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Reviewed: 01/13/04 | Updated: 09/30/04

So, um, exactly where did they forget to make this fun?

Saint Seiya's a pretty old cartoon, debuting in 1986 if I remember right. Basically it's about a world where the Greek gods are real, and fight for personal power. Or rather, armored warriors with celestial powers do it on their behalf. Like Seiya, the pegasus saint, and his buddies Hyoga (swan), Shiryu (dragon), Shun (andromeda, and who, despite what you probably think from the pink armor and long hair, is a guy), and Ikki (phoenix and Shun's big brother). They all work for Athena, the only benign deity in the mix.

This game is a summarized version of the first season of the show. It begins with Seiya training and getting his pegasus armor, then battling other saints for a chance to get the nearly invincible Sagittarius armor, which is worn by Gold Saints, the strongest of all. Then you have to get it back from Ikki (briefly a bad guy, as in the show), battle Silver Saints, and then take on the god Ares and the Gold Saints loyal to him.

That probably sounds like a pretty cool game. Well, at least it was a pretty cool anime.

But for being based on anime that centers around so much fighting, the fighting in this game sure is limp. Most of the time Seiya can only punch, and not use his special attacks. That changes when he meets a boss (i.e. a character from the show) and it changes to a text-command battle. You choose an attack (punch or kick) then use Seiya's ''cosmo'' (the energy that gives saints their powers) to fill up four little bars, and the more you fill them up the more fearsome your attack is. It's about as much fun as it sounds (i.e., not at all).

I tried to use the FAQ for this game, but it's just plain wrong in a bunch of places (I let Marin beat me ten times like it says, and I didn't get one single experience point from it). And so I was pretty much left on my own, which wasn't much of a comfort when I was up against Shiryu, and still hurt and drained of cosmo from fighting two other bosses.

Apparently you can gain levels in this game, though I'm at a loss to explain how, since there's not really anyone around to fight to get EXP. And even if there were, there's no place to get healed. And there's so few chances to get any of your all-important cosmo back, it all just becomes a frustrating mess of a game.

Such a pity. However, the Gameboy Saint Seiya game is supposed to be good, and I heard rumors about a PS2 game about it coming out what with the show's debut in the states. One can only hope they can make up for this pitiful adaptation of a great show.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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