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Reviewed: 12/11/99 | Updated: 12/11/99

A young boy must embark on a journey to find the other chosen ones...

-In 1996 I've been hearing a lot about EarthBound for Super Nes online. Me and my cousin finally rented it on my birthday. We fell in love with the graphics, music, humor, characters, AND story RIGHT AWAY. I knew I would soon own this game. And soon, I didn't. But a year later, I did. I knew soon I'd beat this game. And soon, I didn't. But a year later, I did. i fell in love with EarthBound and I downloaded lots of music for it. After looking around a lot of EarthBound websites I found one of teh ebst. held the vocal songs from teh Mother soundtrack. Hey I loved One Winged Angel, so I decided to own another vocal video game song. I downloaded I Believe (Ness's theme song). Me and my brother fell in love with the tune, electric guitar, and heck the singing was great too. A year later we learned it was a girl and not a very, very, very young boy. back to the point. After that i downlaoded all of teh vocal songs and fell in love with them too. And since I love dteh music so much and I loved EarthBound so much i decdied to seriously play Mother or EarthBound 0 as it was called for me. I got far and stopped. After ebating Final Fantasy VIII I continued playing...I continued playing, and playing, and playing. For the only other game to beat was Saga Frontier..nah thanks. And I didn't feel like raising Pokemon, I much rather wanted to ebat a great game.And..tada! I actually did. The ending was great. The game was great So here I am, writing this review. I give this game a perfect 10.

-This game is pretty difficult...unless you use the American ROM like I did. Then it's a LOT less difficult.
Difficulty - 10 (Real japanese game) 7 (American ROM)

-The game control is easy but confusing at times...ain't that confusing.
You see sometimes you hit things in the menu you don't want. you just have to get used to the menu. Another bad things is trying to check or talk to moving objects..urgh.
Game Control - 9

-This game's fun comes from the humor, story, and music. The battles won't make you wnat to play. but becasue of humor, story, and music this game is VERY FUN!
Fun - 10

-The story is TERRIFIC!

The Story:

Ness, a young boy with psychic or PSI powers, one day finds his house being tormented by a Poltergeist. Ness saves his hoem and family from the Poltergeist by bashing possessed furniture and dolls.

Ness finds out he must embark on a great journey to stop an evil alien, Giegue (who by the way looks almost EXACTLY like Mewtwo from Pokemon) who is connected to Ness's ancestors somehow, and now is back for revenge to destroy earth, and Ness. Ness must find the two chosen ones to journey with him and just might find other friends along teh way and a very important friend that will stick by their side 'till the end, hmm? After he finds thee chosen ones he must meet up with the only person who knows how to stop him. That's the unique part of this game. This game is one of the only that is absed on music and probably the first. You know how Final Fantasy VI's theme is based on friendship, VII on hope, VIII on love. Mother's theme is the power of song with a twist of love.

If you are a smart ne I bet I told you how to defeat Giegue, but it's better to know anyway. Besides I put it in the title of this review.Story - 10

-The designing is a masterpiece and it's just an NES game! The town system is that buildings with signs or oval shaped doors can be entered but buildings with no signs or square shaped doors can not be entered, which makes it very easy. The hospital...ahhh. If you have lots of mone the doctor will charge you to cure you..if you go with one dolalr you gte cured for free. Ain't that nice of him? There are tons of psychic or PSI abilities (magic in other games).

One button can speed up the walking of your character and others..that's a good thing. Ah yes. It's abd to pick up but nifty. If you talk to someoen with the flu, you get the flu. There are tons of items, and speaking of items each character gets their own item bag. you can trade items among the characters.

There are 4 main can only use 3 at a time which is a flaw...but ah well. Here's a bad flaw, jack the fourth main character is termporary. he's extremely strong and is a great character (great character not meaning what he does in battle but how he acts, and his story, and what he says and does for the story). And anther good thing is that there are temporary characters that help out like Pippi, a girl who likes Ness (the hero), the Flying Men (who have their own song which is also a vocal song on the soundtrack) they are also in teh Super NES game, EarthBound, and a super strong robot.

Two flaws...only certain places can you sell items and the battle system.. If everyone's target is one monster, and someone kills the monster and the other people who targeted the monster won't do anything because the monster is not there. The game wasn't smart enough to make the characters hit someone else rather than conmplain about the monster they were going to hit not being there....Phew.

Designing - 9

-The graphics aren't spectacular, but they are great for an NES game. But the characters are sorta ugly..but we can live with that, can't we?

Graphics - 8

-The sounds are great for an NES game.

Sounds - 8

-THE MUSIC IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS!!! The music was so good the makers of the game created a soundtrack for it. And because they think the english langauge is so beautiful they chose a 14-year-old British girl to sing most of the songs (three other people sang the other three songs, two men and a woman).

I even have an in depth FAQ that holds the loaction of the eal Audio files of the soundtrack songs and the lyrics to all the vocal songs.

There are not many songs but most and I mean MOST of them are masterpieces!There is oen song that is not good in the game, though, but GREAT in the soundtrack.

Music - 10

The humor is BEAUTIFUL! No other Nintendo game would dare to have th humor this has. In one town, a woman ACTUALLY mentions a strip joint.

There are lying monekys in a cave that say a bunch of crazy, funny things and in that same cave are penguins refusing to deny that they are monkeys.Very funny.

Humor - 10

The characters ARE GREAT! Poo sucks! Poo is in the sequel. He sucks. Jack beats Poo to death. Jack is the man.


Ness: The hero. He's in the sequel as the hero too. He hardly talks, but you get to make him who he is. He has the best weapons, and can learn PSI abilities.

Paula: Ness's soul mate. Also in sequel. They first met eachother in their dreams. She is only good for PSI abilities.

Jeff: The nerd. A good loyal friend. Also in sequel. Offensive weapons are his weapon, and he is good for all types of items. He's the item man. he learns no PSI.

Jack: The leader of Blah Blah Gang. He is messed up in the ehad after his parents are taken and killed by Giegues' aliens but because of Ness learns to deal with life and be a good person and calms down his gang. He is the replacement for Jeff temporarily, the strongest character in the game, uses the absolute strongest weapons in the game (doesn't really matter though) doesn't learn PSI. He is also.. ::sniff:: ..not in the sequel. waahh!!

Characters - 10

Great characters
Great ending
Great graphics for an NES game
Great designing
Great story

Bad chaarcter graphics

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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