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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Snow Dragon

    Version: 4.5 | Updated: 01/09/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       FAQ/Walkthrough v4.5
       Written by Snow Dragon © 2001-2006.
       All rights reserved.
       round the wheel [at] gmail [dot] com
       = | =================
       = | =================
       1  Update History
       2  Intro
       3  Controls
       4  Items
       5  Bestiary
         5.1   Koopa Troopas
         5.2   Goombas
         5.3   Beetles
         5.4   Lakitu
         5.5   Piranha Plants
         5.6   Aquatic
         5.7   Hammer Brothers
         5.8   Fortress Family
         5.9   Artillery
         5.10  Miscellaneous
         5.11  The Koopa Family
       6  World Maps and Level Walkthroughs
         6.1  Grass Land
         6.2  Desert Land
         6.3  Water Land
         6.4  Giant Land
         6.5  Sky Land
         6.6  Ice Land
         6.7  Pipe Land
         6.8  Dark Land
       7  2-Player Battle
       8  Secrets and Extras
       9  Credits and Legal Stuff
       = | ==============
       1 | UPDATE HISTORY 
       = | ==============
    9-15-01:  John R. Jones has informed me of an easier way to beat level 3-7, 
              so I added that today. Much obliged, John!
                Upon further inspection of the walkthrough, I found that I 
              created an item summary section but never added it! How I didn't 
              catch this is totally beyond me, but since I don't have the 
              patience or the brainpower to type it up right now, I've gotten rid 
              of it. Maybe later.
                Stay tuned for further updates!
    10-14-01: Added item AND enemy summaries, which are once again the work of
              John R. Jones. I got the e-mail containing them nearly a month ago,
              but the document containing the walkthrough is on my cousin's comp
              and I just visited him today, so I made the update just now. Thanks
              again, John!
    11-17-01: This just in, R. Deland Smallwood IV has sent me some information
              on levels 3-4 and 5-7. Check it out!
    12-24-01: Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas Eve! R. Deland Smallwood sent me yet more
              stuff - this time some hints for levels in Ice Land. Thanks again,
              man! Sorry it took a month to get around to adding, though.
    3-17-02:  Some of my older walkthroughs aren't aging too well, so I'm  
              changing things on some of them to make them look fresh and like my  
              newer walkthroughs. Some formatting issues and other changes 
              throughout the document have been addressed. The Desert Land map 
              needed fixing due to an unintentional Tab on my part. Whoops!
                Also, Anton Berglin (Truncated on GameFAQs) sent me a tip for 
              World 8-1. Go there and dig it, forthwith!
    4-5-02:   Robert Glass sent me several tips just recently - all of them
              useful! He's a master of the game, and has caught myriad fallacies
              within the text. See what he's got to say about some of the most
              minor details of the game! Robert's tips can be found in Worlds
              1-5, 1-Fortress, 2-2, 4-1, and the boat level in Dark Land.
                Michael Malleson also sent me tips for Worlds 3-2 and 3-3 and
              battle strategies against Bowser at the end. Thanks a lot!
                Finally, I corrected misspellings in the item and enemy summaries
              written by John R. Jones.
    1-xx-06:  So what made me decide to update this guide out of the middle of
              nowhere?? Because it's old and not up to snuff with the current
              crop, that's why. When this guide came out, it was the best for its
              game, bar none. But the bar for solid, exhaustive information has
              been raised many times over in the years since this was written, and
              now it's time to put this guide (and maybe a couple others) up to
              that standard of excellence.
                As you've no doubt noticed, this is far from the guide it once was.
              The format has been completely made over to resemble that of my
              current style. All level walkthroughs have been completely rewritten,
              but all reader-mailed tips have been kept intact. Two sections are
              even completely new. Overall you should find that the writing dis-
              plays a level of clarity that I had not yet achieved while also
              maintaining the brevity that I always strive for.
                What you're getting is an optimized experience, the best I can
              offer in the admittedly limited medium of text-only FAQ writing. It
              is now more easily readable, things are spaced out a lot better, and
              the writing has been truncated where possible without sacrificing
              the message. In a time when I am starved for new games to cover and
              new challenges to face, perhaps it would be best to go back and
              improve what I have already done, and hope to find inspiration anew
              in the dusty old smell of projects long since completed. Look for
              other complete overhauls of other existing guides in the wake of this
       = | =====
       2 | INTRO
       = | =====
    Welcome to my overhauled FAQ/walkthrough for the best-selling NES game of all
    time: Super Mario Bros 3. Previously, this section contained a couple of notes
    that were relevant to the walkthrough. They have been kept intact, but they
    have been moved to the beginning of the walkthrough section. That's probably a
    better place for them than the introduction to the FAQ.
    Everything about this guide that has been changed has already been explained in
    the update history, so there's no need to retread it here. If you have any
    questions, suggestions, requests, or complaints regarding this guide, please
    e-mail me at [round the wheel at g mail dot com]. Use the appropriate symbols
    instead, this is just a no-spamming tactic. It's all one word.
    Right now I'm undergoing the arduous task of taking a machete to the jungle
    that is my Hotmail inbox - there is mail in there dating back to mid-2003 and
    I'm trying to get the whole thing cleaned out so I can manage all my mail
    through Gmail - personal, GameFAQs-related, etc. So if you have a message for
    me, send it to my Gmail account, not Hotmail.
    That should be all, so let's get the ball rolling on this FAQ.
       = | ========
       3 | CONTROLS
       = | ========
    Left/Right: Walk left and right.
                Move left and right on the world map and in the N-spade game.
                Cycle through items on a single page of your inventory.
    Up/Down: Move up and down on the world map and in the N-spade game.
             Force increase or decrease in altitude while swimming.
             Cycle through the four pages of your inventory.
             Climb up and down beanstalks.
             Hold Up when jumping on an enemy or note block to get a boost in your
             Hold Down to duck.
             When in the Tanooki Suit, press Down + B to turn into a statue that
                renders you invincible for a short time.
    Select: Cycle between 1- and 2-player modes on the title screen.
    Start: Begin the game.
           Pause the game.
           Return to the title screen at the end of the game.
    B Button: Hold B while walking to run, or to swim faster.
              Throw fireballs, hammers, or other projectiles.
              Bring up inventory screen while on the world map. Press B to exit as
              Pick up turtle shells and white bricks, among other things.
              Swing your tail if you are Raccoon Mario.
    A Button: Jump.
              If your Power Meter is fully charged and you have a tail, tap A
                 repeatedly to fly.
              If you have a tail, you can float down slowly on the way down from a
                 jump by tapping A repeatedly.
              Enter a stage on the world map. (You will enter some levels, such as
                 Hammer Brother stages, automatically.)
              Use an item from your inventory.
              Turn over a card in the N-spade game.
              Stop the movement of each row in the 1-up roulette game (the spade
                 icon on the map).
       = | =====
       4 | ITEMS
       = | =====
    **This section and the bestiary were originally written by John R. Jones. Most
      entries in these sections have been modified to explain the same point in
      fewer words or to give the descriptions that were in place more clarity.
    Super Mushroom
    Found in "?" blocks as small Mario. The increased size allows you to break
    bricks from underneath with your head.
    Super Leaf
    When he is Super Mario, Mario can get the leaf to become Raccoon Mario. The
    tail can be swung to knock out most small foes, and with a running start, you
    can even use it to fly through the air for a short time. You can also slow your
    fall with the raccoon tail by repeatedly tapping A to glide.
    Fire Flower
    Nintendo Power's strategy guide to this game said, "There's nothing like good 
    old firepower." That couldn't be more true. Press the B button to send out a
    Collect 100 coins to nab yourself a 1-up. These are also a part of the equation
    for treasure ships (explained further in section 7 - "Secrets and Extras").
    Comes in sets of 10 and 20 in the N-Spade game. 
    Gives Mario the power of temporary invincibility. Being crushed or falling into
    holes or lava will still mean instant death, though.
    Goal Card
    At the end of most stages is a slot which alternates quickly between displaying
    a mushroom, a flower, and a star. You touch this box to end the level, and
    whatever picture is in the box at the time you touch it is the goal card you
    will receive. When you get three goal cards, you'll get a set amount of 1-ups
    based on what the goal cards are. Any three random cards will give you a single
    1-up; three mushrooms nets you two; three flowers gives you three; and if you
    get three stars, you'll get five extra lives.
    Frog Suit
    Not only does Mario LOOK like a frog in the Frog Suit, he exhibits the leaping
    and swimming characteristics of one as well. Because of the awkward land
    control, this one's best saved for underwater levels.
    Tanooki Suit
    Think Super Leaf, only now the only non-raccoon part of Mario is his face. 
    Press and hold Down, then press B to transform into an invincible crushing 
    Statue. Just don't do it over pits and lava (obviously). The statue's form can
    crush some otherwise unbeatable enemies. If you're not a rock at the time, you
    can fly in this suit. 
    Hammer Brother Suit
    A rare but useful find, this suit gives Mario the power to throw hammers. The 
    hammers can clobber almost every enemy, and if you duck, the shell offers 
    protection against all but the strongest of flames. The only drawback is you 
    throw hammers the same way as the Hammer Brothers do, making aiming a bit of 
    a chore. 
    1-up Mushroom
    This rare green 'shroom gives Mario an extra life, allowing him another chance
    to play a level if he dies somewhere. The word "rare" refers to them as often
    being hidden, sometimes in out-of-the-way places. 
    This item enables Mario to fly at will for an entire stage, or at least until
    he loses his tail (e.g. if he gets hit or grabs a Fire Flower). If you grab a
    leaf or Tanooki Suit in the stage, you'll still have the "P" power for flight. 
    Only found in the secret white mushroom houses on Worlds 2, 4, and 6. This
    item, when activated, prevents the Koopa Kids' airships from escaping. If you
    have a lot of trouble on the airships, it can come in handy, especially as they
    like to park behind incomplete levels.
    Music Box
    The soothing melody of this tune box puts any Hammer Brothers and Piranha 
    Plants on the overworld map screens to sleep. There are very few practical uses
    for this item, so if it goes unused, it merely wastes inventory space that can
    be used to store other better items.
    Jugem's Cloud
    One of the most useful items in the game, it's also pretty tough to come by.
    This allows you to pass by any level of your choosing, though if you die in
    the next one, you'll be sent back to the last level you played and completed.
    You'll be opening up new paths for Mario when you use this to break boulders
    on the map screens. Use it to access otherwise unreachable Toad houses, or to
    create a shortcut around a particularly tough level (e.g. World 6-7).
    Warp Whistle
    This mystic whistle summons a tornado that sweeps you to World 9, the Warp
    Zone. If you warp from world 1, you can access Worlds 2 through 4. Use it in
    worlds 2 through 6 to reach worlds 5, 6, and 7. Use it in worlds 7 through 9 to
    reach world 8. There are three of these in existence, but you only need two to
    reach King Koopa's world.
    Kuribo's Shoe
    Only available in World 5-3, hit a Goomba that's donning one from underneath to
    obtain his green shoe. You can walk across almost all surfaces with this item,
    but if you get hit, it's gone. Stomping on most enemies once is enough to take
    them out, including Spinys and Piranha Plants. Unfortunately, it goes away when
    you complete the level. If only there was a way to keep it forever =(
       = | ========
       5 | BESTIARY
       = | ========
       --- | -------------
       5.1 | Koopa Troopas 
       --- | -------------
    Red Troopa
    A regular walking turtle that often occupies a ledge, pacing back and forth. 
    Stomp one to send him into his shell for a while.
    Green Troopa
    Basically, it's a palette swap of the red one. The green Troopas only go in a
    straight line, only turning if something blocks their path.
    Red Paratroopa
    These critters float rather slowly in the vertical plane. Just run under when 
    you have an opening, or stomp them when the time is right.
    Green Paratroopa
    The wings of this creature allow it to fly endlessly, though they often prefer
    to use them to bounce towards you. On some occasions, they may be seen flying
    back and forth horizontally. It takes two stomps to send them into their shells
    or just one fireball to send them off for good.
    Red Giant Koopa Troopa
    This thing's about four times Mario's size, and seems to be quite intimidating
    ... until you realize they're the same as a regular Troopa.
    Green Gargantuan Koopa Troopa
    Apparently, Bowser doesn't know that bigger heads don't mean bigger brains. 
    This monster's no tougher, faster, or smarter than any ordinary Troopa.
    Colossal Koopa Paratroopa
    Lucky for you, they can't do much flying at this massive size. They only
    bounce, so get the jump on them to clip their wings.
    Dry Bones
    The fortress version of a Koopa Troopa, they only crumble after being stomped,
    and that's only temporary. Unless you're invincible or have hammer power, you
    will only be able to crumble them down, but you won't defeat them.
       --- | -------
       5.2 | Goombas
       --- | -------
    Back from the old days of SMB, they're just the same as before. It's their new
    relatives that might be a problem. Just use a stomp or anything else up your
    sleeve to beat them.
    A darker shade of brown and a pair of wings heavier, this Goomba will flap 
    about at times, but won't really take off. It takes two stomps to beat them.
    Para-Goomba with Micro-Goombas
    These rascals will take to the air, letting their kid brothers slow you down so
    they can do the damage. Watch the skies!
    Mugger Micro-Goomba
    The miniscule, pesky Goombas released from above, they will cling to you,
    greatly hampering your jumping and running abilities. Tap A and B rapidly to 
    shake them.
    Pile Driver Micro-Goomba
    Unlike the Muggers, these fellows hide out in bricks, waiting for you to come 
    close, then they strike with surprisingly high leaps. Hit the block they may 
    land on to beat them, as stomping's risky, and fire is useless ... or you 
    could try out your tail...
    Grand Goombas
    The only thing being huge did for these menaces is to make them four times as 
    ugly as regular Goombas, but not a stitch tougher.
    Kuribo's Goomba
    Hops around in a green shoe. Hit him from below to claim it as yours. Found
    only in World 5-3.
       --- | -------
       5.3 | Beetles
       --- | -------
    Buzzy Beetle
    Back in SMB, their fireproof shells made them quite tough to defeat. This time
    time around, they're also able to walk on ceilings. Of course, what goes up
    must come down, so watch your head. If you've got a tail to spin, do so.
    Even worse than Buzzy, these red-shelled aviators must be used to cross wide 
    gaps at times. Fortunately, they only pop up on World 5-6. If you dare to try,
    swing your tail at their face to beat them.
    Buster Beetle
    A few things set this guy apart from the Buzzy Beetle. They appear where it's 
    cold, they're quick, and they're not fireproof. They like to hurl white bricks,
    at Mario, which he can also pick up. Although this can be helpful at times,
    it's usually dangerous.
       --- | ------
       5.4 | Lakitu
       --- | ------
    Another one from SMB to return, the master of the skies does fly-bys, bombing 
    you with Spiny Eggs.
    Spiny Eggs
    In a few cases, you'll see green versions of the regular Spiny, which won't
    uncurl and will roll around on the ground until they move offscreen or fall
    into a pit.
    A familiar sight to veteran Mario gamers. They can travel along the ceiling as
    well. Fear not - that's a rare case, and you've got your tail at hand to stun
    and flip them, at which point you can pick up, carry, and kick them just as you
    would a Koopa-Troopa shell.
       --- | --------------
       5.5 | Piranha Plants
       --- | --------------
    Piranha Plant
    These come red and green varieties, but there are no differences in the way
    they act. They've got sharp teeth, so stomping is out of the question without
    some seriously tough feet. Hang out next to or on top of their pipes to keep
    them inside.
    Venus Fire Trap
    Despite their smooth heads, they aren't fazed by ordinary stomps. Their
    strategy is to breathe fireballs at passersby, and they can even aim to a small
    Hanging Piranha Plant
    These like to come out of upside-down or sideways pipes and munch on whatever 
    gets close. They won't stay in hiding if you get close to the pipe, so time 
    your moves carefully.
    Piranhacus Giganticus
    For once, Bowser made sure size does matter. Unless you stand directly on the 
    pipe it uses, this plant will continue to pop in and out of them, making the 
    timing tougher for the unarmed. These, as well as the previous three, have a 
    red and a green variety. 
    A walking species of Piranha Plant, it has a strategy of blow-juggling a black
    spiked ball with its mouth. Wait for an opening to jump past, or use whatever
    weapon power you've got to beat them. Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to
    statue stomping.
    Nipper Plant
    The small guys of the family, but by far the fiercest. They wait on land for 
    Mario to get close, and when he tries to jump over them, they strike. Statue 
    stomps have no effect, but your tail does.
    These black flowers stay to one spot, contentedly munching the air. They can be
    defeated by a tail, shell, or white brick, but they often cluster in spots that
    make this impossible. If there's a P-switch around, they will turn into coins
    when you hit it.
    Lava Lotus
    Classified officially by Nintendo as part of the Piranha Plant group, these
    deep-sea bloomers will blow out anywhere from one to five balls of lava at
    regular intervals. Watch their movements to know when they'll blow, and swim
    past. Fire won't affect them, but hammers will. If you want to risk it, the
    statue stomp will work, but the positioning is critical, making it better to
    just leave them alone.
       --- | -------
       5.6 | Aquatic
       --- | -------
    The SMB squid patrol is back, though not as ugly as before. They move in the
    same way as they originally did, right down to it being safe to walk right
    under them. Flame them or avoid them.
    Blooper Nanny
    A parental Blooper, it always has its kids trailing behind it, and can some-
    times scatter them for a widespread attack.
    A high-voltage jellyfish, they often sit in tricky patterns, making swimming a
    chore for those without a Frog Suit. Nothing can defeat them, not even hammers.
    Just as in the first SMB, there is a green variety as well as the faster red
    ones. The green pace about underwater, while the red prefer to jump out and get
    some air. You can stomp the red ones, but fireballs are safer for both of them.
    There is also a black variety in Pipe Land that swims even faster than the
    previous two.
    Boss Bass
    A huge, relentless fish, it is the only enemy capable of swallowing Mario, and
    to that end, the only one that can take a fully-powered Mario out of commis-
    sion. It's best to stay out of his water, but the tidal terrain makes that
    impossible at times, so you'll want to beat him if you have the equipment. Just
    don't try stomping him.
    Big Bertha
    She looks a lot like Boss Bass, but she won't eat you. Bertha prefers to swim
    about in tricky spots, sending her babies after you, then swallowing them back
    Baby Cheep
    Big Bertha sends it after you, and then she takes it back. Don't touch it, just
    beat it, unless you've got the firepower to deal with it. 
       --- | ---------------
       5.7 | Hammer Brothers 
       --- | ---------------
    Hammer Brothers
    The twin turtles from SMB are back for more. Stomps are a risky venture since
    they toss their hammers in an arc above their heads, but you can hit them from
    below as well as with your tail or fireballs.
    Boomerang Brothers
    These guys can toss two boomerangs at a time. The wide range of the boomerangs
    makes a close-range altercation a bad idea, but you can get them easily when
    they pause after the second toss returns
    Fire Brothers
    They're able to spit fire in much the same way Mario throws his fireballs. Use
    your own firepower to give them a taste of their own medicine.
    Sledge Brothers
    Their massive girth causes tremors when they land from a jump, and the tremors
    will temporarily stun you. Jump to avoid this, then stomp them. Since they're
    more mass than muscle, they can't throw very fast.
       --- | ---------------
       5.8 | Fortress Family
       --- | ---------------
    The guardian of all fortresses in the game. After the first stomp, he shows his
    true jumping power, and after the second, he gets steamed and moves a lot
    faster. Fortunately, stomp number three is the end for him. Sometimes, he is
    known to sprout wings and fly. Five fireballs or one hammer are better and
    safer methods of doing him in.
    Rotating around red hubs in the fortresses, they intend to block Mario's path
    To break them, aim a statue stomp at the flashing disc. Sometimes, they come in
    pairs, but it only takes one statue stomp to beat them both. 
    Thwomp Trap
    Big bad granite guardians, they wait silently for Mario's approach, then come
    down hard if he gets too close. Hammers will send them packing.
    Back from Koopa's old castles, this flaming fiend is born of pure magma and
    evil magic. So naturally, a statue or the magic of Starman is required to
    stop them - that, or hammers. Otherwise, jump across lava pits with care.
    "Boo" Diddly
    These ghosts may look shy and innocent, and in fact, they are as long as you
    look them in the face. Turn your back, however, and they'll start pursuing you.
    Hammers will take them down. Their name is a pun on the name of the classic
    blues musician Bo Diddley.
    Two Boo heads occupy one strange long white block. You can use the blocks for
    standing purposes, but watch out for the heads. Have a Hammer Brother Suit on
    hand to deal with the ghosts.
    Hot Foot
    Much like Boo Diddly, these flames stand still when you face them but will
    chase you if you turn your back to them. A hammer will put these small flames
       --- | ---------
       5.9 | Artillery
       --- | ---------
    These cannonballs are fired from cannons on airships and tanks. You can only
    beat them by stomping on them. Everything else goes right through them. Oddly
    enough, the giant cannonballs from Bowser's fleet can be beaten with anything
    but fireballs.
    Bullet Bill
    The Turtle Cannons are back from the first game, and so is their living bullet.
    He's a bit faster than in SMB, and with his tricky positioning, that serves to
    make the airspace hazardous. Stand at point-blank range to keep him inside the
    cannons. The cannon itself is harmless.
    Missile Bill
    Deadlier than the Bullet Bill, these flashing foes will actually turn around
    after one pass to pursue Mario. If you don't stomp it or get away from their
    Turtle Cannons immediately, they'll keep chasing you until the timer runs out.
    Rocky Wrench
    Though not a living weapon, they appear on airships and military vehicles.
    Their strategy is to throw wrenches at intruders, and they often appear in
    groups of three. Brown ones go down after one hit, but the yellow ones will
    keep coming back no matter how many times you pounce on them.
    Rocket Engines
    These flames propel the airships, but also serve as an excellent defensive
    measure. If you want to beat them, use the statue stomp, but only if the flame
    points up or to the right. 
    Originally from SMB2, this little guy's got quite the temper. They'll explode
    after being stomped, unless you use the statue. In World 8, you'll see shades
    of SMB2, as those Bob-Ombs will explode after a set time whether you stomp them
    or not.
       ---- | -------------
       5.10 | Miscellaneous 
       ---- | -------------
    A small green turtle, it attacks by throwing spiked balls at Mario. It often
    throws them in pairs, so think before you stomp.
    A living chain of fireballs, it can jump through obstacles and walls at will. A
    whip from your tail will defeat them, but if you backtrack to where they were,
    they will re-appear.
    Chain Chomp
    A black ball chained to a wooden bolck, it's got a nasty temper and a bite to
    match. Since it's immune to all but the strongest attacks (hammers, statue
    stomps, and invincibility), you're better off avoiding them rather than picking
    a fight.
    Fire Chomp
    A Chain Chomp with fireballs for the chain, they fly and attack from the air at
    the worst possible times. They're weak to all forms of attack, but if you re-
    visit the area they came from, they'll be back. If they use up their whole fire
    chain, they self-destruct as a last desperate measure.
    The Angry Sun
    Appearing once in Desert Land and again in Dark Land, the sun will weave about
    the sky and swoop down in an attempt to attack you. It can be taken out with a
    turtle shell.
       ---- | ----------------
       5.11 | The Koopa Family
       ---- | ----------------
    Larry Koopa
    Larry Koopa is the first Koopa Kid you face, and has taken over the castle of
    Grass Land. He doesn't have any special abilities, but will jump very high
    after taking two hits. As with all Koopa Kids, it only takes three hits to make
    him bite the dust.
    Interesting tidbit: all of the Koopa Kids are named after popular musicians (or
    at least, musicians that were popular at the time). Incidentally, it is unclear
    as to exactly who it is that Larry is named after. Lawrence Welk - host of his
    own PBS show and a renowned accordion player - has been named as a possible
    candidate, but this is merely speculative and is not confirmed.
    Morton Koopa, Jr.
    The boss of Desert Land. Morton Koopa, Jr. has a white face and a star over his
    left eye, which is a reverse take on KISS member Paul Stanley, but he is named
    after pop/country singer Morton Downey, Jr.
    Wendy O. Koopa
    Wendy O. is the only female out of the seven Koopa kids. Unlike the others, the
    rings she shoots from her wand are perfectly circular and bounce around the
    room for the entire duration of Mario's encounter with her. She is named after
    Wendy O. Williams, the singer for the controversial punk band The Plasmatics.
    Iggy Koopa
    The bespectacled boss of Giant Land, he also has a modest shock of blond hair
    on his head, which is vastly different from the artwork in the manual, which
    depicts him with a tall rainbow mohawk and crazy big eyes. He is named after
    Iggy Pop, leader of The Stooges, an influential figure in the evolution of punk
    rock, and a moderately successful solo artist.
    Roy Koopa
    Roy wears horn-rimmed sunglasses similar to the musician he is named after, Roy
    Orbison, who at the time of SMB3's release was a member of the supergroup The
    Traveling Wilburys (he died while a member of that band). Roy is a heavyset
    fellow, and while the height of his jumps can easily be called pathetic, he can
    shake the ground with his girth in the same manner as a Sledge Brother.
    Lemmy Koopa
    Lemmy is borderline insane, to be blunt. He rides around on a green ball with a
    yellow star, and shoots the same ball from his wand. Because of his attachment
    to the ball, he does not jump at all. Lemmy is named for Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister
    of the band Motörhead. (Stands to reason that Bowser would like the hard rock,
    doesn't it?)
    Ludwig von Koopa
    The last of the Koopa kids you face; boss of Pipe Land. Like his brother Roy
    before him, Ludwig shakes the ground with his short but powerful jumps. Clearly
    he is named for classical musician Ludwig von Beethoven, and even shares his
    crazy hairstyle.
    Bowser Koopa
    The father of the seven Koopa Kids (which begs the question - who's the mom?).
    Now that his kids are old enough, he doesn't have to face Mario at the end of
    each world - only at the end of Dark Land in his castle. Bowser is quite a
    force to be reckoned with, but he can be taken down with 25 fireballs or five
    hammers. If you don't have either of those handy, then you can find a solution
    somewhere on the ground....
       = | =================================
       = | =================================
    Before we jump into the walkthrough proper, a couple of important notes to
    ** This walkthrough is of course based on the original NES version of the game.
       There are slight differences between this and the version in Super Mario
       All-Stars; this guide will adhere to things that only appear in the NES
    ** World walkthroughs will go map first, followed by the level solutions. If 
       there is a fork in the path and you can go to one of two levels, it 
       shouldn't matter - they are all listed in numerical order.
    ** Depending on any items you have, you may find an easier way to beat a 
       level than what is listed here. This holds especially true if you are an  
       avid user of items like P-Wings and Jugem's Clouds. I will be giving each 
       level solution with the bare essentials of what you need to beat it - 
       which means none of the fancy P-Wing or Hammer Brother Suit stuff.
    ** Whatever a symbol means on a map, I'll only put what it means on the first 
       place you encounter it. That means I'm not going to tell you what the 
       symbol for a fortress is over and over and over and over... (Actually, in 
       some worlds there are multiple fortresses, so I mark them on the map like 
       F1, F2, etc.)
         If you don't understand that, it means that if you can't figure out what 
       a symbol means, go to the first world in the game where you see one of 
       those objects and LOOK IT UP IN THE LEGEND. It only takes as much effort 
       as you are willing to shell out to hold a mouse button down and scroll.
    Okay! Let's get rollin'!
       --- | ----------
       6.1 | Grass Land
       --- | ----------
    # (1-10)= Level Number (if applicable)
    MH = Mushroom House
    SH = Spade House (bonus level)
    F = Fortress
    L = Lock (what breaks when you beat the fortress)
    B = Bridge
    H = Hammer Brother
    C = Castle
    X = Starting Point
    o = one of those little knots on the map that you can stop on
                   |       |       |
                   |       |       |
              --X--o       o--4---MH
                   L       |
                   |       |
                   o  MH---oB-H----C
                   |       |
                   |       |
    1-1: Get the mushroom at the beginning, then bop the Koopa Troopa and kick the
         turtle shell into the "?" block on the ground to make a leaf come out.
         Clear a path on the long straight stretch ahead, run to charge your "P"
         meter, and fly up into the clouds, where you'll see a brick containing a
         Get another running start on the long row of clouds and fly right until
         you see the top of a really tall pipe. Land on it, go in, and get all the
         coins in the "3" formation. When you come out, you can go to the right and
         exit the level, or go left to find a P-switch for a couple more coins.
         NOTE: This is an easy level to try the Hammer Brother treasure ship trick
               out on. See section 7 "Secrets and Extras" for the formula.
    1-2: Here we see some horizontal pipes from which Goombas emerge. If you have a
         leaf, you can execute a trick to earn 1-ups here. Wait for two or three
         Goombas to come out of a pipe, then jump on one and get maximum air by
         holding A. At the peak of your jump, start tapping A to glide down slowly,
         then land on the next Goomba. If executed properly, Goombas should keep
         coming out of the pipe and you will be able to pounce them without ever
         touching the ground. After accruing an ever-increasing amount of points,
         you'll eventually start scoring 1-ups. Woohoo!
         Once you're done fiddling with that, go over the pipe and down the hill to
         two bricks. One of them contains a P-switch. Use the coins that turn into
         bricks to get to the pipe and go in the pipe to get a block of coins. If
         you stand on the right side of the pipe and jump before going down into
         it, you will reveal a hidden 1-up.
         Aside from that, there's a mushroom/leaf and a Starman hidden in some note
         blocks, and then the level's over.
    1-3: Go forward to the mess of blocks that the red Koopa Troopa is walking on.
         Stomp him and kick his shell to the left so that he breaks a huge portion
         of the bricks. Hidden among the mess is a pink note block. Jump on it and
         you'll be lifted to Coin Heaven, a scrolling cloudy paradise filled with
         nothing but coins. If you have a leaf, you can even fly higher and find a
         ring of coins surrounding a brick that has a 1-up in it.
         When you leave Coin Heaven, you'll be dropped off near the exit. Now you
         have two options: 1) head to the right and leave, or 2) get a super-secret
         special item. If you want the special item, go left until you see a white
         box. Stand on top of it and hold Down until you fall through it. You'll be
         walking through the background now rather than the foreground. Run to the
         right behind the black wall at the end of the stage. You will end up in a
         secret mushroom house where you will earn a Warp Whistle. Awesome!
    1-4: This is the first of a series of levels where, if you obtain a set amount
         of coins, a white Mushroom House will appear on the map. In this level,
         you have to get all 44 coins situated throughout the stage.
         After the groups of three coins each at the beginning, you will come to
         some L-shaped brick layouts. At the small one that is made up of only
         three bricks, press to the right of the screen and jump repeatedly at the
         first brick to scroll onto the screen. It is a multiple coin block; hit it
         as fast as you can to extract all the coins possible from it. Let the
         wooden ledge fall at the column of eight coins so that you get them all,
         then quickly jump into the middle and break bricks above you until you
         happen upon the multiple coin block. After that, there are only three more
         coins left in the stage. Proceed as normal to the end.
         If you did everything correctly, a white Toad's House will appear when you
         return to the map. Go inside to get a P-Wing.
         There is one white Toad's House in each of the first seven worlds. In odd-
         numbered worlds, you will get a P-Wing, and in the even-numbered worlds,
         you will get an Anchor.
    1-F: Once you reach the question block near the Dry Bones that contains a leaf,
         you can take one of two paths. If you go through the door to the right,
         you will come to a room where the spikes descend slowly from the ceiling.
         Hide in the necessary alcoves and wait for the door for the next room to
         come up. You will fight Boom-Boom in the next room; stomp on his head
         three times to kill him.
         The other way out is to get the leaf, then stomp on Dry Bones to make him
         crumble and give yourself some running room. Run until you have built up a
         charge, then fly up to the wall directly above the leaf block and pull to
         the right. You should land on the ceiling above the stage; go to the right
         and press Up when you can't go any farther to enter an unseen door. In the
         new room, you'll receive another Warp Whistle and the stage will end
         without you having to fight Boom-Boom.
         If you go the whistle way, the lock on the map will not break open. But,
         seeing as it's not blocking anything important, it doesn't really matter.
    1-5: Slide down the hill at the beginning to get rid of the Buzzy Beetles in a
         hurry, then go right and take the upper of the two paths. Jump against the
         left wall of the hole that opens up to the surface to reveal a pink note
         block; you should be able to tell where it is by the square of discolored
         background. Play the Coin Heaven bonus stage, then when you exit, proceed
         right to the end of the level.
    1-6: Shortly after the row of four bricks where the second one from the right
         contains a 1-up, you will come to an area with a wooden lift that moves
         when you drop down onto it. Ride that lift to the end of the level if you
         don't have a leaf; if you do have one, you can skip the lift by getting a
         running start from as far left as possible, then jumping and flying at the
         far right edge. The screen will move up to reveal rows of three coins.
         When you run out of flying power, float, but keep holding right. You
         should be able to make it to safe ground, and from there to the end.
    1-C: Upon entering the level, you'll see that the king has been turned into an
         apparently flea-ridden dog, and it's your job to transform him back by
         getting his wand from one of Bowser's kids. Every world culminates with
         one of these airship stages, but this one is the easiest - it's just a
         matter of avoiding the cannonballs and Bullet Bills. Enter the pipe at the
         end to face Larry Koopa.
         All the Koopa kids require three stomps on the head or ten fireballs to
         defeat. Larry has no special attributes that you have to watch out for, so
         either bop him or send a barrage of fireballs his way. Also, watch out
         when you stomp a Koopa kid's head; they'll retreat to their shell
         momentarily and sail through the air before coming out (and in this state,
         some of them can even shake the ground, so watch out).
         When you defeat Larry, grab the wand. The king is changed back and the
         inhabitants of Grass Land are happy once more. The Princess will send you
         a letter with a P-Wing attached before you head off to the Desert Land.
       --- | -----------
       6.2 | Desert Land
       --- | -----------
    A = Angry Sun stage
    P# = P stands for pipe, and there are two of each number to indicate which ones
         correspond with each other.
    PY = Pyramid
    R = Rock (only noted if located along a route)
                SH----o----2    o----o  MH----o--4----oR--o--MH
                      |    |    |    |        |       |       |
                      |    |    |    |        |       |       |
                  o---o    o    o    3---H----A       H       H
                  |        |    |    |        |       |       |
                  |        |    |    |        |       |       |
                  |        F----o----o--P1    o  C    o       o----o
                  |                  |        |  |    |            |
                  |                  |        |  |    |            |
                  o  MH---P1         oR--o    5  o---PY            o
                  |        L             |    |       |
                  |        |             |    |       |
          ----X---o----o---o            SH----o--o----o
    2-1: Get the mushroom/leaf at the beginning and watch out for the Micro-Goombas
         hiding inside some of the bricks that will jump at you. Just ahead is a
         Starman; get it and advance to the purple metal pipes. Go to the far right
         edge and drop down the side, then break the brick to the left and go
         inside the purple pipes to find a 1-up in a brick. Break the brick and get
         back on top, then run from the right side to the left and fly to find a
         pipe surrounded by bricks.
         Inside is a P-switch that will reveal a few silver coins. The exit will
         drop you off near the end of the stage. Go in the pipe closest to the
         black background and hit the P-switch, then leave to find a few coins
         between the pipes. If you're the patient sort, you can repeat this process
         indefinitely for a 1-up or two, but don't hang around too long.
    2-2: Here you have another opportunity to reveal a white Mushroom House, if
         you're interested in that sort of thing. This one will give you an Anchor,
         which when used will keep the airship from moving all over the map if you
         lose lives and it moves away from the castle.
         Get the mushroom/leaf from the bouncy wooden block, then board the ledge
         that moves over the water. After jumping over the Paratroopa, duck if you
         are big and hit the two question blocks, but DON'T hit the P-switch that
         comes out of the one on the right yet. Go forward and get all the coins
         that are currently out, then swim back to the ledge and ride it again, and
         this time, hit the P-switch. Ride and get the coins in the columns just by
         standing until you come to the Paratroopa after them. When you first see
         him, he will be flying away from you. Run and jump and bounce off his
         shell, then position yourself as you're falling so that you get the last
         four coins in a column in one fluid motion.
         If executed properly, the white Mushroom House will appear when you exit
         the stage.
    2-F: If you have a leaf when you enter this stage, you can pull a trick to get
         a bunch of 1-ups in a hurry. Go forward and wait for all three Dry Bones
         to appear on the screen at once. Bounce on one and get the highest jump
         you can out of it, then float down onto the next one. As you jump on the
         third one, the first one should be coming back to life. Repeat the process
         until you're satisfied with your life count, then move on.
         Go forward and then up through the pipe and run as fast as you can to
         escape from the four Thwomps. In the next room, the spikes move up and
         down. Take the low route for the first two groups of spikes, then jump
         across the wooden blocks on the next one, and when the door rises from the
         ground, enter it to face Boom-Boom once more. Three easy stomps will do
         him in, but don't let him jump.
    2-3: Get the Starman at the top of the second orange pyramid and then head
         right to the two large piles of bricks. Watch out for the Micro-Goomba
         bricks as you head to the pile on the right. Stand on the left brick just
         below the top one of that pile and jump; you should hit an invisible note
         block. Jump right while on it to find another one and some hidden high-up
         coins. Jump left while on it to find a series of hidden coin blocks which
         end across from a couple of rows of bricks. In the brick on the left on
         the top row of two is a P-switch. Hit it and drop down to get a boatload
         of coins as well as a hidden 1-up (you should be able to spot it by the
         fact that you can't get that coin, so hit it from underneath as you would
         any brick). Use the Koopa-Troopas over to the right to clear out the
         bricks that block the pipe to the exit.
    2-A: To get past the whirlwind in the middle of the level that takes you back a
         few feet, run before coming to it, and then when you get caught in it,
         jump to break free of its pull. When the Angry Sun starts trying to kill
         you, find a Koopa-Troopa and bounce on it, then carry the shell until the
         sun swoops down. At that point, kick the shell at the sun to kill it, then
         run to the end of the level.
    2-4: With a leaf, fly up against the left wall at the beginning of the stage.
         Break all the bricks as you fly and you'll end up above the stage at a
         coin oasis of sorts. Jump in the water with the two rows of bricks sitting
         just above it and hit the third from the left in the row on the right to
         reveal a P-switch. There is another one in the mess of floating bricks to
         the far right toward the end of the oasis. The descending note blocks will
         lead you to the end of the stage, and there is a leaf in the last one.
    2-5: Move to the right past the Chain Chomps until you come to the several
         orange background blocks with the riveted corners. There are many red
         turtles here; take one of their shells past the blocks to the narrow
         tunnels where at the bottom you find a pile of five bricks. Kick the shell
         down there to reveal one that sends a beanstalk growing to the sky. Climb
         it and hop the rows of clouds until you find a pipe to go in. Inside this
         bonus room is a purple P-switch, found in the middle block on the bottom
         row. There is also a leaf on the far right block along the same row. When
         you leave this room, there is a leaf in the question block to the far
         right. Get it, and from here you can hold right and float to the end of
         the stage.
    2-PY: Enter the pyramid and get the leaf out of the question block you find.
          There are three ledges you can jump to; hit the middle one and break
          through the bricks with your tail, or with a Buzzy Beetle shell if you're
          improperly equipped. From the pipe with the piranha plant, go up-left and
          then up-right through another wall of bricks. Jump where you see the
          discolored dots to reveal an invisible coin block that will allow you up
          to the pipe, which takes you to a room where you can hit a P-switch for
          coins and find a 1-up located out of sight above the stage.
          When you leave that room, proceed up the slope to your immediate right
          and watch out for the Buzzy Beetles crawling along the ceiling. When you
          walk in close proximity to them, they drop off the ceiling and roll at
          you. Either stomp one and use it to break the brick wall ahead or hurdle
          them as they come at you and head for the pipe that takes you to the end
          of this stage.
    Before proceeding to the castle, if you have the Hammer you got from one of the
    Boomerang Brothers in this world, you can use it on the rock in the upper right
    corner of the map (across from stage 2-4). This will open up a secret area with
    a Toad's House that gives you a Frog Suit and a Hammer Brother stage, where you
    will fight a Fire Brother duo for the third and final Warp Whistle. Of course,
    all of this is optional; if you feel like skipping it, just proceed to the
    castle after beating the pyramid level.
    2-C: This airship moves around a bit more than the previous one, and there's a
         greater danger of getting crushed, especially in the area with the large
         crates. Just before said crates, you can find a flower in a question block
         that may be useful against the Rocky Wrenches toward the end, who, true to
         their name, lob wrenches at you. These that you encounter are of the
         yellow variety, which come back even after you kill them (as opposed to
         the brown ones that go down in one hit).
         The terrain in Morton Jr's lair is slightly more elevated, but his attack
         style is no different from Larry's. Stomp on him three times to turn the
         king back to himself once more. The Princess will give you a Jugem's Cloud
         in her letter to you this time, which when used on the overworld map
         allows you to skip one stage.
       --- | ----------
       6.3 | Water Land
       --- | ----------
    DB = Drawbridge
    BT = Boat
    D = Dock
        MH--o--o--3  MHDB-oDB-o--6B-o-7--H                D--MH
            |     |       |   |  D       |
            |     |       |   |  B       |
            2     o       4---H  8B-o-SH-F2
            |     |       |   |  |       L      SH--MH
            |     |       |   |  |       |      |
            o SH--F1--o---o   o  oB9-P3  P2     |
            |     |       |   |              D--MH--SH
            1     oLP1    5---oR-o-o-D-BT                          DB  C---o--P3
            |     |
    3-1: Hold against the left side of the screen and drop straight down to find a
         block containing a flower. Return to the top and swim right. At the wall,
         you can take a shortcut by jumping up on top of it and traveling along the
         top (you'll find another flower in a hole up here). Drop off the other
         side, then go down until you see a Blooper Nanny.
         There is a hole behind the Blooper Nanny that you can go down into.
         Navigate your way through the bouncy note blocks to the ring of coins
         surrounding a brick, which contains a 1-up. After grabbing it, swim
         straight up and into the pipe before the Blooper that lies in wait is able
         to ambush you, then clear the stage.
    3-2: In this level, if you have a Frog Suit from World 2, you can get down low
         in the water and swim by the Cheep-Cheeps without getting hit all the way
         to the end of the level. This same strategy also works in World 3-3 vs.
         Boss Bass. (Thanks to Michael Malleson)
         There is a chance in this stage for the repeat Starman trick. When you
         first start riding the wooden platform, jump up to the L-shaped wooden
         block ledge and bump against the wall. Stand on the column to grab the
         star as it comes out, then quickly make it back to the rail platform and
         hit each coin block along the path before your invincibility runs out.
         If you run out of invincibility before making it to the next star, then
         take out the Cheep-Cheeps by jumping on them during their "big hop" (their
         pattern is two little hops, one big one). Don't bother with the flower at
         the end - it's too close to the water.
         When you go through the pipe to the last screen, be aware that there is
         still one red Cheep-Cheep left.
    3-3: The main thing to watch out for here is Boss Bass, who patrols the water
         below waiting for you to get low enough so he can eat you. No matter
         whether you're big or small, Raccoon, Fire, or Frog Mario, if Boss Bass
         eats you, you're dead. So then, the solution is obvious: stay on high
         Fortunately, he's not invincible, and there are several ways for you to
         temporarily keep him out of your hair. The best and easiest way is with a
         Fire Flower. When he appears, wait for the level to go down low, then peg
         him with a fireball. Continue until he pops up again, then fireball him
         before moving on. If you do this, this level should be a breeze.
         Even without a flower, you can employ other methods to get Boss Bass out
         of your grill. Turtle shells work, as do the white bricks located near the
         P-switch in the middle of the level. The P-switch also makes a row of
         coins into bricks that you can run safely along. Use that time to make it
         to the exit.
         There is also a 1-up located to the far right of the exit .... unless
         you're really good or really confident though, don't risk it!
    3-F1: Out of the nine doors in this stage, only three of them won't dump you in
          the water upon entry. Starting from the left:
          Door 5 takes you to a 1-up above the water. Stand on the left tip of the
          ledge so that your foot hangs off a little, then jump and get it when it
          moves off to the right.
          Door 9 goes to a room apart from the water area. There are several
          invisible coin blocks in this room along with the coins you can see.
          Door 6 takes you to Boom-Boom. Jump on him immediately after the first
          stomp, as now Boom-Boom can grow wings and swoop down at you from above
          in order to attack. The usual three will work.
    3-4: Near the beginning, on the slope with the Goombas, you can slide down and
         use the tiny ramp at the end to make a jump clear over to the high plateau
         across the lake, thus avoiding the Cheep-Cheep. (There is also an
         invisible coin block against the wall if you don't make it.)
         After a slope with three green Koopa Troopas, you'll see two bricks
         directly beneath a pipe. The one on the right contains a P-switch which
         makes several silver coins appear. Grab those, then continue right to the
         line of bricks, the second of which contains a 1-up. Avoid Lakitu's green
         Spiny Eggs on your way to the exit.
         If you're patient and willing, you can create a 1-up factory. Off the
         third slope from the start (the one with three green Koopas), spare the
         last for the time being. Killing the hanging Venus flytrap - same area as
         the P-switch - is a huge plus for your survival. Go on until you cross
         into the area where Lakitu would start to hover, and head back with him
         tailing behind. Knock the surviving Koopa into its shell, and carry it to
         where the P-switch was. Have Lakitu drop off some of his eggs and kick the
         Koopa off. As it ricochets in between the wood blocks, whatever eggs are
         in its way turns to 1-ups for you. The eggs, for the majority of Lakitu's
         attempts, will never hit you, since the pipe is causing them to deflect
         off and into the line of fire. Bail out when you're back to small Mario,
         or the timer reaches 100. (Thanks to R. Deland Smallwood IV)
    3-5: Time to get your frog on! If you have a Frog Suit, put it on before coming
         into this level. Stay low in the water as you move along, being careful to
         avoid all enemies. Eventually, you'll come to a row of seven coins before
         a pipe with bubbles shooting out. Only with the Frog Suit can you enter
         pipes that emit these bubbles. When you go in this pipe, hold right on the
         D-pad so you can reach the giant question block. This block contains three
         1-ups. Stand to the right of the block after hitting it; the 1-ups will
         bounce off the wall to the left and come to you.
         After leaving this bonus room, lose your Frog Suit, since it won't do you
         much good in the land-based levels ahead.
    3-6: Move with the natural rhythm of the level until you come to a white brick
         on top of a Donut Lift (the pink things that shake and fall when you stand
         on them). Grab the brick and let the Donut Lift fall, then step off to the
         right and kick it at the block on the ground to extract a leaf.
         After two lone ledges hanging in the air, you'll come to one where you can
         take the high road or the low road. Take the low road and either use your
         raccoon tail or one of the white bricks provided to hit the brick just to
         your right, which contains a P-switch. Hit the brick between the wooden
         ledges, then get the coins and head to the end of the stage. Watch out for
         the spinning platform above the pipe.
    3-7: Someone else's solution, not mine, but I like it, so I'll use it:
         "Midway through the stage is [a] setup of bricks with a vine (beanstalk) 
         leading to the clouds. If you jump off the vine, but go RIGHT instead of 
         left, you'll land on a lone cloud platform. Jump in the dead center of it
         to make a Note Block of the pink variety appear, and you're off to a [Coin
         Heaven]. The landscape here is different than that of the coin bonus in
         Worlds 1-3 and 1-5, and there is not a 1-up at top center. But this
         particular bonus leads to a Jugem's Cloud and the end of the level... by
         taking the cloud from the small chest, of course." (Credit to John R.
    3-F2: A short level. Use the flower in the middle of the first room to clear
          out the Cheep-Cheeps. In the second room, go under the first two Stretch
          ghosts, then stand on the third one. Go between the last two when there's
          an opening. Through the pipe is Boom-Boom - three hits.
    3-8: Another Boss Bass level. This one's a bit tougher, so equip a Fire Flower
         before going in. The level is peppered with question blocks containing
         beanstalks, and best of all, you can shoot fireballs while sitting on
         them. Get all the coins along the way, and when you get near the end of
         the level, take the tunnel with the coins and the P-switch (get all the
         coins before hitting the P-switch, of course). If you get 44 coins in this
         level, you'll reveal a white Mushroom House.
    3-9: Make your way as far to the right of this level as you can. Along the way,
         there is a Fire Flower in a note block you should get, along with a 1-up
         in the H-shaped wooden block/white brick arrangement. The pipe will take
         you down into a watery area. Swim all the way to the left over the large
         blue wall you come to. Go as far left as you can and enter the pipe. Hold
         right on the D-pad when you go in to make it to the giant question block,
         which contains a Frog Suit. Leave the room and swim all the way to the
         right, into the pipe which takes you to the end of the level.
    The Canoe: You've probably noticed a canoe on this world's map by now. There is
               a Hammer Brother here who will give you a hammer if you beat him; if
               you want to ride the canoe, use the hammer to break the rock that is
               blocking it. You can access three Toad's Houses and two spade games
               using the canoe.
               HOWEVER! If you SAVE your hammer for World 4, you can use it to get
               a Tanooki Suit from a red Toad's house next to World 4-1. It's your
               choice, though.....
    3-C: The Frog Suit from World 3-9 is actually pretty well-suited to this air-
         ship. You can't jump over the first column past the Rocky Wrenches and
         Bullet Bill machine, so go under/around the cannons, then jump up and
         stand next to that Bullet Bill cannon so it doesn't fire at you. Look for
         an opening, then move through the four cannons (don't jump, just move
         Keep jumping on the blue screw-type platform to stay above the flame-
         blowing machines, then leap to the right when the wooden ledge appears.
         At the next column that stretches to the top of the screen, you can jump
         over that one, so do so and eliminate the Rocky Wrenches as they pop up.
         From there, leap to the pipe.
         Wendy O. is one of the more difficult Koopa Kids to fight. At the start,
         she will pop a ring out of her wand, which will bounce around the room for
         the duration of the battle. She will release another one each time you
         jump on her. After two hits, she will start jumping very high in the air.
         Stay near but on your guard and catch her on the way down. The Princess
         will leave you a Music Box in her letter, which when used on the world map
         will put all Hammer Brothers to sleep, allowing you to pass by them with-
         out fighting them.
       --- | ----------
       6.4 | Giant Land
       --- | ----------
                 X--P1             MH--6--o--o  P2LF1---H--3--o--2
                 |                     |     |      |         |  |
                 |                     |     |      |         |  |
                 o              C---o -HBF2  H---o  o--SH    MH  o
                 |                     |     |   |  |            |
                 |                     |     |   |  |            |
                 P2                SH--5--o--o   o--4     MHRP1--1
    **Where there is a gap in the map above, a bridge will appear there when you
      beat the nearby fortress.
    4-1: Aside from the novelty of gigantic enemies, bricks, and pipes, this is not
         much different than any other level. Go until you pass through a waterfall
         between two sets of two pipes. Clear out the enemies past it, and then, if
         you have a leaf, get a running start and fly up to a large pool filled
         with water. Swim all the way to the left and go in the pipe to a room with
         two 1-ups, making sure to avoid the two Big Berthas once in that room.
         When you leave, jump out to the right and carefully proceed forward to the
         end of the level.
    4-2: To get the anchor from the White Mushroom house in this level, go ahead of
         the P-switch lying out the open and get those six coins first, then return
         to the P-switch and hit it when the land is at its highest level. Drop and
         grab the coins, then get the rest and avoid the Cheep-Cheeps soaring
         through the air as you head to the right.
    4-3: Start this level off by equipping a Starman before you go in. This will
         help you get by the Sledge Brothers, whose jumps shake the ground and will
         temporarily immobilize you if you're caught on the ground during that
         time. Stay in the air while facing them, then go in either pipe - they
         both take you to the same place.
         Inside, you'll have to use running jumps to get to most ledges since they
         are spaced so far apart. Don't jump on the Spinys that fall from the roof,
         either - they will still hurt when jumped on. Use a raccoon leaf and whack
         them when they're near instead. You can then hold and kick them as you
         would a normal shell.
         When you come to a three-brick arrangement above you, hit the one on the
         left for a 1-up, then follow it as it rolls along. Continue forward and
         watch out for the wood blocks that bounce you back, then head out the pipe
         and finish it out.
    4-F1: Watch out for the Hot Foot candles (which walk after you when you turn
          your back to them) and the Thwomps that move side-to-side, and when you
          reach the five light gray pipes, go in the middle one. Get the flower
          from the row of question blocks, then find the discolored parts of the
          background to the right and hit them from below to reveal hidden coin
          When you exit, you'll be situated right in front of Boom-Boom's lair.
          Take him out in the usual three stomps, or you can use five fireballs if
          you have the Fire Flower.
    4-4: If you still have a Frog Suit left in your inventory, put it on for this
         level. Swim immediately down and past the bubble-shooting pipe to the left
         to get to a pipe leading to a bonus room. This room has a huge payout to
         collect courtesy of the two P-switches. Concentrate on each one separately
         and then head out the pipe to the right. Once back in the level proper,
         make a break for the exit, avoiding any Spinys Lakitu tosses in from
    4-5: Although you can technically skip this level, there's a Tanooki Suit in it
         for you if you play through it.
         In this level you will encounter flashing Bullet Bills known as Missile
         Bills. Instead of moving ahead and off the screen, they will turn around
         and try to come back after you, staying up in your grill until you bounce
         on them or move past them. Keep moving through them until you can see half
         of a brick at the top of the screen. Use the momentum you get from jumping
         on one of the Missile Bills to reach it, then use another one to jump up
         to the beanstalk that comes up out of it.
         Go in the pipe, get the Tanooki Suit from the giant block, then hit the
         P-switch and leave the way you came in. Forget about trying to get all the
         silver coins and just make a run for the exit.
         With the Tanooki Suit, you can turn into a statue that is impervious to
         all attacks by pressing Down + B at the same time.
    4-6: One unique thing about this level is that it has doors that allow you to
         switch back and forth between giant and regular-sized enemies. If you have
         trouble with the big enemies, the door is certainly helpful, but the level
         isn't hard to begin with, so do what you like.
         Just be sure not to miss out on the 1-up at the beginning (located in the
         second brick from the right in the top part of the rectangle made of
         bricks) or the Starman in the bounce-back wooden blocks toward the middle
         of the stage. That's really all there is to this one.
    4-F2: Don't stand on any one Donut Lift too long here at the start. Take
          running leaps to each platform until you reach the safe silver ground.
          Move carefully around the myriad Dry Bones and hit the brick that reveals
          a silver P-switch. When you hit it, you will see a few silver coins in
          the shape of a door to your left. Stand where the "door" is and press Up
          to make it to a secret room.
          The directional lifts will move in whatever direction the arrow on the
          yellow panel points when you stand on it. If it has a light bulb on it,
          it will change direction each time you jump (it knows which direction to
          go in, don't worry about that). After the first three lifts, there are
          two pipes you can go up through. Go through the left one, then step off
          to the right and go up through the next one.
          You'll face another light-bulb lift. Go left, up, right, and up to the
          pipe that will take you out of here. In the next room, stand on the left
          side of the red pipe at the bottom and jump to reveal a coin block. Stand
          on that one and jump to the left to reveal another, then stand on THAT
          one and jump to get an out-of-sight 1-up.
          When you leave through the red pipe, you'll be in a room with a large
          question block. Hit it to get three 1-ups. If you can fly, you can crack
          the column of bricks tucked away in the upper left-hand corner and grab
          some coins - maybe enough for a fourth 1-up.
          When you leave this room, you'll be surrounded by three Dry Bones and a
          Rotodisc. Past them is Boom-Boom. You know what to do.
    4-C: Except for one Rocky Wrench who can be avoided by taking the lower of the
         two paths, there are no enemies in this airship - only flame-blowers.
         Interestingly, if you have a Tanooki Suit, you can stomp out the flames by
         jumping over them, turning into a statue in midair, and falling on them.
         If you do this, the machines will be permanently disabled, making this
         airship much easier.
         Toward the end is the hardest part. Wait for the first of the three flames
         to shut off, then jump up to the second step and duck. Wait there for the
         other two to go off at the same time before jumping through. If you don't
         have any powerups to speak of, there is a question block to the right of
         the pipe.
         Iggy is like Wendy O. in that he starts jumping really high after you hit
         him twice. He already has good jumping power anyway, and he can shoot two
         sets of rings from his wand at once. Like all the others though, it takes
         three bumps on the noggin to do away with him. The Princess will give you
         a P-wing, and you'll be on your way to Sky Land.
       --- | --------
       6.5 | Sky Land
       --- | --------
    ST - Spiral Tower
                                    o--2--MH  3--H
                                    |  |      |  |
                                    |  |      |  |
                                    1  P1 P1--o  o--ST
                                    |      |     |
                                    |      |     |
                                    o  F1--o  o--H
                                    |  |      |
                                    |  |      |
                                ----X  o--SH--o
    SKY MAP                    
                                       P2*    o--5
                                        |     |  |
                                        |     |  |
                                     oL-o--4--o SH
                                     |           |
                                     |           |
                                        |  |     |
                                        |  |     |
                               C--o--9--8  o-MH--6
    *P2 is not listed on the surface map because it leads back to the Spiral Tower.
    5-1: If you want a Music Box, use a P-Wing before going into the level and fly
         straight up and into the pipe in the air. Duck and fly at the same time
         into the narrow passageway that you normally would have to be small to get
         through, then stand up. You'll be pushed into a room with a Music Box and
         the level will end.
         There is another pipe you can go through if you don't want the Music Box,
         and it will take you to an area under the level with four 1-ups. Fly to
         the right once you've gotten them, tail-whack the Walking Piranhas, and go
         to the exit.
    5-2: There are two ways through this level.
         The first is to bounce on the note blocks on the way down and stay on the
         bricks, then make your way up to the vertical pipe. Go in it, then slide
         down the slopes ahead. Go in the first pipe you see to find a large quest-
         ion block with three 1-ups in it. When you leave, you'll be a bit farther
         ahead and near the exit. It's an easy trip from here.
         The second is to fall all the way down to the pond at the bottom and go in
         the pipe in the middle. You'll be taken to a tacky green underground area.
         The easiest way to avoid the Buster Beetles (the stumpy guys who walk up
         and throw the white bricks) is to get close to them and duck. They throw
         the white bricks in a pretty high arc, so if you duck, you can avoid them
         pretty easily. Keep this up to the end of the level.
    5-3: Ahhh, the infamous Kuribo's Shoe level =)
         To get the shoe on you, let a Goomba jump up onto a brick, then crunch the
         brick from below and let it fall on you. With the Kuribo's shoe on, you
         can jump on Spinys and Piranha Plants (but not their fireballs) to kill
         them and walk on Munchers (the black piranha plants), which will allow you
         to get a 1-up in the first half of the stage. Aside from that, it's a
         straightforward level, no surprises.
    5-F1: This one's out of the way and not worth the effort, but if you must....
          Have a raccoon tail or Tanooki Suit coming in. Go to the right to the
          four bricks, clear them out, then go stand next to the lava back to the
          left. Duck so the Rotodisc doesn't hit you, then when it passes, run to
          the right and fly to the top of the winding tunnel. Go in the red pipe
          The coins form an arrow that points up. Fly around the top of the room to
          find three 1-ups in hidden blocks. Leave through the pipe on the floor
          and head to Boom-Boom's lair.
    ST: The first two rooms are pretty easy, dealing with Rotodiscs and Thwomps
        respectively. When you exit through the pipe in the second room, you'll be
        taken to the outside part of the tower. Here, if you still have a tail, you
        can unearth several surprises, including a 1-up on the middle tower and a
        few multiple-coin bricks. (You can also get a multiple-coin brick on the
        other side of the wall if you make it this far with a P-wing, but it's not
        worth it.)
        After going through two more easy rooms, you'll be at the end of the line.
        Once you come out the blue pipe, you can't go back. Go to the right and
        jump up until you hit a block with a beanstalk in it. Climb it and go in
        the pipe to reach the sky portion of Sky Land.
        NOTE: If you go back through the pipe to the surface part, you'll just fall
              a short distance out of one pipe and land on another, which you go
              through to get to the world map. If you have a tail, you can whack
              the brick to the far left near the cloud to reveal a 1-up.
    5-4: Come into this level as at least Super Mario (if you have a leaf or a
         Tanooki Suit, use that). Get the leaf in the nearby question block if you
         are just Super Mario, then get your running meter charged up from the
         cloud you're standing on and fly up to find some clouds with coins on
         them. Run along them, then run and float all the way to the end of the
         Also, at the end of this stage, you'll have to deal with Lakitu at the
         exit. If you wait near the goal card and wait for four Spinys to appear
         onscreen at the same time, then if you grab the card at that time, you'll
         get a 1-up. This works in any level that takes you to this screen at the
    5-5: Lots of Donut Lifts here - don't stand in any one spot for too long! You
         can get a white Mushroom House here as well, if you want a P-wing.
         Near the beginning are two pipes covered by bricks. If you have a tail,
         beat them away with it; otherwise, use a turtle shell to break them, then
         go in the one on the right. Fall straight down to get all the coins, then
         get the Tanooki Suit out of the giant question block.
         If you want the white Mushroom House, backtrack and get the 17 coins to
         the left. To get the ones under the Donut Lifts, stand on each one as it
         falls, then jump to the next one as soon as you've gotten the coin under
         it, repeating the process until you have them all.
         Head to the right and go up into the wooden blocks and hit the brick on
         the left for the last coin, then head to the exit. (Also, there are a lot
         of leaves in various boxes in this level. Don't get them if you like your
         Tanooki Suit!)
    5-6: When you stand on the backs of the red Parabeetles, they'll slowly gain
         altitude. They make up the first half of the level; use a leaf so you can
         make precision landings, as there's not much ground to land on. The second
         half is inhabited only by a Fire Chomp and a P-switch. As soon as you get
         to the long row of bricks, you'll see a smaller row at the bottom of the
         screen. Go down and then hit the second brick from the right to reveal the
         P-switch. It will last long enough to get you to the end of the stage.
    5-7: There are two easier ways to beat this one rather than just playing it
         straight. Both involve using items before going in.
         The first is to use a Starman prior to going in. Normally there are no
         stars in the level, but by using one, it becomes one of those where if you
         get to the coin blocks before your invincibility runs out, you'll get
         another star instead of just a coin. There are five stars you can get: one
         in each of the sets of three (spaced apart) at the beginning, two in the
         area with the small pipe that takes you to an uninhabited secret area
         (more on that area in a second), and one in the brick above the pipe where
         you first get to Lakitu and the Bullet Bill crossfire.
         The second requires a P-Wing. Make it to the small pipe with the small
         green piranha plant. Go in when he retreats and fly through the area you
         get to. There is a P-switch among the pile of bricks; collect the coins
         from it, then fly over the blue wall to the far right to go instantly to
         the end of the stage, thus avoiding the Bullet Bills and bouncing bricks.
         Stay against the wall when falling, though, because Lakitu is there.
         (Credit to R. Deland Smallwood IV)
    5-F2: A short but simple stage. When you get to the row of six question blocks,
          hit the last one for a star. Get as far as you can before it runs out.
          When you aren't invincible, watch the lava pits carefully. Here, the
          Podoboos come out of both the lava pit below and the ceiling above. Time
          your jumps carefully, then when you get to Boom-Boom, three hits.
    5-8: Get the power-up at the beginning (a leaf if you're already Super Mario).
         Just ahead, Lakitu awaits. He's your main worry in this level. Usually, a
         blind run will work in this level, and if you can get a good enough charge
         while running, you can fly over most of it. There are no surprise twists,
         however, so it's just a matter of making it to the end in one piece.
    5-9: Fire Flower, not P-Wing, is your best friend here. There are no super-
         difficult jumps to make, the level is short, and the only enemies you face
         are two Fire Chomps, both of which come from below. The first one is easy
         to aim at and kill; the second one's a bit trickier in his approach. Avoid
         his first flame by standing on the opposite side that it veers toward,
         then run/jump to the next one, turn around, and try to fireball him. If
         you miss, don't worry; generally, after that point, he stays on the outer
         fringe and doesn't bug you much aside from the occasional flame. This one
         is easier than it looks.
    5-C: This airship is pretty short but has a LOT of cannons, most of which are
         situated against walls that you can walk on top of if you can reach them.
         This is especially a good strategy against the eight-cannon assault at the
         end. If you can, get a momentum boost from one of the cannonballs near the
         beginning of the large wall and land on top of it. If this isn't possible,
         walk slowly through the cannon fire - no jumping. Jumping will only
         increase your odds of getting hit. After the large wall, thankfully, is
         the pipe leading to Roy.
         Roy doesn't have much jumping ability, but he makes up for it with his
         ability to shake the ground each time he hits it. When you hit him, stay
         up in the air as his shell jumps around. He'll hit the ground twice each
         time he's in his shell; try to hit him again as soon as he comes out to
         minimize his earthquakes. If you get immobilized by one of the tremors,
         he'll zap you while you're down without exception. Hit him three times to
         save the day and earn a Jugem's Cloud.
       --- | --------
       6.6 | Ice Land
       --- | --------
                             MH           P2-o o
                              |                |
                      o--2-oRP1           o-o--o   9--o--o
                      |    |              |    |   |     |
                 X-1-SH F1BHL-o-P2 o--6-H F2Bo 8-o-o F3B-oL--oB-oB-o--C
                   |  |    |  |    |    |    |     |     |     
                  P1  oB-o-3 SH--4-H MH o-oR-o-7   o--o-10
                                   |  | | |    |
    6-1: Use either a leaf or a Tanooki Suit before going into this level. Whack
         the first piranha plant, then go back to the start, face right, run, and
         fly until you see an orange door on a wooden platform. Go inside and jump
         to the top level. Run and duck to slide under the large ice blocks until
         you get to the P-switch. (If you're in a Tanooki Suit, don't forget to let
         go of the B button as you slide so that you won't turn into a statue.)
         Pound it, then get to the bottom level as fast as you can and clear out a
         path to the door.
         When you exit through the orange door, you'll land next to a pipe. Proceed
         to the exit, tailwhacking all enemies in your way.
    6-2: Since there are almost no slippery surfaces to speak of, this isn't really
         a difficult level. It helps to have a tail for some of the parts where you
         can whack through the brick columns, but the scrolling is slow and the
         clouds have more than enough room for your landings. Don't miss the 1-up
         near the end; you'll see it on the way down, and it will be above your
         field of view by the time you can get to it, but it's an easy one to get
         all the same.
    6-3: Bounce on the note blocks at the start until the wooden ledge comes to
         you. Land on it and duck as you go under the ice column, then go forward
         until you see three bricks, with a gap between the first and second ones.
         The first contains a white beanstalk; use either a tailwhack or the shell
         of the nearby Koopa-Troopa to open it up.
         Climb the beanstalk and bounce off the note block next to it so you can
         get up to the pipe. Inside is a giant question block holding a Tanooki
         Suit. You can also fly up against the left wall and break the bricks to
         get up to a higher level with coins.
         Before leaving this bonus room, get a running charge and go up through the
         pipe with the meter full and whistling. When you come out of the pipe, you
         should retain the charge. Immediately fly to the right, and keep tapping A
         when it runs out to float down slowly. If done correctly, you should land
         right at the end of the stage.
    6-F1: If you still have the Tanooki Suit from 6-3, ride up the rail platform
          here as a statue. Any Podoboos and Rotodiscs that run into you will die.
          Jump off the rail when it starts heading down into the spike pit. Use the
          statue form in the next room to kill/evade Rotodiscs, then stomp Boom-
          Boom three times.
    6-4: To get the 1-up at the beginning easily, tailwhack it from the left side
         and then jump onto the single ice block below it - that way it will come
         to you. Ride the rails until you find a P-switch on top of a column of
         bricks. Hit it, then book it, running past the Fire Chomp. Be careful of
         the final spinning whirligig, as it can knock you into the pit if you are
         not careful.
    6-5: You need a leaf to beat this level. A P-Wing is preferable as well.
         Enter the pipe. If you don't have a leaf, go in the first vertical pipe
         you see to get to a room where you can get one. If you're small, it will
         be a mushroom; just come to this room again as Super Mario so it will be a
         leaf in there.
         As you can see, there are a number of holes in the ceiling. The exit to
         this stage is up one of those holes. Find the area with three white bricks
         in a column, a green Koopa-Troopa, another white brick, which a Buster
         Beetle will come up and attempt to throw at you, and a column of four
         regular bricks. Clear out every enemy and object there EXCEPT the Koopa-
         When everything is clear, stomp the Koopa-Troopa and carry his shell. Get
         your running meter to full, and then, with the shell in hand, fly up into
         the hole in the ceiling located there and land on top of the brick pile.
         Kick the shell into the white piranhas that are sitting there, then clear
         out the other brick blocking the exit pipe.
         If you beat this stage, you will gain access to a Toad's House where you
         can get the coveted Hammer Brother Suit. Be sure to save it for a good
    6-6: If you have a P-Wing, you can fly over the wall at the beginning and go
         straight to the end of the stage. If not, enter the pipe to the cave.
         If you're not wearing a suit item, take the top route at the fork to find
         a flower (watch out for the Cheep-Cheep hopping from pond to pond). Return
         to the bottom route and bop one of the wooden blocks from the side to find
         a star. Grab it and run to the water.
         When the tunnel you go into opens up into a wider area, swim up and go up
         onto the shore. Jump where you see a discoloration in the background to
         find a hidden 1-up. There's a flower in one of the question blocks which
         will help you immensely; grab if it you need it, then swim to the end of
         the maze. From here, it's a straight path to the end of the stage.
    6-7: If you get all 78 coins in this stage, you can reveal a white Mushroom
         House. Ice Land is an even-numbered world, so it's just a boring old
         anchor, but if you want it, here's how to go about it.
         Enter the stage equipped with a Fire Flower. At the first Donut Lift with
         coins below it, it looks like there are only two there, but there are
         three. Jump to land as soon as you grab the third one, then go to the
         Donut Lift near the top. A Fire Chomp will enter the level about this
         time; deal with him, then stand on the third Donut Lift and grab all six
         coins when it drops. 
         Here the level starts scrolling to the right. Stand on the Donut Lifts as
         they fall, jumping when you grab all the coins below them, and be sure to
         get the coins in the question blocks as well. When you come to the block
         that contains a flower alongside the bricks, get the flower, then jump up
         to the next two Donut Lifts. Stand up against the ice wall and jump to
         reveal a hidden 1-up. You will need to keep the flower all the way to the
         end of the stage.
         Now the screen will scroll up diagonally. Hit the Donut Lifts in order,
         then fireball the Fire Chomp that appears at the top. At the end of this
         run is a Donut Lift wedged between some ice blocks; do not ride it down
         until the screen stops scrolling. Jump from the donut to the note blocks
         and enter the pipe.
         This is where you'll need the Fire Flower. Hit each ice block with a fire-
         ball to melt it, allowing you to get the coin inside. There is also an
         invisible coin block to the left of all the frozen coins, bringing the
         total to 78.
    6-F2: If you have a Hammer Brother Suit, this is a good place to use it. The
          hammer can take out Boo Diddly and Thwomp, PLUS it can kill Boom-Boom in
          just ONE hit! (It can't kill Rotodiscs, though.) If you don't have it,
          just be careful and don't slide on the ice too much. There's a leaf near
          the beginning to help you out. Boom-Boom is also a little tougher than
          usual because of the layout of his lair, so try to keep him in one spot
          after you pounce him the first time.
    6-8: Hmm, a surprisingly tropical level...
         There are a lot of white bricks in this stage, so expect some Buster
         Beetles to appear. On top of the H-formation about halfway through the
         level, stand on the top of the right column and jump to find a hidden
         1-up, then take a brick and use it to take out the white piranhas ahead.
         If you have a P-Wing, near the end there is a P-switch. Hit it and fly
         straight up to find the coins. At that same spot where the P-switch is,
         you can also fly under the green ground to the left. It's not productive,
         it's just fun.
    6-9: This is another of those stages that you can fly over the top of to get to
         the exit instantly. Just use a P-Wing, go over, get the 1-up, and head to
         the end. If you're P-Wingless, however, go through the pipe to the level
         It's a water level! There are several routes you can take in this level.
         For my money, the easiest way is to come in equipped with a Fire Flower
         and take the water route all the way to the end, blasting all enemies on
         sight. If you have a Frog Suit, you can also use it in this level to get
         past some bubble-shooting pipes to a bonus room containing three 1-ups and
         a lot of coins. You can't be blamed for not keeping one in your inventory
         this late into the game, though. When you get to the far right end of the
         level, jump from the slope to the ledge above water to the left. Hop on
         top of the pipe and jump into the one above you to get to the exit.
    6-10: Go forward and get the flower out of the first question block. Proceed to
          the large wall and wait for the Buster Beetle to throw two white bricks,
          then throw the last one at him. See the 2x2 brick arrangement to the
          left? Toss the white brick you can get, then duck and slide under the
          brick and hit it to reveal a beanstalk. Climb the beanstalk and hit the
          brick on the far left to reveal a P-switch.
          When you hit the P-switch, go right as fast as you can and find a small
          pipe blocked by frozen Munchers. When you melt the Munchers with your
          fireball, they will turn into coins under the effect of the P-switch
          instead of into Munchers like usual. Go in the pipe to get a Hammer
          Brother Suit.
          When you come out, head to the right. If you can successfully avoid the
          Buster Beetles, you should be able to get through to the end without
          losing your fancy new suit.
    6-F3: If you still have your Hammer Brother Suit, it will come in really handy
          here. The hammers can kill the Boo Diddlys, Thwomps, and Stretches (but
          not the Rotodiscs, you may recall). Whatever item you have, proceed VERY
          slowly and with much caution. This is a fairly difficult room to pass
          When you go through the door, you'll fall straight down to a floor which
          will rise. Avoid the trio of Boo Diddlys and make your way to the right
          side of the screen. When the floor meets with the door, enter. With the
          Hammer Brother Suit, you can kill Boom-Boom before he even gets a chance
          to move by running and firing a hammer as soon as you reach the part of
          the room where the hallway opens up into the larger room. Otherwise, it's
          the usual three.
    6-C: Keep jumping on the screw-type platforms to stay on top of them. As with
         Iggy's airship, there are no true enemies on this one, only the cannons
         that blow long flames at you. If you stay to the right side of the screen,
         all of them are fairly easy to avoid.
         Lemmy is like Wendy in that his wand doesn't shoot magic. He's a bit
         easier though, because the balls that come out of his wand can be jumped
         on. They also bounce around pretty slowly, giving you plenty of time to
         escape from them. Bounce on his head three times to get him; hammers do
         not work on the Koopa Kids.
         The Princess will give you a P-Wing in her letter to you this time.
       --- | ---------
       6.7 | Pipe Land
       --- | ---------
    \/ - Piranha Plant Level
                    S--o--o    P3     P2 F1-SH--6   7--o--P7
                    |     |     |      L  |     |   |      |     P5
                    1-P1 P2    MH  P8-\/--o-P6 P7  SH--o---8--MH
                    P1-P3     o--4-SH--o--5--P5    P8L-9---o--F2
                    |        |        |      |                |
                    2-P4    P6        3-P4  MH        C---oB-\/
    7-1: Go in the door to the level proper, then start making your way up. Once
         you pass through the narrow gap between the two skinny pipes, you can get
         a running charge if you have a leaf and fly up the left side of the screen
         into a room full of coins. If you don't have it, head up the right side
         and follow the path to the end.
    7-2: You'll need a Frog Suit to get the white Mushroom House from this stage.
         Enter the first pipe that is wedged way down low between the high cliffs
         and swim all the way to the left. Get all the coins before hitting the P-
         switch, then swim as fast as you can to the right and get the two groups
         of coins over that way. You can only get the P-Wing bonus if you get all
         of these coins.
         If you don't have a Frog Suit, ignore that pipe and go forward until you
         drop into the low area with pipes you can go down through on either side.
         Keep jumping in this area to reveal several hidden note blocks which form
         a bridge. When they're all revealed, go down the pipe on the left and swim
         left to another one that will take you back up to the top. You can also
         find a hidden 1-up by doing a super-bounce off the sixth note block from
         the right.
         From here, keep going right until you find the pipe that will take you
         down. Follow it to the end of the level.
         (If you want the P-Wing, the Toad's House to the right of World 7-8 stocks
          nothing but Frog Suits. Use a Jugem's Cloud to skip this stage, then come
          back when you get the Frog Suit.)
    7-3: This level is easy if you can pull off the continuing star trick, but only
         mildly more difficult if you can't. Start with the one that's right there
         at the beginning with you. The next two are in the lower left question
         blocks of their respective arrangements. The fourth one is in the brick
         directly beneath the question block that you find as soon as you reach
         Lakitu. Ignore the P-switch - the payoff isn't worth it. The last two are
         on each side of the double-ended pipe that releases Goombas.
    7-4: If you come into this level with a P-Wing, you can fly over the wall for
         two 1-ups. Unfortunately, you can't go to the exit, so fly back over and
         go in the pipe to enter what is arguably the hardest pipe level in the
         Get the flower at the beginning if you don't have any projectiles. Being
         able to fire at enemies will be immensely helpful for the first part of
         the level. Watch out for the black Cheep-Cheeps that swim at a slightly
         accelerated pace, and swim up when the screen starts to scroll up. The
         hammers will give you a slight advantage since you can kill the Lava Lotus
         with them.
         The hardest part is swimming through the field of Jelectros unscathed. If
         you don't have fire or hammers, it'll be tough to get by the Big Bertha
         near the end of it. Swim through the open area of the jellyfish field and
         then knock out the two Blooper Nannies before the screen starts to scroll
         back down to the final part, which is essentially a mirror of the first
    7-5: Go in any of the three pipes at the start, then proceed until you get to
         the third room. Kick the Bob-ombs away, then jump at the first two holes
         above you to reveal a total of four hidden coin blocks. Jump up to that
         ledge and go in the first pipe in front of you. Stand against the wall to
         the right and jump to reveal a hidden 1-up, then go back down and up
         through the pipe just to the left to get it. Head to the right.
         Go down the pipe next to the single brick and use one of the Koopa-Troopas
         for a jumping boost to get up to the pipe. In the next room, as soon as
         you get out of the pipe, jump to the ledge to the right and jump to reveal
         four hidden coin blocks. Go through the white brick wall farther to the
         right and down the pipe behind it. Jump to reveal six coin blocks, then go
         back the way you came and go along the top tier of the room, using those
         four coin blocks as a bridge.
         When you go down the pipe to the far right, you'll see that you can walk
         along the six coin blocks you uncovered earlier. Go from here to the exit.
         Once you finish this stage, the Toad's House nearby yields both Tanooki
         and Hammer Brother Suits.
    \/-1: The first of the piranha plant levels is short but requires careful
          steps. The Munchers come out of the pipes in alternating pairs. When the
          first pair goes down, jump on the pipe, then go to the next pipe just as
          the next pair is about to go down. Repeat this process until you're past
          this part, then go to the end of the level. Go down in the short double-
          ended vertical pipe. You'll get a P-Wing for your trouble.
    7-F1: If you have a tail already, go across the bricks to the door, then skip
          down to the middle of the last paragraph.
          If you don't have one, go down the steps. From the two gray blocks, go
          four bricks over and crunch until you reveal a gray P-switch. Hit it. A
          door will appear just to your left; enter it and go in the short pipe in
          front of the horizontal one. When the P-switch timer runs out, you'll
          fall and find a giant question block. It contains a Tanooki Suit. Get it.
          You need it to beat this fortress.
          When you exit, you'll come out the same pipe that you went in to get the
          Tanooki Suit. Go in the pipe to the right, then go down and left through
          the door you find. You'll be in a huge (but empty) room. To get to Boom-
          Boom, go to the far left wall, face right, charge your meter, and fly
          straight up as soon as it starts whistling. Go in the pipe you find.
          Then, the usual three stomps.
          Be sure to act quickly in this level, since your time in it is unusually
    7-6: This is another one of those levels where you can use a P-Wing to fly over
         the wall and go straight to the exit. Or, if you lack P-Wingage, go into
         the door.
         You can cross from one edge of the screen to the other merely by walking
         into it, so walk left to get to the right side. Go up the steps and walk
         left again, then go up to the light-bulb lift. Jump once to make it go
         left, and cross all the way over to the coin block on the left. Hop on it
         and use the note block to bounce up to the Koopa-Troopa on the Donut
         Jump on the up-arrowed lift, staying out of the way of the coin blocks to
         ensure that it doesn't disappear on you, and then to the one that points
         left. Jump over the pipe as it crosses through it, then get back on it and
         duck. Stay squatting until you wrap around the screen, then go up through
         the pipe on the right side of the screen.
         Jump four times to make the light-bulb lift go the right way, but make the
         third jump as soon as you pass the row of coin blocks so you don't eat the
         spikes above. When you cross through, use the appropriate directional
         lifts until you reach the light-bulbed one. Go left and then up when you
         are out of reach of the piranha plant. Jump one more time to make it go
         right, then enter the pipe as you pass under it.
    7-7: This level is short but chaotic. You have to use the looping star trick in
         order to beat it, or else you'll get caught by the Munchers. To give your-
         self a leg up, hit the first one from the left side so that the star hops
         to the right, then wait until it is bouncing along the row of Munchers to
         get it.
         Skip the first one - you'll have to slide to get it, unless you're small -
         and bolt to the second one. Grab it, then jump between the opposing pipes,
         preferably without leaning up against the sides of them. For the final
         star, you'll have to jump over the wooden wall and work around it to get
         the star. Try to get it before it bounces away on the Munchers. It's the
         hardest to get, but thankfully the last. That's not all though; when you
         run ahead, you'll come upon a severely lowered pipe that you'll have to
         slide under if you're big. You have enough leeway to run into it once,
         back up, then run and duck-slide if you mess up, though. After that, the
         end is easy to get to.
    7-8: If you have a Hammer Brother Suit handy, this is a prime level to use it
         in. The arc of the hammer will help you out greatly against the plants in
         the upside-down pipes near the beginning. Just past that is a Starman; get
         it from the question block and go forward until you find a white box, the
         kind that you can hold Down on in order to hide behind the background. At
         that white box, jump beside the right side of the pipe to reveal a pink
         note block, which will take you to a Coin Heaven.
         When you leave Coin Heaven, go to the right and get the coins from the
         multiple-coin brick, then keep going forward until you cross the large pit
         past the bridges with the Nippers below. Be very careful here; there's a
         stationary Nipper that blows arcs of fire! If you still have the H.B. Suit
         you can duck to deflect the fire. Stand at a distance and move forward as
         you toss the hammer to make it go farther. Above where he sits is a 1-up;
         get it and go to the end of the level.
    7-9: Go right until you see three note blocks. Bounce on them and go up three
         tiers, then left through both white brick walls. Jump up through the hole
         in the pipes and go right, past the area with the wooden blocks to an area
         with five note blocks. From there, go left through the white bricks. Go
         until you see two holes - one leading down, the other up.
         If you have enough time for a quick detour, go down and left as far as you
         can go until you reach a closed-in space that has two rows of coins
         stretching from wall to wall. In the empty space between the two, duck and
         jump to reveal a hidden 1-up, then return to the two holes and go up.
         Go through both white brick walls, then up and right. From the question
         block containing the flower, go down and left for a ton of coins, then
         right through the bricks. You should now see the pipe that will take you
         to the exit.
    7-F2: Definitely use a Hammer Brother Suit if you have one for this level. This
          will help you take out several hard-to-reach foes with ease. If you don't
          have that, use either a Fire Flower or a leaf depending on whether you
          have a harder time avoiding enemies or reaching hard-to-reach platforms.
          There are no hidden areas in this one; this level is more a test of your
          platforming mettle than anything. Hopefully you're an expert by now....
    \/-2: Jump to the top thick pipe, then to the second thin one as the Muncher
          retreats into it. From there, jump to the last narrow one next to the
          thick pipe with the Venus Fire Trap, and then up out of the whole thing.
          Use the note blocks to get across the next pit of Munchers, then go in
          the tall middle pipe at the end. You'll only get a mushroom this time.
    7-C: It is often not necessary to ride the blue screws in this airship, even
         though most of it is situated over air. If you wait for the screen to
         scroll, you can usually make an easy running leap from where you are. The
         only enemies on the ship are some Rocky Wrenches toward the middle. Use
         the screws at the end, jumping up to each one as you can reach it, and
         then duck into the pipe to fight the last Koopa Kid, Ludwig von Koopa.
         Ludwig combines all the most annoying traits of previous Koopa Kids. Like
         Roy, he shakes the ground when he lands on, but he also fires his magic
         rings while he's moving around instead of just while you're immobilized.
         As with Roy, stay in the air at all times and try to hit him just as he is
         recovering from the last hit. Like all the rest, it only takes three hits
         to do him in.
         No reward from the Princess this time - the letter is from Bowser himself!
         Time to go save your woman!
       --- | ---------
       6.8 | Dark Land
       --- | ---------
    T - Tank Stage
    B - Boat Stage
                                      S    P1   o
                                      |     |   |
    TS: These first few levels operate in much the same way as the airships. They
        have all the same artillery, with the addition of cannons that spit out
        Bob-ombs. There is a lot of crossfire to avoid, so be careful. At the first
        tank with a propeller on it is a question block containing a leaf. If you
        don't have something better, get it. Also toward the end is a giant cannon
        that fires a giant cannonball at frightening velocity. It comes after a
        moderately long stretch of flat ground (long by this level's standards,
        anyhow), and is just behind a very small flat tank. Jump on the flat tank
        and duck until it goes by, then make your way past it.
        The tank behind the one with the giant cannon has a pipe on it. Go in to
        face a Boomerang Brother. When you defeat him, you'll get a Starman, and
        you'll get to go to the next stage.
    BS: There are three boats in this stage. You have to cross the first one, which
        isn't too terribly hard, but after that, you can duck down into the water
        and swim underneath the last two! Once you're under a boat, hold Right and
        keep tapping A repeatedly. This allows you to pass up the onslaughts of
        Rocky Wrenches, small and large cannonballs, and Bob-Ombs for the majority
        of the stage. To get on the third boat, jump up onto it when the boat bobs
        low. (Partial credit to Robert Glass)
        There's no avoiding the ubiquitous Boom-Boom, however. Three stomps, as per
        the usual.
    H - Hand Level (where the hand drags you in)
    A - Airship Stage
                                 P4--A     P3L-o
    H-1: The first hand level crams all the different Hammer Brother types into one
         short stage. First is a Fire Brother; immediately jump and stomp him, then
         move on to the Hammer Brothers. On the bridge past them are a Boomerang
         Brother and a Sledge Brother. If you have a Fire Flower in your inventory,
         equip it before coming to this stage.
         At the end of each of the hand stages, you'll get a leaf upon completion.
    H-2: This level is a very short exercise. All you have to do is jump to each
         bridge while avoiding the Podoboos. Couldn't be easier. Collect the leaf
         at the end.
    H-3: This is probably the most annoying of the hand levels. As long as you keep
         running at top or near-top speed though, you should stay ahead of the
         pack of Cheep-Cheeps. Grab your third leaf at the end of the line.
    AS: This level scrolls very quickly. Don't worry so much about killing Rocky
        Wrenches as avoiding flames and getting to platforms, several of which
        require running jumps. The best solution is to use a Fire Flower to get
        dead-on aim if you feel you must kill the Rocky Wrenches at the end. Boom-
        Boom awaits you in the pipe on the last ship.
        Use a P-Wing if you have to, although you should know that doing so can
        seriously damage your old-school cred.
                                  P4--o P6--o--o--o
                                      |        |  |
                                   o--1     F--o  P3 
                                   |        |
    8-1: Enter this level with a P-Wing. Run back and forth a few times to get your
         Fly straight up and hit the P-switch. Float back down and grab what silver
         coins you can, then fly up and right to a very tall pipe. Enter to get
         three 1-ups, then when you leave, fly to the end.
    8-2: An old enemy makes a reappearance here - the Angry Sun! Fortunately, there
         is a way to bypass him, since he's difficult to get by with all the hilly
         land and piranha plants in your way. At the beginning of the level, when
         you get to the first quicksand pit, jump in it and allow yourself to sink
         You'll be taken to an area with a pipe on either side of you. The one on
         the right takes you to a room filled with coins and is only really worth
         it if you have a leaf so you can fly to get the ones you missed. The one
         on the left takes you to a room with a leaf.
         In any case, when you exit, you'll be met with piranha crossfire. Wait for
         the one above you to retreat, then go up, slide at the top of the hill,
         and bounce across the note blocks to reach the end of the stage.
    8-F: Enter the first door you come to in this fortress (the one situated way up
         high, you have to use the coin block to get up to it). If you don't have a
         leaf, go to the left in the next room to grab one. If you're small, you
         can get the mushroom, then exit and re-enter the room to get the leaf.
         When you have a tail, smash the bricks to the right.
         Float across to where the Thwomp is and smash the bricks beside him with
         your tail as he goes up, moving out of the way to keep from losing it.
         Start making your way to the right over the lava. There is another leaf
         along the way, and you can use the door to regenerate the question block
         as you did earlier if you need to.
         Once past the lava, smash the wall of eight bricks with your tail and go
         right more. Go all the way to the end where the side Thwomp is, then go to
         his left and hit both bricks you find. One has a P-switch in it. Hit it
         and enter the door that appears at the far right end. Go in and stay
         squatted, waiting for the P-switch's timer to run out. When you're past
         the spikes, you'll face Boom-Boom once again.
    KC - Koopa Castle
    TS2: This tank level is similar to the first one, except that you must also now
         deal with cannonfire coming from both the ground and the ceiling. However,
         the only enemies are the cannonballs, a few Bob-ombs, and Rocky Wrenches
         of the one-off variety - there are no giant cannonballs. This level is
         mercifully short, and at the end, you'll have your final encounter with
    KC: Run past the three statues at top speed so that the lasers that they fire
        don't hit you. Go up the steps and stand at the bottom of the vertical
        corridor. A light blue platform will take you to the top. Walk over to the
        Donut Lift and hold Right on the D-pad so that you walk off before it falls
        in the pit. Make your way up to the top past the three Rotodiscs, then go
        over to the right and jump to reveal a hidden 1-up. If you duck and jump up
        into the small space above the block, you will be pushed through the wall
        to the wide-open Donut Lift area.
        From here, there are two different routes you can take to the exit. Stay
        as close to the top as you can for the first one, and go in the door at the
        very top of the room. You'll go through to a room with several statues like
        the ones at the beginning, although only the first one fires lasers. You'll
        have to cross a series of Donut Lifts situated above lava while avoiding
        the retro Bowser fireballs, and at the end, you'll go in the door to face
        The other route is similar to the first but is a bit longer. Stand on the
        Donut Lift in front of the highest ledge, but let it fall. Before you go in
        the lava, jump to the one between the bottom two paths and take the top
        path; you'll see two Rotodiscs spinning around one hub if you're in the
        right place. Lure the side Thwomp out of his place, then take the Donut
        Lift down as he goes back. Jump across to each column, waiting for the
        Podoboo to pass before going each time. The next room is similar to the
        one from the previous route. Only the first statue will fire a laser.
        Instead of crossing the lava on Donut Lifts, however, there are brick
        platforms here. The door at the end will lead to Bowser.
        Once you get to Bowser, there are several ways to beat him. He can be taken
        down with several fireballs (~25) or with only five hammers if you still
        have a Hammer Brother Suit by this time. If you don't have projectiles at
        your disposal though, you'll have to go about it the regular way.
        As you can see, you're standing on three rows of bricks. Without any
        projectiles, you will have to make him crash through the bricks. He'll blow
        fireballs for a little bit, then jump in the air and come down really
        quickly, breaking whichever bricks he lands on. You have to make him crash
        through enough bricks to fall to his death. If you find yourself unable to
        get away from Bowser as he's falling, you can duck to spare yourself from
        getting hit, since only his top half will damage you. (Credit to Michael
        Malleson for the top half glitch and the hammer idea)
        When Bowser breaks through and plummets to his death, the door to the right
        will open up. Go through, rescue the Princess, and enjoy the ending cinema.
        Congratulations on beating Super Mario Bros. 3!
       = | ===============
       7 | 2-PLAYER BATTLE
       = | ===============
    The battle element is an interesting addition to the 2-player game. (Or an
    annoying one. It all depends on who you play with, really.) During a 2-player
    game, players of course take turns playing levels. While one player is on the
    world map, the other player's position is represented by a lettered token - "M"
    for Mario, of course, and "L" for Luigi.
    The tokens are the key to entering the battle round. When one player stops on
    top of the other player's token, the other player can press A to suck him into
    a battle round reminiscent of the original Mario Bros. (not Super Mario Bros. -
    the OTHER one), in which the winner will get to play while the loser sits out
    for a turn.
    There are four different game types:
    BEST OF 5 ENEMIES. The most common battle game type, based on the original
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Mario Bros. Five enemies total will come out of the pipes at
                       the top of the screen. These five enemies will be a mix of
    Spinys, Fighter Flies (muscular flies that hop around), and Crabs. To kill an
    enemy, you must jump and hit the ground they are walking on from underneath.
    This will make them fall on their back. When an enemy is down on its back, you
    receive credit for killing it by going up and kicking it. To kick an enemy,
    just walk into it. It only takes one hit from below to put a Spiny or a Fighter
    Fly on its back, but Crabs require two hits; they start off red, and turn blue
    and move faster after the first hit.
    You can use the POW block in the middle of the screen to knock over several
    enemies at once, but they will only be knocked over if they are on the ground
    at the time you hit it. The POW block can be used three times.
    If you take too long to finish a match, fireballs will start materializing and
    moving from one side of the screen to the other in order to kick up the chall-
    enge a bit.
    Since there are five enemies, there is no possibility of a tie, and the person
    who kills at least three wins the match.
    BEST OF 5 COINS. The quickest of the battle games. All you have to do is run
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ around collecting the five coins scattered about the arena.
                     Best three out of five wins.
    THE COIN PIPE. Each player stands on one side of a tall pipe that spits out
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ both coins and flames. The first person to collect five coins
                   wins; or, if someone gets hit by a flame, the other player wins
                   by default.
    HIDDEN COINS. The rarest mini-game, but for my money, also the most entertain-
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ ing. The players must search through an arena looking for coins
                  hidden in question blocks. To kick a block to see if a coin is in
    it, walk up against it and press B. The person who finds at least three coins
    One additional aspect of the battle rounds is that your goal cards are at stake
    as well. If a player has any goal cards going into the battle, you can make him
    give one up by hitting him, either from below or by stomping on his head. When
    hit, the card will leap away from the player and into the open. Either player
    can take possession of it, whether he originally had it or not. If the battle
    round ends while there is a goal card out in the open, it vanishes permanently.
    The same rules for 1-ups earned by getting three of them apply - i.e. one extra
    life for a random combination, two for all mushrooms, three for all flowers,
    and five for all stars.
    Super Mario All-Stars has a Battle Mode where you can play the battle round
    apart from the game itself in a best-5-out-of-9 scenario.
       = | ==================
       = | ==================
    Some fun little secrets and tricks that'll put a hop in your SMB3 step.
    28 P-WINGS
    Beat the game once and your inventory will be packed to the hilt with P-Wings 
    when you start over.
    In Grass Land, Water Land, Sky Land, and Ice Land (Worlds 1, 3, 5, and 6,
    respectively), you can turn a Hammer Brother on the world map into an airship
    that is filled with enough coins to amount to about three 1-ups (four if you
    enter with about 90 coins). Here's how to snag one.
    In any level in the four aforementioned worlds, obtain an amount of coins equal
    to a multiple of 11 (e.g. 22, 33, 77). Make the next-to-last digit of your
    score the same as the number in the amount of coins. The easiest way to
    accomplish this is by smashing bricks. Finally, when you beat the level, the
    timer has to stop on an even number. If all these criteria are met, one of the
    Hammer Brothers on the map will turn into the airship! At the end of the
    airship, you'll have to beat a Boomerang Brother, and you will receive a
    Starman when you beat him. Not bad!
    If you are wearing one of the three suits (Frog, Tanooki, or Hammer Brother) 
    when you complete an airship level, you will get a different thank-you message
    from the king. They are as follows:
    FROG: "Oh me, oh my! You've been transformed! Shall I change you back with this
    TANOOKI: "Thank you, kind raccoon. Please tell me your name."
    HAMMER BROTHER: "Hey, you! Can I borrow your clothes? No dice!? What a drag."
    Certain levels will allow you to get special items from a hidden white Mushroom
    House if you get a certain amount of coins in a given level. This chart details
    each level where you have a chance to unveil a white Mushroom House as well as
    how many coins you need to trigger it. Such levels are also noted in the walk-
    through. In odd-numbered worlds, the white Mushroom House will give you a
    P-wing; in even-numbered worlds, an anchor.
      1-4 - 44 coins
      2-2 - 30 coins
      3-8 - 44 coins
      4-2 - 22 coins
      5-5 - 28 coins
      6-7 - 78 coins
      7-2 - 46 coins
    Every time you score 80000 points, the N-spade game appears on the world map.
    It is a memory-based card game in which you flip over two cards per turn. If
    the cards match, you get the item on the cards; if not, they turn back over and
    you pick again. You are only allowed two misses. If you miss twice, you will be
    ejected from the game and it will appear again once you score another 80000
    points, with all the matches you got from the previous game intact. When you
    clear an entire table, you will play a new one next time.
    There are eight different table setups, which are detailed below.
                |                                    |
                | FLR - Flower        STR - Starman  |
       LEGEND--{  1UP - Extra life    10C - 10 coins |
                | 20C - 20 coins      MSH - Mushroom |
    (1) FLR  STR  1UP  FLR  1UP  MSH      (2) 1UP  MSH  10C  MSH  FLR  STR
        10C  MSH  FLR  STR  MSH  10C          MSH  10C  STR  20C  20C  FLR
        STR  20C  20C  MSH  FLR  STR          STR  1UP  FLR  MSH  FLR  STR
    (3) MSH  FLR  20C  MSH  10C  STR      (4) MSH  FLR  1UP  FLR  STR  STR
        FLR  1UP  MSH  1OC  1UP  2OC          20C  STR  MSH  10C  1UP  FLR
        STR  FLR  STR  MSH  FLR  STR          2OC  MSH  10C  MSH  FLR  STR
    (5) FLR  20C  MSH  STR  1UP  FLR      (6) FLR  1OC  1UP  FLR  1UP  MSH
        1UP  FLR  10C  MSH  20C  STR          STR  MSH  20C  STR  MSH  10C
        MSH  1OC  STR  MSH  FLR  STR          STR  FLR  20C  MSH  FLR  STR
    (7) FLR  STR  1UP  FLR  20C  MSH      (8) MSH  FLR  20C  FLR  10C  STR
        1OC  MSH  20C  1UP  MSH  10C          2OC  1UP  MSH  1OC  1UP  FLR
        STR  FLR  STR  MSH  FLR  STR          STR  MSH  STR  MSH  FLR  STR
    The chart below will allow you to deduce immediately which table setup you are
    playing, starting from the fifth card of the first row. Follow the arrows on
    the flow chart for guaranteed success.
               ______     |   |                                ___           ___
         o--->| Star |--->| 4 |                   _______     |   |         |   |
         |     ¯¯¯¯¯¯     |___|             o--->| NOT a |--->| 5 |         | 6 |
         |                       ___        |    | 1-up  |    |___|         |___|
         |         ________     |   |       |     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                     ^
         |   o--->| Flower |--->| 2 |       |                               __|__
         |   |     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |___|    |¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                     | 10C |
      ___|___|___      ______            | 3rd card, |     ______           ¯¯^¯¯
     |           |--->| 1-up |---------->|  1st row  |--->| 1-up |---------o  |
     | 5th card, |     ¯¯¯¯¯¯            |___________|     ¯¯¯¯¯¯          |  |
     |  1st row  |     _____      |¯¯¯|                                    V  |
     |___ _______|--->| 20C |---->| 7 |                              |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
         |             ¯¯¯¯¯      |___|               ___            | 2nd card, |
         |                ___________      _____     |   |           |  1st row  |
         |     _____     |           |--->| 20C |--->| 3 |           |_ _________|
         o--->| 10C |--->| 6th card, |     ¯¯¯¯¯     |___|   ___       |      ___
               ¯¯¯¯¯     |  2nd row  |     ________         |   |   ___V__   |   |
                         |___________|--->| Flower |------->| 8 |  | Star |->| 1 |
                                           ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         |___|   ¯¯¯¯¯¯   |___|
    Hopefully the chart is not too confusing =)
    There are also a number of Game Genie codes that enhance your performance and
    can even exploit certain glitches, but other walkthroughs detail them quite
    exhaustively as it is and I do not have much knowledge in the field of said
       = | =======================
       = | =======================
    Thanks to those who provided information that was used in this walkthrough, in
    alphabetical order:
       Robert Glass
       John R. Jones
       Neal Lundberg
       Michael Malleson
    And to all those I associate with, those who host my FAQs on their websites, or
    just otherwise inspire me:
       my parents
       Leo Chan
       CJayC (Jeff Veasey)
       David McCutcheon (ZoopSoul)
       Brian Sulpher
       Jason Venter
    And of course, many thanks to anyone that I have inadvertently overlooked here.
    This version of this walkthrough (4.5) is © January 9, 2006 by me, Snow Dragon.
    You are free to use this guide on your website as long as you do not change
    what the text says in any way. You are allowed to make format changes such as
    converting it to HTML or adding screenshots. Do not plagiarize or sell the
    guide for profit. I wrote the guide for the benefit of others and would
    appreciate credit where it is due.
    The latest version of this guide can be found at GameFAQs, Neoseeker, and
    Honest Gamers.
    Other than that, have a great day, and have fun playing Super Mario Bros. 3!

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