Review by ThunderMage

Reviewed: 08/30/04

You can beat Blades...

Well, this is by far my favourite game on the NES, and also one of my favourite video games of all time. Just read my review, and you'll see why...

Gameplay 10/10: Gameplay is too important to be overlooked. Anyway, this takes me back to the days where I would play this game with my friend for countless hours on end, enjoying every single minute of it. Not only the fights, but the simplicity of it, too. A is Shoot/Check, B is Pass/Change Player. None of that "Press this and this to do a double-back-flip deke on a guy and score" horse-crap. I must admit that the clock ran pretty fast, but it was fun while it lasted. The little movies that play at the intermissions are always entertaining as well.(I wonder if that guy who shoots will ever miss...) as are the fights and more importantly, the shootouts! The fights are basically simple, just A for punching and B for blocking. That's all you need. You have a certain amount of stamina and once it's gone, you get sent to the sin bin until the other team scores a goal. If you fight near the goaltender, the attacking team's player gets a free penalty shot. This one is a bit tricky, seeing as how you have to control the direction of the shot, plus the direction the the goalie is going to make the save. It may sound tricky, but you get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Music/Sound/Voices 8/10 / 7/10 / 6/10: I really liked the music on the game, especially the song that plays in between each period when the players skate around. The sounds were a bit scratchy, but sounded close enough to players skating and in truth, weren't much worse than the sounds of any modern hockey game. The voice was scratchy, too, but what can you expect from a NES game? The announcer should have been more into it, saying more than: "With the pass...". He also should have been more audible. This however is probably the only downside to the game.

Graphics 7/10: Well, here are the graphics. Anyway, even if the players have no face, who cares? The sprites are excellently detailed and well-drawn(except for the faces), considering this is an NES game. You can't complain about the graphics here.

Fun 10/10: You will enjoy this game for countless hours, even if you aren't a big hockey fan. There's none of that complicated crap you see in today's games, so it just lets you sit back and enjoy the game and how fun it is without worrying about all that junk that's there to impress you and your friends.

Overall Score: 8/10 Blades of Steel is my undisputed favourite NES game of all-time, I don't care what anyone thinks. It's simple, but fun as well, as games should be, so you can concentrate on the fun of the game, without having to worry about doing ten million different maneuvers or a billion buttons for complicated, unnecessary player actions.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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