Review by StarcryX

Reviewed: 12/08/06

Its certainly something in its own world!

I can honestly say I did enjoy this game. It wasnt the best, all of the game play had been done better somewhere else. Simply it wasnt any of the things that normally makes a person like a game that made this one good. It was the fact that its was crazy! Every single person, monster, item, its all weird. Fact is you will love it because of that.


The best thing about this game is that in a time where almost every single RPG was based 100% in a world of Knights and Dragons, this one was based in a much more recent time. That alone though would not make the game great. What made it good was the fact that it was like nothing you had ever seen before, or in fact have I seen anywhere else other than its SNES counterpart.

The game itself seemed to flow fairly will, unlike a lot of other games of the time it didnt feel like you honestly had to run in circles for hours looking for random battles, but honestly the monsters where so funny, well drawn, or simply interesting that I would have been willing to do that.

Ive touched on the strange aspect of the game a bit, but let me flesh my thoughts on that out a little here. In the world of this game everyone is honestly a little insane. Some of the things the people say to you just make you double take, and others will have you laughing out loud. They took a classic plot line, added in people that you will remember, mixed a heavy side of humor into to everything and just served it up to you.


Frankly the battle system in the game was just like every other battle system you saw around the same time. Honestly alot of games did it better. I have no problems with the turn based action, its simple that fact that you feel pretty limited through out. For example alot of times I would lose a random battle for very silly reasons. The enemy would land a lucky hit on the entire party at once. Somehow to me it just didnt seem like the random part of the code was done correctly.

I personally found the music to be "campy". I know alot of people that enjoyed it but alot of times it just didnt seem to suit what was going on. Some of it felt alot like really bad 80's keyboard pop. I suppose they intended the music to be strange and silly to fit in with the rest of the game but somehow it just came across more as annoying to me.

The actual graphics of the game seemed to feel a little behind the time. Other games that where released before this one made better use of the sprites and pixels out there. For instance I noticed for some reason everywhere I turned there was this one bush. I know that sounds silly but I mean it was everywhere! There seemed to be alot of things like that around.


I honestly recommend that anyone give this a try even if you dont like RPG's as a whole. Its certainly worth the play through just to see the humor and for a refreshing change of pace. On the other hand if your looking for something that is honestly different game play wise, or graphic wise, I would look elsewhere.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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