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Reviewed: 03/01/05

What a horrible game.

10 Yard Fight was the first football game to come to the NES. Ratings of this game were decent, and sales were sub-par. If you want to play a good NES football game, go with Tecmo Bowl, or Touchdown Fever. Take it from me, stay away from this title; it's not very good.

At A Glance: 10 Yard Fight, released at the very beginning of the NES's life on August 30th, 1985, by Irem Corporation, was the very first football game to come to the NES. Taken from Taito's "10 Yard Fight" Arcade game, sales were sub-par, and the football simulation was horrible. However, despite the fact that this is a football game, it was not meant to be a football simulation. It was meant to be a timed game, where you are given a certain amount of time to obtain a given amount of yards, and that's exactly what this game is.

Game Plot: It's a football game. The plot goes like this: You start out as a high school football team, but as you play through the game and get better, you will go on to college, professional, and even "super". Football games don't really need plots, so at least it's there.

Control: The control of the game is pretty bad. You can only control your character at one speed. You can't slow him down or anything. The only two things you can possibly do on the football field is throw the ball and run. That's it. I know, I know... give Irem some slack, it was released in 1985, but still... the controls are really really bad.

Game Play: The game play in 10 Yard Fight couldn't be any worse. This really is the worst football game that I've ever played, and I've played NFL Quarterback Club '98. You constantly play offense, you never play defense. The object of the entire game is to score a touchdown before time runs out. You start out with a variable amount of time, depending on what skill level you are on. Every time you get a first down, you are given extra time. If you accidentally throw an interception, you will be penalized by being moved back a variable amount of yards, depending on the difficulty you're playing. The thing that drives me absolutely nuts is this...there is only one play! Each and every play of the game goes like this: "hike", one guy goes to the side for a lateral, the other guy goes out for a pass, and the defense is too stupid to catch on. You can seriously lateral the ball to the guy to the side, and start running and score a first down EVERY play. I know, I know...It's 1985, and I should give Irem a break, but this is just inexcusable.

Another thing that really boils my blood about the game play is that you don't score 6 points for a touchdown, instead you get an additional 5,000 points added to your score. Similar to Mario games where you score points for killing enemies and breaking bricks, you score points in 10 Yard Fight for getting touchdowns with lots of time left on the clock and scoring field goals. The object of most football games is to score more points than your opponent, but in this game the points DO NOT matter (just like in Mario games)

Graphics: The graphics in this game, compared to an average NES game released around 1985, are sub-par. They aren't horrible for a 1985 NES game, but they sure as hell aren't above average. Compared to all the NES games, the graphics are simply horrible. Each guy is one tile wide and one tile high, and they only have two frames of animation. The graphics of the field, the football, the uprights, and everything else is just horrible. In most games, poor graphics don't bother me, because I'm one of those "it's the game play that counts" type guys, but this game is one of those exceptions where I simply cannot stand the graphics.

Sound: Simply horrible. You know those handheld games with the 1" black and white screen that you can sometimes find in cereal boxes? This game sounds A LOT like them. Be prepared to listen to a lot of beeps and boops, because this game doesn't really have any actual sound quality.

Enemies: Like any football game, there aren't any enemies in this game. However, the other team is your opponent who will try to stop you from reaching the end zone. Each and every opponent looks exactly the same, just with different colors. Each enemy has a different colored helmet, shirt, pants, and shoes, which is his uniforms. All the enemies look exactly the same, just their colors change as you reach different difficulties.

Graphics: 1
Game play: -4
Sound: 1
Story: 3
Fun: -Infinity
Overall: 1/10

Final Thought: There aren't enough beers in the world to make this game seem attractive.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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