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Easily the best NES game ever made 06/29/02 Aganar
I don't care if the princess is in another castle, I'm still gonna stomp on some Koopas! 11/26/07 Arkrex
One of Nintendo's many masterpieces, essential gaming for the video game enthusiast 02/13/13 berenlazarus
The absolute best Nes game ever and one of the best games of all time. 03/28/04 Braben
You just can't beat the classics! 11/01/04 Computerbug9
A definite challenger for the title of best game of all time 02/16/01 Dark33
In constant sorrow, all through his days... 01/03/05 discoinferno84
I want a pony, mommy! 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
(ahem..)mario, Mario, MArio, MARio, MARIo, MARIO! 05/14/00 EPoetker
Still the best Mario 2D platformer to this day. 11/21/11 GoombaBros
One of Mario's finest adventures 09/08/17 horror_spooky
One of the greatest games of all time 12/22/02 JThomson
The Greatest Game Ever!! 02/19/04 Kooper
Mario and Luigi are back in a whole new adventure! 08/08/06 LightAngelTora
Most important release in history, yadda yadda yadda . . . 06/16/03 matt91486
The best Mario game of all time. 08/28/08 neonreaper
Puts the "Entertainment" in Nintendo Entertainment System! 09/12/03 Numbuh 128bit
Far better than SMB1 \ Less innovative than SMB2 08/09/10 Ofisil
It took a while... but now I finally understand why this game gets the respect and praise that it receives. 08/01/05 plasmabeam
It is, has been, and will be! 12/02/09 PlasmawarriorX
The best game in the Mario series is also the best adventure game the NES has ever seen 07/16/01 Psycho Penguin
Probably the best platformer ever. 08/29/12 RageBot
The defining game of the NES 09/18/06 Shivan Reincarnated
Literally, the best game of all time. 02/27/00 Spektre
The NES Platformer of Champions 06/18/01 Stevers
Flat-out Amazing 07/03/08 tazzyboyishere
The pinnacle of NES platformers. 03/04/13 The Retro Goat
This game doesn't try to be perfect, yet somehow it almost is perfect 12/25/07 TheMadcapLaughs
No-one appreciates this anymore 01/03/05 ventron
The greatest NES game of all time 03/09/01 Vertabreaker
The Third Installment In The Super Mario Brothers Series Is The Single Best Platform Game Of All Time!!! 12/16/02 YSF
The two brothers masterpiece. 03/23/07 Zylo the wolf

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A decent, if uninspiring, sequel that just feels hollow after the perfection that was SMB2 04/07/00 Falsiloquos
This is the legendary game that started the video and computer gaming era. 03/04/00 Aristotle
The Best Platformer ever? Yeah, you could say that. 08/15/08 BenhTheMan
Possibly the best NES game 01/13/01 Blackjack4x
Some modern day developers need to take some serious notes from this game 10/29/10 Blue Blob
A tale of a chubby Italian who grows bigger when he eats mushrooms 04/22/10 Chainsodomy
Ah, sweet memories... 11/09/07 clarkisdark
The Best of the NES Mario Classics. 06/09/08 DarkBlumiere
The best NES platform game, hands down. 05/20/02 DarkDay
The second-best NES game. 07/12/08 DarkMark42
A stunning masterpiece.... 03/10/01 dgiglio84
The only reason I still play NES. 02/08/02 HatesTheInternet
11/10, what? I can't give 11? how about 100/10 then? 04/19/18 IceMage2000
Super Mario Bros 3, great game, but is it the best? 12/14/07 jimmybiceps
One of the greatest games of all time 12/04/07 KS987
This Gem Gets A Ten! 07/20/11 Lil_Bit83
The best NES game of all time!!! 06/27/11 LOZ_OOT
The Best Game In The 8-bit Era 03/02/09 Mariofan0
Without a doubt, one of the best NES games EVER made! 08/13/01 MI4 REAL
The best of the old Mario series 06/30/01 Mitora
You'll never play a better NES game!! 07/01/00 Overmind
The third and still every bit as intriguing as the first. 03/09/01 PhildotheGreat
A true sequel to Super Mario Bros. 06/11/09 quadruplesword
Not only one of the best NES game of all time, but it is one of my favorite. 11/11/09 redmario217
Mario's NES departure game is his best! 12/16/10 Retroreviewer Productions
Best Sidescrolling game ever. 10/01/00 shigman
A great game, for an unforgotten console 03/05/08 Stevewins123
The Best Game Ever! 08/25/08 supermarioandsonicfan1986
A game that has stood the test of time. Definantly worth 500 points. 02/21/08 TheBanzaiKitten
The best stage play you'll ever see. 09/16/15 WhatTheDeuce92
Super Mario Brothers 3 is better than the other ones, but still the score is lower. Strange huh? Well, it's not that legendary, that's the answer. 01/13/01 Yakuza
A Gaming Classic 06/30/08 zenGOSM

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