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Pure fun for black box era NES 10/18/18 2001mark
Awesome arcade style game. 08/06/02 BalloonFighta
Interesting idea but hampered by spotty control 11/01/99 Blackjack4x
A boring clone of a boring game, boring. 02/11/04 Braben
A great 2D game to play! Don't miss it! 12/02/04 bullet sword
A Bizzare, but very enjoyable arcade game. The NES lives on! 11/01/04 chattyb
A Completely Average Arcade Game Ported to the NES! 11/16/09 CrazyCarl92
Balloon Fight: an anytime game. 07/20/07 Dondongo86
Not your average Joust Clone. 08/16/02 Eje12345
Flapping your arms wildly DOES make you fly! 11/19/03 evilrooster5
Epic battles above the clouds 04/27/12 horror_spooky
First rule of Balloon Fight: Don't talk about Balloon Fight 08/11/03 kentucky fried flow
A Fun, Addictive Arcade-Type Game. 12/27/02 Masta Moogle
An Excellent NES Classic! A Must-Own 11/16/02 maxzoe64
This game has the words CULT FAVORITE stamped all over it. 11/06/02 NewAgeRetroHippie
A fun game, albiet a clone of another 10/19/00 Pugita
A fun classic that stands the test of time. 07/04/03 Sketch Tucker
A first-gen gem 05/18/02 Snow Dragon
Popping balloons was never that much fun, until now! 10/21/03 starkroid
The flying man on a balloon! 12/15/02 Trex
Up in the air! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a...kid with a balloon? 02/16/00 Vegita
Not one of the best or worst on the NES, but fun to play every so often. 02/15/17 WhatTheDeuce92
For 30 cents, you got me, but the first VC game should've been more 02/11/13 Xodyak
Call me insane but... I like it! 10/15/03 ziggyme

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