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    FAQ/Walkthrough by LEssex

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    Date: 10 Jun 99 13:36:36 PDT
    Final Fantasy I Walkthrough
    Version 1.1
      Okay...why did I create this walkthrough?...well, I'm creating a website on 
    all the Final Fantasy's and this is the first one...naturally. Also, I kinda saw 
    a need for it. There's not too many walkthroughs on this game out there and this 
    is one of the best Final Fantasy's...in my humble opinion. So, its here. 
    Eventually, I'll have one for every Final Fantasy that came/will come out. If 
    you want to see my website its at
    and if you want to see the HTML version of this walkthrough, just go to my 
    websites Final Fantasy I section, then to the Walkthrough section. If you have 
    any problems, or suggestions, email me at essex1028@usa.net and I'll work on 
    them. Thanks alot and enjoy...
    Revisions and History:
    Finished the first revision of the walkthrough
    After looking through other information, found the one secret in the game and 
    added Legal Stuff for revision 1.1
    Legal Stuff:
    This walkthrough was created by me and only me. Feel free to distribute it to 
    any website or other medium you'd like, however, do not alter it in any way, or 
    charge people for looking at it...thanks!
    Starting the Game:
    When you start a new game, you first have to select your party. Now there are a 
    couple combinations you can use for your party:
    I. Basic
       Fighter, Black Belt/Thief, White Mage, Black Mage
       This is a good all around party. It has the powerhouse(Fighter), the speed 
    character(Black Belt/Thief), and the main magic       users. This is a good 
    party for beginners.
    II. Basic #2
       Fighter, Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage
       This is a great group for a non-specialized group. It has the powerhouse and 
    the main magic users. It also includes a    mediary character. The Red Mage is 
    one the more underused characters that I've seen, but he is really good to have. 
    He can    use the basic spells(up to level 4) of both white and black, and also 
    has access to most of the armors and weapons. This is a good all around party, 
    and its the one that I use mostly.
    III. Heavy Power
       Fighter, Fighter, Black Belt/Thief, Red Mage
       This is a good group if your not into heavy magic use. It has a Red Mage 
    which allows for some basic magics, but overall    is focused towards attacks. 
    This is a party for those people who don't like to use magic. It can be 
    difficult to use as    healing can become a problem and there are the monsters 
    that will be more difficult to defeat without spells like STUN and    SLP, such 
    as Kary.
    IV. Heavy Magic
       Red Mage, Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage
       This is a group that you can use if you into heavy magic use. The Red Mages 
    allow you to have some physical attacks, but    the main focus of this party is 
    to use magic. It can be really expensive as time goes on and the spells become 
    more and    more expensive. Also the defense in this party is lacking. This is 
    another party that I wouldn't reccommend except for    those people who want to 
    spend alot of time on this game.
    After you select each of the party members, you get to name them. For this 
    walkthrough, I used the Basic #2 configuration, so...here we go:
    Coneria and the Temple of Fiends:
    You start out the game directly below Coneria Castle. Go up and into the castle. 
    Talk to the people in the castle and explore all the rooms. You'll see there are 
    2 rooms that can't be opened because you don't have the key. Don't worry about 
    it now, you'll get it later. While talking to the people, you'll find out that a 
    man named Garland kidnapped the princess and it falls upon the 'Light Warriors' 
    to take up the job. Leave the castle and go to the town. Buy some basic 
    equipment first, then go and walk a bit on the outside to level up. I recommend 
    leveling to about 4th level at least. That gives you enough gold to purchase the 
    good equipment(Rapiers for Fighter/Red Mage, some items, including at least one 
    tent and some decent spells for your characters. After you've finished leveling, 
    follow the land to the northwest. When you reach the top, you'll see the Temple 
    of Fiends. Use the tent to save the game and heal up any damage done to you on 
    the way up. Then enter the Temple...now, you can go around and explore this 
    dungeon a bit, but you'll only find three chests, with a CAP, HEAL, and TENT, 
    not really worth the effort considering the enemies in this area. Your best bet 
    is to just go straight up to the center room and talk to the man in there. He'll 
    talk to you and draw you into the obligatory villian fight. He's not really 
    difficult, just 100 HP. Use your FIRE/LIT spells and keep up with the CURE 
    spells and you should defeat him with no problem. After you kill him, go up and 
    talk to the princess and she'll warp you back to the castle. Talk to her again 
    here and she'll give you the LUTE. Nothing you can do with it now, just hold on 
    to it. Talk to the King and he'll reward you by building you a bridge just north 
    of the castle. Exit the castle and stock back up at HEAL potions and a TENT or 
    two, then travel over the bridge. After a brief interlude you can continue 
    Matoya and Provoka:
    Head northeast from the bridge until you get to a cave. Go inside(don't worry 
    about saving, there aren't any enemies in here) and you'll see one room and a 
    few dancing brooms. If you talk to them, you'll here them say TCELES B HSUP. 
    This is their way of saying PUSH B SELECT. If you do that on the overworld map, 
    you'll get a map of the world. Continue into the room of the cave and you'll see 
    alot of skulls, a couple treasure chests and a lady up at the top of the room. 
    If you talk to her, she'll tell you that someone stole her CRYSTAL. A mystery 
    for another day...get the treasure and push ever forth to the southeast this 
    time. Be careful in this area, there are powerful monsters like Ogres and Creeps 
    about that can put a serious dent in your party. If you're outmatched, just RUN. 
    Its what the command's there for. Continue on until you get to the town of 
    Provoka. When you get here, talk to the people except the black clad figure in 
    the northwest side. They'll tell you that their town has been overrun by evil 
    pirates and such. Go to the Inn and rest up. Upgrade your weapons and armor. Buy 
    some of the new spells. LIT is a good one as is SLEP. When your ready, save the 
    game one more time and go talk to the black-clad figure. His name is Blinky and 
    he's one mad customer. He'll draw you into a fight with 9 pirates. This is a 
    simple battle, despite the number of enemies. Your best bet is to use the SLEP 
    spell which usually puts about 5-6 of them to sleep. Then start picking them off 
    one or two at a time with your attacks and spells. After you win the battle, 
    Blinky will submit to you and offer you his ship. Now you can sail the open 
    seas. Save the program and board your ship.
    Elfland and The Marsh Cave:
    Take the ship south and a bit west and you'll see a port with a large forest 
    below it. Dock your ship and walk down to the town there. After talking to the 
    townspeople and going to the shops, you'll find that this is an expensive place. 
    The best weapon, the Silver Sword costs 4000 GP and the Magics are in the 1000 
    GP range now. Time to level up. If you want to DO something while leveling and 
    gaining that gold, go to the castle in the center of the town. Talk to the 
    people there, and you'll find that the Prince has been put to sleep and that the 
    Dark Prince may be able to help. If you travel northwest, you'll run across the 
    Dark Prince's castle. Go inside and talk to him, and he'll say that he's lost 
    his CROWN in the Marsh Cave to the south. DON'T GO THERE YET! Travel back to 
    Elfland and build your levels. Gain some gold to buy the weapons, armor and 
    magic that you need. Gain up the levels until you can get 2 silver swords, the 
    best armor, and FIR2, LIT2, ICE2, & FAST for your black and red mages and HRM2, 
    CUR2 & PURE for your white and red mages. You can also go south of Provoka to 
    fight the more difficult enemies like ZOMBULLs and TROLLs. Why the emphasis on 
    leveling? Marsh Cave is one of the most difficult and dangerous dungeons that 
    I've ever seen in almost any RPG. If you gain enough levels though, it can be a 
    cinch. Level 10 or above is a good standard to go buy. Once you get to that 
    level, make sure you have 2 TENTs or HOUSEs and go west of Elfland and south of 
    the Dark Prince's Castle to the marshes. Keep going south to a small hole in the 
    ground. Use one of the TENTs or HOUSES here and then enter the hole. My 
    suggestion is to get through this dungeon as fast as you can. However, there are 
    some rather lucrative treasures here to attain. If you feel like getting them, 
    plan on making a couple trips. But, if your going straight to get the CROWN, go 
    south after going in. Go down the ladder to the next level. From here go south 
    again, make sure to go on the left side of the room though and then once you 
    reach the wall, travel east to the set of stairs. From here, you'll see a large 
    room with many different rooms in it. Go to the room in the second column, the 
    third row. When you go in, you'll notice that the treasure chest is surrounded 
    by what look like little demons, heal up and head for the chest. You'll be 
    pulled into a battle with a random amount of Wizards. If your lucky, you'll only 
    get two, if not, you'll be facing 4 or 5. These guys hit HARD. Make sure to use 
    your LIT2 spells and attacks to take them down. After the battle, make sure to 
    grab the CROWN from the chest, then head out. Make sure not to let your guard 
    down now that you've gotten it though...more than once I've gotten the CROWN, 
    but gotten killed on the way out. 
    ASTOS and Melmond:
    Once you get out, use the other HOUSE or TENT that you have, and depending on 
    your health and spells, either head back to Elfland to heal and then back, or 
    just head north to the Dark Prince's Castle. When you show the Dark Prince the 
    CROWN, he'll turn into the demon ASTOS. Now, this boss can be rather iffy. He 
    usually will start out by trying to RUB one of your characters. It misses most 
    of the time, but if it hits, one of your characters is automattically dead. 
    After that, he attacks with a variety of spells. Just use your attacks and 
    strongest spells to take him down. After you defeat him, you'll recieve the 
    CRYSTAL. If you remember, Matoya was complaining about someone taking her 
    CRYSTAL. Save your game and heal up back at Coneria and then head back to 
    Matoya's cave. Once you give her her CRYSTAL back, she'll praise you and give 
    you the HERB to wake up the Prince of Elfland. With the HERB in hand, head back 
    to Elfland and give it to the Prince. He'll be so happy, that he'll give you the 
    Mystic KEY. Remember all those rooms that you've run into that have been 
    locked...well, its PARTY TIME. You can go through Astos's castle, Elfland, 
    Coneria, the Temple of Fiends and the Dwarf Cave to the northwest and grab all 
    the various treasures. The only one you have to go get is the TNT from Coneria. 
    If you've been to the Dwarf Cave before all this, you'll remember that a dwarf 
    named Nerrick needed the TNT to create a canal to the outside world. Give it to 
    him and when you get back to your ship you'll see that now there's an opening at 
    the west of the gulf you've been trapped in. Another point of interest. If you 
    talk to the dwarves in the Dwarf Cave, you'll find that one of them, the 
    Blacksmith is aching to create a really cool sword, if only he had some ADAMANT. 
    Just something to be on the lookout for. Travel through the canal and to the 
    east. You now have access to the entire map. If you want to check out the North, 
    you can, but you'll notice that there aren't any ports. To continue your 
    adventure, just go east of the canal, and you'll find a small town there. Go in 
    and you'll notice that its not the most beautiful town you've seen. If you've 
    talk to the locals, you'll hear that they've been ransacked by the VAMPIRE 
    lately, he also would seem to be the cause of the rotting earth as he resides in 
    the Earth Cave. You'll also talk to a doctor Unne who seems rather taken aback 
    that you don't know who he is, just something to remember for later. Also You'll 
    also see that they have no CLINIC...which means no revivals without a small trip 
    back to Coneria.
    Earth Cave and LICH, The FIEND OF EARTH:
    So, the next heroic thing to do is find this VAMPIRE and help the villagers. If 
    you talk to some of them, you'll find that he's in the Earth Cave to the 
    southwest. Time for some more leveling up. If you want, you can go for some of 
    the armor here. The Steel Mail, while the best so far is highly expensive at 
    45000 GP a shot. The spells are running around 8000 GP, however, you'll want to 
    get CUR3, HRM3, and LIFE for your white mages and FIR3 for your black mages. You 
    can also get BANE and/or WARP...although they're not necessary, they can be 
    helpful. I usually level up about twice and get the new spells for my mages. If 
    you want to level up more, I suggest you visit the Earth Cave now and go west 
    once you get in. The small hallway there is known as the Hall of Giants...for 
    obvious reasons. Almost every step here you'll run into giants and their little 
    friends. Once you get all leveled up and ready, go back to the Earth Cave and go 
    east and down the set of stairs to the next floor. The next floor is a maze of 
    rooms. Go down on room, up to the right, down, down, left, down, then up again 
    to get to the next floor. On the next floor, you'll want to travel north and 
    west. Watch out here though. On this floor, there are monsters called COCTRICEs 
    which can stone  you just as easily as others poison or blind you. If you get in 
    a battle with them, run quickly. But go around to the big room in the center. 
    Once you get in, you'll see a rather ominous looking purple figure. Talk to him 
    and you'll find out he's the VAMPIRE. Then you're drawn into a battle with him. 
    He's nothing difficult. Just attack him with your fighters and use your FIR3 and 
    HRM spells against him. His biggest thing is he likes to stun your characters, 
    so watch out for that, but other than that he's really easy. Once you defeat 
    him, check out the treasure chest to the left and you'll see that there's a RUBY 
    in it. If you continue forth, you'll see that there's a staircase at the end, 
    but it seems to be blocked by a PLATE. Ah well, with the VAMPIRE gone, you can 
    go check out what the townspeople say. They're glad that you killed the VAMPIRE, 
    but the earth still seems to be rotting. There must be something bigger down 
    that hole in the cave. Also, if you talk to the townspeople, you'll find that 
    there's a sage named Sarda that may be able to help. Restock your SOFTs and 
    HEALs, then travel west. Instead of heading south, head just directly west and 
    you'll find a cave with a small forest around it. Go into the cave and walk 
    north. Go west and you'll run into the TITAN who looks at your RUBY and starts 
    to drool. Give him it and he'll dissapear, allowing you access to the other side 
    of the cave. Continue going west and then go down. The enemies here are very 
    simple and easy to defeat. Go into the treasure room there and grab the 
    treasures, then go back up north to the staircase. Go out, back into the 
    overworld and go south, you'll find another cave entrance. Go in and talk to the 
    only person in there. He'll tell you his name is Sarda and that you can use the 
    ROD he gi
    Crescent Lake and the Sages:
    After taking care of LICH, you should be feeling rather good about yourself. 
    Time for another small trip. Take your boat south and east, around the Marsh 
    Cave and follow the land further east. you'll round another large peninsula, 
    then go north. You'll see a large town to the west with a river around it, a bit 
    east of it, you'll find a port to dock at. Go ahead and dock there, then walk to 
    the town. Be careful, as the monsters here are a bit more difficult and can hit 
    harder than the ones you've seen so far. Continue around the river to the town 
    of Crescent Lake. The weapon and armor shops have some mediocre items, but the 
    magic shops have a few good spells. There's nothing you can get your Red Mage 
    now, but your Black Mage could use LIT3 and your White Mage could use INV2. The 
    other spells will have to wait until later. You can get SOFT, but I really never 
    saw the point. I'd use the SOFT potions before using a spell point on it. If you 
    don't have enough GP yet, just wait. Go ahead to the north of the town, you'll 
    see a small passage through the forest to the east. Go through it and follow the 
    path, you'll find an aptly named Circle of Sages. Talk to them, and they'll 
    congratulate you on defeating LICH, give you a CANOE and talk to you about KARY, 
    the next fiend. Now, from here you can take two seperate paths. You can go after 
    KARY, then proceed to the Ice Cave for the AIRSHIP...or you can get the AIRSHIP 
    first. Personally, I go after the AIRSHIP first...it just makes it easier to 
    defeat is KARY. Go ahead and save, then leave town to get to your ship. You'll 
    notice that now you can go across the rivers now. Go ahead and walk to your 
    ship, then sail directly north to another port. Dock up, then travel west, 
    you'll see another river opening. Follow your map to the northeast, you'll find 
    a small cave opening. Use a TENT or HOUSE to save your game, as this may take a 
    couple trips. Then go into the cave.
    The Ice Cave and the Airship:
    Once you enter the cave go directly east. As your traveling, you'll meet enemies 
    called SORCERORs. Watch out for them, as they can kill you with one hit. You 
    don't have much chance of running from them...your best bet is to just kill them 
    Keep going east, then south at the first turn. Proceed west at the next turn and 
    you'll find a set of stairs. Take them down and you'll been in another room with 
    two long hallways. It doesn't matter which way you go, the room is shaped like a 
    box, so proceed either south then west or west then south and you'll find 
    another set of stairs. Go down them, and you'll be in a small room with a set of 
    stairs at the other end. Go up them and you'll be on a different floor with a 
    large room to the south. Go counter-clockwise around the room to the door and go 
    through. You'll see three treasure chests and alot of holes. Get the two 
    treasure chests that you can get if you want to...but you'll notice that you 
    can't get the third one...yet. Go down any one of the holes and you'll find 
    yourself in a small room. Walk south and you'll be put into an auto battle. 
    Finish the battle, then walk out. You'll notice patches of ground that look a 
    bit discolored down here. It's actually REALLY cold water and takes off a small 
    portion of your HP with each step. Be careful, but if you have enough HEALs, use 
    it. You don't run into battles when your on it, so you can use that to your 
    advantage. Go south at the first fork. You can go west, and get the treasure 
    chests there if you'd like. Then continue southeast at the next fork. Continue 
    to head south/southeast until you hit bottom. At the last fork, you can head 
    southwest to get the treasure over there, then head back to the southeast. Once 
    you reach the bottom, follow the path northeast to the set of stairs there. Go 
    up and you'll be in a small area surounded by a large room. Go east to the door 
    there, get the treasures if you want to, the go through the other door to the 
    east and head south through another door, then head east and south again, then 
    go into the room there. Once you get in there, you'll find 3 more treasure 
    chests and one hole. Get the treasure, then head down the hole. You'll find 
    yourself a couple steps away from the third treasure chest that you couldn't 
    get. Heal up your characters and get ready. When you step in front of the chest, 
    you'll have to fight another auto-battle with an EYE this time. This guy has 
    some nasty spells like RUB and XXXX...but if you hit him hard and fast with your 
    attacks and magics, you should have no problem with him. Once you finish with 
    him, get the FLOATER from the chest and fall down any of the holes. You'll be 
    back on the floor with the discolored patches of floor again. Go through to the 
    stairs again and go up. Go in and out of this room same as before, but instead 
    of going to the room to the right, go around it to the northeast. You'll see 
    another set of stairs. Go up them and you'll be outside now. Use a TENT if you 
    have it and save your game, then take the trek back to your ship. Go back to 
    Crescent Lake and heal up, restock your supplies and save your game. Once all 
    that's finished, go back to your boat, and travel south west, along the coast 
    until you see a river emptying into the ocean with a range of mountains 
    surrounding a small deser
    Bahamut and the Castle of Ordeals:
    With your newly found mobility, you should have no problem fighting Kary 
    right?...wrong...I find that if you get the class change before you defeat Kary, 
    it makes it all the more easy...plus the Castle of Ordeals is not exactly a 
    difficult place...although, getting there can be rather frustrating. First, 
    you'll need to talk to Bahamut. If you take your AIRSHIP North a bit, you'll see 
    a collection of small islands with holes similar to the Marsh Cave on them. Go 
    in to them and talk to the dragons within and collect the treasures. In one of 
    them, you'll enter a hallway and talk to BAHAMUT. He'll talk about Courage and 
    stuff. Time to prove you got courage, so take the airship Northeast and you'll 
    see a castle up there. Go a bit north east and you'll see the spot that you can 
    land. Go ahead and land the airship, then walk around through the forest to the 
    castle. Be careful because the enemies here are relatively strong. Try not to 
    use your spells unless your hauling around a HOUSE. If so, then don't worry 
    about being conservative. Once you get to the castle, use the HOUSE or a TENT 
    and save your game. Then enter the Castle of Ordeals. On the first floor, simply 
    head northeast to the room there and walk to the throne and you'll be teleported 
    to the next floor. This level is a bit of a maze. You can use the pillars to 
    warp around the room to get to the stairs to the next floor. You start out in 
    the middle of the floor. Follow the path to the only column here. That will warp 
    you to another part of the room, that has only one pillar again. Take it to the 
    next area and here is the first split. Take the pillar to the south to proceed. 
    Once again, follow the path to the only column here, then you'll be teleported 
    to the next split. Take the south one here as well. Follow this corridor south 
    to the next pillar which will teleport you to another split. This time, take the 
    one to the east. You'll be teleported to another corridor. Go ahead and folow it 
    around, go in the room to the treasure chests if you want to, then head south. 
    You'll see two pillars here, but don't take either of thme, instead, head south 
    to the pillar there and take that one instead. This ports you to the stairs to 
    the next floor. Proceed up and you'll be on another floor. Just follow the path 
    around. Collect the treasure along the way if you want to. You'll notice in the 
    center there's a throne with a chest by it. Go ahead and get the TAIL from the 
    chest then walk to the throne. You'll be pulled into an auto-battle with some 
    ZOMBIE DRAGONs. They're really easy...but they can hit pretty hard. Have your 
    fighter attack and your magic users use FIR and HRM spells that they have and 
    you shouldn't have a problem. Walk to the throne and you'll be teleported back 
    to the first floor. Walk out and use any HOUSE or TENT you have to heal up and 
    save, then trek back to your airship. Head back to BAHAMUT and talk to him. 
    He'll congratulate you and reward you. If you look, your fighter will be a 
    little more bulkier than before. If you press start, you'll see that your char
    | Original Class | Class Change |                                   Benefits                                      
    |    Fighter     |    Knight    | Can use better weapons and also has limited 
    use of some lower level White Magic.|
    |   Black Belt   |    Master    | Nothing really new, just can use different 
    armors now.                          |
    |     Thief      |    Ninja     | Can use better weapons and also Black Magic up 
    to Level 4                       |
    |    Red Mage    |  Red Wizard  | Access to more weapons/armor and more spells                                    
    |   White Mage   | White Wizard | More weapons/armor and full access to all 
    White Magic                           |
    |   Black Mage   | Black Wizard | More weapons/armor and access to all Black 
    Magic                                |
    With your buffed up characters, its now to time to take down Kary.
    Gurgu Volcano and KARY, THE FIEND OF FIRE:
    Proceed to Coneria or Crescent Lake to stock up on supplies, heal up, and save. 
    Buy the spells that you couldn't get before, including STUN and EXIT, then 
    proceed to Gurgu Volcano. Its located northwest of Crescent Lake. Within the 
    mess of mountains and rivers there lies the Volcano surrounded by forest and a 
    patch of grassland. Go ahead and land there, the go into the volcano. On the 
    first floor you'll notice something a bit familiar. On the ground there are red 
    patches of ground. These are exactly like the one's in the Ice Cave. They take 
    off a bit of HP, but you don't run into enemies on it. From the stairs, go 
    directly east across the 'lava' to the other set of stairs. Go down them, and 
    you'll be on a large floor with a large room to the north. Go to the room if you 
    want the treasure there, otherwise go straight west and you'll find another set 
    of stairs there. The next floor splits two ways. Travel east, as there's nothing 
    at the west end. Go ahead and go down the stairs there. This floor is completely 
    covered with lava except for small patches of land around what look to be room 
    with no doors. Just go southeast to the stairs there and continue forth. This 
    floor is a bit of a maze. Just go south on section, west another section, south 
    again and then west to the stairs. The next floor is filled with room that have 
    various treasures in them. If you want, go ahead and get them, but the stairs 
    are to the south as far as you can go. The final floor here has eight different 
    paths to choose from with various treasure at each path. Kary, however, is to 
    the southwest. Enter her room, heal up as necessary and go talk to the ORB. Once 
    you do, the battle with Kary will commence. Kary can be a bit difficult to lower 
    level characters, however, you shouldn't be a lower level character at this 
    point, so her attacks can't really hurt you. If she gets annoying, use SLEP or 
    STUN to put her out for a couple rounds, then just have your Knight and Red 
    Wizard attack, your Black Wizard use his powerful spells and your White Wizard 
    heal up as necessary. Once Kary's gone, proceed north, past the lighting 
    platform and out the back. The next orb is lit now...time for the next 
    ONCRAC and GAIA:
    After defeating Kary, proceed back to Crescent Lake and Coneria to stock up once 
    more, heal your characters, then go on a shopping spree. Your knight can use 
    some lower level white magic. Cure is good for him and whatever else you'd like. 
    Your Red Wizard also has access to more spells now, such as the Level 3 
    FIR/ICE/LIT, EXIT and stuff like that. Once you're full up, go ahead to the 
    northwest continent. Use you map to find it. There's only one town on the 
    eastern coast. You'll see that there's not any place to land nearby, but there 
    is a river. Go ahead and follow the river southwest to the first available patch 
    of land. Land there, then canoe up to the town. Welcome to ONCRAC. After talking 
    to the locals, you'll find that there's alot of talk about having legs. Also 
    people talk about the submarine that can travel underwater, but needs OXYALE to 
    go down to the Sea Shrine down there. There's also someone there that tells you 
    that he saw a robot crash into the waterfalls to the north. After this 
    information overload, go ahead and shop here a bit. You can get a few of the 
    level 7 spells, but nothing worth screaming home to mom about. After this, you 
    can take a short trip up to a town called GAIA. Get to your airship and go 
    northeast back to the Castle of Ordeals area. Continue east till you run into a 
    large desert. Go to the north of the desert and follow the mountain range east 
    until you get to a small break in the mountains with a patch of grassland and a 
    town towards the north. Land your ship, then proceed into the town. Here you can 
    buy some 7th and 8th level spells for your magic users. ICE3 and STOP/XXXX for 
    your Black Wizard and CUR4, HRM4 and WALL for your White Wizard. The armor shop 
    holds the best armor for the Wizards called the Gold Ring and also an item 
    called the ProRing. Personally, I would go for the defense, but the ProRing 
    offers protection versus the instant death attacks like XXXX and RUB. Buy a 
    couple of whichever you want, then proceed to the Weapon Shop. You can find the 
    CatClaw here. Its the second best weapon available for the Black Wizard, 
    however, the first best will most likely go to the Red Wizard, so go ahead and 
    give the Black Wizard the CatClaw. After that, talk to the locals here and 
    you'll talk to a pirate who says that he took the fairy from the lake there and 
    sold it to a caravan. After all this, you're probably seriously hurting for 
    cash. There's a couple places you can go to restock. You can go back to the 
    Castle of Ordeals and fight the Zombie Dragons a few times, or, if you have the 
    ProRings, you can go back to the Ice Cave and fight the EYE for a few battles. 
    After getting about 50,000GP or more, its time to find this fairy. Go back west 
    to ONCRAC, then proceed further west until you see a small desert. You'll see a 
    small patch of grass surrounded by desert and mountian. Land there, then go 
    northeast to the smaller desert up there with the forest around it. Walk to the 
    center of that desert and you'll enter a caravan(actually, its just another 
    shop, but it only has one item). B
    The Sea Shrine and KRAKEN, THE FIEND OF WATER:
    After all that trapsing about, you may be a little low on HEALs and probably 
    haven't saved in a while, so go ahead an restock your supplies and go to the inn 
    and heal up and save. Then go to the submarine, and talk to the person in front 
    of it. She'll ask for the OXYALE and use it on the submarine and let you board 
    it. Step onto it and you'll take a rather short trip down to the Sea Shrine. 
    From the submarine go ahead north and to the northeast at the split to the 
    stairs heading up there. Head to the southeast corner to the stairs there. Make 
    sure to grab the chests on the way if you want the treasures. The next floor is 
    filled with different rooms and no random battles. Talk to the mermaids here and 
    loot the rooms. In the room to the far northwest of the room, you'll find 
    something called a SLAB. Just take the equipment and use EXIT if you have it. 
    Equip/Unequip the armor, and sell whats leftover, then heal up and save, then 
    travel back into the shrine. This time head north, then northwest at the split 
    and head to the stairs. On the next floor its just a small room, so go up the 
    stairs to the northeast. This floor is another short one. The room doesn't have 
    anything in it, so don't worry about going in. Just head to the opposite corner 
    and go down the stairs. Head through the door to the north of the stairs, and 
    grab the treasures there, then go south through the door to the stairs there. 
    Head northwest on the next floor to the stairs there. Grab the teasures in the 
    various rooms here if you want, then go down the stairs. Once you get there, 
    head northwest down the path. at the first split, go west, then continue up. 
    None of the rooms here hold any treasure, so you don't need to worry about 
    checking them out. Take the first west turn when heading north, then head south 
    to the door of the room there. Navigate through the room to the door at the 
    west, then head north to the room there. Here you'll see KRAKEN's orb, go ahead 
    and heal up, then talk to it, he talks big, but he's really a big wimp. Just use 
    LIT3, FAST your fighter and Red Wizard and use FADE if you got it for your White 
    Wizard and he'll fall in no time. Proceed north past the next lighting platform 
    and warp back out. Go ahead and heal up, restock and save. Time to go after the 
    last FIEND, TIAMAT.
    LEFIEN and Mirage Tower:
    After resting up and saving, head back to your AIRSHIP, then take a small trip 
    back to Melmond. Once you get there, talk to the Doctor Unne that you talked to 
    before and he'll teach you the Leifenish language using the SLAB in record time. 
    Once finished there, go west, back to Provoka, then head east from there to the 
    other port there, then head directly north. You'll see a town thats nestled in a 
    large expanse of forest. Proceed north and head a bit west. When you see a lake, 
    you'll find a small patch of plains that you can land on. Land your AIRSHIP 
    there, then take the trek back to where you saw the town. Here, you'll notice 
    that everyone looks a little different. Talk to them and they'll tell you about 
    the Sky Warriors and such. Talk to the one on the east side of town who's not 
    moving and he'll give you the CHIME that allows entrance into Mirage Tower. 
    Before you leave, go to the opening in the east wall and keep heading east. 
    You'll find the two 'hidden' magic shops that hold LIF2 and NUKE. Get each for 
    your White and Black Wizards, then head out. Take the trip back to your AIRSHIP, 
    then head back to any town to rest up and save. Then head back to the same place 
    you landed, proceed a small bit south and east and you'll see another small 
    patch of grassland on the other side of the mountains. Land there, then head 
    west and a little north and you'll see the Mirage Tower. Go ahead into it and 
    you'll see the next staircase directly to the west. Head north through the door, 
    get the treasures if you want, the head south through the other door to the 
    stairs there. On the next floor, you'll see a bit of a maze. Head in a counter 
    clockwise direction to get into the center of it, then head to the room to get 
    the treasures. When finished head back north to the stairs there. In this floor, 
    just head south and into the only room here. When you get into the room, you'll 
    be pulled into an auto-battle with a BLUE DRAGON. This guy is pretty easy, just 
    watch out for his THUNDER attack, as it can cause some damage. After finishing 
    him off, head north through the portal there and you'll be teleported to the 
    Floating Castle.
    The Floating Castle and TIAMAT, THE FIEND OF WIND:
    On the first floor here, head south to the room there and get the treasure 
    there. It is a bane sword. I find that this is incredibly helpful in eliminating 
    the peon enemies and since TIAMAT is actually vunerable to BANE, you can use it 
    then. I'd give it to the Red Wizard or White Wizard, but don't equip it, just 
    use it as an item. Once you get that, you can head back north to the 'port 
    panel' there. The east and west rooms hold some treasures, but nothing to write 
    home about. On the second floor, go south and you'll find a split with seven 
    other ways to go. Each direction has a treasure room with something in it. 
    Southeast has the ADAMANT. Remember back in the Dwarf's Cave, the smith there 
    who said he could create a really good sword with some ADAMANT? Well, use EXIT 
    real quick, then head back to that cave and give him the ADAMANT and he'll give 
    you the XCALIBUR, the second strongest sword in the game. Equip that on your 
    Knight, then head back to Mirage Tower and up into the Floating Castle, back to 
    the second floor. The other treasures here include a Black and White shirt, and 
    another RIBBON. The shirts cast ICE2 and INV2 when used in battle, so they can 
    be helpful. After that, just head south to the port panel there to the next 
    floor. This floor looks a bit different from the other ones. South doesn't have 
    anything, but east, west, and north all have treasure rooms. If you go to the 
    opening in the blocked of area right next to the port panel that you came out 
    of, you'll find your first indication that TIAMAT isn't the last boss. Once 
    you've finished here, head west, then south to the port panel to the next floor. 
    This floor is a bit odd, in that the rooms repeat themselves. To get to the next 
    floor, travel two rooms east or west, then two rooms north or south and you'll 
    find the next port panel. On the next floor, you'll find a really long bridge 
    that heads north. Walk across it, but don't hesitate. This bridge has a monster 
    on it called WARMECH. He's a really mean little guy who has 1000 HP, no 
    weaknesses and a really nasty NUCLEAR attack that fries your guys. If you run 
    into him, good luck. Make sure to FAST your characters, use NUKE, FADE and CUR4 
    when necessary. He gives you some great experience and GP, but he's almost 
    harder than the last boss of the game. Even back then, Final Fantasy had bosses 
    that were nearly impossible to beat...a tradition thats carried through the 
    generations. Anyways, once you cross the bridge, you'll find TIAMATs ORB. Heal 
    up, then go ahead and attack. For this battle, have your Knight fight, your 
    Wizards use their strongest spells, and have the Red Wizard use the Bane Sword 
    on him. It may work, but TIAMAT is the only boss that's susceptible to it, so 
    use that to your advantage. Once you've finished, walk past the lighting 
    platform and port out of there. Go ahead and walk back to your airship. So 
    where's the final music and your hero dance?...well, there seems to be more 
    problems here than originally was seen. 
    The Final Battle
    Well, if you talk to the Lefeinish people and the Sages at Crescent Lake, 
    they'll bore you with alot of information about a time loop that the world is 
    now caught in and guess who's voted to take it out...So, you'll have to go to 
    the one place that's equally distant from all the fiends hideouts, The Temple of 
    Fiends. Heal up and save at Coneria, then travel up. Go into the main room in 
    the center, and you'll find that you can talk to the bats there now. They don't 
    have much important to say, so just go up to the orb now and talk to it and 
    you'll be teleported to the Temple of Fiends...2000 years ago. Well, the bad 
    part is that you can't actually get out of the temple now without using an EXIT 
    spell. So if your White Wizard dies...your kinda stuck, so try to keep her alive 
    at all costs. But anyway...when you are ported in, you'll be in a room in the 
    middle of this floor. Head south, then east to the stairs there to the next 
    floor. Head east to the next stairs, then on the next floor, go southeast into 
    the only room on the floor. When you walk in, you'll be pulled into a battle 
    with a Phantom. He's undead, so you can use HRM and FIR against him...if you 
    have to. The treasure chests here hold a good deal of GP, but unless you need 
    it, its a moot point. You'll see the item that looks like a PLATE, but you don't 
    have the ROD anymore. Well, its time to use that LUTE that you've been carrying 
    around all this time. Play it and the plate shatters, allowing you access to the 
    ladder down to the next level. Go down the ladder, and you'll go down one floor. 
    Go out the room and to the stairs in the northwest corner of the floor. Go down 
    them, and you'll be back on the first floor. Travel west towards the other 
    corner to the stairs there. Go down there and you'll be on the Earth Floor. Here 
    enemies from the Earth Cave come out and also new ones called EARTH. They can 
    hit pretty hard, but can be killed pretty quickly. There's also some Green 
    Medusa here too, so running from them may be a good idea. Head north, then to 
    the east wall, then south. You'll see the stairs down there, but before you get 
    to them, you'll have to face LICH again. He's the same old guy, with some new 
    tricks. He hits a bit harder and also likes to use NUKE on you now. Just take 
    care of him with HRM or FIR and attacks and you shouldn't have any problems. Go 
    down the steps to the next floor. This one is the Fire Floor. Here, there are 
    just enemies like in Gurgu Volcano, they just come out in greater numbers. 
    There's some treasure on this floor, but nothing to go out of your way for. Just 
    head to the north room, the east across it to the other side and out the door 
    there. You'll see the stairs there, but before you reach them, you'll run into 
    KARY. Once again, similar to before with some mean firepower. Take her out 
    quickly and then proceed down the stairs to the Water Floor. Same as the 
    previous floor, the enemies here are the ones you met in the Sea Shrine, but 
    just more of them. In this floor, head to the first room at the east of the 
    stairs. Exit out the othe
    There's only one secret in this game. If you press the A and B button about 55 
    times, and it will take you into a small puzzle. Its one of the slide square 
    puzzles, and your only reward in 100 GP for finishing it.
    Thanks You's...:
    Hmmm...well, I'd like to thank myself...for going through the hours to finish 
    this game, and I'd like to thank the various websites that offered some of the 
    finer details that I didn't go through. Look out for a second version 
    though...only cause I have to go and find all the treasures in the game and give 
    ya that information...and finally, Thanks to you, the reader...for just reading 
    this walkthrough...

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