• Invisible Williams: Get all your hearts here

    In mission two, after crossing the pit by climbing onto the fence and moving right, two enemies start walking towards you. When the one closer to the top of the screen almost walks past the girders (The red steel beams in the background) Climb the fence, and walk back past the pit and climb off the fence. Climb back on, and head back to where the two Williams enemies were coming at you, start kicking and punching were the williams near the girders was and you'll start hitting "Invisible Williams" Keep on kicking and punching til you get all your hearts and techniques in the second mission!

    Contributed By: Metalpycho.

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  • Morphing Weapon

    When fighting two Chintais at the end of Mission 4, one of them will have a knife. Jump kick him to make him drop the knife, but don't pick it up. Stay near it and fight the Chintais. When you beat the last one, pick up the knife JUST as the defeated Chintai flashes the fourth time. It will transform into a bat-like weapon that you can use to fight the Lindas with. Let one of them hit you to drop the weapon, then use the the same "fourth flash" trick to get a strange-looking weapon you can use against the Abobos that appear next. Again, get one of them to hit you to drop the weapon and repeat the trick, and you'll get yet another weird weapon to use againat Willy. But you can't use the trick to get a weapon to use against Jimmy.

    Contributed By: ZaphodBblbrx1.

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  • Stairway to hell

    In the first mission, right before you enter the boss area, notice the ''pole'' against the right wall. If you go as far right as possible, then press ''up'', it'll act like an elevator and your character will rise and go offscreen. Pressing left or right on the D-pad will put you back on the ground, and pressing down will kill you.

    Contributed By: Sol_Sadguy and Gamecube_Gamer.

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  • Bypass Level 2 Boss

    At the end of Mission 2, as soon as the end-boss comes out of the door, climb down the ladder. After descending a second or third story, you should hear the sound of victory. Your opponent has been defeated and you can move on to the Mission 3!

    Contributed By: J.Lau.

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