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Reviewed: 05/30/00 | Updated: 02/22/01

Solid first-gen NES classic.

Even though I'm a big fan of old school (and I do mean old), I was really hard pressed to find something to like about this game at first. I found this baby for less than a buck at Funcoland, and it was worth every penny.
Basically, this game is comprised of a bunch of colored squares representing a football game. After thirty seconds of playing, I was ready to throw it in the microwave on Reheat and call it a day. But then an odd thing happened. It sort of grew on me.
Sort of. Playing against the computer is somewhat like entering Dante's Eighth Circle of Hell. It's really that bad. The ''AI'' is pathetic, the game time is much too long (it would be a different can of beans if this was fun), and the monotonous graphics and drab sound can induce feelings of depression.
But, if you can somehow get a friend to play this with you, good times may come of it. This game is incredibly easy to just pick up and play. That's one of the benefits of playing a crappy eighties football game. No complex playbook, no stats, no loading. But, some would argue, no fun. Touche.
I'm convinced the graphics in this game were drawn up by a three-year-old with epilepsy. Everything just seems kind of smeared senselessly, with absolutely no possible way to distinguish between You and Them save color. The Super Bowl team appears to be wearing pink, as well. Hmmm...
If there were any semblance of music in this game, that would be incredible. Instead, we get this bizarre repetitive beat that kicks in after every snap. Two minutes of this and you'll be banging your head against the nearest concrete block. Five more and you're contemplating the contents of Pop's gun cabinet. Sound effects are the standard NES beeps and pops. But that's no beef, chief.
There's actually little to complain about with the control. Everything's pretty responsive, both on offense and defense, and you can weave your way between big fat defenders and make a field goal with no problems at all. Too bad, since I was enjoying the trash talk.
Basically, unless you're able to con your friends into playing a round with you, don't expect this game to be more entertaining than a few trips through the garbage disposal. The only fun in one player mode is beating the game to find that you're still ''on the way to the Super Bowl''. Yeah, it's worth fifty cents for sure...

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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