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Reviewed: 11/02/02 | Updated: 11/02/02

Prequel+EarthBound=Great Game

Mother/EarthBound Zero as we know it in the U.S.Is the prequel to the Hit EarthBound.But it is kind of weird how the game is kinda link together.But for a Nes game it Looks Like the Snes,But not as smooth.It has the same attack style system plus same objection for the storyline.But the only way to find it and play is illegal.
Controls: 10/10
The controls are very good for a Nes game.You can walk up and down,plus sideways.When you get in a battle it will be pretty easy to find out how to battle.

The graphics are really good.But come up a little short of great,they however look realy good in a battle and walking around.The only downside is some of the stuff in the games look like blocks.But what really up sets me is there are no back ground or attack moves that show any graphics designs.

Music & Sound: 10/10
This game has alot of catchy tunes.Some times i just play the game just to listen to the music.They have good music for the right mood in the game.Like for some battles,towns,and after you beat a boss.But my favorite song is from the town and merrysvile.

Story: 10/10
I must say this game has almost the same storyline but not in the same timeline.But if u liked EarthBound you will look like this games story.It is about a boy named Ninten,His Great GrandParents Disapeared.But only his GrandFather came back,And they never heard from his Great GrandMother again.But you never find out what ever happan to her,which then Ninten Great GrandFather Starts to take up the study of PSI.Which Ninten learns though out the game to help him out.He and his partners which joins his team though out the game,Also learn some PSI moves.They have to fight Zoo animals,and other weird freaky monsters.But i wont Spoil it for the people that have yet to beat this game.But i have to say it has a better Storyline then Most of the Final Fantsay Games for Nes.

GamePlay 10/10
This has the same gameplay as EarthBound,You can sneak up behide the monster.If you do u win with out even bothering to fight them.Most of the bad guys you fight will be Cars,Hippies like from EarthBound,Farmers,and so on.Plus like and EarthBound you can teleport from town to town so you dont have to walk which really helps alot when u get deeper into the game.This game has alot of twist in turns in it,which makes it a deep game that will take sometime to beat.But it is worth it all in the end.

Overall 10/10
I loved this game from the moment i heard it was based on the EarthBound series.It really make the game good for all of the different aspects in it.Like Music,Storyline,Plus the control which is very good for a NEs game.All packed into one GREAT Rpg game.So go look for this game now and play it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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