Review by Rick L

Reviewed: 03/18/02 | Updated: 03/18/02

My midgets can beat your midgets any day!

This is an early football game for the NES, but that's no excuse to make a game horribly lame like this. C'mon, Nintendo! Why'd you give us this crap?! We all know that you can do better! Remember, Quality makes the game!

Graphics: 3.7/10

''Get out the microscope, kids!''

The scenery is just way too plain for my tastes. It's just green and brown, mostly. The players are the worst part. They look like midgets with swim gear on that move like sumo wrestlers. Whazzupwitdat?! The characters are detailed, but they're just too small to be really good. The animation wasn't very good either. The only good comment I have is on the ref. While he is small, he seems to be detailed rather well.

Sound: 4.1/10

''More average than a John Doe.''

Hey, this is an early Nintendo game. It's just basic bleeps and bloops that got the job done. Can't really complain or anything. I must say that the sound effect for running is really strange, as it seems like background music. That does takeaway from the game quite a bit

Gameplay: 5/10

''Football players of a team stick together....or something like that....''

The controls were really simple. I don't get why everyone else moved with you when you moved. Maybe all nine players share one brain or something. Who knows? The thing that is really frustrating to learn is that both teams move in the same direction....up. It gets really confusing to remember, as you may be going backwards or something and going the wrong way. When you're on the defensive, it's hard to tackle the guy n the other team. Not because they're going fast, but because the controls are really hard to get to work at times, and when you get them to work, you end up missing a good 65% of the time. Not that good.

Replay Value: 1.5/10

''Even football players cry after playing this game a second time''

The only use for this after playing it is to torture someone who likes football. Once they play this game, they'll never look at football the same way ever again!

Overall: 3/10

''No thanks!''

This game was much too simple to be of any real fun. Go ahead and play it if you're a big fan of football/early NES games, but stay away from it if you're not like that. If you're a football fan, you might convert into a football hater after a play of this game.

This is the Rick, tellin' you to avoid!

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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