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Reviewed: 05/14/02 | Updated: 05/14/02

Did this Lizard swallow some Soap

Gameplay 10/10
Wow. Ok I' am going to start by saying this game is one of the best games I have ever played.Who thought when I picked it up at Flea market it would be an awesome game.Now lets get started as the first level begins you descend into heaven you control a lizard that moves up down left or right shooting bubbles with A its and easy game to learn.You shoot your bobble and capture your enemy's that will burst any second you have to pop it or your going to die.Simple game play but yet as the game gets to the higher levels you see more enemy's trying to attack your lizard skin and defeat you which they do quite easily.You'll be playing a level for hours just to beat it and find when you beat it the next level is 2 times harder than the one before it.If you ask me this is very addictive and I bet you'll agree if you have ever played this game.

Story 8.5/10
Is there a story to why these shooting bubble lizards are trying to kill these weird enemies??.If you have an imagination you bet there is!!!!!As many of the original NES games there is no story just play and don't think another thing about it.Certainly not with this game,you say what kind of story could there be,I say its all in you imagination you may think a wizard put a spell on these lizards or there angels trying rid the life of these evil enemies or even they at some soap and are trying to get it out of there mouth.So think what you want about these green lizards about how they got there powers to shoot bubbles its all in great fun and imagination.

Video 9/10
Comparing this game to many other great titles out there for the NES or even SNES this has an upper hand on the graphics department !! When you first blow out your first bubble they look real as they can be in this game and on this sytem.As on all the bubbles they look like they have the light shining threw them and have about the same attributes as a real life bubble judging on when or how the bubble burst.You can see the bubble popping when its red and you'll see it mainly in a corner up there a long time adding to the realistic ness to the game.So this game for its generation completed and mastered every part of the graphics.

Replay 10/10

Replay.Replay.Replay!!!I gave the gameplay a 10 out of 10 and it seems that every time you play this game it gets better trying to get better to beat the higher levels and try not to die as much as you usually do.I keep setting standards for me to try and beat the whole game without losing a life which I consider being addicted to it don't you? I have played this game and beat it over 100 times and I bet if you played this game you'll probably beat it more than once because it has great replay value and making you want more.Thats what I call replay value!This game is a good game to get if you bored with your games.I even put down some of my next generation systems down to play this.

Buy OR Rent = BUY
Buy . Buy . Buy . Ok this game has awesome graphics comparing it against Snes and the Nes.Replay value is extraordinary you'll be playing it over and over again.The Story is all up to the imagination but the story is endless to whatever your mind can think of.You say why bother with this game why not get a next console game ehhh?If you have NES you need this game its an awesome selection of your NES library and the price is no way near 50 bucks.So i insist you get this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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