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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

First attempt at an NES Football game, and it shows..

10-Yard Fight, like Soccer, was one of the first sports games for the NES. Again, there is no plot, just "Beat the other team in the hope of making it to the Super Bowl (Okay, maybe there IS a plot)". Much like Soccer, the first-draftness of this game shows.

Graphics: 4/10- The players are all short and stubby, and they all look the same. The field radar on the right side of the screen (Besides being well nigh useless) is too small to make any real use of. Not much to write home about here.

Sound: 3/10- There aren't many sounds except for that annoying "Drum-tap" when there's a play in action. And it's annoying. SOund effects are basically non-existent.

Control: 3/10- The game moves WAAAAAY too slowly, and as I recall, it wasn't even possible to set up plays other than running and the short pass, which would always get intercepted. The control isn;t the most fluid I've ever played either.

Story: 1/10- Beat all the other teams in an effort to get to the Super Bowl. Better than nothing, but like soccer, there's nothing here to hold your interest. Even AFTER you beat the Super-Bowl team, it says "You are on the way to the Super Bowl!" HUH?!?

Challenge: 3/10- I beat the Super Bowl team with no problem, and I usually don't even play sports games. The other team moves as slowly as you, and their stupidity is compounded by (I assume) lack of technology in 1985. In short, not a difficult game.

Replay Value: 1/10- There's NOTHING here to keep you interested. You always play as the same, nameless team, and the other CPU teams are complete idiots. Even worse; as mentioned earlier, all you get for winning the Super Bowl is "You are on the way to the Super Bowl!" What's up with that??

OVerall: 4/10- It's not a very good game at all. The game always scrolls one way (You go up and try to keep the other team from going down), it goes way too slowly, plays are limited at best, and the graphics and sounds are practically non-existent. It's not really something I would recommend, though it's a nice novelty item.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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