What do the strange symbols mean?

  1. When doing the turtle tipping trick or entering lost worlds, there are weird symbols for world numbers. Is there any way that you can understand these strange symbols

    User Info: Manguy

    Manguy - 6 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. For worlds, the game uses numbers 0-9, then it uses letters A-Z. After that, it will use random pieces of various graphic sprites. After whatever graphic sprite represents the number 256, it will loop back to 0.

    The lives counter works slightly differently. Once you hit 10 lives, a crown icon will appear followed by a 0. It will then go through numbers 1-9, then A-Z, then random pieces of sprites just like with the worlds. After 256 it will loop back to 0, so if you get 258 lives and then die it will be game over, as the game will act as if you have no lives remaining. This was fixed in the All-Stars and GBC versions of the game, as it will not let you go beyond the limit.

    User Info: Spike

    Spike - 6 years ago 6   1

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