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Reviewed: 02/05/10

A very fun game, but not without a few flaws.

Mother is an RPG that came out on the NES. It's follows the adventures of a psychic boy named Ninten and his friends as they try to stop aliens from taking over the Earth.

Graphics: 9/10

The graphics are above par for an NES game. Everything is colorful, enemies look detailed, and the environment look lush. Animation is fluid and the special effects are nice. The only flaw is that a lot of the enemy sprites are recolored and reused later on and it tends to lose variety towards the end of the game.

Audio: 10/10

Possibly the best thing about the game. It boosts a plethora of songs, most of which are rather catchy and pleasant to listen to. There are even different battle themes for certain enemies, so you won't hear the same song over and over again when you enter battle. Sound effects are on par and reflect accurately what they represent (ie: a freeze attack will sound like ice freezing and electric attacks sound like claps of thunder).

Gameplay: 7/10

The game itself is fun to play, but there are quite a few flaws. The difficulty of the game is very high and towards the end of the game, it becomes almost impossible to defeat enemies. You'll definitely find yourself going through dozens of minutes of tedious grinding frequently just to help you survive. Another flaw is the complexity of some of the dungeons. Certain dungeons have gigantic rooms with 10 different ways you could go, each branching out farther and farther. It becomes almost an impossible labyrinth. Combine that with the difficult enemies, and it becomes border-line unplayable due to frustration. However, looking past those points, you'll find a fun game. Dialogue is humorous and the easier enemies are quite fun to fight. As you level up, you gain additional PSI powers to add to your arsenal, so there is always a variety of different attacks to use to keep the fights interesting. In fact, there is a lot of variety outside of combat too. You'll go from searching in coffins in a cemetery, to taking an airplane ride over your house, to driving a tank in the middle of the desert; there are always fun little things that happen to help break up the game a bit.

Replayability: 5/10

Once you beat the game, there is nothing else to do. Re-experiencing the story, the catchy music, and the humorous dialogue is the only reason to replay this. While this will coax some people to replay it, a lot of people will get turned off by the tedious grinding and extreme difficulty and probably won't play it again.

Mother is a quirky, fun game for the NES. While it has a few glaring flaws, those willing to look past them will find an entertaining gem that will immerse them from beginning to end.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Mother (JP, 07/27/89)

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