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Reviewed: 01/16/01 | Updated: 01/16/01

Insanity. I love it!

The puzzle genre... so full of pure, insane fun... so full of games that are crappy and perfect at the same time... I believe that Bubble Bobble is some of the best Puzzle has to offer to you. What, exactly, makes Bubble Bobble so great? I don't have the foggiest. ^_^

For its time, these were PRIME. Little slowdown time, and detailed. Even now, we can appreciate them because of the sprite's sizes. You can see them very clearly, unlike the standard tiny sprites (Mario comes to mind ^_^) that were used at the time.

SOUND (8/10)
It's catchy at the beginning, but the music gets old. Only in the last level does it change. The sound effects are plain, but they get the job done. And fortunately, the music is clear, and it doesn't slow down much either.

If you have a problem with this, you need some help. A button to jump. B button to shoot bubbles. There is NO PROBLEM in this.

GAME PLAY (10/10)
Addictive... that's all I can say about it. You will play it, you will love it, you will want more. Oh, you ant to know how to play? Well, there's these bad guys. You shoot bubbles at them. When they're all killed, you go to the next level. The game has 100 levels-a long game! Fortunately, there's a good password feature. You can pick up some items. The items have special effects, such as making you faster or making you skip a few levels. In addition, you can get letter bubbles. Get one of all six kinds and get an extra life. A very simple game to learn. You should have no problem.

It's a nice, fun, frustrating game. It's very difficult at times, even though most of the difficulty is very frustrating. You will probably want to play it through again to get more frustration and to get the Best Ending.

At times, the game can be very easy. At times, the game can be very hard. At those times, the game is FRUSTRATING. You may think of frustration as a horribly bad thing ruining any game, but I don't. I just think it's a bad extra. In general, though, the frustration won't ruin your fun with the game.

OVERALL (9/10)
Bubble Bobble is a super game for the puzzle fan and has things going for it that will make you like puzzle games. I certainly recommend it if you can get it at a nice enough price.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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