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Reviewed: 01/22/19

More Like 10-Minute Fight

10-Yard Fight is one of those video games for the Nintendo Entertainment System is that more fun to play in the Japanese version that the North American version. While the North American version is crude attempt at being a gridiron simulator, the Japanese version does away with the nonsense of playing defense. Instead, it lets you be the quarterback and allows you to experience the glory of American football strictly through the offense. I always found that playing as the defense in an American football game to be depressing and try to be on the offense as much as possible.

The player controls whoever has the ball and the player has a certain amount of time to make the touchdown. Otherwise, it's game over. The player moves on to bigger and better opposition as the players manages to score the touchdown and the optional field goal. There is no score to worry about; just make it to the other team's end zone before time runs out. The music is bad and the sound effects are terrible but that's how things rolled back in 1985. Even the original Super Mario Bros. had better sound but the Mario brothers didn't play American football like the players in this game can do.

It's fun to play for 10 minutes but you'll be reaching out for a better game after this. Like a Jay and Silent Bob movie, this game is good only in small doses. It doesn't seem to inspire people to play better; just like watching Bill and Ted movies don't inspire people to have an interest in world history. One button allows for passing while another button hands the ball over to a running back so that he can rush the ball all the way to the end zone. It's amazing how these Japanese video game developers managed to squeeze so many details about American football using the limitations of an 8-bit arcade sports game.

While it would not be playable for most modern gamers, 10-Yard Fight is something that a Japanese Famicom collection simply wouldn't be complete without; even if it's just for the collection value. The poorness in the game comes from the fact that it never ends and the games can last nearly forever if someone really knows how to work around the defense in an American football game. While not recommended for the casual gamer, hardcore Famicom users would probably enjoy this game for a slightly longer period of time.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: 10-Yard Fight (JP, 08/30/85)

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