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Guide and Walkthrough by skcin7

Version: FINAL | Updated: 07/07/2007

          rMMMMMMMW8M MBM                                                     
       BS7          r MSMMMMM@                                                
     ,i0   SSZ0@;M: BS.    iMMM7                                              
    2  .;800          ,00Wr     X                                             
   7S,:M8 .,:::,     .     iXiWi:;                                            
   ,  X  ,:   .,2BWaX:  i;,    @M;                                            
 .7..MZ.r  ;ZMMMMMMMMMMX     7MMM                                             
 @70S. .:rMMM         2MMa:.MMM2                                              
 7iWii,..rW             BMMMW                   MMMMMMMM0,:MMWM@MMBBM@MM      
 B7Z.:.8MMM          MMMMMM   ,X;ZM@ rB7;82MMMMi       .r;r i7BM.   7ZMM8     
 MXMSXBBBM,        X        MX    iMMX8  M      M7MM      M M @,     aMMM     
 MW802rXZM,     ;XM  MMMMM,,MM       aZ  MMM  M@M BM0MMMMMM M SM  MM   MM     
 MM88WZZBMB      8B  MMMMM .SM   MMZ .@  MMM  MrM:WM      W MMMM  BM0   M@X.  
  8a Ma02MMa    0MZ  ;MW@M  :M   MMM     aMM  aiZ MM  MMMMM M 0W         WMMM 
  S@r@a0WZiSX    MMM7      M@M   M8MM@i MMM@r MS; aM  WMX M2.  M  0MMMMMa ;M2 
       XMMMMMMMZ02BMMZM;@MMMMZZ 2;r                                           

                            For the Nintendo NES

                         By Nicholas Steven Morgan

                        Last Revised: January 2007
                               Version FINAL

        This document is Copyright (c)2001-2007 Nicholas Steven Morgan



  This document, and all text included in this document, was written and is 
  owned completely by Nick Morgan.  Therefore, you may not copy any of the text
  in this FAQ without Nick Morgan's permission.  Furthermore, you may not 
  reproduce this document in any publications, including online publications, 
  strategy guides, electronic guides, etc., without express consent by Nick 
  Morgan, along with proof of Nick Morgan's consent.  

  You are free to post this guide on any website, provided that the 3 
  conditions apply:

  (1): The document must be presented in full.  It may not be altered, cropped, 
       and no information may be added to it.

  (2): The site may not require its users to sign up in order to view this 
       document, and it may not require a fee either.  It must be able to be 
       viewed without signing up or paying a fee.

  (3): Credit must be given to Nick Morgan.

  The most up to date version can always be found at www.GameFAQs.com, so check
  back often to see if there has been an update, so you can update your own 



     1. Guide Opening
          1.01  -  Version History
          1.02  -  Introduction
          1.03  -  Game Story

     2. Controls

     3. Game Basics, Tips and Tricks

     4. Walkthrough
          4.01  -  Level 1 The Jungle
          4.02  -  Level 2 Base 1
          4.03  -  Level 3 Waterfall
          4.04  -  Level 4 Base 2
          4.05  -  Level 5 Snow Field
          4.06  -  Level 6 Energy Zone
          4.07  -  Level 7 Hangar
          4.08  -  Level 8 Alien's Lair
          4.09  -  Ending

     5. Weapon Powerups

     5. Secrets

     6. Guide Closing
          6.01  -  Credits
          6.02  -  Contact Info
          6.03  -  Legal Disclaimer

                              1. Guide Opening
Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for Contra.  Please, kick your feet up 
and stay a while.  If you have anything to add that could make this document 
better, or want to contact me for any reason, please do so.  Enjoy the guide!

1.01  -  Version History

Version FINAL - January 2007 - Third Release - FINAL VERSION
Version 1.01 - September 2005 - Second Release
Version 1.00 - August 2005 - First Release

1.02  -  Introduction
Contra is one of the best, and most well known games on the NES.  It was made
by Konami, and was released February 1988 in USA and Japan.  There is no 
denying that this surely is a gem of a game.  

I was introduced to this game by my cousin when I was probably about 6 years
old.  I really don't remember how old I was due to my young age, but there
we were playing the game together.  We stopped playing this game when newer
game consoles came out, but we recently rediscovered this game when I bought
an old NES.  We played the game for hours when we were young, and now we're
still playing this game for hours now that we're adults.  This is the reason
why I have written this FAQ.

For some reason, and I don't know why, Contra is the game that holds the most
famous code ever: Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Select,
Start.  It seems that everybody that had an NES when they were young, still
remembers this code for some reason.  I don't understand why this code is so
memorable.  A band I know called the NESkimos even wrote a song called "Contra
Code", where the only lyrics in the song are the code for Contra.  Most codes
are easily forgotten, and need to be looked up time and time again, but gamers
will always remember Contra's famous 30 lives code.

I wrote this FAQ because I recently rediscovered this game, and I have been
playing it a lot.  It is a game that I will love forever.  I hope you get 
good use out of this FAQ.  Good luck.

1.03  -  Game Story
This is the Game Story for Contra.

In 1957 a large object from outer space crashed into Earth's Amazon basin,
near ruins of the lost Mayan civilization.  Scientists world-wide heralded
the incident as a trivial cosmic occurrence, and thus the collision was soon

Now, thirty years later, rumors of an evil force have swept into the
Pentagon's front office, and tales from frightened villagers of a hideous
being with an army of alien henchmen are sending chills down the spines of
top military brass.

Unwilling to upset current political stability, an all-out assault on the
region has been overruled, and instead, two of America's most cunning,
courageous and ruthless soldiers from the Special Forces elite commando squad
have been selected to seek out and destroy these alien intruders.

Congratulations, pal, you're one of the chosen.  But before you take pride in
being the best, be warned.

You're about to come face to face against Red Falcon, the cruelest life-form
in the galaxy.  He arrived on Earth thirty years ago (that's six months time
in an alien's life) to establish a foothold from which he will attempt to
conquer our world and then use it as a stepping stone toward his ultimate
fiendish goal:  domination of the entire universe.

Needless to say, playing hero won't be easy.  But you have no choice -- you
must be a hero.  Because if you fail, life as we know it will cease to exist,
and the vile Red Falcon will rule forever.

If you succeed, well...it doesn't matter, because I doubt you will.

                              2. Controls
Having trouble figuring out which button operates which move?  This is the
section for you!

                      |                         |
                      |    _   (Nintendo)       |
                      |  _| |_            _  _  |
                      | |_   _| === ===  ( )( ) |
                      |   |_|             ¯  ¯  |

D-Pad: LEFT and RIGHT moves your guy in that corresponding direction.  UP is
       for aiming and shooting upwards.  DOWN is for ducking.  You can also
       aim and shoot diagonally too.
A: Jump, press while ducking on certain platforms to fall underneath that 
B: Shoot.  If you have a machine gun just hold it down for rapid fire.
Select: Toggle 1/2 players.
Start: Pause and resume game, Confirm 1/2 players.

                       3. Game Basics, Tips and Tricks
Here are some useful Tips and Tricks that you should know about when
playing this game.

LEVELS - There are 8 levels in the game.  Each level has a different theme, and
  there is a BOSS fight at the end of each level.

BOSSES - There are 8 bosses in the game, each Boss is waiting at the end of 
  each level.  After defeating the boss, you will start the next level of the
  game.  If you beat the World 8 boss, you will beat the game.

PLAYERS - You can play a 1 or 2 player game.  A 1 Player game is self 
  explanitory. A 2 Player game is played with 2 players on the same screen at
  the same time helping you as you battle through the level.  A 2 player game 
  is much more fun, and should be played using smart battle tactics.  With 2 
  players, one player can shoot cover fire as the other jumps over a pit, or 
  something similar.  Boss fights are also much easier with 2 players, for two
  reasons. The first reason is that there is 2 times as much firepower.  The 
  second reason is one player can concentrate on the boss, and the other player
  can concentrate destroying the enemies that will randomly appear on screen. 
  Obviously, two brains are smarter than one.

POINTS - The amount of points you have is tallied as you progress through each
  level.  Points can be acquired by killing enemies, bosses, and getting items.
  You can see how many points you have after each level.  Also, for every 
  20,000 points you get you will earn an extra life.

LIVES - You start out with 3 lives.  3 lives can go quickly, making it 
  extremely difficult to beat the game with only 3 lives.  However, you will 
  earn an extra man after ever 20,000 points you earn, which takes roughly 2 
  levels to earn that many points.  

WEAPON POWERUPS - A player can earn Weapons Powerups, as he plays through the
  level.  There are many different types of Weapon Powerups.  A Weapon powerup
  can be found by shooting a traveling Weapons beacons, or weapons turrets, 
  and rarely the can be obtained by shooting enemies in Base stages.  All 
  Weapons are different, and have different properties to them, and different
  amount of power per weapon.  

CONTINUES - 3 Continues are given throughout the game.  So if you lose all of 
  your lives in Level 5, you can use a continue to start back at Level 5 rather
   than the very beginning of the game.  However, when playing with only 3
   lives, you will probably use those 3 continues pretty quickly.

                              4. Walkthrough  
This is a full Walkthrough for the game Contra.  There is enough information 
here to guide you through the entire game.  Enjoy!

4.01  -  Level 1 The Jungle
As you start off, you will be on a high grassy platform, with water underneath
you.  You can drop into the water if you want, but I don't recommend it.  Walk
to the right, shoot the soldiers that will appear, and soon you will see a
still positioned soldier below shooting upwards at you.  Jump up, and hold down
to shoot downwards and take him out.  Also be sure to shoot the still Weapon
Powerup next to where the soldier was, and get the Powerup for a Machine Gun.
As you proceed to the right, a moving powerup will fly by, so be sure to
shoot it, which will reveal a Rapid powerup.  Get the rapid powerup, then 
continue to the right to a mechanical bridge.

The mechanical bridge will explode as soon as you walk onto it, but don't worry
about it harming you, because it cannot harm you.  The reason the bridge
explodes is so that you cannot cross it, but you can still get across it by
jumping from the grass platform onto the bridge, then quickly jumping 3 more
times across the bridge.  If you fall down into the water, no big deal, just
proceed in the water.  If you got past the bridge, do the same thing to get
past the next, 2nd bridge.  If you fall down into the water, no big deal,
just follow the right paragraph below.

If you crossed both bridges
After crossing the 2nd bridge, there will be a still standing soldier 
immediately after the bridge, so watch out for him.  There will also be a
soldier hiding behind the bushes, who will pop out occasionally to shoot you.
A Weapons Powerup will fly by, which holds a Spread, so I highly recommend that
you get the Spread, no matter what weapon you currently have.  Now that you
have the Spread (hopefully, unless you let it slip by), proceed to the right
onto a slightly higher grassy platform, and continue to the right.  Shoot the
soldier that will pop out from behind the bushes, and kill him.  Continue to
the right onto a lower grassy platform, and then onto one that is slightly 
higher.  At the end of this platform, a big machine will pop out of the ground
and shoot at you, so just duck to avoid its fire, and shoot back at him to 
defeat him.  Now walk to the edge of this platform and drop down onto the lower
grass platform to the lower right. (then skip the next paragraph)

If you fell into the water
In the water, start walking to the right.  Remember, you can duck down 
underneath the water, and nothing can hurt you there.  Proceed past a rotating
machine enemy, I don't recommend trying to kill him, just walk past him.  You
can't jump while in the water, so just proceed until you come to a grassy 
platform, and walk up onto this platform.  There is a weapons powerup sitting
stationary on a platform to the upper right, so shoot at it, and then be sure
to get it, it will be a Flame weapon.  With the Flame, defeat the rotating
robot enemy to the right, and then the next one.  Fall to the platform below,
and continue to the right until a strange robot enemy pops from the ground, and
starts shooting at you.  To defeat this enemy, simply duck so that you are out
of the range of his bullets, and keep shooting at him until he is dead.  Jump
over a few more pits to the right, you will see another robot enemy pop from
the ground like the one you just killed, but it is above you, so don't bother
with it. 

This is where your paths rejoin.  There is a powerup sitting stationary in the
box below.  Shoot at it, and it will reveal a Spread.  The Spread will fly
into the air, and land on the platform to the lower right.  The best way to
get to it is to walk to the right and don't jump when the platform ends, you
will drop down onto it.  With the Spread, shoot the enemies that are still
on screen, and continue to the right.  Two more traveling powerups will fly
across screen, the bottom is a Laser (don't get the Laser if you just go the
Spread), and top one is a Rapid fire.  Get the Rapid fire, then proceed over
the next few pits to the right.  Another one of those robot enemies that pops
from the ground will occur.  Face his direction, and shoot at him, and he
will die.  Jump over the next pit, and take out the two small robot enemies
underneath you, and then proceed a little more, and you will come to the

The boss of Level 1 is very easy.  It simply consists of two ball shooting
turrets, a single soldier shooting you at the top, and a glowing part at the
bottom that you must defeat.  This "boss" is simply a giant machine that
kind of forms a wall because he is so big.  To begin, jump up onto the highest
grass platform, and take out the soldier at the top.  Now you will have to 
take out the 2 ball shooting turrets.  If you have the spread, just start
shooting at it from a distance, but if you have any other weapon, you will
have to stand on the left side of the 2nd highest grass platform to get out
of their range, so you don't die, and shoot and them until they both explode.
After the shooting ball turrets are done, duck on the lowest grass platform,
and shoot the glowing part at the bottom until it is destroyed.  BAM!  This
boss is done.  Now you will walk into the exploded part, and start the battle
through Base1.

4.02  -  Level 2 Base 1
The Base1 stage consists of multiple rooms that you must fight through.  There
are five different rooms that you must fight through, and then a Boss room, so
six rooms total.  In each room, there is a wall that you must shoot at.  On
the wall, there are enemies, orbs, and enemies shooting at you.  There is also
a laser that restricts you from moving close to the wall.  In each room, you
must shoot and destroy the orb.  Upon the destruction of the orb, the laser
will break, and the wall will break, and you can move on through the area where
the wall was, into the next room.  Here is a breakdown of all five rooms, and
the boss room:

Room 1:
|           |  Room 1 consists of a single orb in the center of the room.  Just
|           |  stand in the very center and keep shooting at the orb.  
|    (O)    |  Eventually, some soldiers will appear and start shooting at you,
|           |  but as long as you stay standing in the middle of the room, the
|           |  soldiers will always miss you.  So just stand in the middle of
'-----------'  the room and keep shooting at the orb until it is defeated.

Room 2:
|           |  The orb in Room 2 is on the left side of the room, and there is
|           |  a gun turret on the right side.  The gun turret will shoot at 
|           |  you, but as long as you are ducking, its bullets can never hit
|(O)     (V)|  you.  The problem is that you will have to stand to shoot at the
|           |  orb.  Stand up to shoot at the orb, but whenever a bullet from
'-----------'  the gun turret is about to hit you, duck, then when the bullet
               passes, stand back up to shoot back at it.  Continue this 
               process until the orb is destroyed.

Room 3:
|           |  Room 3 is very simple.  In the very center of the room, duck,
|           |  and start shooting at the orb.  Continue doing this until the
|           |  orb is destroyed.  At some points, a soldier might throw a
|(V)     (V)|  grenade at you, if this happens, be sure to get up and move out
|    (O)    |  of harms way.

Room 4:
|           |  Room 4 has a row of slots on the bottom that rolling objects 
|    (V)    |  will come out of, which will roll toward you.  If one of these
|           |  rolling objects hits you, you will die.  To avoid the rolling
|    (O)    |  objects, you can either jump over them, or shoot them to destroy
| =-=-=-=-= |  them.  If you have any gun other than the regular gun, I 
'-----------'  recommend shooting at them to destroy them, but if you have the
               regular gun, I'd jump over them.  Also, keep an eye on the 
               bullets that the gun turret will shoot at you. 

Room 5:
|           |  Room 5 is the last room you fight through before the boss room.
|    (V)    |  As you can see, the orb in the middle is much larger to 
|    .-.    |  represent this, and it has more hit points, also.  There are
|(V)([O])(V)|  three gun turrets that will shoot at you, and an increased
|    `-`    |  amount of soldiers.  Just keep shooting at the large orb until
'-----------'  it dies, then proceed into room 6 for the boss fight.

Room 6/Boss Room:
In the boss room, before you can fight the boss, you must first destroy the
four glowing spots, then the boss will appear.  Just keep shooting at them
until they destroy.  I recommend defeating the two shooting turrets before
defeating the glowing spots, that way you wont have to deal with extra bullets
being fired at you when the boss appears.  When the boss finally appears, he
will float back and forth at the top of the screen, and shoot bubbles at you.
The bubbles can be easily avoided, and you can also shoot them to destroy 
them.  Just keep firing away at this boss.  With a decent gun, he will die in
no time.  It will be harder to defeat this boss with an ordinary gun, because
it'll be harder to shoot down the bubbles.  Just keep firing at him until he
is completely defeated.

4.03  -  Level 3 Waterfall
The object of the waterfall stage is to climb your way to the very top of the
stage.  Unlike other stages where you must go left to right, this one you
must go bottom to top.

Start the stage by jumping up about 6 or so ledges, and you will eventually
see some falling rocks.  Yes, these rocks will kill you, so stay away from
them if they're falling.  Soon, you'll see a powerup, which is a Flamethrower,
get it if you want.  Jump up a few more ledges, and you'll see another powerup,
which is a laser.  If you'd rather have the laser than the Flamethrower, then
get it.  Now jump up a few more ledges to the waterfall area -- there will
be a soldier standing stationary on the right side of this platform, and there
is another soldier hiding in the waterfall, ready for an ambush.

Kill the soldier standing still, then jump up a few more platforms.  By now,
the soldier hiding in the waterfall will shoot up at you, so avoid his 
firepower.  Continue up a few more platforms, and kill the gun turret to the
right side of the screen, then jump up a few more platforms onto the platform
with moving fire.

When you jump onto this platform, two powerups will fly from the bottom of the
screen, moving upwards.  If you shoot them, the left one is a Bionic, and the
right one is a Rapid fire.  I recommend getting both, if possible.  If you got
the Bionic, then you'll have no problem crossing the fire, but if you didn't
get the Bionic, then be sure to jump over the moving fire, as it will kill you
if you touch it.  Continue up a few more platforms, and shoot the gun turret 
that is located on the left side of the screen.  Jump to where the gun turret
was before you destroyed it, then use the moving rock plateau to get across to
the ledge to the right.  From there, jump up a few more platforms, and use the
2nd rock plateau to get to the small ledge that it leads to.

From here on out, more and more random running soldiers will appear, and 
although they do pretty much nothing but run, they will kill you just by
touching you, and since there are so many, it can be difficult.  Destroy the
gun turret to the left, then jump up a few more platforms, and you'll see
a powerup, which contains a Spread gun.  Get the Spread gun, there are two
soldies hiding in the waterfalls, they will shoot upwards at you as you
pass overhead of them, so be sure to look out for them.  From here, jump up
a few more platforms, killing gun turrets as you go.  A machine will pop out
of the ground and shoot at you to the top right, so be sure to avoid that.
There is also a powerup to the very top left, which is a Machine gun.  If you
still have the Spread, I don't recommend getting the Machine gun, but do what
you want.  Finally, use the moving rock plateau to get to the platforms above.

From here, there will be many random soldiers, and one stationary soldier. Jump
up a total of twelve platforms to the very top of the screen, and when you are
at the very top, jump once more to make the screen scroll all the way to the
top.  You are now at the boss!

The Boss of level 3 is more difficult than that of level 1 and 2, but still
not too difficult.  It is pretty much a giant alien, that looks very similar
to the alien from the 1979 sci-fi/horror film "Alien".  With the exception of
his mouth opening to shoot fireballs at you, his head does not move at all.
He also has two wild arms, which shoot fireballs at you occasionally, and also
flap around like crazy.  To defeat him, you must shoot him in the head when 
his mouth is open.  That's all you really need to do.  His arms, however, can
also be defeated, but do not necessarily need to be defeated to beat this
boss.  However, if you destroy this boss' arms first, and then aim for his
mouth, it will make this battle a lot easier.  So shoot at this boss's arms
first, and when both his arms are defeated, aim for his mouth.  The boss will
be defeated in no time.  

4.04  -  Level 4 Base 2
The Base2 stage consists of multiple rooms that you must fight through.  There
are eight different rooms that you must fight through, and then a Boss room, so
nine rooms total.  In each room, there is a wall that you must shoot at.  On
the wall, there are enemies, orbs, and enemies shooting at you.  There is also
a laser that restricts you from moving close to the wall.  In each room, you
must shoot and destroy the orb.  Upon the destruction of the orb, the laser
will break, and the wall will break, and you can move on through the area where
the wall was, into the next room.  Here is a breakdown of all eight rooms, and
the boss room:

Room 1:
|           |  Room 1 is a simple room, but there are lots of small things that
|           |  can cause this room to be harder.  The orb is in the very center
|           |  of the room, but the orb is protected by a smooth armor patch,
|(V) (O) (V)|  which you must destroy before you can begin damaging the orb. 
|           |  There are two gun turrets on both the left and right side of the
'-----------'  orb, so be sure to duck at their fire.  Another problem is that
               soldiers will roll objects at you, and if they hit you, you will
               die.  You can destroy these rolling objects by shooting them, 
               or just avoid them by jumping over them.  After you have broken
               the sheet of armor that covers the orb, begin shooting at the 
               orb, and destroy it to go into the next room.

Room 2:
|            |  There are four orbs in Room 2, all four of them are situated on
|            |  the ground, so you will have to duck to be able to hit them 
|            |  while shooting at them.  Some soldiers will roll objects 
|            |  towards you, which will kill you if they hit you, and other
|(O)(O)(O)(O)|  soldiers will throw grenades at you.  Just defeat all 4 of the
'------------'  orbs to get to the next room.

Room 3:
|           |  This room consists of two orbs in the center of the room, and a
|           |  gun turret above the two orbs.  Soldiers will roll the sheets
|    (V)    |  of metal at you, so watch out for those.  Both orbs are 
|  (O) (O)  |  protected by sheets of smooth armor, so you will have to destroy
|           |  the armor before you can begin to damage the orbs.  After you
'-----------'  have destroyed the armor, start shooting at the orbs.  After 
               both orbs have been destroyed, everything will blow up and you
               can go into the next room.

Room 4:
|           |  Room 4 looks the same as room 3, except everything is a little
|           |  bit lower.  Also, none of the orbs have armor, so you can just
|           |  begin shooting at them and destroying them.  Watch out for the
|    (V)    |  gun turret and the soldiers, as usual.  This really is a pretty
|  (O) (O)  |  simple room.

Room 5:
|           |  By now you probably have the concept down.  The soldiers roll
|           |  the metal cylendars at you, which kill you on impact.  This
|           |  room has a gun turret in the center of the room, and both orbs
|(O) (V) (O)|  on the left and right side of the gun turret.  It's pretty
|           |  much opposite of Room 1.  Shoot and destroy both orbs to move
'-----------'  onto the next room.

Room 6:
|           |  This is a simple room.  It has five slots on the bottom, which
|           |  are used as ports for the metal cylendars to roll out off. 
|           |  Oddly, the metal cylendars roll out in rows of 4, not 5, and
|    (O)    |  they do not come from the slots, rather from in between the
| =-=-=-=-= |  slots.  Oh well.  This is really a simple room.  There is only
'-----------'  a single orb.  Just shoot at it.  When the metal cylendars 
               appear, duck and destroy the one that is heading for you, then
               continue to shoot at the orb, and repeat this process until the
               orb is destroyed.

Room 7:
|           |  This room is also pretty simple.  The orb is located up high,
|    (O)    |  so you will have to jump and shoot your weapon in the air in
|           |  order to be able to shoot that high.  There is a gun turret
|    (V)    |  that is level to you when your standing.  I highly recommend
|           |  destroying this gun turret first, as its bullets will be very
'-----------'  hard to dodge if you ignore it.  After the gun turret is
               destroyed, start jumping and firing in the air to destroy the
               orb.  Continue doing this until the orb is destroyed, then 
               proceed to walk into the final non boss room of Base2.

Room 8:
|           |  This is the final non boss room of Base2.  As you can see, 
|    (V)    |  there is a giant orb in the middle of the room as opposed to an
|    .-.    |  ordinary sized one, which is used to represent the final room,
|(V)([O])(V)|  and it has more hit points also.  There are also 3 different
|    '-'    |  gun turrets surrounding and guarding this giant orb to give you
'-----------'  a harder time destroying it.  If you want, you can destroy the
               gun turrets first to make your time easier, but you do not have
               to.  Some soldiers throw grenades, and others roll metal 
               cylendars at you.  Just stand in the very center, and shoot at
               the giant orb, and duck whenever you're about to get hit with a
               bullet.  Continue this process until the giant orb is defeated,
               and then proceed into the final room for the boss fight.

Room 9/Boss Room:
The Boss room is pretty tough.  But before you can fight the actual boss, you
must destroy the 3 glowing spots.  You see them; they're the things that have
the circular shaped glowing things in them, there are 3 of them.  There is
also a shooting turret located above the middle glowing spot.  As soon as
you take out the 3 glowing spots, the boss will appear, so I highly recommend
destroying the shooting turret first, as the shooting turret will be a
difficult extra obstical if it's still there when the boss appears.  Also,
before the boss will appear, red and blue soldiers will appear to attack you.
Four red soldiers will appear from above, and will shoot bullets at you, and
then run off screen.  Then, four blue soldiers will appear above, but instead
of shooting you, then will jump attack you!  If they touch you, you die, so
be sure to either shoot them down, or avoid them to stay alive.  Both the red
and blue soldiers can be killed easily.

After defeating the 3 glowing spots, the boss will appear.  When the boss
appears, thankfully the red and blue soldiers will not appear anymore.  The
boss is similar to the boss of Base1 in the fact that he moves from left to
right from above.  But this boss has two different heads, both in which you
must destroy.  The boss heads can split apart into two different scanline
versions, making 4 different scanlines.  However, the 2 boss headcs can
only be harmed when the come together.  So this is what happens:  the 2
boss heads will split apart into 4 different scanlines, rotate left and right,
and then reform again back into 2 different boss heads.  This process
will continue forever until they die.  Also, the boss heads shoot small bubbles
at you.  These can be destroyed, but they are pretty small, and kind of hard
to hit with your gun.  Just keep shooting at the two boss heads and eventually
they will die.  Upon defeating the boss, you will go up the elevator to the
left and right sides of the screen into Level 5 - the Snow Field!

4.05  -  Level 5 Snow Field
Start by walking to the right to the area where there are trees in the 
background.  There is a stationary gunman here, so duck and shoot at him to
take him out.  Cross the tree area, avoiding the two sets of grenades that
will be thrown at you, then take out a 2nd stationary gun man, and cross two
more sets of grenades.  Jump up onto the platform above.  The powerup below
you is a Machine Gun, so get it if you want to.  Continue to the next platform
and take out the stationary gunman there.  Proceed right past two more 
stationary gunmen, taking them out as you pass them.  A powerup will hover
from the left to the right side of the screen, which holds a Rapid Fire, so
shoot at it and collect it if you want it.  Continue past another wooded area
that has two sets of grenades coming from it, be sure to carefully avoid the
grenades.  Proceed one more platform to the right, and cross another wooded
area with grenades.  There is a large platform drop after this wooded area, so
drop down below (be sure not to hit a grenade that will land down there).  
Jump onto the platform to the right, the powerup above you will be a 
Flamethrower, so get it if you perfer the Flamethrower to whatever you have 

Proceed to the right until you can see water below you.  3 powerups should
hover from the left side of the screen to the right, one high, one low, and
one powerup in the middle.  The high powerup holds a Rapid Fire, the middle
powerup holds a Falcon autokill, and the low powerup holds a Spread gun.  
Since it's pretty hard to get all 3 powerups, get whichever one syou feel 
would help you the most.  

Proceed to the right, jump over 3 platforms with water underneath, careful not
to fall into the water, because you will die if you do.  There should be a
gunman below, but you can't hurt him unless you shoot him as he attacks, so
do this to defeat him.  Jump over one more water pit, and kill the stationary
soldier there.  Walk a bit more to the right, and drop down onto the smooth
platform.  Continue walking right on this smooth platform until a giant
vehicle appears on screen.  When this happens, quickly walk back to the very
left of the screen, and shoot to the right at him.  Be sure that you're on the
right side of the screen, or this vehicle will be able to shoot at you.  But
as far as you are standing as far left as you can, the bullets will miss you.
Now start shooting at the vehicle, and it will eventually turn yellow, and then
red.  After it turns red, it will drive toward you, and will kill you if it
touches you.  The only way to avoid death is to destroy it before it drives
all the way toward you, so be sure to kill him before that happens.  After
you kill this vehicle, continue more to the right until the smooth platform
you are on turns back into the rough rocky platform again.  

Walk to the right until you see a stationary gunman, duck and shoot at him to
take him out.  Then, jump over one platform and you will be back on the same
smooth surface that you just got off of.  Walk to the right, and you will see
another vehicle which is exactly like the one you just killed.  This one is
no different, so defeat it exactly the same way you did the first one.  After
defeating the vehicle, walk to the right and defeat a stationary gunman, then
proceed back onto the rock surface platforms.  

There will be trees in the background, and 3 sets of grenades will come from
behind those trees, so avoid them all carefully.  After the trees, there is a
powerup, which contains a laser.  Now proceed to the right, and 3 sets of
grenades will appear from the distant land behind you.  There is a stationary
gunman at about the point of where grenade 2 will land, so duck and shoot at
him to take him out.  As you walk to the right, carefully avoid getting hit
by the grenades.  After these grenades, drop down onto the smooth surface and
walk all the way to the right to fight the boss.

The boss is easy if you have a good weapon, particularly the spread.  The
boss will appear on screen at random places, but he will always be above you.
Just stand underneath him, whereever he may be, and shoot upwards.  The boss
will drop fire at you, but if you are shooting up, then your bullets will be
able to destroy the fire in midair so that it wont hit you.  The boss will
also create mini versions of itself, which will leave him at the left and
the right side, descend down to the ground to attack you.  Thankfully, they
only take one hit to destroy, so their not too much of a pain.  Just keep
shooting up at him.  If you have a regular gun, this will be a challenge, but
with a good gun this fight is easy.

4.06  -  Level 6 Energy Zone
Walk to the right, and go up the 3 giant steps, avoiding the soldiers that will
jump down from the steps as you do so.  At the top, walk to the right, and 
defeat the stationary soldier, and you will see a powerup underneath you.  The
powerup holds a Machine Gun, so get it if you feel that you want a Machine gun.
Walk to the right edge of this platform, and duck and shoot, to defeat the
stationary gunman that is across the gap.  Now, you can either drop down below,
or jump across the gap.  Both options are equally challenging, so it really
doesn't matter which you choose.

Navigate to the right past 3 stationary gunman, one stationary soldier, and
countless random soldiers, until you come to a pit.  This part is tricky.  You
will see a powerup there, which contains a Laser gun.  LOOK UP at the ceiling,
and you will see a puncture in the ceiling where a bit of flame is coming out.
This part is very tricky.  It doesn't matter if you're on the top or bottom
platform, because as soon as you jump the pit, a large flame will rip out of
the small puncture in the ceiling, and will kill you no matter what.  There is
only one way to do this without dying: You must jump halfway across the pit, 
and then quickly reverse the direction of your jump and land back on the 
platform that you started on (this will make the flame come out, but will 
shortly go back in the ceiling), then quickly make a 2nd jump fully across the
pit.  It's tricky, but as long as you have done this correctly, you shouldn't
have lost any lives.

After this pit where the first flame was, walk to the right and kill the two
stationary gunmen.  If you're walking on the top platform, watch out for the
next 2 flames that will ambush you from above.  From here on out, proceed with
extreme caution, as a flame could jump out from pretty much anywhere and kill

To the right, you will see a structure with 3 platforms and 3 flames (one for
each platform).  To successfully cross this platform without dying, you must
duck underneath the flames when they emerge from the walls.  When the time is
safe, jump up to the top platform, and then drop down via the platform drop to
the right.  

There is another structure similar to the last one you just crossed, except
this one only has 2 platforms and 2 flames, so bypass this one the same way
you did the 1st one.  Once at the top of this platform, walk to the right edge,
and shoot at the stationary soldier that is aiming his gun at you from across
the platform gap.  This part is tricky.  There is a Bionic powerup underneath
you, which is what you will have to get, but there are 2 flames that are 
strategically placed to maximize the difficulty to get past this area alive.
Though you don't necessarily need the Bionic powerup, my preferred way of 
choice to get by is to get the Bionic powerup and then not worry about getting
hurt by the flames.  So do this.  Shoot at the Bionic powerup, and grab it.
With the Bionic invincibility, jump up the 3 platforms to the right to the very
top, and then to the right some more, drop down two more platforms.  If you 
don't remember how to drop down, you must duck, and press A and you will drop
straight through the platform.

This next part is loaded with stationary gunmen and random flames that appear
from walls and the ceiling.  This is the ending part of the level, which means
that it's the hardest part, so be extra careful here.  You will probably
still have some Bionic left, so use as much of it as you can before you think
it will run out.  Milk it for all it's worth!  After the Bionic runs out, you
are on your own.  I'm not going to explain word for word every jump and every
enemy, but I will give you a few pointers to get past this last area of Energy
Zone before the boss.  You should proceed very carefully and with caution. 
There are lots of stationary gunmen shooting at you, so duck and shoot at them
to defeat them.  Be sure to stand next to each flame (but not too close) to 
lure it out once so that you can get a good idea of exactly how far it extends
so that you know where you are safe and where a flame could hit you.  When you
finally get to the very end of this area, just keep walking to the right.  Soon
enough, the ground will turn purple, and the boss will appear.

The Boss isn't too hard, but he's probably a lot harder than most other bosses
in the game.  Unlike every other boss in the game, this boss is in human form.
He basically just jumps up and down a lot.  His primary attack is to throw
spikes at you.  He will only throw spikes if he is standing on the left or 
right side of the screen, and he will move his arms to throw the spikes, this
split second that he moves his arms means that a spike or two is about to head
your way, which gives you some time to react.  Also, the boss will walk back 
and forth both sides of the screen.  Thought the boss seems large, you can jump
over him.  In fact, you must jump over him when he does this to avoid death.
As you attack this boss, he will turn purple, and then red.  When he's red it
means that he's pretty much ready to die, so just a few more hits and he's 
dead.  After you defeat the boss, you will go to Level 7 The Hangar.

4.07  -  Level 7 Hangar
The hangar has lots of claws that will drop from the ceiling.  If one of these
claws hits you, you will die, so it's probably not a great idea to let one
hit you.  

Start the level by walking to the right.  When that platform ends you can
either drop to the ground, or jump across the gap onto the next platform.  
Both ways are about equally difficult, so it really don't matter which one.
The top path has 4 claws and the bottom path has 5 claws that you must pass, 
so memorize their patterns, and pass them.  After passing them, a powerup
oppurtunity will appear from the left side of the screen and quickly soar up
and down until it reaches the right side.  This powerup holds a Flamethrower,
so if you'd rather have a flamethrower gun than the gun you have now, you
know what to do.  After the powerup, you once again have a choice to go up
high, or down low.  If you choose up high, you will have 2 claws to pass and
a stationary gunman, but downlow only has 2 claws.  After crossing whichever
path you choose, there is another powerup oppurtunity which holds a Rapid
fire, which I highly recommend to get no matter what gun you currently have.

After the Rapidfire powerup, jump onto the platform to the right, and a deadly
spiked wall will appear from the ground.  If you walk too quick, this spiked
wall can ambush you in a way and kill you.  To get past this spiked wall, just
shoot at it until it is destroyed.  There is another spiked wall about a foot
to the right of the first one, so destroy that one also.  Walk to the right
and jump up onto the platform above, then destroy another 3 spiked walls right
in a row.

Here is another area where you can choose to go up high or down low.  Up high
there is 3 claws, and 2 spiked walls on both sides of the walls.  Down low 
there 5 claws.  After this area, to the right, you will see a powerup above
two platforms, but the platforms are too high to jump onto, so you will have
to first stand in a cart, and from the top of the cart, jump onto the 
platforms.  Then shoot at the powerup to reveal a Bionic, and milk your Bionic
invincibility for all it's worth.  

To the right, navigate past two claws, and then drop down onto a cart.  Try to
keep this cart alive as it will help you out if you can wheel it a bit more
to the right.  Don't shoot at the cart because it will blow up.  This cart
moves to the right, so follow it as it moves to the right.  Soon it will pass
a 2nd cart that moves to the left, but you can shoot this one if you want. 
Lead the 1st cart a bit more to the right, through one more doorway, and then
jump ontop of the cart, and use it to jump onto the platform above.  Shoot at
the stationary soldier there to kill him.  A powerup will appear from the left
side of the screen which olds a Machine gun, so get that if you want.  Now, 
to the right, there is a gap to the next platform.  The gap is not too far to
jump but it's still pretty far apart, and a bad jump will result in falling to
the platforms below (you don't want to do this).  Carefully jump across this
platform.  3 spiked walls are there, so shoot your way through all 3 of them.
The reason why you didn't want to go below is because there are 5 claws down
there, and they all seemingly lower in completely random times, which makes it
extremely difficult to get across without losing a life.  After you pass the
3rd spiked wall here, drop down below, then walk to the right a bit more and
defeat 3 more spiked walls.  

After the 2nd set of 3 spiked walls, walk to the right, and you will see a
set of 6 claws that descend in odd and even pairs.  Carefully navigate through
these claws.  When you get to about the 4th or 5th claw, another spiked wall
will appear just to the right side of the claws, sadly it does not give you
enough room between the claws and the wall to stand.  So you might have to
go back and forth underneath the claws if you can't defeat the spiked wall in
time.  Now navigate to the right, and defeat 4 more stationary gunmen as you
get to them, then proceed to the right the rest of the way to the boss.

The boss is very easy if you have a good gun, very hard if you have died and
have a regular gun.  The boss basically consists of two ball shooting turrets
in the ground, many soldiers that will randomly run past you, and a spot on
the wall that you must shoot at and destroy.  Though you can kill the shooting
turrets in the ground, and the soldiers, the only thing you necessarily have 
to do to beat this boss is destroy the spot on the wall to the right.  The
soldiers and the bullets from the ground turrets can cause a major distraction.
If you're playing 2-Players, have one player concentrate on the spot in the
wall, and the other player concentrate on taking out random soldiers.  The best
way to shoot at the spot in the wall is to press your body up against the wall,
and aim diagonally up-right, then just keep shooting, if you have a turbo 
button, you can destroy this spot in no time.  Just keep shooting at it until
it's destroyed, and always keep an eye on the soldiers and the ground turrets
which are a danger every moment they're alive.  

4.08  -  Level 8 Alien's Lair
Start out by walking to the right and jumping up onto a platform.  Soon, two
powerups will appear from the left side of the screen and whiz to the right
side of the screen.  The top powerup is a Machine Gun, and the bottom one is
a Bionic.  Get whichever one you want.  

Jump over the pit to the right, and continue to the right.  At about this time
you will start to see baby aliens soaring all over the screen.  Shoot at them
as they appear to kill them, then proceed all the way to the right until you
see the mother of these baby aliens.  This is kind of like a mini-boss.  To
kill it, press your body up against the wall underneath the alien, and shoot
diagonally up-right at him.  When the baby aliens are about to hit you, take a
break from shooting at the bother and take out the babys, but shoot at the
mother whenever you have free time to shoot.  Soon enough, the mother will
be destroyed, and the wall will also destroy, allowing you to walk past it.

After this mini-boss, jump over the pit to the right.  You will start to see
odd purple alien's on the ceiling, which will omit small white objects that
look kind of like sparks from their odd black mouths.  These white objects
will float for a bit, and then dart toward you.  It's recommended to destroy
these white objects before they get the chance to dart toward you, because you
must be pretty quick on your feet to avoid them once they dart at you.  
Navigate past 2 pairs of these odd purple alien's on the ceiling, and then jump
across the pit to the right.  At about this time, a powerup will emerge from
the left side of the screen and whiz to the right side, which contains a Spread
gun.  You're about to fight the last boss of the game, so how convienant a
Spread gun just randomly appears.  I hightly recommend getting this powerup if
you can.

Jump across the 2nd pit to the right.  Take out the 2 purple aliens on the
ceiling, and then continue to the right. Take out a set of 3 purple aliens that
are on the ground, and then to the right some more a pair of 2 purple aliens
that are in the middle of the ground and ceiling.  As you continue to the 
right, take out a pair of 2 of these purple alien's on the ground, another
pair in the middle of the ground and ceiling, and another pair on the ground.
At about this time, you will see two more purple alien's on the ceiling, so
attack them.  At about this time, odd alien's will appear from the right side
of the screen that sort of resemble quick moving scorpion's.  You are really
close to the Red Falcon here!  Continue to the right avoiding all alien's
that will cross your path, and you will very quickly reach the Red Falcon,
which is the infamous source of the alien's power that you must defeat to
beat the game!

The Red Falcon is actually not that hard.  I recommend taking out the odd
purple alien that is in the ground to the left before anything.  That should
be the first step.  As you can see, the heart of the Red Falcon is beating.
The harder it beats, the closer you are to defeating it.  So naturally, it
will start out beating very slow, but as you attack it, it will start to beat
very quickly.  There are 4 pods that quickly spawn baby alien's, 2 underneath
the heart and 2 above.  You can destroy the pods, which will reduce some 
mini alien's.  The alien's that spawn from the top 2 pods generally swoop
down at you for an attack, so beware of this.  The best way to defeat the Red
Falcon is to press your body up against the bottom left side of it (it will
not kill you, don't worry), and shoot diagonally up-right at it as quickly as
you can.  A turbo controller would come in very nice at about this moment. 
Just watch out for swooping alien's from above, and you are fine.  Like I
said: The Red Falcon isn't that hard.  When you finally beat him, well 
congratulations, because you just beat the game, and somehow the world.

4.09  -  Ending
The screen will change to a scene of an island.  A helicopter will fly away
from the island, and for some odd reason the island will now blow up.  I'm
assuming that you are inside the helicopter, and not left behind to be blown
up with the island.  Wow!  What a great narrow escape!  The screen will go to
black, and then you will get this message:


Then the ending credits will roll.  Congrats for beating Contra.

After the credits roll, "Presented by Konami" will stay on screen for about 10
or so seconds, then it will automatically restart the game back at Level 1, the
Jungle.  You will start the new game with the same amount of lives you left off
with and the same gun.  The 2nd time through will be a little harder, as random
soldiers appear more frequently, and they will shoot much more frequently when
you get to the later stages.  Try to beat this harder mode for an added 

                            5. Weapons Powerups  
This is a list and brief description of all the WEAPON POWERUPS that you can
get in the game Contra.

REGULAR - This is the gun you start the game off with.  It isn't that good, but
  then again, it's the weapon you start with, so it's not supposed to be that 
  good.  You shoot a single pellet at a time, but you can rapidly press the B 
  button to fire quickly.

B - BIONIC - This powerup isn't too common.  It is only found a few times in 
  the game.  Its effect is invincibility.  For approximately 15 seconds, you 
  will be invincible.  Nothing will be able to harm you, short of falling into
  a pit, and any enemy you touch will immediately die.

F - FLAMETHROWER - A Flamethrower is a pretty good weapon, but it's not the 
  greatest.  You use it to shoot a powerful flame at your enemies.  The flame 
  will move very slow, but it spins around in circles as it soars to kill a 
  much wider range of enemies.  It's a pretty good weapon, but there are 
  others that are better.

FALCON - This isn't a Weapon Powerup, it's simply just a powerup that you can
  get that will destroy every enemy that is currently on the screen.  It only
  appears once in the game, in Level 5, and the point in which it appears, 
  there are not too many enemies on screen, so it really isn't that useful.

L - LASER - The Laser is the most powerful gun in the game, but I still don't
  like it, due to it's small range.  It shoots a very thin laser, which can 
  take out stronger enemies quickly, but it's still probably below average 
  compared to other guns.

M - MACHINE GUN - This is one of my favorite guns.  You can hold down B, and
  it will repeadidly fire round bullets.  You do not have to keep pressing B,
  just hold it down, and it'll keep firing.  It doesn't have too wide of a 
  range, but it's still very good.

R - RAPID - The Rapid powerup is not a Weapons Powerup, it is just an ordinary
  powerup. It is designed to allow you to shoot each gun a little faster.  
  While a single Rapid powerup doesn't make much difference, an experienced 
  player who collects several Rapid powerups without dying can make a 
  difference.  But a single Rapid doesn't make much difference.

S - SPREAD - Everybody loves the Spread.  The Spread will shoot many round  
  bullets away from you, which will spread widely to cover a very wide 
  shooting range.  Anybody who has this weapon can use it to easily use this
  weapon to defeat any enemy or boss without being anywhere near them.  The
  Spread will make this game much easier.

                              5. Secrets       
Here are some interesting Secrets that you can know about when playing this 

30 LIVES CODE - On the title screen, BEFORE the demo begins, enter Up, Up,
  Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, B, A, Start.  Press SELECT before
  START for a two-player game.

HARDER GAME - Once you beat the game, start a new one. You'll begin with the
   same number of lives you had remaining, but the game now features tougher

SHOOT WHILE DUCKING - In Base 1 or Base 2, if you are ducking with your 
   controller 1, you can also hold UP on controller 2, and your bullets will
   hit objects in the middle of the screen.

STEAL LIVES - If you lose all your lives in a two player game, just press
   A+B to steal one of your partner lives if he has any.

Thanks to www.NintendoAGE.com for some of these secrets.

                              6. Guide Closing
Ending of this wonderful FAQ!

6.01  -  Credits
Thanks to KONAMI for making the game
Thanks to NINTENDO for licensing the game
Thanks to CJayC's www.GAMEFAQS.com
Thanks to Dain's www.NintendoAGE.com
Thanks to Martin's www.NESWORLD.com
Thanks to MIKE SHILES my cousin who introuduced me to this game as a kid.  We
  still play this game together every once in a while.

6.02  -  Contact Info
If you have anything to add that I have not already covered so far in this 
guide then please contact me.  Assuming I deem your information relevant 
enough to the game, I will post your submission and credit you.  PLEASE READ
THE GUIDE before contacting me.  I will not answer any questions that have 
already been answered in the guide.                 NMorganGFaqs@yahoo.com 

Also, please visit my website if you get the chance - 

6.03  -  Legal Disclaimer
This FAQ and all text included in this FAQ is copyrighted (c) 2001-2007 by Nick
Morgan, unless otherwise noted.

This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2001-2007 by Nick Morgan. All rights reserved. This
FAQ may not be used in anyway, with the exception of personal or 
educational use, without expressed written consent by Nick Morgan, the
author and owner of the FAQ. If you are a webmaster and would like to use
this FAQ on your site, I grant you permission, as long as you give honest


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