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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 08/07/01

Prequel to Earthbound, join Ness in this fun Famicom adventure!

If you've ever played EarthBound, you'll know what to expect in this game. This is the prequel to EarthBound and was released for the Famicom. This game was never released in America, but it almost was. The game was fully translated, but only a few cartridges were made, and the game was never released in America. That's odd though, as this game was one of the best 8 bit games there is.

The main character in this game is Ness, just like in the Super Nes version of EarthBound. Also in this game are Paula and Jeff, also from the Super Nes version of Earthbound. The world is totally new though, which makes you wonder how they could be in two different worlds...Anyway, the game starts out with Lamps attacking Ness, and that kind of weird humor is implemented throughout the game. Unlike most games of the RPG genre, this game isn't set in the past or future, but rather in the present. You can go to the sporting good store to buy Ness that new bat he's wanted, or you can go to a Burger Joint and pick up a few cheeseburgers. Little things like this add fresh air to an over-cliche'd genre.

The graphics aren't outstanding, and they're pretty simple, but they don't distract from the fun of the game. Unlike EarthBound, there are random enemy encounters, and you can't see the enemies before you fight them. This adds challenge to this game, as you might not be prepared for the enemies you face. The enemies are very well drawn, and some of them are humorous. Anybody who remembers the New Age Retro Hippie from Earthbound will recognize him in Mother as just a plain old Hippie.

The sound in this game is great, but not as great as the Final Fantasy series (what is?). You'll have the catchy themes in your head for a long time, especially the Hippie music.

Nintendo made a big error by not releasing this game to the American public. Judging from how popular Final Fantasy was in America, this game should have done extremely well. Nintendo makes some of the best games of any company, and this game proves it. Import it if you can, but it will probably be hard to find.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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