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Reviewed: 03/16/02 | Updated: 03/16/02

Psyadelic bubble popping.. haven't done that since the 70's..

Playing Bubble Bobble is a lot like getting high and running naked through the streets. You'll definitely think you are high while playing this game. it is one of the more weird games released on a console that was filled with a lot of weird games. For instance, widget is one of the weirdest games ever released. So, there have certainly been a lot of them released over the years for the console.

But, none of them is weirder than Bubble Bobble.

The main premise of the game is simple. You need to blow bubbles at your enemies. When the enemies are trapped in the bubbles, you can pop the bubbles to make some points. It's a lot of fun. Especially when you factor in the course designs. Sometimes, you need to jump around for a while onto various platforms. It's fun.

And you thought Circus Caper was weird...

Storyline - If you think that there is a storyline based around two dinosaurs needing to blow bubbles at enemies, you are absolutely right! You need to save the princess from a big bad dude. I'm as shocked as you are. We should all go Taito right now.

Graphics - This is actually one of the better looking games on the NES, although it is not as well put together as the classic looking Bubble Bobble 2. The backgrounds are all black, and then on top of the black backgrounds are random colored blocks. So, the backgrounds aren't going to win any awards, but they're still okay. The enemy designs are the main focus of the graphics. From the purple whales to the green ones, the enemy designs are incredible. I loved the variety of them.

Music - The music could quickly get annoying for some people. That is just a warning. However, I really liked most of the music in the game. Despite the fact the same theme plays for much of the game, which does get annoying, it is very good and catchy. It's definitely an upbeat tune which plays well into the game, since the game is so kiddy and upbeat to begin with. The final boss theme is not as sinister as you may think, but still good. I even liked the sound effects, even the sounds of the dinosaurs blowing bubbles, and then the sounds of the dinosaurs riding around on a bubble is just awesome.

Gameplay - Controlling your characters is very easy, and the game itself is a lot of fun. I already described the basic premise of the game, but there are some nice additions, as well. For one, every once in a while, an item will appear on the screen, and you can collect it for bonus points. A letter will also fly around, and if you collect enough of them, you can skip a few stages. You have to blow enemies using bubbles, and you can use strategy to get a ton of points. You can basically keep blowing enemies into bubbles, then popping all the bubbles at one time. However, the enemy will escape from the bubble if you take too long. There are a ton of stages (over 60), so it will take you a while to complete. But you will have a lot of fun while completing it, that is for sure.

Replay Value - Awesome replay value. You will want to play this game for weeks.

Challenge - One of the most challenging, yet ultimately fuliffiling games, out there.

This is an awesome game, with a few flasws preventing it from getting a 10/10. Otherwise, there is no reason not to play this. The flaws don't prevent it from its awesomeness, so buy it today.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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