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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 06/14/01 CMoriarty Final 166K
FAQ/Walkthrough 03/03/02 Clasher 1.4 46K
FAQ/Walkthrough 01/06/01 Dalez 1.45 54K
FAQ/Walkthrough 05/06/04 FFM Final 70K
FAQ/Walkthrough 04/01/95 GWS_Wizard 1.0 18K
FAQ/Walkthrough 08/13/02 Psycho Penguin Final 104K
FAQ/Walkthrough 03/28/00 SykoBadger 1.1 80K
FAQ/Walkthrough 04/30/00 Wingchild 1.6 42K

In-Depth FAQs

Bestiary (HTML) 03/24/14 x_loto 3K
Experience Chart 06/06/01 Strife132 1.0 2K
Formula Guide 01/10/11 Ryan8bit 1.0 98K
Item/Magic/Armor/Weapon FAQ 01/03/04 FFM Final 15K
Japanese Game Script 07/10/10 x_loto v5.11 97K
Map Information 05/29/01 PKeating 5K
Monster List 05/14/07 Kain Stryder Final 20K
Names/Stats/Levels FAQ 07/20/02 akira slime 1.0 7K
SRAM Guide 02/23/07 jdratlif 1.0 17K
Save State Hacking Guide 08/15/01 Ultimaflare99 2K
Save State Hacking Guide 05/21/06 XX_Mad_Mage_XX 2.0 17K
Text Dump 11/02/08 Blueberry Buttface 1.0 18K

Maps and Charts

Castle of the Dragon King Map (PNG) 08/01/08 x_loto 20K
Cave of Loto Map (PNG) 02/14/08 x_loto 4K
Charlock Castle Map (PNG) 06/30/05 Xanderlesabre 68K
Domdora Map (GIF) 05/05/01 PKeating 8K
Domdora Map (PNG) 02/14/08 x_loto 7K
Dracolords Castle Level 1 Map (GIF) 05/29/01 PKeating 12K
Dracolords Castle Level 2 Map (GIF) 05/29/01 PKeating 18K
Dracolords Castle Level 3 Map (GIF) 05/29/01 PKeating 13K
Dracolords Castle Level 4 Map (GIF) 05/29/01 PKeating 9K
Dracolords Castle Level 5 Map (GIF) 05/29/01 PKeating 12K
Dracolords Castle Level 6 Map (GIF) 05/29/01 PKeating 5K
Dracolords Castle Level 7 Map (GIF) 05/29/01 PKeating 5K
Dracolords Castle Level 8 Map (GIF) 05/29/01 PKeating 18K
Enemy Chart (PNG) 07/26/10 kurtin888 1.0 100K
Enemy Territory Map (PNG) 03/14/10 Loogaroo1 1.2 133K
Erdrick's Cave Map (PNG) 06/30/05 Xanderlesabre 8K
Garai Map (PNG) 08/01/08 x_loto 6K
Garin's Tomb Level 1 Map (GIF) 05/03/01 PKeating 32K
Garin's Tomb Level 2 Map (GIF) 05/03/01 PKeating 17K
Garin's Tomb Level 3 Map (GIF) 05/03/01 PKeating 31K
Garin's Tomb Level 4 Map (GIF) 05/03/01 PKeating 8K
Garinham Map (GIF) 01/22/01 PKeating 22K
Grave of Garin Map (PNG) 06/30/05 Xanderlesabre 29K
Haukness Village Map (PNG) 07/03/05 Xanderlesabre 14K
Kol Map (GIF) 01/22/01 PKeating 28K
Ladatorm Castle Map (PNG) 08/01/08 x_loto 13K
Ladatorm Map (PNG) 02/14/08 x_loto 9K
Loto's Tomb Map (GIF) 12/27/00 PKeating 18K
Maira Map (PNG) 03/17/10 x_loto 7K
Marsh Cave Map (PNG) 08/01/08 x_loto 4K
Melkido Map (PNG) 02/14/08 x_loto 9K
Mercado Map (GIF) 05/05/01 PKeating 21K
Mountain Cave Map (PNG) 06/30/05 Xanderlesabre 12K
Rainbow Drop Shrine Map (GIF) 05/05/01 PKeating 7K
Rainstaff Shrine Map (GIF) 05/03/01 PKeating 7K
Rimuldar Map (GIF) 01/22/01 PKeating 29K
Rimuldar Map (PNG) 02/14/08 x_loto 10K
Rocky Mountain Cave Map (PNG) 08/01/08 x_loto 8K
Swamp Cave Map (PNG) 06/30/05 Xanderlesabre 8K
Tantegel Castle Map (GIF) 01/22/01 PKeating 42K
Tantegel Town Map (GIF) 01/22/01 PKeating 32K
Tomb of Garai Map (PNG) 08/01/08 x_loto 15K
Tunnel Cave Map (GIF) 05/03/01 PKeating 15K
Western Cave - Level 1 Map (GIF) 01/22/01 PKeating 27K
Western Cave - Level 2 Map (GIF) 01/22/01 PKeating 28K
World Map (PNG) 05/16/02 ReyVGM 312K
World Map (PNG) 03/17/10 x_loto 50K

Foreign Language FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (Spanish) 01/28/06 sheikav Final 35K

Patch Code Lists

Game Genie Codes 05/24/01 THedstrom 0.8 6K

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