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Reviewed: 09/06/05

Just not enough space on the cartridge...

Earthbound, the sequel to Mother, is, to my understanding, supposed to be a remake of Mother. This is evident if you've played each game; familiar enemies will appear, the main characters seem oddly familiar, and you'll wonder where you've heard certain tunes before. If you liked Earthbound, play Mother, enough said.

There are two things that bugged me about the game, hence two points away from ten. The problems lie in the audio and storytelling departments.

The songs in this game are good. They were composed largely by Hip Tanaka, and many were reused in Earthbound. However, the NES only supports a few sound channels, so there's only so much a composer can do. That said, I found certain songs I loved from EB to be less than pleasing to my ear. Certain sound channels were accentuated more than I felt they should be, making some music (Youngtown, for example) sound too busy or annoying.

As for the storytelling, well, it'd have to exist before I could comment on it. The storyline only comes in at the beginning during the explanation of George and Martha, when your dad calls you and mentions that the world is in danger (really? I didn't know...) and at the end, when everything is finally explained. Sure, you know you're supposed to collect segments of a song, but why?

Aside from those two discrepancies, Mother is a great game. I recall a quote from a policeman who asked if I had seen a woman with a big belly. When I answered "no" he said "Darn! She got away. She ate five humans and never payed for it!" Of course, I had made "human" my favorite food. Little things like that, gems of humor, are what make the series as great as it is. Walking about throughout the towns one can find a myriad of odd phrases and quirks. Video games don't often try to capitalize humor, but Itoi managed to make a hilarious game which is also thoughtful and fun.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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