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FAQ by D

Version: 3 | Updated: 03/30/03

                       BOKOSUKA  WARS
                   Revision 3 - 03/30/03

             Document and Translations by D-BOY

Revision 3: I forgot what was updated in here, something was
            besides my contact info. Sorry.
Revision 2: Corrected some spelling, added max values for
            units, attributed a webpage I got some info from,
            added the section "Other Stuff"
Revision 1: Initial release

I.    Agreement
II.   Story
III.  Screen Elements
IV.   How to Play
V.    Power Ratings
VI.   Basic Goals
VII.  Other Stuff
VIII. Credits & Notes

Suggestions for improvement are quite welcome. You can
e-Mail them to me at dcsoboda@oakland.edu.

Do not redistribute this document without my permission.
Currently the only websites with permission to house this
documents are my website and GameFAQs (located at
http://www.gamefaqs.com/). If you see this document at any
other site, please e-Mail me and let me know. You can also
e-Mail me if you are interested in hosting a copy of this

To paraphrase the back of the box...

King Ogreth of the Basam Empire has conquered the kingdom of
Suren. King Suren's soldiers have all been captured or
turned into trees and rocks. King Suren has set off on a
quest to defeat the ruler of Basam castle. Will he and his
49 soldiers be able to defeat King Ogreth...?


           | AAAAA   BBBB       CCCCCCCCC  PPPP |
           |                                    |
           |                                    |
           |                                    |
           |                                    |
           |                                    |
           |            DDDD   EEEE   FFFFFFFF  |

     AAAAA - The number of soldiers King Ogreth has left
      BBBB - The number of allies King Suren has left
 CCCCCCCCC - Pictures of King Suren's units (in case you got
      DDDD - The number of meters till King Suren will
             encounter King Ogreth
      EEEE - The offensive strength of King Suren (the K is
             for King, not Kill)
  FFFFFFFF - The outcome of a battle. The left is the power
             of King Suren's unit and the right is the power
             of King Ogreth's unit
      PPPP - The number of loops through the game you've

Pressing the D-Pad will move King Suren and his army in the
desired direction. You will start the game with only King
Suren at 597m.

You can acquire more allies by bumping against trees,
cactuses, rocks, and walls using King Suren. It will restore
them to their normal form. You can also free captive soldiers
if you have a knight to break the gates in front of them.

Throughout the world of Bokosuka there are obstacles only
certain characters can pass. The gates in which Soldiers are
locked can only be broken by Knights. Death tiles will kill
all characters except Soldiers who will remove them when they
step on them. The walls at 500m, 400m, 300m, and 200m can
only be broken by King Suren.

When one unit collides with another, a battle takes place.
The tile will change to an icon of crossed swords and a then
a B (for battle).

The victory is automatically calculated by the computer
based on the difference between the offensive strengths of
the units.

If King Suren dies, the game will and and you will see the
famous screen announcing "WOW! YOU LOSE!"

When King Suren succeeds in defeating King Ogreth, you will
be rewarded with a screen announcing "BRAVO! YOU WIN!" and
the game will reset back to the start of the stage.

New death tiles will be added which only a soldier unit can
touch. Knights or King Suren will automatically die. With
each loop through the game a few new death tiles are

This table shows the power rankings of units after various
umbers of enemy fights.

       |         |Start| x1  | x2  | x3  | x4  | Max |
       | King    | 220 | 230 | 240 | 250 | 260 | 320 |
       | Soldier | 30  | 40  | 50  | 140 | 150 | 310 |
       | Knight  | 150 | 160 | 170 | 260 | 270 | 310 |

All fights after the fourth will award 10 more offensive
strength to the unit until they reach their maximum power
(320 in the case of King Suren).

The greatest power increase for Soldiers and Knights occurs
after the third fight. After this fight they will turn Gold
to show they have reached that benchmark level.

Unfortunately the enemy units don't really have names, the
best I can manage is a description of how they look or what
color they are...

                   | Pink Soldiers | 50  |
                   | Purple Wizard | 30  |
                   | Orange Knight | 10  |
                   | Purple Demon  | 30  |
                   | Blue Shade    | 50  |
                   | Gold Knight   | 100 |
                   | Green Demon   | 100 |
                   | King Ogreth   | 100 |

The Green Demons will have their offensive strength cut from
100 to 10 when they are attacked by a Soldier unit.

From 600m to 500m
 - Raise King Suren's strength to its 320 maximum
 - Find some allies and try to level them up to their gold
   class (especially knights)
 - Be careful fighting enemies with a higher strength than
   10. Try to stick to the Orange/Green Knights.

From 500m to 400m
 - Continue finding more allies and level them up

From 400m to 300m
 - The Purple Demons will appear here surrounded by four
 - If King Suren passes a point in line with the rocks
   (vertically), the rocks will turn into Blue Shades.
 - Killing the Purple Demon will defeat all the Blue Shades
   as well. Killing him is best as they will often
   regenerate until you do.

From 300m to 200m
 - There are a LOT of Gold Knights who appear here. Try to
   use a knight or soldier to draw them away. Don't let King
   Suren fight them as he'll probably die
 - The large 4-tile trees can be cut down by King Suren. Be
   careful, it's very easy for other units to get stuck here.

From 200m to 100m
 - Same tactics as 300m-200m. DO NOT LET KING SUREN FIGHT!

From 100m to 0m
 - Enter the palace area (bricks)
 - Make sure to kill the Green Demons using soldiers. They
   have an extreme advantage over them.
 - Absolutely do not let King Suren fight the Gold Knights.
   Dieing this far in will really suck.
 - There's a good chance King Ogreth will just OWN your
   soldiers and knights. But better to try them before
   letting King Suren get killed.

The game stops counting your loops through the game after
your fifth victory. The difficulty will continue to increase
but no new marks are made to show how many loops you've
completed. Bummer.

There's a REALLY good remix of the Theme of Bokosuka made by
the guy at http://w3.to/manko. If you like the music (READ:
are completely mental) you may enjoy the remixed song. Very
nice strings and drums in it.

Thanks to SomethingAwful and RPGFan for writing such TERRIBLE
reviews of this game as to make me want to play it.

Thanks to ASCII for making this wonderfully bad, yet
addictive, strategy game.

Thanks to whoever made this one Japanese Bokosuka website
since it explained what the the numbers on the screen mean't
so I was able to make my enemy lists and max abilities lists.
I also drew heavily on that page's goal list in writing mine.

Special thanks to Capitan Morgan for seeing to it that I was
so drunk I never noticed the fact the Theme of Bokosuka was
only 12 bars long and repeating endlessly.

Copyright 2003

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