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Reviewed: 11/30/02 | Updated: 11/30/02

Great if you like blowing bubbles...

One of the best Nintendo games out there for its time. Just thinking back when I use to play it makes me happy. Just might go back and play it again sometime.

Story 9/10 Bub and Bob (Dinosaurs) set off on an adventure to find their girlfriends. They were stolen by this Evil guy. They travel through 100's of levels. What kind of story could be better than going on an adventure to find your girlfriends.

Graphics 7/10 One of the only downfalls of this game. Most of the stuff looks alright. Plain black background. Its just all black. Not really nothing to say there. Nice bubble textures. The characters look choppy, but what do you expect its only NES.

Gameplay 9/10 Pretty easy going. Just jump around, and blow bubbles. Gets pretty fun going from level to level. Blowing bubbles as fast as you can. The more you blow the funner it gets. You can get around 10 enemies into bubbles at the same time. Then just go and jump on them all and say bye bye. Gets pretty tough down the road though. Its not all fun and games then. Its like your on a mission. You need 2 players if you want it to be fun. Also to get the best ending.

Sound 7/10 Sound is ok. Could have been better. The music isn't really that great. Kind of disappointing.
There is a sound test though. You can have lots of fun with that if you have a sense of humor.

Control 9/10 Not really that much to worry about. Just jump and blow. So its pretty easy to get use to. Pretty easy to work with. Really needed when your trying to do what you want in a game. Jumping on bubbles and other things make it easy to do.

Replay Value 9/10 Best part of this game. You can have lots of fun. You can have fun for days on and on. Its just fun jumping around and shooting bad guys. Especially when you have a friend over its cool. I don't think I ever got bored of this game.

Great game for NES. I'd say one of the best. You should pick up a copy if you never played it before. Its worth the time and money. You wont put it down for awhile.

This game gets an 8/10.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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