Review by Hiryuu

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 08/07/01

Blow bubbles and bust baddies

What does it take to make a successful game? Is it graphics? Is it gore? Is it a lead character with a large chest, ala Lora Croft? Not neccessarily, as in Bubble Bobble, the inovation of this game is enough to make it great.

Almost everybody has played Bubble Bobble at one time or another. The object of this game is blow bubbles from your mouth and trap enemies. Then when the enemies are trapped, pop the bubbles to defeat them. By holding down the jump button you can ride on the bubbles, but the real joy in this game is the sheer number of items you can get in this game. You can get numerous items that instantly kill all the enemies, you can get items that power your bubbles up or make you faster, or you can just get items that make giant fruit appear at the end of the level. Also if you can make it through a certain amount of levels without dying, you'll have the option of going through hidden doors where you can collect a king's ransom in diamonds.

The graphics of the game are cartoony, and they fit in well with the game. You won't find any super special effecnts in this game, but then again, it doesn't need them. The music is very catchy, but it becomes very repetitive having to listen to it at EVERY SINGLE STAGE.

Bubble Bobble is a great game that is overlooked by many people because of its cutesy look. It's got great two player simultaneous action so you and your friend can rescue your girlfriends at the same time. If you can find this game for a decent price, it's definately worth the purchase. It's surprisingly addicting, and you'll just about go nuts trying to beat all 200 levels.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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