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Iron pillar of the NES 10/15/18 2001mark
Let's be real here - the 6 is for nostalgia 11/13/08 Ali_X_Rexus
Reason enough to get an NES! 07/27/00 Brak
In my mind, this is Rush N' Attack 2 02/07/00 bruplex
Probably my favorite game on the NES. 02/08/10 DarkMark42
An excellent action game... 03/07/01 dgiglio84
Time to set the record straight. 02/12/01 ELITECLASS
A Old yet still fun 2-D Shooter 01/13/01 Glacius_
The blueprint of action/shooters of modern times. 03/03/00 Greatest One
The Classic Shoot 'Em Up Game that will stun all players... 09/29/00 GScotty
My 100th review is on a game that is famous for its 30 lives cheat code. However, I am one of the elite few that can conquer the aliens without it. 02/15/06 Megaman1981
The beginning of another legendary Konami series... 02/22/01 MMcPhun
Kill, kill, KIIIIIIL!!! 05/15/13 Ofisil
Hyper Super Turbo Fun! 02/24/01 Oxtapik
How can you not like this game? 06/15/02 PerfectDark
Excellent blaster fun 11/15/00 Ramagamma
Prepare your face, its about to be rocked off 11/27/06 scrotomthepuppy
An NES Masterpiece! 07/10/18 snesKING
A true masterpiece 03/23/17 TheWolf27
Give me the 30-lives code, pass me a Mr. Pibb and I'm all set! 06/29/01 Timmy Big Hands
This game is hard! 12/09/00 tomstaind
chorus of "reflecting god" is the theme of Contra 02/21/01 Van Veen
Stupid Konami Code! I keep dying! Help me! 02/06/00 Vegita
Perfect to rent for a couple of days!! 01/13/01 Yakuza
One of the most unforgettable classic games!!! 12/16/02 YSF

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