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Walkthrough by Protoman Z

Version: 1.2.1 | Updated: 03/09/2003

Dragonball Z 2: Lord Freiza's Fury- Strategy Guide 
by Z-Man(a.k.a. Protoman Z at GameFAQs) version 1.2.1

I: Intro
II: History
III: Gameplay
   A: Moving
   B: Cards
     1: Movement
     2: Items
   C: Battle
   D: Training
IV: Walkthrough
VI: Outro
This is the first strategy guide I ever wrote, so I decided to choose a
pretty easy game. I don't think this game was very hard strategy-wise.
But then why would one need a guide for it then? Simple- the game's in
Japanese. Now, let's get something straight. I can't read any Japanese
characters, I barely know Japanese words written in English letters, so
don't go asking me to translate something.
(3/08/03) 1.2.1- minor changes(some spelling inconsistancies and such fixed)

(2/20/03) 1.2- added the FAQ

(2/05/03) 1.1- fixed a couple mistakes I picked up, edited the text so it
would wrap better in browsers, and added a link to explain the Japanese

1.0- the guide begins, yay!
This game is a Role Playing Game, that features the unique card system found
in many early Dragonball(/Z) games. It's a lot like it's prequal, DBZ: Assult
of the Saiyajins. The basic menu looks like this:

|Move               |
|Card          Stats|
|Save          Plot |

To go anywhere, you have to select the move option. Upon doing this, you'll
be presented with 6 cards. The cards have a dragonball on the bottom, a
dragonball on the top, and a symbol in the middle. Luckily, you don't need
to know Japanese to move. The top dragonball just has dots from 1-Z(Z means
8) and you just pick the card corresponding to the number of spaces you want to
move and move. Once you've moved the maximum number of spaces for the card
you picked, hit "A" to go there. The different thing about this game, is
after every move, you'll see 2 rows of cards with 4 cards in each row.
Picking a card will make something happen depending on what card you pick.
(Explained in the next section)

There are two types of cards in this game(aside from the ones you use to
move and battle)
1. Movement Cards- These are the cards that appear after each move you make. You have
randomly pick one, and what you get determines what happens to you

Freiza- Freiza's men attack(battle)
Vegita- A bad event occurs
Bulma- Randomly heals some HP or Ki
Korin- Randomly heals all HP or Ki
Master Roshi(Kamesenin)- Begins training
Blank Card- Obviously does nothing
Ginyu- Steals one of your items
Porguna(Namekian Dragon)- Gives you a random item
Grandpa Gohan- Stops one character from moving for one turn
Oolong- Changes all the cards in your hand
Enma- Randomly chooses one of your cards and gives it Z attack and Z defence
Kyu- Randomly chooses one of your cards and gives it 1 attack and 1 defence
Goldo- Performs a 'mind freeze' on a character
(If I forgot any, please let me know)

2. Item Cards- These are the items you can get after winning a battle, or 
from Porguna.

Bulma- heals some HP and Ki of 1 character once per turn(unlimited uses)
Dragon Radar- Locates the dragonballs(map only/unlimited uses)
Dende- replaces Bulma when Dende is with the group, and does pretty much the same thing
Senzu Bean- fully heals one character's HP and Ki
Korin- fully heals party's HP and Ki
Porguna- grants three wishes(I have no clue what that's supposed to mean)
Namekian Warrior- Makes a Namek come into the battle to help you(battle only)
King Kai- Temporarly boosts fighters power(battle only) - can someone confirm this?
Grandpa Gohan- Freezes an enemy in battle for one turn(battle only)
Enma- Makes the attack of one card Z attack
Baba- Makes the defence of one care Z defence
Oolong- Changes all the cards in your hand
Scouter- Shows your opponets' HP, Power Level, and card they are using on that turn(battle only)
Chi Chi- Turns any one card to a skill card
Mr. Popo- Restores some of your Ki(?) - can someone confirm?
1-7 star dragonballs- They are the dragonballs, of course
(If I forgot any, please let me know)

When you get into a battle, you'll see a prompt. It asks you if you want to
fight the battle yourself, or let the computer do it for you. Choose the
default option, and you'll see all your characters' names at the top. It
also has there stats. It looks a little like this:
            Goku <-character name
Hit Points  679/679 <-Current HP/Max HP
Power Level 589540
Ki          430/840 <-current Ki/max Ki

 a picture of all enemies in the middle, and at the bottom, the battle menu
on the left, and cards to the right of that. The battle menu is pretty simple:

|Card |
|Run  |

To start fighting, hit "Fight" and the cursor will move to your characters.
Pick the character to attack, and then it will move to the cards, pick the
card for what attack to do, and go to the next character. You must keep
sending fighters into battle until there are no more cards. So what card do
you pick? Well, here's a few things to know: 1- the top number is the attack.
2- the bottom dragoball is for defence. The numbers 1-3 are pretty easy to
figure out, since it's 1-3 wavy lines. Also, Z, once again is 8.
Look at for all the numbers
explained. 3- Then you have the middle symbol. This usually isn't important
except for a few things. First, there's the possiblity for a skill card.
Skill cards will have a middle symbol that looks like an X with 3 dots around
it. The other thing is if the symbol in the card matches your character's
symbol.(You can find out who's symbol is what in the stats menu) If the card
you pick has a match symbol to the character you pick, you get 2 options:
Energy or Hit all. If you choose "Energy", you pick who to attack, and then
the charcter shoots a beam of energy, usually followed up by a quick hit.
If you choose "Hit all", the charcter will hit every enemy. If you want to
use an item, go to the "Card" option.

Now, a little more about Skill Cards. When you pick a skill card, you'll get
a list of all that character's techniques, and a number next to it. The
number is the ammount of Ki required to do the attack.

Just like in the previous DBZ game, there are 3 basic types of training.
However, in this one, you will most often see the 1st type I'm about to

1. Card Match game- In this, you pick who you want to train, and then you
are presented with two rows of cards. The top row is face down, and the
bottom row are the exact ones you use for movement/battle. At the very left,
you'll see your selected character practicing fighting. The way this works
is simple. You pick a face down card and it turns over. Then you have to
match that card with one of yours. You can either match the top, bottom, or
middle. Only one match is nessisary, not all 3 are needed. You get more power
for every match you make, but if you fail to match a card at any time, you
get nothing, and lose 10 Ki. Luckily, you can quit any time by pressing the
"B" button. 

2. Boulder Carry- In this, you'll first get a prompt to choose attack or
defence. Unless you actually know what all the defensive symbols mean, I
recommend you choose attack.(the top option) After this, you'll see 1 card
and you have to match or beat it.(Beat the top number if you chose attack,
and the bottom number if you chose defence) One odd thing I found, is that a
2 can beat a Z card. If you can't match or beat the card out, the boulder
will fall on you and you lose 10 Ki. If you make it to the
finish(matching/beating all 5), you gain a small ammount of power.

3. Split Form- This one's kinda fun, because it's like fighting a real battle.
Your character will use the split form technique to split in half. You then
control one of the halves and fight the other(controlled by the computer).
No Ki techniques can be used during this fight, however, and what you gain
depends on how high your opposing half's power level was. Also, if he beats
you, you don't get anything =(

Heading for Namek
You begin the game in control of Gohan, Kurulin, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and
Chao-zu in a spaceship heading towards the planet Namek in search of the
Dragonballs. Space is pretty much straightfoward. You can only go one way,
so just go. You'll want your crew at powerlevels above 10,000 before you get
to Namek, so train as much as possible.(for more on this, see the training
section) Part of the way through, you'll see another ship. Board the ship,
and the people there will think you are Frieza's henchmen. The ship begins
to fall apart, and you are offered the option to help then. Do so, and they
will give you a shortcut to Namek.

Race for the Dragonballs
Once on Namek, Bulma grabs her Dragonball radar to locate the balls'
positions. However, you soon find that you are not alone. Vegita and Kui have
also landed on Namek and seek the Dragonballs. Go to your items section of
the menu, and go to the Dragon Radar. Use it and move across the screen until
you see a blinking dot that indicates a Dragonball. You'll see that it also
targets Kui. That probably means he already found on. Anyway, the Dragonball
you are looking for is in the village below him. You have to make it there
before both Vegita and Kui.(Well, you don't REALLY have to, but for the sake
of the game, just try) Also notice that you know have an extra option.
This is the "Fly" option. It will make you move faster, and that will help a
lot. Running into Vegita isn't as bad as you might think. You aren't his main
concern right now, so he'll let you go. If you feel like it, you can beat the
crap out of Kui, he's not very hard. Anyway, once you reach the village, you
tell the elder your story and in return, you'll recieve the 4-star Dragonball.
After which, the scene will switch to Goku in his hospital bed.

Help your friends, Goku!
Yajarobe comes in and hands Goku a senzu bean and then Goku  heads of to Dr.
Breifs's house for a ship. Dr. Briefs has made a ship for Goku out of the
ship which Goku used to come to Earth in the first place. He also built a
gravity machine in it, which means it's training time. Same deal as before
in getting to Namek. Only difference this time, is that you'll come to a
square which is a training spot. In this training, you must beat the gravity
machine under 20Gs.(more about doing this in the training section) After you
do this, the control will go back to the Z fighters on Namek.

Race for the Dragonballs Part 2
This is pretty much the same as before, just head to that one village at the
bottom and pick up the dragonball. The only difference is that this time,
Kui is replaced with Dodoria.(No matter whether or not you beat Kui) Once you
get to the village, you'll get the 6-star Dragonball. Then you'll go to
another part of Goku's trip to Namek/training. After you beat 50G machine,
the crew on Namek will go to the next village and things will work just
like before. The enemies will be a little harder this time, though and
Dodoria will be replaced with Zarbon. Grab the 7-star dragonball and take
Goku to his next training machine. Before you get there, however, you will
find a planet that is being taken over. Have Goku taken on a few
baddies.(1 which looks oddly enough like a purple Zarbon, and 2 that look
like green Dodorias) They shouldn't be too hard, but it all depend on how
strong Goku is at this point. Beat the 100G machine and it goes back to

Right before you last controlled Goku, you found a young Namekian, named
Dende. Dende offers to take Kurulin to the eldest Namek, Guru, to get his
Dragonball. Head to Guru's tower, which is in the bottom lefthand corner.
But surprise, surprise, everyone you didn't kill before comes back to haunt
you now. Watch out, because you're all alone. Luckily, Dende can be of some
assistance. Remember that Bulma card that partially healed once per turn?
Well, that's replaced with Dende which heals you more each turn. And since
there's only one person to heal right now anyway, you only really have to
worry about surviving every round. When you get to Guru, not only do you get
a Dragonball, but you get your sleeping powers awakened. Kurilin then gets an
idea to bring the other Z fighters to Guru to get their powers awakened.
Piccolo's training
Now it is time to train Piccolo. The control will switch to him on King Kai's
planet. You must keep training until Piccolo levels up to level 30. If you
played the first DBZ game, you should recognize the training types here on
King Kai's planet. Piccolo is already level 25, so you don't have to do too
much training, but unless you are playing the card training, you won't get
that great benifits either. Of course, the card training can get quite boring
after a while, so I like to do split form training every once in a while,
since it's the closest thing to actual combat. Piccolo should reach level 30
at about 140,000 BP(Doesn't that just make everyone else seem so weak now?)

Power up!
After Piccolo's training, you simply send the warriors on Namek to Guru to
awaken their powers.(and it's quite a boost too) Once you arrive, you see
Vegita's there waiting for you!(I bet you wondered where he was...) He sensed
Kurulin's energy last time, and had been waiting for you to return. But,
luckily, he's not going to destroy you. Freiza has called the Ginyu force,
and Vegita needs your help to defeat them. He joins you with an impressive
powerlevel, which is 10 times that of which he had back on Earth. Well, now
it's dragonball grabbing time. Who has them? Well, remember when you used the
dragon radar and saw that it also beeped on Kui? Each of Freiza's henchmen
were able to collect dragonballs, and the only way to get them is to beat 
whoever you already didn't. I suggest taking them in this order: Kui, Dodoria,
Zarbon. Since, it's easier to fight the weakest first, then work your way up.
Once you manage to get all the dragonballs, the Ginyu force will arrive.
They'll do their little pose intro, and then head off to take care of you.

The Ginyu Force
There's not much to be done here. They steal the dragonballs, and then Goku
finally arrives on Namek and joins the party.(getting kinda full, isn't it?
That is, if you managed to keep everyone alive =b) To make things more
interesting, the game decided to have the balls split up amoung the Ginyu
members and have them spread out across the map. A good strategist would
take them in order of weakest to strongest, just like Freiza's henchmen.
Here's where I think they stand: Goldo, Jiisu, Barta, Recoom, Ginyu. Goldo
shouldn't be too far from you, he's the green, fat one. Barta starts out in
the top left, Jiisu in the middle left, Reecoom, toward the bottom, and Ginyu
at the top right. But of course, it would be too easy to fight these guys alone,
so Freiza's henchmen will be tagging along. With Goku, Vegita, as well as
Gohan at a decent power, these battles really shouldn't be that hard. The
fight with Captain Ginyu's going to be pretty tough. He'll try to switch
bodies with your members from time to time. He'll mainly be looking for
Goku's body, since it's the strongest. Make sure you have plenty of senzu
beans saved up, because the body switch drops your characters HP by a good
ammount. If you think fighting Ginyu in Goku's body is tough, just wait until
you get to...

After you're done with the Ginyu Force, Nail will hold off Freiza while Dende
rushes to you, since the Namekian dragon, Purguna, can only be summoned in
the Namekian language. You can can fight the battle of Nail against Freiza
yourself, or let it run auto. It doesn't really matter, because it'll only
last a couple of rounds. The main thing is to get Dende to Goku and friends
before Freiza catches you. Once you summon the dragon, you're first two
wishes are for Piccolo to 1- be alive, and 2- be on Namek. But before you get
a chance to make a third wish, Guru dies. Now this might make you a bit mad,
but think about how mad Frieza is. He is determined to get rid of you pests
once and for all. After you beat Freiza's first form, Piccolo will find a
near-dead Nail and fuse with him. While you try your best to survive
Frieza's next 2 forms, all you are really doing is making him more angry.
It's been harder to get rid of you than he thought, and he will have to
unleash his full power. He's rarely ever needed to go to his forth form, but
he will now. Ok, now here's the part where Goku goes Super Saiyajin and beats
the crap out of Freiza making this much easier, right? Wrong! You have to
beat Freiza in his final form just as you are. You won't be seeing any Super
Saiyajins until the next DBZ game. If- I mean when you beat the final form of
Freiza, you'll get passwords for the Tenka-ichi Budokai tournament. Don't
turn the power off yet, you also get to see previews for the sequal to this
game. And it's there that the battle with Freiza REALLY ends.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why did you use those character names? / You used the wrong name for
A: Actually, I didn't use any incorrect character names. The way I see it,
the English names are just ascorrect as the Japanese names, since they are
the "official" English names. There are two reasons I usethe English
character names: 
1. I watched the English DBZ, so I'm more used to these names. and
2. Most readers of this guide are reading it because they don't understand
Japanese, so they too most likely watched the English version of DBZ.

Q: Why do you spell some names in English, and some in Japanese? / You
spelled so-and-so's name wrong!
A: Once again, I didn't spell it wrong. The Japanese language does not use
the letters of the English alphabet. Therefore, to spell a Japanese word or
name using English letters, you have to just spell it how it sounds. So any
spelling of a name that would be pronounced how it would actually sound in
Japanese is correct. However, for a name that was completely changed for the
English version of the show, there is only one correct spelling
In closing, I'd like to thank "Vegita- Guardian of Destiny" for the
inspiration to write this. It's also because of him that I played this game
in the first place. I'd also like to thank all the places that host
this guide.

Email- otherzman@yahoo.com (I rarely check it, though)
AIM- OtherZMan (almost live on it =b)
yahoo- otherzman (don't really use it much)

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