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When you beat the USA version, it says you helped Bomberman become a human. But in the Japanese version it says Bomberman becomes Runner, who is the hero of Lode Runner.

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The designer of the game, Shinichi Nakamoto, designed the game over the course of three sleepless nights. Nakamoto had a habit of chewing gum while he worked on his programming, and when he ran out of gum, he started chewing on his pencils without ever looking away from the computer screen.

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Connection to Other Media

Hudson Soft ported several Brøderbund games to the NES, and set the NES remake of their own Bomberman in the same 'verse. The game's setting is an underground factory of the Bungeling Empire, recurring villains in Brøderbund games, and Bomberman himself is now modeled after the enemy robots in the NES version of Lode Runner (said to have gone rogue). This connection is not present in any other Bomberman version or sequel.

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