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    FAQ by ChrisK2018

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    The first (at least that I know of...)
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    FAQ 1.1
    Painstakingly (not really) researched, written, and therefore copyright (c) 1998 
    by Chris Kohler (chrisk2018@aol.com), who even did the title artwork, which was 
    based on a technique used by Tat Nakao, who did the title art (and a LOT more) 
    for the FFV FAQ, also found at gamefaqs.com.
    This FAQ was designed with www.gamefaqs.com in mind as its primary place of 
    existence.  You can pretty much distribute this FAQ as much as you want as long 
    as it is left just the way you found it.
    1.1 Added some more info to the Don Flamenco, Mr. Sandman, and Piston Honda II 
    1.0 The first release.
    Things You Should Know
    Weird Miscellaneous Crap
    Hi.  The first version of this FAQ was researched and written in one day, not 
    counting the countless (ten or so) years that I've been playing my NES version 
    of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, and was born because 1) I was bored that day, 2) I 
    could not find a MTPO FAQ on gamefaqs.com, and 3)I wanted to test my new 
    miniature tape recorder.  So I sat down and played a game of MTPO [the original 
    NES cart that at I bought when I was 10, on the original NES that I got when I 
    was 8, but with a Hudson Soft Joycard Sansui SSS that I bought very recently, 
    not because my original pads were broken (far from it!) but because it kicks 
    ass].  Much to my surprise, Mr. Sandman kicked my ass, but he let me rematch and 
    I promptly fought my way to Tyson.  Anyway, I recorded my own sarcastic comments 
    and fight tips while playing, and I am preparing to transcribe them into random 
    strategies below.  But first, the preliminary sections:  Things You Should Know 
    is for the beginner, or the eight year old who just downloaded the ROM, and 
    explains the limited maneuvers of Little Mac.  Codes is an incomplete list of 
    the telephone-style passwords of MTPO.  Discussion is where I ramble on about 
    each fighter's various strengths and weaknesses.  Weird Miscellaneous Crap is 
    just that.  So, read on and enjoy.  And hey, if you like this (not really a) 
    FAQ, e-mail me.  A lot of people already have, which was the impetus for this 
    new version.  Have fun!
    Things You Should Know
    Okay, here's the basics.  You are Little Mac, a little tiny boxer who faces off 
    against huge gigantic monster-sized boxers.  Your repertoire of moves is limited 
    (necessarily so) by the NES' button layout.  B throws a left body blow.  A 
    throws a right body blow.  Holding Up while pressing either throws a blow to the 
    head (your main weapon).  Hitting Start throws an uppercut, your most powerful 
    move.  However, you have to earn a Star before you can throw one.  Pressing Left 
    dodges to the left, and you can draw your own conclusions as to what pressing 
    Right does.  Pressing Down raises your guard for a second, and pressing Down 
    twice in rapid succession makes Little Mac duck, which is by all means a useless 
    move - you can beat the game in short order without ducking once.  The object of 
    the game is to hit the opponent and avoid being hit by him. There are only three 
    rounds per fight... if there is no winner, you may win by decision depending on 
    how many points you rack up.  Between rounds, press Select to regain energy... 
    but you can only do it once per fight.
    Some codes are useful, some are not, but they're all real...
    Nintendo's Official Level-Skipping Passwords:
    Major Circuit				005 737 5423
    World Circuit				777 807 3454
    Super Macho Man				940 861 8538
    Mike Tyson				007 373 5963
    Other Level-Skipping Passwords - Win/Loss Record varies
    Major Circuit				005 373 5423
    World Circuit				032 730 8442
    Super Macho Man (23 wins)		267 913 7638
    Other Passwords
    Nintendo's Old Phone Number		800 422 2602
    Weird Passwords
    For these passwords, you must enter the first nine digits, then leave the cursor 
    on zero and hit A, B, and Select at the same time to get them to work.
    Another World Circuit			135 792 4680
    Credits					106 113 0120
    The reason Mike Tyson's Punch-Out retains its appeal to us grown-ups who were 
    weaned on the NES is not because of its fast action, funny characters, or large 
    sprites (although they helped).  It is because the secrets of the character 
    designs of MTPO were never revealed by Nintendo.  All of the strategies herein 
    were developed by players and spread around by word of mouth.  Nintendo 
    "covered" the game in both their original 1987 Nintendo Player's Guide and their 
    1992 Top Secret Passwords Players' Guide, however, the 1987 version only 
    presented basic strategies (if you can call them that) for the first few 
    fighters, and the 1992 one only a few passwords.  Yes, MTPO was released in the 
    age where Nintendo guarded its secrets heavily, not like today where you can buy 
    a Player's Guide detailing every last secret of every last game, usually 
    released by Nintendo themselves.  But I digress.  These strategies have not been 
    culled from a book or a call to Nintendo's Customer Service.  They have been 
    formulated from discussion with other players and ten years of practice.  
    Therefore, if you have played this game before, your strategies will undoubtedly 
    be vastly different from mine.
    Glass Joe
    Glass Jaw of France
    1-99 1 KO
    Age: 38
    Wt: 110
    From: Paris, France
    Win By Decision: 5000 points
    Glass Joe is a human punching bag. When he raises his guard, hit him in the gut, 
    when he lowers it, hit him in the face.  Repeat until he hits the mat.  At some 
    point, he will jump up to the top of the ring and taunt you.  While he is on his 
    way back down, hit him high to knock him down.  After he gets knocked down once, 
    he'll actually start throwing punches (heaven forbid!)  Dodge them and counter-
    punch with rapid blows to the head.  Glass Joe will go down like a cheap whore 
    in no time.
    There are methods of defeating Glass Joe in seconds, but it's not even worth it 
    to talk about them because, well, he's so pathetically easy.
    Von Kaiser
    German Steel Machine
    23-13 10 KO
    Age: 28
    Wt: 144
    From: Berlin, Germany
    8000 points
    Von Kaiser isn't as easy as Glass Joe, but he's not that difficult either.  Let 
    him lead off.  He'll bounce his head back and forth, which telegraphs a jab.  
    Dodge it and hit him in the face.  Do this over and over to knock him down.  
    When he gets up, he'll start ducking and throwing uppercuts.  When he ducks, 
    throw a body blow and get a star.  He'll duck again. Dodge the uppercut, hit him 
    once in the face, and then unleash the uppercut.  Von Kaiser will start to cry 
    just before hitting the mat.  He'll get up and throw more uppercuts.  Repeat the 
    process to knock him down again.
    Piston Honda
    26-1 18 KO
    Age: 28
    Wt: 174
    From: Tokyo, Japan
    No win by decision
    Piston Honda is relatively difficult compared to Von Kaiser.  He telegraphs his 
    short Jabs with a twitch of his eyebrows.  Dodge the jab and retaliate with two 
    hits to the face.  Eventually, he'll throw right hooks.  Dodge them and hit him 
    in the face five times afterwards.  He'll throw uppercuts:  he'll duck and toss 
    them out.  Dodge, then hit him in the face eleven times.  Eventually, he'll whip 
    out his Piston Punch, where he jumps backwards, dances around, and bounces 
    forward.  If you hit him in the face as soon as he gets back in range, he'll 
    head for the mat.  If you miss or don't try, he'll throw four jabs to the face.  
    Block them.
    Defeating Piston Honda is simply a matter of learning when to retaliate to his 
    punches.  Just keep plugging away at him and eventually you'll TKO him.  If you 
    can knock him out of his Piston Punch, you can defeat him late in Round One.
    Don Flamenco
    Red Rose of France
    22-3 9 KO
    Age: 23
    Wt: 152
    From: Madrid, Spain
    10,000 points
    Don Flamenco is certainly the most interesting fighter you've faced so far.  
    With a repertoire even more limited than Glass Joe's, Don's strategy is to block 
    whatever you throw at him and retaliate with his Flamenco Punch, a highly 
    telegraphed (and very damaging!) uppercut.  He'll raise his arm high into the 
    air and swing away.  If Don can wear all your hearts down, he'll start in with 
    right hooks which you must dodge until you've recovered.
    The best way to beat Don is this.  Hit him right at the start of the match.  
    He'll block it and try a Flamenco Punch.  Dodge it and start hitting him in the 
    face with a left, then a right, then a left, etc.  He will sit there like the 
    retard that he is and get his ass kicked.  He'll hit the mat, get up with no 
    energy, and try an instant Flamenco Punch.  Repeat until he's hit the mat for 
    good (under a minute or so).
    NEW INFO (1.1)
    Muggsb01@aol.com and michaelb@decipher.com each sent me this information about 
    Don, which was quite interesting to me since I never knew that you could even 
    GET a star on Don Flamenco's first incarnation.  (A popular rumor when I was in 
    third grade was that if you got a star on him, you'd knock him out of the 
    Anyway, it is possible to get a star on DF.  Once you've knocked him down for 
    the first time and he gets up, he'll try for the instant Flamenco Punch.  Rather 
    than dodge it, just hit him with a left body blow and you'll get a star.  From 
    here you can do two things.  One, you can just keep throwing left body blows 
    until he goes down for a KO (but only if they're thrown in succession).  Or, you 
    can simply dodge the Flamenco Punch and immediately uppercut without bothering 
    to stun him. This should also be a KO.  
    This information proves two things:
    1)My hypothesis that there is much info on MTPO that isn't printed anywhere yet.
    2)Don Flamenco is a loser.
    King Hippo
    Great Chief of the South Island 
    18-9 18 KO
    Age: ?? (looks to be about 29)
    Weight: ?? (maybe half a ton)
    From: Hippo Island, South Pacific
    No win by decision
    The big man will start throwing left and right crosses at you.  Just dodge them 
    and don't try to hit him.  Eventually, he will raise his arm over his head and 
    open his giant mouth.  He telegraphs this punch by vibrating for a while.  This 
    is your cue to punch him in the face.  Miraculously, Mac's small fist will not 
    enter King Hippo's mouth.  However, for some odd reason, the King's size 89 
    boxers will hit the mat.  Take advantage of this display of partial nudity and 
    whack him multiple times on his bandaged navel.  Apparently, he recently had his 
    umbilical cord removed, or he's been injecting food directly into his stomach.  
    Or something.  Eventually, his bellybutton will have taken too much punishment 
    and the King will be dethroned, heading for a night on the canvas.
    Great Tiger
    Great Magician of India
    24-5 3 KO
    Age: 29
    Wt: 132
    From: Bombay, India
    10,000 points
    Great Tiger will begin by throwing telegraphed jabs.  The jewel on his head will 
    flash briefly - you can try to hit him for a Star, or wait until he throws the 
    Jab, dodge, and retaliate with a blow to the head. If you feel like using up 
    hearts, you can block the jabs and retaliate with five blows to the head. You 
    won't do much damage until Tiger starts throwing uppercuts.  At that point, 
    you'll want to use the strategy you used against Von Kaiser - hit him when he 
    ducks for a Star, then hit him when he's stunned with the uppercut.  At two 
    minutes and thirty seconds,  he'll try his Magic Punch.  He'll jump backwards 
    and start spinning towards you in a circle.  He'll spin around and punch you 
    repeatedly.  Learn the rhythm of the hits and block five of them in a row.  
    He'll get dizzy.  Hit him when he's stunned and send him down to the mat.
    Bald Bull
    Bald Bucking Bull
    34-4 29 KO
    Age: 36
    Wt: 298
    From: Istanbul, Turkey
    No win by decision
    Bald Bull will begin by throwing jabs.  He telegraphs them by rotating his fists 
    right before he does. Dodge and hit his face. When he's about to throw a right 
    hook, he'll make a motion as if he's rubbing his ears.  Dodge when he throws the 
    punch and retaliate with five head blows.  Eventually, he'll do his Bull Charge.  
    He hops up to the top of the ring and bounces down at you.  Hit him in the 
    stomach when he bounces into range (a split second after he starts bouncing, 
    after three jumps) and he'll hit the mat.
    NEW INFO (1.1)
    Aaron Howell (aaron@kitten.net.au) gave me this info.  At the beginning of this 
    match, start hitting Bald Bull in the head immediately.  Every time you get a 
    star, use it at once.  After 4 uppercuts, Bull will hit the mat.  He won't be 
    KO'ed, but you'll have a nice head start.
    Piston Honda
    Honda Turbo
    26-2 18 KO
    Age: 28
    Wt: 174
    From: Tokyo, Japan
    3000 points
    Honda's jabs have been modified.  If you dodge when he wrinkles his brow, he 
    will throw three jabs, so you'll have to dodge three times.  He'll start the 
    hooks and uppercuts again.   Every now and again, he'll duck to start his 
    uppercut and bounce around a couple of times before delivering.  This is your 
    chance to smack him in the head and earn a star.  If you don't really want to 
    fight him, hit him in the gut as he bounces down and chances are you'll earn a 
    KO.  The Piston Punch has been modified.  He no longer dances like a retard 
    before charging.  You can hit him out of it like the first time, but you won't 
    send him to the mat:  you'll simply earn a star and you'll have to block the 
    four punches afterwards. After he tries the three jabs, he'll usually follow up 
    with an uppercut.  Otherwise, there's really no trick to beating Honda's second 
    incarnation.  Just keep plugging at him.
    NEW INFO (1.1)
    Muggsb01@aol.com says that if your timing is just right, you CAN knock Honda 
    down after his charge.
    Soda Popinski
    Russian Monster
    33-2 24 KO
    Age: 35
    Wt: 237
    From: Moscow, USSR
    10,000 points
    Soda Popinski was altered from the arcade's Vodka Drunkenski.  He literally has 
    no defining punches.  All he really does is throw a lot of basic maneuvers, so 
    strategy is to simply dodge and counterattack.  He'll start with a left hook and 
    left and right uppercuts.  Dodge and retaliate to his face. If you pause a split 
    second before retaliating to his uppercuts, you'll get a star. He'll throw jabs 
    with no telegraphing and you'll have to absorb them.  When you see him dancing 
    for a second, he'll toss out a series of three jabs.  Popinski has few real 
    moves.  His basic maneuvers can really hurt, but they're so telegraphed that 
    losing to him is difficult.  After an uppercut, you can deliver seven hits to 
    his face.  After a left cross, you can get in four punches to the face.  
    Bald Bull
    Crazy Bucking Bull
    34-5 29 KO
    Age: 36
    Wt: 298
    From:  Istanbul, Turkey
    7000 points
    The second incarnation of Bald Bull is virtually invincible.  You can only send 
    him to the mat with an uppercut or by defeating his Bull Charge.  Bald Bull may 
    block your counter punches.  If he does, dodge immediately (he'll throw a jab) 
    and punch him in the face one final time.  When Bald Bull rubs his ears slowly, 
    hit him in the face to earn a star.  Hit him with the uppercut when his energy 
    has dropped to send him to the mat.  When he tries the Bull Charge, dodge his 
    first attempt.  Then, he'll only go back halfway the second time.  RIGHT after 
    he starts the charge, stick out a body blow and he'll go down.  The trick is to 
    recognize when Bald Bull is telegraphing a punch and when he's feigning a 
    Don Flamenco
    Flamenco's Counterattack
    22-4 9 KO
    Age: 23
    Wt: 152
    From: Madrid, Spain
    5000 points
    Flamenco, like his previous incarnation, will taunt you, but he won't always 
    throw a Flamenco Punch afterwards.  If he blocks and leans to the right, he's 
    going to keep blocking.  If he blocks and stays straight, he's going to throw a 
    Flamenco Punch.  Dodge and hit him.  He won't go down as fast as his 
    doppelganger, but you can really beat on him.  An important thing to remember 
    about this version is to wait for him to take the lead.  He adds a left cross to 
    his repertoire, which, in addition to his right hook, can be devastating.  So 
    remember to wait and see what he's going to do rather than assuming he's going 
    to taunt you.  Eventually, you will run out of hearts and he'll begin to throw 
    repeated right hooks.  Dodge and wait until you've recovered, then start hitting 
    him again.  Flamenco's timing can throw you off, so be on guard.
    Mr. Sandman
    Black Heavy Tank
    27-2 21 KO
    Age: 31
    Wt: 284
    From: Philadelphia, PA
    No win by decision
    Sandman will toss you some jabs to start.  Hit him in the face once to 
    retaliate.  He'll then start with some Bald Bull - type hooks from the left and 
    the right.  At this point, whenever you counter punch him, you'll have to hit 
    him in the head once and then in the stomach each time after that.  If you 
    accidentally hit him in the head while he's guarding it, he'll toss out a jab 
    similar to Bald Bull's retaliatory one.  Dodge it and hit him in the face once 
    more.  He'll toss a few more uppercuts before turning to his super punch - a 
    succession of three uppercuts similar to the ones he throws before the fight 
    begins.  He telegraphs them by dancing for a few seconds and finally glowing 
    right before he tosses the punches.  Dodge the three of them in rhythm and 
    retaliate, but don't forget that he'll still block his face after the first hit.  
    Sandman has no other moves - just anticipate, dodge, counterattack and you'll be 
    NEW INFO (1.1)
    Here's a strategy for the expert MTPO player, or so says 
    "To wear him down (and to impress friends), you can start a pattern after the 
    initial jabs and before his Sandman Punch.  If you throw a jab at his face, 
    he'll dodge it and swing at you.  Dodge the swing, hit him in the face, then hit 
    him three times in the stomach.  Swing at his face again and repeat.  You can 
    continue this over and over until you either run out of hearts or he gets ready 
    to do his Sandman Punch.  The "impress your friends" part is that you don't have 
    to look at the screen when doing this.  Turn around and pound on one of the 
    hardest guys without even looking at him."
    I love this stuff!
    Super Macho Man
    Hollywood Muscle Man
    35-0 29 KO
    Age: 27 
    Wt: 242
    From:  Hollywood, California
    No win by decision
    Super Macho Man is much easier than Mr. Sandman.  He'll start out with Soda 
    Popinski-esque hooks and uppercuts, which are fairly easy to dodge and counter. 
    Macho Man's specialty punches are his Super Spin Punches, of which there are two 
    kinds.  Both are originally telegraphed by a short burst of inactivity by Macho.  
    If he pulls back and vibrates, his Spin Punch will only be once and you can hit 
    him afterwards.  If he steps back and grunts, he'll punch anywhere from one to 
    ten times and you'll have to dodge anywhere from one to ten times.  After the 
    last, hit him in the face for a while.  After he is knocked down, he'll get up 
    and throw a multiple Spin Punch.  All his punches are highly telegraphed, so you 
    shouldn't have to worry much about him - just keep plugging away.
    The Dream Fight
    Mike Tyson
    Kid Dynamite
    99-0 99 KO
    From: Catskills, NY
    5,000 points
    Beating Mike relies on not getting knocked down in the first 1:30 of the first 
    round, when he throws his one-hit-knockdown Dynamite Punches.  You can dodge 
    these and counter with two blows to the face.  They are telegraphed with a short 
    blue flash.  Afterwards, Mike will begin to throw left and right hooks which are 
    more easily dodged.  He winks before throwing them.  At the beginning of the 
    second and thrid rounds, he will toss some non-telegraphed jabs, so be ready and 
    keep your guard up.  He'll throw Dynamite Punches again, but they're much weaker 
    this time.  The only other move Mike might try is to sit and blink for a while.  
    This is a good time to punch him in the face and earn a Star, but be ready to 
    dodge the oncoming barrage of jabs.  Otherwise, Mike Tyson can be beaten, but it 
    takes skill, reflexes, and luck.
    Weird Miscellaneous Crap
    If you try to play MTPO with the Power Glove the way the guy in the commercial 
    did, you will get your ass kicked so hard it won't even be funny.
    Wouldn't it have been funny if Glass Joe had come back in the World Circuit?
    If any fighter gets up on the count of 1, one uppercut will send them back.
    A lot of the later fighters will start to dodge your uppercuts after a few hits, 
    so learn to save them.
    Don't try to cheat the Select button energy fill-up.  If you energy bar is 
    already full, it'll go DOWN.
    The newspaper you get after beating Super Macho Man...
    KO News
    April 1, 1987
    New Champ!
    The WVBA World Circuit
    Last night, we found a small but great champ.  His name is Little Mac.  Puch 
    Start for the Dream Fight.  
    Daddy, Come Back Home!
    I lost my belt!  Macho
    I found a key: -- -- ---
    Thanks for reading this FAQ, the first version of which was completed in a day.  
    The NEW INFO sections were obviously added later.  Thanks to Al Riccitelli 
    (gatekeepertds@juno.com) for his input on the various strategies for each 
    fighter.  And if you have secret hints, be sure to send them to 
    chrisk2018@aol.com.  Thanks again!

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