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Reviewed: 12/12/02 | Updated: 12/12/02

Multiplayer Heaven!

Bubble Bobble is a fantastic puzzle maze game that first appeared on some of the earliest consoles in the 1980's. You take on the role of Bub or Bob who are turned into dinosaurs as you try to rescue your girlfriends from the clutches of their captors by going through over 100 single screens and ridding all the monsters in each one.


The controls are simple with the A button for jumping and the B button for shooting bubbles at monsters to catch them and burst them to oblivion. This simplicity of controls and the simplicity of your goal allows anyone, whether they are video game veterans or not to play this game with ease. The levels start off simple but they gradually become more difficult as you must learn to jump on your own bubbles to reach the out of reach monsters. Adding to the pressure is that if you spend too long on a stage, all the monsters will become angry and move faster but also an undefeatable monster will turn up and chase your dinosaurs until they are killed.

The best thing of this game is that it is multiplayer. Compete with your mate as you try and rake up the high score and try to steal the goodies that defeated monster drop. It is this addictiveness of the game and the opportunity to compete with a friend that makes bubble Bobble such a unique game that is still fun over 15 years since its first release. Stage design is never repetitive and are actually quite imaginative in parts that will REALLY test your skill.


Of course, the graphics are simple and uncluttered, but graphics are unnecessary for this game and shows that the game play can really shine without the need for flashy graphics. There are some slowdown and flickering in graphics when the screen becomes very busy but this shouldn't deter you from playing and enjoying the game in any way.


For the most case, there is one main tune that plays through the entire game but DAMN, this tune is very very addictive and jolly. It's something that you won't get tired of hearing which is itself difficult to achieve. To this day, I still have the tune in my head despite not having played the game for quite a while. Brilliant.


Potentially limitless. The multiplayer option allows for gamers to experience the game and compete with each other over and over without getting bored once. The gameplay is simple but it is gameplay at it's best. Anyone can join in and not be intimidated so it has wide appeal. it's not a game that is frustratingly difficult but there are stages that would surprise you in it's intense layout that may require teamwork with your fellow player.


An example of a game that shines through the absorbing game play rather than in the graphics department, Bubble Bobble is an fantastic game that is at it's best when playing with a fellow friend or colleague. The 100+ levels offers variety in level design and the challenge is set at a fair and increasing rate as you strive towards your goal. There are sequels to this game in the form of Rainbow Islands and Parasol Stars and there is a spin-off puzzle series ''Bust A Move'' featuring our favourite dinosaurs but this original game is probably the very best of the lot. A brand new Bubble Bobble game is long overdue and I hope that the developers will create a new one for the new generations!


- Absorbing game play that doesn't get boring at all.
- The 2 player option! It's so fun to try and outshine your best mate!
- Loads of levels on offer.


- Slowdown at places.
- Can't think of anything else!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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