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    Version Differences FAQ by MightyCollector

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    Final Fantasy 1 Version Differences FAQ v4.0
    Copyright 1999-2009 The Collector (collector@fforigins.com)
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    This FAQ uses Shift-JIS encoding for Japanese text. The easiest way to view
     this is to install Japanese text support for your browser (or a browser with
     it built-in). You could also get JWPce (a Japanese word processor), which can
     be found at http://www.physics.ucla.edu/~grosenth/jwpce.html
    Best viewed with an evenly spaced font, at least 78 characters to a line.
    Table of Contents:
    Section 1:
    [1.A] FF1 Game Versions
    [1.B] Famicom/NES
    [1.C] MSX
    [1.D] WonderSwan Color
    [1.E] Playstation (Japan)
    [1.F] FF Origins (North America)
    [1.G] FF Origins (Europe)
    [1.H] FOMA/CDMA
    [1.I] Game Boy Advance (Japan)
    [1.J] Game Boy Advance (North America)
    [1.K] Game Boy Advance (Europe)
    [1.L] PSP Anniversary Edition
    Section 2:
    [2.A] Enemies
    [2.B] Weapons
    [2.C] Armor
    [2.D] Items
    [2.E] Special Items
    [2.F] Black Spells
    [2.G] White Spells
    [2.H] Enemy Special Attacks
    [2.I] Battle Commands
    [2.J] Status Ailments
    [2.K] Stats
    [2.L] Classes
    [2.M] Auto-names
    [2.N] Characters
    [2.O] Shops
    [2.P] Locations
    [2.Q] Misc
    Section 3:
    [3.A] Thanks
    [3.B] FAQ History
    Section 1:
    [1.A] FF1 Game Versions:
    FF1 was originally released in Japan on the Famicom (NES) in 1987, ported to
     the MSX2 in 1988 (published by Microcabin), then in North America on the NES
     in 1990 (translated and published by Nintendo), and later in Brazil
     (published by Playtronic, Nintendo's official distributor there). Then in
      1994, it was rereleased along with FF2j on a Famicom multicart.
    In 2000, it was remade for the WonderSwan Color in Japan, and
     could be purchased with a special edition Final Fantasy WSC. In 2002, a
     remake for the Japanese Playstation (based on the WSC version) was released,
     which was available separately and in a package with FF2 and some mini
     figures. In 2003, the 2-disc set was released in Europe (without the
     figures), and then on one disc in North America, both called Final Fantasy
     Origins. 2004 saw another version on Japanese FOMA cell phones, and later on
     CDMA phones. FF1+2 were once again released together on the Game Boy Advance,
     based on the WSC/PS versions, but with new stuff. This was then released in
     North America and Europe as FF1+2: Dawn of Souls. In 2007, for the 20th
     anniversary of the series, FF1 was released for the PSP in Japan, Asia,
     Korea, and North America, with higher resolution graphics and more new
     features. This version was released in Europe and Australia in 2008.
    [1.B] Famicom/NES Differences:
    The vast majority of the names of items, spells, monsters, etc. were changed
     from the original Japanese version. They can be found in the charts below.
     Most changes were probably made to save space, some were for censorship of
     religious references (Holy to FADE), some likely because of copyright reasons
     (Beholder to EYE), and some were just stupid (Lizard to IGUANA). The 4
     Chaoses became the 4 Fiends, probably to avoid confusion. Most importantly,
     the ORBS in the English version were Crystals in the Japanese version. Gold
     was called Gil, like in later games.
    Some graphics were also changed. The man in the Church/Clinic has a hat with a
     cross on it in the original version. The Church itself was changed; the heart
     on the US version's Clinic was a cross on the Church. Most of the classes
     have some minor differences in their battle poses. For example, the Super
     Monk/Master has a different hair style. Medusas are topless, and the
     Beholder/Eye & Death Beholder/Phantom look vastly different. Also, the
     candles found in some places were crosses, and the triangles in Tiamat's room
     were six-pointed stars.
    The last floor of the Temple of Fiends/Chaos is empty in the US version, but
     full of monsters in the original. Some minor changes: The Japanese version
     does not let you skip past the story screen with the start button, and the
     options in the weapon and armor screens were highlighted in red.
    Canada's version of FF1 is identical the US version, but the manual is in both
     English and French. Brazil's FF1 should also be the same, but probably has
     a Portuguese manual.
    The version of FF1 on the FF1&2 cart is a cross between the Famicom and NES
     versions. All of the names are the same as the first Famicom version, but the
     character and monster graphics from the NES version are used. You can't skip
     the story screen, the weapon and armor screens have red highlight like the
     first Famicom version, and the monsters are missing from the final floor like
     the NES version.
    [1.C] MSX2:
    Names and such all seem to be the same as the Famicom version, but almost all
     of the graphics have been changed slightly. Most monsters have more colors to
     add depth, some even have completely different color schemes. Most graphics,
     such as classes, town, and overworld also have more colors for depth. Music
     is improved, but the sounds range from a little better to a little worse. The
     buzz you hear if you walk while poisoned is now a thumping sound. The Marsh
     Cave and Titan's Tunnel both use the Matoya's Cave music, while the Mirage
     Tower uses the Gurgu Volcano / Earth Cave music. There are load times to deal
     with, and there's no smooth scrolling, so the screen is pretty jumpy when you
     walk. The invisible woman is visible. The encounter code is at least somewhat
     different as well. Battles seem more random, and the world map has been
     shifted up and to the left, so enemies appear in slightly different places.
     The buggy spells seem to have been fixed. The Adamant and Bottle stay in your
     item list even after you use them. Also, there's no credits when you cross
     the bridge.
    I like to compare the graphical differences to the difference between the NES
     and Master System versions of Double Dragon. (The SMS hardware was very
     similar to the MSX2, in fact.) While the graphics are technically superior,
     some colors are odd choices.
    The game came on one disk, and included a label to put onto a blank disk for
     saving. For some reason you could still only have one save file, but you
     could just save onto other disks. Since the MSX controller has only 2
     buttons, the keyboard must be used instead of start and select. I haven't
     figured out how to access the ship minigame, if it's even possible.
    The Black Belt no longer has power/armor based on his levels while unequipped,
     but seems pretty good with his chucks. You can't just hold the A button down
     to have everyone attack, you'll have to push it separately for each action.
     The graphics for weapons aren't aligned well, the Ruby (Gold) Bracelet only
     costs 10,000 Gil instead of 50,000, the screen is smaller, and multi-target
     spells don't waste time on dead characters.
    [1.D] WonderSwan Color:
    The names of both Beholders were changed, but all other names are the same as
     the Famicom version. This is likely due to copyright reasons, but I wonder
     why "Mind Flayer" is intact.
    You can name your characters with Roman letters in addition to Katakana &
     Hiragana. Names are still limited to 4 letters though.
    The graphics of everything have been upgraded to 16-bit-like quality, though
     the WSC's screen resolution is smaller than any other version. All of the
     classes have been redesigned; some a little, some a lot. The monsters are
     very much inspired by the original images, but completely redrawn, more
     colorful and detailed. The 2 Pedes (Ankheg & Remorhaz) have their colors
     swapped for no apparent reason. The overworld map has been altered a little,
     but not to any significant degree. Some other maps are altered a little to
     make them look a lot better (Sea Shrine for example), and to allow easier
     access to some places. "Offensive" things like crosses are gone. Full & empty
     chests now have different graphics.
    Some new music has been added. A new opening sequence has a new song, which
     leads into a short version of the Prelude. The church (clinic) has its own
     song. There is a boss theme, 2 Fiend themes, and a final boss theme.
    Some minor extra events have been added, such as an expanded conversation with
     the king of Cornelia, and a bridge-building scene. You can now walk around in
     shops, as in later games. The dancer in Cornelia now gives you hints. The
     invisible woman has simply been removed, rather than making her visible.
     There's also a few old men in the Cornelia Inn that provide tutorials. Some
     cinema scenes have been added, such as during the submarine ride and when the
     canal is built.
    There's also a bit of hand-holding. Guards wait for you after you enter the
     town of Cornelia, the Princess calls you back if you try to leave the room
     without getting the Lute, the Elf Prince gives you the key immediately after
     you give the doctor the Herb (without having to talk to both of them), and
     the Caravan won't let you buy more than one Bottle. (They sell common items
    Some gameplay changes were made also. You can now run by holding the B button.
     Attacking after an enemy dies no longer results in Ineffective. LIFE and SOFT
     can be used in battle too. You can also turn these features off.
    There's also a quick save, which lets you save anywhere for free, but quits
     the game. Reloading this save erases it. There are 8 normal save slots now
     instead of 1. All items, weapons, armor, etc. are placed in a common pool
     like later games, so item management is much easier. Story-related items also
     get a separate screen. You can buy items in quantities, and any shop will buy
     any kind of item. Spells can be forgotten (dropped) to make room for others.
     You can't board the ship from a non-port square, or enter a castle from the
     side. (I find it annoying.)
    Battles are a little tighter and more descriptive. Instead of boxes to tell
     you what's happened, damage and healing are shown above the characters, and
     different status causes the characters to change colors. There are also
     indications of when monsters are sleeping, confused, etc. Your characters
     are no longer separated from the monsters by borders.
    Some monsters regenerate HP every round; apparently they did before to a
     lesser extent, but now you can see it happening. Poison no longer bumps a
     character to the bottom, but dying and being turned to stone still do so.
     Battles are more random, as in: when you fight, what you fight, and what the
     enemy does. Some monsters are out of place, for example: northern river
     monsters can now be found in the south.
    The buggy spells and weapons have been fixed. The Mute status no longer
     prevents items from being used. Warp takes you to the previous floor you were
     on, instead of the next floor closer to the exit.
    The game is generally easier because of the bugfixes and better item
     management, to make up for it bosses have more HP.
    Since the WSC has no select button, party order can be changed from the
     regular menu. Also, the map is now accessed by pressing B+Start. The mini
     game now gives lots of money for getting good times. You still get 100 Gil
     for just beating it, but now you get some items as well. The credits are no
     longer displayed when you cross the bridge.
    [1.E] Playstation (Japan):
    (I have not played the Japanese version myself, so I may not know everything.)
    This is basically a port of the WonderSwan version with a few additions. The
     dialog now uses Kanji. An opening FMV and a longer ending have been added.
     The sounds are improved and the music is much better. The graphics have been
     improved for the Playstation's capabilities and the larger screen size. There
     are larger backgrounds, larger monsters, larger map characters, more colors,
     and transparency on spells. Flashier transitions occur when entering and
     exiting a battle. Riding in the airship now has a rounded perspective view.
     The controls have also been changed to accommodate the Playstation
     controller. (A in other versions=Circle, B=X)  The menu screen music is gone;
     instead you hear the music from where you were, but quieter.
    Added features include rumble support, a soft reset (L1+R1+L2+R2+Start+Select
     like other Playstation FFs), and an Easy mode where everything is cheaper,
     you gain levels faster, get MP faster, and there are higher MP caps. There is
     a Collections menu featuring a Bestiary, Item collection, and Artwork
     galleries that are unlocked as you progress through the game. You are given
     the option to save your completed game, as you must beat the game twice to
     unlock everything.
    Going from cart to disc has added load times. They aren't bad though, even
     when using the memory card. Also, to speed things up further, the WSC's
     quick save has been replaced by a Memo File, which allows you to save
     anywhere (even in towns or dungeons) for free, but you lose it if you turn
     the power off.
    [1.F] Playstation "FF Origins" (North America):
    This version is mostly the same as the Japanese Playstation version, but
     there are a couple of small differences. There's a brand new translation.
     Characters can now have up to 6 letter names (finally!), and the names of
     items, spells, monsters, etc. have more letter space to accommodate the more
     accurate translation. While most of those names have more accurate
     translations, a few have kept their NES names. A lot of the character names,
     which were pretty accurate on the NES, have been royally screwed with. These
     can all be found in the charts below. The dialog itself is a lot better than
     the original.
    The controls were changed from the Japanese version. Circle & X were reversed
     (like every FF since 8, I believe). The controls are also sloppy, and can be
     very frustrating. (This may have been true in the Japanese version as well,
     but I can't confirm it.)
    The game comes on the same disc as FF2.
    [1.G] Playstation "FF Origins" (Europe):
    (I'm not sure I know everything about this version as I've never played it.)
    As far as I know, it should be mostly identical to the US Playstation version,
     but with changes for the PAL television standard (it may have black bars at
     the top and bottom and/or run 16.7% slower) and European market (multilingual
     instructions). The tombstone in Elfheim says Erdrick (like the US NES
     version) instead of Link (like the North American remakes and every Japanese
     version.) It also comes with 2 cards with concept artwork.
    The game comes on its own disc, like the Japanese version.
    [1.H] FOMA/CDMA:
    (I don't know much about these versions as I've never played them.)
    The FOMA cellphone version, called "Final Fantasy i", looks like a cross
     between the older (NES/MSX) versions and the remakes (WSC/PSX/GBA). The
     character and battle graphics look like the remakes while the maps look more
     like the originals (but slightly updated). The battle backgrounds are similar
     to the remakes, but not really the same. Character names can be up to
     8 letters, more than any other version. Names can be in Roman letters or
     Japanese characters. The dialog uses Kanji. The font is large and attractive.
     The only boss theme is for the final boss. The invisible lady is gone.
    The cutscenes, forced story, ship minigame, and the run button are gone (but
     there's an autorun option). The Auto-targetting from the other remakes is
     there, and bosses have the same HP as the WSC. Shops are like the original in
     that you can't walk around in them. The ability to drop spells and the
     quicksave of the other remakes is there, as well as an autosave. Levels,
     prices, and MP work like the original. Items, equipment, etc. work like the
     remakes. You can't change equipment in battle though. You can't board the
     ship from a non-port square, but you can enter castles from the side.
    The CDMA 1X WIN version, called "Final Fantasy EZ", should be about the same
     as the FOMA one, but I don't have much info on it.
    [1.I] Game Boy Advance (Japan):
    This version is somewhere between being a port of the WSC/PSX versions, and
     being a new remake. There are 4 new dungeons (one for each Fiend), called
     "Soul of Chaos". They feature new weapons, armor, items, and monsters (most,
     if not all, are from later FFs) as well as references to other games in the
     series. Each of these dungeons has 4 bosses from an FF game, from FF3 to FF6.
    The graphics are somewhere between the WSC & PSX versions. The monsters and
     characters are the same scale as the WSC, but as colorful and with the
     improved effects of the PSX. There is a "Mode 7" style airship mode that
     looks even better than the PSX. The colors look very bright and vivid
     compared to the WSC version, and some things are a slightly different color.
     The GBA has a higher resolution than the WSC, but not as high as the PSX. The
     worldmap is mostly the same as the WSC/PSX versions, but there are 4
     entrances to the new dungeons.
    The music seems almost up to the quality of the PSX version, but the sound
     isn't quite as good.
    Other than the new dungeons, the dialog seems to be mostly the same as the
     other Japanese remakes, with a couple of changes (someone mentions Cid, Jim
     was renamed to Watts, etc.) There's an option for the dialog to be in Kanji
     or Hiragana. Names are limited to 4 letters like most other Japanese
     versions. You can also have names randomly chosen for your characters; from
     characters in other FFs.
    There are many new items, some shops have been changed, the contents of some
     chests have been changed, you can win items from enemies, and you can win
     more items from the minigame. Healing items restore more HP, and Tents
     restore MP. You start off with minimal equipment instead of nothing, and you
     start off with 500 Gil instead of 400.
    You no longer need an Inn, Tent, etc. to save the game. Saving is now done
     from the menu for free, and you can do it anywhere, even in towns and
     dungeons. There are 3 save slots. Magic now uses an MP system, like later
     games, instead of separate charges per spell level. Different spells in the
     same level can have different MP costs, and you have a "Magic Level". You
     can't learn spells that are higher than your Magic Level.
    You can push L+R to run like later games, but only when it's your turn and you
     haven't assigned any actions yet. The map is back to B+Select instead of
     B+Start. The game also seems to move faster than any other version. You can
     leave the final dungeon without a teleport spell.
    The new features of the previous remakes like B Button Dash, using Life or
     Gold Needles in battle, and Auto-Targeting are no longer optional. There's
     also no option of easy or normal mode like the PSX version. Most things
     from the PSX easy mode are implemented, and the extra items and MP system
     make it even easier. To make up for that, the enemies seem to have had their
     difficulty increased.
    The INT stat actually makes a noticeable difference. Even when using
     spellcasting items, your Black Mage will do much more damage (or heal more
     HP) than other classes, and the Warrior will do the least. Stat growth is
     also different than previous versions. The Thief and Monk have been made more
     powerful, and the Red Mage has been weakened (at least compared to other
     classes). The Monk gets affected by each piece of equipment separately, so
     you can have the benefit of wearing a Ribbon while still gaining the high
     defense rating of not equipping other armor.
    The bestiary of the PSX version is back, but the treasure list and art gallery
     are gone. The bestiary plays the music associated with the monster you're
     looking at. There is a music player you can unlock by beating both FF1 & FF2.
     The ship minigame gives a variety of items for getting 1st / 2nd / 3rd place
     instead of the big cash prizes of the WSC/PSX. You don't even get the 100 Gil
     unless you don't place. Also, you only need to press the button 23 times to
     access it instead of the original's 55.
    [1.J] GameBoy Advance "Dawn of Souls" (North America):
    This one has all the new features and the same graphics as the Japanese one,
     and features a new translation. Some names are kept from FF Origins, some are
     back to their original NES names, and some are new. This is the most accurate
     translation yet. This is partly due to more space being available for monster
     and item names than ever. You also get 6 letters to name your guys like in FF
     Origins. As a tribute to the NES version, Garland once again says his famous
     line "I, Garland, will knock you all down!" The name on the tombstone is
    [1.J] GameBoy Advance "Dawn of Souls" (Europe):
    This one is just like the Japanese and US ones, but has 5 languages to choose
     from: English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish. This English script
     should be mostly the same as the US one, but with British spellings (e.g.
     "armour" instead of "armor"). These languages are not included in this guide,
     but I may add them in the future.
    In place of the NES reference, Garland's line is "I, Garland, will cut you
     down to size!" The name on the tombstone is Link, finally making it the same
     in all three regions.
    [1.L] PSP "Anniversary Edition"
    This version has all the new features of the GBA release, and adds to it
     higher resolution graphics and a new time-based dungeon. The title screen
     also has new artwork. There are three language options: Kana, Kanji, and
     English. This English translation seems to be heavily based on the North
     American Dawn of Souls version, but with a number of changes. The
     Playstation's FMVs also return. There are some new effects, such as a limited
     view in dark dungeons, rolling fog and clouds in towns, and the world map is
     shown in pseudo-3D even while walking, like FF6. A Defend option is added to
     battles, a feature I thought the previous remakes needed. You can also
     change the button configuration. A new bug was added to this version, which
     allowed you to produce powerful equipment from nothing.
    The new dungeon, called the Labyrinth of Time, has a new boss (or 8, kind of),
     and new equipment as the reward for finishing it. This also unlocks the Time
     Chamber in the Extras menu, which let you replay floor of the Labyrinth of
     Time that you've beaten. You will also find a new character, a cloaked figure
     in Cornelia who leads you to the new dungeon.
    I haven't played anything but the North American version, but they should all
     be pretty much the same, since they feature both English and Japanese
     language options. The Japanese version likely has different default controls
     from the North American one, and would default to Japanese instead of
     English. I would imagine the Asian and Korean versions share the default
     options of the Japanese one, and the European and Australian versions would
     share the defaults of the North American one.
    Also note, the PSP versions of FF1 and FF2 are sold separately.
    Section 2:
    Guide to these charts:
    Japanese names usually stay the same from one version to the next. So the WSC
     name will only be listed if it's different from the Famicom name, the
     Japanese GBA name only if it's different from the WSC name, and the Japanese
     PSP name only if it's different from the GBA name. The English translations
     vary a lot, so I've listed all of them except the PSP, which is only given
     when it's different from the GBA.
    When a Japanese name is given in Kana, it is followed by its Romaji, then my
     translation. When it's written in Kanji on the next line, and both its Romaji
     and translation would be the same, I don't repeat it.
    Fam = Nintendo Famicom
    Kan = Kanji version of the Japanese name
    NES = Nintendo Entertainment System
    WSC = Bandai WonderSwan Color
    FFO = Final Fantasy Origins (Playstation) North American English
    GBJ = Game Boy Advance Japanese
    DoS = Dawn of Souls (Game Boy Advance) North American English
    PPJ = PSP Anniversary Edition Japanese
    PSP = PSP Anniversary Edition English
    [2.A] Enemies:
    These follow the order of the PS1, GBA, and PSP's Bestiaries.
    Fam: ゴブリン         - goburin         - Goblin
    NES: IMP
    FFO: Goblin
    DoS: Goblin
    Fam: ゴブリンガード   - goburinga-do    - Goblin Guard
    NES: GrIMP (Grey Imp)
    FFO: Goblin Guard
    DoS: Goblin Guard
    Fam: ウルフ           - urufu           - Wolf
    FFO: Wolf
    DoS: Wolf
    Fam: クレイジーホース - kureiji-ho-su   - Crazy Horse
    FFO: Crazy Horse
    DoS: Crazy Horse
    Fam: スケルトン       - sukeruton       - Skeleton
    FFO: Skeleton
    DoS: Skeleton
    Fam: ブラックウィドウ - burakkuuidou    - Black Widow
    FFO: Black Widow
    DoS: Black Widow
    Fam: ギガースウォーム - giga-suuo-mu    - Gigas Worm
    FFO: Gigas Worm
    DoS: Gigas Worm
    Fam: ウォーグウルフ   - uo-guurufu      - Warg (Worg) Wolf
    NES: GrWOLF (Grey Wolf)
    FFO: Warg Wolf
    DoS: Warg Wolf
    Fam: ウェアウルフ     - ueaurufu        - Werewolf
    NES: WrWOLF (Werewolf)
    FFO: Werewolf
    DoS: Werewolf
    Fam: ゾンビ           - zonbi           - Zombie
    FFO: Zombie
    DoS: Zombie
    Fam: グール           - gu-ru           - Ghoul
    FFO: Ghoul
    DoS: Ghoul
    Fam: ガーランド       - ga-rando        - Garland
    FFO: Garland
    DoS: Garland
    Fam: コブラ           - kobura          - Cobra
    NES: ASP
    FFO: Cobra
    DoS: Cobra
    Fam: オーガ           - o-ga            - Ogre
    FFO: Ogre
    DoS: Ogre
    Fam: オーガチーフ     - o-gachi-fu      - Ogre Chief
    NES: GrOGRE (Green Ogre)
    FFO: Ogre Chieftain
    DoS: Ogre Chief
    Fam: リザード         - riza-do         - Lizard
    FFO: Lizard
    DoS: Lizard
    Fam: かいぞく         - kaizoku         - Pirate
    FFO: Pirate
    DoS: Pirate
    Fam: サハギン         - sahagin         - Sahuagin
    FFO: Sahagin
    DoS: Sahagin
    Fam: サハギンチーフ   - sahaginchi-fu   - Sahuagin Chief
    NES: R.SAHAG (Red Sahag)
    FFO: Sahagin Chief
    DoS: Sahagin Chief
    Fam: パイレーツ       - paire-tsu       - Pirates
    FFO: Privateer
    DoS: Buccaneer
    Fam: シャーク         - sha-ku          - Shark
    FFO: Shark
    DoS: Shark
    Fam: ビッグアイ       - bigguai         - Big Eye
    NES: OddEYE
    FFO: Goggler
    DoS: Bigeyes
    Fam: タランチュラ     - taranchura      - Tarantula
    FFO: Tarantula
    DoS: Tarantula
    Fam: ガスト           - gasuto          - Ghast
    FFO: Ghast
    DoS: Ghast
    Fam: サソリ           - sasori          - Scorpion
    FFO: Scorpion
    DoS: Scorpion
    Fam: シャドウ         - shadou          - Shadow
    FFO: Shadow
    DoS: Shadow
    Fam: グリーンスライム - guri-nsuraime   - Green Slime
    FFO: Green Slime
    DoS: Green Slime
    Fam: クロウラー       - kuroura-        - Crawler
    FFO: Crawler
    DoS: Crawler
    Fam: グレイウーズ     - gureiu-zu       - Gray Ooze
    FFO: Gray Ooze
    DoS: Gary Ooze
    Fam: ガーゴイル       - ga-goiru        - Gargoyle
    FFO: Gargoyle
    DoS: Gargoyle
    Fam: ブラッディボーン - buraddibo-n     - Bloody Bone
    NES: R.BONE (Red Bone)
    FFO: Bloodbones
    DoS: Bloodbones
    Fam: ピスコディーモン - pisukodi-mon    - Piscodemon
    FFO: Piscodemon
    DoS: Piscodemon
    Fam: アストス         - asutosu         - Astos
    FFO: Astos
    DoS: Astos
    Fam: マミー           - mami-           - Mummy
    FFO: Mummy
    DoS: Mummy
    Fam: レイス           - reisu           - Wraith
    FFO: Wraith
    DoS: Wraith
    Fam: アナコンダ       - anakonda        - Anaconda
    FFO: Anaconda
    DoS: Anaconda
    Fam: ハイエナドン     - haienadon       - Hyeanodon
    FFO: Hyenadon
    DoS: Hyenadon
    Fam: キティタイガー   - kititaiga-      - Kitty Tiger
    FFO: Lesser Tiger
    DoS: Lesser Tiger
    Fam: ミノタウロス     - minotaurosu     - Minotaur
    FFO: Minotaur
    DoS: Minotaur
    Fam: ヒルギガース     - hirugiga-su     - Hill Gigas
    FFO: Hill Gigas
    DoS: Hill Gigas
    Fam: アースエレメント - a-sueremento    - Earth Element
    FFO: Gnoma
    DoS: Earth Elemental
    Fam: トロル           - tororu          - Troll
    FFO: Troll
    DoS: Troll
    Fam: ワイト           - waito           - Wight
    FFO: Wight
    DoS: Wight
    Fam: オーカーゼリー   - o-ka-zeri-      - Ochre Jelly
    FFO: Ochre Jelly
    DoS: Ochre Jelly
    Fam: コカトリス       - kokatorisu      - Cockatrice
    FFO: Cockatrice
    DoS: Cockatrice
    Fam: バンパイア       - banpaia         - Vampire
    FFO: Vampire
    DoS: Vampire
    Fam: オーガメイジ     - o-gameiji       - Ogre Mage
    NES: WzOGRE (Wizard Ogre)
    FFO: Ogre Mage
    DoS: Ogre Mage
    Fam: スフィンクス     - sufinkusu       - Sphinx
    FFO: Sphinx
    DoS: Sphinx
    Fam: リッチ           - ritchi          - Lich
    FFO: Lich
    DoS: Lich
    Fam: アンクヘッグ     - ankuheggu       - Ankheg
    FFO: Centipede
    DoS: Ankheg
    Fam: ピラニア         - pirania         - Piranha
    FFO: Piranha
    DoS: Piranha
    Fam: レッドピラニア   - reddopirania    - Red Piranha
    NES: R.CARIBE (Red Caribe)
    FFO: Red Piranha
    DoS: Red Piranha
    Fam: クロコダイル     - kurokodairu     - Crocodile
    FFO: Crocodile
    DoS: Crocodile
    Fam: ホワイトダイル   - howaitodairu    - White 'dile
    NES: FrGATOR (Frost Gator)
    FFO: White Croc
    DoS: White Croc
    Fam: オチュー         - ochu-           - Otyugh
    FFO: Ochu
    DoS: Ochu
    Fam: ネオチュー       - neochu-         - Neo-Otyugh
    FFO: Neochu
    DoS: Neochu
    Fam: ヒドラ           - hidora          - Hydra
    FFO: Hydra
    DoS: Hydra
    Fam: ホーンドデビル   - ho-ndodebiru    - Horned Devil
    NES: R.GOYLE (Red Gargoyle)
    FFO: Horned Devil
    DoS: Horned Devil
    Fam: ピロリスク       - pirorisuku      - Pyrolisk
    FFO: Pyrolisk
    DoS: Pyrolisk
    Fam: ファイアー       - faia-           - Fire
    FFO: Pyros
    DoS: Fire Elemental
    Fam: ファイアヒドラ   - faiahidora      - Fire Hydra
    NES: R.HYDRA (Red Hydra)
    FFO: Fire Hydra
    DoS: Fire Hydra
    Fam: ラーバウォーム   - ra-bauo-mu      - Lava Worm
    NES: Grey W (Grey Worm)
    FFO: Lava Worm
    DoS: Lava Worm
    Fam: ヘルハウンド     - heruhaundo      - Hell Hound
    FFO: Hellhound
    DoS: Hellhound
    Fam: ファイアリザード - faiariza-do     - Fire Lizard
    FFO: Fire Lizard
    DoS: Fire Lizard
    Fam: ファイアギガース - faiagiga-su     - Fire Gigas
    NES: R.GIANT (Red Giant)
    FFO: Fire Gigas
    DoS: Fire Gigas
    Fam: レッドドラゴン   - reddodoragon    - Red Dragon
    NES: Red D (Red Dragon)
    FFO: Red Dragon
    DoS: Red Dragon
    Fam: マリリス         - maririsu        - Marilith
    FFO: Marilith
    DoS: Marilith
    Fam: ホワイトドラゴン - howaitodoragon  - White Dragon
    NES: Frost D (Frost Dragon)
    FFO: White Dragon
    DoS: White Dragon
    Fam: ウィンターウルフ - uinta-urufu     - Winter Wolf
    NES: FrWOLF (Frost Wolf)
    FFO: Winter Wolf
    DoS: Winter Wolf
    Fam: マインドフレイア - maindofureia    - Mind Flayer
    FFO: Mindflayer
    DoS: Mindflayer
    Fam: アイスギガース   - aisugiga-su     - Ice Gigas
    NES: FrGIANT (Frost Giant)
    FFO: Ice Gigas
    DoS: Ice Gigas
    Fam: スペクター       - supekuta-       - Specter
    FFO: Specter
    DoS: Specter
    Fam: レモラーズ       - remora-zu       - Remorhaz
    NES: GrPEDE (Great Pede)
    FFO: Remora
    DoS: Remorazz
    Fam: ダークウィザード - da-kuuiza-do    - Dark Wizard
    FFO: Dark Wizard
    DoS: Dark Wizard
    Fam: ビホルダー       - bihoruda-       - Beholder
    NES: EYE
    WSC: イビルアイ       - ibiruai         - Evil Eye
    FFO: Evil Eye
    DoS: Evil Eye
    Fam: デザートバレッテ - deza-tobarette  - Desert Bulette
    FFO: Desert Baretta
    DoS: Desert Baretta
    Fam: セーベルタイガー - se-berutaiga-   - Saber Tiger
    NES: Saber T (Saber Tooth Tiger)
    FFO: Sabretooth
    DoS: Sabertooth
    Fam: ワイバーン       - waiba-n         - Wyvern
    FFO: Wyvern
    DoS: Wyvern
    Fam: ウィルム         - uirumu          - Wyrm
    FFO: Wyrm
    DoS: Wyrm
    Fam: マンティコア     - mantikoa        - Manticore
    FFO: Manticore
    DoS: Manticore
    Fam: バレッテ         - barette         - Bulette
    NES: R.ANKYLO (Red Ankylo)
    FFO: Baretta
    DoS: Baretta
    Fam: バシリスク       - bashirisuku     - Basilisk
    FFO: Basilisk
    DoS: Basilisk
    Fam: アロザウルス     - arozaurusu      - Allosaurus
    FFO: Allosaurus
    DoS: Allosaurus
    Fam: ウェアタイガー   - ueataiga-       - Weretiger
    FFO: Weretiger
    DoS: Weretiger
    Fam: サンドウォーム   - sandouo-mu      - Sand Worm
    NES: Sand W (Sand Worm)
    FFO: Sand Worm
    DoS: Sand Worm
    Fam: ミノタウロゾンビ - minotaurozonbi  - Minotaur Zombie
    NES: ZomBULL (Zombie Bull)
    FFO: Necrotaur
    DoS: Minotaur Zombie
    Fam: キングマミー     - kingumami-      - King Mummy
    NES: WzMUMMY (Wizard Mummy)
    FFO: King Mummy
    DoS: King Mummy
    Fam: メデューサ       - medu-sa         - Medusa
    FFO: Medusa
    DoS: Medusa
    Fam: ラクシャーサ     - rakusha-sa      - Rakshasa
    FFO: Rakshasa
    DoS: Rakshasa
    Fam: クレイゴーレム   - kureigo-remu    - Clay Golem
    NES: MUDGol
    FFO: Clay Golem
    DoS: Clay Golem
    Fam: ナイトメア       - naitomea        - Nightmare
    FFO: Nightmare
    DoS: Nightmare
    Fam: ドラゴンゾンビ   - doragonzonbi    - Dragon Zombie
    NES: ZombieD (Zombie Dragon)
    FFO: Dragon Zombie
    DoS: Dragon Zombie
    Fam: サハギンプリンス - sahaginpurinsu  - Sahuagin Prince
    NES: WzSAHAG (Wizard Sahag)
    FFO: Sahagin Prince
    DoS: Sahagin Prince
    Fam: ホワイトシャーク - howaitosha-ku   - White Shark
    NES: GrSHARK (Grey Shark)
    FFO: White Shark
    DoS: White Shark
    Fam: ディープアイ     - di-puai         - Deep Eye
    NES: BigEYE
    FFO: Deepeyes
    DoS: Deepeyes
    Fam: シースネイク     - shi-suneiku     - Sea Snake
    FFO: Sea Snake
    DoS: Sea Snake
    Fam: うみサソリ       - umisasori       - Sea Scorpion
    FFO: Sea Scorpion
    DoS: Sea Scorpion
    Fam: シートロル       - shi-tororu      - Sea Troll
    FFO: Sea Troll
    DoS: Sea Troll
    Fam: ゴースト         - go-suto         - Ghost
    FFO: Ghost
    DoS: Ghost
    Fam: ウォーター       - uo-ta-          - Water
    FFO: Aquos
    DoS: Water Elemental
    Fam: ウォーターナーガ - uo-ta-na-ga     - Water Naga
    FFO: Water Naga
    DoS: Water Naga
    Fam: クラーケン       - kura-ken        - Kraken
    FFO: Kraken
    DoS: Kraken
    Fam: チラノザウルス   - chiranozaurusu  - Tyrannosaurus
    NES: T REX
    FFO: Tyrannosaur
    DoS: Tyrannosaur
    Fam: ブラックナイト   - burakkunaito    - Black Knight
    FFO: Black Knight
    DoS: Black Knight
    Fam: キメラ           - kimera          - Chimera
    FFO: Chimera
    DoS: Chimera
    Fam: ガーディアン     - ga-dian         - Guardian
    FFO: Guardian
    DoS: Guardian
    Fam: ブルードラゴン   - buru-doragon    - Blue Dragon
    NES: Blue D (Blue Dragon)
    FFO: Blue Dragon
    DoS: Blue Dragon
    Fam: グリーンドラゴン - guri-ndoragon   - Green Dragon
    NES: Gas D (Gas Dragon)
    FFO: Green Dragon
    DoS: Green Dragon
    Fam: ストーンゴーレム - suto-ngo-remu   - Stone Golem
    NES: RockGOL
    FFO: Stone Golem
    DoS: Stone Golem
    Fam: エアエレメンタル - eaerementaru    - Air Elemental
    NES: AIR
    FFO: Aeros
    DoS: Air Elemental
    Fam: スピリットナーガ - supirittona-ga  - Spirit Naga
    NES: GrNAGA (Grey Naga)
    FFO: Spirit Naga
    DoS: Spirit Naga
    Fam: デスナイト       - desunaito       - Death Knight
    FFO: Doom Knight
    DoS: Death Knight
    Fam: アースメデューサ - a-sumedu-sa     - Earth Medusa
    NES: GrMEDUSA (Green Medusa)
    FFO: Earth Medusa
    DoS: Earth Medusa
    Fam: ブラックプリン   - burakkupurin    - Black Pudding
    FFO: Dark Flan
    DoS: Black Flan
    Fam: ソルジャー       - soruja-         - Soldier
    FFO: Soldier
    DoS: Soldier
    Fam: バンパイアロード - banpaiaro-do    - Vampire Lord
    NES: WzVAMP (Wizard Vampire)
    FFO: Vampire Lord
    DoS: Vampire Lord
    Fam: ダークファイター - da-kufaita-     - Dark Fighter
    FFO: Dark Warrior
    DoS: Dark Fighter
    Fam: デスマシーン     - desumashi-n     - Death Machine
    NES: WarMECH
    FFO: Warmech
    DoS: Death Machine
    PSP: Warmech
    Fam: ティアマット     - tiamatto        - Tiamat
    FFO: Tiamat
    DoS: Tiamat
    Fam: ゴーキメラ       - go-kimera       - Gorgimera
    FFO: Rhyos
    DoS: Rhyos
    Fam: デスビホルダー   - desubihoruda-   - Death Beholder
    WSC: デスアイ         - desuai          - Death Eye
    FFO: Death Eye
    DoS: Death Eye
    Fam: パープルウォーム - pa-puruuo-mu    - Purple Worm
    FFO: Purple Worm
    DoS: Purple Worm
    Fam: アイアンゴーレム - aiango-remu     - Iron Golem
    NES: IronGOL
    FFO: Iron Golem
    DoS: Iron Golem
    Fam: リッチ           - ritchi          - Lich
    FFO: Lich
    DoS: Lich
    Fam: マリリス         - maririsu        - Marilith
    FFO: Marilith
    DoS: Marilith
    Fam: クラーケン       - kura-ken        - Kraken
    FFO: Kraken
    DoS: Kraken
    Fam: ティアマット     - tiamatto        - Tiamat
    FFO: Tiamat
    DoS: Tiamat
    Fam: カオス           - kaosu           - Chaos
    FFO: Chaos
    DoS: Chaos
    GBA/PSP-only Enemies:
    GBJ: エキドナ         - ekidona         - Echidna
    DoS: Echidna
    GBJ: ケルベロス       - keruberosu      - Cerberus
    DoS: Cerberus
    GBJ: アーリマン       - a-riman         - Ahriman
    DoS: Ahriman
    GBJ: 2ヘッドドラゴン - 2heddodoragon   - 2-Headed Dragon
    DoS: 2-Headed Dragon
    PSP: Two-Headed Dragon
    GBJ: スカルミリョーネ - sukarumiryo-ne  - Scarmiglione
    DoS: Scarmiglione
    GBJ: スカルミリョーネ - sukarumiryo-ne  - Scarmiglione
    DoS: Scarmiglione
    GBJ: カイナッツォ     - kainattso       - Cagnazzo
    DoS: Cagnazzo
    GBJ: バルバリシア     - barubarishia    - Barbariccia
    DoS: Barbariccia
    GBJ: ルビカンテ       - rubikante       - Rubicante
    DoS: Rubicante
    GBJ: ギルガメッシュ   - girugamesshu    - Gilgamesh
    DoS: Gilgamesh
    GBJ: オメガ           - omega           - Omega
    DoS: Omega
    GBJ: しんりゅう       - shinryuu        - Shinryu (God? Dragon)
    DoS: Shinryu
    GBJ: アトモス         - atomosu         - Atomos
    DoS: Atomos
    GBJ: テュポーン       - tupo-n          - Typhon
    DoS: Typhon
    GBJ: オルトロス       - orutorosu       - Orthros
    DoS: Orthros
    GBJ: まれっしゃ       - maressha        - Demon Train
    DoS: Phantom Train
    GBJ: デスゲイズ       - desugeizu       - Death Gaze
    DoS: Death Gaze
    GBJ: デビルウィザード - debiruuiza-do   - Devil Wizard
    DoS: Devil Wizard
    GBJ: アビスウォーム   - abisuuo-mu      - Abyss Worm
    DoS: Abyss Worm
    GBJ: エルムギガース   - erumugiga-su    - Elm Gigas
    DoS: Elm Gigas
    GBJ: フレアギガース   - fureagiga-su    - Flare Gigas
    DoS: Flare Gigas
    GBJ: ユニコーン       - yuniko-n        - Unicorn
    DoS: Unicorn
    GBJ: イエローオーガ   - iero-o-ga       - Yellow Ogre
    DoS: Yellow Ogre
    GBJ: バーサオーガ     - ba-sao-ga       - Berserk Ogre
    DoS: Mad Ogre
    GBJ: メイジキメラ     - meijikimera     - Mage Chimera
    DoS: Mage Chimera
    GBJ: イエロードラゴン - iero-doragon    - Yellow Dragon
    DoS: Yellow Dragon
    GBJ: ホーリードラゴン - ho-ri-doragon   - Holy Dragon
    DoS: Holy Dragon
    GBJ: ミスリルゴーレム - misurirugo-remu - Mithril Golem
    DoS: Mythril Golem
    GBJ: キラーシャーク   - kira-sha-ku     - Killer Shark
    DoS: Killer Shark
    GBJ: デスマンティコア - desumantikoa    - Death Manticore
    DoS: Death Manticore
    GBJ: ブラッドタイガー - buraddotaiga-   - Blood Tiger
    DoS: Blood Tiger
    GBJ: ダークアイ       - da-kuai         - Dark Eye
    DoS: Dark Eye
    GBJ: ブラッディアイ   - buraddiai       - Bloody Eye
    DoS: Bloody Eye
    GBJ: フラッドギガース - furaddogiga-su  - Flood Gigas
    DoS: Flood Gigas
    GBJ: プアゾンイーグル - puazon'i-guru   - Puazon??? Eagle
    DoS: Poison Eagle
    GBJ: ブラックゴブリン - burakkugoburin  - Black Goblin
    DoS: Black Goblin
    GBJ: ノッカー         - nokka-          - Knocker
    DoS: Knocker
    GBJ: デザートピード   - deza-topi-do    - Desertpede
    DoS: Desertpede
    GBJ: グルームウィドウ - guru-muuidou    - Gloom Widow
    DoS: Gloom Widow
    GBJ: デュエルナイト   - duerunaito      - Duel Knight
    DoS: Duel Knight
    GBJ: スクイドラーケン - sukuidora-ken   - Squidraken
    DoS: Squidraken
    GBJ: ファラオ         - farao           - Pharaoh
    DoS: Pharaoh
    GBJ: ボーンスナッチ   - bo-nsunacchi    - Bonesnatch
    DoS: Bonesnatch
    GBJ: シルバードラゴン - siruba-doragon  - Silver Dragon
    DoS: Silver Dragon
    GBJ: ブラックドラゴン - burakkudoragon  - Black Dragon
    DoS: Black Dragon
    GBJ: ブルートロル     - buru-tororu     - Blue Troll
    DoS: Blue Troll
    GBJ: アーストロル     - a-sutororu      - Earth Troll
    DoS: Earth Troll
    GBJ: ポイゾンナーガ   - poizonna-ga     - Poison Naga
    DoS: Poison Naga
    GBJ: アースプラント   - a-supuranto     - Earth Plant
    DoS: Earth Plant
    GBJ: ヤマタノオロチ   - yamatanoorochi  - Yamatano Orochi
    DoS: Yamatano Orochi
    GBJ: ダークエレメント - da-kaeremento   - Dark Element
    DoS: Dark Elemental
    GBJ: デビルハウンド   - debiruhaundo    - Devil Hound
    DoS: Devil Hound
    GBJ: セクレト         - sekureto        - Sekhret? (Sekhmet?)
    DoS: Sekhret
    GBJ: カトブレパス     - katoburepasu    - Catoblepas
    DoS: Catoblepas
    GBJ: ハンドレッグ     - handoreggu      - Hundleg (Hundred Leg)
    DoS: Hundlegs
    GBJ: アンダグランダ   - andaguranda     - Undergrounder
    DoS: Undergrounder
    GBJ: デスエレメンタル - desuerementaru  - Death Elemental
    DoS: Death Elemental
    GBJ: ワイルドナック   - wairudonakku    - Wild Nakk???
    DoS: Wild Nakk
    GBJ: ブラインドウルフ - buraindourufu   - Blind Wolf
    DoS: Dark Wolf
    GBJ: ロックガーゴイル - rokkuga-goiru   - Rock Gargoyle
    DoS: Rock Gargoyle
    GBJ: サハギンクイーン - sahaginkui-n    - Sahuagin Queen
    DoS: Sahagin Queen
    GBJ: しにがみ         - shinigami       - Death God, Grim Reaper
    DoS: Reaper
    GBJ: パイソン         - paison          - Python
    DoS: Python
    GBJ: スカルジャー     - sukaruja-       - Skuldier
    DoS: Skuldier
    GBJ: レッドプリン     - reddopurin      - Red Pudding
    DoS: Red Flan
    GBJ: プロトタイプ     - purototaipu     - Prototype
    DoS: Prototype
    GBJ: レブナント       - rebunanto       - Revenant
    DoS: Revenant
    PPJ: クロノディア     - kuronodia       - Chronodia
    PSP: Chronodia
    [2.B] Weapons:
    These are arranged by the PSP's sort order.
    Fam: ナィフ             - naifu          - Knife
    NES: Small (Knife)
    FFO: Knife
    DoS: Knife
    Fam: ダガー             - daga-          - Dagger
    NES: Large (Knife)
    FFO: Dagger
    DoS: Dagger
    Fam: ミスリルナィフ     - misurirunaifu  - Mithril Knife
    NES: Silver (Knife)
    FFO: Mythril Knife
    DoS: Mythril Knife
    GBJ: メイジマッシャー   - meijimassha-   - Mage Masher
    DoS: Mage Masher
    Fam: ネコのツメ         - nekonotsume    - Cat's Claw
    NES: CatClaw
    FFO: Cat Claws
    DoS: Cat Claws
    GBJ: グラディウス       - guradiusu      - Gladius
    DoS: Gladius
    GBJ: オリハルコン       - oriharukon     - Orichalcum
    DoS: Orichalcum
    GBJ: アサシンダガー     - asashindaga-   - Assassin Dagger
    DoS: Assassin Dagger
    PPJ: ラストダガー       - rasutodaga-    - Last Dagger
    PSP: Lust Dagger
    Fam: レィプア           - reipia         - Rapier
    NES: Rapier
    FFO: Rapier
    DoS: Rapier
    Fam: サーベル           - sa-beru        - Sabre
    NES: Sabre
    FFO: Saber
    DoS: Saber
    Fam: ブロードソード     - buro-doso-do   - Broad Sword
    NES: Short (Sword)
    FFO: Broadsword
    DoS: Broadsword
    Fam: ウェアバスター     - ueabasuta-     - Were Buster
    NES: Were (Sword)
    FFO: Werebane
    DoS: Werebuster
    Fam: ルーンブレード     - ru-nbure-do    - Rune Blade
    NES: Rune (Sword)
    FFO: Rune Blade
    DoS: Rune Blade
    Fam: ウィルムキラー     - uirumukira-    - Wyrm Killer
    NES: Dragon (Sword)
    FFO: Wyrmkiller
    DoS: Wyrmkiller
    Fam: さんごのつるぎ     - sangonotsurugi - Coral Sword
    NES: Coral (Sword)
    FFO: Coral Sword
    DoS: Coral Sword
    Fam: ロングソード       - ronguso-do     - Long Sword
    NES: Long (Sword)
    FFO: Long Sword
    DoS: Longsword
    Fam: グレートソード     - gure-toso-do   - Great Sword
    NES: Giant (Sword)
    FFO: Claymore
    DoS: Great Sword
    Fam: レイズサーベル     - reizusa-buru   - Raze Sabre
    NES: Bane (Sword)
    FFO: Venom Blade
    DoS: Razer
    Fam: ミスリルソード     - misuriruso-do  - Mithril Sword
    NES: Silver (Sword)
    FFO: Mythril Sword
    DoS: Mythril Sword
    Fam: シャープソード     - sha-puso-do    - Sharp Sword
    NES: Vorpal
    FFO: Vorpal Sword
    DoS: Vorpal Sword
    Fam: フレームソード     - fure-muso-do   - Flame Sword
    NES: Flame (Sword)
    FFO: Flame Sword
    DoS: Flame Sword
    GBJ: デュエルレイピア   - duerureipia    - Duel Rapier
    DoS: Duel Rapier
    GBJ: エンハンスソード   - enhansuso-do   - Enhance Sword
    DoS: Enhancer
    Fam: アイスブランド     - aisuburando    - Ice Brand
    NES: Ice (Sword)
    FFO: Ice Brand
    DoS: Ice Brand
    Fam: ディフェンダー     - difenda-       - Defender
    NES: Defense
    FFO: Defender
    DoS: Defender
    GBJ: ブレイブハート     - fureibuha-to   - Braveheart
    DoS: Braveheart
    Fam: サンブレード       - sanbure-do     - Sun Blade
    NES: Sun (Sword)
    FFO: Sunblade
    DoS: Sun Blade
    GBJ: デスブリンガー     - desuburinga-   - Death Bringer
    DoS: Deathbringer
    GBJ: ダーククレイモア   - da-kukureimoa  - Dark Claymore
    DoS: Dark Claymore
    Fam: エクスカリバー     - ekusukariba-   - Excalibur
    NES: Xcalber
    FFO: Excalibur
    DoS: Excalibur
    GBJ: ライトブリンガー   - raitoburinga-  - Light Bringer
    DoS: Lightbringer
    GBJ: ラグナロク         - ragunaroku     - Ragnarok
    DoS: Ragnarok
    GBJ: アルテマウェポン   - arutemauepon   - Ultima Weapon
    DoS: Ultima Weapon
    PPJ: バーバリアンソード - ba-barianso-do - Barbarian Sword
    PSP: Barbarian's Sword
    Fam: シミター           - shimita-       - Scimitar
    NES: Scimtar (Scimitar)
    FFO: Scimitar
    DoS: Scimitar
    Fam: フォールチョン     - fo-ruchon      - Falchion
    NES: Falchon
    FFO: Falchion
    DoS: Falchion
    GBJ: こてつ             - kotetsu        - Kotetsu
    DoS: Kotetsu
    GBJ: あしゅら           - ashura         - Asura
    DoS: Asura
    Fam: サスケのかたな     - sasukenokatana - Sasuke's Katana
    NES: Katana
    FFO: Sasuke
    DoS: Sasuke's Blade
    GBJ: きくいちもんじ      - kikuichimonji  - Kikuichimonji
    DoS: Kikuichimonji
    GBJ: ムラサメ           - murasame       - Murasame
    DoS: Murasame
    Fam: マサムネ           - masamune       - Masamune
    NES: Masmune
    FFO: Masamune
    DoS: Masamune
    Fam: ヌンチャク         - nunchaku       - Nunchucks
    NES: Wooden (Nunchuck)
    FFO: Nunchaku
    DoS: Nunchaku
    Fam: テツヌンチャク     - tetsununchaku  - Iron Nunchucks
    NES: Iron (Nunchuck)
    FFO: Iron Nunchaku
    DoS: Iron Nunchaku
    Fam: バドルアクス       - batoruakusu    - Battle Axe
    NES: Hand (Axe)
    FFO: Battle Axe
    DoS: Battle Axe
    Fam: グレートアクス     - gure-toakusu   - Great Axe
    NES: Great (Axe)
    FFO: Great Axe
    DoS: Great Axe
    GBJ: バイキングアクス   - baikinguakusu  - Viking Axe
    DoS: Viking Axe
    Fam: ミスリルアクス     - misuriruakusu  - Mithril Axe
    NES: Silver (Axe)
    FFO: Mythril Axe
    DoS: Mythril Axe
    Fam: ライトアクス       - raitoakusu     - Light Axe
    NES: Light (Axe)
    FFO: Light Axe
    DoS: Light Axe
    GBJ: オーガキラー       - o-gakira-      - Ogre Killer
    DoS: Ogrekiller
    GBJ: ルーンアクス       - ru-nakusu      - Rune Axe
    DoS: Rune Axe
    GBJ: ギガントアクス     - gigantoakusu   - Gigantaxe
    DoS: Gigantaxe
    Fam: ハンマー           - hanma-         - Hammer
    NES: Iron (Hammer)
    FFO: Hammer
    DoS: Hammer
    Fam: ミスリルハンマ     - misuriruhanma  - Mithril Hammer
    NES: Silver (Hammer)
    FFO: Mythril Hammer
    DoS: Mythril Hammer
    Fam: トールハンマー     - to-ruhanma-    - Thor's Hammer
    NES: Thor (Thor's Hammer)
    FFO: Thor's Hammer
    DoS: Thor's Hammer
    GBJ: ウォーハンマー     - uo-hanma-      - War Hammer
    DoS: War Hammer
    Fam: つえ               - tsue           - Staff
    NES: Wooden (Staff)
    FFO: Staff
    DoS: Staff
    Fam: いやしのつえ       - iyashinotsue   - Staff of Healing
    NES: Heal (Staff)
    FFO: Healing Staff
    DoS: Healing Staff
    Fam: ちからのつえ       - chikaranotsue  - Staff of Power
    NES: Power (Staff)
    FFO: Power Staff
    DoS: Power Staff
    Fam: まじゅつのつえ     - majutsunotsue  - Staff of Magic
    NES: Mage (Mage Staff)
    FFO: Mage's Staff
    DoS: Mage's Staff
    Fam: しゃくじょう       - shakujou       - Shakujo (Bishop's Staff/Khakkhara)
    NES: Iron (Iron Staff)
    FFO: Crosier
    DoS: Crosier
    Fam: まどうしのつえ     - madoushinotsue - Wizard's Staff
    NES: Wizard (Staff)
    FFO: Spellbinder
    DoS: Wizard's Staff
    GBJ: けんじゃのつえ     - kenjanotsue    - Sage's Staff
    DoS: Sage's Staff
    GBJ: さばきのつえ       - sabakinotsue   - Staff of Judgment
    DoS: Judgment Staff
    GBJ: ルーンのつえ       - ru-nnotsue     - Rune Staff
    DoS: Rune Staff
    PPJ: ゴールドスタッフ   - go-rudosutaffu - Gold Staff
    PSP: Golden Staff
    [2.C] Armor:
    These are arranged by the PSP's sort order.
    Fam: ふく              - fuku            - Clothes
    NES: Cloth
    FFO: Shirt
    DoS: Clothes
    GBJ: しじんのふく     - shijinnofuku    - Bard's Clothes
    DoS: Bard's Tunic
    Fam: しろのローブ     - shironoro-bu    - White Robe
    NES: White (Shirt)
    FFO: White Robe
    DoS: White Robe
    Fam: くろのローブ     - kuronoro-bu     - Black Robe
    NES: Black (Shirt)
    FFO: Black Robe
    DoS: Black Robe
    GBJ: しさいのローブ   - shisainoro-bu   - Meditation Robe
    DoS: Sage's Surplice
    GBJ: けんぽうぎ       - kenpougi        - Kenpo Suit
    DoS: Kenpogi
    GBJ: だいちのころも   - daichinokoromo  - Earth Suit
    DoS: Gaia Gear
    GBJ: ひかりのローブ   - hikarinoro-bu   - Light Robe
    DoS: Light Robe
    GBJ: ちからだすき     - chikaradasuki   - Power ???
    DoS: Power Vest
    PSP: Power Sash
    GBJ: レッドジャケット - reddojaketto    - Red Jacket
    DoS: Red Jacket
    GBJ: くろしょうぞく   - kuroshouzoku    - Black Clothes
    DoS: Black Garb
    PPJ: サバイバルベスト - sabaibarubesuto - Survival Vest
    PSP: Survival Vest
    PPJ: ローブオブロード - ro-buoburo-do    - Robe of Lord
    PSP: Lordly Robes
    Fam: かわよろい       - kawayoroi       - Leather Armor
    NES: Wooden (Armor)
    FFO: Leather Armor
    DoS: Leather Armor
    Fam: くさりかたびら   - kusarikatabira  - Chain Mail
    NES: Chain (Armor)
    FFO: Chain Mail
    DoS: Chain Mail
    Fam: ミスリルメイル   - misurirumeiru   - Mithril Mail
    NES: Silver (Armor)
    FFO: Mythril Mail
    DoS: Mythril Mail
    Fam: てつよろい       - tetsuyoroi      - Iron Armor
    NES: Iron (Armor)
    FFO: Steel Plate
    DoS: Iron Armor
    Fam: アイスアーマー   - aisua-ma-       - Ice Armor
    NES: Ice (Armor)
    FFO: Ice Armor
    DoS: Ice Armor
    Fam: フレイムメイル   - fureimumeiru    - Flame Mail
    NES: Flame (Armor)
    FFO: Flame Mail
    DoS: Flame Mail
    Fam: ナイトのよろい   - naitonoyoroi    - Knight's Armor
    NES: Steel (Armor)
    FFO: Knight's Armor
    DoS: Knight's Armor
    GBJ: げんじのよろい   - genjinoyoroi    - Genji Armor
    DoS: Genji Armor
    Fam: ダイヤアーマー   - daiyaa-ma-      - Diamond Armor
    NES: Opal (Armor)
    FFO: Diamond Armor
    DoS: Diamond Armor
    Fam: ドラゴンメイル   - doragonmeiru    - Dragon Mail
    NES: Dragon (Armor)
    FFO: Dragon Mail
    DoS: Dragon Mail
    GBJ: クリスタルメイル - kurisutarumeiru - Crystal Mail
    DoS: Crystal Mail
    PPJ: マクシミリアン   - makushimirian   - Maximillian
    PSP: Maximillian
    Fam: どうのうでわ     - dounoudewa      - Copper Bracelet
    NES: Copper (Bracelet)
    FFO: Copper Armlet
    DoS: Copper Armlet
    Fam: ぎんのうでわ     - ginnoudewa       - Silver Bracelet
    NES: Silver (Bracelet)
    FFO: Silver Armlet
    DoS: Silver Armlet
    Fam: ルビーのうでわ   - rubi-noudewa     - Ruby Bracelet
    NES: Gold (Bracelet)
    FFO: Ruby Armlet
    DoS: Ruby Armlet
    GBJ: とうぞくのうでわ  - touzokunoudewa   - Thief's Bracelet
    DoS: Thief's Armlet
    Fam: ダイヤのうでわ   - daiyanoudewa     - Diamond Bracelet
    NES: Opal (Bracelet)
    FFO: DiamondArmlet
    DoS: Diamond Armlet
    Fam: かわのたて       - kawanotate       - Leather Shield
    NES: Wooden (Shield)
    FFO: Leather Shield
    DoS: Leather Shield
    Fam: パックラー       - bakkura-         - Buckler
    NES: Buckler
    FFO: Buckler
    DoS: Buckler
    Fam: てつのたて       - tetsunotate      - Iron Shield
    NES: Iron (Shield)
    FFO: Iron Shield
    DoS: Iron Shield
    Fam: ミスリルのたて   - misurirunotate   - Mithril Shield
    NES: Silver (Shield)
    FFO: Mythril Shield
    DoS: Mythril Shield
    Fam: アイスシールド   - aisushi-rudo     - Ice Shield
    NES: Ice (Shield)
    FFO: Ice Shield
    DoS: Ice Shield
    Fam: ほのおのたて     - honoonotate      - Flame Shield
    NES: Flame (Shield)
    FFO: Flame Shield
    DoS: Flame Shield
    GBJ: げんじのたて     - genjinotate      - Genji Shield
    DoS: Genji Shield
    Fam: ダイヤシールド   - daiyashi-rudo    - Diamond Shield
    NES: Opal (Shield)
    FFO: Diamond Shield
    DoS: Diamond Shield
    GBJ: クリスタルのたて - kurisutarunotate - Crystal Shield
    DoS: Crystal Shield
    Fam: イージスのたて   - i-jisunotate     - Aegis Shield
    NES: Aegis (Shield)
    FFO: Aegis Shield
    DoS: Aegis Shield
    GBJ: えいゆうのたて   - eiyuunotate      - Hero's Shield
    DoS: Hero's Shield
    PPJ: マスターシールド - masuta-shi-rudo  - Master Shield
    PSP: Master Shield
    GBJ: そよかぜのマント - soyokazenomanto  - Soft Wind (Zephyr) Mantle/Manteau
    DoS: Zephyr Cape
    Fam: まもりのマント   - mamorinomanto    - Protective Mantle/Manteau
    NES: ProCape (Protective Cape)
    FFO: Protect Cloak
    DoS: Protect Cloak
    GBJ: エルフのマント   - erufunomanto     - Elven Mantle/Manteau
    DoS: Elven Cloak
    Fam: かわのぼうし     - kawanoboushi     - Leather Cap
    NES: Cap
    FFO: Leather Cap
    DoS: Leather Cap
    GBJ: ねじりはちまき   - nejirihachimaki  - Twisted Headband
    DoS: Twist Headband
    GBJ: さんかくぼうし    - sankakuboushi    - Tri-cornered Hat
    DoS: Wizard's Hat
    GBJ: はねつきぼうし   - hanetsukiboushi  - Feathered Cap
    DoS: Feathered Cap
    GBJ: しさいのぼうし   - shisainoboushi   - Meditation Cap
    DoS: Sage's Mitre
    GBJ: くろずきん       - kurozukin        - Black Hood
    DoS: Black Cowl
    GBJ: レッドキャプ     - reddokyappu      - Red Cap
    DoS: Red Cap
    GBJ: タイガーマスク   - taiga-masuku     - Tiger Mask
    DoS: Tiger Mask
    PPJ: シャドウマスク   - shadoumasuku     - Shadow Mask
    PSP: Shadow Mask
    Fam: リボン           - ribon            - Ribbon
    NES: Ribbon
    FFO: Ribbon
    DoS: Ribbon
    Fam: かぶと           - kabuto           - Helmet
    NES: Wooden (Helmet)
    FFO: Helmet
    DoS: Helm
    Fam: おおかぶと       - ookabuto         - Great Helmet
    NES: Iron (Helmet)
    FFO: Grand Helm
    DoS: Great Helm
    Fam: いやしのかぶと   - iyashinokabuto   - Helmet of Healing
    NES: Heal (Helmet)
    FFO: Healing Helm
    DoS: Healing Helm
    Fam: ミスリルかぶと   - misurirukabuto   - Mithril Helmet
    NES: Silver (Helmet)
    FFO: Mythril Helm
    DoS: Mythril Helm
    Fam: ダイヤのかぶと   - daiyanokabuto    - Diamond Helmet
    NES: Opal (Helmet)
    FFO: Diamond Helm
    DoS: Diamond Helm
    GBJ: げんじのかぶと   - genjinokabuto    - Genji Helmet
    DoS: Genji Helm
    GBJ: クリスタルヘルム - kurisutaruherumu - Crystal Helm
    DoS: Crystal Helm
    Most of the various gloves/gauntlets are called "kote" (こて) in Japanese,
     which is a gauntlet used in kendo. Since there is one that's actually called
     "Gauntlet" (ガントレット), I've called them all gloves in my translation.
    Fam: かわてぶくろ     - kawatebukuro     - Leather Gloves
    NES: Gloves
    FFO: Leather Gloves
    DoS: Leather Gloves
    Fam: せいドうのこて   - seidounokote     - Bronze Gloves
    NES: Copper (Gauntlet)
    FFO: Bronze Gloves
    DoS: Bronze Gloves
    Fam: はがねのこて     - haganenokote     - Steel Gloves
    NES: Iron (Gauntlet)
    FFO: Steel Gloves
    DoS: Steel Gloves
    Fam: ガントレット     - gantoretto       - Gauntlets
    NES: Zeus (Gauntlet)
    FFO: Gauntlets
    DoS: Gauntlets
    Fam: きょじんのこて   - kyojinnokote     - Giant's Gloves
    NES: Power (Gauntlet)
    FFO: Giant's Gloves
    DoS: Giant's Gloves
    GBJ: とうぞくのこて   - touzokunokote    - Thief's Gloves
    DoS: Thief's Gloves
    Fam: ミスリルのこて   - misurirunokote   - Mithril Gloves
    NES: Silver (Gauntlet)
    FFO: Mythril Gloves
    DoS: Mythril Gloves
    Fam: ダイヤのこて     - daiyanokote      - Diamond Gloves
    NES: Opal (Gauntlet)
    FFO: DiamondGloves
    DoS: Diamond Gloves
    GBJ: ゲンジのこて     - genjinokote      - Genji Gloves
    DoS: Genji Gloves
    GBJ: クリスタルのこて - kurisutarunokote - Crystal Gloves
    DoS: Crystal Gloves
    GBJ: てんしのゆびわ   - tenshinoyubiwa   - Angel's Ring
    DoS: Angel's Ring
    (Not possible to get without cheating?)
    Fam: まもりのゆびわ   - mamorinoyubiwa   - Protective Ring
    NES: ProRing (Protective Ring)
    FFO: Protect Ring
    DoS: Protect Ring
    GBJ: クリスタルリング - kurisutaruringu  - Crystal Ring
    DoS: Crystal Ring
    [2.D] Items:
    These are arranged by the GBA's sort order.
    Fam: ポーション       - po-shon           - Potion
    NES: HEAL (Potion)
    FFO: Potion
    DoS: Potion
    GBJ: ハイポーション   - haipo-shon        - High Potion
    DoS: Hi-Potion
    GBJ: エクスポーション - ekusupo-shon      - X-Potion
    DoS: X-Potion
    GBJ: エーテル         - e-teru            - Ether
    DoS: Ether
    GBJ: エーテルターボ   - e-teruta-bo       - Ether Turbo
    DoS: Turbo Ether
    GBJ: イーテルドライ   - i-terudorai       - Ether Dry
    DoS: Dry Ether
    GBJ: エリクサー       - erikusa-          - Elixer
    DoS: Elixer
    GBJ: ラストエリクサー - rasutoerikusa-    - Last Elixer
    DoS: Megalixer
    GBJ: フェニックスのお - fenikkusunoo      - Phoenix Tail
    DoS: Phoenix Down
    Fam: どくけし         - dokukeshi         - Antidote
    NES: PURE (Potion)
    FFO: Antidote
    DoS: Antidote
    GBJ: めぐすり         - megusuri          - Eyewash
    DoS: Eye Drops
    GBJ: やまびこそう     - yamabikosou       - Echo Herb
    DoS: Echo Grass
    Fam: きんのはり       - kinnohari         - Golden Needle
    NES: SOFT (Potion)
    FFO: Gold Needle
    DoS: Gold Needle
    GBJ: ばんのうやく     - bannouyaku        - Medicine of All
    DoS: Remedy
    GBJ: ひじょうぐち     - hijouguchi        - Emergency Exit
    DoS: Emergency Exit
    Fam: ねぶくろ         - nebukuro          - Sleeping Bag
    FFO: Sleeping Bag
    DoS: Sleeping Bag
    Fam: テント           - tento             - Tent
    FFO: Tent
    DoS: Tent
    Fam: コテージ         - kote-ji           - Cottage
    FFO: Cottage
    DoS: Cottage
    GBJ: くものいと       - kumonoito         - Spider's Thread
    DoS: Spider's Silk
    GBJ: しろいきば       - shiroikiba        - White Fang
    DoS: White Fang
    GBJ: あかいきば       - akikiba           - Red Fang
    DoS: Red Fang
    GBJ: あおいきば       - aoikiba           - Blue Fang
    DoS: Blue Fang
    GBJ: ひかりのカーテン - hikarinoka-ten    - Light Curtain
    DoS: Light Curtain
    GBJ: あかいカーテン   - akaika-ten        - Red Curtain
    DoS: Red Curtain
    GBJ: しろのカーテン   - shironoka-ten     - White Curtain
    DoS: White Curtain
    GBJ: あおいカーテン   - aoika-ten         - Blue Curtain
    DoS: Blue Curtain
    GBJ: つきのカーテン   - tsukinoka-ten     - Lunar Curtain
    DoS: Lunar Curtain
    GBJ: エルメスのくつ   - erumesunokutsu    - Hermes' Shoes
    DoS: Hermes' Shoes
    GBJ: バンパイアのきば - banpaianokiba     - Vampire Fang
    DoS: Vampire Fang
    GBJ: コカトリスのつめ - kokatorisunotsume - Cockatrice Claw
    DoS: Cockatrice Claw
    GBJ: きょじんのくすり - kyojinnokusuri    - Giant's Medicine
    DoS: Giant's Tonic
    GBJ: ようせいのくすり - yoseinokusuri     - Fairy's Medicine
    DoS: Faerie Tonic
    GBJ: ちからのくすり   - chikaranokusuri   - Power Medicine
    DoS: Strength Tonic
    GBJ: プロテスドリンク - purotesudorinku   - Protect Drink
    DoS: Protect Drink
    GBJ: スピードドリンク - supi-dodorinku    - Speed Drink
    DoS: Speed Drink
    GBJ: きんのリンゴ     - kinnoringo        - Golden Apple
    DoS: Golden Apple
    GBJ: ぎんのリンゴ     - ginnoringo        - Silver Apple
    DoS: Silver Apple
    GBJ: ソーマのしずく   - so-manoshizuku    - Drop of Soma
    DoS: Soma Drop
    GBJ: パワーアップ     - pawa-appu         - Power Up
    DoS: Power Plus
    GBJ: スタミナアップ   - sutaminaappu      - Stamina Up
    DoS: Stamina Plus
    GBJ: マインドアップ   - maindiappu        - Mind Up
    DoS: Mind Plus
    GBJ: スピードアップ   - supi-doappu       - Speed Up
    DoS: Speed Plus
    GBJ: ラックアップ     - rakkuappu         - Luck Up
    DoS: Luck Plus
    [2.E] Special Items:
    Fam: リュート       - ryu-to         - Lute
    FFO: Lute
    DoS: Lute
    Fam: クラウン       - kuraun         - Crown
    FFO: Crown
    DoS: Crown
    Fam: すいしょうのめ - suishounome    - Crystal Eye
    FFO: Crystal Eye
    Kan: 水晶の目
    DoS: Crystal Eye
    Fam: めざめのくすり - mezamenokusuri - Awake Medicine
    FFO: Jolt Tonic
    Kan: 目覚めの薬
    DoS: Jolt Tonic
    Fam: しんぴのかぎ   - shinpinokagi   - Key of Mystery
    NES: KEY (Mystic Key)
    FFO: Mystic Key
    Kan: 神秘の鍵
    DoS: Mystic Key
    Fam: ニトロのかやく - nitoronokayaku - Nitro Gunpowder
    NES: TNT
    FFO: Nitro Powder
    Kan: ニトロの火薬
    DoS: Nitro Powder
    Fam: スタールビー   - suta-rubi-     - Star Ruby
    FFO: Star Ruby
    DoS: Star Ruby
    Fam: ロゼッタいし   - rozettaishi    - Rosetta Stone
    FFO: Rosetta Stone
    Kan: ロゼッタ石
    DoS: Rosetta Stone
    Fam: アダマンタイト - adamantaito    - Adamantite
    FFO: Adamantite
    DoS: Adamantite
    Fam: つちのつえ     - tsuchinotsue   - Earth Staff
    NES: ROD
    FFO: Earth Rod
    Kan: 土の杖
    DoS: Earth Rod
    Fam: ふゆうせき     - fuyuuseki      - Floating Stone
    FFO: Levistone
    Kan: 浮遊石
    DoS: Levistone
    Fam: チャイム       - chaimu         - Chime
    FFO: Bell
    DoS: Chime
    Fam: ねずみのしっぽ - nezuminoshippo - Rat's Tail
    FFO: Rat's Tail
    GBJ: ネズミのしっぽ
    Kan: ネズミの尻尾
    DoS: Rat's Tail
    Fam: ワープキューブ - wa-pukyu-bu    - Warp Cube
    FFO: Warp Cube
    DoS: Warp Cube
    Fam: ようせいのビン - yoseinobin     - Bottled Fairy
    FFO: Bottled Faerie
    Kan: 妖精の瓶
    DoS: Bottled Faerie
    Fam: くうきのみず   - kuukinomizu    - Water of Air, Atmospheric Water
    FFO: Oxyale
    Kan: 空気の水
    DoS: Oxyale
    Fam: カヌー           - kanu-           - Canoe
    NES: Canoe
    FFO: Canoe
    DoS: Canoe
    (On the Famicom/NES version the Canoe does not show up in your items, but it
     was at least intended to at some point. A Game Genie code can put it there.)
    GBA/PSP-only Items:
    GBJ: べっこうあめ     - bekkouame       - Special??? Candy
    Kan: べっこう飴
    DoS: Carobo
    GBJ: オカリナ         - okarina         - Ocarina
    DoS: Ocarina
    GBJ: ときのはぐるま   - tokinohaguruma  - Clock Gear
    Kan: 時の歯車
    DoS: Cogwheel
    GBJ: つるはし         - tsuruhashi      - Pickaxe
    DoS: Pickaxe
    GBJ: ネリクのサイン   - nerikunosain    - Nerrick's Autograph
    DoS: Autograph
    GBJ: まじょのひやく   - majonohiyaku    - Witch's Secret Medicine
    Kan: 魔女の秘薬
    DoS: Witch's Brew
    GBJ: スミスのどうぐ   - sumisunodougu   - Smith's Tools
    Kan: スミスの道具
    DoS: Smyth's Tools
    GBJ: いえのかぎ       - ienokagi        - House Key
    Kan: 家の鍵
    DoS: House Key
    GBJ: ネコのひげ       - nekonohige      - Cat's Whisker
    Kan: ネコの髭
    DoS: Cat's Whisker
    GBJ: うでのパーツ     - udenopa-tsu     - Arm Parts
    Kan: 腕のパーツ
    DoS: Arm Parts
    GBJ: かたのパーツ     - katanopa-tsu    - Shoulder Parts
    Kan: 肩のパーツ
    DoS: Shoulder Parts
    GBJ: AIチップ       - AIchippu        - AI Chip
    DoS: A.I. Chip
    GBJ: あたまのパーツ   - atamanopa-tsu   - Head Parts
    Kan: 頭のパーツ
    DoS: Head Parts
    GBJ: どうのパーツ     - dounopa-tsu    - Frame Parts
    Kan: 胴のパーツ
    DoS: Torso Parts
    GBJ: おんせいかいろ   - anseikairo     - Voice Circuit
    Kan: 音声回路
    DoS: Audio Circuit
    GBJ: あしのパーツ     - ashinopa-tsu   - Leg Parts
    Kan: 足のパーツ
    DoS: Leg Parts
    GBJ: ガイブソウコウ   - gaibusoukou     - Outer Armor
    Kan: 外部装甲
    DoS: Exoskeleton
    GBJ: バッテリーかいろ - batteri-kairo   - Battery Circuit
    Kan: バッテリー回路
    DoS: Battery Circuit
    GBJ: エネルギーチップ - enerugi-chippu  - Energy Chip
    DoS: Energy Chip
    [2.F] Black Spells:
    Something to note about the spells: Almost all of them are English words (in
     Katakana), but a lot of them are corrupted. Many of them have suffixes (or
     prefixes) to indicate spell progression, or for seemingly no reason at all.
     On the other hand some are not whole words, probably so they'd fit within the
     4 character limit. 
    About the suffixes: The second spell in a series has the "ra" suffix. The
     most powerful spell in a series has the "ga" suffix. So we have Blizzard
     (normal), Blizzara (more), and Blizzaga (most).
    Fam: ファイア - faia     - Fire
    FFO: Fire1
    DoS: Fire
    Fam: スリプル - suripuru - Sleep
    NES: SLEP (Sleep)
    FFO: Sleep1
    DoS: Sleep
    Fam: シェイプ - sheipu   - Shape
    FFO: Focus1
    DoS: Focus
    Fam: サンダー - sanda-   - Thunder
    NES: LIT
    FFO: Bolt1
    DoS: Thunder
    Lev 2:
    Fam: ブリザド - burizado - Blizzard
    NES: ICE
    FFO: Ice1
    DoS: Blizzard
    Fam: ダクネス - dakunesu - Darkness
    FFO: Fog
    DoS: Dark
    Fam: ストライ - sutorai  - Strike?
    NES: TMPR (Temper)
    FFO: Steel
    DoS: Temper
    Fam: スロウ   - surou    - Slow
    FFO: Slow1
    DoS: Slow
    Lev 3:
    Fam: ファイラ - faira    - Fira
    NES: FIR2 (Fire2)
    FFO: Fire2
    DoS: Fira
    Fam: ホールド - ho-rudo  - Hold
    FFO: Bind
    DoS: Hold
    Fam: サンダラ - sandara  - Thundera
    NES: LIT2
    FFO: Bolt2
    DoS: Thundara
    Fam: シェイラ - sheira   - Shara
    NES: LOK2 (Lock2)
    FFO: Focus2
    DoS: Focara
    Lev 4:
    Fam: スリプラ - suripura - Sleepra
    NES: SLP2 (Sleep2)
    FFO: Sleep2
    DoS: Sleepra
    Fam: ヘイスト - heisuto  - Haste
    FFO: Haste
    DoS: Haste
    Fam: コンフュ - konfyu   - Confuse
    NES: CONF (Confuse)
    FFO: Muddle
    DoS: Confuse
    Fam: ブリザラ - burizara - Blizzara
    NES: ICE2 (Ice2)
    FFO: Ice2
    DoS: Blizzara
    Lev 5:
    Fam: ファイガ - faiga    - Figa
    NES: FIR3 (Fire3)
    FFO: Fire3
    DoS: Firaga
    Fam: クラウダ - kurauda  - Cloud
    FFO: Poison
    DoS: Scourge
    Fam: テレポ   - terepo   - Teleport
    FFO: Warp1
    DoS: Teleport
    Fam: ラスロウ - rasurou  - RaSlow
    NES: SLO2 (Slow2)
    FFO: Slow2
    DoS: Slowra
    Lev 6:
    Fam: サンガー - sanga-   - Thunga
    NES: LIT3
    FFO: Bolt3
    DoS: Thundaga
    Fam: デス     - desu     - Death
    NES: RUB
    FFO: Reaper
    DoS: Death
    Fam: クエイク - kueiku   - Quake
    NES: QAKE (Quake)
    FFO: Quake
    DoS: Quake
    Fam: スタン   - sutan    - Stun
    FFO: Stun
    DoS: Stun
    Lev 7:
    Fam: ブリザガ - burizaga - Blizzaga
    NES: ICE3 (Ice3)
    FFO: Ice3
    DoS: Blizzaga
    Fam: ブレイク - bureiku  - Break
    NES: BRAK (Break)
    FFO: Break
    DoS: Break
    Fam: セーバー - se-ba-   - Saber
    NES: SABR (Saber)
    FFO: Saber
    DoS: Saber
    Fam: ブライン - burain   - Blind
    NES: BLND (Blind)
    FFO: Blind
    DoS: Blind
    Lev 8:
    Fam: フレアー - furea-   - Flare
    FFO: Flare
    DoS: Flare
    Fam: ストップ - sutoppu  - Stop
    FFO: Stop
    DoS: Stop
    Fam: デジョン - dejon    - Dezone?
    NES: ZAP!
    FFO: Banish
    DoS: Warp
    Fam: キル     - kiru     - Kill
    FFO: Doom
    DoS: Kill
    [2.G] White Spells:
    White spells have a few more suffixes and prefixes, and no single pattern to
     all of them. You can find "a" for the second spell, and "da" for the second
     or third spell, or both a prefix and suffix (ReHeala = strongest Heal spell).
     The "ja" suffix seems to have been made up for the English versions.
    The "na" suffix is for curing status ailments (Stona cures Stone). The "ba"
     prefix must mean barrier, as all the Ba spells protect you from one or more
    Fam: ケアル   - kearu    - Care
    FFO: Cure1
    DoS: Cure
    Fam: ディア   - dia      - Dia (Spanish for Day/Daylight)
    FFO: Dia1
    DoS: Dia
    Fam: プロテス - purotesu - Protect
    NES: FOG
    FFO: Shld1
    DoS: Protect
    Fam: ブリンク - burinku  - Blink
    FFO: Blink
    DoS: Blink
    Lev 2:
    Fam: ブラナ   - burana   - Blina
    FFO: Lamp
    DoS: Blindna
    Fam: サイレス - sairesu  - Silence
    FFO: Silence
    DoS: Silence
    Fam: バサンダ - basanda  - BaThunder
    NES: ALIT (AntiLit)
    FFO: NulBolt
    DoS: NulShock
    Fam: インビジ - inbiji   - Invisi
    NES: INVS (Invis)
    FFO: Invis1
    DoS: Invis
    Lev 3:
    Fam: ケアルア - kearua   - Carea
    NES: CUR2 (Cure2)
    FFO: Cure2
    DoS: Cura
    Fam: アディア - adia     - ADia
    NES: HRM2 (Harm2)
    FFO: Dia2
    DoS: Diara
    Fam: バファイ - bafai    - BaFire
    NES: AFIR (AntiFire)
    FFO: NulFire
    DoS: NulBlaze
    Fam: ヒール   - hi-ru    - Heal
    FFO: Heal1
    DoS: Heal
    Lev 4:
    Fam: ポイゾナ - poizona  - Poisona
    FFO: Esuna
    DoS: Poisona
    Fam: フィアー - fia-     - Fear
    FFO: Fear
    DoS: Fear
    Fam: バコルド - bakorudo - BaCold
    NES: AICE (AntiIce)
    FFO: NulIce
    DoS: NulFrost
    Fam: ボキャル - bokyaru  - Vocal
    NES: AMUT (AntiMute)
    FFO: Vox
    DoS: Vox
    Lev 5:
    Fam: ケアルダ - kearuda  - Careda
    NES: CUR3 (Cure3)
    FFO: Cure3
    DoS: Curaga
    Fam: レイズ   - reizu    - Raise
    FFO: Life1
    DoS: Life
    Fam: ダディア - dadia    - DaDia
    NES: HRM3 (Harm3)
    FFO: Dia3
    DoS: Diaga
    Fam: ヒーラ   - hi-ra    - Heala
    NES: HEL2 (Heal2)
    FFO: Heal2
    DoS: Healara
    Lev 6:
    Fam: ストナ   - sutona   - Stona
    FFO: Stone
    DoS: Stona
    Fam: ダテレポ - daterepo - DaTeleport
    FFO: Warp2
    DoS: Exit
    Fam: プロテア - purotea  - Protea
    NES: FOG2
    FFO: Shld2
    DoS: Protera
    Fam: インビア - inbia    - Invia
    NES: INV2 (Invis2)
    FFO: Invis2
    DoS: Invisira
    Lev 7:
    Fam: ケアルガ - kearuga  - Carega
    NES: CUR4 (Cure4)
    FFO: Cure4
    DoS: Curaja
    Fam: ガディア - gadia    - GaDia
    NES: HRM4 (Harm4)
    FFO: Dia4
    DoS: Diaja
    Fam: バマジク - bamajiku - BaMagic
    NES: ARUB (AntiRub)
    FFO: NulMgc
    DoS: NulDeath
    Fam: ラヒーラ - rahi-ra  - RaHeala
    NES: HEL3 (Heal3)
    FFO: Heal3
    DoS: Healaga
    Lev 8:
    Fam: アレイズ - areizu   - ARaise
    NES: LIF2 (Life2)
    FFO: Life2
    DoS: Full-Life
    Fam: ホーリー - ho-ri-   - Holy
    FFO: Holy
    DoS: Holy
    Fam: バオル   - baoru    - BaAll
    FFO: NulAll
    DoS: NulAll
    Fam: デスペル - desuperu - Dispel
    FFO: Dispel
    DoS: Dispel
    [2.H] Enemy Special Attacks:
    In most versions of the game many enemy attacks will have the same name. Every
     ice-elemental attack is called Snowstorm, and a variety of different attacks
     all fall under the name Glare or Poison Gas. In the NES version, these all
     had different names.
    Fam: ほのお           - honoo          - Flame
    FFO: Blaze
    DoS: Blaze
    Fam: ふぶき           - fubuchi        - Snow Storm
    FFO: Icestorm
    DoS: Icestorm
    Fam: じしん           - jishin         - Earthquake
    FFO: Earthquake
    DoS: Earthquake
    Fam: ほのお           - honoo          - Flame
    FFO: Blaze
    DoS: Blaze
    Fam: にらみ           - nirami         - Glare
    FFO: Gaze
    DoS: Gaze
    Fam: フラッシュ       - furasshu       - Flash
    FFO: Flash
    DoS: Flash
    Fam: ふぶき           - fubuchi        - Snow Storm
    FFO: Icestorm
    DoS: Icestorm
    Fam: にらみ           - nirami         - Glare
    FFO: Gaze
    DoS: Gaze
    Fam: にらみ           - nirami         - Glare
    FFO: Gaze
    DoS: Gaze
    Fam: にらみ           - nirami         - Glare
    FFO: Gaze
    DoS: Gaze
    Fam: ほのお           - honoo          - Flame
    FFO: Blaze
    DoS: Blaze
    Fam: ほのお           - honoo          - Flame
    FFO: Blaze
    DoS: Blaze
    Fam: スミ             - sumi           - Ink
    NES: INK
    FFO: Ink
    DoS: Ink
    Fam: かくこうげき     - kakukougeki    - Nuclear Attack
    FFO: Nuke
    DoS: Nuke
    Fam: どくガス         - dokugasu       - Poison Gas
    NES: POISON (stone)
    FFO: Toxin
    DoS: Poison Gas
    Fam: どくガス         - dokugasu       - Poison Gas
    NES: POISON (damage)
    FFO: Toxin
    DoS: Poison Gas
    Fam: ほのお           - honoo          - Flame
    FFO: Blaze
    DoS: Blaze
    Fam: はないき         - hanaiki        - Snort, Nasal Breathing
    FFO: Snort
    DoS: Snort
    Fam: にらみ           - nirami         - Glare
    FFO: Gaze
    DoS: Gaze
    Fam: にらみ           - nirami         - Glare
    FFO: Gaze
    DoS: Gaze
    Fam: どくばり         - dokubari       - Poison Stinger
    FFO: Poison Darts
    DoS: Poison Darts
    Fam: つなみ           - tsunami        - Tsunami
    FFO: Tsunami
    DoS: Tsunami
    Fam: いなずま         - inazuma        - Lightning
    FFO: Thunderbolt
    DoS: Thunderbolt
    Fam: たつまき         - tatsumaki      - Tornado
    FFO: Twister
    DoS: Cyclone
    Fam: どくガス         - dokugasu       - Poison Gas
    FFO: Toxin
    DoS: Poison Gas
    Fam: マインドブラスト - maindoburasuto - Mind Blast
    FFO: Mind Blast
    DoS: Mind Blast
    GBJ: タイダルウェイブ - taidaruueibu   - Tidal Wave
    DoS: Tidal Wave
    GBJ: ゆびさき         - yubisaki       - Fingertip
    DoS: Ray
    GBJ: エクスカリパー   - ekusukaripa-   - Excalipur
    DoS: Excalipur
    GBJ: かまいたち       - kamaitachi     - Whirlwind Cut
    DoS: Wind Slash
    GBJ: コメット         - kometto        - Comet
    DoS: Comet
    GBJ: ワームホール     - wa-muho-ru     - Wormhole
    DoS: Wormhole
    GBJ: はどうほう       - hadouhou       - Surge/Wave Cannon
    DoS: Wave Cannon
    GBJ: さんせいう       - sanseiu        - Acid Rain
    DoS: Acid Rain
    [2.I] Battle Commands:
    Fam: たたかう - tatakau   - Fight, Battle, Attack
    FFO: Attack
    DoS: Attack
    Fam: まほう   - mahou     - Magic
    FFO: Magic
    DoS: Magic
    Fam: くすり   - kusuri    - Medicine
    WSC: N/A
    FFO: N/A
    DoS: N/A
    (All the remakes combined this into the Item command.)
    Fam: N/A
    NES: N/A
    WSC: そうび   - soubi     - Equipment
    FFO: Equip
    DoS: Equip
    (This command didn't exist in the original.)
    Fam: もちもの - mochimono - Belongings
    WSC: アイテム - aitemu    - Item
    FFO: Items
    DoS: Items
    Fam: にげる   - nigeru    - Escape
    NES: RUN
    FFO: Flee
    DoS: Flee
    [2.J] Status Ailments:
    Kan: 戦闘不能 - sentoufunou - Battle Incompetency
    NES: Slain
    FFO: KO
    DoS: KO
    (This is not shown in the game, so these are according to the instructions.)
    Fam: くらやみ - kurayami    - Darkness
    Kan: 暗闇
    NES: Dark
    FFO: Dark
    DoS: Darkness
    Fam: ちんもく - chinmoku    - Silent
    Kan: 沈黙
    NES: Mute
    FFO: Mute
    DoS: Silence
    Fam: どく     - doku        - Poison
    Kan: 毒
    NES: Poison
    FFO: Poison
    DoS: Poison
    Fam: ねむり   - nemuri      - Sleep
    Kan: 眠り
    NES: Sleep
    FFO: Sleep
    DoS: Sleep
    Fam: いし     - ishi        - Stone
    Kan: 石化
    NES: Stone
    FFO: Stone
    DoS: Stone
    Fam: まひ     - mahi        - Paralysis
    NES: Stun
    FFO: Prlyz
    DoS: Paralysis
    [2.K] Stats:
    Fam: レベル               - reberu               - Level
    NES: LEV
    WSC: LV
    FFO: LV
    DoS: Lv.
    GBJ: まほうLV             - mahouLV              - Magic Level
    DoS: Magic Level
    Fam: けいけんち EP        - keikenchi EP         - Experience EP
    NES: EXP. POINTS (Experience Points)
    WSC: いまのけいけんち     - imanokeikenchi       - Current Experience
    FFO: Current EXP
    DoS: Current EXP
    Fam: つぎのレベルまであと - tsuginoreberumadeato - Until Next Level
    NES: FOR LEV UP (For Level Up)
    WSC: つぎのLVまであと     - tsuginoLVmadeato     - Until Next Level
    FFO: Next level
    DoS: Next Level
    Fam: ちから               - chikara              - Power/Strength
    NES: STR.
    FFO: STR
    DoS: STR
    PSP: Strength
    Fam: すばやさ             - subayasa             - Agility/Dexterity/Speed
    NES: AGL.
    FFO: AGL
    DoS: AGL
    PSP: Agility
    Fam: ちせい               - chisei               - Intelligence
    NES: INT.
    FFO: INT
    DoS: INT
    PSP: Intelligence
    Fam: たいりょく           - tairyoku             - Physical Strength/Stamina
    NES: VIT. (Vitality)
    FFO: END (Endurance)
    DoS: STA (Stamina)
    PSP: Stamina
    Fam: こううん             - kouun                - Luck
    FFO: LCK
    DoS: LCK
    PSP: Luck
    Fam: ウェポン             - uepon                - Weapon
    WSC: こうげきりょく       - kougekiryoku         - Attack Power
    FFO: ATK
    DoS: ATK
    PSP: Attack
    Fam: めいちゅうりつ       - meichuuritsu         - Hit Rate
    NES: HIT %
    FFO: ACC
    DoS: ACC
    PSP: Accuracy
    Fam: アーマー             - a-ma-                - Armor
    WSC: ぼうぎょりょく       - bougyoryoku          - Defense Power
    FFO: DEF
    DoS: DEF
    PSP: Defense
    Fam: かいひりつ           - kaihiritsu           - Evade Rate
    NES: EVADE %
    FFO: EVA
    DoS: EVA
    PSP: Evasion
    [2.L] Classes:
    Fam: せんし         - senshi          - Warrior/Soldier/Fighter
    Kan: 戦士
    FFO: Warrior
    DoS: Warrior
    Fam: シーフ         - shi-fu          - Thief
    FFO: Thief
    DoS: Thief
    Fam: モンク         - monku           - Monk
    NES: Bl.BELT (Black Belt)
    FFO: Monk
    DoS: Monk
    Fam: あかまじゅつし - akamajutsushi   - Red Magician
    Kan: 赤魔術士
    NES: RedMAGE
    FFO: Red Mage
    DoS: Red Mage
    Fam: しろまじゅつし - shiromajutsushi - White Magician
    Kan: 白魔術士
    NES: Wh.MAGE (White Mage)
    FFO: White Mage
    DoS: White Mage
    Fam: くろまじゅつし - kuromajutsushi  - Black Magician
    Kan: 黒魔術士
    NES: Bl.MAGE (Black Mage)
    FFO: Black Mage
    DoS: Black Mage
    Fam: ナイト         - naito           - Knight
    FFO: Knight
    DoS: Knight
    Fam: ニンジャ       - ninja           - Ninja
    Kan: 忍者
    WSC: にんじゃ       - ninja           - Ninja
    FFO: Ninja
    DoS: Ninja
    Fam: スーパーモンク - su-pa-monku     - Super Monk
    FFO: Master
    DoS: Master
    Fam: あかまどうし   - akamadoushi     - Red Wizard
    Kan: 赤魔道士
    NES: RedWiz (Red Wizard)
    FFO: Red Wizard
    DoS: Red Wizard
    Fam: しろまどうし   - shiromadoushi   - White Wizard
    Kan: 白魔道士
    NES: Wh.Wiz (White Wizard)
    FFO: White Wizard
    DoS: White Wizard
    Fam: くろまどうし   - kuromadoushi    - Black Wizard
    Kan: 黒魔道士
    NES: Bl.Wiz (Black Wizard)
    FFO: Black Wizard
    DoS: Black Wizard
    [2.M] Auto-names:
    The GBA and PSP versions have 10 names for each class that can be selected
     randomly. These are all taken from other games in the series. In many cases,
     the English name was taken from the English version of the game the name came
     from. For example: In the Japanese FF6, Edgar briefly used the alias "Jeff".
     In the English version, the name was Gerad (an anagram of Edgar). In this
     game, the Japanese name is Jeff, and the English name is Gerad.
    GBJ: アーガス - a-gasu  - Argus
    DoS: Argus
    GBJ: アルス   - arusu   - Arus, Alus, Als, Arse
    DoS: Arus
    GBJ: バナン   - banan   - Banon
    DoS: Banon
    GBJ: バロン   - baron   - Baron
    DoS: Baron
    GBJ: デッシュ - deshu   - Desh
    DoS: Desh
    GBJ: ドマ     - doma    - Doma
    DoS: Doma
    GBJ: ジオット - jiotto  - Giott
    DoS: Giott
    GBJ: レオ     - reo     - Leo
    DoS: Leo
    GBJ: サスーン - sasu-n  - Sasoon, Sasuun
    DoS: Sasuun
    GBJ: ゼザ     - zeza    - Zeza
    DoS: Zeza
    GBJ: バクー   - baku    - Baku
    DoS: Baku
    GBJ: ビッグス - biggusu - Biggs
    DoS: Biggs
    GBJ: ブランク - buranku - Blank
    DoS: Blank
    GBJ: ダリル   - dariru  - Daryl
    DoS: Daryl
    GBJ: ジェフ   - jefu    - Jeff
    DoS: Gerad
    GBJ: ケルガー - keruga- - Kelga
    DoS: Kelga
    GBJ: パック   - pakku   - Puck
    DoS: Puck
    GBJ: サリサ   - sarisa  - Sarisa
    DoS: Sarisa
    GBJ: ツース   - tsu-su  - Tuss
    DoS: Tuss
    GBJ: ウェッジ - uejji   - Wedge
    DoS: Wedge
    GBJ: ジュン   - jun     - Jun
    DoS: Arvis
    GBJ: シナ     - shina   - Cinna
    DoS: Cinna
    GBJ: ドルガン - dorugan - Dorgan
    DoS: Drogan
    GBJ: ダンカン - dankan  - Duncan
    DoS: Duncan
    GBJ: ゴーン   - go-n    - Gorn, Gon
    DoS: Gorn
    GBJ: マディン - madin   - Madin
    DoS: Maduin
    GBJ: マーカス - ma-kasu - Marcus
    DoS: Marcus
    GBJ: シュン   - shun    - Shun
    DoS: Owain
    GBJ: アウザー - auza-   - Owzer
    DoS: Owzer
    GBJ: ウォルス - uorusu  - Walz, Walse
    DoS: Walz
    Red Mage:
    GBJ: ディーン - di-n    - Dean
    DoS: Duane
    GBJ: ミナ     - mina    - Mina
    DoS: Elayne
    GBJ: ギード   - gi-do   - Geed, Gido
    DoS: Gill
    GBJ: クルーヤ - kuru-ya - KluYa
    DoS: KluYa
    GBJ: コリオ   - korio   - Coleo, Korio
    DoS: Kory
    GBJ: ラリボー - raribo- - Lalibo
    DoS: Lalibo
    PSP: Tomok
    GBJ: ローラ   - ro-ra   - Laura, Lola
    DoS: Lola
    GBJ: ミド     - mido    - Mid
    DoS: Mid
    GBJ: トット   - totto   - Tot
    DoS: Tot
    GBJ: ユラ     - yura    - Yura
    DoS: Yura
    White Mage:
    GBJ: エリア   - eria    - Elia
    DoS: Elia
    GBJ: ジェニカ - jenika  - Jenica
    DoS: Jenica
    GBJ: モルル   - moruru  - Molulu
    DoS: Kuku
    GBJ: ルカ     - ruka    - Luca
    DoS: Luca
    GBJ: ミコト   - mikoto  - Mikoto
    DoS: Mikoto
    GBJ: ノア     - noa     - Noah
    DoS: Noah
    GBJ: ルビィ   - rubii   - Ruby
    DoS: Ruby
    GBJ: サラ     - sara    - Sara, Sarah
    DoS: Sara
    GBJ: サリーナ - sari-na - Sarina
    DoS: Sarina
    GBJ: シェルコ - sheruko - Shelko, Sherko
    DoS: Sherko
    Black Mage:
    GBJ: デリラ   - derira  - Delila
    DoS: Delila
    GBJ: ジル     - jiru    - Jill
    DoS: Gilles
    GBJ: ガンホー - ganho-  - Gungho
    DoS: Gungho
    GBJ: ホマク   - homaku  - Homac, Homack
    DoS: Homac
    GBJ: ククロ   - kukuro  - Kukuro
    DoS: Kokkol
    GBJ: ココ     - koko    - Koko
    DoS: Koko
    GBJ: ニーナ   - ni-na   - Nina
    DoS: Nina
    GBJ: ステラ   - sutera  - Stella
    DoS: Stella
    GBJ: トパパ   - topapa  - Topapa
    DoS: Topapa
    GBJ: ゾック   - zokku   - Zok
    DoS: Zok
    [2.N] Characters:
    Fam: (not named)
    NES: Arylon
    FFO: (not named)
    DoS: (not named)
    (The dancer in Cornelia was only given a name in the NES version.)
    Fam: バハムート        - bahamu-to      - Bahamut
    NES: Bahamut 
    FFO: Bahamut
    DoS: Bahamut
    Fam: ビッケ            - bikke          - Bikke, Vikke
    NES: Bikke
    FFO: Bikke
    DoS: Bikke
    Fam: N/A
    NES: N/A
    WSC: (not named)
    FFO: (not named)
    GBJ: だいじん          - daijin         - Cabinet Minister
    Kan: 大臣
    DoS: Chancellor
    (The Chancellor did not exist in the original game.)
    Fam: (not named)
    NES: Darryl
    FFO: (not named)
    DoS: (not named)
    (The mermaid who grew legs was only given a name in the NES version.)
    Fam: (not named)
    NES: (not named)
    FFO: (not named)
    GBJ: ドクター          - dokuta-        - Doctor
    DoS: Healer
    Fam: がくしゃのウネ    - gakushanoune   - Scholar Une
    NES: Dr. Unne
    FFO: Dr. Unne
    DoS: Dr. Unne
    (When other people mention him in the Japanese versions, it's just "Une".)
    Fam: 4ひきのカオス     - 4hikinokaosu   - Chaoses of the Four Forces?
    NES: Four Fiends of Elements
    FFO: Four Fiends of Chaos
    DoS: Four Fiends
    Fam: ジム              - jimu           - Jim
    NES: Jim
    FFO: Jimm
    GBJ: ワッツ            - wattsu         - Watts
    DoS: Watts
    Fam: こくおう          - kokuou         - King
    NES: King
    FFO: King
    Kan: 国王
    DoS: The King
    Fam: コペ              - kope           - Kope
    NES: Kope
    FFO: Koppe
    DoS: Koppe
    Fam: ひかりのせんし    - hikarinosenshi - Light Warriors
    NES: Light Warriors
    FFO: Light Warriors
    DoS: Warriors of Light
    Fam: ルフェインじん    - rufeinjin      - Lufeinish Man/Person/People
    Kan: ルフェイン人
    NES: Lefeinish [people]
    FFO: Lufenians
    DoS: Lufenians
    Fam: ルカーン          - ruka-n         - Lukahn
    NES: Lukahn
    FFO: Lukin
    DoS: Lukahn
    Fam: マトーヤ          - mato-ya        - Matoya
    NES: Matoya
    FFO: Matoya
    DoS: Matoya
    Fam: ネリク            - neriku         - Nerrick
    NES: Nerrick
    FFO: Nelic
    DoS: Nerrick
    Fam: おうじ            - ouji           - Prince
    Kan: 王子
    NES: Prince
    FFO: Prince
    DoS: The Prince
    Fam: セーラ            - se-ra          - Sara
    NES: Sara
    FFO: Sarah
    DoS: Sarah
    Fam: ジェーン          - je-n           - Jane
    NES: Jane
    FFO: Jayne
    DoS: Jayne
    Fam: サーダ            - sa-da          - Sarda
    NES: Sarda
    FFO: Sadda
    DoS: Sadda
    Fam: てんくうびと      - tenkuubito     - Sky People
    NES: Sky Warriors
    FFO: Sky People
    DoS: Sky People
    Fam: スミス            - sumisu         - Smith
    NES: Smith
    FFO: Smyth
    DoS: Smyth
    Fam: きょじん          - kyojin         - Giant
    NES: Titan
    FFO: Titan
    DoS: Giant
    Fam: 12にんの けんじゃ - 12ninno kenja  - Twelve Sages
    NES: Twelve Sages
    FFO: Twelve Sages
    DoS: Twelve Sages
    Fam: アンダーヒル      - anda-hiru      - Underhill
    NES: Underhill
    FFO: Underhill
    DoS: Underhill
    GBA Only:
    GBJ: シド              - shido          - Cid
    DoS: Cid
    GBJ: チューレ          - chu-re         - Chule?
    DoS: Thule
    GBJ: ダークバハムート  - da-kubahamu-to - Dark Bahamut
    DoS: Dark Bahamut
    [2.O] Shops:
    Fam: やどや       - yadoya       - Inn
    Kan: 宿屋
    NES: INN
    FFO: Inn
    DoS: Inn
    Fam: きょうかい   - kyokai       - Church
    Kan: 教会
    FFO: Sanctuary
    DoS: Sanctuary
    Fam: ぶきや       - bukiya       - Weapon Shop
    Kan: 武器屋
    FFO: Weapons
    DoS: Weapons
    Fam: ぼうぐや     - bouguya      - Armor Shop
    Kan: 防具屋
    FFO: Armor
    DoS: Armor
    Fam: どうぐや     - douguya      - Supply Shop
    Kan: 道具屋
    FFO: Items
    DoS: Items
    Fam: くろまほうや - kuromahouya  - Black Magic Shop
    Kan: 黒魔法屋
    FFO: B.Magic
    DoS: B. Magic
    Fam: しろまほうや - shiromahouya - White Magic Shop
    Kan: 白魔法屋
    FFO: W.Magic
    DoS: W. Magic
    Fam: キャラバン   - kyaraban     - Caravan
    FFO: Caravan
    DoS: Caravan
    [2.P] Locations:
    The Famicom FF1+2 map sometimes has the name written differently, or even a
     completely different name, these are marked "(map)".
    Fam: コーネリアのまち       - ko-nerianomachi       - Cornelia Town
    Kan: コーネリアの町
    NES: Coneria Town
    FFO: Cornelia
    DoS: Cornelia
    Fam: コーネリアじュう       - ko-neriajou           - Cornelia Castle
    Kan: コーネリアの城
    NES: Coneria Castle
    FFO: Castle Cornelia
    DoS: Castle Cornelia
    Fam: カオスのしんでん     - kaosunoshinden        - Temple of Chaos
    Kan: カオスの神殿
    NES: Temple of Fiends
    WSC: カオスしんでん         - kaosushinden          - Chaos Temple
    Kan: カオス神殿
    FFO: Temple of Chaos
    DoS: Chaos Shrine
    Fam: (not named)
    NES (not named)
    WSC: はねばし               - hanebashi             - Jump/Splash Bridge
    Kan: 跳ね橋
    FFO: Bridge
    DoS: Drawbridge
    (A title appears when the bridge is built. The scene and the title didn't
     exist in the original game.)
    Fam: マトーヤのどうくつ     - mato-yanodoukutsu     - Matoya's Cave
    Kan: マトーヤの洞くつ (map)
    Kan: マトーヤの洞窟
    NES: Matoya's Cave
    FFO: Matoya's Cave
    DoS: Matoya's Cave
    Fam: みなとまちプラボカ     - minatomachipuraboka   - Port Town Pravoka
    Kan: 港町プラボカ
    NES: Pravoka
    FFO: Pravoca
    DoS: Pravoka
    Fam: アルディのうみ         - arudinoumi            - Aldi Sea, Sea of Aldi
    NES: Aldi Sea
    FFO: Aldean Sea
    DoS: Aldean Sea
    Fam: エルフのまち           - erufunomachi          - Elven Town
    Kan: エルフの町
    NES: ElfLand
    FFO: Elfheim
    DoS: Elfheim
    Fam: エルフのしろ           - erufunoshiro          - Elven Castle
    Kan: エルフの城
    NES: Castle of Elf
    FFO: Elven Castle
    DoS: Elven Castle
    Fam: ドワーフのどうくつ     - dowa-funodoukutsu     - Dwarven Cave
    Kan: ドワーフの洞くつ (map)
    Kan: ドワーフの洞くつ
    NES: Dwarf Cave
    FFO: Mt. Duergar
    DoS: Mount Duergar
    Fam: にしのしろ             - nishinoshiro          - Western Castle
    Kan: 西の城
    NES: Northwest Castle
    FFO: Western Keep
    DoS: Western Keep
    Fam: ぬまのどうくつ         - numanodoukutsu        - Marsh Cave
    Kan: 沼の洞くつ (map)
    Kan: 沼の洞窟
    NES: Marsh Cave
    FFO: Marsh Cave
    DoS: Marsh Cave
    Fam: メルモンドのまち       - merumondonomachi      - Melmond Town
    Kan: メルモンドの町
    NES: Melmond
    FFO: Melmond
    DoS: Melmond
    Fam: アースのどうくつ       - a-sunodoukutsu        - Earth Cave
    Kan: アースの洞くつ (map)
    Kan: アースの洞窟
    NES: Earth Cave
    FFO: Terra Cavern
    DoS: Cavern of Earth
    Fam: 巨人のとうげ           - kyoujinnotouge        - Giant's Mountain Pass
    Kan: 巨人の峠
    NES: Titan's Tunnel
    WSC: きょじんのどうくつ     - kyojinnodoukutsu      - Giant's Cave
    Kan: きょじんの洞窟
    FFO: Titan's Cave
    DoS: Giant's Cave
    Fam: けんじゃのどうくつ     - kenjanodoukutsu       - Sage's Cave
    Kan: 賢者の洞くつ (map)
    Kan: 賢者の洞窟
    NES: Sarda's Cave
    FFO: Sage's Cave
    DoS: Sage's Cave
    Fam: クレセントレイクのまち - kuresentoreikunomachi - Crescent Lake Town
    Kan: クレセントレイクの町
    NES: Crescent Lake
    FFO: Crescent Lake
    DoS: Crescent Lake
    Fam: グルグかざん           - gurugukazan           - Gurugu Volcano
    Kan: グルグ火山
    NES: Gurgu Volcano
    FFO: Mount Gulg
    DoS: Mount Gulg
    Fam: こおりのどうくつ       - koorinodoukutsu       - Ice Cave
    Kan: 氷の洞くつ (map)
    Kan: 氷の洞窟
    NES: Ice Cave
    FFO: Ice Cavern
    DoS: Cavern of Ice
    Fam: リュカーンさばク       - ryuka-nsabaku         - Ryukahn Desert
    Kan: リュカーン砂漠
    NES: Ryukahn Desert
    FFO: Lykion Desert
    DoS: Ryukahn Desert
    Fam: ドラゴンのどうくつ     - doragonnodoukutsu     - Dragon Caves
    Kan: ドラゴンの洞くつ (map)
    Kan: ドラゴンの洞窟
    NES: Cardia Islands
    FFO: Dragon's Cave
    DoS: Dragon Caves
    Fam: しれんのしろ           - shirennoshiro         - Castle of Ordeals
    Kan: 試練の城
    NES: Castle of Ordeal
    FFO: Citadel of Trials
    DoS: Citadel of Trials
    Fam: ガイアのまち           - gaianomachi           - Gaia Town
    Kan: ガイアの町
    Kan: 山頂の町               - sanchounomachi        - Summit Town (map)
    NES: Gaia
    FFO: Gaia
    DoS: Gaia
    Fam: オンラクのまち         - onrakunomachi         - Onlac Town
    Kan: オンラクの町
    NES: Onrac
    FFO: Onlak
    DoS: Onrac
    Fam: キャラバン             - kyaraban              - Caravan
    NES: Caravan
    FFO: Desert Caravan
    DoS: Caravan
    Fam: かいていしんでん       - kaiteishinden         - Undersea Temple
    Kan: 海底神殿
    NES: Sea Shrine
    FFO: Sunken Shrine
    DoS: Sunken Shrine
    Fam: たきのうらのどうくつ   - takinouranodoukutsu   - Cave Behind Waterfall
    Kan: 滝の裏の洞くつ (map)
    Kan: 滝の裏の洞窟
    NES: Waterfall
    FFO: Waterfall Cavern
    DoS: Waterfall Cavern
    Fam: ヤーニクルムさばク     - ya-nikurumusabaku     - Yahnikurm Desert
    NES: Yahnikurm Desert
    FFO: Yanikulum Desert
    DoS: Yahnikurm Desert
    Fam: ルフェインじんのまち   - rufeinjinnomachi      - Lufeinish Town
    Kan: ルフェイン人の町
    NES: Lefein
    FFO: Lufenia
    DoS: Lufenia
    Fam: ミラージュのとう       - mira-junotou          - Tower of Mirage
    Kan: 蜃気楼の塔             - shinkirounotou        - Tower of Mirage (map)
    NES: Mirage Tower
    FFO: Tower of Mirage
    DoS: Mirage Tower
    Fam: ふゆうじょう           - fuyuujou              - Floating Castle
    Kan: 浮遊城
    NES: Sky Castle
    FFO: Flying Fortress
    DoS: Flying Fortress
    Kan: 過去のカオスの神殿 - kakonokaosunoshinden  - Temple of Chaos of the Past
    NES: Temple of Fiends Revisited
    FFO: Temple of Chaos Past
    (This dungeon isn't actually given a separate name in the game, so I've listed
     the names used in strategy guides, maps, etc.)
    GBJ: だいちのめぐみのほこら - daichinomeguminohokora - Small Shrine of Earth's
    Kan: 大地のめぐみのほこら
    DoS: Earthgift Shrine
    GBJ: もえさかるひのおおあな - moesakaruhinoooana     - Big Hole of Burning
     Flourishing Fire
    Kan: 燃えさかる火の大穴
    DoS: Hellfire Chasm
    GBJ: いやしのみずのどうくつ - iyashinomizunodoukutsu - Cave of Healing Water
    Kan: いやしの水の洞窟
    DoS: Lifespring Grotto
    GBJ: かぜのささやくどうけつ - kazenosasayakudouketsu - Grotto of Wind's
    Kan: 風のささやく洞穴
    DoS: Whisperwind Cove
    PPJ: ときのめいきゅう       - tokinomeikyu           - Labyrinth of Time
    Kan: 時の迷宮
    PSP: Labyrinth of Time
    [2.Q] Misc:
    Fam: ふな                 - funa                 - Ship
    Kan: 船
    NES: Ship
    FFO: Ship
    DoS: Ship
    Fam: ひくうせん           - hikuusen             - Flying Sky Boat
    Kan: 飛空艇
    NES: Airship
    FFO: Airship
    DoS: Airship
    Fam: ギル                 - giru                 - Gil
    NES: G (Gold)
    FFO: Gil
    DoS: Gil
    Fam: クリスタル           - kurisutaru           - Crystal
    NES: Orb
    FFO: Crystal
    DoS: Crystal
    Fam: ラリホー             - rariho-              - Rally-ho! / Lali-ho!
    NES: Hurray!
    FFO: Rally-ho!
    DoS: Lali-ho!
    Fam: ルフェインご         - rufeingo             - Lufeinish language
    Kan: ルフェイン語
    NES: Lefeinish [language]
    FFO: Lufenian language
    DoS: Lufenian language
    Fam: ル...パ...ガミ...ド? - ru...pa...gami...do? - Lu...pa...gami...do?
    NES: Lupa? Lupa?
    FFO: Lu...pa...gamhi...dho?
    DoS: Lu...pa...gamhi...dho?
    Section 3:
    [3.A] Thanks:
    Square-Enix for making these games.
    Nintendo Power and Bradygames' strategy guides for help when I needed it.
    AD&D Monstrous Manual for some of the monster names.
    JWPce for its Japanese dictionary and Kanji lookup.
    Matt Luckcuck for info about the PAL version of FFO.
    Marcelo X for info about the FOMA/CDMA, MSX, PSP, and Japanese & PAL
     Playstation versions.
    ie for some editing suggestions.
    [3.B] FAQ History:
    :ver 4.0 1/23/2009:
    I added info about the PSP version and the Brazilian NES release, fixed some
     things, rearranged the charts, and numbered the monster chart.
    :ver 3.01 6/17/2005:
    I fixed a few typos from the previous version, changed and rearranged some
     descriptions, and added a couple of things.
    :ver 3.0 1/1/2005 New Years Edition:
    I did a lot of maintenance, rearraged a lot of stuff, added the thanks
     section, and added info about the FOMA/CDMA and GBA versions.
    :ver 2.1 4/21/2003:
    I reformatted some more charts, added some descriptions, moved a few things
     around, added some Kanji to some charts, added and rearranged some sections,
     and added info about the Playstation versions.
    :ver 2.01 9/19/2002:
    I added a couple of things I forgot in 2.0.
    :ver 2.0 9/18/2002:
    I changed the format of most of the lists, fixed an error or 2, added
     something I missed, and added more to the descriptions.
    :intermediate versions 3/19/1999-9/2/2002:
    A few hundred minor updates over the course of 3 years added info about the
     FF1&2 Famicom multicart, the WSC version, monster spells, place names, shops,
     characters, classes, and ailments. The last of these was when I finally
     realized that "dia" was Spanish for "day" or "daylight".
    :ver 3/18/1999:
    The first version listed the differences between the NES and Famicom versions
     of FF1. It only had enemies, weapons, armor, items, magic, and battle
     commands. It was reasonably complete for what it was, but several names were
     still a mystery to me.

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