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Reviewed: 07/29/02 | Updated: 07/29/02

Shigesato Itoi is a freaking genius!

Okay, lemme start off with one little saying. This game rocks. EarthBound 0 (or Mother) was released in Japan 13 years ago yesterday. It starred a young boy named Ninten (not Ness). Here's a good lowdown on this game.

This game is one of the best rpgs out there for NES, and many people are proud of it. It's Fun Factor would rate 10/10, just because it rocks. The game's funny, fast, and plain old fun.

It might be a quick game, but it's hard. The game's battles determine how many steps you take, not just random. If you've played the sequel first, you know that this battle system is a lot more different. A lot more.

The controls, especially with an emulator, are actually pretty bad. They didn't include the ''do anything'' button in this game, which was the ''L'' button on the SNES. On an emulator, you can press the button you assigned to ''B'' to speed up the game. This doesn't work in certain places (f.e:the train).

Here's the story, or mainly the first part of the game, in my words.

''Ninten, an average teen with strange powers, hears something one night. He tries to go out of him room, but he's stopped by his lamp. After taking down his lamp, a poltergeist invades his house. Ninten checks on his sisters, Minnie and Mimmie. Minnie's being attacked by a lamp too, so Ninten takes it out. Mimmie, however, is in a much worse position.

Her doll is roaming around the room, searching for someone to kill. Ninten quickly notices the doll, and he knocks it out. Ninten thought the doll, being somewhat harder than the lamps, might hold a secret. He checks the doll out. Ninten finds a music box. The music box played a familiar melody, that Ninten would never forget. The poltergeist had disappeared.

Ninten goes downstairs to check on his mom, and finds out she's okay. Ninten tries to calm his mom down. As they are talking, the phone rings. Ninten grabs it. It's his dad. Ninten speaks with his father, and finds out about the basement. Ninten tries looking for the key.

Ninten goes outside to think for a moment. Hid dog walk over to him. Ninten notices something shiny on his dog's collar. The Basement Key. Ninten goes into the basement, and finds a plastic bat, and his Great Grandfather's Diary.

''...the one who lost his tail. The forgotten ship... sails...'' Ninten read aloud. Ninten kept this diary, and thinking about the song, he goes on a journey, to find the secret of his great grandfather.''

Pretty nice, huh?

The graphics are alright, they might get tiresome after a couple EnergyRobots, though. But the sound is want I wanna talk about. The music is amazing. It has nearly everything. From jazz, to fast beat, to hippie music, EB0 has it all.

Replay Value:8/10
There's not much replay value in RPGs. One play through is enough. But EB0 keeps you coming back for more, and more, and more...

To rom or to find out:ROM!
This would be ''To buy or to rent,'' but America only supplies roms and emulators. I recommend using NesTEN, because it's easy to use and install. And search the internet for the rom.

If you are an avid EB fan, who has a computer (you should, if you're reading this), and a thirst for some excitement, then download EB0 today!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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