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Reviewed: 04/13/02 | Updated: 04/13/02

Lovable dinosaurs who ate too much soap...

Really, I don't know how these cute little dinosaurs hack up all those bubbles! Needless to say, I'm sure in this game we are all thankful for it. Whether it be trapping their enemies in bubbles, eating some yummy fruits, or climbing on their own bubbles Bub and Bob got the job done. Who could resist gathering up all those pieces of food and goodies after you collected the big cane in the level beforehand. Ah, I remember this game well. Perhaps too well, because I can still remember being at odds with my partner to see who gathered the most points! That was merely a small part of the excitement of this game. 99+ levels of bubble blowing, food eating, enemy capturing fun is enough to get anyone to turn on their NES and play this game!

Story 3/10
Basically this game's story is very straightforward, and kind of lame. The two main playable characters, Bub and Bob are out on a quest to rescue their two girlfriends. They must sift through a variety of mazes, and defeat many enemies to fulfill their quest. There isn't much story at all, most of Bubble Bobble focuses on actual gameplay, and little story.

Gameplay/Entertainment 9/10
Bubble Bobble can have up to two players at a time. Whether it be with one player, or two, the game is a challenge. You will find sometimes it may be more enjoyable to play with a partner, especially in certain boards. There is one board I distinctly remember needing a partner's help to make all the bubbles to jump on to get up to a certain height to beat the level. But, even with one player, jumping on the bubbles takes some time to master, and the game can be beaten on one player. In my opinion I just find it less difficult to complete when you have a partner in the game with you.

Graphics 7/10
For it's time on the NES, I consider this game's graphics not so bad. The vivid colors and designs always got my attention in this game. Sure, it's nothing like the systems we have now, such as GameCube, X-box, and PS2, but it was fairly good for it's time. What else can you expect from an 8 bit system? ^_^

Sound/Music 6/10
The music, although repetitive, is something you'll whistle after you beat the game. After a few times through the game, the main song can get a bit boring. The sound isn't anything to boast about, either. But again, we are talking about the 8 bit NES here!

Replay Value 9/10
Definitely, this is a game you will want to come back to many times. It is definitely worth the buy if you wanted a game that was fun over and over again. Although the boards appear the same over and over, there are many routes you can take to beat the game, variation of monsters, various items and foods, and 99+ levels of fun will always keep you and your partner coming back for more!


Rating:   3.5 - Good

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