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Reviewed: 10/29/00 | Updated: 10/29/00

Awful, NES football game, but the first of its kind.

This 1985 football game by Irem was one of the first sports games for the NES, and the first football game developed. It has few very appealing features, and is usually considered a ''semi-classic.''


Story - 2/10 : The story is terribly uncreative, and unelaborate, simply a group of students trying to finish the Super Bowl, and does not deserve a rank higher than two.

Sound Effects/Music - 1/10 : Basically there is no music in this game, probably because it wasn't in their budget to hire a composer. There is however a small set of bleeping sounds beginning each play, which isn't worth much. The main sound effects included are the noises made during running, kicking the ball, and tackling, all of which are poorly made.

Graphics - 3/10 : Compared to other early NES games, the graphics are terrible, but are far superior to almost everything else in this game. The field is the only background ever seen, and is very unimpressive. The graphics of the players aren't terrible, but are below average in comparison to other games as well.

Originality - 3/10 : About as original as a game about football players trying to finish the Super Bowl can be. Don't try to look for a plot twist or variation in the game, none are present.

Play Control - 7/10 : The play control is okay, perhaps not excellent, but I found the simple movements available were reasonably responsive. The running movement is very stiff, but I believe an above average rank is acceptable for this level of control responsiveness.

Difficulty - 7/10 : This game is not astoundingly difficult with a bit of practice, but most will find the final team is no piece of cake, even if you got that far without any problems.

Gameplay Variety - 1/10 : The only difference of playing on the same field, against opponents that look almost the same as the last team, with all the same moves you had before is the difficulty setting. You will notice the difficulty increase as you pass levels, but that's it, no play variety whatsoever.

Gameplay/Enjoyment - 4/10 : This game does not attain a high score for what is undoubtedly the most important part of a game. Mainly because of the low Gameplay Variety, this game gets boring fast. Since there is only one move you can do in the game (other than moving in general), and an almost thirty minute period of play, this game gets boring fast. However, it can be somewhat enjoyable, or even addictive when one challenges himself steadily to the next difficulty level, and in that stance it serves as a so-so sports epic.

Two-player Gaming Value - 5/10 : The two-player option works fine, and since it exits, I give this section an average rating. The game doesn't deserve any more than this though, since it is impossible to control any more than one player, and the rest are computer controlled automatically. Probably though, the majority will enjoy playing against a friend more than against the computer.

Ending - .1/10 : The ending is very uninteresting, and unimpressive, and is not worth playing for, except for the satisfaction you finally beat this average episode of generally unexciting football mayhem. I won't say anything else about the ending though, you'll have to see it for yourself.

Replayability - .8/10 : If you like this game enough to finish it, you will not want to play it again. 10-Yard Fight has no new endings, items, or difficulty settings to explore. The only reason one would want play this game again would be to try out two-player mode.

Overall Score - 2.69/10 (Rounded To: 3) (NOTE: This is an average of all previous ratings except ''Difficulty.'') : Overall, this is not a good game, but if you don't find the repetitiveness boring you can probably get good gameplay enjoyment out of it, especially in the 2 player mode. Despite this, most people would not like certain aspects of this type of sports game, so I recommend it only for rental at first. Though, I'm not sure if you can rent NES games anymore. Anyway, you will definitely want to try out this game before you commit to a purchase.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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