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Reviewed: 03/03/02 | Updated: 06/12/02

Don't play this game. Promise me.

The 30th August 1985 was a game released. It was called 10 Yard Fight. It was not a good game. It was the first football game, however, which maybe could give it some plus. But, no. It only deserves 1/10 because it is very bad. It really terrible on all the parts. The story for example. It seems like Irem didn't want to put too much time on the story, and that's of course understandable, a football game isn't really a game you would make a big and detailed story for. But what I can't understand is why Irem really released the game. They must have known how bad it was. The story, however, was about a bunch of students that apparently likes football. So much that they want to participate and hopefully finish the super bowl. To do that, they must play their way up there. There's where you're coming in. You'll probably ask yourself after a time why they made this horrible game. And you'll also want to thank your team members by kicking them. Don't forget that I already warned you...

Then comes the next section: the graphics. They are not good, either. It would have been bad even if the game would have been on Atari 2600 or something useless like that. But still, they are not the ''worst graphics ever made''. To somebody that has played only like 2-3 NES games and haven't got too high expectations on the graphics would it be ''just normal'', but I hardly doubt that they would have the same opinion after playing it for 3-4 minutes. After playing the game for a while I promise you will get very tired about the fact that nothing really changes from field to field. The teams are identical, doesn't change a bit except for the colours and all the team members look totally the same (which is understandable because of that NES isn't really the console with the highest capacity). Also, all the fields are identical, doesn't change a bit. You will get the feeling that the team members is machines. Coulored machines. Programmed to do three things, run, pass and run into opponents.

As I said in the graphics section, everything looks like the same no matter how long you get. If you, by some reason, (but I hardly doubt that) wants to play this game to the end of it there is no big chance that you will want to play it all over again. The only fun thing about it is that it looks funny when the machines runs around with the ball. Sad isn't it? Oh, and also you can play as 2 players. Well, don't get too upset because thats not much fun either. It only lasts for thirty seconds. Sad too.

Now on to the sound. There are no music at all, just some irritating sound that you'll most likely turn off. This section is it possible to think Irem could have worked some, if not VERY much more on, at least make it possible to listen to.

It's quite impossible to play this game serious. There are two reasons to like this game:
1. You're a big fan of football, and you love all football games that you play, it doesn't matter if it just is football.
2. You like laughing at games when you see games poorly done. If it's so for you, this game will keep you laughing for hours.

Ok. I'll try to go through the controls section without getting mad: You can't (almost) steer your team members. It's impossible. By pressing forward you will move forward. By pressing backwards you will move backwards. By pressing right or left you will move right respectively left. That's easy. But it's just the basics. You can also pass by pressing B or A. The problem is that after running a bit forward you will bump into the opponents and then the refereer will come and stop the game. Which makes it boring.

Actually, my greatest moment of this game was when I turned it off. I was really happy when I did.
Probably you won't find it anywhere, and be happy for that.


the STORY: 2/10
the GRAPHICS 1/10
the GAMEPLAY 2/10
the SOUND 1/10
the FUN FACTOR 2/10
the CONTROLS 0/10

an OVERALL rating 1.1/10 (for the fact that it IS the first football game. But it's rounded to one...)


*+ Hmm... Can't really think of anything... Nothing here...

*- The story
*- The graphics
*- The sound
*- The controls
*- The game

Probably you won't find it anywhere, and be happy for that. If you really want to test it, download it on a emulator. I don't think that you'll keep it for more than a few hours...

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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