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Hints and Tips by KGifford

Destiny of an Emperor

Q. How do i cross the water in the cave behind Qing Zhou castle?
A. After you've taken the fortresses near Qing Zhou castle by force, the 
defeated troops will flee to the castle and regroup in great numbers. Since 
you aren't strong enough to take the castle from the front entrance, you'll 
want to try a different approach. A cave opening appears behind the castle 
at the same time the troops flee here. Inside the cave you'll find an 
uncrossable body of water and a bridge builder who has allegiance to Han 
Zhung. You'll find Han Zhung in the general area around the castle. Defeat 
his army and convert him to your side. Then promote him to the lead position 
in your party and have him talk to the bridge builder. The bridge will 
appear instantly and you will have a new route to the castle. Fight the weak 
rear forces and you'll easily take the castle, eventually inheriting the 

Q. Where is the gemsword?
A. You'll need the gold key. Search for it in the fourth level of the cave 
between Fan Shui Guan and Hu Lao Guan. Then go to Wang Yun's home in Luo 
Yang castle. Use the gold key while standing on the mark in the room. The 
gemsword will appear there.

Q. How do I give the gemsword to Lu Bu? Where is Chi Tu Ma?
A. Lu Bu and his allies guard Yang Zhou castle. Storm the castle and defeat 
the allies, but leave Lu Bu and his army alone. Then offer the Gemsword to 
Lu Bu by using the Item command for the character who has the sword. If Lu 
Bu doesn't accept the sword, offer it again. If he still doesn't accept it 
after 4 or 5 offers, fight his army and cut it down to about half its 
original size. He should accept it now.

After Lu Bu accepts the sword, he'll give you a clue about the location of 
the horse, Chi Tu Ma. He'll say that the sword is 8 yards west and 1 yard 
south of Fan Shui Quan fortress. You'll have to leave the fortress 
completely in order to follow that. When you go through the first gate, the 
screen will change and another gate will appear. Go through this gate and 
move down 1 step and west 8 stels (walk around the rock). Then check the 
area where you are. (Eventually you'll find a general who'll be able to ride 
this sucker.)

Q. How do I counteract Si Ma Yi's thunder?
A. Si Ma Yi's thunder attack will put all of your forces to sleep and send 
you to a land far away. You'll have no defense against it the first time you 
fight him. After the attack you'll get a clue that you must move up, up, 
down, down, left, right, up and down in order to suppress the power of the 
thunder. When you meet Si Ma Yi, press the A button and you'll hear a tone. 
Immediately after hearing the tone, key in the code to counteract the 
thundr. After that, you'll be able to fight Si Ma Yi's force as normal. It's 
a good idea to practice entering the code before the battle by doing the 
steps in a town or wherever. Your guys should make one step per each press.

Q. How to I wake up Zhu Ge Liang and enter the land of Shu?
A. First off, make sure Xu Zhe (aka Dan Fu) is in your party. Check your 
reserves if he isn't. With him in tow, travel to Ma Liang's house (between 
Nan Yang and Chang Sha castles) where him and Ma Su will join you. Then meet 
Liu Bei at Gui Yang castle. When you talk to him, Xu Zhe will be summoned by 
his mother. Although he will leave the party, you can continue to Zhe Ge 
Liang's house without him. Zhu Ge Liang won't be home but you'll get the 
clue to look for him at Lou Sang village.

Enter Qui Zhou Ping's house in Lou Sang (the place where the game began). 
He'll tall you that Zhu Ge Liang went home. If you go back to ZGL's house 
you'll get the message "You just missed him." Head to Nan Yang castle next 
and use the Invite command. Then talk to Liu Bei. He'll send you back to 
ZGL's house where you'll finally find ZGL sleeping in the back room. Say 
"no" when you're asked if you want to wake him up, but don't leave. In a 
minute ZGL will wake up and tell you to meet him at Gui Yang castle. When 
you arrive, use the Invite command again and talk to Liu Bei. Then speak 
with ZGL. He'll finally join your party, and you'll be able to enter the 
peaceful land of shu.

Q. How do I defeat Si Ma Yi?
A. Get Zhu Ge Liang by level 17 to build up his tactic points. Save the game 
before point increases; if the increase is low, try it again. Enter the 
final battle with extra power pills and over 100 tactic points. Zhu Ge Liang 
should lead the party and Jiang Wei should be the tactician. First, use the 
Ji Mian spell. Next, use An Sha, except not on Si Ma Yi. The power pills 
boost your hitting strength versus Si Ma Yi. With luck, you'll defeat him 
with Wan Fu before he restores his forces.


"A bare bones, step-by-step guide" (sorry, you'll still need the dox) 
hopelessly and illegally ripped off of NP #49

Anyway, if you haven't played this, I really recommend you should (although
try to find the dox first). It is based on the history of China during the
second century, when warlords were in a power struggle over the control of
China. When you start the game you find that the land is being ravaged by a
group of rebels known as the Yellow Scarves. Three of the competing warlords,
Liu Bei (the direct descendant of the last Han emporer), Guan Yu and Zhang
Fei, decide to form a team and set out to restore peace in China.

"Although we were born on different days, we hope to die in the same hour of
the same day of the same year. On our very souls, we pledge that this will be


#1. Defeat the Yellow Scarves

You start the game in the town of Lou Sang.

- Talk to everyone in town. Get money and food from one of the villagers.

- Visit Xu Zhou, Qing Zhou, Mr. Da Xing and Tie Men Xia. At each place, 
  search for weapons and armor and talk to everyone to get information about
  the Yellow Scarves.

- Convert Han Zhong to add him to your party. Go to Qing Zhou Cave and enter 
  to fight the three leaders of the Yellow Scarves (Zhang Jao, Zhang Bao and
  Zhang Liang).

- Return to Xu Zhou and go talk to the ailing Tao Qian, who lies in a bed 
  behind the Throne Room. He will ask Liu Bei to serve as the acting emporer,
  then he will give you information about Dong Zhou, who is terrorizing Lui


#2. Conquer Dong Zhou and Yuan Shu

- Travel to Fan Shui Guan and search through Fan Shui Cave to find the Gold

- Next, go to Hu Lao Guan then continue to Luo Yang. Use the Gold Key in Luo
  Yang to get the Gemsword.

- Go to Yang Zhou Castle and use the Gemsword to persuade Lu Bu to join you.

- Continue through Yang Zhou Cave and then move on to Chang An. Defeat Dong
  Zhou in the castle there, then invite your emperor, Liu Bei, to the castle.
  Talk to him to get the latest news about Yuan Shu.

- Journey to Yuan, Huai Nan and Chen Cang. At Chen Cang, get the letter of
  introduction, which you can use later to obtain information.

- Go to Nan Yang, defeat Yuan Shu, then invite Liu Bei to the castle. Talk to
  everyone to learn what you can about Yuan Shao's plans to avenge Yuan Shu's


#3. Challenge Yuan Shao and Liu Du

- Travel north from Nan Yang until you encounter Yuan Shao. You cannot defeat
  him at this point. After you're defeated, try going north again. This time 
  you'll make it.

- Go to Bo Hai Castle and get the Gun Powder. Use the powder in Bo Hai to free
  Xu Zhe, aka Dan Fu.

- Return to Bo Hai Castle. Now that Xu Zhe is in your party, you'll be able to
  exit through the upper castle area.

- Journey to the village east of Bo Hai to get the Zhou Letter. Use it to
  recruit Zhao Yun at Guang Zong Castle.

- Go to Ji Zhou, defeat Yuan Shao, then invite Liu Bei to the castle. He'll
  ask you to stop the fighting in Jing Zhou.

- Visit the following places in the order listed: Yi Ji's house, Ma Shu's
  house, Zhu Ge Liang's house, Ma Liang's house, Wu Ling, Chang Sha and Gui
  Yang. At Gui Yang, Zhao Fan will ask you to rest. Tell him "no" until he
  fights you.

- To restore peace, go to Ling Ling and defeat Liu Du.


#4. Enter Shu and restore peace

- Find Zhu Ge Liang. He's the best strategist in the game, and he must be a 
  member of your party before you can enter Shu. If you go to his house, 
  you'll be told that he isn't home. To find out more about him, go to Shui
  Jing's house, where he's known as Fu Long, and ask around. Someone there 
  will put you on the path to finding him.

- Travel beyond Shu and Shu Village to reach Fu Shui. Once there, rescue Liu
  Zheng from the prison, which you enter by way of the throne room's upper
  right door. To free him, stand next to the door, face up, and push until 
  the door breaks open. If it doesn't open with the leader you've selected, 
  try using one of your other generals, who may be in stronger condition.

- Visit Lui, then go to the Mr. Gang Tai Cave to find the Iron Ore. Take the
  ore to the blacksmith's house.

- Continue through Mr. Gang Tai Cave to Mian Zhu Guan, then journey to Cheng
  Du. Defeat Liu Zheng there, then invite Liu Bei to the castle and talk to

- Return to the blacksmith's house for clues at this point.

- Go back to Cheng Du and talk to Liu Bei. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei will leave
  your party, and you will receive the news that Jing Zhou province is once
  again in trouble.


#5. Save Jing Zhou and defeat Sun Quan

- Talk to Guan Yu at Chang Sha and Zhang Fei at Gui Yang. Next, visit Wu Ling,
  Ling Ling and Cheng Du.

- Talk to Liu Bei, who will send you after Sun Quan. When you return to Gui
  Yang after talking to Liu Bei, you'll find a bridge that leads to the south.

- Go to Jian An Castle to get the Deadwood and to Jian An Cave to get the
  Saltpeter. When you give both items to a man in the castle, he will blow up
  the canal south of the castle.

- Travel through Hui Ji and Wu Castle to reach Wu Cave. Continue through Wu
  Cave to Po Yang and Jin Du. As an optional step, you can defeat the pirates
  at the Pirate's Inn to get the Qing Long sword, which has an attack power of

- Now travel to Jian Ye and defeat Sun Quan. Invite Liu Bei to the castle 
  and talk to him. He will ask you to take on Cao Pi.



Take on Cao Pi and Si Ma Yi

- Go first to Guang Ling, next to Hei Fei, then to Ru Nan. At Ru Nan. you will
  battle Cao Pi. When you defeat him, you will come up against Si Ma Yi.

- Pick your way through first Ru Nan Cave then the Last Cave. When you reach
  Chen Liu, you'll fight Si Ma Yi again. He will escape and head for Luo Yang.

- Travel to Chin and use a Gullwing to return to Xu Zhou. From there, you can
  go to Luo Yang, where the final fight will take place.

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