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Reviewed: 12/29/01 | Updated: 12/29/01

I've seen the came in the form of this game

Bubble Bubble was released by Taito on the NES sometime in the late 80's. Bubble Bobble started as an arcade game, but was soon released on many different systems. I just discovered this game though. Some guys came over to play NES, and most brought games. One brought Bubble Bobble. After playing it for 5 minutes, I WAS HOOKED! I then played it for two hours straight, but onto the review.

Baron Van something or other captures your dinosaur buddies, and it's up to you, Bub and Bob, to rescue them. It's hard not to get choked up. Poor Dinosaurs.

Well, they will not stun you, but they ain't terrible. Your dinosaurs and the enemies are kinda small, but it's not a huge problem. Also, the background always stays black, so it's nice that the platforms and obstacles always change colors.

*Music and Sound*
I'll bet everyone who has played this game knows the main song by heart! There are only two songs during the game, the main song and the boss song. Who can forget the main song? Many find it annoying. I don't think so, but after two straight hours of Bubble Bobble, your about ready to go crazy. The sound is cool too.

This is where Bubble Bobble is unlike no other. The whole idea is original. In order to defeat your enemies, you must trap them in a bubble, and them jump on it. It may not sound cool to you, but once you start playing it, you'll find it genius. But then fun doesn't end there. Items make a valuable appearance. When an enemy dies, it will leave fruit or something which gives you points. There are also objects which speed your bubbles. Collect letters and spell ''EXTEND'' and you will jump levels. You can also collect a parasol to do the same thing.

*Replay Value*
In Bubble Bobble, there are more than 100 levels, so you'll be at it for a while. Grab a friend, and the game will be even more fun. I get plenty of replay value out of it.

Bubble Bobble is a true classic, and has inspired many sequels. Some include Bubble Bobble 2, Rainbow Islands, Parasol Stars, Bubble Bobble Memories, Bubble Symphony, Classic Bubble Bobble, and the whole Bust a Move Series. But nothing will ever rival this classic game. Long live Bubble Bobble!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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