: Should I stock up on herbs?
A: No. There's a chest in the Rock Mountain Cave that contains an
herb. Buy one or two herbs for safety early in the game, and on
each trip into the cave, take the chest to refill your herb


Q: What are you talking about?
A: Two items in the game are cursed, and will put a curse on you
if you select them. Instead sell them at any tool shop. The Death
Necklace sells for 1200 gold, the Cursed Belt fro 180.

Q: Where are these items?
A: The Cursed Belt is in Garin's Grave. The Death Necklace is in
a 100+ gold chest in Rock Mountain Cave, but it is only seldom
found there, so you'll need to make many trips down there to get

Q: What game effect does a curse have?
A: None, except you can no longer sell the item and can't enter
Tantagel castle and therefore can't save. If you equip one for
fun, there's an old man in Brecconary who'll cure the curse and
destroy the item, for free.


Q: Where is and what is the Fighter's Ring?
A: It's in the Rock Mountain Cave. Some people say it increases
your strength and agility 2, others say that it makes monsters
run away. Experimentation has revealed neither is true and thus
it is totally worthless. If that's not a good enough answer for
you, maybe you should call Nintendo and somebody might be still
alive to tell you what the hell it's for.

Q: Can I sell the Rainbow Drop after using it?
A: No. You can never sell any item needed for the Rainbow Bridge,
or Gwaelin's Love.

Q: What's Gwaelin's Love?
A: When used, Gwaelin - who gives it to you when rescued - tells
you your position relative to Tantagel Castle if you're on the
world map, as well as how many experience points you need to go
up a level. It is helpful for finding Erdrick's Token, but
otherwise is completely worthless. For fun, demonstrate the
stupidity of video game characters by using it over and over
right in front of Gwaelin.

Q: How do I get keys?
A: Well, there's a shop in Tantagel, but that requires a key to
reach. The only place to get keys for the first time is Rimuldar.
Travel along the OUTSIDE of the moat, going north. You will find
the shop in the northwest corner of the map.


Q: What caves are in the game?
A: Erdrick's Cave, Rock Mountain Cave, Swamp Cave and Garin's
Grave (not counting the stairways leading to wise men).

Q: Where are these caves?
A: Erdrick's Cave is northwest of Tantagel, Rock Mountain Cave is
southwest of Tantagel (you need to loop around to reach it),
Swamp Cave is south of Kol and Garin's Grave is in Garinham.

Q: What's in these caves?
A: Erdrick's Cave contains Erdrick's Tablet, which contains a few
hints. Rock Mountain Cave contains the Fighter's Ring, and
sometimes the Death Necklace. Swamp Cave contains Princess
Gwaelin, and is the only way to go from Kol's continent to
Rimuldar's continent. Garin's Grave contains the Silver Harp.

Q: How do I see in caves?
A: Use Radiant or a torch. Radiant fades out eventually but
torches do not.


This list is HUGE. Now, if you find mistakes, do not, repeat NOT,
e-mail me. This is because I simply copied it from the monster
info cheat that came with the tipbook, and I hate getting blamed
for another guy's mistakes. Thanks Nintendo!

NAME         MAX HP        MAX GOLD       EXPERIENCE       SPELLS
Slime           3              1              1                 -
Red Slime       4              2              1                 -
Drakee          6              2              2                 - 
Ghost           8              4              3                 -
Magician       13             12              4              Hurt
Magidrakee     15             11              5              Hurt
Scorpion       20             15              6                 -
Skeleton       30             30             11                 -
Druin          22             16              7                 -
Poltergeist    23             18              8              Hurt
Droll          25             25             10                 -
Drakeema       20              2             11         Hurt-Heal
Warlock        30             35             13        Hurt-Sleep
Metal Scorpion 22             40             14                 -
Wolf           34             50             16                 -
Wraith         36             60             17              Heal
Wolflord       38             80             20         Stopspell
Goldman        50            200              6                 -
Wyvern         42            100             24                 -
Specter        36             70             18        Hurt-Sleep
Druinlord      35             85             20         Hurt-Heal
Drollmagi      38             90             22         Stopspell
Wraith Knight  46            120             28              Heal
Rogue Scorpion 35            110             26                 -
Knight         55            130             33         Stopspell
Demon Knight$* 50            150             37                 -
Magiwyvern     58            140             34             Sleep
Metal Slime$**  4              6            115              Hurt
Werewolf       60            155             40                 -
Green Dragon@  65            160             45                 -
Starwyverrn@   65            160             43          Healmore
Wizard         60            165             50          Hurtmore
Golem***       70             10              5                 -
Axe Knight     70            165             54             Sleep
Blue Dragon@   70            150             60                 -
Stoneman      160            140             65                 - 
Armored Knight 90            140             70 Hurtmore-Healmore
Red Dragon@   100            140            100             Sleep
Dragonlord 1$ 150#             0              0Hurtmore-Stopspell
Dragonlord 2@$100#             0              0                 -

Not bad, eh?!

@ - Can breathe fire
$ - Spells fail automatically
# - Not quite sure
* - Attacks often miss
** - Defense and agility of 999, attacks often fail (i.e, do 0
damage), all non-critical hits do 1 damage, runs often
*** - Can be put to sleep with Fairy Flute, works automatically,
found only once, guarding Cantlin


After fiddling with the sign-in screens, you find yourself in
King Lorik's throne room. After a brief explanation of the ball
of light and your quest to get it back, you are in control of the
game. Get the treasure chests for 120 gold, a torch and a magic
key. Use the magic key to open the throne room door. Head out of
the castle. Head straight to Brecconary (the town to the east)
and buy a club. Go to the item shop (in the bottom right corner)
and sell your torch. You will now have 64 gold. We need 70 gold
to buy the leather armor at the equipment shop, so you need to
head out and fight. Stay in the forest north of Brecconary and
kill Slimes and Red Slimes with your club. When you accumulate 70
gold, buy your leather armor. Save immediately, and earn some
more gold to rest at the inn. Keep fighting Slimes and Red Slimes
staying very close to the castle until you reach level 3.

At level 3, you earn the spell of HEAL. Now, instead of visiting
the inn when your HP and MP get low, talk to the old man in the
southeast corner of Tantagel Castle (behind the desk) to refill
your MP. Heal until you are at max HP, then talk to him again.
You no longer need to use inns now. If you do not have 20 gold
yet, earn it. Then go to the tool shop in Brecconary. Buy a
dragon's scale and use it (use the item command) to get +2
defense. Sell it for 10 gold back. Don't ask me how you can sell
something and regain its properties; just do it.

Now head into the hills southwest of Tantagel Castle, where
you'll fight Slimes, Red Slimes and occasionally Drakees. DO NOT
touch the bottom row of hills! Due to a bug in the monster
mapping, it has enemies from the southern continent who will more
than likely whip you good. So stay away from there. build up to
level 5 with the Slimes, Red Slimes and Drakees, saving and
healing at Tantagel when necessary (I don't think it's necessary
to tell you to heal and save any more). Buy a small shield at
Brecconary for 90 gold. Once at level 5, head northwest from
Tantagel Castle. Keep going until you come to the ocean, and see
a town. This is Garinham. Don't enter it yet, and fight in the
hills outside the village. Smash away at the Red Slimes, Drakees
and Ghosts, and HURT the Magicians before they can hit you bad
with HURT. Oh, I forgot to mention it - you got the HURT spell at
level 4.

Accumulate a lot of gold, and fight in this spot for a long, long
time. Buy from Garinham a copper sword and chain mail, and get up
to level 7. Heal when you fall below 20 HP because HURT from a
Magician can do up to 10 damage to you. Once you get the copper
sword, you can handle Magicians without HURT (and can knock out
Drakees and maybe Ghosts in one hit). The chain mail will give a
very nice 6 defense increase. At level 7, you get the SLEEP
spell. This really isn't that useful; monsters annoyingly often
wake up when put to sleep, and unlike the future games in the
series, monsters get to attack the same turn they wake up. So,
use it sparingly, if at all. Now, remember that row of hills
southwest of Tantagel Castle I told you NEVER to enter? Well, now
you can. Go there and walk back and forth. You will battle
Magicians, Magidrakees (cast HURT) Ghosts and Scorpions. You can
take them all down with 2-3 attacks. Heal a lot, outside battle
if at all possible (healing in battle wastes a turn). Go back
home when you get down to one heal (you need to be able to heal
several times in a pinch).

Finally, after much aggravation you should be at level 9 and have
accumulated quite a tidy sum of gold. Stock up on herbs, make
sure you have full HP and MP, and save. Make sure you have at
least 1500 gold on hand for this trip. Head out from Tantagel,
only this time head northeast. Cut south through the swamp for a
shortcut. At the southeast end of this continent is a bridge.
Cross it and head south, through the swamp, to a cave. Once
inside the cave, cast HEAL at least twice to nullify the damage
you took from the swamp. Now, you're in the Swamp Cave, but you
aren't alone. Besides the cheesy cave monsters (monsters from the
overworld plus Druins, not a threat to you) there is a Green
Dragon, who is guarding Princess Gwaelin. If you encounter this
fellow, save your energy for another time and reset. The key to
avoiding him is to not explore the cave, just head straight south
from the entrance (you don't even need a light source) until you
hear a bumping noise. Now follow these directions (until you hear
the bumping noise): east, south, east, south, west - ah ha! The
stairs. Climb this staircase and you've made it through the cave!

You are now on the South Island. You are also in big trouble.
This place is inhabited by very strong monsters. Warlocks have
the HURT and SLEEP spells at their command, and the other enemies
here can hit very, very hard. Your best bet is to cast SLEEP on
these foes, then run. (Just running away annoyingly often fails).
Head straight to the town of Rimuldar. From the exit of the cave,
head south to the east of the mountain barrier. Keep heading
south and eventually you'll see a lake to your west. Hook around
the mountains to the south and check it out. There's town on an
island in the lake; this is Rimuldar.

In town, head to the weapon shop and get the prize you came for:
the broad sword, which gives an amazing +10 attack power. Now
head to the entrance of the town. From the entrance, head north
and west, outside the moat. In the far northeast corner is a shop
where you can buy magic keys. Buy at least 2 of these. Unlock the
two doors in the bottom part of town and get the treasure chest -
yes! Wings! Now just use them and you'll teleport right back to
Tantagel Castle!

The yawning expanse of your next purchase makes one's mind spin.
You must accumulate 3800 gold before continuing to buy the large
shield in Garinham and the full plate armor in Kol. For future
reference, to get to Kol, go to the continent with the Swamp
Cave, and head north. You'll come upon a large forest eventually;
inside this forest is the town of Kol. Instead of going here yet,
go to the hills south of the big desert south of Kol. There
you'll battle mostly Scorpions and Skeletons. No matter. They can
both be disposed of by your wicked broad sword. Purchase the
large shield when you get the money. If you absolutely need a
faster place, after reaching level 10 and getting STOPSPELL, head
back to the area around Rimuldar and fight there. warlocks are
very easy to defeat now, since you have STOPSPELL. Just be
cautious; the other enemies around here don't mess around, and
hit hard.

Okay, you've finally gotten to level 11 and are equipped with the
broad sword, full plate and large shield (and dragon's scale).
Now we get to move on to a much better fighting location. Head
back to Rimuldar but head south from it, past two ranges of
hills. In the south part of the second range, you can fight
Wolflords, Wraiths, Metal Scorpions and Goldmen. Wolflords hit
quite hard, but are cursed with STOPSPELL, which they'll waste
turns using and it won't do anything harmful to you. Wraiths are
slightly weaker than Wolfords, but cast HEAL very rarely. Metal
Scorpions are very weak, with low HP and attack. Goldmen have a
very high HP and hit hard, but have mo magic. Defeating one
yields only 6 experience but up to 200 gold. This will take a
very long time, so you must be patient. While doing this, use the
Rimuldar inn when MP runs low, keep some wings on hand to save
after every level-up, and don't cross the bridge nearby or head
too far west. If you do, you can encounter a Wyvern. They can't
do anything but attack, but they're annoyingly good at that. They
can smash you for double-digit damage at your level, and have
quite bit of HP. By level 13, though, you should be able to chop
them up.

OK, you'll get 10000 gold eventually. It really doesn't take that
long. Buy 2 magic keys at Rimuldar and stop by Brecconary. Open
the door in the top right corner and buy at least one bottles of
fairy water. IMPORTANT: Go to Kol. If you noticed, there's a pool
there which is supposed to cure rheumatism. Search the ground
four steps below it and you'll discover the fairy flute. Save,
restock on herbs, and heal to max HP and MP. The trip to Cantlin
will take a few tries. From Tantagel, head up to Garinham, only
head south of it instead. You'll see a bridge at the bottom of
the continent. Cross it, activate fairy water, and head straight
south. When the ocean forces you east, head east. Eventually
you'll see another bridge. Cross it and head south. You'll see
the huge Domdora Desert before you. The monsters from here on out
are very, very strong, so run from everything (except the
occasional Metal Slime) and heal between fights if you get
attacked. Use an herb instead of running if your HP gets within
one strike of death. Head south through the desert, ignoring the
town in the north. When you get through, you'll see a bank of
hills. Cross them and at the southern tip of this continent,
you'll see a bridge. Cross it and you'll be in a forest. Head
northwest, and IGNORE the first bridge you come across! It just
leads to a huge, uninviting swamp.  Continue following the only
path until you see a bridge with a small swamp south of it; this
is the correct one. Cross and head south. You'll see a wall
surrounding... a town! You made it!!

Or have you? When you step into the hole in the wall, there's a
"spiked square" (not quite like those in Final Fantasy) with
Golem. This fellow was put there to prevent you from entering
Cantlin, and will succeed unless you play the fairy flute. This
will put him to sleep, automatically. Then break out your armory
and spank him with the broad sword. If he awakes, though, beware
- getting hit by him causes an Excedrin headache. Immediately put
him back to sleep, use an herb, and continue. Heal to max HP with
the HEAL spell before the battle as well. After Golem is reduced
to rubble, enter the town. Head straight to the northeast corner
where you'll see two people behind desks. Use your remaining key
to enter this area and talk to the bottom one. He is a salesman
who sells you the two best pieces of equipment that you can buy:
the flame sword and silver shield! Buy the flame sword
immediately, and head out of here.

Before continuing, a few notes on spells I did not mention. You
get RADIANT at level 9 (lets you see inside a dungeon) OUTSIDE at
level 12 (exit a dungeon) and RETURN at level 13 (return to
Tantagel Castle from the overworld). Use the latter to escape the
Cantlin region.

Now, get ready for (surprise!) some more leveling up! The best
place to level up now is the island south of Rimuldar. Wyverns
should be easy to defeat with the flame sword, as will their
little pals. You'll see a stairway on this island but ignore it.
Level up to 14-15 and get 15000 gold (WHOA NELLIE!) To buy the
silver shield. It'll give you a fine defense boost of +15. Get
ready to head back to Cantlin. Use fairy water for the first half
of this trip again. This is slightly easier than before, since
you do not need to battle Golem and are a level higher. Don't get
cocky and fight, though. Just run. Back in Cantlin, buy the
silver shield, the best. Leave, save and restock herbs. It's time
to get Erdrick's armor. If you remember, there was a town in the
Domdora Desert you skipped. It is called Hauksness, and enter it
now and you'll find this place is, uh, nuked. Fried. Mutilated.
Destroyed. The Dragonlord was certainly ruthless. His little
friends are still here, so get ready to run from every battle.
Head to the southwest corner of this town (to use generous
wording) and you'll see a swamp with a forest square behind it.
Step on the forest square, but heal to max HP (using HEAL)

On this square you'll meet an Axe Knight. This overweight cousin
of Sir Lancelot will give you battery back up feature a good
workin'. Your only real way of dealing with him is to STOPSPELL
him before he casts SLEEP. Then attack, and use an herb when you
fall below 30 HP. If all goes well, the moron will attempt to
cast SLEEP and fail, giving you free turns to slam him. If you
win, DON'T MOVE! Stepping on that square will always result in a
battle with an Axe Knight. So, immediately use the search command
to find Erdrick's armor. This thing protects you only 4 better
than the full plate, but that's the lousy part. This wonder suit
will give you 1 HP back per step. And make you immune to swamps
and barriers. Make straight for RETURN and get out of this dump.

Now, you need to level up to 17 to get the HEALMORE spell before
attempting Charlock Castle. The best place to level up are the
hills north of Domdora Desert. You can walk on the plains after a
battle to restore HP, and most enemies there will fall to your
new equipment. Demon Knights are a pain, afflicting you with
several hits of double digit damage before you can connect with
them. At level 15, you get the much needed REPEL spell, which is
really handy when you need to go somewhere and don't want to be
bothered with wimpy enemies. Finally, up to level 17. You'll earn
HEALMORE, which restores something like 90 HP or so. Time to
assemble the parts of the Rainbow Bridge:

Stones of Sunlight - Use a key to unlock the door at the top of
Tantagel Castle, step outside, and walk south outside of the east
wall to find a stairway leading to the chamber where the stones
are kept. There is a key shop here, as well.
Silver Harp - Go to Garinham (with at least 2 keys) and open the
door leading to the big building. Now, there is a secret passage
located along the north wall, two steps right of the west wall.
Go through and head east to Garin's Grave. Navigate the grave to
find the harp. (Directions for Garin's Grave will be done in a
future update) *note* - If you use the silver harp as an item in
the overworld, you'll enter a battle.
Staff of Rain - From Kol, head west through a forested hole in
the mountains, then head north. You'll find a stairway leading to
a chamber with the staff. The man will let you have it because
you have the harp.
Erdrick's token - Remember that bridge I told you not to cross on
the way to Cantlin? Cross it now, and enter the swamp. Go to the
one space wide gap between the halves of the swamp, and carefully
move east, without taking any steps up or down. Search every
square you come across. About six squares east of the gap, you'll
find the token (search for it).
Rainbow drop - Just enter that stairway south of Rimuldar on the
island, and the man will give you the rainbow drop if you have
all the previous items.
Rainbow bridge - From Rimuldar, head northwest, to a desert. At
the edge of the desert is a peninsula with land on the other side
of it, separated by a one space wide channel. Use the rainbow
drop at the very edge of the peninsula, and a bridge appears.
Restock, save, make sure you have six herbs and cross this
bridge. Follow the linear path to (drum roll?) Charlock Castle!!!

You aren't facing the Dragonlord yet; you just need Erdrick's
sword. Run from all the enemies in here, unless your HP is within
one strike of death. In that case, chant HEALMORE. Use herbs and
Erdrick's armor to heal between battles. From the entrance, take
the west path and head the area of barriers at the top center of
the room. Both visible stairways are dead ends, but there is a
secret passage behind the throne in the barrier area. Search the
square in the middle of the five square row there to find it.
enter, cast RADIANT, and follow these directions. On B1 and B2,
the path is very linear; you don't need directions. On B3, you'll
find a south/west fork. Go west. You'll have another opportunity
to go south; skip it and head westalong the path on the outside
of the room to reach the stairs in the southwest corner. On B4,
follow the zig-zagging path northwest. When you see a north/east
fork, head easy. Go a tad bit south, and follow the path around
the southeast corner. In the northeast corner are some stairs.
Ignore them and head south, but do so along the inner wall; from
the stairs in the NE corner, take one step west, then go straight
south. Take the stairs at the end of this corridor going UP.
Follow the linear path from here on until you see that chest you
saw on B2 but couldn't reach. It is Erdrick's Sword. Nab it, and
beat it. You now have the BEST equipment in the game. But before
we go kicking the Dragonlord around, there's the slight matter of
leveling up to take care of...

Level up to 19 in the hills north of Domdora you used before. At
level 19, you get HURTMORE, the last spell. This spell is
completely useless, IMHO. Against the enemies you need it to work
on (like Metal Slimes) it'll never work, and on the normal
enemies I just attacked. For level 20 and thereafter, fight
inside Hauksness. This will take you a LONG time, especially if
you want to get to level 30 (the max) before beating the game.
However, the strategy is very straightforward. Clobber
everything, and use Erdrick's armor and walk on grass to minimize
HEALMORE's need. The enemies in Hauksness are Starwyverns (cast
HEALMORE and breathe fire), Werewolf (hits hard), Green Dragon
(breathes fire and hits hard) and Wizard (casts HURTMORE).
HURTMORE cast on you, thankfully, is nowhere near as nasty as
when you use it. If you want to speed this up, fight the Axe
Knight over and over, but be warned that one SLEEP spell from him
could be your last. RETURN and save after every level. After
reaching a satisfactory level (I recommend at least level 21)
restock on herbs, heal and save, and head for Charlock.

But first, remember that princess you've waited so long to
rescue? Well, head to the Swamp Cave and do it now. I'd be
interested to see what would happen if you beat the game without
ever rescuing her. Anyway, pulverize the Green Dragon - what an
idiot he is - and open the princess' cell (have a key on hand
before coming here). Talk to here and teleport back to the
castle. You carry her back, quite literally. It would be really
funny if you could say something like, "Gee, gorgeous, while I
was out kicking butt on those monsters why'd you eat so much?" Oh
well. Return her to the king for a royal thanks and an item
called Gwaelin's love, a rather useless item that tells you your
coordinates related to the castle and how much experience you
need to get a level up. This would have helped finding Erdrick's
token, but not much else.

The Dragonlord will prove a great challenge to lower-level
warriors, as will his guards. The lower three levels of the
castle contain some particularly deadly enemies. Armored Knights
(besides looking like transvestites in their bright pink armor)
cast HURTMORE and HEALMORE. Stonemen have an ungodly amount of
HP, and can punch you like nobody's business. Blue Dragons and
somewhat dangerous, but not as bad as the previously mentioned
ones. Wizards you should be able to handle. Now, the bomb. You
will probably meet at least one Red Dragon, this guy can kill you
no matter what level you're at if you're unlucky. He uses SLEEP
quite often, so STOPSPELL before attempting to run may be wise.
He can do damage in the 30s range. Just run from all these

Now, the directions to the Dragonlord are complicated as well.
Follow the same paths through B1-4, but at B4, when you get to
the northeast corner, instead of heading south to Erdrick's
Sword, head west. At the end of this corridor is a stairwell, go
down it. Follow the linear path through B5 and B6. If you got
nervous and took the stairs in the NE corner of B4, you'd wind up
in an infinite loop corridor that has sent many an NES controller
flying into the TV. B7 is actually lit up (geez, thanks!) and you
can see the Dragonlord to your right. To get to him, first head
to the west side. Head north. When you can go west or north into
a dead-end room, go west. When you enter an area with various
floor types instead of the normal brick floor, head south. Head
back into the normal area at the bottom, and head west to the

Talk to him (after guzzling up your remaining herbal garden) and
he'll offer you half the world if you join him. Say no (unless
you want to die [at best - some gamers claim saying yes loses all
your levels and gold!!]) and he'll battle you. Just bash him
liberally and he'll bite it sooner or later. He can use HURTMORE
(minor) or STOPSPELL. Chances are it won't work but if it does,
you have to reset because you need HEALMORE for the upcoming
battle. Whoa, that was easy. Wait, what's this? A giant, ugly
dragon? Well, you've got to fight some more. The final boss can
hurt you for up to 50 damage with flaming breath or attacks, so
use HEALMORE when your HP falls below 50. HEALMORE uses 10 MP,
and it will take A LOT of rounds to kill this guy, due to his
ungodly defense (single digit damage readouts are common) and HP
(around 100 I think). Just keep striking and healing, and pray
for a critical hit. Hopefully you were smart and saved your MP
throughout the castle (maybe even used torches to save MP for
RADIANT). If you have at least 120 MP, you actually have a good
chance of winning. (You have a max MP of over 120 at level 20).
If not, well, you don't...

You'll kill the Dragonlord sooner or later. When you do, take the
ball of light from his corpse and it will banish all evil from
Alefgard! You'll be teleported out of Charlock. RETURN home (or
stay at the Rimuldar inn if you lack the MP - that happens
strangely often) and speak with King Lorik. You've won!!! 

Good work, Dragon Warrior. You're overdue a long, relaxing bubble
bath and a night with Princess Gwaelin (don't kill me!) for
finishing your quest.


pant pant... I think that's everything. Dragon Warrior, while not
nearly as great as Dragon Warrior 3 (the only game in the series
that is actually a worthy challenger of Final Fantasy) is great.
DO NOT attempt to plagiarize... please. It won't get you
anything. I promise. Enjoy Dragon Warrior I. (Just don't tell me
if you don't). And if you new to the RPG genre, check out the
following other titles: Super Mario RPG, Dragon Warrior 3, Final
Fantasy ANYTHING...

And finally - "May the light shine upon thee!"

(End of FAQ)

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