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Reviewed: 04/07/04

When are Hockey sticks Made of Metal?

It's title may sound like it's an action packed game about ninjas and swords, but it's not.. It's actually an action-packed HOCKEY game for the Nintendo. Compared to other NES hockey games I've played, this one is a bit more challenging and requires some practice. I really have no idea what they were thinking when they named the game Blades of Steel, but it's a really cool name despite its genre.

Story NA/10: There isn't a story to this hockey game. I've seen some sports game with a minor plot, like ''let's become the world champions!!'' But I feel that some plots to sports games lower the fun level of it.

Gameplay 7/10: The gameplay of Blades Of Steel is fast paced and has aggressive AI. You want to keep your eye on the puck and the current player of your team whom you are controlling at ALL times. This is because if you don't pay attention, even for one second, you can let your opponent score a goal. When the puck is on your side, worry more about moving the goalie back and forth to defend your goal, rather than trying to get your other controlled player to the puck. Also, getting too close to an opposing goalie will knock you down to the floor of the rink, so try not to crowd the goalie too much. Compared to other NES hockey games, I find the gameplay of this one to be a bit more challenging and faster paced.

Sound/Music 8/10: This game actually has people's voices in it! From the opening, ''BLADES OF STEEEEEL'' to the ''AUGGGH'' sound when a player falls to the ground, it's pretty neat. These voice clips are a tad fuzzy though. The music to the beginning of a round is very well-done, but the crowds cheering sounds weird..

Graphics 6/10: The graphics are somewhat well-done but could be better. The audience is made up of different colored dots. I really hate how your current player that you are controling is flashing white, as it's VERY hard to see sometimes which player you are controlling, often leading you to hit the puck in the wrong direction, or give up a goal.

Replay Value 8/10: As most sports games, there's tons of replay value. There's different selections of teams and different modes of difficulty to choose from. Also, there's a two-player mode, which may lead to hours of fun with your friend (or yourself, for you loner people ;p).

SUMMARY 7/10: It's one of the best hockey games I've seen for the NES, sticking with simply gameplay and simple controls. The voice clips and catchy starting round music is a bonus. Once you get used to it, you to can be master of the way of the BLADES OF STEEL!!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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